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    4-(Src. TV) Statesman, SaTgrn, Ore.. Sun., Aug. 12, 56
' i Gardens Open or Inspection in Garden Club Tour 1
v. .1 : I : .
' h-v , t
- mi i i mi ton ir- - r- i-- .7-1.
Hearings on
Rail Service
Halt Recessed
MKDFORD ii Hearing on
the Southern Pacific's ibindon
mrnt i yrar ago nf passenger rail
service between Eugene and Ash
land was recessed Friday and will
resume in Roseburg lometime
next month,
Clifford Ferguson, examiner for
the railroad transportation divi
sion of the Public I'tilitiri Com
mission, said he would set a date
1 Only, two- witnesses were heard
Friday before the recess. They
were R. T. Plummer. assistant to
the president of Southern Pacific,
and Charles B. Nines, engineer in
the railroads bureau of transpor
tation research, both of San Fran
Titers art nwrnbar mt Interesting thing t t (anal this garden tha whit fence It alt an euidaar living ara. Mrs. Simon hat
la to visitor! at th annual Islam Cardan Club tour.Waan vary successful with getting a gardania t grow and
Wednesday) In th ettractlva gardens mf Mr. ami Mr. L N.iblm undar thaltar. (Statesman Garden Phot.)
Simon at 32S Candalaria ilvd. Th garden enclosed within)
Only telar phatagraphy cauld at JustUa In a picture to thlsjsastad, la actually an autdaar Kvlng area. Mrs. Murphy It in the
basutiful little garden ef Mr. and Mrt. Claud Murphy, 435 flower garden her usual place, theesayt. Thay will welcome
S. Liberty Street, Th garde Is small but ft contains a wealth visitors an the annual Salem Garden Club garden tour Wad
I telar and beauty. The rear parch, an which Mr. Murphy I ; nesdty, August I S. (Statesman Photo).
Garden Gabbing
By Gardea Gadder
GOOD GADDING WEEK We struck it rich this week with
our fiddinf we both gadded and gabbed In the 10 gardens whirh
the rest of you will have a chance to visit on Wednesday at the
Salem Garden Clubs annual tour. The hours are from 2 to 9
o'clock, and we think Friend Husband would like to see the gar
dens, too in fart there are quite a few in whirh some of the work
is done by the men and in others we understood that all the gar
dening was done by the women so. there's something for both
types of husbands.
Everyone ia invited, and there are gardens in which you csn
pick up a spot of punch and a cup of tea or coffee ... if that
should interest you and who doen't it interest
YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE and It 'doesn't matter
which garden (we are atill talking about the Salem Garden Club's
annual tour set for Wednesday afternoon). We started in the gar
dens of Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Simons at 323 Candalaria Blvd. This it
a small, beautifully kept garden built almost like a colorful little
nosegay. There isn't a weed to be seen . . . there's a lot of phlox
in bliom, and a lot of begonias. Also some dahlias are out.
Then we went over to the Coburn L. Grabenhorst home at 2780
Alva, ami 'terrace. This is considerably larger than the first garden.
The visitor will walk down atept to a blue, blue pool . . . there i Cisco.
tre t lot of border plants ... a certain degree of formalness. Plummer was questioned about
Another terraced lawn it that of Mr. and Mrt. Vyron N. Kos- SP slock, why the railroad dis-
ter. 2740 Alvarado Terrace.. This garden demonstrates Jully wnst
can be done with a little spot to give privacy, to give a lot of in
terest and make the outside almost a part of the bouse itself. The
brick construction work ia particularly interesting. There's a .mag
nolia and there are hydrangeas although, both show some wear
from last winter s weather . . . wnich reminas us . . .
NONE OF IS ESCAPE It was whet w were at the
Foster garden that it really dawned aa us . . . All the gar
dens which are open were being apologised for . . . and It
seemed aa unnecessary . . . Na one escaped the frost last
winter, and we feel sure that most all of those who go and
we know there will be a large somber U the epea gardens
aa Wednesday, will be very pleased with what they see. Proba.
bly thy'H go home wandering hew those gardens escaped, la se
'muck better shape than their ewa djid . . . But all sf the awa
ers spologiied for the gsrdens not being -up to par." While
we have visited tome af the gardens in other years, and noted
how beautiful they were we think they are very lovely bow.
