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The Wealher
Today's forecast) Fair tt
day and Friday. High today
71, Uw tonight SO.
(Compttta raport pt
tmt4 to Mm (raw, tl Oraaaa
106th Yaar
Tho Oregon Statesman, Salem, Oragon, Thursday, August 30, 1954
No. 15
Cair-Traih Crash CCilDs Tvm Jeffeirsomi Wmemi
Natural Gas Will Flow Into
Mid-Valley Burners Sunday
First Section of State to He Served by New Pipeline
Withdraws Under Fire
Natural gas will come into actual uh-d for here "sometime in Aug-, ing of all gas facilities in this dis
use in Salem area burners early ust" but delays led to a later esli- tnct has been completed. Manager
Sunday -morning, the climax of mate of Sept. 10. Wednesday's re-i Dodd said. In Portland, the eon-
Last week the papers reported monlhs ' transcontinental pipe- port puts the matter back almost 1 version work has just begun. Nat-
trie death of Mrs Edward Mar. i construction and mass con- on original schedule. , , ural gas is due in us thera in
Powell, widow of the American ! ver,'on worlt- "a gas appliances; Conversion of appliances, check-'. November.
composer, at the ago of 98. To , "V5'-
the musical world the item' f,rtland Gas 4 Coke Co. made
sounded like an echo from the ' n announcement Wednesday,
past, while to the general public ' s,a,in ,h' he Willamette Valley
it was one with scant signilicance i district with some 10.000 gas users
Yet Mrs, MacDnwell left an in- ' a"-''0" ' the 'at to use
herilance of good works fitly ' "he natural gas piped in from New
rivaling that of her famous hus-1 Mexico.
band. 5,W Caasiimers
Kdward MacDowell w the ' Abont S.000 consumers of the im
first of American composers lo mediate Salem area are affected.
gain international distinction. In1 When the change from manufac-
fact his earliest recognition came, hired to natural gas occurs, there
in Europe where he had gone in will be little to see, and no inter
1874 at tlie age of 1 to study i ruption of service, said Joseph
music. A fellow pupil of Claude 'Dodd, Willamette Valley manager
uenussy in Pans, he later became for the gas company.
warm friend of the German ; Natural gas will burn somewhat
composer Tram Liszt who encour-1 more quietly and its flame will be
ageo the young Ampncan to de-; bluer, with a more velvety quality,
ynie nimseii to musical composi- he said.
tion. la I WW he married Marian Ratr r Kiawtea . L
Kevins, an American who had . a ri,.iin. . no. .i.. ...
studied piano under him in Kur- pocted lo fw the changeover by
one. They returned to America in about 3a rlavs Portland L
IKS, settling in Boston where iroke has filed tentative lower
MacDnwell continued his compos
ing. President Nicholas Murray
Butler of Columbia invited him to
join the faculty of the university
nd he became lis first professor
of music, in 18lt6. The relation
ahip proved ' increasingly unhappy
nd terminated in an unfortunate
controversy which precipitated
MacDowell into a mental collapse.
He died at Peterborough, New
Hampshire in 1908.
His death presented a challenge
to his widow. They had bought
(Ceatlaaea' editorial page 4.)
Bullet Kills
Mother of 6 at
Myrtle Creek
rates schedule with the state public
utilities commissioner. This would
amount (o about 1( per cent reduc
tion for home heating customers
and varying reductions for other
The changeover is no) expected
to create any service demands,
but the Salem gas office will be
staffed all weekend in case there
are questions from customers to
answer, Dodd announced. He re
minded that the special telephone
number, 4-6791. for "conversion
calls" would remain in effect.
Fartlaad by Saturday
The natural gas was reported by
gas company officials to be in the
main pipeline at Camas, Wash.,
now. It will be at Portland by early
Saturday and will move on to
Salem, behind the last of the arti
ficial gas in the lines, during that
day and night.
