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    The Statesman. Salem, Oregon. Wexjnoodoy, July 13. 1849
Are Many
Bv Jerme English
Slt-sinjn ocitv Editor
With so many traveling during
te summer months it is harri to
Vni trsick of who is in town and
who is away.
Mr. ;.n(i Mrs. Merrill D Ohling
Ifft Tuesday morning by plane
1ij4n Portland for Chieapo and
Detroit. From Detroit they will
drive on to the east coast and
New York City, where they will
Bttend the international Lions
convention. Mr. Ohling is dist
rict governor of Lions The Oh!
ings will fdrive north to Bangor
Mine and Quebec before leaving
for the vvtM coast. They plan to
nrrive hime in early August.
Flv to Yellowstone
Dr and Mr A. D Woodman
ttf and dh'tiphter'.' Anne, returned
Tuesday from a plane trip to Yel
lowstone National park. Thev teft
Friday in their plane and arriv
ed at West Yellowstone in four
hours and 4.1 minutes. They
spots eO and lRjved all the scenic
ftl Yellowstone . for three
flying home on Tuecday.
Return from Fast
Mr. and Mrs T. Harold
"linson and M and Mrs. Herman
Jr hin,;en ;nrived in the canital
Monday nicht by train from a
month'' liip to the east coast,
where they attended the Kiw'anis
international convention in . At
lantic City. In New York City
thev isited with Mrs. Tom Hu
ron's brother. Fail Sande. and
(Tent a day with him at Lor.g
Inland. The travelers also visited
jn Washington. J). C. and stopped
two nivht in Salt Lake City
enronte iorre.
Ilomrward Bound
Sailing on July 19 from Le
rlavie for the states will be Roper
Wagner, son of the Charles E.
Wagners and Forrest E. Simmons,
son of Mr. and Mis. F. E. Sim
mons. The two voting men have
Iten touring the European con
tinent the past year and attended
rchool in Geneva during the win
ter months They have traveled
by oar in nearly every European
country and England, but ;old
tHrir car in Paris prior to sailing.
The men will visit in New Yotk
City a feu- days after docking
and will then entrain for Salem,
arriving here the first of August.
Alma Trio
In Monmouth
CATION. Monmouth -The Alma
Trio will be hear-d-here on July
21 at 8 p.m.. in Campbell hall
Auditorium. The group is com
fosed of three internationally
known musicians Adolph Biil
)r. piano: Roman Totenberg
-VK'lin. and Gabor Rejto. violin
e'lo. Friends of many years stand
ing, they began ensemble playing
.oe summer in California when
they were all guests of Yehudi i
Menuhin on Alma estate (from
which the tiio takes its name) in
the Santa Cruz mountains.
Each would spend many hours
n day practicing his individual
programs for the following sea
on. In the evening, for reorea
'en, thev would gather in Mr.
Menuhin's music room to play
cttnniler music. "
Rites Read
At a quiet ceiemony tn July 8
at St. Mark Evangelical church
Miss June Bush, daughter of Mr.
und Mrs. Fred Peterson of Albany,
tfiamr the bride of Lynn Black-w-ll.
son of Mr. and Mrs. S. A.
Plackw ell of Summit. Oiegon Dr
Mark A fJetendaner perfoimed
1r.e nuptials at 5:30 o'clo k. ,
Mr an! Mrs. Ieon Stull -f Sa- i
j m atlended .the couple The
iruie wiie a misl blue gabardine
fuit for her wedding.
After a Jionfvmoon the couple
will live atiSummit.
On Kliqiirtte
Br Roberta
Q. How doc 4fle know which'
fame to mention f::l. when m
trodueing Jw o women?
A Alwa.vs piesent the ytMincer
woman to the older, but if they
art both of about the same :'Uf
11 doevn't matter
Q Wh.,t should a gir1! do if she.
prt t eding her escort and come '
t h closed clxir''
A. She should allow her escort
t open the door. He should then
Hand aside and allow the Kirl
t pass through first.
Q. Has a divorced woman the
Jtivilege. to continue wearing her
lings? - ' e-
A. Yes: this is entirely optional
Clearance Sale
High quality prints, thrs(
cottons, suits and coats.
