The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 15, 1956, Page 13, Image 13

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    Adieu Claims Vote Drive Gaining
Gov. Gary to dominate Harriman
- CHICAGO Ml AvtrtU Harri
man Tuesday announced . that
Gov. Raymond Gary cf Oklahoma
would makt the spch nominat
inf htm for the presidency at the
Democratic national Convention.
He noted that Gary had been
the first governor to come out for j
him for President. That was last
In making the announcement,
the New York governor scoffed at
opposition reports his campaign
was dragging. He contended that
on the contrary it was picking up
Harriman also discounted new
appeal by ex-candidate Kstes Ke
fauver to his follower urging
them to support Adjai Stevenson,
(he front runner.
"When the smoke has cleared
away. I think you will find most
of the Kefauver delegates turning
to me," Harriman said.
. He said that "by and large'Vthe
Kefauver delegates supported the
Tennessee Senator because they
favored libral principles ''they
. thought he was for." Harriman
said he himself was getting their
' support because he favored such
Te question whether his cam
paign was losing momentum, Har
riman said "no," that he was get
ting "more and more" pledges of
He said former President Tru
man's endorsement of him as a
fighting, well qualified candidate
in the liberal tradition made a
number of delegates "stop and
think "
Harriman predicted many of
them, after discharging pledges to
other candidates on the first or
second ballot, will vote for him.
, Sam Raybum Listens
i i
r v., .
T aim fc lVg. r
Showdown on
Gvil Rights
CHICAGO Democratic con
vention platform drafters neared
a showdown Tuesday night on the
smouldering civil rights issue.
Dixie delegates, striving for a
party racial stand the South can
live with," kept their state groups
largely unpledged or behind favor
ite son candidates for the presi
dential nomination. . -
The South 's refusal so far to
..choose between the two leading
contenders, A dial Stevenson and
Averell Harriman. Is frankly in
tended to give tt bargaining posi
tion ea the drafting of civil
rights plank for the platform.
But Gov. G. Mennen Williams
of Michigan, who advocates
strong party stand for racial
equality and recognition of the
Supreme Court decision on school
desegregation, sounded a note of
-Minority Rale"
, He said unless "liberal forces"
consolidate, the party nomination
could he determined by a minority
bloc. He said the convention was
"drifting dangerously" with in
creasing possibility of "a dead
lock with unforseeable results."
The 17-member platform draft
ing committee has been saving the
civil rights issue for Hs last item
of business. Party leaders ar
ranged this in hopes of a com
promise that would avoid an open
convention Fight and jeopardize
party unity in November.
The time is now at hand for the
drafting group to move fast. It
must finish its Job Tuesday night
nr early Wednesday so the full
ins-member platform committee
can give Hs okay and send the
completed work to the convention
floor Wednesday night. ,
Twn Planks
The drafting group meanwhile
completed its business policy and
labor planks.
The first accuses the Republi
can party of being "an instrument
of special privilege" and says that
President Eisenhower's adminis
tration has allowed giant corpora
tions to "dominate our economy."
The labor plank draft repeats
the Democrats' 19S2 pledge to
work for full repeal of the Taft
Hartley law, and pledges to write
a new labor relations law based
on "past experience" and the
former Wagner Act.
CHICAGO Former Sen. Tern Connelly, tight, erf Texas, ts me
speaker, and the Speaker of the House, Sam Raybum, also at
. Texas, listens at Democratic convention Monday. (AP Wire-
photo) ' "
Fate of Politicos at
Mercy of Fickle TV
AP Newsfeatares Writer
OP A politician's life is n. bed
f roses, snd this Democratic Na
tional Convention proves it.
What does every politician
want most of all?
Why to get on television, of
course, so that millions or is it
billions of people will see, bear
and rush right out and vote for
him. , : ;
Well, he warts a ad straggles
aad aaos strings aad finally be
has It saale a spat ea the pro
gram at the ewaeeatlea. Mama,
I'll knock 'eta dead.
Then the great chance comes,
and what happens?
This may be the time when the
announcer is interviewing anoth
er snd presumably more inter
esting politician. Or. worse still,
he may be interviewing another
Or take the case of David A.
