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Women . . . Music . . .
Statesman, Salem, Ore., Mon., Sept. 3, '56 (Sec. 1)3
SUNNY SKIES .... greeted the
opening days of the 91st Oregon
State Fair ... and Su lay a per
fect day for picnic .... large
family groups filling every picnic
table on the green lawns ... not
nearly enough with many eating
on the grass after waiting an hour
or two . . . Never have we seen
the flower beds and lawn more
beautiful .... brilliant marigolds,
dahlias, zinnias and geraniums
blooming everywhere .... and
new touch of color the newly
painted pastel pink and green
benches .... The midway gay
with flags ind silhouette rigns
featuring the rodeo, horse show
and revue . . ,
Westward Ha .... (be theme af
Ike gardea aid fewer sbaw
aieaay nae w nawer Itmi wall-
tag i view (he eatrles all daylMB
... The shew set amidst the tall
ak trees tram whkh hung dneas
at fuchsia and begonia baskets
. . . Ta carry aut the theme af
(he shaw a large eavered wagoa
aad teepee la the center af the
gardea ....
Sa el-ver . . . the individual ar
rangements featuring the west-
.. j . ..
ward motif .... such as camp-
fires flickering shadows using;..:., rollec
' ,h'y.?"C'd!Mr ,Jr'sur". ! Sally Busick . . . The William C.
wiin cnesi. pearis ana jewelry i
predominating .'. . "wagon wheels'
roiling-' .... and -pan bread
and s de pork ... Oregon. L-e Oak . . i . rare traek seem
he land of opportunity the ,., ,he , tathtrinf ,M
theme of the club entries . . . . j (or ihaanBi, Satrday
everything from cowboy boots to !,, Mi M Uha MtnltMa
wagon wheels usedtn the arrange- j 4awm lnm P.rtUll tui ,, M
ments . . . . the bright orange lh. RWr, Eberiki . . . ; Lee
shades in mangolds dahlias and ; b, M .rrt:iry
sunflowers most popular for these Cewgt McMnrphy. the state fair
OuUtaading ... the exhibits by
the commercial florists .... sac
a "ghost orchestra" all In Mack,
gold aad red .... with red carna
tions . adorning the vtolla, saxo-
phoaa and Irnmpet
Msprrara i
from the celling . . . the piano
even gold with the k'ytoiard of
while ebrxsanthemams . . . An
other theme was "Eat meets
West" with flowers from the h. i
t.d, and a n. lag to the I
malnlaad . . . and a large revered
wagita filled with rhrysa-thrmara
.... lots of bravtirnl red an
thurtum from the islands In many
of the exhibits . . .
Several .... new concessions
noted on the midway . . . and the
farm machinery of "yesterday"
attracting a large crowd . . '.
Jeanine Day and Barbara Boni
face busy at the scone booth
Mrs. Floyd Scott selling tickets at
the races and revue . . . Peg
Dragrr iMrs. Robert and Alma
Schrpeder decided there should be
something new to eat at the fair
... so they dreamed up fritter
flips and have their stand right
in the middle of the midway en-
route to the grandstand ... over
Goodbyes Said at
Party for Women
Mrs. Paul Ernst
Wesley :
Goodrich and Mrs. John Morris
were honored at an au revoir
dinner at China City by friends
and co-workers from St. Vincents
parish. Mrs. Ernst is California
bound, Mrs. Morris is to live in
Portland and Mrs. Goodrich in
Those attending the party are
Mcsdames Gordon Burke. Walter
Cheslcy, Joseph Coffey, Al
Cramer, Leo Deutsch, James
Dougherty. Herman . Eckerman,
George Gruschalla, Ray Ha'fnes,
Chris Johnson, James Kessel, Ce
cil Manion, LeRoy Marker. Rich
ard Rrimann. D. Robertson, John
Rutherford, Robert Schreincr, Al
Schroeder, Sylvester Schrocdcr,
Wesley Schrunk. Frank Slimak,
Sidney Trott, Clarence Wichmnn
and John Veager.
