The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 19, 1956, Page 5, Image 5

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    Cutty News DrrGeffs
J. E. Albertsoa 216S Broadway
St., reported to rity police Satur
day that 10 galloni of gasoline
wers siphoned from hn car Fri
day night while the vehicle waa
parked at hia home. Gas cap on
the car was also taken, AlbcrUon
Trre ripened peaches. Ready to
eat. M. P. Adami. 1 ml. out on
Wallace Rd.
A camera found in the vicinity
of Court and High Streeti waa
turned in to Salem police Sat up
A station agon driven by Alice
May Benjamin, 1840 N. 18th St.
and a truck operated by Charles
S. Bowman, independence, both
received minor damage in a col
lision at Winter and Center streets
about 1 p.m. Saturday, city police
Staff Writer, Tke Stateamaa
Although some of the work has
been delayed by the recent nation
wide steel strike, Postmaster Al
bert Gragg is still hoping the new
facilities under construction at
Salem Post Office will be ready
for the (.rtristma rush this year.
That means about Nov. 1, he
says, or extra space will have to
be sought in another building, as
it has been each holiday season
for the last fixe years.
The present status of the $121.-
000 'Post Office improvement looks
kind of confusing from the out
side, but inside the basement,
where the major changes are be
ing made, it is a mess.
Air Hammers
At present, two men with air
hammn mrm faarlnif BnaH .1
4-Cornrrs Bar-B-Q It Western' (,., rnnrrtt w hviiv ruin.
.lamhnri Run ' Autr ifith Pur.- .;. : il . i
on one car and the rear vision ticket, ,t 4-Corner ,n is slow go ng
e t or's hVlCont." X BusinPM hUS"- Adult ,1M ChUd-' -fool i Z: Z this wall Is
night or early Saturday moving, j "M50, ', ' Jv.) being removed to make almost all
KLien enuler an emn nve nt Ihp i'rhirE1 vturs niuir.rn 1- v
Parents wishing care for children
going to Grant, Garfield or St. Jo
seph Schools before or after
school. Reg. now. Ph. 1 5015. (advl
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Salis-
(iay by Ray Beard. 12. of 26J5 hiirv . i Hnrel Ave
K. Nob Hill St. rently attending a convention at
For grand buys galore, make Cf Iif hr,d by ,he Btnr;
Steel Srike, Concrete Walls Delay
Project to Enlarge City Post Office
the Want Ads your shopping place.
You'll sell there too, by dialing
To radio antennas were bent
ficial Life Insurance company of
Salt Lake City, Utah. Over 195
people from 10 western slates are
participating in the meeting.
lot, told city police Saturday.
Do you know that research con
firms Nisara Cyclo Massage will
successfully relieve pains. , Ar-
thrills, Bursitis ft Rheumatism?
Free Literature. Ph. 4-2890.
Two cars received front end ,. , , ... c.i
amaRC in a collision at Pine and
nnrl fvrr
Vandals cut a wire fence and way conveyor belts are Installed
trampled several berry vines-Kri- to connect with the loading ramp
day. al his home. Zero Polaire, t hark all fourth cls rjarkep
Ar 'lli.V) Waters St., reported to city wj be sorted and sent on their
ponce, unniugc on nuiiuira away to homes and oriices in Salem
25- . or to other destinations all over
n.,i -I nii niri ,u,i. .. me wona.
fimai a ivpauij If line fun
wait at Painless Parker Dentist,
Broadway streets shout 9:05 a.m.
Saturday, Salem police reported.
Officers listed the drivers as Olga
George Stuart, 196 N. 24th St.,
wbs treated for s second degree
The 12 Inch wall Is tough. The
men have been hammering away
j at it several days now and they
still have a long way to go. But
; a hole they punched through the
outside wall was tougher. There
Osleshee. 1025 N. 21st SI., and '"',. ' Uey found U-n inches of concrete
- Frank- A-.-M.iit.hw ' IWtlnnrf " '" D"ul ,J. P "' -y . ni(, ieh, inrhM of
after his metal watch band
Fur restyling. Give your furs a .shorted a car battery, city first
new lease on life at Lachelle's,
1346 Ferry.
Two hubcaps valued at $18 and
a side view mirror worth $4.50
were taken from his car Satur-
Arv mnrninff tihil Ih, VAhioln
v.a, parked in the T SOO block of; CONVENTION REPORT
plus eight inches of granite.
