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i V
4 ,
Although ther bowed, reluctantly, to IIHIsboro In the aine that meant a state tournament berlb. Capital
rS No R Perrn Lerjon team nonetheless had fine seasoj.. The fft St
Sponsored hi the Valley Motor Co. of Salem, which ttnderwrote most ! the fbUBeial needs for, the
. lob" i"p5ers above are (bottom row. l-r Dar,l Pruitt, Sonny Walker. Daryl Girod Jery Brown.
Ward Jacobsen, Ron Parson Elmer Hansen. Bob DeGeer Jim Stewart. Top-Alstant Coachl Todd.
Bob Anderson. Jim Rock. Vera Zeuske, Bill .Nelson. Jack Largent. Gene Jones. Bill Johnson, Gordy Sloan
and Coach Bill" Hanauska. . . . . j ' li 1 . r - ; -
Steels Still Unbeaten, 'C Loop; Sands Win !
Salem Steel strengthened IU
hold on first place in the Jun-.
lor "C league, standings Wed
nesday evening with a 9-2 vlc-'-
tory , over the winless Master
Breads. The triumph was the
Steels' fifth in a cow and put
them half a. came up on -the
second place Yrnax Oilers and
Four Corners rlub. f nother
"C tilt saw River Bend Sand
edge out the Bishop Electrics.
-5. . . '
AW -
'.This' 'n that: . 1 M - J
So you want to own a ball Wub in the WIU eh? Better do some tall
thinking (and banking) first. Roughly, it costs $250 periday to keep a
club on the road. Vancouver after playing three days recently in Wesn-
.atchee to crowds of 750, 825 and 1000
actually lost money during the
sta'.d. Which is just an example of
how rough ttiings can be for the WIL
operators . . . Woodburn Bill Austin
is now well, into his "spring" prac
tice with the New York pro football
Giants, and although he has no Ail
American trophies or ribbons with
hint he have the support of
many who' believe, he has what it
takes to become another Eberle
Schultz or Len Younce in the pay-for-play
ranks . . , Another Wood
burner who did his collegiate chores
at OSC, this one Charley Sauvain
the lefty pitcher, is said to be ripe
for the pro scouts, but at a $5000
bonus and $500 per month for a
start. Charley had Brooklyn scouts
more than a little interested in him
.a few -years ago when he played
first ba.e. Now they're again perked
up over his consecutive no-hit,i 1-
hit mnA 4-rii 0amjui in tK cAmirtm
tournament . . . Neat and toft profit- FRED WILLIAMS j
able stunt local auto racer Max Humm and car-owner Don Waters
maneuver'. On Friday nights Humm pilots Waters "hot rod" roadster
in the lacer at Seattle, and on Saturday nights repeats; at Hollywood
bowl. Then on Sunday afternoon Humm herds the same car in the
dirt track "big car" races at Yakima. Only by then you wouldn't re
cognize the thing. They spend all of Satutday night unbolting the
jalopy-looking roadster body and replacing it with an attractively
aleek teguUr racing car form, and then reverse the procedure for the
next' rod race in Seattle ... '
i So far as we can gather; the reason 'Jimmy Ryan Isn't sponsor- .
, Inc the bowl race on Saturday nicht la this: Ryan soured on the
, oft poorly made and erratic clunkers and refused to promote their
- races In Portland, sticking to the more glamorous; faster and cost
lier midgets. Knocked out of Its racing- spot In Oregon, the Road
ster Rar In, association, headed by one Norm Snodgraos made a
deal with the bowl landlords here and with It squeezed out the
midgets. Snodgrass la backed by a couple of .Portland restauranU
cure. Oddly enough, most of the drivers, who pilot the midgets
;. Bob Gregg. Gordy Livingston. Lou Sherman, et al are also driv
ing In the rod races too . . . Should Snodgrass & Co, be wonder
ing what they can do to help themselves In their local venture,
they might try (1) having many more cart In their races, (2) not
spending nearly so much time between, races and (3) lengtheninjg
. the actual Jaunts themselves . . . j
It Can't Come Too Soon for Attorney William
One gent who can hardly wait until football season arrives is Fred
Williams, the large and oft-loquacious lawyer man who happens td be
one of the most faithful sports followers in the village. Fred has a
trip to make during football season, one that will be memorable in
deed. It will be to Iowa City, la., to not Only see th Iowa-Indiana
Homecoming game but to be a part of it as well. As a halftime feature
of that tilt there will be a reunion in midfield of the Iowa football
. team of 189:. Only seven of the members of that team are still alive,
'tis said, and Fred is very much one of the seven. Fact is, he was an
All-American conference end for the Hawkeyes that year ...