Al BURN Mr. aad Mrs. John
E. Chandler were dinner hosts on
Thursday complimenting Mrs.
Chandler's sister Mrs. W. E.
Councilman on her birthday. Cov
ers were placed also for Mr. and
Mrs. Foyd Shepherd of Mill. City,
Miss Lauryne Chandler and) the
SU Agnes Guild of St. Paul's
Episcopal Church wilt meet lor a
0:30 no-host supper Tuesday night
at the church. Hostesses will be
Mrs. Hope Edwards, Mrs Daisy
Chance, Miss Lillian Davis and
Miss Vivian Chandler.
Club Calendar
Srm Writers Club with Mrs, I.
M whlt, 40SS Bwk Av., 1:30 p.m.
A nswer! Chapter, OKS Srnttlsh
Bit Tmpl. S P.m., school ol In
struction. '
American Cold 8tr Mothers, vrW
Ball, S p.m. -
Sslem Chspter, OES, Masonle Tom
pie, 4 pm. .,
How lucky you are I For you
hava something few other
k Btataa hare - aot water. And
that meana you can have the
cleanest of all family waahea
For nothing cleans so well aa
ao ft water and real $oap - the ,
kind made famous by White
King. But remember, the secret
la White King- Boap. No other
type of washday product gets
yourtilothea ao clean. None
leaves them ao soft and fluffy,
nor keepa whites ao white and
colors so true. Get White King
Statesman's HOME ;
Fashions . . . Features
Town ...
the weekend Bob was on hand to
help out . . . the Beta Sigma Phi
girls-busy with their pitta can
teen, another new concession fea
ture ....
Noteworthy . ... the deteas af
former Salem reaMenta spotted
. . . Tarn Braad here from Part
land far the holiday weekend aad
accompanying his mother, Mrs.
James T. B.'aod, on epeniaf day
. . Mrs. Tharne Hammond and
daughters, Patty aad Mirllyn of
Pot i'aad, viewing Jhe flower show
. . . The Kenneth Majalngs of
Portland with their three ehlldrea,
Peter, Nancy and Jim . . . aad
accompanied by the new additlaa
ta Ibrlr family this year, Peter
"Taffy" Janes af Wales, aa ex-
rhanie itodeot. wha will .lleul
High wHh their eldest
j On the midway .... Mr. and
Mrs. Donmll Sanders and their
children, Delano and Shelley of
Coos Bay . . . John Bone squiring
Barbars Anderson . . . John soon
to leave for New York to con
tinue his studies j . . Jerry Berg
and Teddf Schlesinger ... both
reioiin in iiiu-.m-ui ur in rr-
.., ,k .... A- ,. . . .
Kprron, ,,.- trnm Pnrllln, fnr
fair week and guests of the far-
u.. MnMn,
publicity director .... Mr. aad
Mrs. J. C. Jones of Portland spent
the weekend In Salem and were
gneats of Mr. and Mrs. Brace
Williams at the Saturday races
Mrs. Jones donning n mlak
ttDr gt, .Uk k rea ami .
Also sootted. . . . Snerkpr nf i
the House
'SS e?M!iAurichf Germany
I Rep. Henry
j" "Z L ' ' j T r '""r
"T?k " l. '.1 FWl -
I ing their usual box with the John
Strrlhammers. Mrs. Earl Snell
and Mrs. Olive Currey . . . The
Robert Duncans and Mrs. George
Steelhammer over from Silverton
. . . With the Lawrence Ballmers
were her brother and sister in
law, Mr. and Mrs. Garry Littlis
of Pendleton, who were their
weekend guests . . .In the Ger
linger bos from Dallas were Mr.
and Mrs. Victor Williams. Mr; and
Mrs.. John Kitzmiller, Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Gerlinger and Mrs. C.