Certainty, aa apologies are ia order the gardens have come
aut af it beautifully.
DON'T MISS IT-While Mr. and Mrt. Harley 0. White, 2715
Dominion, decided not to open their garden to the public because
of Mrt. White t health . . . you can tee a lot irom me street ana
tidewtlk and the Whitet will be happy to have you look. It's an
interesting tweep from the tidewtlk, looking up between the large
native oakt to the house you think of music and Symphony in
Blue AND Pink. Harley wat fir-seeing when he bought that place
owned it long before there wit tny Candalaria Heighti at tuch
.' and there t a lovely lay to me iana.
Bartender Rues
Refusal to Let
Man Have Drink
LOS ANGELES "You'll be
sorry," a slightly-tipsy bar patron
cried when a barten&Vr refused to
serve him another drink Friday
night, police reported.
The man left and a few minutes
later, officers said, he drove his
car crashing through the bar's
front door, One of the 20-odd other
customers suffered a minor leg
injury. '
Police said the Irate driver
Boyd G. Franklin, SI, wat booked
on suspicion . of assault with a
deadly weapon.
WE CONTINl'E Thea we went to Mrs. Marguerite SI-,
moat, S Candalaria. Here agaia it a lovely tmall gardea
with a lot of color phlox, petunias, begonias.
The Doa Smith'a garden at tit Hansen Ave., is something
else again. Don it pretident of the Salem Rose Society so
you'd expect to find roses here and you do . . . Not too many,
bat some interesting ones. There's, a three-cornered "square ,
we nearly said of beautiful, very modern roses ... arther
an you'll find a corner af eld time roset . . . That's H with
the Smith garden . . . there are corners of unusual interest.
For instance, a path it lined with rocks which hive keen col
lected from variout cornert of the eountry. There's I corner
ef blueberries . . . Also, those who are interested in sawdust,
caa tee how it Is used in the Smith garden.
continued the Southern Oregon
passenger service, and whether he
represented D. 'J. Russell, SP
president. He said he was not fa
miliar with reasons behind the
service discontinuance, and ex
plained he did not represent Rui
sell. describing his duties ss as
sistant to the president and spe
cializing in finance. , .
Nines was questioned on tome
21 exhibits of costs and revenue he
had prepared, and another exhibit
which dealt with revenue from
SP passenger service between
Los Angeles and San Francisco
between 1948 and 1955.
Before the recess. State Sen.
Philip Lowry. Medford, one of
three complainants in the hear
ing, said he wanted the SP to
provide at the Roseburg hearing
a statement on the road s volume
of land acreage in Oregon, dates
of acquisition, tales and leases
He also asked the railroad to fur
nish a copy of itt last income tax
Railroad counsel laid he would
need about five dayt at Roseburg
to complete his case..
Ground Ball
Fatal to Lad
CASPIAN. Mich, im A high
school freshman died Friday night
of a brain hemorrhage after being
hit on the head by a ball during
t baseball game. Peretto. 14, wat ttruck
In . the temple Thursday by a
g. .jnd ball. He remaine- in. the
sandlot game but complained of
feeling tleepy. He wat admitted to
a hospital yesterday morning.
Classified '
'Glorious 12th9
Rites to Start
In Scotland
281 N. Church St
PHONE 4-6811
In Utah, church ministers and IT i I A 1
leaders hsva set up "geiger coun- ""PC ilUUllUUMCU
ter" religious schools to teach the
Bible to children of parents who
have left their normal hornet to
prospect for uranium.
- 0M4TM smtfSUT MMOTM. ectuneaa ' i
sate waoatii tm mm f
' tamww casta I
Kt tOOOJT ..C4
. H0Nf lUm st Knot I
waMM i Ckaapetaai rvkw
. see a nms MMtamttnna
For Oil Riffgers
NEW ORLEANS Ift-The search
for two of the four men misting
in the capsizing of aa effshore oil
drilling rig was abandoned early
Saturday and the men presumed
Rescue crewt worked through
the night, clinging to hope that
the two men might be trapped in
the lowest part of the barge, now
flojting above tht waterline in the
Aag. 12 International Gladio
lus Show, Internttional Harvest
er Building, just north of Mil
wtukit on Super Highway. 9
a. m. to p. m.
