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    12-(Sec. II) Statesman, Salem, Ore., Wed., Sept 5, '56
As Suds Bote, ML . . ,
Anrjcls Capture PCL
Croivn; Beavers Win
- SEATTLE, Sept. 4 l-toi Angeles won the Pacific Coast League
pennant here tonight, handing the IKS champions, the Seattle Hainiers,
an 1-1 defeat. It it the first time line 1947 that Los Angelea hat won
(ha championship.. The gam waa played before 1,382 fans.
la other PCL action, Portland f : : . . : ., . . ,
Bragan Thinks
Braves Best
.Pirate Boss Loses '
Faith in Brooklyn
beat Vancouver 14-7 to sweep the
five-game aeries; Hollywood down
ed San Diego 7-1, and Sacramento
battered Saa Francisco 114.
Portland's .big Inning 'was the
fourth.' when , they collected seven
runs to" kelp Bill Werle win his
15th game. Frank Carswell bit a
three-run homer for Portland in
th first frame. Leo Neal hit a
grand-slam homer for Vancouver
In their 7-run rally In the ninth.
' The Angels got their first run In
tht second innyig. George Frees
doubled and a few minutes later
scored on Jim Bolger'i single to
left. . - "
In the third toning successive
singles by Gal Wade, Steye Bilko,
Frees and BwSpeake brought la
th two Los Angeles runs. Another
was added in th fifth. Speak was
sat on Let Righetti's error and
cam bom on Bolgcr's double to
center.. It was the 11th Jut off
starter Pat Scantlebury.
Vuttnw m
(M) FartlaaS
a tt u a
Marah. 1114 8affII m till
JorgenJ I I 4-4 LlttrelU M l
Pienm.m I I 1 I MrQutij Mil
..r 1 list Mrklan.l 411
tacken.l I lit 1 Cmwll.1 4 14 lltl Brkkl 111!
;cob,l S CldriM.e III
Ne.l.r t t BeneklJ I I I 1
Rzwekt.a 1 Wll III I
rniM l
trmnd.p till
Vlnlina MM
BAuattn I a
ToUl 41 11 34 11
Total Mlttll
Error Mrr, RBI Crewir 4.
Baainakt 3. Llttrell 1. Marque 1.
Bnrkowkl, Calderoo. Werle, Pieonl.
jackwui 1 Neal 4. SB Self"., LIU Neal. DP-tlltreU "to'
Baeinakl to Mlrkelean, Jereeeea to
Jarkaon, Segriat to Jorgeneen to
Jarkeon. taft Vancouver 11. Port
land 4. BR Off Werk, 1. Beaana ,
. Drummond 1 SO By Baetewekl 1,
Werla 3, Beaana I, Drummond 1.
.IB Rarrewakl a-. Werle T-T.
Beaana -t-1, Drummond l-l. HO
farrwki I in 1. Brnni S In 1'S.
Drummond 1 in '. Winner Werle
HS-13). Loaer Baeiewaki -. U
rrd. Aehlor and Cerium. T i;u.
A-IJS1. ,v -
PinST; Claeelrted Trot and Pe,
I Mil. Pure 4AO0.
.1. Jack Blr (P I. McDonald
1. Mia lnvailon (P) ..T, Andaraon
J. Tharll Murphy (P) . .A. Hurt
4. Knval Tide (Pr ...Wm. MrBala
t. Sadie Aaoff (T Cjr Duryea
I. Pacific Maxey T) ,. 0. Rutleg
t. Mono Ana (P) .A1 May
SF.CONDt Claialfled Trot an Race,
1 Mile, Pure ue. t
1. Cayl B P . 'J'. Brra
I. Marly (PI .: -Goarfe limp
X Cantain C. Tide P) 1 Buck
4. Princ Cayl P) R. MrKibbon
t. El Kinf Richard IP) Ceo. Rutiet
I. Mill Illvar Star (T) A. VanZanten
.' t. VuaUa Ana (P F. Androa
" THIRD RACf: Combination.' pur
1500. maiden 3-year-old, iurlonf.
