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    Cntty News BySeffo
Dr. J. R. Lyles, new head of
the department of education at
Willamette University, will speak
on the effect of the Supreme
Court's segregation ruling on edu
cation at the Wednesday meeting
of the Salem Rotary Club.
"Mr. bird Robin says" In flying
around Salem 1 have noticed a
lot of roofs that need fixin. Please
fix so my friend "Minnie Mouse"
will have a dry bed this winter.
Mathis Bros., 2061 State St., Ph.
4-6831. adv.
New Owner: Mr. It Mi. Floyd
Held now operating Louis Fish
Grotto. Eat where the food is ex
cellent. Separate dining rm. for
group dinners. Additional to the
menu, salads, chickens k steaks.
Open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. every
day. 3715 S. Com!
Vandalism sometime Saturday
night at the Salem Concrete Pipe
and Products Co.. 2990 Portland
Rd., resulted in the prying loose 1
oi a cnain across the firm's drive
way, city police said. Earl V. Bull,
owner ol the company, reported
that a chain anchor was pried off
ana a padlock battered.
Rodeo King
Selected at
Oregon Fair
The 1956 State Fair's horse show
and rodeo attractions concluded
Saturday night with champions
crowned in various classes. Eddie
Akridge, lietpcria, Calif., was
named all-round cowboy king.
In the rodeo finale Saturday
evening, Akridge clinched honors
by placing first in the bareback
bronc riding division. In calf rop
ing top man 1 was Buddy Groff,
Bandera, Tens, with a time of
38.3; while Ross Dollarhide, Lake
view, Ore., was first in bulldog
King with a 23.1 average for four
steers. Les Johnson, Alberta, Can
aria, was top hand in saddle bronc
riding and Larry Condon, Ellens
burg, Wash , and Bill Boag. Port
land, tied for first in Brahma bull
Matinee Shaw
In Saturday's matinee horse
show performance results includ
ed: AHSA Medal Class. Hunting
VAt- 1st Judv Mri nrm ir k (-
wego. Western pleasure class: 1st.
-Mira's Duchess, (owner, D. L.
Cnnan, Bellevue, Wash.) Miniature
Pny roadster: 1st Cricket's
Dream Boy (owner, Lewis Pfeifer,
Lakegrove.) Hunters under sad
dle: 1st Coxe I owner. Jan Sor
rels, Portland.) AHSA medal class,
slock saddle seat: 1st Lynn
Conan, Bellevue, Wash.) Pleasure
horses, English tack: 1st Hara
Zeyd (owner, G. P. Pitchford, Eu
gene.) Western pair class: 1st
Oregon Thomas Tex (owner.
Triple F Ranch, Portland and
Miss El Man, (owner, Cynthia
Cookingham, Portland) AHSA
1.1 -I - ...4.41.. t. . .
nicudi waa.-, Bduuir iiwiac iw.
isi Joyce coon, r.ugene. western i
slockhorse: 1st Topper Jr.,
' owner, William Stennick, Rainier,
Eveaiag Performance
Results of Saturday night horse
$230 hunter stake: 1st Phar
Rhons (owner, Mrs. Harry Sam
uels, Portland.) 3250 five-gaited
saddle horse championship stake
1st - Kemo Kimo (owner, Don"1 " " . ,.
Clark. Richland. Wash.) ! 4UP"sons eligible for schooling are
three gaited saddle horse cham- P' whose veteran-parent died of
, . , , , injuries or diseases resulting from
pionship stake: 1st -Igan Jean, e
owner Marilyn-Sue S tables, a- w w of ,he Korean Con.
kima. Wash. $2o0 single hackney n. stenls generally must be
pony championship stake: 1st
.lunia, (owner. Timber HiU Acres,
Corvallis.) 3250 parade horse
championship stake: 1st Mr.
Strutter (owner, Lyle H. Cobb,
0SC Starting
Date Revealed
CORVALLIS, Sept. 9 Oregon
State College will begin its 89th j
year of classes Sept. 24 following
a wrra ui di iriuatiun lur ntrw
freshmen and transfer students.