Bunn of Denver, president of
Young Democratic Clubs of
America, earnest looking young
man. Speaks with conviction.
May be a comer.
wkea be eame ea today a
lady aaaMarer was raddllag ap
te a refiigerater. From time ta
man of Alabama, the vice presi
dential candidate four years sgo,
waving happily to an old friend.
And a switch to the press sec
tion, where an elderly newspa
CHICAGO UPAdlai E. Steven
son Tuesday said he is gaining in
his drive for the Democratic pres
idential nomination and he heard
a chorus of demands for Senator
Estes Kefauver for his running
Stevenson, who has been mak
ing a three-day round of visits to
state delegations, was asked if he
was picking up any more dele
gates. "We pick them up everywhere
we go," Stevenson said with a
He spoke in that optimistic man
ner as he entered a room where
he visited with the Iowa delega
tion. Later, his press eecretary,
Roger Tubby, told newsmen:
"The bandwagon may have
slowed down after Truman made
his announcement, but it's still
Former President Truman has
endorsed Gov. Averell Harriman
of New York for the nomination.
Stevenson and Sen. Kefauver
appeared at a gathering of dele
gates who had supported the Ten
nessee Senator before he with
drew from the presidential con
quest in favor of Stevenson.
Both asked support for Steven
son, snd when they had finished
many in the crowd chanted:
"We want both of them. We
want both of them."
However, there also were chants
of "We want Harriman."
Hall Predicts
Of Campaign
sa.n Francisco ur-r-The
chairman of the Republican na
tional committee said Tuesday
that Harry Truman, whether or
not he succeeds in picking toe
Democratic presidential nominee,
already nas set uie too lor a
rough campaign."
"We' 11 meet tt." Leonard W.
Hall told a news conference. But
be added he meant with vigor not
Hall denounced Monday night's ,
Jockey for
Vote Position
CHICAGO lAV-Here Is a roundup
of Tuesday's action by state dele
gations at the Democratic conven
Washington Henry P. Camt en-
sen, delegation chairman, insisted
2 votes are split between Averell
Harriman and Adlai Stevenson.
Pro-Stevenson group claimed 20.
May defer formal poll till conven
tion balloting starts Thursday.
Gov. A. B. i Happy Chandler of
Kentucky wooed votes at caucus.
Aiiieaa Decided 22-1 to cast
state's ) votes for Stevenson on
first ballot. Operates under unit
rule, in which all votes go to
majority choice.
Tennessee Determined to back
Gov. Frank G. Clement on first
ballot, giving convention keynoter
32 votes previously indicated for
Stevenson. y
Utah Delegate Otto Mass said
informal poll disclosed loss of one
vote (or Harriman, with state's 12
evenly divided between two lead
ing candidates. Harriman hackers
have claimed seven or eight
Oklahoma Gov. Raymond -Gary
tabbed to deliver nominating
speech for Harriman. All 2 votes
marked for Harriman under unit
rule; some delegates buxzing
other state groups in behalf of
New York governor.
Wlseaaaia Admirers of Sen
Estes Kefauver -of Tennessee
helped set up headquarters .of
"delegates to draft Kefauver for
Vice President." Carl Thompson
national committeeman, said Ste
venson campaign official praised
Kefauver as vice presidential pos
Miaaesata Torn betweea Harri
man and Stevenson, some boom
ing Sen. Hubert Humphrey for
second spot on ticket but others
campaigning for Kefauver as vice
presidential candidate '
Michigan Gov. G. Mennen Wil
liams declared possibility of con
vention deadlock is growing and
said delegation would strive for
"consolidation of-liberal force. "
Otherwise, be said, minority bloc
might control nomination. Wil
liams, favorite son candidate, said
plug for Stevenson by union chief
Walter Keuther would not' in
fluence delegation. Hunt re
vealed hie choice.
Mlsteart Resolved to stick with
favorite son, Sen. Stuart Syming
ton, past first-ballot. Named
James E. Meredith of St. Louis
head of committee to drum up
keynote speech of Tennessee's , Symington support jn other states.
perman. apparently left over t Gov. Frank Clement as the Demo-, S"min?ton said odd against his
Irom the Grover Cleveland con
vention, was studying what ap
peared to be a restaurant menu.