Aag. 15 Annual Salem Gar
den Club Garden Tour.
Aug. It-It Washington State
Gladiolus Society Show, South
Tacoma Community Hall,
Aag. 1S-19 Willamina Garden, and handles,
In Kitchen
Still Here
LONDON' or "Anybody, Dear,
who is anybody at all," said the
debutante, "wouldn't be caught
dead in London after todav."
NOW FAIRMOl'NT And first step should probably be Miss . The reason: London's social
Mabel P Robertson. 225 East Superior M. . . . oecause nerei season that began in May and ,"
...ill k. .nrt'Ml ended st miHnichr Saturrlav shifts' Ada
Reallv. it should be tea Mable's garden reminds you of Eng. to the highlands and lowlands o'fi1" B s,,urd'''
land if vou've been there (we're told), and otherwise as you Scotland for what is known as the
(Mia, I Han)
pr tin 1 lime
pr line J tmn
pr line t times SI M i e
ft line t tSMJtneL Sub.)
Clsaiinta tat will b run in tath
papers 10 fivt aavenuert ui ad
vantage of the trtmendous pulling
power or compinea circuii'
"V, hen an ad Is eadtrtd tru-t of
fix times and a aundav issue la in
eluded ifor example rrtdajr, Satur
day Sunday I th lower Sunday ralaa
apply because only The SUUsmaa
puDiianea Sundays.
Claawhed ads wilt start la the
rrorning Oregnn lutnmin. conclude
in the evening Capital Journal but
ads will ba aecaptrd tor Sunday
aiaiesman only.
-The deadline for claealflee. ads at
1:00 D m th day belor Bubllcatloa
except lor Sunday whan deadline U
V.10 p.m Friday. Emergency ads and
all line ada reenvrd after tot
n. weekdays and until IS
attirdav for Sunday may b placed
To Lai to (.lainly column
for Monday papers (null kt
think English gardens should look . . . There t something very
snua. and lived-in about this garden. Theret a slope-petunia.
the green of good cameliat . . . It's an old garden remoaeiea.
Everyone will want to tee the home of Mr. and Mrs. tins r.
VonEschen, 265 West Lincoln St. . . : for here srt orchids. The
Von Eschens sav there won't be many in bloom may be a couple
but vou can all see how they grow in the greenhouse. Toe two
level garden is comparatively large, and formal. Tht brickwork It
colorful at it the tmount fif bloom . . . There's a lovely big cut
tin. rrten too . . . Another garden on the formal side is that
of the Walter H. Zosels at 180 East Superior It illustrated that a
sloping hill is no handicp but can be an added beauty. On the
lower level ia a Iireplace ana cnairs
Th Statesmao Journal Newipa-
uera reerva th rleht la ra'rt ojh.
Itionabie advertising; It further r
Not only does the colorful kit
chen teem here to ttay, but more
iri.iuia ai iM""S r ail mc riuuiiik mil in . r . , .
in.. - h Jl.. i.i.i i. a firenlaee and chairs . . . and there are other
A new tteel kitchen cabinet W" where you can rest and view the beauty around you. Shrub
line featurei 12 colon., plus! ery it well placed - - ... .; .
white at no additional charge. HERE'S A GARDEN GATE You'll find the long tweeping
I'-- " ,k-. V ..'j "T ir";:;;lawn of the Vernon L. Wiscarsons, 2190 S. High, warming
..... w,.. u. H.,..,u.,, ....... . .jnn, i.. n .rM
IIU If in mil ri ----
'Hospitality Time" in Salem
MisslssiDDi River.
But m. search for Ih. Mlr .e,. K.Tf soulB i The line also boast, modern sty
. 1 ... . I avvina vviiiuiuiiuy nail, lina withnnl nrnlntri n. hin ' . ' .... i:t
pu.ed IruiUest and rescue teamt ... .... ,,.:. :'.:". 1 " " , .and theret an outdoor living area . . . ann .you irei ne u. a..
said they could not be located in I " ,V,T. ' , "" u"u .!" rrs ,naiMrellent olace to do a bit of living ... the phlox, begonias are
any part of the barge where they . . ........... ibeautUuI here now . . . And while nere itte a i n-.""
might have lurwved. Aag. nil Mstern oregonj Karen Hadoet, director of the!. ate which we understand will be sort of left open ai tne rtenry
oiaaioiua onow, uuranoe. iinsmuie lor ueuer Living, says Hanyen sarden on the other sine, mere t lots oi ciur mnr .