Pillars Needed
The hasempnt railing ia hnavllv
aidmen reported. shored, of course, while the wail
discount on all Christmas 1 .removed, and concrete pillars
Card Purchases made before Sep
tember 1. 19.W.
280 N. Church St. Ph. 4-6811. ext. 73
will De placed to keep the Post
Office from tumbling through the
floor when the shoring is removed.
j Other improvements are being
I made with the same thoroughness
n-aj-l in t Va " i n i rl il rnttinn
North Capieol Street. Kenneth R. A report of be recent district ago New driveways are
0ir uu H i ,.,f., i pnn.nii,m .ill ho o. ton in So. " years 8RO. um twa) 3 ale
nil". ' . m. miu j b. i v 11 u iu - ' m -
city police. lem Kiwanis members at Tues-
Ant-'w l 1 1 nphenn in Ilia Cann 1
"SIGNS" of Ihe times'-lt s u'T, " M
Electrical Products Corp. for Zeon !
Signs and Lighting. 236 SLate. Call 'Court apartments now have 2 furn.
2 bdrm. apartments at $55.' ph.
for "Bright" ideas. Ph. 2-4156.
Ed Greig. 2225 S. Lancaster Dr ..
Saturday reported the loss of a
small, black cocker dog wearing
a red harness. . Greig told police
that the dog was apparently lost
in downtown Salem.
Amazing now roof that a lot of Cs i Pi.c!lin
people are talking about. Most im- kJlcllt 1 UM11UI1
porlant contribution to better roofs
in our 20 vearS.' JoHn Manville
Seal O Matic shingles. Call Mathis porter for the Albany Democrat- l"l na wdPfPa irom 10 to M
Albany Man
Appointed to
lgfit Inches of roncrete over eight
Inches of gravel and sand. The
16-foot driveways to the north and
south are being widened to 30
feet and a new drive extending
east to Cottage Street is 40 feet
wide, although the city would al
low on)y a 30-foot entrance.
It is this work that was inter
rupted several weeks for want of
the steel mats laid under the ron
crete and roads inserted in the
concrete. The first shipment since
the strike began arrived Friday.
Platform Extension -
mmmmmm mmm mm mmm f iin 1 1 'i ip iwmrmjmn I 1 wiiii 1 u'ni n .
, ' . ' ' ' '
f , v ' v - ' -" r-
. '" '
' . j .'- l- i L '
k ; - , r
I v, '
ill .;. -
""in' $
.V""'. i
MsstMJ,.!. .4k ktMMWvVssssssssVsssssssssM
'Statesman, Salcip, Orc Sim., Aug. i9, '5fl (Sec. IH
r.irTHNFR To Mr. and Mrs.
Rnhert R. Guthner. 404 S. 2jth St..
daughter. Saturdav. Alio. 11. at
Salem Memorial Hospital.
TOWERS To Mr. and Mrs.
Merle T. Towers, 1555 Pearl St..
s son, Saturday1, Aug. IS, at Salem
Memorial Hospital.
HARRIS To Mr. and Mrs.
Donald W. Harris, 675 Catterlin
Ave., a son, Saturday, Aug, II, at
Salem General Hospital.
RINAKER To Mr. and Mrs.
John A. Rinaker, 121$ Hauffman
Rd., a son, Saturday, Aug. IS, at
Salem General Hospital.
8T1NSON To Mr. and Mrs.
Curtis Stinson, Silvrrton, a daugh- 1
ter, Saturday, Aug. IS, at Salem
General Hospital.
Mrs. George Huchendorf, Eugene,
a son, Saturday, Aug. IS, at Sa
lem General Hospital.
