The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 10, 1956, Page 15, Image 15

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    liHSec. II) Statesman,
i- , , , - I ' rt rs I i '
: , -;,V; . (Coolmg Drinks fb"S?ro
. V V---. v1 For Family AV'?.
J r''.v:;:,-V; All Use Milk V f'f
' r '' t ' ' . " "' Along with milk, ire cream and . ' L ,
I : ' . ' . " 3 '" ' .,V whipping cream are good dairy I i Ji. -
S I JV." I - ' -.X foods to have on hand to make aV; I ? ' . .
V- ' - ' .- , . - ,V JJi your milk drink extra special, T" i I i , f , K . .. X!-' I'V I 1
r Vi ' , V j With fresh fruits, chocolate or t 1 V oOA ''Vil X U):, '
J A. I cocoa, and few flavoring avail- " ' 'ZW-'Uv L YH V - X K VWV I i
. - t- . A y J ahle. there are any number of ? " 1 'AilJV . - f V H 7 Mai 1
. . - .'t, : iV ''V-'"', -, delicious milk shakes, tnrias. cool. !: V. V V ' V i V ' V ' J l ' , I
' Sr .sS ers, and other delicious drinks that ? I r. X A 14 V ' jf V X I I '( I
- can be prepared in a 4 '? t'Ar V' IP'X' vj.
v . ip'.7- T: These' refreshing dairy drink. S 'Af' ' I
It- N- ... - ,, , will make a hit with family and ' V JlJk V V -
J,'- " ji'- f friends. .',. X''' V ' C X '"4
$ .'-' V'""" ''I " . COFFEE MAMHO SHAKE ','":. ' AI : f A. . I
" " 2-4 teaspoons instant coffee ' I ' - CLS A4 ''J
5' " -; . - V 4 teaspoons uBar . M. , , X S.' ' - n V v 'V 1
t . VV'' ':'-;-''' . -T" :'-r' ; 2 cups cold fresh milk - "nJ V. - ' . y0" ;. t
1 ; "tJ'V ; . . . ' .rf,v -' X-'. . cup cream, whipped-. ; ?' V I
'. if - ' V' . V rnmhine instant rnffee. sui;ir lfciMwiwifc.- iummi gMi3aWMMMwaMwUyrtf,i'
i 'WJi!f- -V 'and mi
jji American fayorite with oriental flavor is chop soey, which come in aborted flavors. Here
s t rether new version with apples, but the same flavors are used to make it delicious.
Vork, Apple
Chop Suey
popular. Dish
JTh'e price of pork at market
Mtve challenged most cooks to do
' tlelr best bythia delirious meat.
IJnn't forget thBt pork isn't just
2ast pork or pork chops. It can
so' mean good casserole dishes,
skillet meals made, with small
cpbes or strips of pork, and that
jsfeat American favorite. Chop
fiiey. A good recipe for Pork Chop
3iiey is a cue to another good
ral made with the abundant and
economical pork at your market,
tprjental-style" FoodsareTWpu1ar,
ajid have the advantage of being
ajmost complete meals in one bowl
of dish. Rice, feathery and flaky.
May be the oriental's choice of
lng-grain. or for purely American
tastes, the converted rice or the
pe-cooked type is not only accept
able but practically fool-proof for
easy preparation.
'Take your good flavor hint from
die Oriental and use monosodium
fjutamate in the chop auey or
chow mein preparation, as well as
M the rice cookery, as he does.
Ks one reason you like the full
bat delicate flavor of bis types of
tood. - . .
'..Using tart apple In this chop
ssley serves two purposes it pro
dies flavor contrast for the pork as
wj-ll as a texture and shape con
trast for the other ingredients.
Frk aid Apple Chep Soey
1 pound boneless pork
t;cupfat - .
N 1 medium onions, sliced
i'i cups water (20 ounces)
1 can bean sprouts
tt teaspoon monosodium
, flu tarn ate
i I cups slivered celery
2 tart apples, thinly sliced
Soy sauce, to taste
J I-tablespoons cornstarch
!Cut pork in narrow strips about
inches long. Brown In hot fat;
remove. Add onions to pan; brown
fifhtly. Return pork to frying pan;
arid water with the liquid from
bn sprouts and Ac'cent. Cover;
simmer 20 minutes. Add celery and
ttoles; cook 10 minutes longer.