Gilmpre's Upstairs
yHDress Shop.
439 Court Street
. i
Miss Schissler
To Play Tonight
Miss Kathelrine Schissler. pian
ist, ana a graduate of Willamette
university school of music, will
play in recital at 8:15 at Waller
hall on Wednesday night. This
program is inji the Willamette uni
versity sumrrjer series.
The public is invited to attend
Miss Schiller's program in
clucies: j
Frnch Suit Nj.. 3 in B Minor Bach
M"itu-t j;
GlFiw j
Sonata K 570 irjB flat Major Mozart
Allegro r.
Sonata Op in G Major Shutf-rt
Molti ri(o1rrato e cantahilc
Mrs. Brennan
To Entertain
Mrs. Frederick J. Brennan will
be a luncheoii hostess this after
noon in the garden of her Sag
inaw street hjim for members of
her sewing cliib. The honor guest
will be Mrs. John W. Hansell, jr.
of McMmnville. who is here visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Duarie Gibsorj;
Covers will! be placed for Mrs.
Hansell, Mrs. pibson, Mrs. Charles
t. Wagner. Mrs. Gene Vandende
ynrie. Mrs. Ieo N. Chtlds, Mrs.
Adam Engel.j' Mrs. Arthur Hay,
Mrs. W. Franjt Crawiord, Mrs. T.
J. Brabec and; Mrs. Brennan.
Such eay jivork ftr so much
pi .sure!- Tht; wht'ie family will
approv ol fhijj handsome original
t haii -set.;.- It's jpractical too!
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irig that's how fascinating Pat
tern 567 is! Charts: diiections.
Lauia Wheetjer's impi(vnl pat
tern makts rulifd'ework sf simple
w ith it chart, photos and con
cise directions.;
fentf TWENTt CEVTS in coin or
l.hi potleiH .to "fli OreKdn Sljtiniin.
Needlerratt Det.t". PO Box 57441. Chi
i 80 III. Pi In I pl-onlv PATTFRN'
M MRR. 4ir j.NAME and ADItRCKS
Wltfl ZONE. j:
Here good n-s' Send fifteen cent
n.vtt fiii cur (tinating ljiura Whfl
er Neetilefiaft Book -toda! 104 illus
truliorn f )outi fjvoille nerdle-hob-!!-
t,e choicest drisns and the moM
concise j'attrrri available. Beginner
r'sv flmi-ns, ii d idea; worth v of an
espert'i after tui A Free needlework
oattem orint-d jm the book.
Tonighti 8:00 P. M.
If the Light Be
: A 3Aet Play
By rh llis Ben bow Beardaley
A Courageous. Modern Drama
for the Church
First Presbyterian
C'hemekrU at Winter
Tb rwblie Is Invited
I . '
1 1":;" ''! :
! Katberlj ne Schissler
- ' j
lVecjdlecrafl i
&5 .4- mum
r - j
Salem Man
Takes Bride
In Portland
At a double ring ceremony at
iine central iresDyterian cnurcn
in Portland on Jly 1 Miss Vir
ginia Jean Robertson, daughter of
Mrs. Arnold Robertson of Port
land, became the bride of Melvin
, L. Johnson, son of Mrs Laura S.
I Johnscji of Salem. Dr. Mark Tal-
ney officiated at the 8 o'clock rites.
George Blakeslee was the soloist.
Ansel Crow gave his niece in
marriage and her bridal gown was
of Chantilly lace fashioned en
train. The fitted bodice was made
with a net yoke adorned with,
satin scallop trim. A satin bustle
and scalloping around the skirt
finished the trim on the long
sleeved gown. Her lace trimmed
illusion veil fell from a wreath
of braided illusion and orange
. blossoms. Her onTy ornament was
a strand of pearls, a gift of the
groom. She carried a cascade of
stephanotis centered with an or
chid. j Mrs. Lyle Prater was . her sis
j ter's honor matron and wre a
mauve taffeta gown and carried
gold carnations and begonias with
a spray of the same flowers in
i her hair. Bridesmaids were the
! brides Alpha Xi Delta sorority
sistefs, Mrs. O. L. Abbott. Miss
Arlene Goither and Miss Marion
Victor, who wore nile green tai
feta frocks, the skirts caught up
in front with large bows. They
carried fan shaped bouquets of
salmon carnations and tuberous
begonias with matching headdress
es. Terry Prater was ring bearer.