1. M-Wln. P. Hidalgo 111
1. Lady Van. D. Henihaw 110
3. Porelfn BllU H. Earl ,.11
4. Timloch. 1. Prouty 121
I. Bahy Arul, R. Lawrence , 1 la)
I, Eaater Beau, A. Sherman i IIS
1. Neah Kahn. A. CarmlchMl ..III
1 Trudy Boy, R. lannotU in
FOURTH RACI: CUImlnf, purao
rm, i-yar-oid ana up. two ttj
fur Ions. . .
I. Probly. D. Itonahaw . 114
1 Nita Poqulta. D. Hart ..114
1. Luatrtno. A. Bharman 121
4. Harney Bur, R. Hopkin 121
I. Black Deer, J, Boas 122
I. Bernard J, 1. Prouty 122
t. Bon Snow.' P. Aueer . . 11t
1 Ida Xaslt. H. Earl 111
FIFTH RACI: Clalmlnr. puna 1500,
l-year-olda and up, (i00 (1), 4'.
1. Omlrron, A Carmlrhael . .. . II
I. Quit A Guy. IN. Earl , lie
I. Our Honey, D. Hart . .,, , US
. Rock Harney, A. Duncan ......... la
I. Kadlrldle. R. Hopkin 12
I. Sir Dale. A,' Sherman :. Ill
t. Wla Word. D. Henahaw ... '114
" . Sam Jonea, I. Auger . '11
SIXTH RACE: Clalrolns. puraa
KM), -yer-oida and up, (KU0 (41,
t' furlonfa.
I. Ginicr Quill. A. Carmichael .. IH
I. Thelma Lynna, n Hopkina
1. Frank Welle. P. Hidaift
. 120
4. Th Eel, R, Iannottl 124
t. No Folki, c. Monaanan 117
4. Stan Clark. J. Prouty ...III
1. On Your Mark. F. Bmether ., 124
1 Slipatltch, A. ahermaa Ill
SEVENTH RACE: Claimtnf. purs
SMn, l-year-lo and up. (WOO) (It,
1 iurlonf. . . ,
tBetnerforyoti, D. Henahaw l It
Blenheim Bow, J. Ba 121
I. Fern Patch, . Prouty .wtll
4. Du Du. P. Hldalao ,..,", 113
4. No Booli, t. amotner 120
, e HO
I. Effnrta Ctrl, R. Hoi lay
1. iwinorona, w. Auger
I. Karron W, R. Iannottl
EIGHTH RACE. Allowance, pur
rnu. l-yr-Ul and up, (I), '
1. Will Hreechea, H. Ert .111
t. Shy Count. P. Hldaifo , . i
I. Feler. A. Duncan , r. n
4. No War. R. Iannottl .. . ..... 11
I. Wire Trouhl, C. Mnnagtiaa ..111
4. Bootr Gem, D'Harl '104
1. Jerroeon, D. Henahaw ,...,..,...;'llt
ft E Pat, M. ftf, ........ ..,..r.... 11
K1NTH RACE: Oovemor'a Handi
cap, aura liooo, 1-year.olda and up.
Oren hr4. I rn"er.
1. Smlln Smok. R. Iannottl 111
1. Kin t-aimn . 1. (.inotiiari . II,
I. Ludier, P. Hldalf a .. ...114
4. May a Laat R. Ijwrtnct )01
I Hnw-Dee-lM, D. Hart . .,..,'112
4. Head Teaae.E. Miller ,,....1!KI
1. Run Atom, A. Sherman ., 114
TENTH RACE: Clalmln. pur a
I'M, 1-yeer-oWe and up, (tMO) (7(,
1-1 furlnna.
1. Budrtin Genlua D. Henahaw 114
1. All Bru k. D. Hart .... '121
1. Dark Promlw, R. Lawrenr .114
.4. Audadou Boy. P. Hidala lit
t. Sa Quid, A. Duncan , jia
4. Julian B., A. Sherman .,. )?
T. C.oi1 Arch. R. lannntll 'l!K
5. ha Jtiiht, A. Carmlchael I2i
BROOKLYN, Sept. 4 UV-Bobby
Bragan. a staunch admirer of th
Brooklyn Dodgers all season,
changed bis mind aboudSlb Na
tional League race today .and
picked th Milwauket Braves to
captur th pennant. , . . 1
"The Braves have really shown
me something th past few days."
declared th freshman Pittsburgh
manager after bis Pirates had
earned a split in their Labor Day
dtwbleheader with Brooklyn, com
ing back to win the nightcap S-t
alter losing - the opener 4-3.
