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    Traffic to Flow on Baldock Freeway at Noon Today
106th Year
The Oregon Statesman, Salem, Oregon, Friday, August 10, 1956
No. 134
A dill oo
(Pace k Democrat
ii Jim hi ii i awwuuy w .' i. yrrf ''' " ' ' " ". ' , ' m'm .'' "' "' " " " "'
1 T V imii i nfr-r 'T 1 -- "-r - -3 "'""" " '"'
it wilt be dtir sailing again today on the nowly named R. H.
baldock Frttway. The Hayesville-Wilsonville section of tho
divided Salem to Portland highway will bo reopened to traf-
fie at noon after being closed lince May to allow completion
UXBaVH'ltaK-'Wr-ib44ivi IP"
imopi,.n. t ttAmtA ih.
significance" attached by the' Brit-
Ish to Nasser', seizure of the Suez
canal. Their response however
U,,M yn rA m .,ili
if Panama, or Colombia gtal:!v d ,
the Panama canal. When that
comparison u made Americans.
have belter understanding of the
- British reaction. Truth is, the Suez ;
canal handles far more trofiic
than does Punania: 102:i3.8.l n
tons in 1K aKainst 39.027,815. 1
Morrover sioppane oi me i un:im
canal would be by no means lail
because the network of railroads
and highways gives an altrrna
crossing of this continent. Sue: is
the channel through which mo si
of lh ortroleum for wtpm Kur.
ope passes as well as other Roods,
moving between the West and the teen-agers were injured Thursday ; hagnier was reported in fair con- '"f lrninRSide .project already natjonai liberation army." iteacher at Leslie Junior High
Orient Premier Eden in his ' in 81 aul vcMcM seven miles dition with a broken leg and po$. j yl by beam supply problcim. u w as Iornied by Nasser', de- School. He is University of Ore
speech Wednesday night made ' s" ' Lebanon. sible head injuries. Webster had 1 indicated he had contracted '''n cree to stand by the regular E;yp-! Ron Praduate with a masters de
"ul muiuiMjaji ib'H maut j ... i:,:..n huecne firm to comDlete the ;. , ' .. . ' , from Willamptt I nivorsitw.
clear that Britain and France wiU
nnt uliiil.- nnv inirrffrenee with
Z free " trawi t o "inn;
hL hlhe cana !
..." . .
1119 suuucti 1. ituiu'iiv iu uiiiuui
comes at a time when its position
in the Middle Fast is already im-
paired. Opriots after acquiescing
in British rule since 1878 suddenly
cause trouble, demanding self-gov-i
eminent, drawing support from
Greece whose debt to Britain is
Deyofia compmaium. i ne nagnuaa
pact i inspired but not joined by
the U.S.) opened the way for non
signers like Saudi Arabia and
Egypt to agitate against Britain,
with the result that Britain's for
mer dominance in Iraq ?nd Jor
dan Is imperiled. Add to these the
.constant irritant to the Arab
states of the very prescace of Is
rael whose origin and support rre
charged against Britain and the
' (('ontinard ra editorial paxe 4.)
Albany Reports
Two Polio Cases
lUUimn Nmi Srrvlrt
ALBANY Two cases of polio
linn County's first of the year-
T?r!n'dieSa?i' yr.H1'
ty Health Officer John W. (.uepe.
Guepc said two j ih.ldrer n lh,
same family in west Albany had
been taken to a Corvallis hospital
ncic mr uibkikib .
still tentative. Names were not
disclosed pending a definite diag
Bird's -
' .
I Ad
Looking somewhat like a .mall military bate in thl. bird's-eye view i. the new dare reformatory
approved for construction by the-State Board of Control and illustrated here In a .ketch by
the Portland architectural firm of Annand, Boone and lei. It. will be located about one mjle
north of Cottago Farm Installation and wilt eventually house 600 inmates'. It Is planned as an
Wreck Kills Five
a jl n - -
Vacationers Die 'inJIFadoit Crash
fin a varar.nn rrin wrri killrn in a nr:i..nn -o mnii
: .
j bn two ,ri,CkS 0 m"eS
! Tree inpantons were
cairyall truck was smashed by
1 1 iVhu n v inrp. Tlip iiruiT iif
i n.T
I fin o IV An 7
V4l lldll 1 Ltll -
T I T" 11
Silver ton Lad
RUtrtmaa Nf Srrvlrt
LKBA.NON Joseph W. Ylhbard.
'7. Silveiton, was killed andfour
l7 ,r .
