The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 31, 1956, Page 29, Image 29

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    Inside, JV
Film Actress Keeps
Her Secretary Busy
HOLLYWOOD - If you can't be
a movie and television star your
self, you can get close to the
glamorous post
by rerving as
secretary to a
star. At least,
that's the opin
ion of
marjurie ;
i : - I
lLove, for the
It a i t several
years Jane Wy-
man's secretary
"and closely ss-
vw , i
! strclated with the star's movie and 1
TVa ctivities.
"What docs Marjorie do'" Jane
npeaiea me quesuo... - well, just
about everything."
And it Isn't an overstatement.
In her Beverly Hills office, Mar
jorie deals with the overwhelming
stack of fan mail delivered daily
and replies personally to. every
;?tter. inose requiring Jane s per
sonal attention get to her immedi
ately. 1
leievision is responsible for
tremendous bulk of Jane s mail.
says Marjorie. "From the time
she started her NBC seres last
yrar.r tne mail Bat ovmbied or
tripled every week, ThrouRhoiit
the summer we were deluged with
Mters wanting to knriw when
Jane would return to the air thu
nelson." ;
At televiewers km, Mr Jam
Wymas Stunt rrntmt-4 Taev
tit. Au. M, lh ln a Ul art
npl pstae tm k that ajierej-
lioa. v
What else b"iid fan mail does
Marjorie widow of famed screen
t at, Montague Lovci handle? She
.11 up appointments, she shops
r gifts when Jane is too rustu'd
do to herself, she scans ncta
pert and magazines for articles
which Jane woujd be interested,
iwingt her employer is up to her
etty neck in TV activities and
!S little time forpleesure read
"ig. 1 Mar jorie's "days are " to
ashed, she couldn't rtally spare
ie time to detail all the various
escorts of her Job,
By way of advice- to other girls
vhb covet jobs with stars Mar
irit points out: "A single girl or
ie newly married might find it
fficult to. adjust to the hours of
i job with a star. The single girl
: interested in dates: the married
.ie wants to get home to her
isb.ind. When you work for an
nplover- as busy as Jane Wy
'an, frequently you must work
.filer six when she has time to an
;uer mail and attend to the mat
ters which require her personal
attention. If your mind is on your
mn social life, di(f::ult to do
justice to the Job."
Marjorie so In with Inlerent
hich Jane Wyman shows elicit
he greatest auance response via
mall. ', ..
''Thus far "The Bamboo Cross' ;
was the most popular," she says.
"That was the true story Jane did
' ist season about the Mary' noil
int imprisoned by the Chinese
it. A true story and evidently
e one most viewers liked most,
in afraid they'll have a hard
mice this season though, select-!
g their favorites they're all
i food," she says'.
TELENKWS: TV actor Edward
' Mty, who just returned from
w York alter several succcss
1 TV assignments, tells me his
-nd Sarah Churchill is coming
Hollywood in road company
ductlon of "The King and I,"
which she plays Anna, of
irse'. The sneak opening of
nna" in Sacramento gives
jry indication of a long and suc
ful run here. j
.Sarah Churchill, the original
ar and hostess of "Hallmark I
ayhouse," a successful dra-1
tic series devised and executed i
Albert McClerry, will da two
:lnret for her .aid boss. Roth ,
adaptations from Broadway ,
j. They're "Oramerey Ghost" j
, I "Tur of the Screw."
STARRDUST: I walked Hnto
" Idwyn Studios the other, day.
