The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 10, 1956, Page 11, Image 11

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Assorted hot and ccld meats,
with creamy dressings made
they seem, but just as well
Minimum of Cooking
Most i n No urishment;
Ideal for Summertime
-w- Statesman Woman's Editor
'. Though we Oregonians seldom suffer from heat, occasionally,
as we know this aummer, the temperature does go up enouRh to
change our eating habits. Evening and suppertime usually brings
mim Burn - ahead and assembled in record time just before
the dining hour, then there are hot main dishes to be prepared in
the morning and popped into the oven later, or made quickly and
baked in record time.
As to that salad, we picture here one idea to folve the question
ftf light conking hut plenly nf nourishment. Set up a salad bar, with
variation in cold things hut with hot foods too.
If you've a sectional dish as in the cut. or a 1-azy Susan here
Is the place to use them, hut if not, simply arrange matching dishes
en a larce platter and carry it outdoors.
Everything could be prepared ahead, the hot things arranged
. In the pans ready to put over heat. Allow for plenty of relish-type
foods pickles, celery, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce. Include cold
.meats, stuffed eggs, cold asparagus, spiced beets, shrimps. For the
hot dishes use wieners, which take only heating, carrots, or other
vegetable, perhaps a ran of corned heef hash.
Jhen hot main dish is easy, it can be a casserole-cooked in the
morning and heated at dinnertime. With a big tossed salad, fruit
lundnes and store corking for dessert you've a menu.
But you can a jellied lopf in the morning too and have
It for dinner. Look at the picture of a chicken-pineapple loaf that's
cool, easy and satisfying. Here it'a served with fresh green beans
and mushrooms, prepared for cooking in the morning, and put on
, the stove a few minutes before dinrer. Tomato slices with mashed
avocado, unfavored gelatine and chitk?n broth or bouillon make
the base for this jellied main dish leaf. The gelatine offers no com
peting flavor so the chicken ani oihT in re ('ients nre fully savored,
2 envelopes unflavored l4 ci:p Ivmon juice
gelatine 1 14-runre can crushed pine-
1 cup cold chicken stock apple
1' cups hot chicken stock 3 cups diced cooked chicken
- Vi teaspoon salt ' cup diced celery
Sprinkle gelatine on cold chicken stock to soften. Add hot stock ;
stir until gelatine is dissolved. Stir in salt, lemon juice and pine
apple. Chill until the consistency of unbeaten esg wh;te. Mix in
chicken and celery. Turn into a 5-cup mold: chill until firm. l"n
mold; garnish with tomato halves, topped with mashed avocado or
mayonnaise. V'ields 8 servings.
, Canned ham is ideal for hot weather meals. You can serve it
Cold or heat slowly at 325 degrees for 21 hours. for a 6-pound ham
or less for the small canned picnics. 1'i'rc it's given a glaze of
brown sugar with whole cloves, and is served with tomato aspic
using apple gelatine.
2 cups applesauce I package lime-flavored gelatine
4 cup ginger ale
Heat applesauce to boiling point in a saucepan over medium
neat. Remove, add gelatine and stir to dissolve. Stir in carbonated
beverage. After mixture stops fizzing, pour into oiled individual
aalad molds. Chill in refrigerator for 4 hours or until firm. Makes
to 8 molds.
Deviled Crab
Fancier Dish
A dish usually associated with! with an eye to making the
fine restaurants, is deviled crah. rnrtnn naf of the present, manu
which we here offer for making : fnc(urm arP packaging merchan
at home. Notice the flavors of e n Doxes designed for giving,
clam and crab blend to make this j pnp instance, socks now come in
an interesting aisn.
4 tablespoons butler or
1 medium size onion,
finely diced
2 large mushrooms, finely '
4 green pepper, finely chopped
' teaspoon salt
H teaspoon dry' mustard
'. teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon Worcheslershire
Dash of Tabasco
2 tablespoons flour
1 cup hot milk
1 cup hot darn broth
ior bottled clam juice)
Yolks of two eggs
1 pound crabmeat
Saute onion, mushrooms and
green pepper in butter or mar
garine. Add salt, pepper, dry mus
tard. Worcestershire sauce and
Tabasco. Then add flour, hot milk,
hot clam broth and the well-beaten
egg yolks and cook together for
10 minutes. Add crabmeat and
cook for S minutes more. Remove
from fire and pile into large chow
der clam shells or individual oven
ware ramekins. Dust with cracker
meal and brush tops with melted
butter. Bake in pre-hcated 400 de
gree oven till brown on top.