Delores Jane Kastman, 16. Leb-
- Ovid-B.. Snear... I-eb-.i
anon; Kenneth Vibbard. 16. and
1 Archie Vibbard. 18. both of Silver-
' (uj),
111 ,.t IKn inii.r.H u.r rttnnrtaA
in fairiv B00d condition Thursday
; n,nhi Thev were taken to Lebanon
Hospital. I
Coroner Glenn Huston said the;
1 car left the toad, hit a culvert. ,
rolled over several times and came j
to rest in a Held wnere it was
; necessary to lift the car off some
of the injured with a wrecker.
Investigating police lrsted Spears
as driver in the 2 a.m. accident.
(Add. details page Z7
Dallas Delays
School Date
Stalrunaa Krwi Sfrvlrt
DALLAS. Ore Opening of Dal
las schools has been shilted
Sept. 10 to Sept. 17 to allow stu
dents to work in the prune, harvest.
Tho chancre ram mi thm ronufct
n, ,h, tthn .aid ih t.i.
d(.n(5 are urE,.nty needed in the!
h!"'ves, -lar!:,, 8nd MrIy cropi
j5 indl(.at(.d and , shor,aR of
UWr w0Ud wcur lf the udent5
wrre not available, they said.
Superintendent Kills If. Neal
UIH that the delaved opening will
be madf p in th'e spring
j Penitent Pane
Breaker Pays
A water-filled balloon was tossed
through a dining room window at
his home Thursday evening, Allan
! Berg, 943 S. Liberty St., reported
! to city police.
i A few hours later Berg called
i police again about the broken
window. He had lelt the house and
returned about 10:15 pin, to find
a folded Oregon Statesman at his
front door.
When the paper was opened it4NTtoAi i.RAtire
contained four si bills and a note
which said "Sorry about window."
BOSTON The Brink s trial,
for the third day in a row, never
got off the ground .Thursday.
Eye View
. 2n-,e
of paving. The State Highway Commission rocontly named tho
freeway in honor of Baldock who i. retiring next week after 24
year at chief highway engineer. During closure, traffic hat
been using old route through Woodburn. (Statesman Photo).
- FivJiforniam. heading, for
7. " .
cast 01 l!pre. Ihrla- ..
senomly when tl.e.r
a hig freipjlit truck nn a Pacific
the rillicr tfiuL snltprpn nnlv
killi.r) Mt-rn T.Kll ' Rlinnnaen'
p i. i.r . ni...
Francis Jacquemin, 21. San Pab-
lo; Robert llo.scllon. Jt.-and John
Dubois, 16. both of Concord, and
David Chamberlain Binkley, 17,1
Berkeley . i
Poor Condition
The three tinder treatment in a
hospital here for injuries are Har-
aid G. Clou
gh. 16, and J - m e s
Webster, all of Concord. Clough '
was reported in
poor, condition:
i wih leg injuries and shock. Trcp-
:k. Trcp-
was fair.
, Ed Jones. Portland, driver of.
the southbound Pierce Freight
Lines Inc.. truck, said the Cai-
1 lornia
vehicle barely missed a ear
I In nrhi .T, ur. A lnl
1 the oath of his truck. I
Driver 'Ash-en
Jones said he thought the driver'
must have fallen aleep at the1
wheel. The party left Concord!
Wednesday evening and drove,, all
night. i
Simonsen was a Boy Scout ex
ecute e and the others members
of the Scout organization, it was
reported here. They were bound
for Fairbanks on a three-week
trip. Last year Simonsen conduct
ed a trip to Mexico.
The accident brought to nine the
number killed on the Pacific High
way route in this area in the past
three weeks- Four were killed in
a headon collision July 13 north
of here.
Fair Weather
Ii .
Mnrp fair marred only
b fcw far, morni ,
, or ,he Sa,em flrea ,nda
according t. the Mc.Nary Field
Predicted high today is 84, the
low tonight 47.
Northern Oregon beaches will
probably he sunny this afternoon
with night and morning clouds.
Predicted high is 63 to 68, the low
50 to $..
At Salem 7, Spokane 8
At Tn-Cllv S. fcufenf J
At Wenatchee I. Yakima .
