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    McMurtryvs, Pastrano .. .
Smith to Risk Title
In Fight With. Brown
Lightweight champion Wallace Bud Smith of Cincinnati, who
hasn't won a fight since he successfully defended his title 10 months
ago, ricks his 13.vpound crown Friday night against Joe Brown, one
lot the champ's recent conquerors.
Senators Even
In Twin Bill
Club Now to Tangle
With Wenatehee (Hub
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Laurscn or Mel Krause could drive, ins!.cart ijia return in Cincin
them across Two were out inlhe natl -,S. In his three fights
ninth when Rosburg unbuckled his , gice , lhjg Vfar he w ,.!
smash. : pointed by young, able Larry
George visibly didnt have his uoardman. stopped bv ex-welter-good
atuff going Sunday either. He wei!hl kinR Tony DeMarco ,nd
got by until the fourth whena decisively outpointed by Brown in
walk, a scratch hit to short by i Houston. May 2. " '
Frank Mullany and Hay Zari's HeavlesSlale Battle
double to lelt made the score 10. welterweight champion Johnny
Throe consecutive singles m the Sax,orli heavywcj!hu wiie p.
sixth put it at 2-1. after hssegian s tran0 and Pat McMurtry; ,nd
homer and it was Zari who again foalhfrwpight, rlasn Eorde and
provided the run-producer. I Miguel Berrios. also see action
Then came the break that this wffk as bwiing picks up mo.
turned out to be the jame win-1 rnentum following a slow week due
nr lor the Braves in the sev
enth. Rich Scramaglia .bounced
a weakly hit double just inside
third base to start it, and Kasz
holi as the very next up tapped
another softly hit bouncer toward
Rosburg at first base. It looked
routine, until it took a high hop
over Roshurg's head for a scratch
hingle. Worst of all. it scared i
Scramaglia with the Braves' win-;
nihg run 1 flurry-punching Berrios of Puerto
Tri-Ci'y had eight hits off Ric0 al ,n San Francisco Audi
.Ceorge and two off reliefer Dick rium (ABC-TV, radio, 6 p.m.,
podel. Salem managed a meager!.
five off Waite. It was a sweet i
win for Waite, for when with
Yakima he, lost 3 2 and 4-3 decis
ions to George.
Salem now hits the road, open-
tonight. The club is idle Thurs-1
day and Friday, and then re-
sumeg Waters Field action Sat-,l"e
urday night, in a 6:30 o'clock
doubleheader with Lewiston. Ar
lic Alderman goes forth for the
Solons tonight at Wenatchet.
Still no clues on the Saturday
night clubhouse robbery that
cost the Senators over J700 in
cash, nine wrist watches, three
valuable rings and a number of
bill folds and " treasured papers,
keep-sakes, etc. The cash dona
tions by the Waters Field fans
has now reached the $300 mark.
But the players would like most
(if all to get back the valuable
papers, wedding rings, engraved
watches,' etc., that were taken by
whoever sneaked Into the club
house and broka open the locker
in which the valuable are kept.
Manager Hugh Luby told Sun
day that all excess money given
the players will be used to pur
chase new wallets for (hem,
which are to be presented during
Saturday night's doubleheader.
The players themselves have a
message for the crook: Keep the
money, but please mail back the
other stuff.
Waite-d Down:
Firat Gamt:
Trl-City iOi Salrm ill
Vmgla J 3 0 1 I.rrn.3 3 10 0
rhlr.m 1111 Krausr.l 2 0 3 4
Rivaa 3 SMI Dunn.m 3121
P.irr l 3 13 0 Frtgn I 3 1 1 a
Martin.r 110 0 Rjhrn.l till
r.irdley.r join Srkla.r 3 I 4 A
MnldrnJ 1 0 S 1 Klnl.c
3 0 2 0 i
Mullny.l 3 13 4 Wh-lr.i
Franna.p 10 0 1 Cadf.p
K'lnuk.x 110 0
7M d 10 0 0
Aldrdf.a 0 0 0 0
13 11
3 10 1
Tntala 34 4 IS 13 Tntall 2.110 21 a
X Singlfd mfifld for Franrm in
7th: d filed to renter for Srramaglia
in Tth; z ran for Kntenuk In 7th.
Trl-Oty oon noo n 0 1 o
.Ralem 000 001 I 10 0
Winning pitr-hfr. Cadf U3-12I. Lna
trig pitcher, Franci t2-3i.
Franria S 2:1 10 1 I 0 I
Orle 1 34 0 0 0 2 2
Hit by pltrher: ra.hholr l.fft nn,
bne- t S. S S. Two-hae htt': Mar-
tin Dunn. Rnnhurg. Runa hatted in:
Srfkula. Sacrifice: Francn iRi. Carle
i n i . Martin iRl, Rnahurg iBl. Dnuhlr
p.;ava: Rl-a to Mullany to Hnlrirn,
Mullany to Rtvas to Holden. Tasholr
to Scramaglia. Time: 1:22. Umpires
Kflley and Jacoba.