'They've made a believer out
0 me by sweeping the four-
gam aeries against St. Louis. I
never thought they had it ia them
to win four atraivht from that
Cardinal!. But they did it ia
convincing manner with great
nitdiiftaT nit linula kltlin '
Llaeap Ckaares Ncted
Bragan had bo criticism of the
Dodgers but be indicated strongly
mat a migm nav overrated bu
lormer club.
"They mak too many lineup
changes to suit me." he. said.
"Alston (manager Walt Alston)
threw up bis front line team
Jf..mJ!Ll underitand be
already hat used 71 different line
ups. That doesn't speak so well
of th team. I know Caaey Sten
gel baa bad great success with
lineup cbangea but this is differ
ent. Stengel does it for strategic
purposes but Alston does it of
iiecessuy. There's a difference.'
Th split ieft .th Dodgers still
tied , with Cincinnati for second
place, SVi games behind to
Braves. Brookly. baa 22 more
games to play t Milwaukee's 23
but has only four more . games
on in xoaa t 11 road games for
thai Rravea
"When we were In tlilwaukee
last week," said Bragan. "I said 1
till liked Brooklyn's chances , to
evertak the Braves. I said it waa
a flip of th coin which team
would win. Now I v got to
chang my mind. If J had to pick
a team, I'd have to say th
Braves. They're a better team
than I thought they war and
iney r.. proving It,", '
Form Pleases
Stanford Fans
PALO ALTO. Calif.. Sent. 4 UV-
tim Kaniord. Indians displsyed
wnej veteran observers called
mid-season form today in scrim
Coach Chuck Taylor aaid aim-
ply it was th best initial scrim-
mag bed seen during his tlx
years nert. .
Passers and receivers were hot
in the workout, which produced
10 touchdowns. Most of these were
set up or scored by passes.
Best play of th day waa an 15
yard gainer which law quarter
back John Brodie throw 45 yards
to end Joel Fries, who ran an
other 40 yard to score.
Th best display on the ground
was a -deft 35-yard run down the
sideline through a broken field by
Archie Schmitt. fullback tranafor
from Taft Junior College.
The only fault Taylor could find
was with the defense. He said
pursuit was alow , and tackling
less than sensational.
ThcyH Do ft Evorgime
By Jimmy Hado
Finger man. twe jerk
wwo vv4ves "xxi to go
UK V curare oauinfVJ,
Senators God '
KENNEWICK, Wash., Sept. -(Special)
- Th Salem Senators
Kored three runs in th sixth snd
another In the seventh her Mon
day night In th second gam of
their . Northwest League double
header with the Trl-City Braves,
and won the gam 7-4.
Lefty Jerry Cad was -the win
ner, after relieving Ad Satalich in
a three-run Trl-City fifth inning,
during which the Braves went
ahead by 4-3. Cade's triumph was
his 17th of th sesson.
Bud Francis was loslnc Ditcher.
Getting the hit in th three-run
inning for the Senstors were
Frank Szekula, Gen Laursen,
Harvey Koepf and Mel Krause.
Szekula singled in the seventh
inning tally.
Kill Hole Nevjs
' Salem Golf Cluh Professional
' And 1956 Oregon Open Champion v
Our carelessness in selecting words has tangled us in troubles
many times in ur 2t years. But the most recent experience almost
cost us a valued friend and hunting partner. In last week's offering
her, w referred to Bobby Burns' Riverwood Golf
' Course at McMinnvUl as th starting point of Psul
Haho's trick-shot carter, and labeled it at "an 00-
scur golf course. Th Burns family has been
sticking th fork in us ever since, and w herewith
4 offer our profound apologies for such a breach of
-Ikl-. t ou' 1 ... I. kJlu
annua a tci 111 puu m lajvut ae wua.uio ia iumuij
v r lair at mat. Actually K la a nrsi ciasa course wnicn
l ! ia doing a fine job of serving the golfing people in
; C tha McMlnnvllU ara mnna U illnal 4l
a hall-bour'i drive from Salem, off Highway WVT
KaVattaaWABB UaU MUlll. ana4 r.llBu4aa. iTKaf Allla akna.lfl
f AM W vh aNVawasaaaawMttg nu suaucci a iiw piu auvuiu
jJL get us back In th good graces of the Burns tribe I
Hat . . . rhiirlr Huvsina' ntav in th final at th firal
mar Ma flight at SGC last Sunday was a treat for the few
people who showed up to watch the club championship windup. The
two finalists in th championship flight were havin'g a rough day.
