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    t The Statesman. Sclent. Oregon, Wednsisdd
.1 tititti tfl
Sears Officials
Pleased with
New Building
Pacific coast directors of Sears,
Roebuck and Co., indicate that
they are decidedly pleased with
the new Sears store now rapidly
being finished in the Capitol Shop
ping center. . It will be only a
matter of days before the huge,
modern department store will
have its grand opening at which
time Salem residents will see one
of the finest mercantile establish
ments of its kind on the coast.
they indicated.
Led by A. T. Cushman, Los
Angeles, vice president in charge
of the Pacific coast, eight Sears
officials toured both the present
State street store J"and - the new
Making Counters
In the new store they found
workmen making final installa
tions of fittings, counters and dis
play islands and racks. At the
same time Sears employes were
unpacking hundreds of cases of
new merchandise and arranging
them on display stands already
Explaining construction pro
gress was W. John Tormey, resi
dent superintendent architect for
the Claude Beelman architectural
firm in Los Angeles which de
signed the shopping center group.
Tormey assured the visitors that
the center will equal anything to
be found on the coast, Including
southern California.
Date Not Set
Date for the formal opening has
not yet been set, but will be in
the first part of August. With
Cushman were Ralph Spencer,
west coast buying director; C. E.
Brabyn, charge of personnel; W.
H. Butikofer, . credit manager;
Frank Behring, director of plan
ning and displays; S. A. Epstein,
Salem promotion manager; Or
ville Lee and N. E. Ash.
The new store will have about
SOO employes, almost double the
present staff, according to Mosolf.
Complete new departments, such
as men and women's furnishings,
and enlargement of existing de
partments will meanan expanded
employe force.
Warren Advises
Owners Safeguard
Own Property
Safeguarding their own proper
ty can be businessmen's biggest
help to local law enforcement, the
Salem Kiwanis club was told Tues
day by Police Chief Clyde War
ren. Importance of placing safes
where they can be seen from out
ski e and ot removing keys from
vehicle locks was stressed by the
Salem police chief before the
luncheon audience in the Marion
Warren, who became police
chief here in recent months, said
the local force had chalked up a
law enforcement record last year
good as can be found anywhere.
Sears Directors
! i! mm mwm n i m i imm mm
Say fIt Won't Be Long Now'
lift i
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ssiibjbssos ' ' mW wwy h-
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Teacher jobs
There apparently will be no
shortage of high school teachers in
Oregon during the next school
year, Leslie Wilcox of the state
educational department said Tues
day, i
Wilcox said he based his state
ment on applications for teaching
positions already received. Most
acute shortage at the present time,
Wilcox said, involves specialized
instructors in some of the larger
schools of the state.
He predicted that the number of
teachers employed under so-called
emergency certificates during the
next school year would decline.
Last year approximately 1,500 Ore
gon teachers operated under these
' Reason for the improved teacher
situation was attributed to a larg
er number of graduates from the
Oregon College of Education last
fall and the influx of instructors
from eastern and middle-western
states. It also was reported that a
substantial number of teachers who
resigned during the war to accept
industrial Jobs are returning to the
Should be permitted to last over
4. Be generous always. The
person constantly afraid of get
ting the short end of the stick,
usually does.
5. Thou shalt look upon sacri
fice as a privilege and not as a
burden. like happiness, marriage
blessings come as by-products of
sacrificial devotion.
6. Thou shalt rememtfer that
the marriage carriage roust be
pulled by a team. : Marriage is
not a "one boss shay."
7. Thou shalt not conduct post
mortems over failures and dis
agreeable experiences. Only if
mistakes can be avoided in the
future shall they be recalled.
8. Thy home shall be the heart
of thy life. Homes are most ap
preciated when there is a short
age and one has to lire with in
laws. 9. Thou shalt not compare thy
husband or wife with another's.
You can't have a blonde and a
brunette, a baldheaded and a
curlytop in one person. Unpleas
ant comparisons corrode affection.
10. Thou salt build thy mar
riage with God as a third partner.
No two persons are ever quite
good enough to obey all
mandments for successful
"It wont be long now," was Ot opinloa of Sean Koeback and Co. officials Tuesday as thay looked over
progress twins made to ready; the new Sears store for its opening next snontn. Eight top Sears men
flew to Salem Tuesday from Los Angeles to see the now nnit In tno Capitol : Shopping center group.
Above are. left to rirht. James Mosolf. Salem manager of Sears; A. T. Cushman, vice president in
eharte of Ithe Pacific coast, and F. D. Behring, at ore planning and displays director, both from Los
Angeles. The trio is standing; in the men's wear deportment. (Statesman photo.)
Of feliie Book .
Due iii August
The 1949-?0 Oregon Blue book,
now being printed, will be ready
for distribution late in August, ac
cording to Secretary of State Earl
T. Newbry. 1
Newbry sfid approximately 37,
000 copies lot the book will be
printed 1 which is 4,000 less than
two years go. Reduction in the
number of I books this year was
necessitated! because of the marked
increase in printing costs, Newbry
averred. The Blue book is compiled
by the: state departments.
I j
Board to See Plans
por State Highway
Office Building
I Final plans for the proposed
state highway office building will
be reviewed: when the capitol
planning commission has its first
tegular meeting here Wednesday,
August 3, at 2 p.m.
I Robert Sawyer, Bend publisher,
Is chairman of the newly appoint
ed commission.
i Meeting in1 the board of control
offices, the commission will con
sider also the location of the new
building on the designated block.