Second (iame: ,
Tn-City I -t Salrm ' 2 1
Si-mgla.3 S 2 0 5 Lrsen.3 4 1 2 3
Fhlr.m 2 14 0 Kraute.3 4 0 2 4
Hoioen.l 3 1 10 n uunn.m 4 o o 0:
I'erer.l 3 0 10 Kiuign.l
4 I 0 0 ,
Marlin e 3 0 3 0 Rshrg.l
Rivaa 3 4 1 3 3 Skl r
Mutiny .s 4 3 .1 2 Knepf.c
' ii" i
4 0 3 2
3 2 7 0.
zart r-c a 3 4 n wnmi.1
H aile n 4 0 I tl Cieorge.pT'O 0 1
Kutk.x-r 2 0 10 King.d 0 0 0 0
Dodel.p 0 0 0 0
Totals 3.1 10 27 S Totalu .12 127 14
X Pooped out for Martin In Sth:
ri walked for George in Sth.
Tn-City oon 101 loo 3 10 t
Salem 000 010 001-2 5 0
Winning pitcher. Waite 4-S. Loa
Ing pitcher, fieorge MS-Oi.
Waite 9 .12 S 2 3 0 1
r.eorga S 30 S 3 3 7 4
D"de 1 3 3 0 0 0 0
Wild pitches: Waite.
lfl on hasea- T 7, S 4 Errors:
Zari. Home run' F.saegian. Roshurg
Two-hase hits: 7.atl. l.aursen. Scra
maglia. Koept. Runs halted in: 7,rl 2.
Kssecian. Fasholr, Rosburg. , Double
play : Roshurg unassisted, l.aursen
lo Krauae to Roshurg. Time- 2:03.
t'mplrea- .lancha and Kflley. Attend
ance: 1.1.14. v
-: Baseball :-
riayofts in both the Pee Wee
and .Midget baseball .leagues get
underway today and Tuesday. The
top four teams in each league will
meet In the playoffs.
Pee Wee schedule: Monday,
I 15, Barrick Field, Barrick Pan
thers vs. Washington Nationals.
Monday., 1:15, Leslie Field, Canda
laria Cougars vs. Leslie White
Sox. Winners and losers meet
Wednesday In the final round at
Midget schedule; Tuesday, Bar-,
rick, 1:15, Washington Senators vs.
Barrirk Braves; Tuesday, 1:15,
Leslie Field, Leslie Vankers vs. j
West Salem Chiefs. Winners and j
losers play Thursday in final j
raund at Barrick. . - I
The 26-ycar-old tilleholdcr and
the 31-year-old challenger, ranked
eighth among t h e contenders,
meet over the 15-round route in
the New Orleans Coliseum. The
bout will be broadcast and tele
cast i NBC-TV, radio. 6 p.m., PST)
coast to coast. It will be New Or
leans' first title fight in 39 years.
Smith won the title by OUtpOint
intf .limmv fnrtne in Rrtclnn lnn
w inr., j m , i, kJ k.i.
to the Democratic convention.
There were no Wednesday or Fri
day radio-TV fights last week.
Saxton, warming up for his title
defense against Carmen Basilio
Sept. 12, takes on Don Williams
at Worcester, Mass., Thursday
night in a non-title 10-rminder.
Wednesday's radio-TV feature
matches Klorde, fourth ranking
126-pounder from Manila, and the
Pastrana Sth Ranked
Pastrano. 20-year-old. fifth rank
ing heavyweight contender, tests
undefeated, once-tied Pat McMur
try, 24, Tacoma, Wash., in a 10-
- '''''1'1''' m-'dayJrrghl,
r 01 ew urieans. is ne ; game claiming ne had heard
0' tne cleverest heavyweights mthe Redleg pilot yell to pitcher
raa.p- ne .na?. an """'eniHal Jeffcoat to "stick it in his
streak of 18, including two draws.
McMurtry has won 21 and drawn
once, with Bob Albright last June.
In his last fight, Pat whipped for
mer champion Ezzard Charles on
July 13. Pastrano's record is 37
4 5.
SGC Tourney
Enters Semis
(Catlaued fr.m page I) '
Map,.: Bob Thomion M.
Brand; Lawrtnct Aiiry d(. Lorn !
th fhaht Jtrr Clautttn df.
Frank Nlcholli: (Mill Berry dtf O.
I. Rtortmhn; John Crntheri df. Ple
Snthrr. Slh flight Dirk Hrndnr drf.
Frank Shafrr Jr.: Gorj(a Rnbarda
drf. Stcv Jarkion: Le Guitafion
df. Boh Mm; Clav Dvr. bve.
ih flight Kd klippert df Walt
Strotrohn; Bob King dft. Harold
Hauf: Harrv Cimlafon dpf. Barnev
Fillar; Max Allrn art Vrrn Millrr.
