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eries Woinidlyip
..; l
f We loam from a very reliable source of the ability and caution
' of Robert (Commodore . Elfstrom, Jr. Seaman Elfstrom has always
been a bit hesitant about going over the' bar alter salmon. Last
5 week he planned his trip over the Newport bar with utmost caution.
The water was flat and the going smooth. He was outside catching
Salmon when a small breoze came up. It was time to head for
" Inside . . . The sea-going Elfstrom chose the wrong time to come in.
: The bar was rough. Right in the middle of the excitement he ran out
f gas and the motor oied. He finally had to end
.lip hanging to the south Jetty and await a Coast
tiuard escort, 'which finally . arrived. We suggest
lhat Commodore Elfstrom stick to water contained
1 in a small, duck pond. A place where he can
Wade in safety . . .
" j - Lait Saturday,' Sunday and Monday saw
; f the silver salmon at Newport thicker than most
' J anglers could Imagine. Out near the last buoy
" V It was tin aovetyy at nil to have two or three .
; I fish on at one time In a single Reports
1 tell as that one could look In any direction and
J , are at least one fish ... Del Weier. 1015 iireen-
. A .;,. - . ... .. --j tins M a r , r
i wiivr, w vii i ii r wairr wiin p"i - pi
J claimed that he has never seen anything like It. . The party
3 bIbvuI ihrM jlnva mJ tilmni. II n I it fhnlr Brma
f were tired. Naturally with silver salmon, there were far more
hooked than ever were landed. Rut they land-d quite a lew.
Del stopped by to show as nice a catch of salmon as we have seen
for some time.
iDid Much Better at Faster Speeds
Del reported that a faulty motor gave them the answer to
catching the silvers like crazy. The outboard would not perform
Continued on nt "pan"-"
If YoiCre Coin9 Fish'in'' . . .
, 1 1 '
uome lommisn Tieias
Weekend Fish Report
The Oregon State Game Commission Thursday released Its weekly
report on fishing conditions for the state, for the coming weekend.
; Information on the northwests-southwest, central, northeast and south
east portions of the state is as follows:
Many Softball
Stars Return
i Oregon's 1956 State Softball Tour
j nament at Mill City will be loaded
f with returning all-staters from the
ifiurnrv hk well us mi-si aiprx
' from other previous tourneys, re
ports Jim Dimit, state Softball di
rector. The tourney opens' Satur
day and finals are set next Wednesday.
In the North Coast area, sea-run
cutthroat are being taken in most
streams. Salmon fishing is fair to
good off the mouth of Columbia
river. Salmon fishing is slow in
Nehalem Bay. In the Tillamook
area, the Trask and Tillamook
rivers are fair for sea-run cut
throats. Chinook-jacks are being
.,' 4' V .. ' ' - . j 1
' k. V yr
i mm :
Braves Split, Lead Trimmed
Spokes Snatch
n n rr 1
b-i inurnpn
More Ground Ist;
Yak Clashes Next
Steletmaa Sports Editor.
The (own Senators dropped their
Northwest League baseball series
final with the Spokane Indians last
night at Waters Field, 8-7, and in
do (Mng blew the series to Gen.
Joe Rossi's outfit, 3-1, and lost
more ground in the now one-sided
tussle with the Yakima Hears for
the leaiue lead.
So what started out to he a beau
tiful home stand, with eight wins
in nine games wi(h Lewiston and
Wenatchee, turned out', to be a
rather dismal jaunt. I'nrle Hugh
Luhy's club, which definitely has
not ba?n playing good baseball the
past weei; now faces the, task of
having a tremendous series at Ya
kima, over the weekend, or finding
itrrlf too far put of the second
half chase to be considered a
Snellen In Pitch
The Solons open the four-game UMoyn. Mapos, star back for 'schools.
aje (B)rcjaontatcsmanlr
PCC Members
Start Cleanup
4 Wayward (Juh
Have May Deadline
PORTLAND - Warned to
dean up or get out, the four way- Statesman, Sairm, Ore, Fri., Aug. 1,0, '56 (Sec. IV) 29
l oast Conference set their sights
Thursday on a May deadline for
proving their hearts are pure.