But th .steady Huggins was at his best He has always been a good
putter, and even as a high school boy showed much promise. Now
the rest of his gam is shaping up to go along with th sharp putting,,
and b could b on of our better backers for some years to come.
He's only 21, too . .
CUff Ellis lest la fla teach a had displayed all threat
th till flight la th t4traarat. aad loot It when he Beetled It
moat He waa very Ineffective frtm th spats la which he Is
generally Impressive. CUff downed Dasly Woods la aa earlier
match oa th ttk ael by chipping w (ran off the greea. Oa tat
2Mb hole of th flaal rttmd he failed U get dowa m two frtm
a similar spot, aad It la thlags Ilk thea that wla or 1 salt
snatches. Fat Miklla was tot hrtUlaat fas takiag th title, hat ke
waa fairly ateady aad had aagh to bang aa wbea M eoaated
, . , Salem's first Father-Sea ttaraamea it reettvlag weaderhil
tipper! that far. At th rat th eatriet are earning la for the
Sunday laaagaral, we may have ever 1M players. The Scttch
Ftarwme featare makee tt possible for snort to enjoy the Weat
Soma of the dadt art net ahlt I hack th ll-hl rente by them
selves. Bat M will heaeflt the yoaagilert. ma ay of wham eaaaol
aegttiate the fall II la a day . . . Aayoac tateretted la felalig
the Fataer-So ttrllt hat taly to eaU the Salem Golf Club. Thert
will he maay prises, atett at wbiehav fceea atoaaied by Salem
saerthaala . . .
Prall Goes All the Way at Med for A
Bob Pratt was the only Salem golfer U ft all the wav in the
recent Southern Oregon Amateur meet, when he won the first flight.
Bob got nipped in the first round of the championship flight; by his
fellow U of Oregon team member Bob Norquist. Med Ingram was
downed In a playoff for a championship flight qualifying spot, and
played in th second flight . . . John (Thin Man) Graham almost
ruined the cup on SGC's No. 12 the other day when he knocked
his tee shot into the bole on th fly. The ball didn't stav in for the
coveted "1," but you can't come any closer than did Graham. Ray
Gallagher, Pete 'Anderson and Don Callaghan paid for the privilege
of witnessing John's feat . . . Don't fail to read the latest issue of
Sports illustrated, which Includes quite a golf article by Bernard
Darwin, Th introduction is written by Herbert Warwind and these
two will make you feel as if you'r living their exoeriences ... And
don't miss our Sunday afternoon 4:30 o'clock) Paul Hahn show at
SGC. If you are any kind of 1 golfing fan, you'll get your dollar's
wwui uuung uio iour-iong ciiruc ana mcK-anot exniDition provided
by th nationally famous professional. Th show will follow the
Father-Son tourney.
Sabers Hold
Grid Workouts
With 14 lettermen listed among
the SO aspirants, the Serra Catho
lic Sabers football team is work
ing its way into shape for the
opening game of the season, at
Salem Academy September 14..
Head coach Leo Grosjacques
and assistant Gofdy Domogalla
have five backs among the letter
men. They are quarterback Larry
Hamilton, halfbacks Joe Endrei
and Cass Hershfelt and fullbacks
Don Nordone and Dick Moorman.