At Lorn Antrles 2. Sncramento 1
At Vancouver 5. Seattle 4
Only games scheduled
At Milwaukee 4-1. St. t.nul.i 1-
At Pltlsbuisll :i. Rrnnklvn 7
At New Yurk 5, Philadelphia 1
At Cincinnati ft. Cluvago i
(10 inmngsp
At Washington 7. New Y 15
At BoMon 3. Baltimore 1
At Chicago 9. Cleveland 2
At Detroit S. Kanvas City S
of ' New State Reformatory Scheduled for
J, f.SC.Jmlm, f -
Labor Ticup
Foiils Work on
1W. ; Wl 1
Labor tieup of Oreson Pulp and
i ia Lp7. f .i
, i t .. . j- . i
scnooi anumons, dui aisinci
; officials said Thursday night they I
. st.l hnpe to have ,.U "1
ablp for lhe tart ' the thool
, 131 f"
Allecled as the
Strike are projects
'Four Corners. Middle
iIo,rmn8j1?,e schools where Oregon
i r" f and Paper holds contracts ior
Superintendent Charles Schmidt ,
''''d the Salem School Board the
l'eup would probably mean the 1
scnools would bS'n the new year j
ne, additions without cabinets
t t'rcL CAIRO, K8yPt PresidenlXSide
' " u: 7u'asser Thursday welded his grow -
";,; snuung incm iooiner.
' '
. ftiorrow, comracior inr;WAC.( . sot;iel.s jnto
miuworn on nis projcci.
Meanwhile planning, on two $1.-
200,000 was going ahead with ralt-
W orawings expecieo tor nnai
consmeraiion py we Doara at its
AUg. ZS mBCtlng. tWO WeCkS 8WaV.
id Mai Kamal Kl nin Hussein
Arraignment of
Langley Today
PORTLAND Dist. Atty.
William M. Langley will be ar
raigned at 2 p.m. Friday on indict
ments returned against him by a
Multnomah County grand jury
which investigated vice and cor
ruption in Portland.
The district attorney was ac
cused of not upholding the law
and M conspiring to permit and
promote gambling. ;L.
Circuit Judge Frank j. Loner
gan Thursday denied Langley'a r
qtiesf for a postponement of the
arraignment so. he could prepare
a. motion to set aside the indict
ments. The judge told the dfstrict attor
ney that he should ask for addi
tional time when he is arraigned.
In another development in the,
vice1 probe. Joe Clemo, 29, former
Portland boxer, was arrested on
a charge of conspiring to receive
the earnings of a prostitute.
He was indicted earlier on two
charges of bootlegging.
Clemo posted $.5,000 bail and w as
Daughter Born lo
Rosemary Clooney '
6-pound daughter was born Thurs
day to singing star Rosemary
Clooney, wife of actor Jose Fer
rer, in St. Johns hospital.
The baby was named Maria
The Ferrers have a son, Miguel,
18 months old.
The Weather
.. j
Today, forecast: Fair today,!
tonight and Saturday. Some j Vnitc-a States.' France,' Russia and
early morning clouds. High to- 20 other nations was compe
day 14, low tonight 47. tent to settle the future of the
(Complete report page II Suez Canal.
- , ,
"v m ir-aai
- 1 u
Intermediate detention center "for tho.e people not yet confirmed in a crime pattern," Col. Wil-'and
liam Ryan, secretary of the board of control, sa d Thursday. When finished, the reformatory will
hava cost $5 million Shown in the .ketch i. a double .ecurity fence enclosing a group f
ecttd structures on the 25-acre tract. The building, include a chapel, industrial shops, school,
Woinau Motorist
Proud of Fact
Weight Heduceo!
There's a dlrt-ronsrlou, wo.
man motorist In Oregon who
wants the state government la
know she has lost snme pound
age recently.
In the form for renewal o(
driVTT's permit, sent Out b the
driver's license division . of the
Motor V e H I f I e Drpartiiifiii,.
fc there's a spate for the applicant
te note any changes In physical
rondltrhn durinK the past year. -Inte
this space recently a Port
land woman wrote, "Lost weight
thank God!"
nrwa'hiEsYPt's Army .
die Grove and i CJ 1 . J
ll?" n Hirr
Forces Hiked
By Volunteers
voIuntccr (orcej of nallona,
! guardsmen, youth legion and
llan army m lne BUCI Lana'i Alvin Tw iVoerauf : relVtive new-
. Alvin . noeraui, relative new-
Trainin, bogan nlmediately on!""?' 155, f!"..
pIaving ai schooi grounds g.t?jJKiT jt-
1 aii over Eevof.
Nasser wt his new e0Pic'j ,r -
.. 1... .1.. A: I oi
minister of education who now,
i commands the national guard.
Nasser himself is 38.