7th flight Georgf Cant del. Rl
5T"'",' "A .
ny: Jn Gray def. Paul Carhop: Mi -
il Carhon: Mil-
lard Pfkar df. Run. BonfVtif
sth finht-R Rfvnoida dff Clyde
Prall: Trd 5hrmn'df Howard Ol-
ifln: Hfnry Hohwti'ner df. Jim Mm.
tv: Hot, k.iw d.f a. H.n.-n th
i,"hJ, B';l"T1,nJ "f. Howard
3or!UEeEcufp'"ker' Hunt
Llnvd Mimn df CharUv Mn.,r I
loyd Maaon df. Charley Mtmxer.
10th flight Harv livtall tiff Ing
Johnson: Ken Lunriav dff n.ilph
KlUflng: Lonard Hirka d. J. T.
Short; Cec-tl Lant7 df. I.en A-hsen-rrarhfr.
11th fllfht Brur Williamn
nf. O Maxfleld: Wil-v Young dff
Ray Howard: Doug Coker dff. Rill
Burrell: Art Enrkon dff. Brad
12th flight Don Thurman dff
Orover Hnfatetter: Dr. Grav def Stu
Smith: Bob" Nopp def. Tom KIHott; 1
Joe Jacnbson def. Chuck Barclay.
nth flight Sid Srhechtman def L.
Eggrrs: Rill Schlrman def H. Hoch-
hal fr: c al Hf.rufy . def Boh Rfevel
ana owen Miller def. Dr. Mcoee.
I'CL Line Scores
Firt game:
pr"lf ion n.m 803 II 2
Hollywood noo 200 010-4 II 4
Pnrthiflan, Kennfdy 1S1. Sawyer 1P1 i
and Orteig: Trimble. Arrojo 1S1 and
nan, lyraviu.
Second game. m. Klu7ewjki. Cincinnati. M: Ad-
Seatlle 0O0 .100 0-9 13 0rork Milwaukee, SO; Bover. St Lou-
Hollywoood 001 100 3-S 0 2 7fi. Lopata, Philadelphia, 7S.
waeri; Wade. CJ'Donnell Sawyer
1O1 and Kravitz.
First game
not ?ni finn4 10 0
noo 100 4n-S 3
San Francisrh
Drummond l7i and Rn-
rnerm; Kemmerer, Kiely i8t and Sul
Sei-nnri game. 7 Innings:
3 0 .1 aiVamnmer 101 ono 3-S 0
San rrancifn 010 001 02 10 .1
Fisher and Nfal; firba. Abernathie
(Si, Kiely t'l and Sullivan.
First gamt. '13 Innings:
t.os Angrlea Oil Oil 000 000 04 10 3
San Diego 200 nni 010 0(10 1-3 10 2
Drott, Bauer llOi. Anderson (111,
and Tape. Me.a and Astroth.
They'll Do It Every
i ir-.t at jtt i a
fi m inni r?r trti itM'-Tf ha. wt.p twr ifift'l
nail Ifff J
Jack Daaa. eealer. looks aver his
I lL -tlml
"Hying A MgM" al waters rieio, wmir wm-r nemgrn inc rn.u, " ;, ..: k..-.
Km ... Fr.m Ml-to right are Flying A rtflelal, Harvey Kpl. Ad Satallch. D., Chuck
and Mel Krause. Evea though)
not lose their clothing as the phot,
Charge Denied
betls, fiery manager of the Cin
cinnati Redlegs, Sunday denied
charges by Joe Adcock that he
had ordered his pitcher to throw
at the big Milwaukee first base
man during Saturday night's
Adcock challenged 'Tebbetts un-
ear. while ne was ai Dai in me
seventh inning.
The two exchanged harsh words
and almost came to blows as the
players headed for their respec
tive clubhouses but were kept
apart by Milwaukee manager
Fred Haney and several players
from both teams.
"Joe is a good guy and I like
him personally," said Tehbetts.
"but it doesn't take much to get
him rednecked. Sure we ode him
pretty good from the bench. We
figured the madder he gels, the
harder he sw ings and the harder
he fins "?e ,moe aP'. ne ' no'
"' " ' gesiureo
to Bailey (catcher Ed Bailey) to
keep the ball tight on him. But
I never ordered anyone to throw
at him
Semifinals Gained
In Junior Legion
YAKIMA - Twin Falls, Ida-
no Sunday eiiminatea lacoma
. ' .
. .. .. . ,
'rom me regional junior begion
Baseball tournamerit here. 2-1.
ine twin rails ooys win meei
Billincs. Mont.. Monday nisht at!
g and the winner oi that contest ;
will meet Roseburg. Ore., in the
.) imninntliin final TnocrlKV nioht
Rmnhuro umn it. u,nv in the
finals hv unsettine the favored '
Billincs team Saturday night. 7-4. i
Major league
H.,.,., , ,
i .
A.,. Milu,,ufc ,,2 440 SI I4J .3.14 .
ct i in aim 71 in itn 1
Musta'l. St. Loulu 11R 4.V) S3 1 !:ilS i
li a tiaia ! j 0 i
Virdon. Pittsn lit) 427 . lis jns
Rnver, St. Uhiii - 113 447 72 137 ,301
Id - .i ' aa tin i Q1 -m
rrij,; nrklvn 109302 M 117 !.1O0 McF.thennv BO run. Johnson 'j plunge.