Inasmuch as -It's his last trip in for the season. Boss man Bill
Brenner of the Vancouvers could be welcomed this week via a tale
. of one of the prise baseball boobies of all time. You've heard of
: and seen some dandy diamond "skulls. but few will pa railed the
' one Bil the Bull pulled 'way back In the eary days of the WTJL.
whei he was a young and green catcher for Tacoma, freak out of
- school and dripping behind his ears. j - I
Tis.said Johnny Nenezith was umpiring this particular game, but
we can't prove it until we talk to John.. Anyway, the bases were full
and the pitcher cut loose a wild heave thaBrenner only helped roll
clear to the backstop. Instead of .giving chase to the thing the excited
and eVring Bill reached behind him
JohnlNenezich neither moved or
Iy behind him with -outstretched hand as if he knew the new ball in
Nenezich hana were there someplace, but he just hadn't found j 'era
. yet & i I
Finally the dawn came for our man aa his pitcher galloped by
hint on the dead run. cursing with every stride, and all three of
the enemv runners took turns denting the dish. f i
It took William a long time to live that 'one ddwnjiut he finaUy
made it. And the Brenner who comes to town Friday night with! his
Capilanos is now'not only one of the loop's best backstops but hitters
as wen. v' r :, ' ' , j
Top Boner jby Legion Brats Hat Helped Dourn Salem
The method by which the American Legion junior baseball di
rectors allow certain teams to solidify themselves for playoffs has
been ridiculed by this corner for years. And new we have com
pany with 'our yipes since the Capital Posters were laid low la
their bid for a toumasnent.berth at Albany. Designed to give the
leaser cities a better sbot at the Mr boys a doubt, the rule says
players can be recruited front eeusblnatiea of prep schools pro
viding the total enrollment ef
. me player are recruited does not exceed ZOO students. f
This gave the Hillsboro team the fight to select at randdm any plav
ers it desired. So the Hills bo ros that Salem played actually amounted
to an au-stai team made up of kids from Hot only Hills boro, but Ti
Card, Forest Grove, etc. And then to make matter worse, the man
agement of the Capital Posters was told by State Junior 'Baseball
Chairman Jess Osborh of Portland that the Salem team was restricted
to Salem high school alone, and could -not recruit outside help. Salem
high's enrollment is considerably
, boner by rjsborn. ' - .
We had the seme headache to contend with back la 1S44 when
we coached the local Posters. The farther we went the worse It
got la fact when we played the Forest Grove team that season,
tber? was actually one. and we sneaa just sue Forest Grove player
: the team. The rest were from all over the northwestern part of
Don WhitUker set the Bakers
down with Just two hits as the
Steels easily walked off with the
win. A combination of. seven
M-B errors and Mildness on the,
part of Dick Biesanx piled UP
the Steelers martin. Fred Mini
fle picked op two of the victors'
four hits. i
A four-run uprising In the
fourth and last frame cave 'the
River Bends their edge over the
Bishop crew. The $ Electrics tal
to get another ball from Umpire
spoke. Brenner -kept groping bund
the combined schools from which.
below 2000, so it was quite a costly
lied all their runs in the second
inning off four walks, an error
and a hit.
Bruce Davis led the ! River
Bends with a triple and single.
River Bead L: 1 t
Bishops ... 850 i 4 2
Johnson an DarisrLy. Redewalo
(J) ad Miller.
