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    Home ' and
' . By '
o o t tillie L. Madsen
House of the Week1
This Farm House Goes to Town
How Country
Living Fits
In Suburbs
f""""" . '." ' ' ' U. "jf' I'"' - "----""-
5? -;f
Jr it L
.J v
A new concept of Ihe (arm
house, with -ample room for .all
the varied activities of a good
sized family, opens new oppor
tunities for suburban life, too, in
Design HW-13 for The House of
The Week. .
This' is a versatile home,
planned Hot only for rural loca
tions but also for town or the
suburbs wherever a fair sized
plot' is available. -1, comprises the preserved products as well
lour bedrooms, two and a half!, , ." '
b-throonjs, a larze family room,) The kitchen was preferred for
an office, mud room, half base- food processing in the North, the
ment and an attached two-car porch in the South. "To he able
tfrsge. " in shift this job to the basement
By making this a split-level would please many of the home
house, the architect has been makers in North Central states,"
able to keep the entire layout in i the report adds.
1.643 square feet a medium j So the split level kitchen with
l;;nd coverage. . I processing space on the ground
A split-level kitchen is one of ! floor, adjacent to a shaded utility
the most unusual features of the'P"rch, became the answer in this
plan. This keeps the laundry and j Plan- "An outdoor porch provides
food f reeier four steps below the wonderful warm weather spot
regular kitchen, and creates ' lor aome of these duties," Matern
separate' soace for cannine nrJjihseriies-The upper kitrhei
T-fPltTB grid bulk food processing .- then be a compact, efficient, un
it the same time it givei the I fluttered food preparation
;mily room convenience for ctt ter."
.;ht food serving: - I ' . .
Bargain- space in tms nouse
i mm- - Hk,: yar.i.l
FARM OR SUBURBAN, iff styled in keepinf with quiet country living homespun but modern.
The combination of upper and
!owerjilchen, with a hand-over
counter between them, meets the
demand on arms or in suburbs
lor a large kitchen efficiently
arranged. The mud room for
ccaning up at . the hack door is a
convenience especially appreci
ated by mothers.
Farm appetites, family reun
ions and grand Kale entertaining
nious family room, measuring
almost 18 feet one way and more
than 18 feet the other way, with
sliding glass doors to the rear
garden porch and direct entrance
from the front foyer.
also figure in this. plan. Dining . ' h' h T, .
rnm ,.H,.. , office, which is readily convert-
is its ground floor.- Here is BIO FAMILT. ROOM, showing front foyer at loft, built-in music center with television,
direct entrance on the grade
for all the. rooms that belong
there. Here you find the enor-
glimpse of the lower kitchen in background and glass doors to porch.
room and breakfast room can be
merged by means of a folding
partition to form a room 12 by
1A feet to accommodate a ban
quet table seating 14 or more l
. .
A survey of "Housing Needs
and Preferences of. Farm Fam
ilies" made by the U, S. Dept.
of Agriculture inspired Rudolph
A. Matern, architectural author
ity on popular homes, to design,
this house. He analyzed data
gathered from all four major
regions of the country.
"A majority of the homemak
ers in all sections," says the re
port on the survey, "want more
than one place to serve meals . . .
ihle to a maid's room, hnhby
room or hideaway den for the
professional man with homework.
The adjoining clean-up or mud
room is equipped with sliding
door wardrobe closets and has a
complete bath with a shower stall.
The basement, if you need one,
is a few steps down from the
family room, while the main liv
ing area is just four steps up
through the front foyer or rear
"For the type' of "activity it
supports," says Architect Mat
ern, "this lower level minimizes
traffic through the balance of the
house and localizes outdoor dirt."
The sleeping level, eight steps
L !'.
I -" iJigS- PI. ..jHI I n B t 1
" .'Tl-i'""'? !iS I bedroom JH bed room V'
- If - i--i-1- j 10J Hi I -o" El frf'-o- - . I
(, Jj"- bdx)m bedroom !;
f ' j living room . -M - II
tivmei juU uYtii "
THIS THRII-dimensional plan shows how split-level work.'
windows in the bedrooms with
out sacrificing privacy.