Covered Oregon payrolls i for
June, 1949, aggregated $53,266,260,
as against 549,134,000 for the same
month last year the" state industrial
accident commission reported Mon
day.' May, 1 1949, covered payrolls
totaledi $53 914,184.
YMCA Official
Due Here Aug. 4
Stanton Turner, pre-war gener
al secretary for YMCA in the Phil-
ippines, will: be in Salem August
4 to confer with local YMCA lead
Car Crashes
Into Garage
City police investigated a unique
accident Tuesday morning after a
runaway, driverless auto smashed
into a garage in south Salem.
The car belonged to Mrs. Vera
Bishop, 460 Leslie st., police said.
Mrs. Bishop had parked the car In
front of her residence. Later it
rolled down hill eastward, crossed
South High street, leaped a curb.
charged across a 60-foot lawn and
rammed into a garage at 712 S.
High st.
The west wall of the garage was
pushed in about two feet, accord
ing to police reports.
Minister Lists
Ten Rules for
I HappyWedlock
ST. LOUIS-(INS) -The Rev.
Elmer H. Hoefer, pastor of St
Peter's Evangelical and Reformed
church, offers the following Ten
Commandments for ; a Happy
1. Thou shalt trust each other.
One must trust, if willing to give
one's self for life to another. One
must trust. If willing to say: "With
all my wordly goods I thee en
2. Thou shalt not credit evi
dence that is only circumstantial.
Gossip starts with circumstantial
evidence. That kind of evidence
is Dolson to love and mutual
S. Thou shalt not sulk. Sulking
is a mark of infantilism which
many adults continue to indulge
in to their peril. No grudge
ma r-
Lawson Mca!ti frlvate secretary
to Governor -McKay, Mayor R. L
Elfstrom, Dr. M. C Cooper, Kla
math Falls, grand chef do gare of
the 48 et 8; B. C Small, chef de
gare of Marion voiture 153, of Salem.
Goldenrod, bane of bayfever
victims, can be made to yield a
sweet oil that imparts a licorice
flavor to candy and chewing
The cottontail nbki , hunted
not only by man, but' by hawks,
owls, foxes, weasels, cats, dogs
and any carnivorous animal.
Now location
now! -I
BIS N. Front St
Telephone 2-534.
Leo Handwork, Mgr
Busick Store
Makes Debut
Formal opening Is being ob
served today and Thursday by J.
L. Busick & Sons market which
has lust been remodeled and ex
tensively streamlined at Court
and Commercial streets.
Many samples will bo served
during the store hours today and
tomorrow from 9 am. to 8 pm.
Tho market building has been
revamped inside and colorfully
painted outside as well as inside.
Dedication of
Boxcar Slated
Oregon's 48 et 8 box car from the
French gratitude train will be de
dicated at its permanent homo on
the American Legion grounds on
South Commercial street, at 11:43
a.m., Wednesday, Aug. 3, Legion
officials have announced.
Participating In tho ceremony
will bo Ma). Gen. Thomas E. Rllea,
l call us now! (
Ring ws right now we'll demonstrate all (he big 1
I bonus features you got in a Nash Airflyto. t I
I You owo it to yourself to know tho difference
V of America's only cor with wheel-enclosed stream J ify
1 fining . . . wider, longer, roomier irrforiort . . , I
I Twin Beds . . . Weather Eye Conditioned Ai. . i I
j Unitized Body-ond-Framo . . . 4 -wheel coO spring
ride . . . one-piece, curved windshield onall 1
models. I i I
I Just name tho Airflyto series you went demon- I
I strotod tho new Nash "600" or now Nash . I I
Ambassador. I !
1 or an AirfTyfo TWat, Just DArf '
Telephone J-92S6 f
If mm mm mei -m m -m w w m -m m -ssv msf m
1 J
ers and to address the Salem Lions
Although now retired, Turner
has been spending his time in help
ing along the YM's world youth
First choice
and small wonder!
II i w .
One Coast-wide school system is for
telephone! people only and better
service for the West is the result
( y.
1. As this young lady learnt to use a training switch
board, shell also learn many things that will jbe mighty
important to good service. All through her training she'll
aee how operators make courtesy and helpfulness a nor
mal part of their jobs. And the same spirit is present as
other telephone people learn the'r new skills.
r r It . ,
t i i -
It i- ' I .1- ,i V 1
The oil that stops 80 of engine wear
When your motor stops, rust starts msijle. This Is caused by
moisture collecting inside cylinders, is corrosive in its action. It
causes 80 of engine wear. But RPM Motor Oil, among the other
protective jobs it does, leaves a moisture-proof film, like a rain
coat, over engine parts, and immediately stops rust. So today try
RPM Motor Oil, it's your cheapest motor insurance. Small wondej
West! ' . -
it's first choice in the
Vo take better care of your car
L On stubby poles lika these, linemen learn to use theii
new climbing equipment. 4Inis is just one of the more than
one hundred courses that telephone people study up and
down the Coast In 1948, thousands of employees received
training. That means thousands better able to furnish
good service to yon. V
4. Good service for yon comes from
telephone; people who know their jobs.
Yon can help them serve you best by
making sure you always have the right
number in mind before calling, leaving
a little timej between caJDa, giving the
called person time to answer
i; I
- i ; It t t ' f
3. On-the-Job-trainlntr Is typified by this! -student
who is learning the workings of a trouble indicator frame
an automatic detective that makes sure the 'lines on its
"beat" are giving good service. Even experien&d employ
ees take refresher courses like this to keep up-tOfdato..a
and keep learning their way up the ladder.
Tho Pacific Telepulie
) and Telegraph Company
Your telephone is one of fyday $
' biggest bargains J j