OSC is Oregon's oldest state edu
cational institution. Its Oct. 27
Charter Day will fall this year on
Homecoming Saturday.
New student week, which opens
Sept: 16, will include discussions
on career opportunities, confer
ences with advisers on class sched
ules and fields of study, placement
examinations, and programs and
socials designed to acquaint the
newcomers with OSC student ac
tivities. Registration for both new and
old students will be Sept. 21 and
Enrollment this year is expected
to be around 6,800, a jump from
the 6.160 total of the same term
a year ago.
lest mt Servica . ' : Wide Assortments
JO Acres of Exciting Merchandise
A smoking furnace sent firemen
to an apartment house at 140 N.
Church Street about 5:30 p.m. Sun
day. Burning paper in the furnace
caused smoke to drift through the
place but firemen reported no
damage. Apartment owner was
listed as Jack Mallard.
32412 - 1441 4-6831
Dialing the last number would get
Mathis Bros. Ask them about the
Seal-O-Matic shingles: they are
truly wind defying.
SIGNS of the times! -it's Elec
trical Products Corp. , for Zeon
Signs and Lighting. 236 State. Call
us for "Bright" ideas. Ph. 2-9577.
Two cars received moderate
damage about 12:20 p.m. Sunday
in an accident at Park and Market
Streets, according to city police.
Officers said drivers were Gilbert
C. Ward, 4360 Toni Ave., and Gil
bert E. Towle, Salem Route 2,
Box 34RC.
Unsightly facial hair -removed
safely, permanently. Price's Beau
ty Salon. Ph. 3-3S5S. (adv.)
Dental plates repaired while you
wait at Painless Parker Dentist,
125 N. Liberty, Salem. (adv.)
Wayne Macomber, 4498 Green
wood. Dr.. told city pohce a wing
window of his 19SO Mercury was
smashed by vandals early Sunday
morning while the vehicle was
parked at the fairgrounds.
We are giving away free hundreds
of dollars worth of merchandise,
from our regular stock. Grand
opening Monday, Sept. 10th. A free
gift to some lucky person every
IS min. throughout the day. start
ing at 10 a.m. The Grand Prize 7
p.m. R a mono Department Store,
s40 Chemawa Rd. across the street
from Keizer Sen.
Court Apartments now have 2 furn.
2 rm. apartments at 555. Ph. 3-7440.
A billfold containing about $63
was taken from his hotel room
Sunday morning, city police were
told by Bill Posey, Long Beach,
Calif., a carnival worker at the
State Fair.
Local Improved Elberta peaches:
Lancaster Drive 3 blks. South of 4
Corners. (adv.)
Funeral services will be held at
10 a.m. Tuesday at the Clough
Barrick Chapel for Edgar M.
Friday at the home, 1780 Chemek- i
r. y
A. ci annarAniu ...rr.,..,..,.
a heart attack. Interment will be;p,',ed,. he. U Corps Ac,m
at Belcrest Memorial Park.
A man indecently exposed him
self to an eight-year-old girl Sat
urday evening in the 600 block
of S. 23th Street, city police said.
The man reportedly stepped from
a car.
VA Outlines
War Orphan
School Plan
Young men and women planning
to attend school this fall under the
new War Orphans Education Law
are urged by the Veterans Admin
istration to file applications as soon
as possible to ' avoid unnecessary
delays in receiving their first
monthly allowance check.
Application forms are available
between 18 and 23 years old.
Prompt action is needed, VA ex
plained, -because normally it will
take about three months from the
date of application to the date
the initial allowance check is
placed in the mail.
When the first checks do arrive,
however, they will cover the en
tire period during which the stu
dents were in school after Oct. 1
the beginning date on which the
law authorizes payments to be
1-1 I 1. ..11.. ...ill Lt ont (a
... ........ , m,jio
raha t the student him:
After an application is filed, VA
must determine that the applicant
meets basic eligibility require
ments for schooling.