Acid soy sauce if desired. Dissolve
cornstarch in a little cold water;
ajld, stirring constantly until thick
ed. Add bean sprouts; bring to
Kbiljng point. Serve with hot cooked
lire. Yield: I servings.
1 " '
tbw Quirk for
Picnic Salads
A favorite salad that Is aft the
more delicious because of the addi
tion of pickles is potato. At picnic
jlannlng time, potato salad always
wjanages to appear on the menu.
The next time you're preparing it,
fihy not vary the flavor by using
ktt dog relish instead of straight
njustard. Hot dog relish, as you
fcwow, is that tasty combination of
tllsvr mustard and pickle relish
!j 4 medium (approximately 2
' cups) diced, cooked potatoes
CM cup chopped celery
4 radishes, sliced
1 tablespoon vinegar
i i tablespoons salad oil
I I teaspoon salt .
' 1 hard-cooked eggs, chopped
V4 cup hot dog relish
J V4 cup mayonnaise or salad
I dressing
Combine first I ingredients
Qiil in refrigerator several hours
Add remaining ingredients; chill
Mates 4-6 servings.
.NOTE: For variation, add V tup
(Stopped onion and Vt cup chopped
cucumber. Or instead of hot dog
Klith, try hamburger relish. It
Combines tomato with pickle.
JriMitnf Centslnwt
. . . IDT
fVipocant are
uer tAttkvtt,
veVywher e.-
available at
Locker Plants
am . lb ' 1
Salem, Ore., FrI., Aug. 10,
Dribble confectioners' sugar
frosting over hot doughnuts for a
pretty glaze. Make sure the dough
nuts are hot!
Poached fresh pears served
with a soft custard sauce (made
with cream) and topped with
crushed almond brittle.
Pineapple Flecks
In Morning Mush
Breakfast cereal will disappear
like magic with a- sprinkling of
tiny pineapple flecks through it.
Cook wheat or rice cereal accord
ing to directions on package.
When H -begin -t4hirkoiw stir-in
ft cup of well-drained, crushed
pineapple and cook for I addi-
tional minutes. Serve with brown',
sugar and milk or cream. .
Here's a serve yourself dessert
for a barbecue menu; String pine-
apple chunks on skewers, dip i"
melted butter, sprinkle with sugar
and broil over charcoal until
Outdoor Meal Has
Cole Slaw, Steak
Cole slaw goes well at almost
any picnic, but it's not easy to
carry and looks less appetizing
after it stands a while. Try this
way: Put the shredded cabbage in
a plastic bag. Then fill a small jar
with mayonnaise, seasoned with a
little vinegar, a dash of sugar, a
little mustard or tomato catsup.
At serving time just toss the may
onnaise mixture with the cabbage,
and your coleslaw will be as crisp
and tasty as it is at home.
Just because there a no steak,
chicken or chopped meat on hand
is no reason to hesitate when
someone suggests a barbecue. A
simple sandwich, even though It's
just filled with tuna, celery and
mayonnaise, seems a special treat
if it'i toasted over the coals. Or
try a filling of mashed liverwurst
or liver pate mixed with crisp
bacon bits.
Meringue Pie
Fluffy, Flavorful
Meringue pies, those fluffy pas
tries most of us love so well, take
coconut for' flavor.
Vt cup sugar
4 cup sifted flour
V4 teaspoon salt
3 cups milk
1 cup shredded coconut, cut
I. egg yolks, slightly beaten
I teaspoons vanilla
1 tablespoon butter
1 baked 0-Inch pie shell
2 egg whites
4 tablespoons sugar
Vfc cup shredded coconut
Combine Vt cup sugar, flour,
and salt In top of double boiler:
add milk gradually, ttirring until
smooth. Add 1 cup coconut. Cook
over rapidly boiling water IS min
utes, stirring constantly. Mix
small amount of mixture with egg
yolks; return to double boiler and
cook 2 minutes longer. Remove
from heat. Add vanilla and but
ter. Cool. Turn Into pie shell. I
Beat egg whites until foamy
throughout. Add sugar, 1 table
spoon at a time, besting after j
each addition until sugar is '
blended. Then continue beating
until mixture will stand In peaks.