Winding up a three-day session
Wednesday, the presidents and
faculty . athletic advisers of the
nine member colleges told UCLA.
Southern California, Washington
and California to present proof of
purity "on or before the regular
spring meeting'' of 1957. They had
Pros, Eye Revenge
In All -Star Game
CHICAGO Traditionally the glittering harbinger of the cridiron
been lound guilty of giving unper-1 season, Hie annual All-Star football game Friday night will send Uie
mittcd financial' aid to their ath- j cream of the 1955 collegiate crop against the favored, and revenge-
Any who fail to clean up "shall;
be- expelled from the Conference i
as of Aug. 1, ,1957." .
'Portland Compromises'
But the basses of. the sprawling
circuit tempered this stern ulti
matum by giving UCLA and VSC
half a football loaf.
The "Portland Compromise" re
stored half a season of eligibility
to the senior gridders at the two
When the Conference
Sitalich will try to notch the first
necessary victory.
Last night's finale was a good
ball game, after the" first inning.
In that one each side was as gen
erous as a drunk on a picnic. Spo
kane tallied five runs on two hits,
three walks; ahit -batter and an
error, ruining young Dick Dodcl's
dfbut as a Salem flinger.
But the Solons, came right bark
with five in 'their pdrtion of the'
inning, on twp hits, two walks, a
hit hatter and three Tribe errors.
It was quite an inning
BifHV;ilsh rt'llyvrifBtifftTTrTThe"
miridle of the, opening mess and
went on until the sixth When he
W L Pet W L Pet.
tht South Sslem Saxona In : slapped probations on the errant1 sJlkm 20 ii Tm Tnoty liwiiii
22 .3.1
past football seasons,, will bo quartet earlier in the year. I'CLAifpokM is w .ss: EusenV
packing the ball for the Siefo I r - ,.T, Thundayi result.: .t sain 1. sPi
: . c. . . uiaiiruuy im-iisiim' am uai.
school football classic In Port
land Aug. 1 8. (See story next
, did the same for. 42 squad mem
kane : at Tri-Citv t. Kujcne 3; at
WennUhe 1. YaK:ma S.
'! seeking Cleveland Browns
This 23rd contest in a colorful
series will attract an expected
70.000 into huge Soldier Field and
will be telecast and broadcast by
the American Broadcasting Com
pany (5:30 PSTi.
Paul Brown, still smarting from
a 30-27 upset by the collegians
last year has whipped his Na
tional Football League champions
almost into regular season sharp
ness to avert what would be sting
ing humiliation for the proud
Brown boss two successive All
Star game defeats.
Two TD Favorite
I - . . . 1
ll7H iSCl
v wT
J x Wr"""j "
r ; .
r ; v !
Rematch Set
For TV Fight-
anrir Ft av eit v a tit W
This was eased by the Confer- w l Pet' w L -t , ,wo touchdown favorite over
ence to one vear of lost eligibility Lo As. sa 45 ii Sacram 59 s .4:: Coach Curley Lambeau's galaxy
per man - w hich eliminated the t KM g S lit I till 11 il i0'50 handpicked .collegiate stars,
seniors. Wails went ud that the 1 srattia 72 m .571 vncvr si 74 .os . Lamoeau and nia aides, on -the
Shoots hot 65 to pace golfer
Tarn Lead Goes
To Winninger
CHICAGO IA1 - Francis (Bo)
I U'lttinrfaiaa tnsnm at it raalJ S1av
Itih Ih tlrna ra iwi oiltiinui aa I r ... . .
juw iiiv y w hit anc-u aiiiivnt.
penalties were too harsh includ
ing, as they did, the loss of cham-
ninntihin rirhts anrl Rnso Rnurl ro.