Natural gas was originally, sched-
CREKK. Ore m - A Thprp U()lt
killed a mother of six -ClVli IMCo
;,!,.! ...v. ..."v . .'v.Vivk i
"'" 1
rifle bullet k
cnuciren wnne sna was aoing ine y i -mm f
family washing on the back porch r. ill tit
of her home here Wednesday. (U HV
Police still were trying Wednes-1 A WW
day night to find out who fired IT 0(1 llOlUC
the shot. They said they could i .
fUggest no explanation. UlMna Nwi lervlra
The victim. Mrs. Josephine1 Tl'RMIR Burglars broke inlo
Claire Moore. 34, staggered from the Petei Tcleek house, cooked up
the porch into the house and col-1 some eggs and coffee and then!
lapsed. Some of her children, aned made off with tools and a handful
1(1 months to 11 years, were inside, i of family heirloom jewelry, state
They ran to the nearby home of police reported Wednesday.
her sister, Mrs. Floyd Creason, I Patrolman Norman Johnson said
whn raHtH a Ancinr i i t t i. : J I - J
- Mrs. Moore died about the time Route 1. Box 32. Turner, was apJ CHICAGO (AP)-Hrr1x;rt C Pasclirn m ithdrew W etlncs-
he arrived. At first il was helieverf ; narentlv entered between noon (Liv :is the DemiK'ratic candidate tor eovernor Of Illinois.
she had suffered some kind of; Tuesday and noon Wednesday. Kn-i ' JfP stated that he wants to "dovote all of my energy and
neiKire necause ine minn was iry was gameo ny oreaKmg a win-;,jme to rpp. attemptss to hrclniKt mv reputation. .
Ftit immnHiitjtlir A i rrr, rw , Aft an4 lnlrvy-L- I nfi Inns fmm , v a - 1
Paschon is CJook l.onnty (Lhicago) treasurer. An employes
CHICAGO Down city hall corridor Wednesday walks Herbert v...
Paschen, who just announced Be was resigning as uemp-; BrH(M1 ArTrllift
eratio candidate for governor ot imnos. ne is unaer in
vestlRtion in coryiection with a political slush fund. (AP
Democrat Candidate for
Illinois Governor Quits
Ike Backs
West Plan
For Suez
Nasser t&'Confer
3IonIay; Cyprus
Readied as Base
W.ASI 1 1 NC.TON (A P)-Presi-rlr-nt
Eisrnliowrr sail W'etl
nesday the Western plan for
operation of the Suez Canal
would 'assure a peaceful solu
tion of this preiit prohlem."
He called for international sup
port of the proposal.
In endorsing the plan which
grew out of the recent London
talks. Eisenhower asked tor back
ing from "all the nations and pe
oples that believe in the processed
of international justice and con
The President aid he be
lives the program approved by
II of the 22 nations represented
at London has the support of the
American people.
And he expressed pleasure that
Egyptian President Nasser has
agreed to a meeting to discuss
the recommendation for interna
tional control of the canal. A dip
lomatic report from London said
the meeting would be held in Cairo
next Monday.
Statement Read
Eisenhower's views wert con
tained in a statement read to
newsmen by Secretary of State
Dulles after the two men con
ferred for two hours Wednesday.
LONDON wn Britain and
France arranged Thursday to use
the troubled isle of Cyprus as an
Allied springboard military base
in the Suez crisis. French troops
art presumably en rout to Cy
prus by sea.
Easy Raaga
The Eastern Mediterranean Bri
tish island colony is 2.0 miles
from the north end of the Suet
Canal and .within easy parachu
tist range of the 103-mile water
way and Egypt's big cities.
The French entry into the Cy
prus scene was described as tem
porary and intended to protect
French nationals in the Middle
Locomotive Mangles Middle of Death Car
-r me
';;....; ;
, .
) ; v'-V'v-v .. -;.' 'i
'Kr, ?-: v ' - ';
I v' - ,l I . i ' ' 4
JEFFERSON A traffic accident Wednesday f aused the death of two JefferMm woaoea, Mri.
William E. Skeltoa and Mrs. Fred Wled. The ear, driven by Mrs. Skelton, was hit by t
Southern Pacific passenger train on a gravel Intersection about a half-mile north of here
Crash Cuts Wild Dash of
Alabama Pen Escapees
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP)-Two Kilbv Prison convicts
The Allied action by the two overpowered a truck driver W ednesday and fled in a truck
Western powers came as Egypt- earn ing 28 other convicts.
ian President Nasser's govern- i Their bold davlifiht dash ended about three miles ami a
ment fanned anti-British feeling f,.w mjniltr., ater en tw overturned on a curve, killing
by arresting three Britons on es-' , . . . ,., . ' "
pionage charge, and ordering two;,w" pnaoners nncl injuring 2, none senou.sly.