M4 Bread
tt 6 Z
S. Steel
Bieusi 4 Webb; WKUkcr and
Gregg. ,
'Lake' Outfit
The Clear Lake club, leaders of
the Industrial softball -league, suf
fered their third -loss of the! cam
paign Jast night as they were
edged by the up-and-coming
Maple Dairy crew, 5-4. Other In
dustrial clashes saw Naval Reserve
beat Interstate Tractor, 8-7 and the
Teamsters whip Post Office, 10
6. i
j A five-hit explosion good for
three runs in the seventh and last
inning gave the Dairys their nar
row decision over' the "Lakes".
Gene Hilfiker set the league-leaders
down with six blows and whif
fed nine. A five-run fifth : inning
featured the Navy win over the
Tractors. The Teamsters 'racked
up their victory with the aid of a
pair Of four-run uprisings-in the
first and seventh frames. Stetler
allowed the Postal club only two
tonight the City teaguers re
sume action with the Papermakers,
co-leaders, again trying to jump
ahead of Mootrys as they mix with
the KCi at 8 o'clock. At 9 o'clock
it's Campbell Rock Wool, against
izm street Market v
In Industrial play Warner Mo
tors takes on Clear .Lake at 6:30.
Teamster f 402 000 410 S S
Post Office 001 100 4 S I S
Stetler and Hannnn- Mi-Hsnui
Scott. : . "
Maple Dairr nil iw in
Clear Lake j ; 001 300 04 S a
Hilfiker and Stir- lriiim...
Naval Km.
OOa 051
204 010 07
Basset and Swinfc; Kreft and Butts
Seixas Slapped
Bj Island Star ;
Third seeded Vic Seixas of
Philadelphia' rot the mrnrit nt hi.
Jife when pint-sized F.elisimo Am
Ton of the Philippine Islands oust-
ea mm irom the 23rd annual Eas
tern grass court championships to
day at the Orange Lawn tennis
club by a score of 3-8, B-3. 8-4. Am-
pon, seeded filth among the foreign
players- led the field into the quar
ter final round with his victorv.
Top Seeded Billy Talbert of New
York was extended 3-B. K.f
before downing Jack Tuero of New
Orleans. Second seeded Eaf 1 Coch-
eu 01 San Francisco, had a battle
through 44 games in defating Dick
av'ii 01 last Orange 10-2, 6-4,
-9. ,
Playoff Set ;
ington and Oregon semi-Dro base
ball champion teams will play off
nere Aug. 13-14 at Westmoreland
Park for a berth in the national
play at Wichita, Kas.
it will be two out of three games
for the finals play-off spot. The
ueuinghanf Bells won the Wash
ington title last night at Mt Ver
non. : j .
Still to be decided Is the Oregon
champion in the tournament due
10 wind up next Wednesday.
Dairy Up
Which wan made atB mt MilwrnnkU Onna C!itv. Vxt Una mmAl?
ethers. . j'
j It's too late for the '49 team now, but it would have been right in
teresting o see how the Hills bo ros, etc., would have made out had
Bill Hanausk been rightfully permitted to add such lads as Stayton't
"Russ" Russell and Mt Angel's Norb WeUman, both good kid pitch
ers. '"! ! i-' l , 4
Bogajkv golTs snan ef the year 1st
1148, today was named captain
of the U. 8. Ryder Cnp sqnad
altboogb inhuies will keep hint
from playing, la either challenga'
match or Ryder Cap competition,
j The Professional Golfers' : as
sociation said today that Hogaa
will appear with the U. S. team
In Bostoa j Ang. IT -it when
the challenge matches) are played
at BelmoBt Conn try dab. The
Sennatoirs Spsura
A' Have triple Play;
Schacht Does Acts .
1 A gilt-edged and three-pronged
vote of thanks is due baseball
clown Al Schacht today -for Viot
only his hilarious deeds of the
diamond during his act last night
at Waters field,, but also for help
ing? to instill in the town Senators
an all-aroiind will to win again.
