The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 09, 1956, Page 11, Image 11

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    12-(Sec. I) Statesman, SaTem, Ore., Thurs., Aug. 9, '56
Dottcr Drunk Tests,
Driver Training Said
Safety Project Meed
Stepped-up use of chemical tests
for intoxication, changes In Ore-
ton s motor vehicle laws and em
phasis on driver training in high
schools are considered three chief
seeds in the state's traffic acci
' dent prevention program,
That was the comment of John
C. ' Hall, field representative for
' the National Safety Council, when
he met here this week with a
group of state officials.
r nue siressinsj inrav nmu,
Kail said the state "is making
substantial progress in its acci
dent prevention program." Hall
added that Oregon is one of the
few states which showed a favor
able numerical and fate compart
ion in traffic deaths from 1934 to
1955. .
Katloaat Ode
. Specific recommendations made
by the National Safety Council to
this state included a suggestion
that Oregon conduct a study com
paring; its current motor vehicle
laws with those ot tne national
uniform code. The council said
Oregon also should revise its ve
hicle braking; statutes" Since prcs
ent law is still operating on the
two-wheel brake basis.
. Hall said Oregon's present law
an chemical tests for drunken
drivers "cripples enforcement" by
first insisting that a driver must
five his written consent to the
lest and then. If he refuses to con
lent, making that fact inadmis
sible evidence -in court.
;"A high priority need In this
state." said Hall, "is for a
revision in taw which would
strengthen authority of Police of-
. ficers to make arrests of drivers
whose violations have caused col
lisions, but which have not been
witnessed by police."
fceesl Cited
; Hall cited the need for develop
ment of support for driver train
ing in high schools.
The Safety Council representa
tive praised the state for "fine
performance in the highway en
gineering iieia. which won it an
award in 1955.
Other rernmmendAtlnna In.
cHidcd periodic motor vehicle in
spections: and development of an
nual medical checkups for school
bus drivers as well as school bus
driver training programs.
U.S. Keeps
Ban on Travel
Inside China
Seaman Tells
Of Fleeing Red
Arms Ship
HUSUM. Germany tfl - Inter
national police are investigating a
mystery man who reports he es
caped at sea from a Communist
East German ship carrying ammu
nition to Egypt.
. The stranger, who says he is a
Swedish National named Rene de
Marsou, was found - stranded on
the North Sea Bear near this Fris
ian town Tuesday.
He told German police he was
first officer on the 1.200-ton Soviet
tone freighter Lenin and that two
companions were lost after the
rubber boat in which they es
caped sank In a hail of bullets
from the Red crew. Lloyd's ship
register does Bet list an East Ger
man chicv-Mmetf- Lettish
WASHINGTON Wl - The State'
Department said Tuesday it would
refuse to permit any Americans
to travel in Communist China un
til the Red regime frees all U, 8.
citizens from its jails.
A State Department statement
took note of an invitation for IS
American reporters for news ,
agencies, newspapers, radio and
television companies to make a
month's long tour of the Commu
nist-held China mainland. 1
At a news conference, a State
npnArlmAnl tvilrnaman in iff mit
wwnni inai any newsmen wno
travel to Red China without an
American passport, despite the
department's stand, would be li
able to a five-year jail term or
a fine of 12,000, or both.
We don't believe any respon
sible American newsman will vio
late the policies and laws of this
government," said Joseph Reap,
a department press officer.
Eleven Americans are reported
still held by the Chinese Commu-
nits. Ten of these are in jail and
the 11th is reported On his way
out of China after being freed.
. M Mil
Largest World
Turbines Due
At Snake Dams
eral Power Commission FPC)
was . told Wednesday the largest
turbines and generators in -the
world will be installed. In two
oower dams orooosed for .the
Snake . River ..bx .. J privaUeom.Ll3aionii.. as.lhci.. jonriiiiowa-
continue u is noi consiaerea to
3Ioiiclays and Fridays, 9:30 A. M. to 9:00 P. M.
Other Days 9:30 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. . ...
