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    Football Czars
Examine Rules
Defensive Holding '
Clause Criticized
Br Bin King
NEW CASTLE, N. H, July 28
W) -Stricter enforcement of the
rule prohibiting defensive holding
was asked of the nation's football
officials today by the National As
sociation of Collegiate Commis
"In the past this rule has been
4 internreted differently in many
b sections," explained Asa S. Bush-
neu, the group's head. "The
recommendation made today
i should standardize the enforce
ment of that rule."
For the second day in their 11th
. annual meeting, the 10 intercol
legiate athletic conference heads
who supervise sports in more
than 160 colleges in all parts of
the country, concentrated on the
recodified 1949 NCAA football
rule book.
After listening to Arthur Hutch
ins of Lake Wales, Fla., commis
sioner of the 35-college southern
conference and secretary of the
football rules committee, the as
sembled intercollegiate sports
chiefs recommended four minor
text revisions in next season's
playing rules.
The most important would place
umpires and field judges closer to
the line of scrimmage to spot in
fractions unnoticed by other of
The standardized system of arm
signals by football officials to in
dicate fouls was reviewed and ap
proved In its entirety. The group's
manual of football officiating was
declared the official textbook for
the courses officials conduct in all
parts of the country.
Junior Links
lTourney Opens
will be three boys against the
field when the U. S. National
: Junior Golf Championship tour
nament gets under way tomorrow
morning at Congressional country
I club.
On the basis of today's practice,
the teen-age entrants themselves
v established three of their col-
leagues as pre-meet favorites in
the U. S. Golf association's under
18 classic.
They are National Junior Med
alist Roland Hughes, of Lawn
dale. Calif., who shot a one-under-par
70 in practice today. Sixteen-year-old
Graham Mackey, of Mid
land, Tex., like Hughes, he also
recorded a one-under 70 in his
final warmup. And there's Gra
ham Hunt, 1948 Missouri State
Junior titlist, who also fired a 70.
Charles Sought
For 'Frisco Go
WllVtam Kyne, owner of Bay
Meadows and Portland Meadows
race tracks, wants Ezzard Charles
here for heavyweight champion
ship fight In October.
Kyne, head of the veterans re
habilitation foundation, said the
proceeds would go to the Veter
ans hospital at Livermore.
He said he had offered Charles,
of Cincinnati, $33,000 and 35 per
cent of the gate, for atitle fight
with Pat Valentino of San Fran
It would be held in the San
Francisco "Cow Palace," a huge
pavilion, on Oct. 14.
Valentino has accepted, he said.
Pretal Destroyed
ARCADIA, Calif., July 26-tfV
Pretal, the colt which ran third in
the $100,000 Hollywood Park gold
cup nine days ago, was destroyed
today because of injuries suffered
In the park's $50,000 Sunset Hand
icap last Saturday.
The Argentine four-year-old
was found to have suffered mul
tiple fractures in the left forefoot
Pretal was regarded as one of the
top prospects in California racing
Americans Win
Canuck Tests
SAINT JOHN. N.B., July 26-
UPHDetending Champion Frank
Stranahan of Toledo, Ohio, and
Dick Chapman of Osterville, Mass.,
advanced easily today to the third
round in the Canadian amateur
golf championships.
Stranahan disposed of gray-
haired R. L. Davison of Amherst,
N.S., S and 7. After winning the
first six holes. Chapman won by
the same score over Bob Gray of
baskatoon, Sask.
LOS ANGELES, July 2l-(JP)-
in statistician thumbed the book
today and said he couldn't find a
record of It happening before:
' Joe Marty's pinch home run
gainst San Diego Sunday took
him all the way around the dia-
'They'll Do It Every
ask$alreeta vgT? (calling? Jrvm. 5H
BugMEssp J J
pn no. tw TT.tnjm TXDK.Ar. im, warn
Dutch Woman's Channel Effort
Failure; Amerk Gal to Try It
DOVER, England, July 26-4Jf)-Mrs. Willy Croes Van Rijsel, 31-year-old
Dutch housewife, failed in her bid to swim! the English chan
nel tonight after being in the water 14 hours. j
Ihe last woman to conquer the channel was Sally Bauer of Swe
den. Aug. 27, 1939.
Mrs. Van Rijsel was only about
three miles from her goal when
she called: it quits.
It was Lithe second unsuccessful
channel try this week. On Sunday
an 18-year-ld English schoolboy
Philip Mickman, failed to get
across from France to Dover after
swimming1 13 hours.
Shortly before she gave up, th
Dutch hoiisewife appeared to be
swimming strongly but her prog4
ress was i slow against the strong
tide of the treacherous 20-mile
stretch of ; water. Mrs. Van Rijsel
plunged into the channel at 2:06
a.m. (EST) at Tardingham Beach
near Cap Gris Nez. j
The last person to make the
successful i swim was Tom Blower
of England, who did it Aug. 30,
1948. ! j
A 16-year-old American girl 1
expected! to attempt the channel
swim early in August. She is Shir
ley May France, Somerset, Mass.,
high school girL
mond during - July in his pinch
hitter's role. Here's how the Sac
ramento outfielder did it: On
July I, he hit a pinch triple
against Portland; on July 7 a
pinch single against Seattle, on
July 21 a pinch double against
San Diego.