The famed funny man pulled
3146 admissions into the arena for
the fifth mix of the series with
2 . . : . .1-1...: A I . 1.
presence of such a cheering crowd
did wonders for the locals. They
played, and hustled like champ
ions instead of second divisioners
and rewarded the hefty gathering
with an artistically fashioned 4 to
1 victory.
Schacht got the throng into, the
mood with his 30 minutes of as
sorted antics. Bob Drilling fol
lowed through by uncorking one
of his best outings of the past two
seasons, handcuffing the A's with
seven scattered bingles. Only an
error kept the hard-throwing
righthander from racking up a
shutout The boot was entirely ex
cusable fn that it was made by
Mel Wasley at third, base, Mel
having been stationed at the far
turn again hv place of the injured
Bob Hedington.
. The win did no worse for" the
Salems than keep them in sixth
place and definitely broke the
spell the Vies seemingly had over
them in the first four games of
the series. Victoria now leads the
series, 3-2, and the final game to
night at eight o'clock will find the
Senator newcomer John Burak.
late ot Pacific university, facing
Joe Blankenship of the A's. It will
be Burak's first pro start. Blan
kenship is the gent who last sea
son established a new WIL record
with his 25 victories.
Another hard thrower, pete Vu
curevich, was the victim last
night. A righthander the Yankee
organization thinks a lot of, Pete
had but one bad inning, the sec
ond, to "ruin his game. Even then
a triple play, second, of the season
here, pulled him out of the bad
Wasley opened the frame by
banging one off the right-center
fence for a double. Manager BiU
Beard walked, and Orrin Snyder
lined a 3-and-2 pitch into left field
for a double and one rim. Claude1
Buckley, who was to have three
of the 10 Salem hits' for the night,:
singled sharply to center and Dril
ling himself followed suit. Three
runs were In with nobody ; out
and Vucurevich was shoulder
deep in miseries.
Then ' came the triple play, as
expertly and quickly accomplish
ed as any you'll fee. Marty Krug
lined high to Vic Buccolaat first
base and Vic promptly hopped on
the bag, doubling Drilling. He
then tossed to shortstop Russ Wal
seth who got Buckley as he at
tempted to' get! back to the NO. 2
This was the ball game as it
turned out, although Salem pick
ed up a disputable run in the fifth
on Wayne Peterson's single and
Bud Peterson s long smash against
the left field fence for a double.
Wayne had to slide in for the tally
and was called safe. All Victor
lans, and more than a few in the
seats were convinced he was out,
The Victoria run came in the
fifth on Catcher Bob Morgan's
single to center, Wasley's error
on a bad throw after fielding Vu
curevich's grounder, and Wal-
seth's ground-out the latter driV'
ing across the unearned tally.
Drilling was hit hard early in
the came, but had fine suDnort.
He got better as he went along
ana wouna up by walking only
pne and whiffing three. It was
his sixth victory of the season
. The other .triple play made
here was by Tacoma on June 9
. . . Second-sacker GiL McDou.
gald, who ' looks like one of the
best prospects in the league this
year, was hurt in the fourth inn
ing when he crashed into Beard
at the plate, and was forced to
leave the game. He was frying to
score from xirst base on Len Nor-
en's double, but was cut down . .!.
VICTORIA (1) ) Salem
Walseths 4 0 3 2 ...A 0 12
BuccoMb 3
Jacoba.rf .4
McDgld Jb 2
Hackjf 4 4
Mathohjb 4
More art.c .3
Vucrvch.p 3
Johnsnb 2
010 1 W.PtrsnJb 4 1 3
1 1 OB.Ptrsnjw 2 11
1 1 1 Cherry ,ef .3011
0 0 0 Wasley ,3b .4 2 0 2
3 4 0 Bard.c . 2 1 4
0 2 0 Snyder Jf .3' 1 3
2 2 1 Buckley Jf 4 3 3
0 ft tDrtlkng.p .4 1
33 7 24 10 Total 30 10 27 16
. 000 010 0001 7
030 010 0Ox 4 10
Vucurevich S
Drilling 2 .