Rriiich riininmnt. mil nf ihp rnnn. Another convict was hit in the .
trv leg by a richochoting bullet fired
Nasser himself, moving on his'1 'wo uar05 'rom 1
I The guards encountered no re-1
.tiumiay as uic u,v ui wtm lams . , ' , . 1
in Cairo with a five-nation com- s'stance (.rom. he envicts as theyiO 1 A
''Si Nixon's Father
In Wreck
Passenger Train '
In Collision North
Of Jefferson
Staff Writer, Tho Statesman
JEFFERSON -Two letter.
son women were killed instant-
Iv Wednesday wlen the car
tWy were driving was hit by
a Southern Pacific nassertcer
train at an intersection one-balf
mile north ot here.
Dead are Mr. William E. Skel
ton. M, driver of the vehicle and
Mrs. Fred Wied. 80. The
address of both was JU.
I, Jefferson.
Mrs. Skelton was a prominent
Jefferson civic leader and was a
member of the Bebekah Lodge,
Past Noble Grand Club. Threa
Links Club and was com- a.
Trmnlty health - chairman i
for several years. w
Mrs. Wied was also active, ia
community affairs and she was a
member of the Euclid Chapter of
the (Mer of the Eastern Star and
the Jefferson Women's Dub.
This was the 15th and 16th fatal
traffic accident in Marion County
in 1ST and the 18th and 19th ia
the Marlon-Polk County area.
The accident occurred at S p.m.
Wednesday when the train, travel
ing at Si miles per hour, hit the
Skelton car, traia engineer A. B.
Clancy said. '
V lot eat Impact
The train hit the car with such
force that the body of the driver
was thrown from the vehicle and
rolled for 100 feet. Salem State
Highway Trooper Charles Conawa
said hsr clothes were partially
torn from her body by the force
of the wreck.
According to engineer Clancy,
who was at the controls of tho
train at the time of the accident,
the train had just left Jeffersoa
Terminal and was proceeding
north ta Salem. He said that al
the train approached the intersec
tion, known as Wied Crossing, he
blew his whistle to warn any ap
proaching vehicles.
Travelling adjacent to the If
car passenger train was the car
driven by Mrs. Skelton on Marion
Road. Whcji she reached Wied
Crossing she made a right hand '
Kirn anH waa hit hv the annrnarh
PENDLETON. Ore. - A jng train when she reached the
complaint was-signed Wednesday ! tracks. '
Man Accused
Of Kidnaping
Oregon Trio
mittee on the future of the Suez I disentangled themselves from the
not immediately discovered. j dow and unlocking a door from
Coroner L. L. Powers ordered thf in-,ioe' he aid
an autopsy. It shrnved that a .22 1 Reported missing in the hreak in
caliber bullet had pierred her WPr 1 ot nf Gpn nY'"'.
heart and a lung. The bullet was!frt nf wenches, a csmeo worth
sent to the State Crime Laboratory! nver m nn va,ud " famiy
in Tortland for analysis. Police ! heirloom, an unmounted ruhy. a
were questioning residents of the necklnce from the Holy Land and
vaiuea ni .w ana a nun oi wni.v
Johnson said eggs had been fried
in the kitchen and s pot of coffee
brewed. Some crackers were also
eaten, he reported.
Elephant Pair at
Portland Soon
To Have Sister
PORTLAND Portland loo's
J ii si a Lonely Dog?
welfare fund in that office is under investigation by Look
County and federal grand Juries,
U.S., India Close
Big Farm Deal
NEW DELHI, India The
United Stales Wednesday made
the biggest deal in the history of
its farm surplus disposal program.
It signed an agreement with. In
dia involving $.160,100,000 and mil
He quit less than 10 weeks be
fore the Nov. election. He had
been under indirect pressure from
some party leaders to get off the
ticket. '
The Democratic State Central
Committee will choose a new can
didate to run against the Repuh-
Longest Span
In World to
Open Today
as Noah O. Hasty Jr.. in, serv- J Wednesday night
ing one year for forging a nar- Dr. I. N. Kraushaar said Nixon
cnlirs prescription in Jefferson could die at any moment of a half
County (Birmingham) and James dozen causes resulting from ab
Williams. 21. serving four years dominal ailments. Nixon has been
for burglary and grand larceny suffering from bleeding of the
NEW ORLEANS (v The world's ln 1 lk lmin,.v 'Troyi. main abdominal arterial artery,
a .... ! hi....!.. V I. I - ' J I. 1 I! I i l ..1 I
liran inmmhenl Gov. William fi. ' longest Dridge il takes nearly two I " " . 8 u . o'eeuing oi siomacn uicers ana
stra(ton i gallons of gas to cross it-opens to '-"Rene Pruilt. 24. and an- kidney failure, and he could de-
The committee will meet Tues-i lral,lc mursaay. . ' , " "" ,u,l, u lr way I vr"v nemui nir, wr uot
twistec wreckage. All were
promptly recaptured.