F. Gerlinger . . . .The L. J.
Smiths of Dallas have also taken
a box for the races v . i
From Portland . . . came Mrs.
W. R. MrMurrav ta tola her ili-
Mn Taylor' H.wkl. for the
r.c . ,., '.,
i leave oa a Enrepeaa trip . , .
Presenting the blanket to the win-
ner In the Inaugural aa Sat
urday were Lea Spitxbart, slate
fair maaater, and his secretary,
Mrs. Al Isaak. wha served as
honorary judges for the feature
race of the day . . . Guests of
Mrs. Velma Farmer for the races
aad revae were' Mr. and Mrs.
Thrrsa Hoover and daughter, Jo
Anne. Mrs. Walter Kirk, Mrs.
Therese Crorkatt, aad the Edgar
Pierces . . . Mrs. Kennel a Mai
ler jolalag her husband aad
daughter later In the afteraooo
after she had assisted at the polls
booth . . '. Mrs. Muller wearing a
striking oxford grey and while
striped otitfH accented with burr'.
orange buttons
Finale . '. . on. opening day for
our family was the Helcne Hughes
revue, a colorful and fast-moving '
show filled with many laughs
Incidentally, Hclene HuThes Mad
son arrived several days prior to
the fair opening and was accom
panied by her children, Tom and
Lauren, of Cupertino, Calif. . . .
"A Night Out at Meier & Frank's Salem"-,Spe-;
cisl menu and dinner music, modeling, free f a
. vors for the children, J . ' -
IV. .'....- '
, , 5:00.1:00 P. M.
12:15 1:30 P. M.
Jban'Kokervi v
Weds Allen
ShoWalter .)
The Grace Lutheran Church was
the scene of the widding of Miss
Joan Koken, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Richard F. - Koken. M Al
len Ward Showalter. son of Mr.
and Mrs. Ward A. Showalter' of
Coulee Dam; Wash, on Sunday
afternoon at 4 e'eiock.
The Rev. Lowell Holte per
formed the ceremony before I set
ting of yellow and coral gladiol
uses. Miss Patricia Gibbons , was
the organist., . ' , ,..,, -
The bride wore a gown j)f nylon
tulle and Jace fashioned with -a
portrait neckline and floor length
bouffant skirt ending' in a chapel
train. A pillbox cap held in place
her fingertip veil and she carried
a wbHe Bible marked with white
stephanotis and a white orchid.
Fred G. Koken gave his grand
daughter in marriage in behalf of
her father who is in Korea. '
Miss Wilda Habere was the
maid of honor. Miss Ann Aldridge
and Miss Barbara Wykoff the
bridesmaid? They wore . russet
crystalletle gowns with street
tentfh full skirts, rounded neck
lines and three-quarter length
sleeves. The honor attendant car
ried yellow gladioluses and the
bridesmaids' flowers were voarl
Bridegroom's Atteadaats
Kenneth Rose was best man for
Mr. Showalter and ushers were
Fred K. Koken, the bride's broth
er, and Cecil Stinnette.
For her daughter's wedding
Mrs. Koken wore a mink brown
wooi dress with matching jacket
and satin (rim. She pinned a cor
sace of light pink cymbWium or
chids to her gown. Mrs. Showalter
wore a Wediewood blue taffeta
jacket ensembl with ' corsae of
deen pnk eymbiriium orchids.
The reception was held in the
church parlor. Dr. Rachael Reed',
aunt of the bride, and Mrs. Carroll
Aust, cousin of the bridegroom,
poured. Mrs. Irvin L. Johnson cut
her niece's wedding cake. Assist
ing were Mrs. Ralph Gilbert. Miss
Sandra Pearson. Miss Arlene
Workman, Miss Patricia Gibbons
antv Mis Judv.Ha'sey.
For traveling the new Mrs.
Showalter donned a light brown
dress and matching jacket with
dark brown accessories. The cou
ple will make their home in We
natcbee, Wash, following a wed
ding trip along the Oregon Coast.