Tile lightly on filling and sprinkle
with 4 cup coconut. Bake in
moderate oven (350 degrees) IS j
minutes, or - u n t i 1 delicately
browned. 1
B,rMKevfii6oiNarMiiotcy r J v. I . v.
- f wrMWUAOAiN rv6MA-iopdV 1 WXUMOUT, BXftlEf ? V'' vWyTA"
XXI ALL THff WA'Y TO THC TCX I OUg 0TTH& .1 F )?- (( yVT
' fjl
'"buicx, K&jie 1 A ZZT l. as "1
S p'
Pineapple Puffs
Family Dessert
This dessert is for the family,
or dressed up a bit with whipped
cream it makes company fare too.
4 teaspoons butter
1 teaspoons brown sugar
4 cup shredded coconut,
I Slices drained canned
. pineapple '.
1 cup sifted flour .
l'i teaspoons baking powder
H teaspoon salt
4 cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoons shortening
V4 cup milk
1 egg unbeaten
"Tlace it teaspoon butter-awl '
teaspoon brown sugar in each of
r,.r ;.,to ...mi.. wiuirf.
LUy Into cups,
si(t nour nnce: measure into
sifter with baking powder, salt,
an(j eranulated sugar. Have short
ening at room temperature; mix
or Stir just to soften. Sift in dry
ingredients. Add milk and egg and
mix until all flour is dampened.
Then beat 2 minutes. Turn batter
into cups, using about 3 table-
spoons to earn cup. Bake in mou
erate oven (375 degrees) 30 min
utes, or until done. Serve warm
with whipped - cream, pineapple
sauce, or other fruit sauce. Makes
I servings,
Rice Appears in
Chicken Salads
Use rice in a chicken-fruit salad
2 tablespoons lemon juice
14 cups cubed avocado
1 cup cubed cooked chicken
-1 cup cooked rice '
H cup finely chopped celery
H teaspoon finely chopped
- green onion
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons sour cream
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
.Pour the lemon juice over avo
cado. Combine the remaining in
gredients, add avocado mixture,
and toss lightly. Chill. Serve on a
crisp lettuce leaf. Six servings.
Sprinkle waffle batter, after you
have poured It onto the irons, with
small pecan halves and bake as
usual. Super with real maple syrup.
Thread cheddar cheese cubes,
wedges of small tomatoes and
chunks of cucumber on small
Enjoy the Extra
Goodness of the
Northwest's Very
Owa Braid
Produced in Salem
f k
I .5) I
Ik in a shake, glass Jar or
electric- blender;- Shake Well- -w
blende Pour into tall glasses. Too
with whipped Cream and a dash
of nutmeg. Serves 2.
4 cups apricot nectar
1 quart ginger ale
t pint vanilla ice rream
. Fill glasses half full with apri
cot nectar. Fill wjth ginger ale.
Top with a scoop of vanilla ice
cream. Serve with Colored straws.
Serves 6.
2 cans strained bananas
ibahy food cans)
H cup orange juiee
6 tablespoons honey
Pinch of salt
4 cups milk
Combine, strained bananas,
orange juice, honey and salt. Mix
well, mien irauy iu iwrivr auu
cold milk and beat with egg beater j
: ...u: a !
well.. When ready to serve
I., t. nAA
iur inii
tth- whiinwd . f'
cream or a scoop of ice cream or
Vi cup chornlate syrup
4 cups milk -1
cup cold, strong coffee
1 pint vanilla ice cream
Combine chocolate syrup,
and coffee. Shake or blend
milk '
with beater. Pour ' over
crushed ice. Top with a
scoop of !
vanilla Ice
cream and seive.
serves 4.
Beets Gain Flavor
From Oranges
Beets in orange saure are a fine
tummer vegetable. Fresh from
garden or market, they're tender
and flavorful.
2 cups whole small beets
2 tablespoons flour
3 tablespoons sugar
'4 teaspoon salt
Dash paprika
2 tablespoons butter
4 cup cold water
1 cup orange juice
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Drain beets well. Place in light
ly greased baking dish or casser
ole. Mix flour, sugar, salt and pep-
rika together; combine with but
ter, water, orange and lemon
juice and cook until thick, about
S minutes, stirring occasionally.
