The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 04, 1956, Page 13, Image 13

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    Child Care Show
Honors at Fair Go
To Beaver ton Girl
A Beaverton girl who spent over
'4no hours the past yet caring (or
children, recaptured Monday at
the Oregon State Fair 4-H judging,
the champion award in child care
exhibit which (he won at 1 a st
years fair. '
Mary Jean School, now 18 and
a member of the Tiny Tots Ten
ders dub in Washington County
organized a babysitting service,
furnished play center, and took
children on trips to the loo during
the year. Her entry in the 1956
fair exhibit was a blue and white
gingham toddler's play outfit and
matching laundry bag.
Wesley Noti, Clackamas, skim-
Food Exhibit
Judging Starts
At State Fair
Judging of the hue food exhibit
At the Oregon State Fair began I!", ' nf Mf
,,j,., .,,,, (j, r. W. to Sheila Covey of Med-
done Thursday I ,ord' for ,h txhibit of brown
While there are about the same oggs'
amount of folk entered i the food i Flower Arranging
division this year, each entrant: As Judges watched, Catherine
has. Mrs. James H. Turnbull, Fursl, 16, Corvallis, skillfully put
superintendent, says, entered 1 together a crescent - shaped ar
more items. ! rangement of violet delphiniums,
First place winners announced , and asters, to take the purple rib-
med through competition "to win 98
points out of a possible 100 to take
top 4-H vegetable gardening ' ex
hibit award in 4-H Monday,
Judith McKnlghi, Monmouth,
was blue ribbon runner-up in the
rcontest, with 97 points. A total of
76 exhibits were shown at tms
year's fair in this division.
Forest Honors
Twenty expertly pressed and
mounted Oregon forest specimens
brought top honors to Geil Briner,
Yoncalla, in the 4-H forestry con
test: Gail encased her exhibit in
wrought box she designed and
made of myrtlewood. Judges pick
ed the winner from among nearly
200 entries of specimens from
trees, shrubs, and forest plants.
Other division winners were RAger
Neu, Hillsboro, 10 mounts; John
Ford. Astoria. 30 mounts; a'nd
Bill To w n se n d, Gresham, 40
An improved method of judging
4-H egg entries was ushered in
Monday with grading of eggs for
both interior and exterior quality.
Winners were Virginia Law, Cor
vallis, lor the best exhibit of white
Grand Champion 4-J Steer Shown at Fair
mmmmmmmmmmm m,,,, Mill in II I III ll I imnum'HHUO J
s. ' . j
Shown in
the State Fair shojr rinfc with his grind champion 4-H fat iteer, Stumbo, is Dale
17, of Central Point. The animal li a 1,060-pound Hereford. (Statesman Farm
Statesman, Salem, Ore., Tues.,5ept. 4, '56 (Sec. II) 13 '
Apples Take Fruit Prize at Fair
Monday include: Breads, rolls,
coffee cakes Mrs. J. P. Krier,
Mrs. Robert Norton, Dallas: Mrs.
O. W. Olson, Silverton; Pauline
Newbill, Willamina, Mrs. Dean
Trowbridge, Mrs. T. D. Pomeroy,
Mrs. Gr.-iville Allen, Mrs. Dale
Malliroat, Salem: Mrs. David Sau
cy. Dundee; Elizabeth Wismer,
Tillamook: Mrs. William Stryker,
Cakes Layer wilh Shortening
Mrs. Pomeroy, Mrs. Malliroat,
Mrs. George Brown, Salem; Mrs.
Robert Norton, Dallas; without
shortening Mrs. Walter Fisher,
Lucille Wonderly. Susan Morris.
Salem; Mrs. Pauline Newbill. Wil-
bon in 4-H senior flower arrange
ment contest. Gresham's Jon El
lertson took championship award
in junior flower arrangement.
Practice paid off in a cham-
fiionship Monday for Corrine Mel
ot, 10-year-old from Bend, who
entered choicest whole wheat muf
fins in Easy Meats, orrine has
been in cooking and clothing clubs
for the past two years. Best muf
fin maker in the beginners class
was Wyno Bell, Corvallis, with
Jean Seouard. Hermiston, winner
in Easy Meals 2.
For the second straight year at
State Fair, Eliiabeth McEntire.
champion of the home beauti
ton. Miscellaneous cakes Mrs ficatian contest. Reserve cham
O. W. Olson, Silverton: Mrs. Her- pionship was won by Naty Ray, 17,
man Flemming. Mrs. Robert Nor- who received the contests annual
ton. Dallas; Mrs. Walter Wilfers
. Mrs. Pomeroy, Salem
Scweizer, Tillamook.