Donald Barkley of Salem stood
with the groom as best man and
ushers were Don Hall, James Hil
liard and John Dinkle, jr.. Phi
Kappa Psi fraternity brothers of
the groom.
For her daughter's wedding Mrs.
Robertson chose a grey evening
gown with matching hat and cor
sage of baby orchids. Mrs. John
son attended "her son's marriage
in an ashes of roses gown with
orchid corsage with matching
feathers and orchids in her hair.
A reception followed in the
church parlors. Mrs. Alfred Erick
son of Prineville and Mrs. Herman
Bergner, Salem, poured, Mrs. .Geo
rge Fletcher of Salem presided at
the punch bowl, and Mrs. Glen
O. Dolan of Portland, cut the
brides cake. All four are sisters
of the groom. Assisting Mrs. Dolan
were Miss Louise Rotto and Miss
Shirley Heber.
The couple went north to Van
couver Island and Canada on their
honeymoon, after which they will
be at home in Portland where he
is with International Harvester.
For going away the bride wore a
watermelon red suit with navy
blue accessories and white orchid
Luncheon For
Mrs.E. J. Scellars. Mrs. U.
Scott Page and Mrs. W. I. Need-
feham were hostesses for a bridal
f luncheon at Silver Falls lodge on
Tuesday afternoon in compliment
to Miss Margaret Jane Cooley,
August bride-elect.
Covers were placed for twenty
five and coming from out-of-town
w as Mrs. Jams Maulidng
of Tillamook, mother of the benedict-elect,
John Maulding. and
Mrs. Melvin T. Hurley of Rich
mond, Calif The honor puest wa
presented with a gift of her crys
Reunion for Visitor
A family reunion was held ft
Olinger park on Sunday, July 10.
in honor of Mr. and Mrs. E. Kar
chutt. who were here from Ed
monton. Alberta. Canada.
Present were Mr. and Mrs. B
S Burke and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Scott. Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Buike of Salem. Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Eaden of Oregon City,
and Mr and Mrs. Leslie Burke
and family of Portland.
Fourth Birthday Party
Gary Lynn Lunda celebrated
his fourth birthday on Monday
with a biithday party at the home
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O
H. Lunda on Thompson street.
Guests were Deral Burright. II.
Vance Eilert. Johnny Sanford.
David Cleveland. Danny White.
Norman Kraemer, Richard Obnst
and Melv in Omeg.
TTD'aflDen- ILaoooDe
3055 Portland Rd.
r? - s- ; - ; r - '
ft, ' 1 ' ts-Jt;
It' .t
ill'- i - -
: it
If i v.- i
f 1 t '
This most assuredly isn't grandmother lighting a taper
in the diningroom, but is is an ice box which she might have
had in her home. The piece of furniture is actually a Leonard
ice box of the 1880's which was made for a diningroom and
was used also as a sideboard. It ii on display at the
American Furniture Mart, Chicago,
By Maxine Buren
Statesman Woman Editor
A glance at the elegant piece of furniture which is an ice box of
the 1880s, may bring up memories of your own ice problem and the
answer to it as worked out in your youth. Each woman's needs are
tuned to her time.
Gone are the days when children
might enjoy a taste of frozen wa- ' . ,
ter from the iceman's wagon. Gone (OllDl TO LlV
are the days (or almost so) when
turning the freezer was one of the : Tv-i Port lnnn
duties necessary of a Sunday, when j il1 1 U1 lluliU
ice cream was on the menu for ! WOODBL'RN Miss Patricia
the afternoon. Claire Ingram, daughter of Mr.
Gone, too are the days w hen and Mrs. Harold P. Ingram of
there was alwavs mud to mop I Woodburn. was united in marriage
from the floor when the iceman i
had made his delivery.