Pour sauce over beets and bake
in moderate oven (3.V) degrees)
for 30 minutes. Serves 4 to 6.
Feed Lot Hereford Beef!
1 Whole Half ready for
locker. Avg. $45 te $50
Wa Reserve the Right
1288 State St.
IK f
Spears of pineapple are wrapped in bacon and broiled for an
or supper,- Here, they're served with new pctatos and peasA
and early.- summer.- -
Bacon Wraps
Pineapple as
Menu Special
Hish on the list of mast folk's
favorite foods is crisp, smoky
flavored bacon, "little meals'",
such as luncheon or supper, that
feature bacon are popular ith
the family, and now is ..thajcason
hen menus enjoy; aJit rf a sur-f
For a very quick but delicious
"little meal", serve cooked bacon
slices with an attractive vegetable
or fruit plate and hot brown rd
serve rolls. If you orcfer a hot
, , ;
vefietablc and bacon mam dh
combine baron slices with i.nia
Scans or bakefrbPnUs"
old-fashioned favorites surh
corn cnowner or rn
cheese gain new heartiness and
flavor with the addition of cx)k"i
haron bits and a topping of baron
With a main
dish featuring ;
satisfying baron,
you noed only ;
add a simple salad wi'h cookies
and fruit for dessert. The main
dish should be one whirli you cm
prepare in a snort time, and id
cook in the oven while you take I
time for other tasks or for just
relaxing. Combine bacon with
creamed new potatoes and pas,
and and your lavorne truu. J nese , a delicious preserve w hen
pineapple spears . bined with dried apricofs or fresh
are a real summer special.
Baron-Wrapped Pineapple Spears
1 pound thin sliced bacon
24 canned pineapple spears
24 H inch sticks of ifresh pine
apple .Wrap a slice of baron around
each spear of pineapple. Secure
with toothpicks. -Proil 3tnches
from neat source in a not Droning
oven 10 to 15 minutes. Turn to
nrnwn oaenn eveniy. Aiaxes t
Bacon and Pineapple C hunks
'i pound thirk sliced haenn
1 can '2 cups) pineapple
2 teaspoons cornstarch
1 teaspoon lemon juice or .
ij teasnoon cinnamon
Pan-fry bacon until uniformly
brown. Drain bacon on absorbent
paper. Keep hot. Dram pineapple
. Eastern Orecon
Lb. WV:
Lb. g).
te limit Quantities
Phone 3-6489
and pan fry In bacon fct. Drain AnD FLAVOR. -
,r. j. ;. ' . Heat frozen cream of pota o soup
r-JjhinJ ) h b.ts leftover ham; .cut the
Combine H cup pineapple juire. ham , dj
cornstarch, lemon juic and rlrl" .spk v STORY
namon rour over pincnpple. Stir,' " cannrd r corn with
and boil 5 minutes or until sauce !chi p,. and scrvf wjlh la.
is thick and clear. ""I males and a green salad for a
Serve hot spiced pineapple ennA ,nnt.r main mr
I c ...
uaiuu, on vis
Red Currants
f n i a
A couple of boxes of currants
will make this dessert.-
1 guart red cutrants .
1 cup water
l'i cups sugar
1 tablespoon, gelatin .
2 tablespoons cold water
1 tall ran evaporated mil1-. (1 2-3
cups', cniilea
eurrants. Add I nip water
an(j ,1 untll tender. Press
thrniieh - coarse sieve. There
should he 2 cups pulp. Add sugar,
boil 2 minutes, then arid gelatin
has been soaked in cold
water. Stir until completely dis-
solved. Let stand in a cold place
until mixture is a sort jelly. Whip
milk very stiff. Fold currant mix
ture into whipped milk. Puur at
lu,u "
Viild: 3 pints,
Canned crushrd pineapple makes
pears. Add an
orance Jo (he
pincappie-apncot mixture and a
lemon to the pineapple-pear com
bination. COLD DRINK
Beat two cups of milk and a pint
of soft chocolate icefccream to
grthrr w ith a -couple of tablespoons
of instant coffee powder for a hot-
treat. Serve in pretty
m wm Cm
after being sprayed with
Real-Kill Killed All Bugs
Submitted in Nation Wide Contest
Even though we offered $25,000 cash
for the first bug that lived after being
spraed with REAL-KILL, no bug sub
mitted lived. ALL BUGS DIEDI
, j y.rk
' iEALl(IU
f i ANTS -
a Jonc;-time favorite in spring
: " .."
i rr -
Have cheese rabbit on the Sun-day-night-supper
menu but just
for a change add drained whole
kernel corn to it.