Hom; ri,n, smder Bronklvn. 3,-f;Onad , plunge. Hareltlne 12. reenv.
Klurewkl Cincinnati 31: Rohm- f red Carpenter fumble. Cnnveriloni,
,nn. Cincinnati. 2: Adcock. Mil-iPerrv4.
waukee. 29: Mathews. Milwaukee. 27.
D..n. K.tt1 in- SI I Jim,
, GAR R H Pet
Mantle. New York 114 417 104 1S1 .302
Williams Ronton 281 tS 17 .14.1
Maxwell. Detron ins .10.1 72 122 .334
Vernon Boaton 9.1 317 .14 103 .SZ
Kiienn. Detroit ini 429 SO 1.19 J24
Kieman. Baltimore 91 318 49 102 .321
Skowron. N Y 100 3.M 01 112 .31.1
Runnls. Wanh t'n 110-430 M 134 .313
Horrw runs: Mantle. New York. 42;
Werti. Cleveland. 34: Kilme. De
troit. 23; Maxwell. Detroit. 22: Ferra,
New York. CI; Lemon. Washington.
22; Sievers. Washington. 22
Runs hatted tn: Mantle. New York,
107: Kaline. Detroit. 94: Simpson,
Kansas City. 89; Werti, Cleveland, 82;
Dnby. Chicago, 78.
Them back comes the big
but it seems he left 4
Accept 'Flying
Tidewater Flying A aerlpt books.
Senators' clubhouse was robbed during
might Indicate.
After catching a fish in otep
m tAsy to mark a line: meas
ure OFF- 10- AND MARK A FtlNO
Ring: at so', j rings; at 3s'. i
, w-.
JL., ar- ,,r or. ;
49ers CruslP
Broivns, 28-17
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io sena in wr piays irom inr
.t. :r..
i . :r '
sioeiincs. tnus tarn inr inmr-
mation 10 me qiiarieroacn. ine
nimiu a m-
copy ol tne plan long usea oy
Cleveland's- Paul Brown. Brown
use, guards as message carrier
Cleveland BrOWnS 3 0 0 1417
San Francisco 7 14 0 7 28
Cleveland scoring: Touchdowns ,
Carpenter 82 run. Renfro 10 pass !
! in end zone from Parilli. Field j
goal Groza ' 34 Conversions Gro-
ia 2
San Francisco scoring: Touch-'
rlnun. Vr-nh-nnv an nm inhn.
! son ' plunge. Goad H plunge.
Hazeltine 12 recovered Carpen-
ter's fumble. Conversions Terry
Cleveland Brnwni
cte'iilnd . coring: Touchdown" !
carpenter 82 run. Renfro inapaM in
aone irom i-arnii. ricia Sai. .
Sin Franrivcft u-nrlnf ' Tnurhrinwnl
Senator Swat
AB H 2B 3R HR RBI Pi t
Fssegian IM infl 22 0 22 71 .3.10
RosburJ 17.1 58 1 3 3 7 43 . 33.1
Dunn r 37(1 124 21 7 0 .12 .327
Krause 377 ln.1 13 3 3 30 .279
Rradv 72 19 .1 1 0 S .204 ;
Koepf 2.12 8.1 10 1 2 21 .2.10 1
Webster 384 94 14 3 3 40 .14.1
King 128 30 7 0 1 17 2.19 1
Szrkula .182 8.1 1.1 3 8 .17 . 229 1
Laurseh 309 84 12 3 0 31 .207
Ceorg 2.1 181 13 8 103 77 47
Wash 22 147, 7 4 90 83 87
Cadf .18 199' 13 1 2 1 7.1 108 79
Satalirh 28 100', 9 13 110 82 88
Alderman 28 88', 8 8 S4 8(1 88
Krause 4 13', 0 3 II 3 13
Dndel 4 t'a 0 0 3 3 4
By Jimmy Hatlo
the rv k 1
em? a r zz? tvj
A9 Loot
aa Saturday duriag the gigantic
the game, Satallra and Duaa did
Orioles Nudge
Yankees, 3-2
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lladdix' seven-game streak, put
an end to lefty Curt Simmons'
seven-game string as Don New
combe won his l'Mh. A pinch two
run double by Charlie Neal broke
a 1-all tie- in the ninth. Gil Hodges
hit his 25th homer for the first
Brook run.
kton, whoH-ha-4u- Tuesday.
struck out nine cuds wnue arivingj
in two run, with three hits of his j
gwu. oian muaiai gul uu ma t.-
homer in the opener breeze. South
paw Jim Davis set down the
Cards on six hits but needed re
lief help in the nightcap to hand
Wilmer Mizell his 10th defeat.
Harry Chiti's bases-loaded infield
hit brought home the deciding
marker in a two-run fourth.