30 10 4 ; 4 I 9
19 M! 3.1
Left on bases Victoria f Satan a.
Errors: wasley. Two-base bits Wasley,
Snyder. Noren. B -Peterson. Runs bat
ted In Snyder. Buckley. Drilling. Mor
gaiv B .Peterson Sacrifice Beard. Stol
en bases B. Peterson. 'Double plays
Beard to W. Peterson. Triple plays Buc
eola to Wateetb. Time 1 0. Umpires
skuuk at w lammia. Anenoanco ait.
t ! . .. . ' r '
-w r-m m mm i - ...
und W
Ryder Cap matches will be play
ed la England. Sept 1C-17.
Hogaa, who; is recovering from
ininries suffered in an aatome
bile accident ta Texas last Feb
ruary, held the same honor la
1947 when the V. S. team wea aa
11 te 1 decision over Britain in
Portland. Ore., - i "
The PGA said that Hogaa will
select the lineap of the V. S. team
la singles sad deables cempeti
'A' Leaguers
Salem's Junior Baseball i A
league, late In retting started
because of Insufficient man
power, is now lined up and
ready for action, according; to
Tern Gllmore, director of the
city playground system. The
first game between the "North"
and -South' will be played j to
night at six o'clock at Leslie,
with Hank Juran coaching the
Southerner and AmbyD'Eagle
the Northerners. The Maple
Sporting -Goods Co. is sponsor
ing the South and Commercial
Stationery the ; North. ; j .
Games will be played every
Thursday night at six o'clock,
until the season ends August
25, according to Gilmore.
Senators Get
Back Burgher
PORTLAND. Aug. 3 - (i?) -The
Portland Pacific Coast : League
Beavers has optioned catcher Bill
Burgher2aV the Salem Farm! clnb
of the" Western International
Burgher has been catching lor
the Portland
team for the
Chiefs Snare
7 th Straight
WENATCHEE Aug. 3-;p)-The
Wenatchee Chiefs stretched j their
win streak to seven straight games
tonight by - downing the Tacoma
Tigers 8-1.
Joe Orrell tossed a five-hitter
at Tacoma. Tacbma's only run
came in the sixth inning on a long
home run by Glen Stetter that was
hit' over the left field fence; with
the wind.
Wenatchee's Richie Myers rap
ped out a four-bagger With one
man in the fourth inning and Clyde
Haskell poled one over in the, fifth
Tacoma 000 001 000 1 ; 5 1
Wenatchee 200 211 02 8 13 1
Kerrigan and Gardner; Orrell
and Winter. ? i
Vancouver .000 000 0011 j '.
Yakima .000 ,300 00 3 8
Kindsfather and Brenner; Dick
eyBabbitt (8) and Orteig. j
No-No Racked
In Ball Meet
PORTLAND. Aug. 3 -PJ-Ver
boort's Dick Waibell hurled a seven-inning
no-hit no-run game to
day in defeating Cornelius, 1-0,
and shoving the losers irom tne
"Slate Semi-Pro Baseball Tourna
ment It was the third victory
for Vefboort in 'four games.
Portland Reliance also" racked up
its third win and ousted the: Port
land Red Sox with a 4-1 decision.
Dallas-Valsetz squeezed past
Garibaldi -by a 4-3 count in the
final game of the evening. The loss
eliminated Garibaldi fron? the
Reliance 000 0OJ J 4 4 0
' 1
Red Sox 001 000 01
Riesbick and Adams: Leni. renion
() and Sorenson, J. Sorenson 17).
Garibaldi 4 001 020 0-3 S 3
Dallas-Valsetz ZOO 001 1 a a
Olson and Eepen: Lund, van Mo oj
and Massman, Vontrin ().
000 006 OO 1
.... 001 000 o-t-t 4 i
Huson; Waibel and B.
Susie and
In the ilajori
Ab R H O A E Rot
Pesky. Red Sox S 2 3 1 1 0' 0
Poem Red Sox ,.,.. 4 2 3 1 2 0 4
(Cleveland raineo out).