IMS N. IWy, bit ;
fbene 14114
Kills The Bugs. You Have Now
Kills Others that Come in LATER
When you spray REAL-KILL on' any surface
until wef, it dries to an Invisible, odorless trap
that kills bugs even those bugs which hatch
out or come into your home week! later
RFAl-Klf. It, giving $25,000 to the Demon Runyon
Cancer Fund because no bug lived after being
prayed with REAL-KILL
favorite store today.
There's a REAL-KILL product
for every bug problem
Stuff Spareribs
With Cereal, Apple
1 cup chopped onion
5 tablespoons tat
6 shredded wheat biscuits,
cups soft while bread crumbs,
It slices 1
S cups chopped tart apple
1 cup chopped celery
1 teaspoon salt j
'4 teaspoon pepper j
24 tablespoons sugar
3'i pounds spareribs (1 or I
sheets) '
Saute onion In fat until tender.
Mix with shredded wheat crumbs,
bread crumbs, apple, celery, salt,
pepper and sugar. Sprinkle ribs
with salt and pepper. Dace stuff
ing on one sheet of spareribs and
top with the second sheet. Sew
together or tie. or make mound
of stuffing and place one large
sheet of ribs over stuffing. Bake
in moderate oven (330 degrees) lli
hours. Serves .
Bean Salad Is
Good Hot, Cold
Green beans: good hot or cold,
make this fine summer salad, or,
when canned, an all year dish.
1 pound string beans
1 jmall onion .1 '
1 cup bacon' "gtei'it' ":T
H cup vinegar
I teaspoon salt
1 head . lettuce .
Wash and cook string beans un
til tender: cool. Cut crosswise in
t-inch pieces. Chop onion very fine
and mix with Hcon grease and
vinegar; add salt to taste. Pour
over string beans; serve on let
tuce leaves.
A little ingenuity and a steady
hand at the sewing machine can
allow you to turn a worn chenille
bedspread into a short bearh robe.
These lazy, midsummer dayi,
there's always plenty of Carn
tion Buttermilk in my refrigerator.
No other drink is so cooling, sa
thirst-quenching, so rich with the
tang of real BUTTER-milkl Only
Carnation could make it so good!
Try a tall glassful today. Enjoy alt
the wonderful flavor and sna
you get in Buttermilk made withj
real butter.
Carnation Buttermilk is rushed te -you
daily at the very peak of ite
, freshness. Serve it to your family
often. If s rich In vitamins, min
arals.proteiru.low In calories, too. .
And, tangy Carnation Buttermilk
is the best way In the world to perk
up lagging summer appetites.
Short Cuts to Good
Summer Eating
,auc' 0"v
Place 1 cup Carnation Sour
Cream In upper part of double
boiler. Blend In 1 tablespoon flour,
2 egg yokes end Vt teaspoon salt.
Place over hot water. Cook until
thickened and smooth,, stirring
constantly. Add 1 tablespooft
lemon juice and serve.
Mix Vt cup Carnation Sour Cream
with 2 tablespoons softenee
frozen orange concentrate. Serve
over fresh fruit salads.
A tall frosty glass of CARNATION
adding a scoop of lime sherbet
lor a really different flavjr treat,
Hint (or
House wivts:
Don't let furniture casters
make ugly black streaks on
your beautiful hardwood
floors. Apply strip of cel
lophane tape to the caster
wheels. It wears Indefi
nitely and lets wheels roll
smoothly without leaving
marks on floors.
Although we make sure the ch
dren get plenty of milk's valuable
protective elements, we mothers
often forget we-eed them, too.
Carnation Buttermilk Is the delfc
eious answer. Enjoy Its slimming,
beautifying refreshment oftenl y
Ph. 4-5441