; - i i ' 1 ,
Time ;' j wLl.'
XULSEHDrSf AiNT GOT NO 7" - r , -
Bam nt
Gonzales Moves
Up, Net Tourney
P-Richard (Pancho) Gonzales of
Los Angeles, the national cham
pion, led the field today into the
third round of the Meadow club's
59th annual tennis tournament.
After drawing a first round
bye, the Californian defeated Wil
liam J. Tully of Bronxville, N. Y.,
6-2, 9-7. Most of the other favor
ites also survived as the original
entry list of 52 was reduced to 16.
An exception was Jack Ruero
of New Orleans, the new national
intercollegiate champion, who
bowed to Richard L. Gaines of
Edgartown, Mass., 0-0, 9-7.
UO Skeds Gael Cagers
EUGENE, July 26P)-A game
between the University of Oregon
and St. Mary's was scheduled to
day for the next basketball sea
son. The game will be played here
Feb. 11, as part of the university's
policy of mixing contests with
By Jimmy Hado '
tiling i " i
1949 Hunting
Dates Adopted
After holding the regular second
public hearing Saturday, July 23,
the Oregon State Game commis
sion made the final hunting regu
lations for 1949. The regulations
were set as previously announced
in the tentative regulations with
five relatively minor changes. The
changes made were as follows:
1. The extended elk season in
the Baker, Oregon area will close
on December 31 instead of on Jan
uary 31 as j was announced in the
tentative regulations.
2. The portion of Douglas coun
ty lying east of U. S. route 99 will
be closed to elk hunting.
3. The Mountain sheep game
refuge in Wallowa county will be
open to waterfowl hunting only.
I 4. The Myrtle Park game refuge
In Harney county will be closed
to hunting.
3. Sherman county will be clos
ed to deer hunting.
The commission hopes to have
the hunting regulations out in the
regular printed form before Sep
tember l. :
strong non-conference squads into
the northern division. Pacific
Coast conference season.
" Oregon will open the hoop sea
son at Salt Lake City against Utah
Dec. 2, and start conference play
against Washington State Jan. 6.
Pirate! Chief
International News Service
Sports Writer
Bey Harney, general manager of
the Pittsburgh Pirates, says be
has learned his lian mad merer
again will let cagey Branch
Rickey of the Bmklya Dodgers
talk him InU another deal.
Harney flrvti the Itisoa cost
him $600,009.
The Pirate mastermind has
been easily the Breeklya mahat
ma'a most pliable victim, la the
baseball trading market. Bat be
has developed caution since
Pittsburgh developed a group of
never-beens. most of whom now
are receiving their mail In the
It all began right after the
new Pirate owners took ever the
club In 1946. Rickey artfully
dangled a Herring (first name
Art) before Harney, certifying
that Pittsbagh's relief pitching
problems would be solved.
Rickey netted 120,000 In the
deal, bat the Herring was a red
Minor Loops Adopt
First Player raft
COLUMBUS, 0 July 2MP-Minor League Baseball clubs have
approved their first player draft meeting in history. President George
M. Trautman of the National Association of Professional Baseball lea
gues (The Minors) said today.
The draft meeting will open Monday, Dec 5, at Baltimore, MdL,
two days before the start of the annual convention of the NAPBL.
Trautman said the new player selection procedure had been ap
proved by all 59 leagues in the association. It will affect clubs in class
AAA, AA, A, B and C leagues.
The American Association club
that finishes in last place this
year will initiate the new system.
This was determined today at
drawing held in Trautman's office.
The drafting will be by classifica
tion, starting with AAA leagues,
the highest All the last place clubs
will make their selections first. The
eighth place club in the American
association will be followed by the
eighth place club in the Interna
tional league, etc.
A sixth place club will lead off
the drafting in both class B and
class C because the Colonial and
Border leagues have only six clubs.
Whenever a league has less than
eight clubs, its last place team will
draft in the league's turn with the
eighth place teams from other lea
gues of the same classification.
The draft meeting for the minors
will replace the old system of hav
ing clubs make their selections on
designated dates by letter or wire
to the National association office.
"The approval of the draft meet
ing establishes a new era in the
selection of players by Minor Lea
gue clubs," Trautman said. "The
new plan will further stimulate
the merited advancement of play
ers in their chosen profession."
;J , ;
Learned $600,000 Lesson from Canny Rickey
one. Art established
f a record for a non-stop flight
from bull pea te pitching mend
to the showers and thence te
the bushes.
Next Catcher Dixie Howell.