Aag. lg-19 Inland Empire the beauty, flexibility and style? i if, very important that you go in the sou hside ti tneiiauae
- . a? a I t ; 1 a. i 1 1 a I . - n 'i a.. ..aill nie.u ir mnat InlT
Gladiolus Show, Spokane. ' touaya camneis mate me an-
Aag. 21-15 Gladiolus Show. plcatura to live and
Meier It Frank auditorium. rk in..
Aag. tin Annual San Fran- "With color playing an impor
tant role in kitchen cabinet and
appliance tales," she said.
"Homemakers will welcome the
expanded color aelection in cab
inets to include four new colors
sea mist green, blossom pink,
birch tan and Cambridge blue."
Previous colors included but-
elorious 121 h
Strictly speaking the glorious, MSI
12th means Aug. 12 the opening
of the Grouse shooting season
but it's also the signal for the
beginning of hundreds of toney
house parties ia the lsnd of the
The house parties will begin to
morrow, but because of the glori
ous 12th falls on a Sunday, the
Grouse slaughter won't commence
until Monday. After three dis
appointing seasons in a row the
.Scots this yrar have sober hopes formation ai to the ideality of
for snmethinff heller in th wav nf advertiser uaing a Blind' ad.
The Btatesmaa Jauraat Nawipa
pera aatum no financial sponal
bility for error which may appear
In adevrtliementa published In ita
columns and In case where this pa
per la at fault wiU rtpnnt that part
of an advertisement la which th
typographical imatakt eecure.
A "Blind" Aa aa aa containing
a Stateaman-Journal Newspapers box
number for an addreit i for nie
protection ef th advertiser! and
mult therefor b aniwerel by let
trr. The Statesman-Journal Newipa
i per are not at liberty to d vulge in-
Cisco Flower Show, City Hall
Aug. 21-24 California Dahlia
Show. San Francisco City Hall.
Aug. 24-26 Polk County Flow
er Show, Rickrrall Fairgrounds.
Aug. 24-25 Ninth Annual Til
lamook Garden Club Flower
Show, YMCA.
in the southside at the Claude " " " "i "s
. . you'll enjoy it most that scarce compared wi
with phlox and tucked in be- j f P'"' fore the t
-. TkL h.noino- haskels I should estimate
u Murnhv home at 635 S. Liberty
...1.. iki.t, Tk. w.llr ia nnllined
neai'h are lots of Martha Washington's. There are hanging baskets
of fuchsias, doing very well, and there are a m oi nouu
petuniat ... . a
TOO LITTLE SPACE Te say all we want to about earh
of the gardens. We d like to write a whole piece about each
. one . . . but this Is the chance you'll have to tee for your-
Aug. 25-2 Santiam Valley tercup and harvest yellow, spring
Gladioli Show, Mill City High i green, surf turquoise, Bermuda
School. Hours: J to p. m Sat-1 pink, sand beige, dawn grey and
urday; 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. Sun- lagoon blue.
d'Y- Base cabinet drawers and doors
Aug. 25 2600 Grays . Harbor, have recessed chrome handles
Wash., North Beaches Garden and all drawers and doon close
Club Flower Show. . i.iientiy, thanks to Sound-absorb-
Aug. 24 Dedication of Clack- !jg material in doors plus rub
amelte Park, Willamette River jber bumpers.
ai mouin 01 nacsamas, i to 7
p. m.