Guerilla War Hinted
There was a hint in the move
that. Egypt was preparing Mor
gueril a warfare n case of any "y,c
,., ,: 'education at Eastern Oregon Col
western military occupation. , )(,gc o( Educaljon Ind thuniver-
In broadcasting the presidential ;sjiy 0f Oregon where he won a
decree. Cairo radio compared" the' master's degree in 1954.
national liberation army to the, Joining the ranks of principals
commando units that harassed the for the first time to succeed Bay
British army in the Suei Canal! at Middle Grove will be Honald
inne after Egypt ended the Bnt -
ish-Egyptian treaty in 1051.
j Extensive Sabotage
Fgvpt's national guard grew out
of the loosely disciplined irregular :
commandos who engaged in ex- r,, j , .,, .
teasive sabotage and guerilla ac.j J WO JlllllOr lilSll
tlvitv in the canal lone when the;0 . . , CI
British army was there. hcIlOOlS UOIl t 1C
' (Military experts in London and i.i i
Washington have estimated that ! A like AI tCr All
Egypt's regular army has 100.000; , i .
men and its national guard 50.000. j Salem s two new junior high
There was no indication how many , school buildings won t be just alike
won n be trained in the new nro-
Russ to Join
Suez Confab
LONDON ( Soviet Russia
agreed Thursday to Join the western-sponsored
Suez conference in
London but expressed all around
dissatisfaction with its purpose,
its composition and the date.
The only reason the Soviet gov
ernment has decided to attend,
Moscow announced, is that it is a
"champion of peaceful settlement
of international issues" and the
London coherence may open up
a peaceful approach to the ques
tion of free navigation in the ca
nal. i Russia declared she did not ron-
suit i iic i,u nuuii cm t-reiice io
,hi..h Ur,in W( ..,:, ,u
.- ? a..., u"
Schools Add
New Principals
i Staff Writer, The Statesman
j 'Four S a lent elepientary
'. m Itools . Rot .'- n e w . principals
i Thursday as the Salem School
j Board approved shifting of
supervisory jersoniiel in the
wake of promotion of Marion
Miller of Morningside School to
i supervisor of suburban schools
'last month. '
The changes involving Morn
ingside, Bush, Grant and Middle
Grove schools were recommended
by Charles Schmidt, officially as
suming for the first time. the role
of - superintendent , of Salem
schools. He had served in the
capacity before during illnesses
of Dr. Walter Snyder whose re
tirement became effective earlier
this month.
Beck Moves I'p
Moving up to take Miller's place
was Walter C.
'R.rii who h. heon' nrinrinal at
Rush School lor the nist 14 years.
Beck became- principal at Bush
,!jn 1942 Jtcr two years as a
1 x rZ.r inanoin
. J . " r..rT
i ioa fTii- .h.iin h.
University of Oregon and OCE.
r-.i cki d..
i . . . . . . ......
Teaching principal at Middle
I Grove for the past two years.
Howard Bay. was named to the'
, ,Grant ,Schoal. P08'1 oni
jL. Lee. classroom learner at
saiem neignis, morningsine ana
Leslie Junior High since WW
(Additional School Board News
on Page 2.)
auer an
Architect William I. Williams
said Thursday that Waldo Junior
High to be built in northeast Salem
will have cream-colored brick trim
while Judson Junior High south
of the city will be trimmed in red
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i ie ' " ' "
IT mmn
Waif Meets
DAUAS. Ore.-On the threshold
if:. 4;
Ai v
m i
. XJ V
Old anaron Sinit uoann, sonni war vrpnan, snvwn !
to enter her now homo hero with now parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. A. Coebol, 915 Ellis St. A
Korean Tot Reaches
New Home in Dallas
Valley Correspondent t
DALLAS. Ore.-A little mite of a srirl. witle-eve! with.
curiosity at her new homeland, arrived Friday in Dallas. .
She is Sharon Renee (Jocbel, a 20-month-old Korean girl,
who has been adopted bv the V. A. (Joebrl a mi I v. Dallas. ' :
Mr. and Mrs. Gobcl drove
the plane carrying 2-1 Korean youngsters brought to tin's country
by Harry S. Holt or treswell. The
Goebels, who have four children of
their own, applied to Holt ten
monjhs ago for a Korean child.
Sharon appeared quite rested aft
er her long trans-Pacific Journey.
Born Nov. 26, 1954. she came from
Seoul. It wasn't until last March
that the Goebels knew they would
get the little girl.
Other Children
Goebel is an electrician for the
Willamette Valley Lumber Co.
sheathing plant here. The Goebels
other children are Leon, 18, with
the U.S. Army in Germany; Dar
roll. 15, senior high student; Jean,
12. junior high student, and Gary,
10. grade pupil.