Good partners for smoked
tongue: Mustard mixed with cur
rant jelly and chili sauce mixed
Day: Practically Off, But
1 I V
. vy
:. w yx
VSV ?- s ''AyS if
fish and veqetables make good hot
with instant novfat dry, milk
cool breezes through that blessed g."p in tnc
coast ranee, so appetites are good, but often
happen that the family cook doesn'J get off so
easy for the hour when dinner is being prepar
ed is the hottest of the day.- ,
So here's our problem, good appetites and
a c'l il hour to dine but a minimum of cooking
ambition during that late afternoon heat.
Let's look at some ways to help out the
housewife ways to give the family a good hot
dinner with only a little time in the kitchen.
First there are main dish salads, planned
Bamboo blinds or furniture
should be cleaned with salt water.
fnlrlinp hnvp Ihnt Innlr likp Jl hon'
with the merchandise stashed
away between the pages: a tie-and-sock
set is packaged in a
carton that resembles a big box
of matches.
Cheese Rinqs
Are Main Dish
This Jellied loaf makes the main
dish at a salad luncheon.
4 cup Roquefort cheese
2 pks. cream cheese
4 cup milk '
1 teaspoon Worcestershire
'4 teaspoon paprika '
4 teaspoon onion juice
. 1 .tablespoon gelatine
'i cup cold water
- 1 cup whipped cream - ,
', Lettuce i
Chopped chicken, fruit or
vegetables .
French dressing or mayon
naise ,
Mix Roquefort and crenm cheese,
milk and seasonings, working to
gether until smooth. Add gelatine
soaked in cold water and dissolved
over hot hot water. Fold in whip
ped cream, turn Into a ring mold
and place In refrigerator until
firm, t'nmold on a platter and,
granish with lettuce. Fill the cen
ter with chicken, mired fruits or
vegetables, mixed with a generous
amount of French dressing or may-
-j a aw -j. x.. .
. V .
rich as
powder they're not
Tongue on
Menu Good
Variety in outdoor-fating foods
is as important as variety in
everyday menu planning. Versa
tile, flavorful smoked beef tongue
is good anytime of the year but
it'a especially good for outdoor
meals, and is appreciated by the
family and guests for its distinc
tive flavor. It'a a boon to home
makers, too, because of the many
ways H may be served.
There are two styles of smoked
beef tongue. The cook-before-eat-ine
stvle take long cooking, so
it's well to cook it ahead of time
then keep in the refrigerator until
mealtime. The fully cooked
smoked tongue requires no cook-
i- j i. SiZt,, . u. Un
as it's removed from the wrapper.
The cook-before-eating smoked
beef tongue ranges in weight from
two to five pounds. The tongues
are vacuum - sealed in cryovac
with easy cooking directions print
ed on the wrapper. Choose the size
of tongue that best suits your
needs. It's wise to select a smoked
tongue that carries the name of
a well known brand
brands give the assurance of high
quality and consistent fine flavor.
Slow Cooked
Smoked beef tongue requires
long, slow cooking. Cover the
tongue with water and bring the
water to a boil. Then reduce the
heat and let the tongue simmer
gently until fork .-tender. Allow
about 1 and l4 hours per pound to
cook the tongue. Remove the
tongue from the water and cool a
bit. Next, slit the skin along the
underside of the tongue and gent
ly peel it off with- the blade of a
paring knile, lane care noi 10
roughen the surface as you rc-
moe the skin.
Serve the tongue hot or store it
in the refrgerator until needed, i
To enjoy tbe flavor at its best.
be sure to use within three days of
Tlie tender, boneless meat of
smoked tongue carves easily into
nlUnnlli. uniform cliro
a.i.niu.i, M"""" "
carve 4he tongue lay the tongue
on Us side with the small end
the carvers nht Start si cing
ai v "'' """
slIcVs sightly ticeVat Vh. o
edge. Gradually change the angle
making the slices slightly thicker
at outside- of curve until slices at
the center of tongue are cut cross-
wise. This method of cutting will:
make all slices from the thin end
to the thick end, fairly uniform
in size.
For outdoor eating pleasure
serve slices of hot or cold tongue
with a subtly flavored sour cream
1 - Vi pound smoked beef
1 cup commercially soured
cup milk
.1 teaspoon dill seed
'j teaspoon marjoram
Cook tongue according to direc
tions on the wrapper. To make
i sauce, combine- sour eream and
' milk. Stir until smooth. Stir dill
i seed and marjoram into sour
Season to tasle. Serve this
uncooked sauce with hot or cold
sliced tongue. Makes 8 to 10 serv
Keep your baking-powder can
ti;:ht)y covered or there will be a
gradual loss of leavening strength
caused by the action of air mois
ture on the baking-powder ingredi
ents. Your brown sugar lumpy? Sieve
It before measuring when you are
hnking cakes or cookies.
fo On person
weather fare."