Page 5SS. Jones 542. Milt Hartwell 452.
Mcciuskey sea. kahh s 121 Karr bus.
Rennet 477. Bowers SCO. cot 98S.
njNm 111 cune sr. 97a. urawrora
521. Oslund 483. Yovin 331. BRA DEN
BODY SHOP (2) White 567. 5. Bra
den 585. L. Brad en 508. Evans ,338.
CUPBOARD CATS 1 1 ) BOyce 94S,
Milford 002. Strattoa 438. Glodt 337,
SENATOR'S 2 Irons 517.; Olney 603,
Prieaen 496. West 314. : .
CAPITOL, buioinu (oi rovun we,
Rom 574. Locan S10. Hickman S49.
well 560. Reeves 592. Larson j 635, H.
Phc S94 -.!'!
HIGH tum arnin -nAntwajA.
ELECTRIC 2381. : ! .
HIGH IND. S OILCS urson -633.
HIGH IND. GAME Carson -22S.
'." On Your Vacation
. Aik M SUnk
Start Today
Sooinnis Beat Praties;
k VfcSo
Statesman, Salem, Oregon, Thnrsdcry, August 4. 1349
1 1 i 1
They'll Represent Japan
V l -O, m-S .-"S.
- r lit.
-l JiX-
,. a 1 r
, 1.2mA mmmm
LOS ANGELES. Ang. J Shown above are four of the Japanese,
swimmers who will represent their homeland in the A AU stroke
meet scheduled for here later this month. They are (left to right):
Konoshin Furuhashi, who was clocked in world record time of
4:34.6 for the 400-meter freestyle at Tokyo July 24th: Hishihiro
Hamagucht 100-meter freestyle: Shiro Hashizume. freestyle special
ist; and Shuichi Murayama, 800-meter relays and captain. (AP
Wirephoto to The Statesman.)
Beaver Club Loses
Twin-Bill to Oaks
PORTLAND. Ore.. Aug! 3-(IVOakland exploded a seven-run
inning in the opener tonight against Portland to win, 10 to 5, and
then added the nightcap, 8 to 7,
Coast Baseball league doubleheader
Portland was ahead two runs
Iwhen the Oaks unleashed the big
assault in the fourth of the seven
inning first game and iced it with
three more runs in the seventh.
The second game came a little
harder. Oakland took a five-run
edge but saw Portland . deadlock
before breaking away with anoth
er three-run outburst. The Bea
ver's attempt to get back in the
game fell one run short
rirat came: .
OakUad AB H O Aportlane AB H u a
Wilson m 4 2 4 4 1 a 1
Lavgtob 2 4
Kryhski.l 4
JensenJf 4
Dezabu.rf 3
Martin Jb 3
1 0 lShupe.10 ui
1 3 0 Thomas Jb 4 114
3 4 ORuckerJl 4 2 10
1 4, 0 Brovia jf 3 0 0 0
2 2 OBasiskib 3 14 2
0 2 2 Gladd.c '3 0 2 3
1 2 liAmtinjl 2 2 01
Kerrx 3
Jones.p 2
Woods Jb 0
0 0 l Lynn.p 0 0 10
0 0 Orieminf.p 0 0 0 0
0 0 OFemadsjc 10 0 0
0 0 OMcNulty.p 0 0 0 0
Chistphr . 1
ToUli 30 12 21 7 ToUls 28 7 21 12
Fanned for Jones in 6th.
x Safe on error for Fleming In .5th.
Oakland , 1 000 700 310
foruana . w j v
Winning pitcher Jones; losing pitch
er Lynn.
Pitcher Hr ab k h tn sj do
Jones 22 6 2 I 4
Thompson 2 60 ;I 1
Lynn 3'9 15 5 4 8 0 2
lemin-. li 7 2 S 1 O O
McNulty 2 8 3 5 3 2 0
Error Wilson. Runs oaiiea in Lynn,
Brovia, Kryhoski 2. Duexabou. Martin.