Mrs. James1 Christensen, 1120 Lee
St., a son, Saturday, Aug IS, at
Salem Central Hospital,
BRYAN To Mr. and Mrs.
Calvin M. Bryan, Monmouth, a
daughter, Saturday, Aug. ,11, at
Salem General Hospital.
SAIGON un South Viet Nam's
constituent assembly is finding se
lection of a national flag and an
them may be toucher than writ
ling the constitution. More than 13V
flag designs have been submittal)
and the deputies have had to list
en to more than 30 proposed an
thems. They now tuve set back
the deadline for entries to mioV
When on a pilgrimage to Mecca,
the devout Moslem must avoid
quarrels and women, say nothing
frivolous, and except for sacrifices,
kill no plant or animal save only
the five nuisances- rrnui kit
rat, scorpion, or biting dog.
Is It a Jallbreak? I It i bank robbery? No, and It Isn't Superman. It's Orville Trussell, 1325
Karen Way, busting out a 12-Inch concrete wall In the Salem Post Office basement With
the full approval of Postmaster Albert Gragg, who looks on. (Statesman Photo)
G. W. Thomas, 77, Succumbs; Rites Tuesday
Beginning Aug. 19-26
(Except Aug. 24) '
Tho Public Is Invited
to Hear Evangelist
Plaee: Former Wesl Salem
City Hall, 1320 Edgewat-r StT
Time: 7:3 P.M.
rTarrea Vasey, Minister
The most graceful fashion step you cotiM
make to be ever correct . . . for fall . . .
any time! A sophisticated slip of t shoe
holding firmly, almost magically, to your
-j-foot. (Also, Sahle Mist calf.) Complete size
Li 4 rr
Lipman't Shoe Salon, 1
Funeral services for fieor2e W. ! Tuesday in the Virgil T. Golden ' hospital. He was 77.
The loading platform nt the rear . Thomas, 915 N: Winter SI., former chapel. -. - - ' I Born at Jacksnn, Calif.. April 28,
of the buildinc, on the Cottage maintenance man at the Oregon' Thomas, who retired about four ( 1879, Thomas came to Salem 12
Street Side, will be extended the : stale Panitnl will he held at 2 n m. vears aeo. died Friday at a Salem veari aso from Ravmnnd Wash
Gene Maudlin, former news re-1 enure wiom oi me ui-iooi duiio- : -r
Bros. rh. 4.-6&I1
I Herald, has been named new as
sistant director of the State High
way DeDartment'a travel informs-
Marion County Sheriff Denver ;tion division, director Carl W.
Young will leave for Pullman, Jordan announced Friday. .
Wash.. Wednesday for three-j M,llrfiin n.P,. rrl, Ber-
day convention of the Academy
man, who resigned to accept a
mr .v-irmiiic iDirrruju. n, jpw- po.ition wilh , newspaper at
n. i.v, ,v r" iWMkiHA wash
lice science and administration . ' ' ... ,
of the State College of Washing- Th 26 yr-old Maudlin, is I
Jon . j native of Bend and a 1952 grad
uate of Willamette University:
I'nsishtly facial hair" 'removed He will handle all news stories
safely, permanently. Prices Beau-land articles released .by his of
tv Salon, rh. 3-SRS9. (adv.)ifice.
feet. The basement floor, now
mostly dirt, will be entirely cov
ered with concrete.
Gragg saw the need for expan
sion within a short time after tak-
YW to Fete Foreiga Group
A public reception for 19 visit
ing over the postmastership 10'ors from foreign lands will be
years ago. As the population of j h(.,d rom s , 7;30 p m Sunday
Office continued to grow rapidly
in the VWCA.
the need for more space became The groupr-tounng the country
more, evident. The present pro- in station wagons, was met at
They attended various churches
this morning and had a picnie
this afternoon in Bush's Pasture
Park. ,
The group includes citizens of
Belgium France Germany, Pen- Meeki maK Caljf.. and aevera,
mai a, iKt'iid aiiu raiiisiaii. tjirjr
He was a member of the Knights
of Pythias.