Girls Here From
Visitors in Salem this week will
b, Miss Ruth Schmidt and Miss
Astrid Schroeder of Aurich. Ger
many who are touring the United
States giving demonstrations in
age-old hand spinning and weav
ing for which the village of Aurich
is renowned. This small village in
the northwestern part of Ger
many, near the Holland border,
has for many generations been
one of the centers of band weav
ing In the world.
For their demonstrations the
girls use a small folding loom
similar to the somewhat larger
ones used in the weaving centers
in Aurich. A small spinning wheel
is used by P1 German girls to
show how te arn is' spun for
use oir-the luotnT ' .
Miss Schtnid and- Miss- Astrid"
will conduct their demonstrations
in Salem at Meier and Frank's
from 10:30 to 4:30 next Saturday.
Modern Etiquette
Q. Is a member of a bereaved
family expected to receive friends
who are making calls of condol
ence? A. Usually a close friend or
relative receives these persons. Of
course, in the case of an intimate
friend, the 'amily may wish to
see him this being left, however,
to the decision of the famjly. as
no one should intrude at such a
Q. What is the correct amount
of a tip to an airline stewardess?
. A. Please do not offer any tip
to the stewardess, the airlines hav-
O. How should a divorcee sign
her name if she retains her ex
husband's surname?
A. She should use the surname
her maiden name, as, "Mrs. Shir
ley Carter Johnson."
Vdt : 1
To Reside
f i
U v
AAr. and Mrs. Thurman leoi Krater (Janet Arlene loucks) who
were married on August 24 aj the' Four Corners Baptist
Church. The bride" is the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs.
Victor L- Loucks and AAr. (Crater is the. soafjf Oliver L Krater
and Mrs. Hazel Krater. .The newlyweds will live in Salem.
(Art Studio.) , , .
Miss Arda Lien Becomes Bride
Of Roger Berryhill on Sunday
White accented With aqua was the .color scheme for the pretty
Sunday afternoon wedding uniting in ' marriage Miss Arda Carolyn
Lien, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lien, and Roger Dean Berryhill,
son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Berryhill. The Fjrst Congregational Church
was the setting for. the 4 o'clock nuptials at which the Rev. Julian
Keiser officiated.
Miss Carol Lee was the vocal
ist and Jean Hobson Rich played
the organ music. Baskets of white
gladioluses and asters accented
with blue were arranged on either
side of the chancel rail and at
the altar. The alternate pews were
marked with clusters of white
flowers tied with aqua bows. -
Of white nylon organdy over
satin was' the bridal gown, fash
ioned with a bouffant floor length
skirt terminating in a chapel
train. The back ol the skirt was
made with tiers of nylon ruffles
edgetf with embroidered daisy
trim, each centered with a .pearl.
The embroidery trim also en
hanced the scoop neckline, short
sleeves and twide cummerbund.
The bride wore short, nylon mitts
and a cttmvn of daisy trim and
pearls held in place her fingertip
chiffon veil. She carried her white
Rainbow Bible topped with white
orchids and stephanotis.
Sister Only Attendant
Mrs. Robert Kaplan of Los An
geles was her sister's only, at
tendant and she wore a ballerina
gown of white embroidered eyelet
with aqua crystallette cummer
, Photograph Contest
' i
In llig Cash
EASY TO EXTEH! EASY TO WIM Personality knJ character as shown
in the photograph not just beauly-tount in this tonle.-t. And our amazing geed
light lets us take your child's picture at llCMOt!i of a wco'nd, so we calch all
the precious fleeting expressions of your child's personality just what the
judges will look for! Children 14 or under can enter. Have your child photo
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best for yourself from full set of proofs we enter duplicate without charge.