Other lettermen are ends Dave
Lahr, Bill Hamilton, Dave Gut
man and Gene Griepentrog,
tackle Don Wernli, guards Dave
Kremer, Tom Bischoff. and Dick
Lefor and center Dale Rock. Lahr
at 186, Griepentrog at 184. Wernli
at 183 and Bishoff and Lefor at
182 are the heaviest of the vet
erans. Big Fullback Prospect '
Other top prospects listed by
Grosjacques include 194 pound
fullback Red Coffey, center Dick
Beanarot, backs Jim Luke, Don
Stuhr, Jerry Brown and Bob
Taggart, and tackles Tom Grie
pentrog, Gerry Pavelek and John
The Sabers will use the T-for-mation
offense, this season. Fol
lowing the opener at Salem Acad
emy, the Serra schedule lists the
Capital Conference Jamboree at
Staytoa September l. Woodburn
in the borne opener September 28,
Silverton here October 5, Mt. An
gel there October 12, Stayton here
October Is, North Marion there
October 28, Cascade here Novem
ber 2 and Gervais there Novem
ber .
American League
000 010 010 1 4 0
Seixas Rallies
To Grab Win
Over Chilean
W Vic Seixas,. four times within
two points of defeat, ataged an
other of his famous fighting fin
ishes today to best Luis Ayala
of Chile in the third round of th
National Tennis championihipa
The scort was 8-4, 4-6, 3-8, 11-10
It was a significant triumph
for th 13-year-old former Wim
bledon and U.S. champion from
Philadelphia, who is bidding des
perately to hold his plac aa tht
U.S. Davis Cup team.
Wet with perspiration and his
knees shaky from near exhaus
tion, Seixas, fourth-seeded, broke
Ayala'i service with three superb
paaaing shots and the benefit of
a doublt fault in tht 13th game,
and then won his own aervict at
love to clinch tht decision.
Seixas' victory, achieved oa one
or the outside field courts with
crowd of hundreds hanging
over the wire and wooden fences,
came shortly after Abe Segal, a
25-year-old suit salesman from
Johannesburg, bad put the first
break In seeded ranks br outlast
ing UU Schmidt of Sweden, th
U.&. Indoor champion; -4, t-7,
VI. 7-J.
Top-seeded Lew Hoad of Aus
tralia. Bard-pressed in th open
inf set, was forced to play some
of his finest tennis to dispose of
cagy Eddie, Moylso of Trenton,
N.J., HI. (-3. (-4, and, advance
with four of his fellow country
men, including his chief rival.
Ken Rosewall.
Roaewall. aeeded No. 2. toyed
with - Art Larsen, the former na
tional charrtpion from San Lean
dro. Calif., (-3. (-1. (-2. Third
seeded Hamilton Richardson of
Baton Rouge, La., started shakily
but righted himself to turn back
Bill Quillian of Seattle. 4-4, (-2,
4-2. M- Dick Savitt. the come
back ex - Wimbledon champion
continued to improve aa he set
down Tim Coss of Washington,
D.C,, 6-1, 4-2, 6-3.
In the women's division, the
top-ranked favorite. Shirley Fry
of St. Petersburg, conquered
Mary Ann Mitchell of San Lean
dro, Calif., 6-2, 6-2, and her long
time rival.
l?6mmrS Aaron 's Big Bat
PIGEST W d i.i
pish Tp.iK--ANt you tot
MittirM ttrrnKts, run loos
' r ' and Acjyrr
.This pj pop) TPaxuNS
National League '
Cincinnati 000 OOJ 000 14 S
Uwauka Ouo too 030 a I T 1
JeffroaL Treaman iti and Ballcvi
Phillip,, Sleater IT), Johnaon (II and
Crandall. W Freeman. L Jehnaon.
New York 100 OOfl SM T IS a
Philadelphia 000 100 1001 t 1
SurKont and Barnl: Haddlx. Ntarav
tmt r i ..... ,n, . . . . -
Haddlx. T
MILWAUKEE, Sept. 4 un-Wlth
third baseman Eddie Mathews
hobbled temporarily by a
sprained ankle, pennant - hungry
followers of the Milwaukee
Braves found consolation today in
the fact that hammering Henry
Aaron ia once mora stroking the
ball with authority. '
And the young rightfielder
couldn't hav picked a bettetJaron and first baseman Joe Ad-
PCL Line Scores
Loe A male Oil tit ISO I IS t
Seattle . 000 000 1001 10 1
Podi and TaDD: Scantlaburv.
