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    t Th Slatman, Sol. Oraqon. Friday, Jaly 13, 1M3
Honored at
The many summer brides-elect
continue to hold the social spot
light with parties arranged in
their honor. .
Miss Irene McLeod- and Miss
Crystal Huntington have invited
guests to a bridal party Monday
night at the former's home on
North 13th street in compliment
to Miss Beula Arnold, August
bride-elect. A dessert supper will
be served by the hostesses with
an informal evening following.
Bidden to fete Miss Arnold are
Mrs. Llovd Arnold. Mrs. Harold
Dickey. Mrs. Lester C. McLeod,
Mrs. Hollis Huntington. Mrs. Rob
ert Waiters. Mrs. Carlton J. Mc
Leod, Miss Janet Lindley, Miss
Ruth McCall, Miss Josephine
Caughell, Miss Joan Hoereth,
Miss Frances Baum, Miss Marian
Carson. Miss Eva McMullen,
Miss Cathv Cooper. Miss Janyce
Baker. Miss Gayle Juve, Miss
Jean Pickens. Miss Ruth Hour
man. Miss Marilyn Nichols. Miss
Marilyn Burns. Miss Virginia
Lewis. Miss Donna Lambert and
Miss Mary Arnold,
far Miss LiudaNL
Miss Donna LJEahl. who will
be married on Autf5t 21 to John
W. Holmstedt. jr. of Paxton. Ne
braska, was honored at a bridal
shower Thursday night when
Mr. Dewey Baumgart. Mrs. L.
J Stewart. Mrs. Everett Holmes.
Mrs. Ralph Johnson, Mrs. A. J
Torgerson. Mrs. Oscar Seder
trom. Mrs. Arnold Olson and
Mrs. B. L. Trelstad entertained
at the Baumgart, home. Fifty
five were bidden to the affair
nd a late supper was served fol
lowing the miscellaneous shower.
Sojourners Have
Dessert Bridge
Sojourners were entertained it
dessert bridge Thursday after
noon at the balem Woman's club
house with forty members and
guests attending. Guests present
were Mrs. J. S. Bonawitz, Mrs.
Wallace Mflls and Mrs. Louis
Ertz. New members welcomed
were Mrs. Wendell C. Munson
and Mrs. Clyde Warren.
Chairman-was Mrs. August
Rig by and 'the tables were deco
rated with miniature lace doilie
hat filled with pastel summer
flowers and trimmed with rib
boos. Honors in bridge went to
Mis. A. P. Collins. Mrs. Mason
peNeffe, Mrs. Bon Cleary and
Mrs. J. S. Bonawitz. Mrs. K. J.
Church will b the chairman for
th August 11 meeting.
Rodgers Clan
Gathers Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Rodgers
accompanied by their son, Larry
and family, also Mrs. C. N. Rod
gers, all of Portland, last Sunday
attended the Rodgers family re
union at the original family home
ik miles south of Salem. The
gathering is held each year on
the Sunday nearest July 17, which
was the birthday of Ke late Mrs.
Sarah Rebecca Ad ; Rodgers.
who crossed the plai. s Ho Oregon
in 1852.
Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers were
married in 1857; ot their nine
children only two are living; Clay
ton O. of Portland, and Cecil P. of
Salem. The reunion was attend
ed by approximately sixty rela
tives. Mr. aai Mrs. T. Harala Tamil a -
on will entrain this weekend for
Berkeley. Calif, to visit at the
borne of her brother-in-law and
alster, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Truber.
Accompanying the Tomlinsons
borne the first part of the week
will be their children. Sande and
Kaye, who have been vacation
ing in Berkeley at the Truber
home the past two weeks.
Dr. and Mrs. Vera W. Miller
and daughters are home from a
fortnight's sojourn at Neskowin.
ROBERTS Mrs. Benjamta
Updegraff was the inspiration for
a prty at the country home ot
Betty Templeton on South River
road Monday evening. Honoring
Mrs. Updegraff were Monir-a
Berning. Alice Benslow, Delia
Hjort, Jo Ann Huber, Bette M.
Krohn, Martha- B. Thompson,
Mary L. Thompson. Merna iee
Comhs, Edna McElheney. Betty
Seder, Marjorie M, Williams.
Mi s. Louis Martine-Lally and the
htMtesk. Betty Templeton.
" .
LS " La. i ii
A -
Miss Jo Ann Lanj, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Lang of Rickreall, whos engagement to Hugh Hickerson,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Claud Hickerson of Dallas, has been
announced. (Jesten-Miller).
Guests Fete
Mrs. Oliver
Mrs. Oliver T. Mansfield was
honored at a surprise shower
Tuesday night when Mrs. Vern
F. Davis entertained at her North
19th street home. The evening
hours were spent informally and
a late hour supper was served
by the hostess. Bouquets of sweet
peas and petunias provided the
decorative note.
Honoring Mrs. Mansfield were
Mrs. S. H. Mansfield of Cleveland
Heights, Ohio, Mrs. Leon Margos
ian, Mrs. William Johnston, Mrs.
Richard Lockard, Mrs. Farley
Mogan, Mrs. Lawrence Fitzgerald,
Mrs. Sam C. Campbell, Mrs. O.
D. Youngquist, Mrs. Ralph At
wood, Mrs. Carl Wood, Mrs. Ro
bert Johnson, Mrs. Denver Young,
Mrs. Max Alford. Mrs. Holly
Jackson, Mrs. Lawrence Brown,
Mrs. James Hardie, Mrs. D. C.
Burton. Mrs. Homer McWain,
Mrs. Floyd Crabtree, all of Salem.