Dead Convicts Named
Prison Director J. M. MeCu!
lough identified the dead convicts
iP Frank
by Mrs. Eva Roberts of nearby
Riclh charging that she, her
daughter and a man were kid
Struck ia Center v
Train conductor Thomas Ward,
said the train hit the car in the
naped Sunday by her son-in-law renter and continued for about
and two of them were later re- three tenths of a mile before be-
leased on the desert near Winne-
mucca, Nev.
ing able to halt.
Mrs. Wied's body was pinned in
Dist. Ally. John Walker said under the left Iront door. The
Mrs. Roberts, 42, and Joe Rj train had to be backed from the
Thomas, 22, Pendlet i. told him! wreck and the roof-pried oft the
A. Nixon. 77-ycar-old father of the l this is what happened: car before Marion County Deputy
Vice President again is in "veryj An ,r)llimenl d.eopwl whlIe ' Coroner Charles Edward could
day in Springfield.
lions of tons of U.S. farm pro- Second Time
The agreement provides for the , tw
It was the second time within 1 'rsIOJcar wni oeR.n roiling; .cross
P nt v mnA R 1 1 H H v are cnon Ia h-,.' Two police cars were rushed to The agreement provides tor me, two monins mat a noie nas oee n -
Rosy and Buddy are soon to have . , cr . . , ., , Vn..pA s,n. . ,ri India wheat. I winched n a ma or oartv t cket ca.srway... . v
ft of the people "-"CZ cmn, rice, tobacco. and dairy! in ..liaoi. Orville E. Hodge. ReJ Jn ,TVocldTnv
!n umr.iin. in i i iw.r H,r inroriiicts. take oavment in rupees! publican state auditor, stepped "... . , . - . no. "wl ro8a.y
Rosy and Ruddy, you know, are, it,. car, returned a short lime! and then return the rupees to In-1 out of office and gave up his bid ,7.,.., A'7n Parlo.
A Kiiin of a ceremonial ril.hnn into the cab of the truck carrying tor said
lot of olficial celebrating and t'he'ne P''ison'" hack Irom lunch to I Vice President Nixon, eldest son
first cars will begin rolling across! Ifavel pilot where they were of Frank, was advised at Manto-
a sister, a
Viet Nim.
elephants and gifts from Siam
The third elephant will arrive
In Seattle hy ship about Sept. 14.
Jack Marks. Portland coo keeper,
who will be-attending a park
conference there, will meet the
baby elephant and bring it to
Fortland in a trailer.
OREGON CITY I - Some 300
cases of cantaloupes were des
troyed Wednesday when the trailer
of t truck fleYeloped faulty
. rhechanism and overturned near
'here. , .. .
. ' ,,'V
later when they discovered theidia by grants, loans and spend-
"prowler" was a dog. I in them inside India.
Negro Students Taken From
School as Mob Mills Oiilside
for re-election July IS.
just outside New Orleans to St.
it u-- u- . il. immmiiiy iwrmn ner ftinnnrvine,
Menard Prison to serve a 12 to ! Thr, ' ,T iL. "Pro;,m",rV
15 year sentence for embezzling
four months ahead of schedule
CLINTON, Tenn. Sheriff I hanillul of .students and parent
Joe Owen took 11 Negro students hau1 picketed the school but the
out of nearly intenrated Clinton vast majority of the students ig-
eone.,oay io pro-: ,Ui... , Pa5chrn has said tnere j, noln
mnr- lh9n nn. mill, rfnll.r. in ""r 'rm
state funds. 1 p -wn began May 2.1.
County and federal grand Jur-j hrj(, of ,
.es are looking into an employes r(. hpM fppt h
welfare fund in Paschen , coun- ae bv 415.000 feet of hollow rylin
tv office. The fund, totaling dPr pjj,,.
working. The driver, a trusty loking, N. J.
named Klvin Bradley, was pinned
betwen the two convicts on the
wild ride, Lee said.
McCullough said Julius
Christian, 29, serving live years
for burglary in Montgomery Coun
ty, was hit in the leg hy a bullet
aimed at Ihf truck's tires.