. . ' aifl aaa wilm NATIONAL 1.EAGIK
1111UI111111 iu fio.vinj Ji-r W i Prl W 1 Prl
year per school. ! Milwak .l 4j .sni phlliirtl .iis.l-.4H0
Oot-of Rmxv Uwt
Thursday's 'reiiilt: at Los Anwlei , nthnr hanH rnmnlnin thai tirni
2. Secramento I: At Vancouver S, I . ,k u,
satti 4: oniv lamea acheduifd. i mav run out on them before
the All-Stars Jelled to their full
What makes the all-stars some-
mt'll Hl'iij it,,!,,.,.'. -. vixtnrv nvnr
was knocked out. Spokane touched j . , ,,,,h' , ,, ,on
Walsh for a solo jn the fourth.
which was matched by Salem
when Mel Krause singled and
Jack Dunn tripled, also in the
fourth. A couple of hits, around a
walk, and then a ground-out scored
the two runs in the sixth, chasing
Wa'sh and actually deciding the
ball game, and his second loss in
two nights.
Lefty Jerry Cade relieved Walsh I
and did another fine job until lifted
for a pinch hitter. Then Arlie
Alderman finished up, and he too
did an excellent job. But the two
run bulge, and Tom Mulcahy's
taken in the Wilson up to Mills 1 1y relief flinging proved too
bridge. Chinook-salmon are roll
ing in the Salmon river bay up
to Murrays below highway 101.
Jacks are being taken regularly.
Offshore troll is good for salmon
at Nestucca bay with a few being
taken inside. Jacks are showing
in all the rivers in the Tilla
mook area, as are the sea-run
much to overtake. Mulcahy came
on in the first, and although biffed
for nine hits checked the Salems
to two runs. He fanned 10 in the
nan rirmy taaarn .
The Salems had big chances at
Mulcahy in the seventh and ninth,
but pinch hitters failed to produce
both times. Irene Laursen wnniea
with a run on third in the seventh,
and Harv Koepf went down swing
ing with two on in the ninth, after
Chuck Essegian had blasted his
ISth homer of the season as first
Siuslaw rivers. Salmon fishing in ! batter up.
the Siletz Bay for chinonk and, Essegian's blast was a lulu. It
silver salmon has been fair to was a shot that almost took the
good. Salmon fishing at Yaquina typewriter off the top of the Roen
Bay and Depot Bay has been ex-jad just to the left of the score
pfl!fnf u-hpn vthrr nermiLs , hoard.
pitcher. Corvallis has George crossing the bar. In the Lower j Ron King hit a two-outs double
Sprick. shortstop; Hal Guslafson, Willamette, fishing continues good 'and Ray Webster walked after
outfielder, and Lou Stagg, catcher. on the McKenzie and the Willam- j ward, but Koepf couldn't get at
Gov Baker, no-hit pitcher of last ette above Lookout Point reser- the curve-balling Mulcahy.
Of the 14 all-staters picked last i cutthroats. I'pstream trout ang
ling is only fair to poor. Clamming
and crabbing has improved at
Netarts and Tillamook bay. Fish
ing has been fair for sea-run cut
throats on Siletz. Alsea, and the
year, ten will return. Kugene leads
the list with four, followed by Cor
vallis with three. Mill City with
two and Sheridan and Oregon City
with one each.
The Eugene, stars are Bob Wet
zel, first baseman voted outstand
ing player of the 1955 tourney;
Dale Warberg. catcher; Bob Wil
lis, pitcher and Ron Willoughby,
year who was named the outstand
ing hurler, is back again with She
ridan. Mill City's two all-staters are
Boh Dombrowsky, third baseman
and leading hitter of the 1955 tour
rev, and Gordy McMorris, utility
Del Hansen of Oregon City will
be bark to try for another all-stater
post, which he lnnded last year
as a utility outfielder.