Wilson. Lavasetto. Ausvn 9. Kapp. 1 wo
base hits Krvhoski 2. Rucker. Home
run Austin. Stolen base Wilson. Sac
rificeWood. Double plays Gladd to
Basins lei: Kerr to Kryhosici. 111 on
bases Oakland 2: Portland 7. Hit by
pitcher, by Jones (Tlemingh Umpires
Ford. Gordon and Orr. Time 1 :40.
Second' game:
Oakland 104 000 3008 8 1
Portland 002 030 0027 9 1
Tost Thompson (6) and Pad
gett; Saltzman, Diehl (6) and
Sacramento L....200 000 1 3 7, 2
San Francisco 200 020 4 2 2
Mallette and Plumbo; Lien and
B rocker. -
Hollywood 000 200 000 2 6 3
Seattle ..:. 033 040 00010 12 0
Woods. Oliver (3). Roy (5) and
Sandlock; Schanz and Grasso.
4 - :ip Belfoo-e 3314
- .4-:. 'V' h
to taki both games of the Pacific
' W L Pet. W L Pet
Yakima 72 59 .64 Victoria 51 61 .455
Vancouvr 65 43 02 Salem 4! 63 .438
Spokane .59 52 J32 Bremerton 48 63 .432
Wenatche 36 36 300 Tacoma . 43 67 .402
Wednesday results: At Salem 4. Viv
toria 1; At Yakima j 3,' Vancouver 1
At Spokane-Bremerton, rain; At Wen
a tehee, a. Tacoma 1.
coast League '
W L Pet. W L Pet
Holly wod 77 55 .583 Seattle 65 67.492
Sacramnt 69 60 335 Portland .. 63 67 .485
Oakland .7061 J34 5n Frncsc 38 72 .446
San Diego 64 63 .496 Los Angts 36 73 .427
Wednesday results: At Portland 3-7
Oakland 10-8. At Seattle M. Hollywood
2. At San Francisco 4. Sacramento 3.
At Los Angeles-San Diego (Score on
page one).
W L Pet W L Pet
St. Louis ,60 38 .612 PhlUdelph 30 4S.3OS
Brooklyn 59 38 .608 Pittsburgh 43 32 .464
New York 52 4 .531 Cincinnati 40 58 .408
Boston . 52 48 J20:Chlcaeo 36 65 .356
Wednesday results: At St. Louis 7
Boston 0; At Pittsburgh 5. Brooklyn
10: At Chicago 1, New York 4; At
Cincinnati 2. Philadelphia 0.
W L Pet W L Pet
New York 61 36 .629 Detroit 55 47 J39
Cleveland 37 40 .588 Chicago . ?41 59 410
Boston 56 43 S6 Wailungtn 36 59 .379
Philadlph 56 46 .345 St. Louis 34 63.343,
Wednesday results: At New York 7,
Detroit : At Boston . si. louk 3
At Philadelphia 3. Chicago 2. At Wash
ington-Clevelan. rain. '
Senator Swat
(Up to date)
B H Pet B H Pet
Cherry ,402 131 .326 WJtrsn 482 117 .253
Wasley . 368 115 Jl 3 Foster ..... 42 10 .238
B. Ptrsn 451 138 J06 G Ptrsn 60 14 J33
Buckley 60 18 JJOO Carlson . 121 27 .233
Beard.' - 249 72 .289 Fredercks 37 .216
Hdngtn 305 81 J66'Snyder -62 13 .210
Km 232 06 M2 Mclrrin . 28 4 343
Drilling 42 11 -2B2 Osborn ,54 1 .042
Olsen :.. 8 23J621
Pitch inc:
Mclrvln 4 2 23 foster 3 4 45
Otaent 31 "eterson .. -5 10 36
Osborn 8 0 49 Fredericks 2 10 38
Drilling 701
I iBtra 1
Dyers Retain j
Slim Margin I
Yanks Win, Increase
Lead as'Trible Idle M
NEW YORK. Aug. 3-i-Tb
St. Louis Cardinals and New York
Yankees protected their leads ; (n
the major league pennant race
today. . If
The Cardinal whipped the Bos
ton Brave?. 7-0. tonight to retain
their half game advantage on the
Brooklyn Dodgers i who "downed
PittKburph. 10-2. in an afternoon
game. Howie Pol'et hurled His
fourth shutout and l4th win tot
the season, subduing the Braves
ith four hits. He struck out six.