BRINK To Mr. and Mrs.
Lawrence D. Brunk, Salem Route
1, Box 953, a daughter, Sunday,
Sept. 9, st Salem Memorial Hos
pital. AMEN To' Mr. and Mrs. Billie
B. Amen, 2320 S. 12th St., I
daughter, Sunday, Sept. 9, at Sa
lem Memorial Hospital.
Military Roundup
Valley Soldier
Arctic Group
DewHae, Far North Army Pvt.
John R. Goodwin, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Walter V. Goodwin. Dayton.
Ohio, is participating in the re-
supply of isolated radar stations
of the DEW (distant early warn
ing) line" in the eastern Arctic.
DEW line is designed to provide
warning against the possibility of
I transpolar air attack.
He is regularly assigned to the
563rd Transportation Terminal Ser
vice Company at Ft. Eustis. Va.
The 19-year-old soldier entered the
Army in September 1955 and com
pleted basic training at Ft. Ord,
Mannheim, Germany Army spe
cialist 3. C. Donald F. Jandera,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jan
dera, 656 McNary St., Salem, Ore.,
recently participated in a cere
mony in Germany which redesig
nated his unit as the 58th Armored
Infantry Battalion. The unit is
attached to the 2nd Armored Divi
sion's Combat Command A and
was formerly known as the 2nd
Rattalion in the 350th Infantry
Regiment. Jandera is a specialist
in the battalion's Headquarters
Z4th DivltWn. Korea Pvt. Daniel
L. Day, 17, Salem, Ore.; recently
arrived in Korea and is now a
member of the 24th Infantry Divi
sion. He is a cannoneer in Battery
C of the division's 52nd Field
Artillery Battalion. Day entered
the Army last December and com
pleted basic training at Ft. Chaf
fee, Ark..
Ft. Kaox. Ky. Army Pvt. El
bert A. Allgood. 18, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Winford N. Allgood.' 1209 et
lendale Ave., Dallas, Ore., has
completed six months of training
under the Reserve Forces Act. He
completed the first phase of his
training at Ft. Ord, Calif.
Okinawa Robert W. Bernacchi,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Turner,
7345 S.W. 29th St., Salem. Ore.,
recently was promoted to specialist
third class in Okinawa, where he is
a member of the 519th Engineer
Company. He is assigned as a
cook in the company and entered
the Army in April 1955. Bernacchi
completed basic training at Ft.
Ord, Calif.
Ft. Hood. Tex. Specialist I. C.
Edward D. Den hem, son of Mr.
an1 VI r- V nanhani lOtafl Fair.
" c i n V
mount St., Salem, Ore., has com-
potential leaders course at Ft
Hood. Specialist Denhem, reg
ularly stationed at Ft. Polk, La.,
is assigned to Company B of the
1st Armored Division's 81st "Re
connaissance Battalion.
Air Task Farce 13, Fannai
Airman 1. C. John E. Versteeg,
son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ver
steeg, 2790 Ward St.. Salem, Ore.,
is completing a tour of duty with
Air Task Force 13 in Formosa. He
is scheduled for reassignment to
Westover Air Force Base.. Mass..
sometime this month. Task Force
13 is the I'SAF operational control
headquarters for the fighter units
deployed on Formosa for island
Ft. Knox. Ky. Army Pvt. Keith
R. Layton. 20, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Homer R., Layton, Independ
ence, Ore., this month completed
six months of active duty military
training under the Reserve Forces
Act. Layton will now be permitted
to finish his military service with
a local Army Reserve or National
Guard unit.
Camp PeadleUn, Calif. Pfc. By
ron J. Weekly, son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Weekly. 2880 Hard Dr., Sa
lem, Ore., participated in a 100
mile training march while serving
with the 1st Marine Division's 5th
L Free Hobby Horse
Rides 1
L free Balloons 1
' 1 Free Comic Books I
Free Games and Toys)
Student Wins Jet Ride
I.. Ill UNI Ullll HI I. I ,11111 .MWH 'HH ' ,i .11 . Mill ..),. . ...