Lane Gumty
'Losing War'
On Mosquito
i ; I
birds to shoot at
Improved Prespertt
"Prospects have improved,"
said Kwan Ormiston. who runs a
hunting, shooting and fishing hotel
in Invernesshire. "but (or one
reason and another Grouse are
ith the years
that at least
sou Americas wm be shooting in
the highlands this year." he said,
adding he has an order for 1.000
brace 1 2.000 birds of Grouse from
a New York restaurant tStork
"The first bag will be rushed
to Prestwick Airport for a New
York plane." he said. "They'll be
on New York menus Tuesday
Delayed Start
The Queen and the Duke of
Edinburgh, who embark this week
end for a cruise in
Ads in othrr column! which require
invimrni in siocaa, aamplea
equipment or caah bond should be
thoroughly investigated aef,e
paying out any monry Advertliert
requiring a cash Investment tor
samples or merchandise, tales sidi
etc.. mult ao specify in their ads
tect ita rradera agjiiut fraud, de
ception, or Intunei Readeri are
caut.nned to make NO PA YMEN1 S
to get a ponuon adverUaed In Ine
help wanted columns Atl nrip
anted adt Mt'ST SPFCirY THE
help wanted ada mutt Hat if the
pay la in the form af salary, com
missioni. guarantee, or tnrtude
firm name Bona fide offers of
employment with pav Delong to
the 'Help Wanted" columns
Kindly report an eyreption t this
rule tn th classified advartlsing
Gasified Index
Tor Your Convenience"
.!! Meeting Notice
312 Lrtftt and Found
the western ! 3H TrnporlUo
1 1
Sawmill Auction
No Limit-No Rttrv-Mill Being Ditmantltd
$110,654.45 Ivaluatien. . . Piaca-Maal THURSDAY
CASPER, CALIF. Starting at
Apprat. 160 Mllet N. af . T. aa V. 8. No. 1 10:30 A.M.
Sept. I I Oregon State Flow
er Show, Oregon State Fair
grounds, Salem.
Sept. 20.21 North Marion
County Flower Show, Woodburn
Sept. 22-2J Early Chrysanthe
mum show and Flower Festival,
Nov. 2 Portland Chrysan
themum Society Show, Masonic
Temple, Portland.
Accessories in the new line in.
elude flour dispenser with sifter, ! jens" have been
recipe earn racs, connimeni racs,
cup hooks, cake pan and lid rack
and utility basket.
Peler Stevrns
At Irwil rst
l r.nri.nri 1075 findlewnorf Dr
Kt'GKNE Lane County Survived hv a daushln, Mn orar
.... .. ... :Bair of San rranciaco. Calif: ann.
war against its mosquito popilla-lBov stevrni of Salem, four sranii
n. 1,ii:na r-n'lina nf eili. ' children alo survive. Services will
tion is failing, a reeling oi cm- d Monn.v Aulll,i n ,t 1 .10
told. pm in tne Clnugh-Barrlck Chapel
Ulnva Annrron win nfii-i,r. .n-
OKAYAMA, Japan tip A soy
bean nil factory exploded here
Gene Kcllv,
Wife to Part
The insects have accomplushoa ermnt City View Cemetery
just what was anticipated four! '
years ago when me program was At tht. r.drncr w Brownim
.r o.. ....11 1 ... Jl Personal
ui i nam. win nui Pint i .
home Augimt 10. sniiounK until ju.M nci.ire r ririLrss m AGHlCULTl'Rr.
i riiKiiici i"ui iHitiiunj' niiK. i.iJiii LiveinrK rnr
The Queen Mother, however, t.iveatocK Waned
will have guests shooting on a KS,-, Atl?it
moor near her seaside home much "t Pets
earlier 'm s" To'M,
, j . 410 Seeds and Planll
Lord Shutllrworth summed up 4I2 Fruit and farm Produce
nrnsnerls: !'i eertiilier
100 Laie 10 uiassify
erluded 1 odrm. ranch ham.
I Irpl . fruit trees, to esrtwr
1 BDItM. rottaf Inr'Tent-Part-lyurn.
Water pd. M7 N. ttk.
I NVRSt l Aid. alan xp. X-ray
" -". M"'im, type.
Ph. ailvrtonJ-M24 pm.
BEAN pickers needed" tClear
j.aka 4c tchaada' Bean farm.
Heavy plcklni. 1 mi. No. nl
Keuer V 1 mi. on Wheatland
Perry Bd. Watch for the anna.
Pn. 4:ltllor 4211.
1 BDJM. house, bamt., larae
by couple, no children, na
peti. Red Call Clyde, ph.
a;2Sl or 4-astt, '
BOYS 24"Schwinn bicycirt2C
Ph. '4':
MODEL JI0 "Webror-' taprC
enrderj Standard Rnyal tVpe.
writer, both excellent c'ond.