A part folding partition divides
the master bedroom from a-on-
fourth bedroom Is not required,
this space can be used for a pri
vate sitting room. ,
Another feature that gives this
they want the dining room table Uo tram the main floor, eives thelvertihle fourth bedroom allow-
even larger ... it is essential economy and bedroom privacy of . ing for direct nightime supervi-jcious living room with fireplace
that there be space not only for; a two-story house. This zoning sinn of the baby without having j opposite a front bay window. This
processing foods but for storing permits the use of normal size the crib at the bedside. When a 'living room opens on a secluded
front porch with only an oversize
porthold facing the street
through its stone wall. Sliding
glass doors merge this porch with
plan universal appeal is its gra-lthe dining room. Throughout the
mam floor you have open plan
ning without hotel lobby appearances.
of the
Quality Plao
AP Newtfmiures
Send this coupon for
YOU CAN GET a study plan for The House of
The Week by filling in the coupon and sending
it with 35 cents to this newspaper.
This study plan shows each floor together with
each of the four elevations, front, rear and sides
of the house. It is scaled at 'i-inrh per foot.
It includes a guide on "How to Get Your House
You ran take this study plan to your bank or
other mortgage lender and to your builder and
get rough estimates on cost.
With this information you will know whether
you want to proceed with construction by order
ing working blueprints direct from the architect
and asking for bids.
The Oregon Statesman
Solem, Oregon
Building Editor:
Enclosed is 35 cents. Please send me a copy
of the study plan for The House of the Week,
Design HW-13.
CITY ...
(Please Print)
This Week -In
the Garden
Make poppy divisions now.
Divide bleeding heart.
Head back wisteria.
Plant pansy, delphinium, snap
dregon seeds.
Continue to feed chrysanthe
mums. Continue to spriy roses. As
days shorten and nights grow
longer, more danger ot mildew.
To Garden
Qaeitlea Can annual be
broadcast in the fall? Or must it
be only biennials and perenni
als? It seems to us that flats of
petunias, lobelia, etc., are quite
a price here, and not being pre
pared to raise them ourselves we
do not have the great masses of
flowers to which we have always
been accustomed. M. R.
Answer Evidently you are
from south of the Oregon border
, . . Our climates are somewhat
different here, you know. In the
climates where you ran scatter
all kinds of annual seeds in the
fall and they bloom early in the
spring or even before the win
ter is ever you cannot grow all
of the things that we grow here.
Each climate has its good parts
and its bad parts . , : While there
are some annuals that in ordin
ary years would do nicely if
planted in the fall, they would
not have lived through, shall we
say, such a winter as we had last
yeaf. Usually bachelor's buttons
calliopsis, helianthus, gaillardias,
Shirley poppies, calendulas, will
live over, if the seed gets a good
start in late summer. We plant
our pansies out of doors now for
next springs bloom.
w 9 m
Question What is wrong with
gloxinias? They get pretty near
to blooming, then turn brown and
fall off. M M M.
Answer Sounds like, botrytis.
Plenty of air circulation, good
drainage, keeping water off fol
iage and flowers, plenty of wat
er but not over-watering, are
some of the preventatives. Pick
off all affect d blooms, and burn.
There are also sprays and dusts
on the market, now, under vari
ous trade names, which will
cure. ,
Questions Frequently q u e s.
lions are mailed me that are un
signed. These are not answered.
All questions directed to the gar
den page must be signed, with
name and addresses. The names
and addresses are not published
if the questioner wants them
withheld. You may sign any in
itial or means of identification
to yourself, which you may wiish
in print, but your correct name
and address must appear in the
letter mailed to the garden edit
or, if you wish an answer to your
Question I've asked a couple
of your seed dealers hero for
Blue Bottle seed and they look
at me perfectly blankly. It was a
very common flower back home,
and one ot which I'm very fond
. . . Could you possibly giro me
some other name for it that
would bo known here? Or don't
you know it either? Newcomer.