The slim lefthander hasnt lost
since Julv 2. - t
Nippy Jones led the' enrhi-hit
Cardinal attack on Johnny Antofi-
yi and two successors With a pair
doublesand Enos Slaughter .
boosted hus average to .331. second
the National league, with ta
double and single. St Louis rout- r
ed Antonelli. the Bonus Kid. with "
five-run outburst in the fourth
inning. i
The Yanks boosted their lead
to four games by downing De
troit 7-5. while second plare
Cleveland was rained out of its
scheduled night game at Washing
ton. Jn the only American night
action, the Philadelphia A's edged
Chicago, 3-2. on rookie first base
man Hank Biasatti's first Hit f
the season. Joe Coleman won ftis
ninth game with an eight-hitter.
The third place Boston Red Sbx
ept pace with the Yankees, whip
ping the St. Louis Browns. 93.
Dom DiMaegio extended his
consecutive, hitting streak through
30 games. They trail the Yartks
by six games.
The third place New York
Giants in the National league reg
istered their sixth straight triumph
with a 4-1 victory over the Cbi-t
cago Cubs. Cincinnati, behind the
two-hit pitching of Ken Rafferas-
berger. shut out the Philadelphia '
Phils, 2-0. -
The Yankee blew a 4-0 lead.
but rallied for three runs in the
bottom cf the eighth to win after"
the Tigers had taken a temporary
advantage. 1.1111 ma pes rirave
in the winning runs off relief pit
cher Virgil Trucks with a two-run
single. i. .
Duke Snider drove in five runs
with a single, double and his 16th
home runJ to lead the 'Dodgers'
attack. Carl Erskine. winning his
first game since his recall from .
Fort Worth of the Texas league. ,
went the route with a six-hitter.
After I six hitless innings, tho
Giants landed on young Bob Kijih
for a brace of runs in each of tho
seventh and eighth innings to gain'
their third straight win over the
Cubs. Lefty Dave Koslo hurled a
five-hitter for his seventh tri
umph, f.
Ellis Kinder set a new season
high for the major leagues by
striking out 14 batters as the Red
Sox humbled the Browns. Tho
big righthander allowed seven hits
in registering his . 12th victory.
Ted Williams, with" two hits in
five times at bat, took over the
league batting leadership from
Bob Dillinger.
Raffensberger rung up his fifth
shutout and his 11th victory of
the season as the Reds make it
two in a row over Philadelphia.
Boston ' 000 000 0000 4 2
St. Lout . 100 300 10 7 i l
Antonelli. Hocue (4). Barrett (81 and
Livingston; Pol let and D. Rice. ;
Brooklyn 201 910 32110 il 0
Pittsburgh , 000 000 401 5 6 2
Erfkine and CamDanella: Riddle.
Gumbert (it and McCullough. Maui (.
NeW York 000 000 2204 S 1
Chicaso 000 001 000 I 5 0
Koslo and R. Mueller: Rush. Hacker
8), Muncnef (8), Kush (9) and Owen.
- r
Philadelphia 000 000 0OO O 2 0
Cincinnati 000 100 Olx 2 8 0
Roberts and Seminick; Raffensberger
and Cooper. It.
It I
. 000 000 140 s
. 100 102 03x 7 10 1
New York ....
HouttemanA tirissom m.
Truck 18)
and Swift; Byrne. Page (8) and Bcrra.
St. Louif ... i ...0C0 0B0 1203 1 1
Boston 000 004 50x 9 13 0
Ostrowtki. Kennedy (6). Winegarner
(7). Papal 7) and LolUr: Kinder! and
Tebbetts. "
100 0O1 0002 I 1
001 O10 Olx 3 8 0
Wheeler; Coleman and
Wight and
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