, ;
I "X if 1 IT
Air Force ROTC Cadet William
of Sacred Heart Academy In Salem, Ore., recently com
pleted a month-long encampment at Elgin Air Force Base,
FIa. where he was treated to a ride In a jet plane. Cadet
Thompson Is now a student at Notre Dame where he Is ma
joring in aeronautical engineering.
Iowa Publication Honors
Two Doctors in Silverton
lUUiul Nwi Servlrt
SILVERTON. Sept. 9-Two Sil
verton doctors and a Silverton
garden rated pictorial as well as
editorial space in the recent issue
of the "Iowa Alumni Review".
The doctors are R. E. Kleinsorge
and Virgil E. Pettit. and the gar
den is the Cooley Iris Gardens.
First paragraph in the "alumni
portraits" reads: "A native of
Waterloo who attended the first
grade school in Cedar Falls and
was the son of an early circuit
riding Evangelical minister, is in
his fourth term as president of the
Oregon board of higher educa
tion". This refers to Dr. Kleinsorge,
who has been in medicine here
since 1909.
Greatest Dream
The story goes on to say that
the doctor will see the realization
of one of his greatest dreams
"the opening of a 277-bcd Univer
sity of Oregon Medical School
Hospital and a new Dental School
atop Portland's colorful Marquam
Hill, a health science center val
ued at more than $10,000,000."
Originally appointed to the Ore
gon board of higher education by
Governor Charles A. Sprague in
1941, Dr. Kleinsorge assumed
chairmanship of the building,
grounds and capital outlay com
mittee in 1943. In the 12 years
that followed, a total of $39,521,000
in buildings have risen on the
seven campuses of the Oregon
Regiment at Camp Pendleton. The
four-day hike was conducted as a
physical conditioning phase of the
regiment's training schedule. (A
previous story on this maneuver
added that Pfc. Weekly was the
husband of Darlene E. Lester, Sa
lem. This statement was in error).
Whits Buck
Whirs leather
Also Oxfords
Loafers Straps
J. Thompson, 1953 graduate
State System of Higher Education.
Small Lot
On a small city lot, in the early
1920 s. Dr. Kleinsorge began ser
ious development of his iris hobby.
Before he left for World War I
service, he obtained some iris
bulbs from the only known collec
tion on the West Coast, that of
Howard Weed of Beaverton.
He planted a small strip, but
military service interrupted. He
returned to the hobby after the
war and induced Rholin Cooley, a
postal clerk, to take some of the
seedlings. Among these came a
blue seedingly.. "Cooley's Sur
prise", which has won interna
tional fame.
Cooley continued, the Iowa art
icle points out, as postal clerk for
some while but iris was his hobby.
Before long he established his own
firm, which now ships inter
nationally and is a tourist attrac
tion to the area. It is Dr. Klein
sorge's exclusive outlet for iris
that fir it won national awards in
1930 through the American Iris
Society and have since picked up
70 awards of merit or honorable
mention. For the past six years,
a dozen Kleinsorge hybridized
irises have been included in the
national list of the 100 most pop
ular iris.
Made Vow
Dr. Pettit figures in the article
as a graduate of Iowa 1943, and
Iowa Medical School in 1947. He
had interned at St. Vincent's in
Portland and vowed to return to
the west when he completed his
military service. He became Dr.
Kleinsorge's associate in 1948, tak
ing much of the heavy burden of
the older doctor's practice, to
leave him more time for his work
with the state and iris.
In the article Dr. Kleinsorge
Unconditionally guaranteed or
replaced wilhont rharge in our
thoice of traps', axfordt, or
loafers. Wide selection and aO
Your children NEED th protection they'll
get In proper shoe fitting at . . .