. 1 saw Loretta Young cutting a
ge cake with 87 candles on it.
w I know she can't be that old
ihout having discovered t h e
tntain of youth. It turned out .to
a celebration for finishing' her
h telefilm. That equals the
nount of feature movies she's
jde 87. Am", she still looks
oung" and beautiful. In. her
ir years on television, Loretta
s won tuch coveted awards as
i Emmy in 11)55 for the "Best
tress in a Regular Series" and
3 195 Golden Apple award from
.lerican beauty editors. Wo- (
in's Home Companion rates her ,
Ac ron rmoAY
,OAC (Frldav) lt:M IB -Tilt
and Wejtnrr; I:1V-Imperially
r Women; I0:4i hummei Mm
ilt; I l:tt The Concert Hall:Hi:l
.he News and Vvralhei: 12:15 pin
.mm farm Hour; I no-M e I n I y
,ie; 1:1s Proudly We Mil; I:o
.cUiinald'i Anlholoav; l;3u Mem-,-
Book of Music; Oreacin lii -rtr;
1:IS Mualc of the Mauler!.;
.la The Asms in turoie;s. in
) Upbeat; 4:4i Newa commentary;
Chlldien'a Theater; ':! Dr.
"m. Detartive: 1:4a Let There Be
ht; t; Th Newi and Weather:
IJ Broadwav Melody: t:J NAKB
jeclal. Harold Lauwell, t:St Win.
iw on the World; Ml tvenms
;rm Hour: l:(H The Collate Con
nee; :o Mualc That tndiirca;
jl The News and Weather; l:o
:n Off,
1 Kl'OKNt: KVAL-TVi Channel 11
(Irlday): lino yueen for a Day;
ti-.ti Modern Romancea; l:t
i nmedy Time; l:lt Bandnland: l:M
3 -Malinee TheaUr with "The Shnnf
f ai Cheat." with Charlie Chan anlv
a tuple murder myatery; 1:10
BA: 1:0 Little Theater; 4: It's
Tart; 4:30 Hig Roundup: 1:4S
; n Newa; t:M Sporta Headlines:
' J Weather Report; : ( avel
; ide nf SpnrtV preaente a 10-roiind
hteiht light between Jimmy Sou
1 "Baby" Vaque; t:4J Iporli
mm; 1:Crunch r Det; 1:10
-t t'l Go rohlnt; 7:41 8pnrtamn-s
ub; l:t Smfei l;J Croaaroadf
...lh Pat O'Brien In "Slrante Be
1 ueit": ISO Mayor of the Town;
It Hithway Patrol; .it: power-
with their top ten favorites on TV
and 1 and the televiewing audience
agree heartily. (The cake was
good, too.)
SHORT SHOTS: Eddie Dmytryk
sends me a postcard with a pic
ture f Bob Wagner and Barbara
Darrow embracing at 10,004 feet.
And they're both smiling! U s
pilbclly , fr Parr-icant's
a e
V iits vision producUoa, "T
Talking about hlsh Dlaces. Gene
Hoffman invites me and o t h e r 0n Jan- 47 Teitelbaum was con
press members to plane to San 'd of evading $100,275 in in
Krancisco for the opening of the ! 'or 1M6 and mi.
new Gale Storm show, "Oh, Su-I JudS Pwr; criticized the gov-
sanna. Sounds like fun . . . rock ,
n' roll marches on. Pat Boone's
"Thee 1 Love" on the Dot Label
sold 218,000 copies in its first two
(Copyrlht IMS.
Central Features Corp.)
Ask For
Bring the Kiddies
to S Our Cut
Little Squirrel
Flew Revolving
Credit Plan
Announced by
W. T. Grant Co.
Hailed by customers and
retail experts as America'"
fastest aiid simplest credit
shopping, the V. T. Grant
"Charge-It" Plan was today
'"presented as another Crant
customer service.
Without a down pay
ment, customer can now
secure up to $50. $1(X). $200
or more in handy coupon
form to spend like cash any
where in any W. T. Crant
store. Because of its 'revolv
ing" feature, the customer
can secure additional credit
to spend as she makes her
regular payments, t'p to
eight months is allowed for
payments. .
A delightful aspect of the
new plan is its complete
lack of red tape. Applica
tion is completely simple;
credit is granted fast and
shopping with the coupons
is just as fast as cash itself,
with no waiting for charge
plate handling or credit
verification, and no book,
keeping to "work at".
