The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 12, 1956, Page 3, Image 3

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    Hay Fever Sufferers Warned Ragweed
Spreading in Three Areas Around City
Waff Writer, The llilnmti
Hay fever sufferers are going to
suffer through longer seasons un
less something in done to kill off
the ragweed which ii ilowly
preading along the roadi in three
areas southeast of Salem, a Port
land physician warns.
The leafy treen plant wit' the
Irritating pollen, unknown In Ore
gon six years ago, has taken root
in an area about twt miles south
east of Turner, In another two
miles north of Turner, and in a
third on Turner Road Just east of
McNary Field which threatens
large Salem population.
Each patch has spread consid
erably in the past year, said Dr.
Frank Prrlman, Portland aller
gist, on his annual visit to the
area. Perlman has been watching
the ragweed at Turner ever since
H was called to his attention six
. years' ago by Don Terpining, re
tired Oregon Electric railroader.
. wjw lives on Turner-Marion Road
ahmit five milss south nf Turner.
Terpining will operate a pollen
catching station for Perlman on
the Don Cannon property near the
airport again this year, as he has
flnn f , L. . t HI
i"i iiiirr yrars paai. i nr
counts are taken from Aug. IS un
til the first frost. j
Discovers Pest . !
Terpining discovered ragweed
along the road east of the airport
about six years ago as he drove
to and from work in Salem. A
former lllinoisan and hay fever
sufferer, he recognized it immed
iately and wrote Perlman when he
saw his name in nrwspaper stor
ies of the discovery of the weed
in Clackamas County about the
same time. Perlman said he also
knows of patches in .Josephine
County and near Milton Free
water in Umatilla County.
Eradication would be a com
paratively simple matter if it
were-started now, he said. Fight
ing it consists of spraying with
any weed killer until it refuses to
come up any more. Spraying for
several years is required because
it does not harm the seeds in the
Perlman said he thinks the
weed, almost as common as grass
in the Midwest but unknown west
of the Rockies until recently,
comes mixed in seeds from the
Midwest. It usually does not grow
in competition with crops, but
springs up quickly in stubble
Thick Grass Helps
Thick grass is good for keeping
down ragweed, but it does not kill
ine seeas, wmcn Dive neen mown
to survive in the ground for 40
yearf, Perlman said.
One the weed reaches road
aide, it spread steadily as grad
ers periodically knock the seeds
from the plants and carry them
soma distance' before pushing
them off to the side. Runoff
water and mowing also spread
seeds to new areas.
Pollen of the weed's soikelike
yellow flowers is especially irri
fating to allergic membranes.
There are other causes of hay
fever In the Salem area, walnut
pollen and that nf several grasses.
Perlman said. The chief harm of
ragweed would be a lengthening
nf the hay fever season about two
months, as it flowers at the end
nf the season for other irritants,
he said.
Perlman first discovered rag
weed in Oregon about six years
a io when -he found its pollen on
oiled slides he keeps on the roof
nf his office to capture samples
of irritants in the air.
He half thought he was mis
taken until he saw a newspaper
article in which a county agent
told of ragweed found in Clacka
mas County. He got in touch with
the agent and this was the first
ragweed he saw in Oregon.
. One difficulty in fighting rag
weed is that an effective weedi
cide also harms other plant life,
making It impossible to kill in
growing fields and gardens. How
ever, eradication of the weed
along roads where its spread is
fastest should be a governmental
function and it should be done
quickly as the tourists attracted
to Oregon ry its air free of rag
weed pollen make up one of the
state'i largest industries, Perlman
f '. ... ' , V' "
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X '-J . ;y iV i
I . fNf, v. . - -.
Woman Held
In The Dalles
Arson Case
THE DALLES - Mrs. Jean
Olson, 24, was in the Wasco Coun
ty jail Saturday on a misdemeanor
charge of setting a grass fir here
late last month.
The woman, who lives hero, was
arrested on a Jane Doe warrant
Friday and arraigned in Justice
Court, Sheriff Ernest Mosier re
ported. Fire Chief Charles Roth, whose
department has investigated a
series of fires occurring in the
past two weeks, said Mrs. Olson
would be questioned .. about some
of the blazes. She was to enter
a plea in Justice Court on Mon
day. Largest of the 11 fires since
July 21 caused about $2,500 dam
age at the Commodore Apartment
Suspect Chokes"
While Swallowing
Drug Evidence
LOS ANGELES v-!a narcotics
suspect, about to be arrested,
tried to swallow the evidence ana
choked to death, police report.
Detectives said they found Jo
seph Grant, 23, lying on the floor
choking Friday when they broke
into his apartment after he failed
to answer their knock.
Grant died on the way to the
hospital where a capsule of heroin
was found lodged in his throat.