Ml N. liberty
0SC Signs Up
125 Students
Of Salem Area
' '
CORVALLIS, Sept. 9 Over
123 students from the Salem
area have been granted admis
sion to Oregon State College for
the 1956-57. school year, accord
ing to an OSC registrar's office
list of expected new students.
Some pother names may be
added to the list before the open
ing of school since processing of
student applications, accompan
ied by high school records, is
still going on in preparation for
the new year.
New student week will be Sep
tember 10 to 22 at OSC this year
with classes beginning Septem
ber 24. During the week, stu
dents receive special Instruction
on courses of study, complete
placement examinations, and take
part in a variety of special events
intended to acquaint them with
campus life.
Student from the Salem area
Nanrv V. Ahalt. Donald K. .A1
brlrh, Robert S. Allrn. C. t. Allen
bach It., Gary A. Andrrson, Carol
j. Aornsnn. ueorre c. Anarwi
Allan E. Bachillrr. Ronald W. Bak
er. Wendell T. Barnea. William M.
Bateion, Robert C. Beak, Jack D
Berger. Jamea 8. Berger.
Larry B. Bevena. Carol L. Boetrh,
RalDh M. Bolinx. Frederick M. Bol
ton, Sharon L Bourne, Jamea M.
Bowera, Francii E. carnmann, Gary
L. Camobell. Kenneth C. Carl Jr..
Gerald B. Carleton. Robert G Carr,
Ronald B. Carr, Claudia L. Chap
man. Cabot H Clark. Pamela G
Clavton. Vera M. Cochell.
Stephen D. Crouch, Jill L. Cum
mlnaa. John R. Cummlnei. Carolina
J. Cuahman. Judith A. Dalton, Jr-
ald O. Davenport, Ulenn o. uivii
Jr., Maura K. Deeny. Doryee I. de-
Vrlea, Diane C. Don. Larry K. Eoen,
l.vnn A Itaveart. Roberta D. Evra.
Kenneth R rrn. Darrel Z. Frank
lin. Norman R. Franzen.
Georgia L. Frlckey. Sandra- J.
Gatelv. Allen L. Fulmer. Harvey W.
GlvvenJ. Gary W. Gleanon. Robert
W. Goddard, Jamea B. Gordon, Su
ra n J. Grier, Karen L. Hall. Darlene
J. ttankel. Eileen B. Hanna. Doug
las I. Harria, Robert R. Hart. Anna
L. Herrall. Charlee L. Hout, Michael
Jenkins. Donald G. Johanaen. Alice
A. Johnson. Larry W. Johnaon, Car
olyn J. Johnaton, William A. Kauft
man. Georgia K. Keortge. Jamea A. King,
Robert M. Kipper, Martha M. Klaua,
Elaine M. Kleven, Rainia J. Krlgena.
Donald T. Kronaer, Carl B. Krueger.
Leonard L. Leblanc, Artja Lletuvie
tia. Richard F. Light. Lynn L. Lock
enour. Terry Mahonev, David H.
Martinex, Maynard M. McCourry,
Carole S. McFarland, Donna M. Mey
er, John L. Mlnifie.
Peter S. Morae. Jamea B. Nelger,
Richard 8. Netz. DeAnna M. Norton.
Lane E. Olaon. Marjorie L. Olaon,
Gary L. Paddock. Larry V. Paddock.
Richard T. Pariona, Bruce B. Pat
teradn, Dennis W. Pemble. Charles
A. Pennlman. Delmar R. Pick. Dean
L. Quamme. Karl C. Rautenkranx.
Richard L. Reinhard. Jack C. Rlchea,
Janice L. Roberta. John C. Rodgera.
Robert A. Rohland, Robert A. Rol-
Rirhard L. Roaen, Elma J. Roth,
Joanne L. Sating. Lynn M. Schell
brrg Roy L. Simmona. Stanford T.
Simmoni. Edward E. Sipea. Garv L.
Smith. Nancy E. Snider. Ronald B.