The child is one of 80 that Holt
has found homes for alter he
adopted eight himself. He said
there are 140 more bring cared for
in a Seoul orphanage, but he is
fearful he will not be-able to get
all qf them into this country be
fore a refugee relief act expires.
Air Journey
Holt and the 24 orphans arrived
at Portland airport after an air
line flight from Japan.
Airline passengers disclosed that
Holt, 51, had suffered a heart at
tack after the plane left Honolulu,
the Associated P r e s i-reported.
With the aid of oxygen, he appear
ed recovered at the airport.
Construction East of
ii .
'. '
administrative and Inmate quarter.. Te tho right, outside tho fence. Is the Institution'! steam
plant and water tower. Sports and recreation will take place in the broad expanse behind tho
structures. The ,1 955 Legislature appropriated $2,500,000 to get the project underway. AF plans
, for a bate near St. Paul forced a site changa for the institution.
New Parents
u m f -r
I 5 S
of a now life Is little 20-montht
to Portland Thursday to nieel
Hope Lost for
Trapped Men
MARC1NELLE, B e I g iu m UN
Hopes of saving 260 men entomb
ed in a burning coal mine here
slumped sharply Thursday night.
After 38 hours of feverish work,
rescue teams were pulled out of
the lower workings of the fiery
Bois du Casier mine. They had
been driven back by intense heat
from smoking galleries where they
had hoped to find survivors.
It was, however, a temporary
halt. The emergency squads still
hoped that if they could shoot
enough water along the galleries
at the 2.200-foot level, the atmos
phere might cool and allow them
to re-enter.
The miner, were trapped when
a short circuit caused a fire which
melted an elevator cable and sent
the elevator crashing to the bot
tom of the 3,300 foot pit.
NEW YORK ( - The Alumi
num Co, of America Thursday
signed a three year contract with
the United Steel workers to end a
nine-day strike in 12 of Its plants.
y .
Seeks Role as
(Prlure ea Wlreahaie Page)
Truman moved in Thursday on
the political arena where Ad
lui Ei Stevenson is. setting the
pace, toward the Democratic
Presidential nomination.. Tru
man reached promptly for a key
role in the king-making.
The former President, calling
himself a live politician and not
an elder statesman, picked a Sun
day deadline for disclosing his
own preference for the party nomi
nation. The Democratic nation
al convention opens the next day.
Whether the choice will be Ste
venson or somebody else, Trumaa
wasn't aaying now. ' Nor - were , .
there any assurances Truman had
the power to switch the conven
tion in another direction even if
he wanted 1o, By every count,
Stevenson has far more delegates
lined up than anybody else.
Candidate File la
Stevenson and his supporters.
as well as lop men from the camp
of Govt Averell Harrimaa of New
York, passed in and out of Tru- .
man headquarters.
No emissaries showed up, how
ever, from the entourage of the
only other avowed candidate for
the nomination. Gov. A, B. Hap
py'' Chandler of Kentucky.
And nobody left Truman s pres
ence professing to know on whom
the former President's political
favor will be bestowed.
Truman took time out for a
news conference and an appear
ance before the Democratic plat
form committee. There he took
what aome Southerners said with
a touch of appreciation in their
voice was a moderate stand on
the troublesome civil rights issue,
Dixie Gathering
A band of Southerners seeking
te bar adoption of a civil rights
plank unacceptable to Dixie gath
ered Thursday night with their
leader. Gov. James P. Coleman
of Mississippi.
Stevenson was one of a steady
string of visitors at Truman's ho
tel suite as the former President
started his program of seeing peo
ple and acquiring information -when
he wasn't presiding at his
news conference or appearing
before the Democratic platform
In a apeech Thursday night at
Buffalo. Harriman said Supreme
Court decisions on segregation art
"the law of the land" and 'Pres.
ident Elsenhower has failed ut
terly to exercise leadership in this
Harriman once mors went aft
er what he termed "moderation'
within the Democratic party a
term he has applied critically to
the views of Stevenson.
Truman made no mention of
the Supreme Court decision
against segregated schools.
On one thing, he was positive.
At 72, he isn't a candidate, him
self. And he said he would say
"no" to any draft.
Justice Tooze in
Good Condition
Suoreme Court Justice Walter
L. Tooze was reported in good
condition at - Salem Memorial
Hospital Thursday.
Tooze i. no longer In an oxy
gen tent, hospital attendants said.
The juatice was sdmitted earlier
this week for a atomaea disorder,
but his wife said he may have
suffered a minor heart attack.
Associated Press said. She said it
wis not serious.
. t
i . .,'