Ph. 4-19SS
POOL table food cond., Mtl
Daniel at. Ph. 4-3177.
BY Owner new 1 bdrm., isnt
new, mod. I bdrm. house, dhl.
Sarafe. plenty of water, aih.
ua by door. Ph. 4-4I2J. Rt. a.
Box SO.
DAVENPORT In food contC
cheap: Piano. 150. Ph. J-3M7,
1940 Iob HH1.
HINT: Mod. cleani bdrnu
houe. 30 Tryon Ave. 4-9S7I.
LOST: Bulovarlat-watchbel
tween Miller'! V Llpman a,
. Trl. eveReward. Ph. 4-4759.
CHROME lot. . table7"chairt
t20. 1SSJW. Buah-SM7.
YOUNO buaineaaman wlttrZ
apnnalbl femlly wiahea nice
3 or 4 bdrm. home tn rant.
TOR SALE am. John Deere
tractor at equipment. Also l
wheel trailer. Ph. 42SJ9 I t
a m. to 1 30 p m. - I 30 p.m. te
I0:SB pm.
TOR SALE new motor arooteT.
Ph. 3-5120 after t.
'tn OLDS 7t' 1 dr Radio, heater,
hvdrnmatlc, 1229. ISM t Hlth.
. Ph. 4-4J10.
'47 Ford aedan t. rebuilt motor,
good shape, II2. After 1 30,
7.TJ Bellevue. ph. 4-lsS7
GEESE Purebred Whit EmtC
den, K. Ph, 4-20M.
.300 Pfntonal
310 Mtltif Notice
BAKA'I world slth Information, '
wtrt Stateman-J rn 1. Box lit
100 Ditplay Clamfiatj
Engines Installed
rORO V-l, 1M4-1MI
$24 Down, $15 Month
On Sears Easy Payment Plan
" Ti . 1 : .urn : :
.1 j. . .u.-i. .... .1..11 bin 717
l uu 111111a wc sunn niut4-.'3 Alicllon SHIPS
ei nn develnrten an immtinilv su
Molhrr of Jack L.
aaainst DDT. the chemical used , iH.ndn'r Ore Mm. Manaret
so far in an ex ensive spraying iMdnto.h of Salem. Siter of Llnyd
Mendenhall of Dallai. Ore. andJames
program. Mcndenball of Salem, Mr. .rn
Milton Bllchler. director of the ; Knstenbonlcr nf Silvrrtnn. Ore. and
program, said the immunity hat ; Mr. Mja.1 rieveiand of crayUnd
dpvdopfd in the Oakndge ana r.u-j Aucu-ii m at i :io pm. tn ihr chap!
B.i iiiaiij ti 1 pa wwtr uouanj jtr, - - - --
K.,i .!, ih. (,.. -.,11 4S1 Machinate and Tool.
uu. ...v ..,., .,,u iv " jsi Wanted Machinery
De just as jouy as ever.
HOLLYWOOD orAfter IS ypars erne artax and also will develop nf th? w. T. Rmdnn Co
of marrnw. actor (Jene Kelly elsewhere, unless something else '."V"!?
ano actress Hetsy Blair have ne-ii, rfnc
rided on a trial separation, MOM Thi- "snmeihinB else" Ruehler
Saturday, killing five persons and Studio announced Friday. . 1 na in mind is a switch lo mala-1 ,'nr "
inhired nlhnr. nrin.,Pl.t nm ' Th f-nnnl la in Paria whero ' .ui . i . 1 Late rc.ldrnt nf !"0
with inn-
res at Relrrent Memorial I
Moore will o(-
ae was eslimated at 1140.000.
Police said they had not deter
mined the cause of the blast.
Kelly is working on the independ
ent production. "Happy Journey.
They have a daughter. Kerry, 14,
SI. in thin city.
North 2nth,
Aufiift S. at thr ace
1AWMIIU (2) SSatlnelt f teed Mital; Allil-Chalmarl t4" and 72" Carriafaa,
n with Shat-Gun Feadi IJ, Simdonton Uf Taroani A-C. 10 and II" ttaeaa
Wtftrii Sirni If and 60' Ufm Praicoii 24 ft. and A-C 31 ft. Air Operat
ed Traaawft; Sumner No. 33 and Mlm 1 Merrill Hi, both recently rebuilt.