Snvder. Dale W. Standley, Donald E.
Sta'ngland. John C. Steelhammer,
John F. Stone. Ronald E. Tuor, Wal
ton Y. Turley, Ray A. Waltt. Don
ald E. Watilo. Robert C. Wilder, and
Edward W. Dunham.
Driver Cited
After Wreck
A Salem motorist was cited on
a charge of having no driver's
license following a Sunday two
car collision at 17th and Market
Streets, City police reported.
Cited, said officers, was Phillip
Earl Barrette, 1564 Ferry St.
Other driver in the 9:50 a.m. mis
hap was reported to be Vincent
A. Domogalla, 300. S. 14th St.
gives credit to the late Dr. Clar
ence E. Keene. a member of the
University of Oregon's first foot
ball team. When Dr. Keene, also
a longtime Silverton doctor, first
read the newt of Dr. Kleinsorge's
appointment to the board of higher
education, he volunteered to help
out as his contribution to state
service. Dr. Kleinsorge recalled.
He added "and Dr. Keene always
returned my patients to me, too,
with complete records."
Tools Blessed
In Historic Mass
BALTIMORE. Sept iff) A
screwdriver, an axe, a typewriter,
a paintbrush and a welder's mask
a m e f other objects, were
blessed today by a Roman Cath
olic prelate in an historic labor'
management communion mass.
The Most Rev. Jerome D. Se
bastian, D. D., Auxiliary Bishop
of Baltimore, blessed the tools of
the workingman in the Catholic
Cathedral here. The general chair
man of the mass and breakfast.
jonn u connor Jr., said a re
search team's inquiries disclosed
it was the first time a higher dig
nitary of the church had ever
blessed the tools of labor in this
The sponsoring group was the
Maryland 'Action Guild, , a croup
of Catholic laymen organized to
promote better labor-management
Barber Shop
Singers Start
The Salem Senate-Aires, chapter
of the Society of Barber Shop
Quartet Singing in America, will
begin preparing tonight for re
gional competition at Vancouver,
B. C on Nov. 3. Rehearsals are
set at I p.m. at the Hotel Senator.
Richard Roth, newly appointed
president of the Salem chapter,
announced that a drive Is under
wav to double the nrnt 7 mem.
bers of the group. Ernie Lentx
and Wallace Johnson are team
captains for the drive. 1
The following other offieerc wilt
guide the organization as it heads
into another season: Robert Ai
britton, vice president: William
Hilts, treasurer: Andrew Staat.
secretary;. Ron Rohde, librarian;
George Dow and Fred . Klaus,
members at large; Dick McClin
tic, chorus director; and Allan
Rydmark, program director.
Roth announced that a bid has
been made to bring the reainnal
preliminary quartet contest to Sa-
tem on May 3, 4 ana of next
Women's division of the chapter
is called the "Sweet Adelines",
Salem Girl to
Win Degree
McMINNVILLE, Sept. t-Wilma
Joy Brimmer, 2210 Electric Ave
nue, Salem, is among 15 candi
dates for degrees at Linfield Col
lege, McMinnville, following the
close of annual summer school
here. Miss Brimmer has earned
the master-of education degree.
No special commencement exer
cise is planned for summer school
graduates, but they may partici
pate in regular commencement In
the spring.
Infant Injured
In Car Mishap
An infant incurred an eye lacer
ation about 12:50 p.m. Sunday in
a collision at Summer and Ship
ping Streets, city police, reported.
Officers said the baby, Janice '
Gill, was riding in a car driven
by her aunt, Fredia Stepper, 960
Gaines St. Other driver was re
ported to be Maurice E. Town
send, 2211 Trade St. First aidmen
treated the infant and suggested
that she be taken to a physician.
State Sen. Robert Holmes, As
toria, Democratic candidate for
governor, will speak at the Salem
Junior Chamber of Commerce's
Tuesday noon luncheon at the Ho
tel Marion.