The Giants smacked six home j
Irunin the twin bL two by oTryl
, Rut fhev nPMipd am
!eiphth.ining error first
nle ling to lake the open
er and scored the nightcap clinch -
ning as Willie-Mays, who walked
and then stole second dashed
and then stole second, dashed
home on an infield out.
Johnson, now 6-7, struck out sev
en in beating the Yankees and
keeping Mickey Mantle hitless.
He also singled home the decid
ing run as the Orioles scored
three in the eighth off loser John
ny Kucks (16-7),
Five singles produced three
fourth-inning runs in the opener
for the Indians, giving Bob Lem
on his 16th victory of the year
ana matcning apunn s i in '"
; n i .:. mi.
: - , . u. ick
majors, nrv ; .ja KH ins win
nomer among ine live niia Lmon
Singles by Charley Maxwell and
AI Kaline gave the Tigers two
runs in the 11th for Frank Lary's
13th victory in the first game, but
the White Sox hustled back be-
hind Dick Donovan in the night
f O 1 1 . : 1
i ounp raieni Arcnrrs
. ,
hliarP f irst I larffl
EUGENE iSpecial) Salrm
archers took their share of trophies
in inr siaie muauocau an-nriy pionsnips wnicn ciosea ncre Bun
I shoot held here over the weekend. , day. MAC swept the unofficial
3 tl 2 Delbert Killlngsworth won the title and won 15 of the 28
ior boy's Instinctive shoot for the;
second year ana Biuy morion won
tk. hoVS d V S on
Rnbhie Norton, also of Salem,
took second1 in tne junior ooys
Goin ' After 'Em . .
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in sand. The entire episode did not take over thirty seconds and
came with litlle warning. The wave had washed many yards above
the high tide mark itself.
We have heard that on occasions on the Westport, Wash . bar one
dangerous bar is cutting capers.
The ocean Is treacherous and should he treated as surh. It
should never be trusted for a moment. It takes only a few seconds
off guard and you may be In trouble. It would pay anglers great
dividends to stay away from Ihe river bars from' a time twa hours
before ebb until two hours after. That means four hours during
which .you car. motor up the bay and have a sandwich and a rup
of eoltee.
C.iirehnpm Can Prove Fatal to Angler
Knch year the summer salmon season lakes its toll of small
boat anglers. With tl)" number of salmon monchers increasing, with
each season the risks become more numerous1 and the fatalities in
.rrease. As vet. there are no laws giving the U. S Coast Guard proper
authority over small boats. They
gel insme ine nnroor. mey rannin nine "ii i" K" m " ."'" "
(oolish enough to scoff at their warnings.
Knrlnn.'ili'lv for niiinv anglers
a splendid Job in patrolling our
pulled countless dozens of anglers from the water and hava towed
many hundreds of small craft over the rough river bars.
We could make Ihe Coast Guard hoys a lot happier if we would
show a hit more concern (or the treacherous ways of Ihe sea. F.ven
now, with a few seasons of fatalities behind lis, there arr few anglers
crossing Ihe bar who will wear. their life jackets. It is very often
too late to put it on' after the boat capsizes.. . '
- Ti.l Talle :
Tldri for Taft, Orrina
irn-npilfd hy U. S Cnat and
Geodftic Survey. Portland. Ore I
Huh Watera
Tim Henht
ow Watfrl
lime Hrifht
31 13 .U pm 9 4 "11 am. -0 2
! S 33 pm. t
n 12 21 i m 1 1 02 a m on
I I IS p m, SO 1 i p m. I .7
,2.1 -OS am. 0 0 7 3! am. .0 2
i 1 IV p m. S 7 7 44 m. t I
31 . 1 10 m .17 7 .YS a m. 0 4
i 2 n p m. 9 S 21. p.m. OS
2J 3 2J a.m.. S 4 S it a in. 0 9
2 .10 p m 0 1 . I Ii pm. 0 7
20 .1 Id am JO s ,v am 1 .1
.l is pm. a .1 in n.i pm, OS
.27 4 OS a m I! Ill in. 17
1 1 0 p m. 14 11.04 p.m. 01
Eugene Ready
For Big Meet
50 Track Stars Set
For 'Olympic' Test
Kugene i Special The entry list
IUI UK- a.iyilipil vimurn Mam ai
field squad exhibition meet at
Hayward Field on Labor Day ap -
peared to be near completion here
today as Hill Bowerman. uregon
track coach and meet director, an
nounced the names of more than
SO track and field stars who would
be on hand for the competition.
The meet, designed to offer pre
Olympic competition for the
United States team prior to its de
parture for Australia, has drawn
33 members of the American
team and the remainder of the
entries come from a list of col
legiate stars and natives of other
Dave Sime, the Duke sophomore
sensation in the sprints; Jim Bai
ley, the Oregon star who will run
for Australia in the Olympics; mo-
Hn P..l..r,,n Sa 4IKI nirliT
hurdler; Jim Lawsun. the I'SC
hurdle ace and a decatholon star;
Norm Lloyd, an Knglish inidille
distance runner, and Wayne Moss,
the Oregon State high jump ace.'
lead the list of non-Olympic team
competitors who will be on hand.