OOLAGAH. Okla. Cfv-The menu
was scrambled eggs well done.
A aemi-trailer refrigerator truck
overturned near Oologah and the
entire" cargo of eggs went up in
building here. That was on July
SI. The same afternoon a minor
blaze damaged a hotel.
Portland Man
Leads River
hams, president of the Portland
Dock - Commission, was elected
President of the Northwest Riv
ers and Harbors Conference Sat'
urday at the close of the organi
zation a annual meeting here.
Williams replaces G. Noyes Tal
cott f the port of Olympia.
Others elected were W. J. Mur
phy Jr.,. manager, port of Grays
Harbor, first vice president: Com
missioner L. C. Sherwood, port of
Hood River, second vice presi
dent; John J. Winn Jr., manager,
port of Portland, secretary-treasurer,
and Otto Neth, Vancouver,
Capt. Stan Allyn, Newport, W. J.
Weber, Seattle, Irvin Mann, Vma
tilta. and N. R. Whitcomb, Willa
pa Harbor, trustees.
Ragweed, chief, causa ef hay fever east of the Rocky Mountains, is growing along a farm
driveway southeast of Turner. ' Hero it it studied by Don Torpening, loft, who discovered
the weed in the Turner, area tlx years ago, and David and Mary Perlman, children of a Port
land allergist who surveys its spread in the area yearly. Below is a close view of the plant,
which resembles a dwarf marigold.
UP 10
Msllrwsei baadbaari wifh Iht par
cbiM (f this niHrtn mi bti
iprini . . . pha 4 HsflYwaoe' lest.
Limited Hum ealy !
Jj Twin Hit
Statesman, Salem, Ore., Sun.. Aug.!5, 58 (Sec. 13-
70 MPH Winds
Buffet Alaska
FAIRBANKS. Alaska - Gale
force winds, with gusts up te 70
miles per hour buffetted interior
Alaska Friday night. Power was
cut o' in Fairbanks after several
telephone poles were toppled.
The- territorial police reported
the Taylor highway was washed
out between Eagle and Fortymile.
Power was cut off in Fairbanks
for several hours while utilities
T a. 1
Casbah Tightens-
ALGIERS Ufl French securltv
measures were strengthened .
around the teeming Casbah Situr-
night's explosion in the , Arab ,
The blast, which killed 11 Pfr
aons, including women and chiU ,
dren.' and injured an eitimited ..
ts, toppled five buildings and dam
aged more than a score ef others. . .
department crews repaired brok
en linee hi suburban areas.
190 J. CsaiiMrcUi on Hea. 4 Fd Tflrf PWm 3402
Fires Ruin
Cork Timber
ALGIKRS Thousands of dol
lars worth nf cork timber is being
destroyed by fires all along the
Algerian coast from Algiers to
How the fires started is .un
known. Some say Algerian Nation
alist rebels set them, others that
the French Army is burning cork
groves to keep rebels from using
them for ambushes.
Whatever the origin, the thick
""Ml '.I is ii,
Tv 1 1
"lob" Caray'
Buying a car?"
Before yeo buy that car, just tell m ea the phone the total costs
of the car, the finsneing and the insurance Withia ftve minute)
I'll call you back and tell you what it will cost you to buy, finance,
and Insure the same car through my Bank Plan. Chances are, for
exactly the asms deal, it'll be $100 leist I know it's hard te believe
but It's worth a phone call, ian't h? Thrt U ae tbtiptum.
If Hfi H hw fear STATE FARM Agent
PHONE 2-6765
1150 North Church Stroex
1130 North Churth Itroot
Canada Entry
Tops Gladioli
Show Awards
entry won the top award Saturday
as gladiolus growers from Oregon,
Washington and British Columbia
matched prize blossoms in the Pa
cific International Gladiolus Show.
Harold Davey of Vancouver. B.
C, entered a Violet Charm which
won the grand championship, the
divisional award and the best
bloom among recent introductions.
Another Davey entry. The Rajah,
won the divisional award (or re
cent introductions.
.lames and Edna Otto, Car is.
Wash., won the reserve champion
ribbon with a pink Rosencath
bloom. Difk Kroon, Woodland,
Wash.,' entered an Aria for top
award in the miniature division:
Sweepstakes awards in the open,
amateur and novice divisions will
be announced later.
Oregon winners Saturday Includ
ed Douglas Dean, Grants Pass,
who entered the best gladiolus cor
sage. (8Ury also n Garden Rectloa.)
pall of smoke rising from them is
flushing rebel bands from their
hillside hideouts, forcing them to
come down within range of Army
Hospitality Night
Petroleum Solvents Corp.
IMS Sixth Street 1
Manufacturers of
Siloo Products Sold - -
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