Inflelder Gene Maaea and rtt
ehers Kir by Hlgbe, Hank Behr
man and Cal McUsh became
Pirate mopertr I exchange for
$250.0 and On (fielder Al Glea
frlddo. ;
Behrmaa, who came en
"look-see" basis, was returned
and Rickey had te give back
SSO.00O. None ef the ether Pi
rate acquisitions helped 'a great
deal with the exception of
Glonfriddo, meanwhile, weigh
ed in with an all-Important cir
cus catch for the Dodgers in the
1947 world series, although he
subsequently returned to the
Then Rickey really began to
pour It en.
Inflelder Eddie Baalnskl. an
accomplished violinist, played
Eugene Prepares
For Softy Sleet
EUGENE. July 28 -(Special)
Plans already are under way to
provide one of the best possible
parks in the state for the Oregon
championship softball tourna
ment, to be held here August 28
to September 1.
The new superintendent of Eu
gene's bureau of parks and recrea
tion is Tex MaUler, and he will
have charge of the program. Mat
sler designed Normandale field,
the site of the world's champion
ship tourney last year in Port
land. As soon as the local leagues
i a
Regularly JhSvj?
Theoe are tho aame first quality;
Goodyear tire that car xnanniao
turors neloctod year after year as
cigiaai anaiti sat ISnas lot
coxa! Come) fat today.
Contnr and Coxnmardal
Gorman Shell Serrieo
HIS 8. Commercial St.
Lyles Shell Serrieo
State aad Oottaga St.
Warrick Shell Serried
12th and Ulssioa St.
Warner Motor Co.
43S N. Commercial St
; . The) Statosancn. Salem, Qrecoa, Wednesday. Jalyi 1 143 1 1' ;
the background mnsie which
caaaed Harney to plank down
U&.000 for has services. Eddie
gave the Boca a lot of culture
bat didn't help the
Pitcher Steve Naa-y was err
ed up for $45,000. He did f sir ty
well at Indianapolis.
8eeead Bssomsa Monty Bao
gaU followed for a paltry IM.
00. Then the adding machines
began clicking again as Short
atop Stan Rojek and lint Seek
er Eddie Stevens became Pirate
regulars for a reported $110,000.
But best of all from the
mahatma's standpoint was the
trade which sent Pitcher El wood
(Preacher) Roe, Inflelders Billy
Cox and Gene Maoeh (remem
ber him) and an estimated S10.
0 to Brooklyn for Pitchers Hal
Gregg and Vie Lembardi and
Outfielder Dixie Walker.
Then rame proof of Rickey's
sales technique. When Rojek had
great year for the Pirates. B.
R. sadly told newsmen he had
really kicked that one Rojek
complete play, Matsler said he
wUl renovate the field for best
possible playing conditions.
A full entertainment program
also is planned for the tourna
ment. Salem Shoemen
To Meet Shaw
A horseshoe tournament win be
tegtd Wednesday evening at
Shaw, the Shaw team have chal
lenged the Oak Street team of Sa
lem. The teams are quite evenly
matched and a hot contest is in
the making. Shaw has three of the
best courts in the state outside of
Portland. This will be the second
Salem contest there this season.
Now If The
Priced By Dozen or Thousand
129S So.
With Your
Old Tire
(Tax Extra)
MT kTA -Vt L - I
Kobtnsoa SheU Serrieo
Center and Cottage St.
Danenhaaer Shell Serrieo
S9S4 B. Center SU
Prlea At CaspeU :
Shell Serrloe
tSta aad State St,
the best shortstop In tha
league, aad so forth.:
AH this sweet nrasle primed
Harney for the next; killing. The
Mrs to head forgot that Cox and
Be were going great guns fee
the Dodgera, Nahrety. he turned
over $13.M0. Outfielder Johnny
Hepp and a few minor learuen
for Outfielder Hart j Rackley.
Rackley reported with a sore
arm, and after a oil of head Una
bickering the deal f was called
off. That was the smartest thing
Harney accomplished j in all his
dealings with Rickey j
Maybe, despite tits $600,000
outlay. Harney is Boor to r
Pitied than censured
Blng Crosby, part! wner at
the Buca, tells hew Rickey
felxned surprise and put oa his
beat -I am wounded by year
insinuations" looks when the
Groaner approached him arter
listening te a trade talk. Said
Bint If
Tm going te hire a three
piece ensemble id jj play soft
music while yon put on this sales
talk you're a wonder."
Henrich Out
of First Baseman Tommy Henrich
for several days to a week" was
announced by the New York
Yankees today after X-rays
showed Henrich fractured a too
oa his right foot! before last
night's game with Cleveland.
For a Fireplace
Pumilit . W. Saltm
Phono 25643
Cabbage Asters
Brussel Sprouts
13th Street
Capitol and Court
Shroek Motof Co.
Sit N. Ctrurth St
Salem Autafc.
A1S N. Coaunereial St,
W. L. Andendk Im.
SCI Marlon t
Staa Baker Motor
IZl ChemekeU St.
" 1 - . . -. :nit
WW ssn 'mi
Aak Ted Starck