YOU NEED to buy
your children's
wardrobti now,
while selections
are complete:
Pay eel
t 75 week
Ceoeea leek
Ceupefi leek
Pay ealy
J 30 week
Ceueen leek
Pey enly
17 week
Amtritf'i ftileil
mtlvinf rreJil fit.
Inajvite Credit Office,
om fjumilt Fornix tm
Ex-Lawyer of
Capone Guilty
Of Tax Fraud
CHICAGO -Jl A former lawyer
lor me lamuy oi gang doss ai ta
pone was convicted Wednesday of
evading $87,2!3 in income taxes for
1U50 and 1951.
He is Abraham Teitclbaum, 50,
who in addition to his law practice
had real estate holdings and served W1" , . annacjr
at a labor counselor. hera, came up with the predic-
Judge Joseph Sam Perry of U.S. . Thursday after lengthy ex
District Court centered a finding ' Pe.f'.nenU on the properties of
of conviction on a pica by Teltel-
hflum In which he did not arlmit nr
contest the tax evasion charge. He
toia tne coun ne naa used up his
funds fighting
against him.
crnmoni lor oringing criminal ac-
tion against the lawyer after he
had made good on a tax deficiency.
In 1950 Teitelbaum paid $340,000 to
the government. . ,..
The court ordered a pre-sentence
investigation and set Oct. 4
for a,
' $h Q7Fl .R
SAVE time, work ond money-SEND them,
back to school in W. T. Grant outfits...
1.98 Washable Sport Shirts
Colorful wtven plaids
in wonderful viscose
rayon keep their looks
through washing. Full
cut. Sizes 8-16.
No Down Payment! Buy All Your Youngsters' Outfits on W. T. Grant "CHARGE IT" Plan
rVftft leathtr seeves
All-wool melton in black,
nivy or grey with colorful
white leather trim. Snap
front; knit collar, cuffs.
Professor Predicts Women to
Use Mink in Cosmetic Form
NEWARK, N.J, -The day
mv pome when women not onlv
wear mink but vjb it into their
skin as a cosmetic, says a Rut
gers University professor.
Dr. John M. Cross, professor of
! Pharmaceutical chemistry at the
m ., , ,
"-S Sam a new Jersey minx
i nhr. complained? that his
-" vv.,. "" -vt
nl"a ll,e anuuai mm nc uir
; able to do heavy work with them.
But the rancjier s wife thought
there might be some commercial
value in the mink fat. asked her
pharmacist about it and was re
ferred to- Dr. Cross.
The professor conducted 12
characterization tests on the gray
white mink suet, which melts
hearing on the. Jan. 27 conviction
and yesterday's plea.
2.79 Washable Twill Pants
Sturdy, vat-dyed fabric is
Sanforized, color-fait,
long-we sring. Tailortd for
comfort. Tan, grey, blue.
Boys' sizes from 6 to 18,
Pi f 1
Our deluxe quality 1
Miracle orlon keeps its
shape washing after wsh
Jng. In licht blue, charcoal,
camel, cherry red, navy,
maize. Sites from 30-38.
easily to a clear yellow oil wheni
held in the hand. The results, he
said, aroused the curiosity of
scientists and cosmetics manu
facturers. The oil, he discovered, has
some hormone like material
which may be valuable.
It also penetrates skin crevices
easily without leaving a greasy
film or staining clothing.);;
"It's not hard to understand
why ranch-grown mink have tuch
a high grade fat," Dr. Cross said.
"They are fed a diet of ground
beef, vitamins and cod liver nil
during their six month life." .
vctir v r i 1 iik iu..
80,000 persons living in the United
States have lost the tight 0! one
eye and nearly 1,000 have lost the
tight of both eyet as a result of
industrial accidents, H. W. Hoft
etter reports in a new book, "In
dustrial Vision," -published by the 1
Chilton Company.