Proceeds from Saturday's games
will go to the Shriners hospital for
rrinpled children. The
. Spokane 8) U Salem
I Mrnhv.m 2 0 5 0 Kram i 4 1 3 4
IJaiksn J 4 2 4 9 Brady.3 4 0 0 0
Hufmn.r 6 2 0 0 Dunn.m 4 110
i Ronsl.0 2 0 2 0 Essppm.l 4 3 10
ISarrpsn.l 4 0 0 1) Rnahrg.i 3 0 11 0
: n i p r 1 1 1 1 s 4 l n 2 srrKia.r 9 14 0
Santiam ' Bradhrh 307 Km.c 4371
Shriners are sponsoring the day's 1 Tki'p 1 0 0 n nnd.i.p 6000
voir. Tributaries, are also good. Salem had 10 hits, three each for
Lookout Point, Dexter and Dorena , Essegian and King (both had two
are fair to poor. Clear Lake
(Cont. page 31, column II
In Reverse:
doubles alsoi, to only six for Spo
kane. In fact, the Solons had six
extra-base wallops to but one for
the pesky Tribe.
Rossi revved things up consider
ably in the fourth when he chal
lenged base ump Russ Fisher to
a sizzling word duel, and lost. He
was thumbed out.
the loser is favored to reverse the
score in Friday night's 10-round
lightweight match at Madison
Square Garden.
The nationally televised (NBC
radio and TV'i contest will be the
last from the. Garden until Sept.
7, with the political, conventions
and out-of-town arenas filling the
regular Friday schedule for three
Zulucta's surprising victory! Ju
ly 13, was unanimous with Ref
eree Petey Scalzo and Judge Joe
Schecter voting for the clever Cu
ban 6-4 and Judge Jack Gordon
The first match was decided
when Referee Scalzo penalized
for a low blow. As mast ringsib-
ers. agreed Lightburn- would have
won the round, if not penalized
it cost him' at least a draw.
Lighthurn, 22-year-old boxer
from British Honduras, is a 13-5
choice against the 28-year-old Zu
lueta, who gets maximum results
from a flicking left Jah. Ludwtg
is rated No. 10 among the light
I f'!. A is nut nf the Rns Rnu'1
Despite Or-:race for tnree years.- I'SC and
Washington for two.
The senior gridders at L'CLA
and USC may play in five con
secutive games per man this fall.
The choice of games was left to
frM'V 1'. ? fi'.'.T 1?r .yh" question mark is the fact
t Inr ntTRJ 4 .rss xmras tS fa 4H r T- 11 ,
si , m S3 mi . n York v ss ."(i Laniboau has not been able lo
Thurdya results: at MiiwauKea settle on a NO. I qtiarteroacK.
4-1. Lmil. 1-S: at PltUhursh a.;)jk, N . Dame'. Ralnh Riifftipl.
at Hrw YnrK 9. Knua- 1 ---- r-- -w
Bears Sweep
Chief Series
WENATCHEE -Dick Young"s
four hif pitching and Vince Mor
eci's RBI hitting were effectively
combined Thursday night to give
Yakima a 6-1 win over Wenatchee
and a sweep of their three game
Northwest League baseball ser
ies. In another NWL game at Kenne-
wick, Tri-City's Bill Girdley hiUa
crucial two-run homer in the eighth
to pull the Braves into a 5-3 vic
tory over Eugene.
events and will have the Mill City
high school band 'and the Salem
Shrine drill team present to perform.
Semis Won, Lost
By Salem Golfers
Mlrahv.D .110 0 Walsh.p 3 0 0 1
Carln.xc 2 0 8 0 Cadf.p 0 0 0 0
, LaurKn.d 10 0 0
Aldinn.p 0 0 0 1
Kotpf.f 10 0 0
Total! 3.1 6 27 8 Total! 37 10 27 8
x-f'oulfd out for Rosl In 4th.
d-Struck out for Cade In 1th.
(-Struck out for Alrirrman In 9th.
son 102 oon8 4
500 100 0017 10
Wlnntn pltrhrr Mulrahy (3-11.
Losing pltrher Walh' (7-31.