Dickey (Si, Schallock (Si and Ayi-
San Dlefo lot 000 0001 I t
Hollywood OOS 110 001 7 0
Oreenwood, Boencer Hi and Ac-
troth. Sawyer and Paepkt.
Sacramento 140 0 10.111 IS 1
San rranctaco . 000 000 0303 1 1
Stanka and MrNamara. P. C.
Smith. Grba ill, Pnddy 141, Henry
o, Kemmerer (tl and Sullivan.
timt to snap out of the slump
that caused him to give up nrst
place for a few days In the tor
rid scramble for th National
League batting crown.
From Aug. IS, when Aaron led
th league with en average of
.240. throuch th first fame of
last Friday night doubleheajlcr
with St. Louis, he batted only .117
in 16 games. His season average
fell to .320 and be lost the bat
ting lead to Wally Moon of the
Eve Poor la Praetlct
Ht seemed to be undercutting
the ball, lifting pop flies or miss
ing it completely. Even in pre-
game batting practice, balls from
his bat struck the screen over
head aa often as they went to
ward th outfield. And on numer
ous occasions b let third strikes
go by without swinging.
Aaron hit rock bourn In the first
gam Friday night when he went
hitless five times, striking out
twice and never getting a solid
line drive strsight at the short
stop. That apparently enabled
him to regain bis timing. He col
lected two hits in the second
game and since then ht has been
swatting the ball at an even .500
while the league leading Braves
were splitting yesterday's impor
tant Labor Day doublcheader with
the Cincinnati Redlegs, Aaron
smashed three home run and
two doubles.- Going into tonight's
third contest of the Cincinnati
ting my timing back," Aaron aald
In explaining his return to form.
"I knew if I Jusf kept swinging
up there I'd get it sooner or
Unless Mathews can shake off
the ankle Injury he suffered in
yesterday's second game, the bur
den of power in the Braves' bat
ting order now will rest with
cock. That has been the pattern
all season, with only two of th
Braves' big three performing
capably at one time. First it waa
Aaron and Adcock who shoul
dered moat of the load, while
Mathews was having trubl find
ing th range. Then when Aaron
slipped, Mathews took over. ,
During Aaron'i 16-game slump.
Mathews batted .371 on 23 hits in
62 times at th plate, including
nine home runs ana 21 runs bat
ted in. Adcock collected 22 hits
in 62 times up during the sam
period for a .355 average, smack
ing six homers and driving ia II
Estacada Rangers
In Opener Friday
ESTACADA. Sept. 4 (Special )
The Estacada Rangers open foot
ball play Friday night at Tigard,
and on the following Friday play
the Newberg Tigers here.
Coach George Fullerton has II
lettermen on his squad, which
will play in the Willamette Val
ley League this season. The letter
men are backs Frank Wlnterber
ger, Don Frost. Ron Hare and
Bill Milelson, ends Gary Vestal,
Gary Linn and Oscar Veele,
tackles Jerry Chri.ttenson, Allen
Adamson, Fred Gaylord and Linn
McAllister, guards Jack ' Whit
and Don Bergoner and center
Fred Riedel. Other top prospects
series, he had regained the league : are end Dave Vestal, guards Dar
batting.lead with .327, four points rel Carver and Doug Rambo and'
ahead ( Moon. ! backs Mike Lloyd and John Wood-
It was Just a question of get- s cock.
Babe Zaliarias
Said Improved
GALVESTON. Tex.. Sept. 4 lu
Golfer Babe Didrikson Zahsrlas
was reported feeling better todsy
at John Sealy Hospital where she
is fighting a grim battle against
Mrs. Zaharias, who won seven
major golf tournaments after re
cuperating from her first csncer
operation in 1853, waa taking milk
through the mouth todsy. SI.e was
fed intravenously . most of last
Today's Pitchers
Cleveland . .
Kama! City . Ill Dig Wi.J 111 ihtiauii iticr.
Score. MrLlah 141. Mom i5l Nar. .