Marilyn9 s Announces a
Weekly Drawing For You!, ;
Each Week
Extension Telephone
Installed in your own room at homel
Marilyn's pays to install it and the
monthly line charges for ONE YEARI
Ask For Your,
Free Ticket
Drawing each Saturday at
5:30 p.m. You need not be
present to win.
Telephone service must be
In home before extension
service can be connected. -
Statesman, Salem, Ore..
MAA. 22
H Veer Mr AdMly Cwidt H
AcrerefiDf h )ie Stan Tr
To develop message for Monday
Mod words corresponding to numbers
of your Zodiac birth sgr
M Ml
PaVOt 38-84
t A
5 Oon'l
4 0.
. S Nethmo '
7 U
5 f
11 Ww
12 Cleer.
13 Some
14 Coy
15 Thttt
17 An
19 IweawaiH
30 Suameat
21 Ve.
27 rnM
13 Goat
24 Crane .
23 Ana
26 Am
27 Cnfci
78 The
61 -67-70
3 Mum
3 Keaa
37 sn .
,3S PewM
3 for
41 $M
4)7 Nmnal
A3 CatM
44 Seauni .
43 dm
4a A
47 Amtuset
MAY 23
I. a. -3al
44 60-75
- 5-1024
44 47 53-581
77 78 83 V
urr l
W 54. W AS 601
Good ()AoW (J) Neutral
Gas Balloons
City police said Sunday (hey
have received reports of young
sters flying weather-type balloons
filled with natural gas. Officers
pointed out that the practice is
illegal as well as dangerous.
A group of boys was reportedly
seen Saturday flying a balloon on
the end of a string at the State
Hospital grounds. Police said the
balloon apparently had been filled
with gas from an open outlet at
one of the boys' homes. . . ..
Portland Gas k Coke Company
officials pointed out that there is
a state law against filling balloons
with inflammable gases. Company
officials and police stressed the
risk of injury, if the gas is ignited
during such a pastime.
Neuberger Plans
Aunisville Talk
Statataua Hews Serrtce .'
AUMSVILLE. Sept. -Sen. Rich
ard L. Neuberger will be the feat
ured speaker at I p.m. Thursday
at a Democratic rally at the Auma-
ville City Hall.
Other Democratic candidates
have been invited to the meeting.
which is sponsored by the Marion
County Democratic Central Com
mittee. The affair la open to the
public. '
Burning oil from an overturned
flarepot set afire a small area of
blacktop pavement at 12th and
Chemeketa Streets about 10 p.m.
Sunday, city firemen reported.
Junior and Senior
We Will Award
Police Reiio
34TH , j
Ml N.
Mon., Sept 10, '56 (Sec. I)-5
14-29 4CTV
!64 73
61 WHh " '
e t0M .,;
3 FuM. ' .
. Dne1
6.5 aiuwMja
44 AoVarhKna
47 Go,
J. M4-2Ci
P543 6J W.
OK T?t
71 fn
72 Th,
73 Oiangea
74 hM
71 Idea
3 71 30-37 C
,76 SsleimanihMi
r inivugn
78 Clwnce
7 totrt
80 T
Ceo -
fc6782 90Vi
82 And
PAN tt
84 RtlMiona
83 Wiena.
86 Light
87 Woy
85 Vocte .
nt 18
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89 Leu
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On Frontier V
CAIRO, Sept. IfWFive Arab
countries today announced agree:
ment oa measures to reinforca
Jordan's frontier against alleged
danger of Israeli aggression.
Military delegations ' from
Egypt, . Lebanon, Saudi . Arabia,
Syria and Iraq issued the an
nouncement after a 'three' day
meeting at Riyadh, capital of Sao
di Arabia. " ."
It said the meeting had been
summoned after a Jordanian mil- .
it try mission beaded by Gen. All
Abu Nuwar called on King Saud
for help in strengthening Jordan's
long frontier with Israel. -
The announcement gave M de
tails of the agreed measures. '
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