' ,nclude, guch ,tar, as Parry
yBr:en .:- tne ,no, Duj forture
Lcordien in the discus"! Bob Rich-
ards in the pole vault, Oregon's
Bill Dellinger in the 5,000 meter
run,- Webloot Ken Reiser in the
steeplechase, Jim Lea and J. W.
Mashhurn in the 400 meter dash,
m Spurrier and Lang Stanley in
the 800 meter run, Cy Young and
Bud Held in the javelin, Kddie
Southern and Josh Culbreath in
the 400 meter hurdles and the en
tire 1500 meter field of Jerome
Wolters, Ted Wheeler, Don Bow
den and Fred Dwyer to face Bai
ley in that event.
The remainder of the list in
cludes Kp representation from all
events and Bowerman said the
list makes it certain the meet will
be the finest ever held In the
- . TT7
FriZCS V Oil
By Ball Fans
Mrs. C. W. Snyder,'Z7 W. Nob
Hill, Salem, won the big prize, a
MOO television set, during " the
"Flying A Hospitality Night ' at
Waters Field Saturday, one that
lured over 4,000 people into the
! Park he S.alem Senators-
1,1 F-"r-
Other major prize winners were
as follows: C. Q. Olsen, 355 Fawk
' S'Tii "2 J'
rt- 530 aldo- " f ' ?'
premium tires: h. Stacy. 320
N. C St.. Springfield, a bicycle;
Don E. Hattebcrg, 415S Rowan
Ave.. Salem, a fishing rod: Ray
Rogers, 2615 Commercial, Salem,
a case of oil: E. J. Hertel, 4S33
Fir Dell. Salem, a battery; C. W.
Case, 4642 Lowell St., Salem, a
cooler; Clo Rhoads, 1660 N. Com
mercial, Salem, a hunter's lan
tern. '
The prizes, worth over $1,000
were given oy me naewaier riy-
i ing A people who sponsorea tne
"ninkf hllnnu .a I li r m m a 1 1 nr
prjZCSi jncuding oil changes.
.. . feh, -(c .. Bjvpn DV
the various Flying A dealers in
the Salem area. Players of both
teams received script books for
lusty hitting, and since the Sen
ators scored IS runs on 20 hits,
including two home runs, three
triples and three doubles, they
picked up a number of the valu
able books.
m Ar SuimmrTf Win
V,- r... , . ,
THh DALLES - Portland
swimmers from Multnomah Ath-
letic Club dominated the Oregon
Open swimming and diving cham-
events its swimmers entered In
the two-day meet.
Carol McKelligon of MAC set
a state record Sunday in the 200 -
nistance in j: ii. ine oia mars was
3:17.7 minutes
can warn you and advise you tn
Ihe I'. S. Const Guard Is doing
coastal fishing spots. They have!
Wanted Immediately
Se Ad
In Today's Classified Section
(Processors Bean Committee)
Valley News
Statesman Newt Strvict
j a
i-ggi -I1111
ivMJUU Vfllllll
Crops Keep
Elevator Busy
Slaleimaa Newt Servlra
MT. ANGEL The Mt. Angel , ed the Oregon Youth Council meet-1 eaucmion rommiu in
Farmers I'nion Warehouse has j ing of the Oregon Free Methodist Lafayette, headed by Charlej
been running its elevators round churches at Road's End near Shirley, says thM a prominent
the clock for the past 10 days to Ocean Lake. school attorney has been hired
take care of a very good grain! Plans were made for the com-!',n,l ,hft ,h'v J prepared to
crop in this area. ing year and the Rev. Mr. Arnett. j,,sn, boundary board ac'ion on
Bernard Kirsch, manager, re-; who is youth promoter for t h e ,wo
ports the harvest over the peak Salem district, will be in-charge' In earlv June the boundary
with the yield and the quality good 'of monthly youth rallies to be held ! board, consolidated the Lefayetta
and ' miich better" than last year. ! in varving churches. Each month School distnct with Dayton. La-
The elevator at the Mt. Angel Hie rally will Je held in one of 11 re'ldpnl!. "5"V con
1 nlnnl t still ODeratinE Contintl-
ously anq will keep on as long as
railroad cars hold out .and make
sharping possible. I'p to now the
supply was ample but Is now be
ginning to tighten.
At the Hopmere elevator, the
cars continue plentiful and the
barley is still coming in strong,
due to larger acreage in that area.
Here the barley harvest is almost
The Mt. Angel elevator will be
gin handling spring wheat and
oats next week, a considerable
crop being expected.
atatrunaa Newt Srrvlra
LYONS - Mrs. John McClurg
was taken Tuesday to Santiam
Memorial Hospital in Stayton fol
lowing a heart attack suffered at
her home. '
LYONS Mrs. Shirley Grimes
left Friday evening by plane from
Portland Tor Honolulu,' WhereTM
will join her husband who is sta
tioned with the U. S. Navy.