Fair Shies
Seen Today
wn is made up of donations from
banks which have county hioney
on deposit.
'Nothing Illegal
Night motorists will he guided liv
reflectors. 21.000 of them. They
will be able to see a hall-mile a-head.
as a "mob."
There was
Sheriff Owen and his deputies!
ing illegal about tlv fund, but
such a milling i personally escorted the Negro stu- P ' -'e LUZ
. j . , , ., . i, ' !,, i,r way no rerurn ine cimir oi I ons. nmii.n:nii vv i oe rvor nwes
mob around the school I thouaht It dents home an hour before ;mis- . . . , , 1 r-,.Lm- jj!..,j . .,., ,
best to take them home," the's- Wednesday allernoon as , . , ' j T j ,l , 1 Cwih n iL u'.,j j
... i . , , , .. , ,., ',:. tir;.ii : of cer of Hie fi nd Tind that It was in .North Portland Wednesday.
snenff declared. There were safety precaution. principal
.h..l. son n.nto H.M. .nrt I ' n .1 nrillnin -lr said the sheriff I "Peraiofi oy in itepunncan pre-
IhouRht somejiody might gft to'ld him he thought "the lives ofjd?";
hurt." i the Negroe; were in danger." .. . T,"'.''!.
I j Owen said the Negroes are at Meanwhile, principal Britlain i
; liberty In return to school Thurs-f said he hatf rrjretcd -n "'11111. 1
n..''i 'll... i .!..." that kn nilct Ka K'nilritM .'
int., il nu"J wind, i iiimiiiii uiai i". i"i.i"io i , i.j . .
! Artier ihr. h,K- .hr'nrvrim when he was elected . coun y trea.,NOWTI,wi:aT ,.,Af-rn
hSiiai.." n k a .! tK.i.i.i. ,n;A .h ...iiim.t... u,.. "W m. 11.4. He said nothing; At Uwiatnn 4. slem S
I ",l"l'" """'T'l vi ".. .'" ' " .i .lonnins aiiI nf Ik. Iroautr.
and Negroes which police said issued to him by John hasper. ' " ,' '
stemmed from mixing of the rac-j Washington, DC, . segregation er
all-white1 reader, , and his loliovcrs
Crews broke ground Wednesday
Fair skies are scheduled for Sa-
tion al McNary Field.
Predicted high today is 7H, the
Ihnv r. vi.ilinn Snnr!av (ha TCBCn ine DOay.
home of Raymond Farni. 2 and Jefferson newspaper
his wife. Rosie, 21. of Rieth. Farni ,"tor. id he understood the two
became angrv. produced a guJ women had just left Jefferson a ter
and forced Mrs. Roberts to tape to"" . "e "id "r";
Thomas' hand. toPelher. Skelton was driving Mrs. Wied
Ordered lata Car
(Add. details H
Then he forced his wife to do !
the same thing to Mrs. Roberts,
her mother. Ho ordered all three
into his car and drove to below
Winnemucca, where he turned -i . . IV'al
Mrs. Roberts and Thomas loose. OIltaCl Willi
waiKer aia not say wnai was
the cause of the argume
The sheriff's office
report Wednesday that Farni had
called from Portervillc, Calif., to
his sister ,in Fruilland, Idaho,
Bov Survives
T;S!;ed .13.3,000 Volts
: i i '
A The n-yetf-nld son-of a
ranger naturalist at Zinn Nation
al Park grasped 33,000-volt
wire Wednesday and is still
for a planned 12-millinn-dnllar low lonicht 50.
Johns-M.'inville insulnling board High -recorded at the weather
plant near here.' ' bureau Wednesday was 77.
MrKINLEV PARK. Alaska -'alive.
lem and vicinity today and Friday, ! There still was no trace Wednes- The boy is Del Ray Terry, son
according to the U.S. weather sta- day of Wavne Rerry, 20, Towell of Hebcr Grant Terry, par
Butte. Ore, who has been missing i "!" ,,' , ...
,, . . . j, . , ! Acll Jones, manager nf the
11 days after he started off alone Soulh(.rn L,lah rmver Co., .M it
on a sheep hunt in this rugged unbelievable" that the boy
' ciiiiilt
AFL-GIO Ahns.lo CollecLBiggcst
Labor Political Fund in History! 3
a Chicago lawyer.
defeated when he ran for
lieutenant governor in 1952. He
drew more than one million votes
in a
Al Trl-Otv .) Wemtlhre 9.