Answer Truthfully. I didn't
recognize this name either, but
my good book aaye this is Ba
chelors Button or lornflowrt
. . . and sometimes it is called
Ragged Sailor, Ragged Robbin
. . .-It -is a very common flower
here a lovely one, although at
times it may be a pest in the
f Statesman, Salfm, Off.; Sun., Aug. 12, '56 (Sec. IV)-23 ,
Gladiolus Fans Gather for
Regional Show in Portland
Garden Editor, The Statesman
Portland is playing host to
gladiolus fans throughout the
west at the big Pacific Interna
tional Gladiolus Show which
opened Saturday at -the Interna
tional Harvester showroom, S.E.
McLaughlin boulevard and Har
vester Drive. The show will run
through today as well. Hours to
day are from 10 a.m. to I p.m.
The show is being ' staged
jointly by the North American
Gladiolus Council, the Oregon
State Gladiolus Society and the
Portland Gladiolus Society. Co
operating groups include the
Eastern Oregon and N,orth Scu
tum Gladiolus Societies, and the
Grants Pass Gladiolus club.
Great interest prior to the
show was centering in the shows
American Home Achievement
award competition, open to the
originator amateur or profes
sionalof the most worthy un
disseminated, but named variety
of gladiolus at least three years
old, whether shown by the ori
ginator or someone else. 1 This
award is made only to a-new
variety of adequate merit, dis
tinction and novelty. It cannot
go to an unnamed seedling. (See
elsewhere la this paper for wia
Inasmuch as many Oregon
gladiolus growers have had 'con
siderable success in hybridizing '
new glads, sponiors- at the show
were not surprised to see the
sizeable group of "brand new"
blooms this division brought out
Those of you who have time to
do so, will find the trip well
worth while today to go to Port
land to see the show. There it
quite a sizeable commercial grow
er display at the show, too, plus
a special division showing A1V
America gladiolus selections.
Living Room 'Near Outdoor'
:. 4
x a" n
CflGATO (3.
Survivors of
A change in dimensions in the
Henry Ford Museum at Dearborn.
Mich., is being mnde to accom
modate the huge Chesapeake and
Ohio steam locomotive
presented. It is 11 feet
wide, and 16 feet S'a inches high.lKjve
Bnmly or Strength pnfl fl-icll
When lumber is manufactur-1 A "l VIil?II
ed, it is graded for beauty
recently Sn.rlura
z incnes i,lm,r
lowest National Wholesale
H f tan wwt SO dtyt for d
livtry f any mi thM tttmt.
We can lave you as high
as 50
Bedsaul Bros.
172S Center Ph. 2 9872
and i l
or mr sirrngin a
qualities. Framing
needs to be strong to
a home stiffness, so mav
have some knots, as in the case
of the widely used Douglas fir
dimension. But, when lumber is
intended to be used for exterior
siding and trim and for interior
paneling, sash and doors and
trim, it must be attractive- with
lovely texture and grain such as
red cedar. Be sure you buy the
Improving .
three California survivors ot a
highway crash that killed five
persons Thursday, continued to
improve in a hospital here Satur
day. Attendants said Ihe three, who
sulfcred serious Injuries In the
crash, spent a fair night. All were
listed in fair condition.
right grade and kind of lumber
for each job; it will save you
Do II Younell In Chptr
Salem Oldflt Tool lantil
1 110 Swth lllh II.
They are Gerald Clough, lfl,
Harold Trepagnier, IS, and James !
Webster. 14, all of Concord. Calif, j
Eight California Boy Scouts and
their leaders were in a carryall
truck, heading north for a vaca
tion in Alntka. when the carryall
collided with a big freight truck.
The other five Callfnrninns were
The -freight truck driver was
bruised hut otherwise uninjured.
Question Have a few raspber
ry bushes on new place. We en
joyed them very much this year,
although they had been neglect
ed and looked awful. Know noth
ing about garden. Both reared ia
San Francisco apartment houses.
Enjoy Salem very much and a re
following your page for "every
step of the way." Now we must
know what to do with raspber
ries? S. F.