TUALATIN I - Marty Leptich
came from behind to defeat Bob
Henningscn on the 23rd hole in the
top semi-final match of the ore-! Mulcahy
gon Senior golf championships i
here Thursday. Both are from'c"nh
Portland. ! Alderman
The victory advanced Leptich, j Hj, bT Pitrh,r-Samrion nv Dodfi:
the defending champion in the di-Krau hy i.uttkr. iit on ha
vision for mm VI In 1 inln (h ! Snok,,ne Salrm II. F.rrort Hrady.
vision lor men SO to BO, 'WO me Hammomotn. Bradbury.
finals against Al Remllnger, Hood n(Mli, Carlon. Ilonia run-Eswitian
River, remlingor heat Dr. Millard Thrr-haae hit-Dunn. Twn.baar hits
Si,,ii. ,, n,,i j . . , Huffman, f'sfnan 2. Klnf 2. nuns
. Rosenblatt. Portland, 4 and 3. ,h.rH . ' , Riiii, 5
ip ah
01- 2
0 I 2
S'j 22
Hi i
t ar to bh
9 2 0 2
2 2 10 4
9 3 0 2
3 3 2 4
0 0 3 1
0 0 3 0
PCL Linecorrs
Sacramento" ana ion oon 1 t (l
Los. AnglM OoO OOO 0022 S 0
Stanka and MrNamara; fodge and
Tapp. Hannah (9).
tVattla 120 000 1004 U 1
Vancouver 004 001 00X 9 0 0
Scantlebury and Aylward. Ortela
fsi; Hooper, . Drummong Q) and
In the division for men Over 60. Dunn 2. E5pian 2. Srrkula. Kins
Bob Smith Portland heat Earl Jackaon y Sacrifice -Kln Douhlt
noi. "mun, j oniana, neai r.ari pay,.Wps,Br , Kr,M tn Ro.hurg:
Bourland, Salem, 5 and 4, and R. j. ks.,n to lismmomoto. Tim 2 34.
B. Watson. Portland, defeated Vic Ommrni Ammens and Fiaher. At-
nnclou, Pnrfton n Ik. ntl ItfltlnnPf SH7.
hole. '
Final rounds in both divisions
are to be played Friday.
Scores included: '
Over 60 division 2nd flight, Dr.
R. Reynolds, Salem, defeated Hal
. Bu ch. Portland. 23rd hole.
50 tri Ml division 1st flight, qar-
ter finals, O W. I.angdoc. Salem,
drfraled C. R. Sumner, Pnrlland,
4 and 3; semifinals, Ted Fleskes.
Portland, defeated Langdoc, 4 and
3: 2nd flight, Vern Gnrralirandf.
The Dalles, defeated G. A. Lcn-
grcn, Salem, 2 up. .
Special Pre-Seaton
, $2"
Basketballs .
Open Mon. & Fri. Til
We give and Redeem
Penny Saver Stamps ,
AC 100 Pure
Paraffin Base y V L V
Jmi wk m aaW la. ae
Big (0J(S
2-Gal. aistf .
m t
i,JJ I ' SET OF 4 - " t.ii"t.
S. ( - I Sot of 4
Trailer ; Shoos-3.9g
Directional Lights 5.95 V- I f,rh"""
Pacific Auto Supply
355 N. Liberty Ph. 4360
Brooklyn 7:
delphia 2; at Cincinnati t. Chicago i.
W L Pet. W L Pet
N. York 70 37 ,54 Dftrolt Kl 57 ,47
the coaches. There was no list of I ?'?" ; X?"!T!1?I JiJS'i
the affected seniors available but I Chicago iu4a!ss4 k. cu 3';6 4
it . as believed I'SC had about 17. 1 Thurtday a result: At Washington
ULLA about 20. Lor, 1; at Chicaao 8. Cleveland 21
Every member .school had been at Detroit 3. Kanui city 9.
ordered to investigate its own ath
letic program and have a report
ready for this session. After study
ing, the confessionals, the Confer
ence ruled that Oregon. Oregon
State, Stanford, Washington State
and Idaho was innocent. -
UCLA and . Washington, on pro
bation in all sports, were given
until Sept. 20 to prove that not
more than five players in each
sport except football received il
legal afd. If they do this, the pro
bation will be removed for all bet
football, t
Willamette to Start '.