Men's specials T. D. Pomeroy.
Walter Wilfers, L. W. Goldwater.
Novelty cake Mrs. Walter
Wilfers, Salem. Cupcakes Mrs.
Pomeroy. Mrs. Mallicoat, Mrs.
George Brown, Salem.
Cookies and bars Mrs. Malli
coat. Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Pomeroy,
Salem; Mrs. George Schweizer,
Junior specials, 16 years or
under Kathey Pomeroy, Madcll
Wonderly, Tom Pomeroy, Marlene
Mallicoat, Salem; Richard Pom
eroy, Salem.
Candies and mils Mrs. C. K.
Worthington. LaGrande; Mrs. M.
R. Chatterbuk. Mrs. Lillian Fox.
Salem; Mrs. Lucille Holman. Mil-
scholarship to 4-H summer school
Mrs. John ' at Oregon State. As a repeat win
ner, Elizabeth was not eligible for
the award this year.
Cinrhcd Claim
Margaret Hanna, lfi, of Forest
Grove, cinched hor claim to the
title of Oregon's best junior bu
catcher, by winning the 4-H ento
mology contest for the second
straight year at the state fair. The
purple rosette went to Margaret
for a glass-encased display of in
sects and her record book for the
past year that outlined a Wash
ington County survey she conduct
ed on the pea leaf weevil which
has invaded much of western Ore
gon. Second place honors went to
Toby Schuh, 13. Klamath Falls.
Learning to use her , mother s
Cow Shown by
Girl Takes
4-H Honors
' A six - year - old Holstein cow
shown by Judy Galloway. 16, of
Tillamook, was named champion
of the breed in 4-H competition
Monday as 4-H livestock judging
got well underway at the Oregon
State Fair.
Reserve champion Holstein rib
bon went to a senior heifer shown
by Roy Grimes, 10 of Harrisburg.
Roy was forced to sit on the side
lines nursing a bruised foot while
a fellow 4-H'er led his heifer into
ring for the second place award.
A cow stepped on the youngster's
foot just as he was getting ready
to show.
"Stumbo", grand champion 4-H
fat steer at State Fair, has a
rocky road ahead, for the next 45
days. Young owner Dale Smith,
1", Central I'omt, announced Mon
day after the winning, that he will
keep the 1060-pound Hereford in
condition for the Pacific Interna
tional Livestock Exposition in mid
October. The reserve champion
steer was 950-pound Shorthorn ex
hibited by 12 - year - old Patricia
Kuhl of John Day who also showed
the 4-H grand champion market
hog here Sunday. Terry Farrcl,
14, Grants Pass, exhibited the
junior champion Hereford, and
Dick Brown, 16, Dayville, had the
grand champion Angus.
Fair Odds and Ends
You don't have to go to South of
the Border any longer' to 'see a
Mexican bull fight . . There's
a good act of this kind at the
rodeo at the fair. Slim Pickens
has been doing some tall escaping,
and the crowds have been doing
some loud breath holding during
the event.
Noted visitors at the Oregon
State Fairgrounds Monday were
Alba Shawaway and Mrs. Nettie
Shawaway. These descendants of
chiefs, Teias Owhi and Shawaway
who occupied the Yakima Valley
waukie; Pat Sherburn. Dundee; ! sowln cnine mis past year
Ann Oberg Carlton ! " a m)or accomplishment for
Frozen foods-Mrs. O W Olson 1 Su5ip Carr,,I, E' Pointer, who
Silverton; Mrs. Dale Mallicoat' oulshore 140 nhfT exhibitors for
Salem.. championship in the 4-H Sew it s
run contest.
Atior Meredith
Hal tics Marine
HONOLULU, Sept. 3 iA-Biir.
gesa Meredith got in a fist fight
with a Marine sergeant at a Wai
kiki restaurant today. Neither the
actor nor the Marine was hurt.
Patrolman George Perreira said
the fight started after Mrs. Mere
dith and the sergeant threw water
on each other.
Several police cars and the
armed services' patrol went to the
scene. But no arrests were made
Perreira said.
Meredith is vacationing here
after making a movie in Japan.
The lumber industry in the U.S.
dates-from 1608 at Jamestown, Va.
Siamese Duo
Fine After
EL CA.JON. Calif., Sept. 3 L
Xhe Hutchei.s' Siamese twins
were going on three , months old
today with nothing to show that
they had been separated by sur
gery but small scars near the
base of their spines.