. . .
a ai'f jj juages
tttrr nf VffC T''i ittnn'i "Tonight"
MHHI.I-.Y j.:s,
,, ' star t 20th Ctnlury Fox't "CarouseC
v B1L BAIItll, .
j " nationally famed television puppeteer
. with hntband Ml, itrlifhtt TV audiences
, author-illustrator children's books '
fiui rtut , . 500 io thihu rHiacui, J0
KniMi raixf. 2SQ rim mw tti( r.ii p4.
Na sppattitmsat mcmi
Canmt pontorvd by
in Salerti
' I V t
bund and bow and aqua crystal
lette headband and mitts. She car
ried a cascade spray of abba lilies.
George Allen stood with Mr.
Berryhill. as besfman and 'ushers
were Melvin Lien, Lauren Keubler
and Robert Mapes.
A Wedgewood blue -nylon crepe
gown with white accessories was
chosen by the bride's mother.
Mrs. Berryhill wore a champaigne
polished cotton sheath, dress with
champagne and pink accessories.
Their flowers were pink cymbid
ium orchids.
Greet Guests al Reception
The newlyweds greeted their
guests at a reception in the church
parlor. Pouring were Mrs. Lauren
Keubler and Mrs. Dick Richards.
Mrs. Melvin Lien and Mrs. Wal
lace Murdock cut the cake. As
sisting were Misses Jeanne Jene,
Mary Robl. Maudrey Wilson, Joan
Neal and Mrs. George Allen.
For her wedding trip along the
Oregon Coast and to Canada the
new Mrs. Berryhill wore a black
and white print - ensemble with
black sheath dress and black ac
cessories. After the first of the
year the couple will be at home
12:15 TO 9 P.M. OTHER DAYS
gnrriTrrs irmm rrrrrrri i ivmno
To acquaint you with our
wonderful way of Inking photographs
'zi'riec Spvviul
This 11 V?f
Big 8x10 Coronet
Portrait, Reg. 6.00
0 photograph taken with our speed light
to eatch personality expressions .
a equipped with top trofeional camera
with finest portrait lens ' . ,
i-omlortiiUy ool slarelf s lifhls-no
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talented pliotugraplier understanding -
ana psurni
ft i ti ilia s i.t .iAt.j iiiuifl
'uH m4 f piwafi MibmlHarf rKtarpli tovib iacmd Rw ,
tht National Auecittion of Dapartnwnt Store fttelegrsph Studlat
Miss Wagner ,
Is Bride of J
Mr, Jaeger j
"MT. ANGEL - First of the fall
weddings with autumn colors was
that of Miss Martha Ruth Wagner
and Donovan Jaeger, solemnized In
St. Mary's Catholic Church Satur
day morning, September 1, at 10
o'clock. '. . ,,
The Rev. Cyril Lebold officiated
at the nuptial high mass. Altar
servers were Michael llg and Joe
Schallberger. and;. Moss- Helea
Kebef played the organ. St. Mary's
Choir sang the mass and the soloist
was Mrs. David York of Mil
waukee.'' The new Mrs. Jaeger is the
daughter of Mr and Mrs. Joseph
Wagner and the bridegroom s par
ents are Mr. and Mrs.. John Jae
ger, all of Mt. Angel. ;
The bride wore an exquisite
dress of handclipped, imported lace
over satin. The gown was fash
ioned with)- mandarin neckline, a
lace bodice and laee apron effect
skirt .falling into the nylon tulle
train. A crown of nylon braid with
seed pearl trim held the fingertip
nylon tulle veil. Her semi-crescent
shaped bouquet was a " yellow
throated' white orchid surrounded
with white Fuji chysanthemums.
She carried a white prayer book.
gut of her parents,.
Precede the Bride
The bride's sister, Mrs. John
Gorman of ' Eugene, was matron
of honor. Another . sister, Miss
Mary Wagner of Eugene, Miss
Joan Jaeger, Mt. Angel and Mrs.
Ted Etxel, Stayton, both sisters of
the groom, were bridesmaids.
All were gowned alike in emerald
green crystalette ballerina dresses.