MOM learned a value lesson
- at W. T. Grant...
l coft on and nylon
Soft combed cotton for ab
orbency, miracle stretch
' nylon to grow with grow
ing fret. 2 sires fit all boys.
ere are
M fat on
I only four or five ounces
the average two pound minx.
8aiwri sell the pelt for about
40 put must dispose ot tne rest
ot tne animal at a nominal scrap
.,. . ..i.i .
like a small amount," he smd.
"However, 1 estimate that about
350 tons of rendered oil a year
can be produced from mink fat
throughout the country.
"Since a little bit goes a long
way, that's a lot ot oil, consider
ing it has been suggested as a
possible cosmetic base."
Ijliram Walker, O Riim
race liquor toUllU
LONDON - Recent liquor
1 charge defendants in London's
City Magistrate'! court were Hi
ram Walker and Frank , O'Rum.
Walker was charged with drunken
driving and O'Rum with illegal
possession of a bottle of wine.
9-9 MOM. & FRI.
" Our best quality
Genuine Goodyear welts
quality leathers, materials,
workmanship. Long wear
ioles.3S-6;B,C,D widths
Swing skirt in Ivy League
tripe... cotton knit top,.,
and t cuddle hood. Dyrd-to-match,
Turquoise, gold.
The professor said -41
Vw . I . v. . K
. iSrxl. : . . -
i ' : ' ' I -V?V v ' . -"'0'"Zl .
oius' shoes v CI i -"h
txlWwlfe)irfrucfoii i V v t
Best quality-most popular , iX t'
styles. Long wearing Lver- . ' ,--f f,v 1 ' I . . I ' ' "
lite soles and leather in- '. - I : V iumi
aoles.Sizes4l.-9Mi5l.-9N. . , I " .-.- ' I
Yfvfff f wtn . '. " V lflaBaeeiaSSStaaa"- , . . I
Losi Purse
With $1,066
Relumed Safe
DES MOINl-'.S yft-For 30 minutes
black leather
gravel alongside
20 miles northeast of here Wednes
' Then RaV Kiernan. 50. of DubuM
que, en rotate to the Iowa State
' Fair here saw it. He drove past but
; returned. , - '
I In the purse were tt,06e.7 In
i rash, a wrist watch, two bus tok
ens, and personal papers of Mrs.
Flora Scherer, 64, of lies Moines.
I Kiernan reported his find to po
1 lice and the overjoyed owner paid
j hun (100 as a reward. She said she
1 had evidently lost her purse when
she got out of her car to look at a
i road map. ,
ROME Italy exported more
than 27 million dollars worth of
wine and vermouth last year. The
biggest customer was the United
States. American Imp or ten
bought l'i million dollars Worth.
At VV. T. Grant m'.' -
; m. - -A -V
tS : . - " .v
tiff 'i'Ri'""
Trt 1 .... v. ; ' i ' ' tl..-
U tVv '"' ' V ; ' "' ' r
Statesman, Salem, Ore., Fri., Aug. 31, '56 (Sec. III)-31
Famed Boxing Promoter Dies
Johnny Cox. the boxing publicity
man with the Damon Rumin
J n?' difd W'd " th '
The late Runyon, an old friend,
duoutt, juhii W. Cox at "Broad
way Johnny" and the fight game
knew him by no other name.
A native of New Orleans, Cox
took part In the boxing business
in his teens. At an infantry pri
Hunters Attention
NOW) It tho timt t (ot your froton food loktt. Custom
cutting ant tela of moat for stoop frooto and lex ken.
30S I. CoUmorclal It.
' nr;ce these pr
vate In World War 1, he" helped
stage boutt among toldiert la
Alter the war he moved to New
York1, where he affiliated with
the lute Eddie Meade, manager
of bantamweight champion Joe
Lynch. Cox managed Farmer
Cooper before returning to New
In hit native city, Cox wat preit
agent for several boxing promoters.
Ph. Wi7
Stttt V4X
land Stnrv: lt:lt Tomorrow ! llead-
mea: 1-4S The Movies present
lienry Fonda In "Vou Only Live