Waodbara Phillip Branson was
named clerk of the Bishop's Com
mittee of St. Mary's Episcopal
parish at a meeting of the com
mittee at the church Wednesday.
Branson succeeds Tom. Hannah
who had accepted the position for
a limited time. ,
Sale of Lvons
' ri 1 1 "l
' Kl mi lfVOalr(l
1 1 1 111 lltYtUILU
Slateanaa Nawi Servlr
LYONS The Jungwirth Sand
and Gravel Company of Lyons has
sold its business to C. H. Porter
and A. Austin of White Salmon,
Wash. The firm will now be
known as the A and P Sand and
Gravel Company.
John Jungwirth, Lyons, and sons,
Clarence and Francis Jungwirth,
both of Stayton, have owned and
operated the company for the past
IS years. The new owners will
move their families here soon and
plan to locate at the Lindemann
Court east of town.
Johnston Clan
Holds Reunion
Stalfunaa Newi Service
Wayne Johnston . and Mrs. Louise
Johnston attended the annual
Johnston family reunion at Cor-
vallis. A picnic dinner was served
on the lawn of the Lawrence John
ston home. Going with the John
stons from here were Mr. and
Mrs. Irvine Johnston of Fresno,
Calif., here for the event.
Twenty-eight members- of the
family 'attended. Wiyne Johnston
of Jefferson is secretary treas-
urcr. and Louis Johnston of
, Roberts is president of the organ-
National league
Rrmiklvo 010 000 00J-3 12 I
Philadelphia 1100 loo otu3 0
Nfwrnmhf. Rorhurk IK I. l.ahln
(91 and Campanflla; Simmonal Mil
lrr iOi and Sfminirk. W-Nfwcomlw.
L Simmons.
Milwaukee ooo mil 020--3 0
Cineinnatl ooo oifl ooo-l a 1
Spahn and Hire; Nuxhall. Arker
III. Freeman 11 and Bailey. L
Flrt same:
Pittsburah 0.11 onj ooo-8 10 I
New York 103 100 0I--7 7 0
ace. Hall (i and Rhepard: Hearn.
Littlefield (Si. Wllhelm 181 and Kami.
Sei-nnri fame:
Pltlahurih 000 0110 011-3 8 2
New York IK" 021 Offl- 3 8 2
Kline, rnenrt (7i and Shepard.
Antonelll. MiCall 181 and Weitrum.
W-Antonflll. LKllnf .
firat samf
nis 0110 mm-02
SI Loilia O.'O llll 1I--0 M 0
Kaiwr. Vaientmetti .si and Land-
nth, I)x kvm and Kati. l.P- Kaiaer.
Srrond same :
0110 vm oiii- 1 4 n
; s,t)' nv "ZTrtX
IHHI 001 000 .1 7 0
1; Mt'fll,
.larkvin l4l. MrDanlfl (71, Rlavlrx'k
(Si and Cooper. W t)vl. 1. Mlrell.
I tov w iit
Saj(,m 'K(M1)Bi f,ral
Ass(K.jjn j, to hold its first
meeting of Ihe IK season tonight.
,tr,ng at 7:.T0 o'clock, at t h e
1 YMCA. All members as well as
( those who expect lo be members
should he present to help outline
I plans for the coming season.
Statesman, Salem, Ore., Mon Aug. 20, "56 (Sec. I)-9
Falls City Pastor
Heads Methodist
Youth Programs
FALLS CITY The Rev and
Mrs. Taul Arnett recently attend-
rhurrh.. InrnlpH from U miHIuirn
io Cottage Grpve.
Pact Okehed
For Firemen
StaWaaua Nf Servlra
JEFFERSON - At the August
meeting of the Jefferson City
Council, councilmen accepted the
agreement between the city fire
men and the newly-formed Jeffer
son Rural Fire district, allowing
the tatter's fire truck to be housed
in the cily engine house.
It was decided to gravel Colum
bia Street, connecting Second and
Third streets north of the Charles
Smith home. Councilmen Howard
Broxson and Jasper Turnldpe also
are In charge of numbering bouses
in Jefferson.
The council agreed to have a
carpenter repair the floor of the
kitchen in the city hall. Broxson
also was asked ta secure the price
on a filing cabinet for the city's
useTTtitlip Dunk was named' on
the civil defense committee.
Nettie Hawk, city recorder, was
instructed to find out why ligh.s
have not been installed at the rail
road crossing and at Marion and
Second Streets.
Kascr Qan
In Reunion
Slaleamaa Newi Servlra
SILVKRTON - The Kascr clan
held its fourth annual meeting at
the park here and elected Richard
Kaser of Pendleton as chairman.
- Mrs. Veneta McMorris, Salem,
was retained as historian.
Family members from Jefferson,
Sheridan, Otis, Corvallis, Silverton,
Portland, Pendleton, Bend, Tilla
mook and Bellingham, Wash., at
tended. PJywood Workers
Re-elect Clirisnian
W1LLAMINA Marcel Chris
man has been re-elected business
agent of the Plywood Union No.