They wore a veil headdress with
polka dot crown, and carried a
semi crescent bouquet of lignt
bronze Fuji chrysanthemums.
Anita and Kevin Etzel of Stay-
ton, niece and nephew of the
groom, were flower girl and ring-
bearer. ----r v - r - t
Mrs. W c n e r attended . her
daughter's wedding in a moss
green wool crepe dress with bead
ed trim . cocoa brown accessories
and a yellow-throated white orchid
corsage. The groom's mother wore
a dress of pink and grey moire
with pink and grey accessories and
white and. yellow orchid corsage.
Roy Jaeger stood with his broth
er as best man and groomsmen
were John Gorman, Norbert
Schmltx and Anton llg The ushers
were Theodore and Edward Ja
coby, Stayton, uncles of the groom.
Dinner and Keeeptioa .
The dinner . and reception was
held in St. Mary's dining hall. Mrs.
John Lell and Mrs. Bernard Buck,
Portland, aunts of the bride, cut
the cake. Mrs. Frank Berg, Mil
waukie, aunt of the bride, Mrs. Da
vid York, cousin of the groom, Mrs.
Ed linger, and Mrs. Bernard
Kirscb poured. Hostess was Mrs.
William Bean.
Assisting were the Misses Mau
rita Jaeger, Marlene Diehl, Marie
PiaU. 'Shirley Ehnari Rita Hauth.
Virginia Berg andOoann Berg,
Portland, Patricia Schmltz, Mar'
tins Otter, Joyce Bean and Claire
Ebner. - . -
After a wedding trip Into Can
ada the newlyweds will make their
home in Salem, where the groom Is
employed at the Ladd and Bush
Bank. For going away the bride
chose a two-piece black and aqua
knit dress with hat and gloves of
winter white and black accessories.
The bride, a graduate of Mt. An
gel Academy,' had been employed
with Northwestern Mutual Life In
surance in Portland. ' . -. . .... I
in Salem when Mr. Berryhill com
pletes his naval services.
9:30 A.M. TO 3:30 P.M.
wiin cuiiarrn a(
u - -
' 1
X -v.'- . .-v
Prices Effective Through thurslNobn Sept.: 6th
fllaS-lilf-t ..?t-- '--,A 1 I I J
Bergx Banqset Beel , ;j
r ' - lrgt landuct lf ,v i f I ,
-Bone Steaks
Suoranttad Tcndtr
ly Icrfi .
- larss laiMfuat taaf. .
' Chuck Roast ,
rm Cvt ' OOa T
Suaranteti TanJar , . .Vv W Lb.
Isrgs Esnquat Baaf .
Rib Steaks
Suarantcad Tandar '
If Itrgs i. !i .V . .'. '.
' Bargs Banquat
Rump Roasf
Duaranfeed filun' mumtti . Krt i v
Tender rJ&) lb. Tender ' : ; lb.
Bergx Banquel Beef 1
Dl.i. I,..l . . ! ; 3 I ' Hi-W,rt
SYRUP S-2J cdAtcij !
33c IliiiiitftK PEAS : 2 .(
; vfe, . -Y' f
1 . - i ' - lee Celd : ! '.; j
Er;F ASSORTED ; Dillord
DECK MIXERS Cantaloupes ;; j
6 Pak Cans v j-mbeSi.. ' !t
v. - - -. - . C.
' -Jft ..
47C Lb.
Bargs Banquat
Round Steaks t
Suarantaad Tandar . . ft !.
ly largi . . . . . ; VC U.
: ! larpi lanquat laaf
Blade Roast J
i. . .
Guaranteed tandar , ' '. ' ' , "
ly t.r9t , ZaJCU.
' ''Eargt Banquet Baaf
New York Steaks
Guaranteed Tandar 5 ' '
ly Itrjt f.UOVC Lk.:
' Bargs Banquet Baaf '
Short Ribs
r a
f . '