. Survivors Include his widow, the
former Grace E. Oiborn, whom be
married at South Bend, ' Wash., '
July 15, 1922; a stepson, Donald
V. Osborn, 'Olympia, Wash.; two
sisters, Mrs. Moye EptingT Saa
Francisco, and Mrs. Margaret
Spirit of Play Dominates
Street Scene in Rangoon
filler's Soif: nr. Ktb'rt S.
Ollvrr, fnrmrr protmsor of Kat
l"h il Willamrtlr I nlvrrllr. nS
ltrr nn Ihe ttjifl f the rtntla
Klvlilon nf Ibf ilile Mm !
hlchrr rilurallnn h in to
India on Iravc to take a trarhlnf
ailcnmenl. ha promised to
rnA u nrra.lnnal Irttri clvlnx
lU ohftervattonv of 1 tf In the
I'rlmt Th rirst, writtfo from
Rxngoon, Burma, fnllowa.
OTHER DAYS 9:30 A. M. TO 5:30 t. M.
HWGOON. Burma In the : plo, the spirit of East Asia is typi-
X in spite of all the urgency j fied' to me by two working men'
if problems pnlitirnl, economic, in poor dress sitting on a walk
boys watched and laughed over
good or bad plays.
Kditorials in Hong Kong news
papers were concerned with
Egypt, Suei, the move of Laos
toward Red China, but in the ; building with a ramp for greater
balmy evening air groups gau ease m handling equipment,
ered to sing, talk, watch antics) Contractor is Lorentz Bruun
or tricks; or under lights games Construction Co. of Portland,
prevailed. -
After days of my watching peo-
itii ia ,uu pniainu, incr . .
iert will he ".Herniate, however, i Ihe Slate Caoitol Saturdav nieht are on a tour snonsored hv thei"1"-" " nrP"cw-
for a long time to come." Gragg ; by , Salem residents -in whose Association for orld Travel Ex Interment will be at Bclcrest
savs. homes they stayed overnight. I change. 'Memorial Park.
The Post Office now has 184 ,
full-time employes and an extra
90 are added during the Christmas
nish, when everybody goes on a
10-hour day, seven-day week. It
is the one period of the year
when the Post Office is allowed
to pay time and a half overtime
so the men are not too unhappy
about Ihe extra work.
The new project will provide
fluorescent lighting throughout the
basement work arra and replace
ment of the outside basement
stairs in the north side of the
Car in Ditch,
r.A international, there is an ir- playing a game which I did not;Tv ff
pieces' of one I Ifl Vf r llllrT
Ar a ii vt aaua
rcnressihle spirit of play. understand. The
Here in Rsnponn in a snaking man were orange peel, the
siiinmer rain the chilriren are
sVuling. laiishing and playin? in
the street beside tho hotel with a
ruhber ball barefooted, dressed
in scanty rnlton shirts and shorts,
silked to fie skin.
I'nder the front arcade of the
h'ltol fivevoung men were
An Independence man was. hos
pitalized Saturday after his car
went into a ditch on North River
I "pieces" of the other were torn
pieces of cardboard. '
I No Crgeney
Thev nlaved with nn urcencv td
win monev. though they did each Road north of Keizer school
have a will-to-win. But more ap-ibout S a.m., state police re
parent was their will to make ported.
what thev had serve the purpose. I Archie Foster, lone occupant
sciatlod on the sidewalk playing That is the Asia I see here. It is of the car, was rf ported to be
a Same of card.shirh looked like not crawling. It is rising in dig-("resting comfortably" at Salem
a cross between black jack andjnity. If is getting along. It is; Memorial Hospital He suffered
fltaw noker Small . nieces . of ' making what it has do. And it is ! a shoulder injury, Willamette
money chanced hands with each
hand. A spirit of jovial banter pre
vailed A ring of spectators served
as kibitzers.
A couple of games of checkers
were in progress nn the sidewalk
before the customs house. Squares
were worn on the pavement by
frequent play, pieces of rock were
the men one side red, Ihe other
the usual gray stones. Some boys
were tossing small colored rub
b -r bands under a wet porch cov
ering in an improvised game.