0-213, for the third consecutive
Other newly elected officers of
the union are: President, Clar
ence Chambers; vice president,
Kenneth Blackwell; conductor, H.
F. Hayilett: warden, Vern Scott:
i shop committee, Edward Thurber,
.liff Engel, i. E. Laux, Oscar
Strohmeyer and Laurire Fox
safety committee, Oscar Lee, Ed
gar Brown and E. Marceaux.
Garden Club Sets
Au. 29 Meeting
Stateaman Newi aervlra
HAZF.L GRF.F.N Lahish Mea
dows Garden Club members have
postponed their regular meeting
date from Thursday, August 2.1 to
Wednesday, August 29, at 1:30
p.m. when Mrs. Walter Brutka will
entertain at her Brooks home.
Following the dessert luncheon
arrangements have been made for
a tour of Ihe Copley gardens on
Chemewa road and of Ward's
fuschia gardens on Cherry ave-
nue. Mrs. G. A. McNeff will assist
Mrs. Brutka.
Tallin! Miioiiarir
Plan New Venture
-Stateaman Newt Servlre
JEFFERSON - Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew Paschall and children,
former residents of Talbot commu
:nilv. are row livins at Willow
' , ,, ... " ,
i Creek, ( alif. They are planning lo
I go In Kl Paso, Tex., to help in
organising a Mexican liilile Insti-
lule in Juarez, Mexico, just across
the border. Mrs. 1'aschall's illness
made it necessary for them to re
turn to California (rom South
America where they were mis'
: 'w" -f is reportedly much
improved in health.
t Best el Servica 9 Wide Assortments .
0 Acres ol Exciting Merchandise
Courts May 1
Get Lafayette
School Fuss
LAFAYETTE Residents ef
Lafayette seeking restoratirn of
Lafayette School District 32 hava
indicated that unless the Yamhill
County School District Boundary
Board acts favorably on ther
petitions for restoration they will
kp ,h dispute into the courts.
i l"8' n''r OlSiriCl must rnn
solidate, but feel thM the major
it' of pfooje. would rather, ten
solirtate with McMinnville.
Lafryette seeks to hava Its dis
trict restored so that an elf c in
may be held on the matt".
boundary board now has a n. ti
tion to this effect under eonsioV
eratioa but has taken no action.
Dayton Signs
Six Teachers
Suteiataa Newa Stnrtra
DAYTON Six new teacher!
have signed teaching contract!
with Dayton school district I ef
fective this fall, according ta
school board officials and princi
pals or the two Dayton schools.
They are Mrs. Helen Garner.
high school home economics;
Marvin Flltcroft, high school boys'
physical education and coaching:
Mrs. Dolly Konzelmann, first
grade: Mrs. Mary Standifer, girls'
physical education and eighth)
graac: airs. Derma aevenor sev
enth grade. . and Mrs. Beryl La
Mar, intermediate grade.
The high school employs If
teachers and the principal, Har
rison Wilder, and the grade school
has It teachers and Robert Tedd,
principal. The music teacher, Lew
Kelly, is shared by the twa
Both schools are governed bT
new school district I with ErmeJ
Giibser as chairman. Before Yam
hill County Boundary Roard art'nn
this summer, each school was la
a separate district.
Pupils Register
At Hazel Green
On September 7
HAZEL GREEN -Hazel Green
pupils wilt register at the school
house on Friday morning, Septem
ber 7 with regular classes starting
the following Monday.
Teachers who have been attend
ing summer school sessions ia
preparation for the years work art
Mary Harrison, principal and up
per grade teacher: Grace Klampa
will teach the fifth and sixth
grades: Marguerite Burton, tht
third and fourth: and Grace
Kntka, the first and second. '
Mrs. Mary Shafer will serve, as
cook and Rev. Lyman Myers al
custodian. School board officers
include Elmer McClaughry. Or
ville Klampe. Clarence Zielinskl,
Herbert Galle and John Garner.
Fred Remington of Salem Is clerk.
Annual Outing
Ends for Scouti
HAYESVILLE - Thirteen mem
bers of troop 20 tinder the leader
ship of Robert Garrett, chairman
of Ihe troop committee, have hist
returned after spending the past
week al Camp Pioneer in the
Those attending were Bui I.yle,
Richard Garrett, .lim Powers,
Dave Richardson, Greg Stadler,
LeRoy Slattum. Garv Cnome. Al
den Jarms. Bill Frey, Robert
Frey, Jim Johnston. Benny Hile
man, and Elvin Zielinskl.
W1LLAMINA - The Rock Creek
School near Willamina will open
Sept. 4, with Mrs. Edilh Rogers
serving as the teacher for the 12th
year. About 20 students are ex
pected lo enroll at the school this
jSr MaktsYoiif Autt
FcfW to' Bttttr!
trratiafl4 y rav'fatw tHaittt Hi M
m4 ttn 01, tt lt iMttt f m loitf
ftf Aula h Oapti a4) 0Vta IvttanHM
I a. Sa7iaijy??iHB a M