"Nicest-thing that
ever happened
to a Salad!
tossed greens or vegetoblt
1 make a tempting treat
"'"tUJ '.'I , withMiloni's 18901.
4 ; Wffw..
1 i itff .pi i i.r ! i ir 1 1
JrL n
' ? 1 'v
J.J (.
t-'V I Us''' I
A jellied chicken loaf is fine
made in the cool of fhe morning, yet satisfying. Unflavored
gelatine takes chicken stock or broth, pineapple, chicken and
Old Friend
Comes Back
Ambrosial that combination of
orange segments and coconut, is a
happy recollection of most of us
from our young days. Ambrosia
hasn t lost its importance among
a"1 ZJvZ
thoun,. " ,mW
sophisticated. Here we 1 offer the
basic idea, and several ways to
vary the old dessert.
Ambresia '
2 cups orange sections, free
from membrane
' cup sugar
Vi dups shredded coconut
Arrange layer of orange sections
in servipg dish and sprinkle with
sugar and coconut. Repent until all
Ingredients are used: top with co
conut. i,niu.' serves o.
Delicious, too, with other fruits.
Try pineapple, peaches, or berries
Baked Banana Ambrosia
S bananas, diced '
1 cup canned crushed
marshmallows, quartered
cup skredded coconut
'j cup cream, whipped
Combine bananas, pineapple, and
marshmallows. Turn into baking
dish. Sprinkle with coconut. Bake
in moderate oven (350') 20 min
utes, or until bananas are done.
Serve hot with whipped cream
Makes servings.
Ambrosia Icebox Cnke
Make Ambrosia, reducing shred
ded coconut to I cup. Chill 15 min
utes. Meanwhile, line a refrigera
tor tray with slices of leftover
sponge cake cut H inch thick
Drain juice from Ambrosia and
pour juice' over cake slices. Fold
J cream shipped, into orange
,mi nd cake, p,,
, compartment of
cake slices. Fold
refrigerator, set control for a low
"" -
To make the package as attrac
tive as the product it contains,
industrial designers are develop
ing double duty cartons that, have
a secondary use when emptied.
For instance, a container for
herbs also docs duty as a shelf for
the spices: a carton for hand soap
can be hung on the wall and used
as a dispenser, and a yarn box
has a handle and a hole in the
top to convert it into a knitting
Qwtk f i
Just Heol
and serve
in minwtesf
oi your Qfoctr
tell aofWgJ
when lopped
ii i hfHI Ofl
. , -V
' rnVu-K
Dinner s
- : ',::
food for warm days because its
Succulent pieces of tangy fresh
pineapple, sweet plump prunes and
cool cantaloupe make a happy
threesome for a fruit .cup or aum
mer salad.
nnnnnnnn nrnrn
IS a m :
'" LlQt! 1 0. --
AIM . fi'ip
Saves Time!
White King's lively
suds instantly
cut "
Good . ..
Wl V'V 1 J
celery. The menu also Includes green beans with fresh mush
rooms, tomato" slices toppedwith mashed avocado, and ice tea.
It is es appetizing as it sounds here, too.
Bite-sized muffins, tangy with or
ange rind and sweet with raisins,
are partyish to serve with any kind
of fruit salad. Wonderful too for a
family brunch on Sunday morning.
Saves Work! : Saves Hands!
DLslws dry sparkling
, . clpiin in seconds
Vithout wiping.
Marinate thin rounds of onion
in olive oil and vinegar and sand
wich each round between two thin
hamburger patties. Fry or broil
as usual.
n n Tn nnrN
White King is
free from
tkin irritating alkali.
' 1 '.Yt4A. - '
Statesman, Salem, Ore., Fit. Aug. 10, '56 (Sec. II) 11
Canned ham. large or small, is
can bt served without further cooking or bo heated slowly
just before serving time. Her it's glazed with brown sugar
and spiced with cloves. Salad is applesauce-lime.
Old fashioned candle snuffers
are a good idea. Blowing out can
dles scatters softened was oa table
tops or table linen:
No flour sifter In the house?
Use "a fine wire sieve".
lM ,il nnnnn
Economical White King Liquid is even more
economical -now that you save a nickel or a dime
on every economical can you buy. And the more
you buy, the bigger your savings-so buy and buy,
Once you watch White" King's bubbly, liquid suds
go to work-you'll never want to be without It,
So don't be without it. Buy several cans today.
specially marked containers.
So hurry for yours
- - - ' - '.M'
ideal faro for hot veninos.
Plaster wes't crumble whet
you're driving a nail Into It if
you drive tbe nail through a piece
of adhesive tape stuck to the wall
Windows won't get so rain-spot
ted if you clean them with kero
sene'. limited to
tney lasii
. .'