For the bitter truth is that few,
very few, speeches cspture the
delegates' attention.
Erea Mrs." PraaUia D. Reese
tat, waa saaae awe af tha saajar
speeches Maaday night aad waa
eertalaly has tha sareet fare
name Is) the DenMcratle party,
saw the barks of a 1st af vanish
ing spectators as she talked.
. What's the answer? Fewer
speeches? Better speeches?
No one seems to know.
In the meantime, the dauntless
politician keeps on talking and
talking, in the fond hope that the
folks back home, at least, are
cratic convention in Chicago as dark horse bid narrowed from
one filled with "half truths, dis-i million to one to 10.000 to 1. Dele
tortinns ... and some outright j Ration keen for Tennessee's Cle-
Then he ignored Cle
ment and tore after the man be
said was behind it all.
"It is apparent that while Harry
Truman may not control the se
lection of bis party candidate he
certainly is setting the tone of the
convention and tha campaign to
follow." Hall said.
"It's going to be a Harry Tru
man type of campaign." Hall pre
dicted in another reference to the
former president. He character
ized such a type as "demagogic"
and said "I don't think the people
wiU be fooled."
ment as running mate.
lews Stevenson, Harriman and
Chandler spoke at caucus. .Major
ity apparently leaning to Steven
son. Humphrey sought backing for
his vice presidential candidacy.
Texas Sea. Lyndon B. Johnson,
favorite son, said anticipates votes
from ether states, denied receiv
ing any offer to swing M votes
elsewhere. Also disclaimed Inter'
rated in vice presidency. Delrga
tion bound to Johnson' until he
gives release.
Canada Bans
U.S. Horses in
Disease Fight
VICTORIA. B.C.' Iff). Agricul
ture minister Kenneth Kiernsn
said Monday a temporary ban
has been placed on United States
horses entering British Columbia
He said the move followed i re
cent outbreak of' encephalitis
sleeping sickeness among B.C.
"The situation Is such. he said,
"that we can't allow U.S. horses
Into British Columbia at this
Any further action, he said, will
require an order from the provin
cial cabinet.
Statesman, Salfm, Ore, Wed., Aug. 15, '56 (Sec. Jlll
'Yellow Rose Tune for New Demo March '
CHICAGO IP Set to the tune of
'The Yellow Rose of Texas, the
new "Democratic March" waa in
troduced to convention delegates
Monday night.
The song wss written snd copy
righted by Herbert Baker and
Johnny Green.
I The IvriMr
Oh I The Democratic Party
Is for you snd you and you.
It works for all the people
And not, for Just s few I,
On the farm and In the city,
For the big man and the small.
Oh! The Democratic Party
' Is the only one for all!
From the North and South,
From Fast and West we come
Singin' the Donkey Serenade.
Come on and beat that drum-dee-um-dum!
We'll march along together
And oa election day,
We're votin' Democratic
'Cause we're Votin' tor tha
Democrats, V S.A. Yay! I
TOKYO A Japanese war
graves registration mission has
left Sarawak, British crown col
ony of Borneo, after recovering
the remains of S99 U a panose sol
diers killed on Pacific battlefields.
The remains were found on Bor
neo and New Guinea,
TAIEP1 iff, American aid
worth more than 39 million dot
lars waa sent to Formosa for ci
vilian use during the first six
months this year. Raw cattsn
worth M.JU.000 topped the list.
Next came machinery and tools
worth M.tM.Ooo.
MOTin to cainrroas
On Julr It. ISM. DELL WtlJinW '
COCHRA r duly appointed us
co-exeeutrlrw of lh tiuu of M.
W, WATrn. drerd, b an srdrf
o. th Circuit Court for MnoiJ "
County Oregon. All pertnm hvln
claims (iiut said mill htrhr sr. '
notlfifd to prmnt aurh claims in
form to Mid exccu'nr at SI I
Pionr Tn,at nulldlng. Salem. Or--Sn.
within na monihi from ih.
da l f th ftrit puhllratlnti of Ihi.
notice, to-wlt: Autuit I, 1:S
Ai luch Co-cieeutricea , -,
Attorney for Co-rxeeutrtces
Ptnneet Truit awldini
torn, Oreion
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