An engineer so testified at an
FPC hearing on an application by
the Pacific Northwest Power Co.
(PNP for a construction license
for the Mountain Sheep and Pleas
ant Valley dams on the Idaho
Oregon border.
Joseph Sharlitt, . attorney - for
public, power .groups opposing the
application, "questioned Charles ' C
Bonin, Ebasco services engineer,
about the size of electrical equip
ment planned In powerhouses at
(he projects which he helped de
sign. Sharlitt said turbines ordered
for Mountain Sheep Dam and gen
erators for Pleasant Valley dam
"seem unusually large."
"They are the world's biggest,"
Bonin said.
The engineer testified each of
six generators at Pleasant Valley
Dam would be 49 feet in diameter,
with production capacity of 170,
00ft kilowatts of power.
Largest generators presently op
erating turn out 130.000 kilowatts.
Bonin said four hydraulic tur
bines at Mountain Sheep Dam,
each measuring 246 inches in di
ameter, would be several inches
larger than turbines installed in
Russia. The turbines driving the
generators each will develop about
250.000 horsepower, he said.
Sharlitt sought In cross-examination
of Bonin to knock down his
previous testimony that the two
PNT Dams would harness the
Snake River's power potential
more fully than any possible com
bination of federal projects.
be in the bes..Uiterests of the
United- Stater- that Americans
should accept the Chinese Com
munist invitation to travel in
Communist China," the depart
ment statement said.
Answering questions. Reap said
the department makes no distinc
tion between reporters and other
Americans Vlfo might -want to-Tis--it
Red China.
"The United States welcomes
the free exchange of information,"
he said, "irrespective of political
and social differences. But, the
Chinese Communist regime has
created a special impediment. ,
"It adopted the practice of tak
ing American citizens into cap
tivity and holding them in effect
as political hostages.
"It continues to do so despite
the fact that on Sept. 10, 1955, at
Geneva, it promised that' all
Americans in Communist China
would, be allowed expeditiously to
exercise their right to return to
the United States.
Raps Catholic
Church Action
-VIENNAy-Austria UL-TbeJlrchJ
tai Mere for treatment for expo-tfrey Francis Fisher. Wednesday
sure. Doctors said he had a tern- accused the Reman Catholic
perature, but hi condition was Church of suppressing the free-
not serious,
Speaking a mixture of German,
English, Swedish and Finnish, he
claims French parentage but says
he haa been a resident of Stock
holm for the past 20 years. The
Stockholm city registry does not
list him.
Police said that when found he
wis dressed in a ship officer's
uniform with golden shoulder
stripes and that two Swedish coins
were In his pockets. It was not es
tablished what prompted him to
make the purported escape. - 1
dom of other churches in many
parts of the world.
The Anglican church leader.
vacationing in Vienna, said at a
news conference:
"I admire the Catholic Church
in many respects and I have
made many efforts during the
last two years to establish closer
links between the two churches."
He added, however, that "much
of our regret, we notice in many
parts of the world a suppression
of the freedom of the other
churches by the Catholic Church."
Cancer Fatal to
600-Pound Turtle,
400 Years Old
SEOUL, South Korea Wl - A
600-pound female sea turtle, esti
mated by experts to be at least
400 years old, died Tuesday of
throat cancer.
To Koreans the turtle is a sym
bol of good luck and a long life.
The big turtle named Su Ku had
paddled around a specially heated
tank at Chinhae for seven years,
eating five pounds of cockles and
other shell fish daily. She was
trapped on the southwest Korea
coast in August 1949 far north of
her normal waters.
Officer Qimtf 4oj
Aid Councilman
FORT WORTH. Tex. W - City
police early Wednesday did an ex
tra good job for one of their
Minutes after three young burg-1
tars broke into the Farmer's
Daughter, Inc., a restaurant, offi
cers nabbed the trio on the job. 1 1
The establishment is owned by
City Councilman Jesse Roach.
"The police did an excellent
Job," Roach beamed. "There were
more officers there than you could
count." . I
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