At Spokane II, EusPn 3.
es in the previously
school. I brief conference
Four persons, including one grounds. . , PORTLAND' State Sen
Negro student, were placed in I Federal Judge Robert L. tay- Robert D.. Holmes, Democratic
jail, but only three were charged, lor, at nearby Knoxville, ordered candidate for governor. Wednes-
The fourth, a Negro, was held Kaspee, 2". and four others to ap- day announced appointment of
for his own protection after being! pear in court Thursday to show Roy Kilpatrick, Canyon City attnr-;
chased down a street hy a group! cause, "if any they have," why'ney and former member nf the.
of white persons. I the court should not enjoin tnem i Kepimtiran Mate central ( mnmit-: national i.pai.i r
Twelve Negroes were admitted from "hindering, obstructing and tee executive hoard, to head his, At cmrinnn 4. New Vnrk s
to Clinton Hiah School alone! interfering with" integration of! campaign committee in Grant I ilS1 ,
PAririe coast i.eacii'K
At Portland i. Lot Antrlra 4
At Hollywood 1. Sirramento .1 '
Al Ran Franciftro H, San DlPfn 4.
At Seattle S, Vancouver 1
At WaithmaTInn 7. Chlraffn S.
At Haltlmnr 1. ( 'leveland .V
At Pnslnn 4. Drtrnil a.
At New York 7, Kn Cttv 4.
with nearly too white students. A the school.
I County.
At St. Lou n I, Philadelphia I.
was still alive.
A companion, playing with
young Terry said the boy appar
ently climbed atop i rock on a "
hillside to touch the live wire.
A six inch black spot marked
here Terrv had stood
Attendants at the Dixie Pin-
Memorial Hospital said
voting Tcrrv's condition could
FOREST PARK, Pa AFL-1 "We wish we had that much bevi Din, a New V'fk rackets ciar. ' become critical. He has burns on
CIO spokesmen said Wednesday cause we could use it. ' : was arrested Tuesday night by the ,th feet and the left hand.
!,,,' ., i,..,., j ..,.j Other sources at the labor con- Fill In connection with the Mm. ; ; ..
they expect t" collect and -spend hpr inr,ira(f.rl 4'I'K would ! ,K or V,et,r lliesel, crusading , , f. .
Jhe bigg! labor, politiral. fund, in be nntr.rtVd if it raised one mil... nkw.pnper. .ciilUmnist. JWttSIIIOII ......
i kl. l... Im Ik. m j.ii - , , . ' .,,,,k-'. I. ... '
iiimiii.t in inr mining aui)'uiii. unn QOIIHrs. j n 1 1 pcikt iff . n c I in.iiii 1,11 wmh-
James McDcvitt and Jack hroll, The AFL-CIO Executive Council, position reportedly showed collec-
co dircctnrs tn( the AFL-CIO's meanwhile, struili a new blow at turns of about $r.V000 so far this
Committee on Political Educa- racketeers in the labor move- year, vtith the bulk,, of the money
tion 'COPE i, told a new.i con-1 ment. It ordered all affiliated un- still lo come in
lerence they plan In spend the ions to slop issuing phony chart- Allocations alreadv made, in-
! money to help elect Adlai Steven- ers that "ran he used to shake , eluding more than- aSfl.ono in con-
son, the Democratic presidential j down" employers and give' "a gressmnal campaign contributions,
nominee, and labor-favored candi-1 black eve to the labor movement " has lelt a net balance of some-
dates for other ofdees. George Meany. AFL-CIO presi-, thing over lloo.nno. I
Their goal is three million do!- i dent, said the practice of racke- The . money already spent in-;
Inri. ButKroll said he didn't think leers wrangling charters lor non-. eludes t.jfl.lMKi for printing the vol-i
the f'ind would be built up In that existent "paper locals" sev- ing , records of all members of
sikr ,"We won't ge that Jiind of eral years ago when John Congress on issues of interest tn
dough in voluntary dollar eontri-1 Dinguardi 'alias Johnny Dim oh- labor. Copies of these voting rec-.
hutions from Ihe AFL-CIO's 15 mil- i lained some from the former AFL "rds are being mailed to the
on members or in allocations Aiilo Workers t:mnn. The AFL homes of all 15 million AFL-CIO,
from union treasuries," he said. I stepped in then to cancel them. members. i
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