Answer Remove old bearing
raspberry canes, and all weak or
extra new canes. Keep about six
new, strong canes per hill. Sup
ply a strong support to keep
canes growing straight. Burn old
canes removed to get rid of pests
nd diseases. When Ihe berry
vines have been cleaned up prop
erly, then apply a 5-10-10 fertil
izer to get off to good start.
Question What is dodder?
C. P.
Answer Seed plants parasitic
on stems and other parts of cul
tivated or wild plants. They are
leafless, orange to yellow twin
ing vines. The seed germinates,
starting a little later than the
host plant. The parasite is a
slender, yellowish thread with
growing tip circling around for
support. When it touches some
thing, it twines like a morning
glory, and if the support is sus.
crptiblc it puts out little suckers
or haustoria which penetrate the!
host stem. The yellow vine be
low the first stem coil then dries '
up and there is no further con
tact with the soil. The parasite
continues to twine and spread
orange tendrils from one plant to
the next.
Alt ' f r
I .': ' 1. .'--.. v'- " - . '.-'7
Evenings even In summer in tho Willamette Vallay are frequontlf chilly enough to nooel a ftrtv
but one hates to ho deprived of the pretty let summer and oarty fall scenery exit of door.
This living room give you both, and It particularly delightful if I took out to a roar garde
and not to the street. ;
Nov Style for Outdoor
-Living Forming In U.S.
A new pattern for outdoor liv
ing Is developing In America
particularly on the west coast
where outdoor living can be en
joyed longer than in the mid
The new mode, compounded of
Latin and South Sea influences,
has emerged during the post war
decade. This tropical trend has
been generated for tne most part
by architects and builders, who,
on tours of military duty ranging
from Italy to Japan, come to ad
mire the informal ground level
dwellings that opened their walls
to balmy, . picturesque surround
Coming Out ef Ihe Caves
The airly courtyards and ter
races of Mediterranean countries,
the sunny patios of Latin Amer
ica, the lanais of Hawaii, the
sliding partitions of Japan have
all made noticeable contributions
to the new al fresco spirit of de
sign that brings home interiors
into closer relationship with their
natural settings.
Kxpansive use of plate glass had
marie it possible to adapt the
open style of tropical homes to
American standards of comfort.
Panoramic . window walls and
sliding glass panels, having open
ed new vistas in Southern archi
tecture, are now ready to revolu
tionize the traditionally cave-like
houses of the northern climes.
The fast growing use of trans
lucent building materials is ac
companied by an increasing trend
toward color tints to control light
intensity and tone. Floor-to-ceil-ing
windows can be tinted from
light to dark green toward the.
top to reduce Ihe glare of the
sun as it moves toward its zenith.
Aqua tones in bedroom window
p.; no Is are rnndurive to a rest
ful atmosphere, while amber tints
brighten the mood of the kitchen,
breakfast room, bathroom and
northern exposures. The. whole
I -
25 .
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uamoi Haiir
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Flying mUs
effort of the new architecture
seemi to be to eliminate the shell
but not the shelter.
Sheepmen Like This Idea.
Until recently, the modern
glass homes of the southern tier
have been strictly off limits for
the cooler two-thirds of the na
tion because of a small but cru
cial technicality. Like the battle
lost for lack of horse-shoe nail.
the battle against drafts and
moisture has long been a losing
VIENNA. Austria W) Chan
cellor Julius Rabb win visit West
Germany ia October. He wilt bo
the first- Austrian government
chief to visit Germany aince Owe.
eellnr Kurt Ton Sehuschnlf '
fruitless call on Hitler in 1031
te prevent Austria's annesatioa
by the Nazis.
one for lack of a really durable
and effective . weather sealing
material. Now, simple as it may
sound, woven wool pile has ended
the search for a life-time mater
ial that will make window and
door closures airtight and rain
proof against assaults of weather.
f 1 MP
fr mm J
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...... .10
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, ;,niw j:W7Yf, vu.m, i-fur. n
(Tbom ao ate la Sole Itoau)
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