Mrs. Floyd Hutchens, the moth
er, said the twins, Gary Neil and
Lary Dale, were as normal as
her two- older sons, Ronald, 6,
and Floyd Don, 12-"only twice as
much trouble.' ,
They were born July 2 and sep
arated July 19. A two-inch strip
of tissue and a nerve joining them
were severed
before 1855 when the white folk
came. "
The two, In native costumes,
were enjoying the rodeo both
matinee and evening. From here
they go to the Pendleton Roundup
,wbeje, Sljawftway rides as one of
the chiefs and Mrs. Shawaway
also rides In the parade.
David Green, Monmouth, "won
sweepstakes prize in the Land
Products show for his box of Red
Delicious apples, judged the best
box of fruit of the entire show
Monday at the Oregon State Fair.
The Land Products Show, In
early days of the Stat Fair, aaid
to be one of the largest divisions,
is again coming Into it own after
a number of years of slack. This
year'f Land Product'! show is one
of the best In man years.
Other first place winner, ia ad
dition'to Green, are: Apples Mrs.
David Schlag, Clarence Zielinskl.
Earl Brunk, Roy Smith,; Ernest
Zielinskl. John Hancock, Cecil
Boyd, all of Salem: Harry Wesley,
Roseburg; W. L. Powell and Carol
Zielinski, Corvallis. Pears. Harry
Wesley, Roseburg; Louis Zlelsin
ki, Salem; Marilyn Zielinski, Car
Prunes, Plums ,
Prunes and plums J. C. Mason,
Louis Zielinski, Ernest Zielinski,
Lee Mclntire. Salem;. Carol Ziel
inski, Corvallis: Larry Fast. Can-
Peaches Harry Wesley. Rose-
ourg, quinces, William Strong, Salem.
Berries, Roy Smith, Salem (Blue
berries); Mrs. Myron Bradshaw,
Albany, and Kenneth Jackson. Mo-
Nuts - O. W. Olson. Silverton.
Earl Brunk. Salem, both -on fil
berts; Frank Alsip, Dallas, on wal
nuts. Agricultural arrangements Mrs.
J. M. Rasmussen, Aurora, featur
ing fruits, and nuts and On an ar
rangement suitable for Thanksgiv
ing; Nellie Crow, Scio, featuring
vegetables,-and Mrs. J. C. Mount,
Salem, featuring grains, grasses
and nuts. ,v
'Special Craps '
Special crops largest atock car
rot, Claude Steuslnff. Salem; tall
est cornstalk (11 feet), A. C. Frie
sen, Salem; best five years of ma
ture yellow corn. Larry Faist,
Canby; largest mangel, Steusloff;
biggest pumpkin, Mrs. John Heff
ley, Dayton; tallest sunflower, Ar
thur R. Sikorra, Salem, and the
largest squash, Larry Fist.
Vegetables Mrs. James Wismer,
Mrs. Merle Holman, Carl Morris,
Jefferson; Harold Blgham; Mrs.
Roscoe B. Paine; Larry Faist; J.
A. Nunn, John Lacey, Lee Mcln
tire, Marlon D. Towry. Mrs. E. G.
Davis, Roys E. Smith,. Salem; Mrs.
Stanley Michslek, Gervais; Fred
Schmidt, Silverton; Mrs. , Byrsn
Bradshaw, Albany; G r i m s and
Brown, Prineville; Otto Bohnert,
Central Point; Will McGill, Jr
'n: W.H. Bailey, Milwaukie;' Mrs.
R. C. Davii, Shedd; Gary Math
ci,y, Brooks; Wace Miller. Mc
Minnville' Roy 0. Bliven, Wood-burn.
. HONG KONG, Sept. t fftiCon
munlsf China is permitting Eng- -lish
to bv taught in its schools'''
again, but a Peiping radio an-.,-, '
nouncement said there are not'''
enough teachers. Lack of teach '
ers also blocked the Reds' efforts
to make Russian , compulsory ia
all Chinese schools.
Salem Woman
Top in Cotton
Bag Contest
Y'ou can make anything out of
a cotton bag if you're of that mind i
and Mrs. W. B. Taylor, 1362 1
Third St., Salem, is. She won the j
1956 Cotton Bag contest, sponsored j
annually at me uregon Mate fair
by the National Cotton Council,
Textile Bag Manufacturers Associ
ation, Nccchi Sewing Machine
Sales Corp., and the Elna Sewing
Machine Co. Inc.
She now submits her entry' for
judging in the national finals.
Three national winners will re
ceive 4) week's entertainment in
Chicago for themselves and es
corts and share merchandise gifts
valued at more than $2,500.
Mrs. Taylor entered seven pieces
and took prizes on six. Dresses,
cowboy shirts, toys, curtains and
napkins and a nursery quilt were
her entries.
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