Wli Yatea-Amarican Morr. No. tj It e4 "1 Diamond No. 150 II. Horii.
Mirihan Utni larlin 44" Vertical, '
PIANIN MIllrAmarkan 77A and Berlin No. V4 til 9 H.eera, (J) American
30" a!atlaWac ttaaars, (30j K4a Traclii.
OIINDINO tOOM, Covel Ne. 104 Circular law Oriadari Covel 414 land law
To Orladani 3 Cavel II taw leibni laldwm Circular Raaaw Sharpanar:
aldwin 412 and 414 " and 4" taaaw Orlndeni 2 I.Wwm No. I 14" land
Saw wrladaesi erlm AvtemeiK Ha Kaifa Oriadari lort Aula tlaaw Haifa
OratdMi () rWa JMn.
MACMINI IMOPi lodoa-Oavl, 4"tf t. 0. uHw, Hendy Ifi7l" I. 0. O. C.
teeHei.Ome M O. Muami Nm Havwi Km, Oral Praam, Pawtr tewi
kak TbeeaaW, ' Cap.) loot Crib JuppWi, ait.
MIIC. IOOIPT. Schramm Trallar-Mid. 103 Carar, 40-ton Myd. Praii, H01U.
200-ton Hyd Prewi 24 KW 0C Staaea OaaeiaM, Donkey wShylln' tgcinS
and Carrl.oej Sill ITITIM wlm JOOtr 'Ir Hotai Saw Mill Ceavayw lawip
maoti l!akt.lta t Waldtaf. lOUIt t IN0INI tOOM with (S) 130 and 200
HP. iolleri, tiarki; Worthmjion Steam rump.. Steam Inginet and, .ry
equipment. . -
AUO' New lappHM, It, Paaaa, lintoae, and Vehral, MM 'lappIlM, Ceav
ailae law mm Iprlaliler lytlaat aw ai a alt. lMix tantai IOOO'i af ft.
I daalrabl Tlaiaae far as t wpaad baaaia, 4,
Milton J. WERSHOW Company
lsdln Anrlletieero vl n( f ,rff fsa
7211 Melroae, Lai Antrles 41, CaU WE. 1-U4I
Congratulations on
Tidewater's "Flying A"
"Hospitality Night"
---...TRADE-MARK ,
the nf SS veart. HuahMnd of Laura M
i. i Alexandrr ol Salrm: hrothrr ol
Malathion. de eloped hy
A . A- rn.H
much more effecttive against the ! Harry O. Alexandrr of Ha'llwav!
Winced nuisances and mUChjOre:' Maude Alexander. HermlJlon,
vnnrn Ore ; and Mr. John Moorland nf
more exponsne.. lHrmlston. Ore. Services will be held
The .fniinlv Mnsnniln rnntrol Monrt.iv. Auu.t 11 at in a m. at Ihe
. .... d -j j:j. ti j... Chanel nf W T. Rlldnn K Co.
Si Srwlnf Macltlnei
4.o Hnune GmMla for tala '
4M Wanted Houae Gonda
til Radio and Television
H Buildim Materials
4Jt Do It Vnurelf
410 Musical Instrument.
43 Snorts Equipment
44 Bicycles
4S Trade Mltcellaneous
4; rul
fRS For Rent, Miacellaneoua
470 For Sale. Miirellaneou.
472 Wanted. Miscellaneous
474 Mivcrllanroua
BKRt.IN An Alabama : &B "NAN1C
soldier. Pvt. Gayler L. Turner. 20. ! sis Loans Wan'ed
Desertion to
Reds Briii rs
Prison Term
jail on charges nf deserting to the
Communists and . ininx an organ
ization advocating violent over
throw of the U. S. Bov-rnment. He
in. i pleaded guilty lo the charges.