Season Ticket Drive
The annual season ticket sell
ing drive for Willamette Univer
sity athletics ii to start next
Monday, August 13, during a spe
cial luncheon it the Marion Ho
tel, athletic director John Lewis
announced Wednesday. ,
The luncheon will be open to
the public.
me last year.
Quarterback Corps
He is bound, however, to get
something better than an average
job of signal-calling and passing
from a quarterback corps includ
ing Michigan State's Karl Mor
rall; Navy's George Welsh, Iowa's
Jerry Re'fhow and Wisconsin's
Jim Haluska,
The All-Star running attack has
Ohio State's All-America Howie
iHopalongi Cassady as its king
(Cont. page 30, cel. 5)
slammed into the first round lead
of the 1116,200 "world" champion
ship at Tarn O'Shanter Thursday
with a T-under-par 65,
Winingcr and several others
made a great bid for it. Erne
Ball, 45-year-old club pro at Oak
Park. III., in the summer and Tuc
son, Arti., in the winter, carved
35-31--6S and Cary Middlecoff. the
1256 NainnaJ Open champion, 32-
Other divisions of the "world"
jamboree ahaped up with these
WOMEN PROS, shooting for a
$6,000 first prize-Mickey Wright,
Chula Vista, Calif., with S-under-par
71; Louise Suggs, Betty Jam
eson and Alice Bauer each with 74.
Sanches of Baton Rouge, La., the
All American winner last week,
with 78. Anne Richardson, Colum
bus. Ohio: and Jackie Yates, Hon
olulu, each with 79.
(Cont. page JO. eol. 1)
Bosox Victor,
j Move Up to 2d
Mantle Hits 39th
Homer as Yanks Win
Associated Presa Sports Writer
.Milwaukee's National League
4 wan was irimmea to it games
again Thursday night as the
Braves split a twi-night double
header with St. Louis following
afternoon successes by runnerup '
Brooklyn and third place Cincin
nati. Rookie southpaw Taylor Phil--
lips' three-hitter gave Milwaukee
a 4-1 victory in the opener, but -Tom
Poholsky t h e scattered '
eight hits to beat the Braves 5-1.
, It was the second twi-nishter '
in 24 hours between the Cards
and the Braves, who also split
Stan Mutial drove la three runs'
In the nightcap, which left the ;
Braves only two games ahead of
Cincinnati and again pulled the
fourth-place Cardinals to .500.
Gene Cenlejr Leoea
St. Louis smacked 10 hit offt
starter. Gene Conley, who lost his ,
seventh, and three reliefera. Ace',
Bob Buhl, sidelined by a chipped
bone on his pitching hand last
weekend, tested his hand with two
relief innings as a warmup for .
a probable starting job in the
four-game scries with Cincy op-.
ening Friday night, '.
Phillips, 23, was touched for the,
run in the fourth on singles by .
Don Blaslngame and Stan Musi
al and an error. He walked two
and struck out six for a J-0 rec
ord in his first major league start..
Murry Pickson lost it, giving up
(Cent, page It, toL 1)
Salem Girls Take
2L7 Softball Win...
Salem's' Recreational Girls aoft-i
ball team cut loose with a la-hit
attack Thursday night at Phillip
Field te defeat the Hillcrest girls,
Big hitters for Salem were'
Donna Shippe with a double and
two singles. Vivian Reavea with '
triple and two aingles, Jean Hagea ,
with a double and two singles,
Jackie Roddewig with a double and
two singles and Marlene Doletal '
with two . doubles. Iva L'nrua
pitched the victory.
Hillcrest oot 001 J 7 11
Salem 009 417 x Jl 111
, Ann
rj I J
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1 C88
8x25 binoculars, 29.95 value, I af plus tax
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