Iraki in anri Kmnn i ..,.,,. r,, Cincinnati at Milwaukee Mevar
mar (Si and Smith. W Crimian il"-' or Fowler 1IO-IO1 v. Spahn
Scot. I.UI-91.
ruiaDurin ai srooxiyn irfigni)
Mine (12-ia) ve. Maflle 11-41
Detroit 010 010 !1 4 10 t
Chicago 003 ISO JOx-ll 13 1
royteck, Bunnlnf (.11, Miller ill.
Maateraoa III and It. Wilaon; Dono
van and Lollar. I-Foytack.
Chicaco al St. Louis iNKhtl
UZ-7! va. wenmeior b-vi.
New York at Philadelphia fNiihli
-Littlofield 12-51 or McCormick 1O-O1
va. Rofovin (7-5l.
RmIkh MM JJW1 IrtA Ml T m
Whinftn'lT0O0 021 100 000 4 IS I i AMERICAN LIAOl'l
(12 Innlnia). I New York at Boston (Night) Ford
Staler. Delock (i). Sullivan IS) and 115-51 va. Nixon 1 1-7 1
White: Paacual. Bverly 1S1 and Ber- Baltimore at Waahlnfton (Night)
beret. W Sullivan. LByerly. Johnaon (l-ll vs. Stobbe 114-101.
Don't Miss the 'Jeep 'Vehicle
Exhibit at the Fair
Do xoor joeMBrwaoro-uytiaM
Aaaariea ' Wwoot-pnced 4 Yfcee4-Drre Track!
DxHtl-parpoa eeliiri lor kmaiaoai
aakd taaaily
family if 4-Wheil-Dritt TthicleJ
HUTS ... iak.rt if tin wirU's list nifol nbiclct
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Horse Spills Jockey Henshaw
At Lone Oak; Condition Bad
fCeaUaaee' fram preceding page)
known yesterday in a press re
lease by Cecil Kdwards, commis
sion steward. One jockey was
fined, another put on probation
and a third suspended from one
day'i racing. Two horses. Captain
Brewer and Pacific Silk, were
barred for erratic performance on
the track.
Apprentice rider David Hart was
fined fis for reckless riding while
leaving the gate and going into
the turn while mounted on Gold
splnner during the sixth race Mon
day. For misuse of the whip while
mounted on Nancy's Boy in the
seventh race Monday, jockey
Bumpy Lewis waa suspended from
one day's racing, io become ef
fective Sept. 10. He will be per
mitted to complete, existing engagements.
Title Table
Tinrs roa TAFT. orpoon
(Otmllid r t'S Cat ;e4rtie
hurvrv. Pnrtltnl, Orexon)
M PTI-.MHm, l.S
Hie. .1 vva'i m; low WATERS
r I. 'I .'-' Tim Helitht
t 1 4 r r. a a
I4 p m. 6 4
" ' a in. 5
I .n. S 4
t 1 1 , I
: 1 1 4
S 4 .
"1 a m.
4 Ml pm. OS
1 1 a ni. 0
7 I ni, Jl 1
7 1 a ni, 0 ft
' p m. -0 :i
. I a
f - 1 .... .0 1
" ' a 1
i. 1 4 J .... I 1
'Trl-Cltp (4)
tatcond Cam!
aalex (T
Dunn.m 111 PerexJ 10 14
Faeegn.l 114 0 (ilrdly.r 14 1
Robrg..4 4 a Martin leal
Sekla.r 4 11 J aril a (
Lur.n.l 4 11.4 MulrwyJ lilt
Knepr, 4 11 Prncoa.p lit
SalUh.p ! Prlea.x 1
Cd,p a Ward.p
Totals SHI. . Totals ST4"t"i
a popped to short (or franc In
Sth. . ,,., . . ,.o- . .
lem SOI m 1 f 1 a I
Trl-City , . ... 00 130 4 4 I
"Winning pitcher. Carl (IT-lll; Loa.
Ina piirher, France (S-t). Balk, Sau.
. Ip at ho ra er an bh
Palallch 4', 17 I 4 4 1 I
Cad Jv 10 f I
France It 1 4 1 4 I
Ward 1 II I '4 1 t
trt on baaea: Kalnn 7, Trl-City 4.