Turner, of Montgomery, Ala
left Ihe Sth Infantry Division in
Munich Jan. 31, 10.VS, and crossed
into Communist East Germany. al Unlfr-.! M.mnri.l Park
to switch to the new chemical as Rev. c.rnrie h. swift win officiate,
long as funds hold ou. i.vJy, Browll
So far, control has cost 25 cents pcd ,av in this city auum
per person in the county. Use of " ir.v'eidf servicej win b hrid ,ne rmv charged
,',.; ,. .' ik. .-..I Monrlav. Aueust 1 l 0 am in St. I . , "
fiinmii, urn may iiiaui iic iiic .i,.t,
hut as one board member said:
"It sure will be worth it to keep
from swatting those things before
I can .go to bed."
! Help Wanted
S04 Help Wanted. Man
m Help Wanted. Lady
una Pick. Wanted
Sl Sales Hels
J Work Wanted, Mn
414 Work Wanted. Lad?
SIS Situation. Wanted '
411 Jnb Information
All Fducalion
20 Day or Contract
7110 RFNTALS i
701 Sleepin. Rooml, Board
703 Wanted Rooml. Rnard
i aai v Aa-. J
Ort .ll am.NO Dr a I ha a N D
I psUIrt 40? lonrl St.
uilts' ape aa-ureij aie I a ai
ta I a aa.i t la t as On-ultatlee
blood araaanre an arlna a..
free of chart Prartleed attice
ISIt Write foi, attrarHve etft Nr
Barbara's t'emeterv undrr the direc
tion xf the W. T. Risdon Co. j
John Htrau ,
LSte rendent of 10M Third itrcet
I In this city Auut 11. Husband of
Marie S'raiih of Salarn Fathrr of
Mm. S T. ( laghorn of Seattle, Waah.
I Mrs. Arnrld l.inditrnm of Forest
i Grove, Ore fdf- J P. Sorenion of
Port Chlraeo. C'alll Mrl A. E. Mel
'thos of Salem. Brother of Mrs. Mar
itha Stoner of Gale-hurl, III. Services
will be hrld Tundav. Ana 14 at
1:30 p.m. In the Chapel of the W. T.
Rlcrlnn Co Dr. Andrmon will offlcl
'nte. Concludina aervirel at Rest Lawn
Memory Gardens.
Lasl Jul. 3 Me gave himself up ! Tt Apartment for' Rent
to I'. S. Military authorities in1'?! pupiexe.
; NKW YORK wf) - Je, the Crn
1 Ira Park loo'a IB year-old chim-, is a veteran cigar amok
West Berlin
His sentence which includes a
dishonorable discharge is subject
to review by higher authorities.
The sentence was handed down
Friday by a nine - officer court
martial. '
The organization Turner was ac
cused of belonging to is made up
largely of Westerners who have
707-A Furnished
70B Farms for Rent
70 Wanted to Rent
710 Wanted lo Rent ITniiaet
711 Wantrd tn Rent Apt.
714 Ruilneta Rental.
ltd Resort Rentals
711 Convalescent Home
7 SO Moving and Rtorag
801 Rustnesi Opportunity
arc Business Property
S03 Suburban
sos House, for Sale
tlcleclca to Last irormany and are'so? Ants, Courts for Sal
rpiarlrred by the Communists In'" rer,s1
lance I
I SiS Resort property
nIS Wanted Real Estate
2f Insurance
(OI.OMnO, Ceylon - Prime h.mi ai'iomotive
Ranrarr.ha ke l "s.o lara roe aaie -
, .li t 'j . , . . . , ... i (,., .mi, r aria unn rwrpair
er out nc s never nsa to nuy one i says, ne nas si art en writing a 64 Trucks. Trailer for sal
yet. For eight years, since he ac- 'novel about Asia "ambitiously jjjj Motorcycle '
quired Ihe habit, he's been sup- based on Tolstoy's War and ijjJJ a "o MiscVn.niou"
plierl with Ihe best brands by roct Peace." The Oxford-educated i ans House Trailer,
visitors mostly' well-to-do re-j leader also hag saritten some d-JJ JJ'JJ y.JJjuipmeni
Ured businessmen. , tectiva storin. ,. ' , mo Aircraft . . ., ,'.
We'll CiveH
Vou More
Trade-in Allowance
Oi a Set of Nrw
Allstate Silent Guardsman ti
Rlarit Wall, or
Whit Walls
I Sears Roebuck & Cn f
w v
S 1 I JJ
1 Va-X
- '
call 4-6811
Statesman- .
1 Journal-,
"say Charge-it"
' 280 No. Church