Others watched with a lively hil
arity at a good tos. One hoy made
pit lions for me to take, their pic
ture, as he saw me stop, my cam
era strung around my neck.
Crowd Gathers
As Mrs. .Oliver had a street side
cobbler put new lifts on her non
Oriental shoes, a crow gathered
and every passer-by on the busy ;
street stopped tn look. Fifty or
more stayed for the whole show.
Smiles, laughter, amused interest
marked alU faces . ,
At this hotel 'Strand a group
rf 15 Chinese signed the register
just ahead of me. Their business
was officially signed as represent
ing the Chinese Embassy from Pe
king. The papers here In East
Asi are reporting Burma's move
toward borrowing U.S. money and
encouraging U.S. business invest-
-ment. RiihineM men here today
have spoken to us of the direction
the government Is moving. But the
forious shadow nf world affairs
does not quench the spirit of play.
Near Border
At Shueng Shul, near thehnrdcr
el Red China, in British Hong
,J"ng, .we watched a t ping pong
' gamely IM open road, "si other
not neglecting the spirit of play Ambulance Service attendants
which is so necessary in building said.
lives. I am filled with admiration I The car received front end
for the masses of the East. 'damage, state police said.
the miracle of concealed hearing?
Eye Glasses
NOT glasses that change your epptatam
NO horn-rimmtd frames NO dangling tori
NO heavy blatk hews NO tar button
Here il hearing aid that becomes 1 part of the.ey laei
youanoin.wearinti It's a miraclt of conctaltd hearing If yuu
can't come in, write for free booklet. ""'
. At Our Office ar la Your Home
Floyd Bennett and Fits Berhorsl Consultants
Conventional aids ia all price ranges.
Limited number of used aldslully guaranteed,' -
Maico Salem Hearing Service
311 State St.
' Salem
Phone 20102
Located directly srross from I-add and Rusk Bank.
Superb dinners in
the "Oregon Rpom
stcrtinq at 95c
Planned especially for your enjoyment
snd showing the latest styles in clothing
for women, for children and for men.
See the family fashion show each Mon
day evening In the unique Oregon Room.
They will enjoy the special "Little Folks
Menu" planned especially for them and
of course, the free candy favors.
Featuring Ed Syring at the Hamrpond or
gan . . . playing light dinner music as. a
melodic background for your dining.
11 ailiisVWi r-s JMsy'Zr
There are fixed Credit Terms 1st my Office
Yen tell me hew much yea cost trffere) te pay,
Rid epprevol f your credit I'll rjlodly orrsisaja
whatever terms ore mcst Cestvenjeat Fer Yea.
Na red tape ... delay . . . aa beak ar finance
cent pony ta deal with. All arrangements are
made within my awn effiees. REMEMIfR, yejr
credit It as feed at cash at DR. SEMLER'S.
1 ' me
ENT PALATE Dentures, created ta help brlnq yea
the COMFORT yea need, and the IMPROVED
NATURAL APPEARANCE yea want. Wear your
Plates while yea pay by taking advantage af
Dr. Semler't Liberal Credit Plan.
mm mm EWE
Cams ia aad ti4 awt if Rt-Satfinf, Rtaair ar athtr aa'iw
mtafi taa rtilota Ika vtetulaan at yauf 4 Daafal flaMs
. , . I aaaai at tmarfaacy, aarvica kilt fa wait.'
Cama In aay ( rime at
aur canvamanc. Oaf fa
1-eay aarvict far Out
af Tewa aillanft . , .
atiffltofr caiai eacaatt.
S I 1
.... t
And Staff f Xtgiifered Oenfisfs
rStriT m m STS f . !J
WatTt-Adolph Bldg.
I eHONt y
I 1 4I1 f
H t tuOttO W -
IN t4Mtl I JmW
PARK IN ANY LOT . . . Give Us the TICKET . . . far the Period You
Are Having Dental Service Performed in Our Office
4 :
1 '
r. I