WHI Glrrtley, Revaa. Hulrien, Peret,
Knepf. Wehater, Kraiua. ft;kula;S
K raue IR; SB Krauae, VvrHter;
t i' Nnahurg tfl Krauae. Wrhntrr te
Kraun to burir: X 3.01; U Uow
a. .4 Lopat. A l.a.7. " '
Redlegs Trip
Braves, 4-2
tCaallnaetl from reeediag page)
1 fi 1 : p.rvi..v . i XGiB moih- 7?el,nU r":
i4tia Hoidn.m 44i Ported him with 12 hits against
Harvey Haddlx and two Telievers
with Foster Castleman cracking a
home run. .
Jack Crimian, with tht help of
Art Ditmar, turned the table! oa
the Indians and Herb Score, who
suffered his ninth defeat. Shortstop
Joe Dimaestrl drove in two Ath
letic runs with a pair, of tingles.
Dick- Donovan not only pitched
his ' sixth consecutive complete
Apprentice rider Francis Auger
was placed on probation and re
stricted to riding horses that have
not shown any running vices for
the remainder of the meet because
be demonstrated inability to con
trol bis mounts while going into
the turns.
Jockey Jerry Boag asked per
mission from the Board of Stew
ards to be taken off his mounts
this date and to discontinue his
riding career for rewsons of health
and weight. Permission was
granted. ' ' ... '
FIRST RACI I Mil Harnesn;
Mr. Frank (Ramp) SOD I I 3 10; A.
J. Aioff (Byenl 1.00 ISO: Mariie
Caah IMcKibben) S.N. Tim: J .22 4.
Quinlela 1 0.
SECOND RACK 1 Mil Harnaaa;
Nina Dal (McDonald) 17 JO 4. 70 1 00;
tin Mo Buck I I SO I SO: Mabel Claro
I MrKibbon) 1.40. Timai 1:1S. Quinlela
Daily Double 1-4 4040.
THIRD RACE Five Furlon;
Owyhee Rill Henahaw) 4 10 l.M 1.40;
War Horao IHolley) I 44 70; Paula a
Whirl (Sherman) 14. Tim: 101.4.
Quinlela 13.30.
FOURTH RACE Five furlongi!
Burniru iMonaghan) 10.M 4 30 1.70;
Super Snooper l Sherman l l.M J 30;
Flint Rork ilanotlli 1.30. Tim: 1:01.4.
Qulnial S 70. ,
PIFTH RACE - rive Purlon":
Tamper (Henihawl 11.40, 4.00, 1.10;
ChvH Valv t Hart) 10 0 40: My
Henny t Duncan) 1.14. Timai 1:04.4.
Quinwla f4S M. . ,
SIXTH RACI Five Furlong
Declared m eenteat
arVTDfTH RACI 'i Furlonga
14 M t
Woody'a Frid (lanottl) l.M. Tim
Sandy H. (Prouty)
00 l.tfl:
4 44 IN;
. .... v.
. mJ 4 i -ar
I' .11
a. i. tnaMa Ta lie., Wianea-Haleav P. 0, ,
, ' 1 ; ' : ' - - -"'.
Conlidenllal IHidal
Woody'a Prld (la no
1:31.1, Quinl! IS7.70,
Red Clay (Hopkina) 1 40 4.40 l.w
Pruna-Plcater (Sherman) , 4 40 3.30;
n r u . i j. i a Atk .
name viciury lur in nunc sua uuv 1:11. Oulnlela S40.40. .
helped hii cadse with a three-run -,,.,..,
. . ..... j ui. NINTH RACE-r Furlonxa: Zarlv
wincr iu ivui iiciu . -,Turlv 'Cnrmlrhaeli a. "
Doran Flower (Mnnaghan) 4.50. 390;
Fair Katnleen (Miliar) 1.10, Tim:
1 31 1. Quinlala 13. SO.
' TENTH RACI 1'. Mile: Chief
Folly (Miller) l.M 1.10; Turker
(Hart) 4.10 SOS; Moon's Imaxr
(Prouty) 4.40. Tim: 1:54.1. Quinlela
S34.4. . .....
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