Mrs. Dave Barry, Mrs. Max
Taylor, Mrs. Harold Brack, Mrs.
John Holtzman, Mrs. P. J. Mean
ey, Mrs. Joseph Bernard, Mrs.
Frank Geiermann, Mrs. Dale Max
well. Mrs. Frank Selders, Mrs.
Frank Smith and Mrs. Howard
Patterson, all of Portland.
Movies to be Shown '
Mr. and Mrs. William B.
Schnebly. superintendent of the
Children's Farm home, Corval
lis, will show movies and tell
of the work done there at the
monthly meeting of the Iota
Sigma chapter of the WCTTJ. The
Rev. O. W. Clemens of the rirst
Church of God will have charge
of the devotions. The affair' will
be a joint meeting with thahus
bands and friends of the -members
as guests at the horn of
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Barkus. 470
Vista avenue, Salem, at 7:30 p.m.,
Tuesday, August 2. Anyone in
terested in Wis organization it
invited to attend.
Mrs. Carl G. Caltiaa aaterUla-
ed her knitting group at a des
sert luncheon on Thursday after
noon at her Market street home.
Mr. aa4 Mrs. Gleaa Mathews
of Hammond, B.C. arc visiting
with Miss Ann Chapman at her
residence, at 1415 Baker st, this
Jones-McAlpin-Terhuna picnic at 511
verton city park.
Wejlcyan Service guild of Flrt
Methodist church, in fellowship room, S
Ladies of CAR. YWCA S p.m.
Dinner for
Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Bodmer
will b hosts for a buffet dinner
party tonight at their Madison
street home in welcome to Dr.
and Mrs. Linn Hammerstad, who
recently moved to tha capita
from Minneapolis. Tha Hammer
stada hava two boys and a girl
and ha is now practicing heraJ
Bouquets of summer flowers will
provida the decorative note.
Covers will be placed for Dr.
and Mrs. Hammerstad, Mr. and
Mrs. Leon Perry, Mr. and Mr..
Ed Lewis, Dr. and Mrs. S. D.
Wiles. Dr. and Mrs. John R. Wood
and Dr. and Mrs. Bodmer.
OSC Mothers
Board Meets
Board members of tha Oregon
State college mothers club met
Wednesday afternoon at tha home
of tha president, Mrs. A. H. Wil
son. Plans were made for the
coming year, a rummage sale an
Attending were Mrs. Ernest
Walker, vice-president; Mrs. Carl
Miller, treasurer; Mrs. Millard
Pekar, secretary; Mrs. A. E. Ull
man, Mrs. Fred Gahlsdorf, Mrs.
Glenn Paxson and Mrs. Wilson.
Welcome Home Party
Miss Mildred Christenson en
tertained informally Wednesday
and Thursday afternoons at her
oyal Court apartment in compli
ment to her sister, Mrs. Lewis
King, who with Mr. King and
son, Louis, have returned to Sa
lem to make their home. The
past year the Kings have resided
in Birmingham, Alabama. A grou?
of Mrs. King's intimate I friends
were bidden to call each day
between three and five o'clock.
Of Note
The coming and going ot sum
mer visitors highlight the social
Dews this season, with seemingly
more than in past years, visiting
Salem this summer.
Miss Patricia Johnson, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. John
son, has arrived in the canital
to spend the summer with her
parents and grandmother, Mrs.
C E. niidge. Miss Johnson has
been attending Fairfax Junior
college at Gainsborough, Virginia
the past year and this fall will
enroll for her freshman year at
Oregon State college. . Her par
ents and younger sister, Kathryn
Ann, who have been in Caracus,
Venezuela the past two years, re
turned to the states in March
and have made their headquar
ters at the Kingwood Heights
home of Mrs. Illidge. The family
plans for the future are still in
definite, but they will remain in
the states for the present. Mr
Johnson was formerly on the fac?
ulty ot Oregon State college.
Here far Weekend
Weekend guest of Colonel and
Mrs. Eugene Foster will be their
former neighbor in Sioux Fall3.
South Dakota, Mrs. Amelia Pfeif
fer. The visitor has been in New
berg as the guest of her daughter
and will visit in Salem before
returning to her home.
Guests of Dr. and Mrs. Forrest
Bodmer on Thursday were friends
from Nampa. Idaho. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Wilson and sons.
To Return Seath
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schenk and
children, Sally and Steven, of
Glendale, Calif., will leave Sat
urday morning for their home
after a fortnight's visit in the
capital as house guests of the
Wendell Webbs.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Oppen
(Genevieve Thayer) of Spokine,
formerly of Salem, were visitors
in the capital this week at the
home of his parents, tha C. D.
Op pens.
Visit from Nebraska
Visitor at the home of Dr. and
Mrs. B. F. Williams this week has
been C. N. Cadwallader of Lin
coln. Neb.
On Tuesday Dr. and Mrs. Wil
liams entertained a group at din
ner at Silver Creek Falls lodge in
honor of Mr. Cadwallader. He is
on the foundation committee for
the Rotary International board
and gives much of his time to
Rotary work and the YMCA. He
and Dr. and Mrs. Williams have
been friends for many years.
Mr. and Mrs. Foifst E. Sim
mons have returned from a cruise
to Alaska on the Prince George.
They went by boat as far as Skag
way and then by train to White
horse. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Peck have
had as their house guests Mr.
Peck's sister, Mrs. Edith Stocoe
and daughter. Zona, from Elgin,
III. They had their first glimpse
of tha ocean, also going to Tim
ber line lodge and Crater lake
during their stay here.
rn in mi in i i im i i m
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