Well 1 remember our ice box
the une which was considered a
very large one, and had a door
that opened out onto , the back
porch. Ice was delivered from out- .
side, and food was available irom
the kitchen side with no mud in
thp kit hen
A subtle feature was that there j
was no door into the food 'compart
ment which cou'O be re;i- hed fiom
the "back" door of the icebox. This
.'f course was a disad .-a.i'ajie to
youngMvrs who wo rd ht ;m
pretiated a chance to get into the
food from an advantageous posi
tion, as well as to the iceman w ho
couldn't pick up little snack while
making his delivery.
w .i.v unnrl at the frost-
- - vi T-f
ed that many years ago were in
stalled in the meat man's glass
counters. It was our first experi
ence with mechanical refrigeration
that, and the containers which
held the large ice cream tubs down
at The Spa, when it was Salem's
foremost ice cream shop.
Then trwi A f r'll thf iff works
that for so many years was located Rvr A 1 1Y 1 1 inrV
on the millrace on Center street. u I AUA1J1UI
now occupied by a cold storage Mrs John Morton and Mis
plant, and perrjps still manufac- Cornelia Straver were initiated at
turing ice. We Wonder how many a regular meeting of Marion aux
years we ate millrace water as ice. iliary Monday ev ening. July 11
before sanitary regulations made Mrs. Joe Hornnefer gave a re
pure water a necessity. Perhaps port on rehabilitation woik being
they always made ice from pure done. Mrs. Leon Hansen announ
water, perhaps not. ced that members worked more
But we do know that the hand- than one hundr'ed hours in as
ling of ice was an invitation to sisting the Cherryland festival
germs in the old days, for w hat ice- 1 with the sale of festival buttons,
man washed his hands carefully j It w as voted to send "The Ore
befoie making sales, and how ste- gon Beacon" paper to all shut-in
rile w;as the freezing equipment. members. The Widows rlub will
The modern refrigerator is ,an meet at the home o Mrs. Alice
almost necessary in well appoint- Siewert, 364 Hood St.. Tuesday,
ed homes. They do a great deal : July 19. at 8 p.m.
more for u these days than keep1 The auxiliary will join the post
the food cold. We've come to de- for a picnic to be held August 14
pend so much on frozen foods that
we must have refrigerators to keep T-TpvoffQQ T-'ctfOc;
the food in condition. Buy a refri- 1 Aoicroo 1 rriiro
gerator today tomorrow it's the XrQ Ifocor
"former model" just like an auto- ; I VI I o. I.vl.fcrl
Then of course, the manufac-! Mrs Da,e Mauk was hostess on
turers have put the home freezer Thursday at a shower given for
so attractive that housewives' ton- , Mrs. Raymond Kaser Games
gues are fairly hanging out until, were in play and a late luncheon
they've added one tr the household served.
equipment. Those present were: Mrs Llovr!
I'm like other housewives, and Thomas. Mrs. Arthur Andreen
saying to myself "What 1 couldn't Mrs. George Gardner. Mis. Ilcia
do with a freezer unit" just as -Canty. Mrs. Bay Whitaker. Mi
grandmother may have said about James Anderson. Mrs Page Stev
a refrigerator many years ago." ; enton. Mrs. Albert Fabry. Mrs
"What I couldn't do w ith ice to ! James Gardner. Mrs. Frink
keep the milk from turning on Rhodes. Mrs. Richard Batdort.
these here hot days," only I'm not Kaser and Mrs. Mauk.
just satisfied with keeping things
cold. I want to freeze 'ern quick.
The largest government arsenal
is located on Rock Island, 111.,
close to the city which took its ;
name from the island.
Phone 3-8558
Pride and Joy
June 18 at nuptial mass at Holy
Rosary church in Portland, to
Morris E. Kavanaugh. son of Mr.
and Mrs. William Kavanaugh of
Portland. Rev. T. A. Feucht offic
iated. The bride was given in marriage
by her father. She wore a white
clotted swiss dress with train and
8 fingertip veil She carried white
Mrs. Eugene Dowler. in pink
dotted swiss and picture hat. was
matron of honor for her sister.
Mrs. Edwin Rice. In turquoise, was
the bride's other attendant.
Jackson Lee Morrow was best
man and Fred Beithan. Robert
Sorenson, Albert Steven. Harry
Krombein. William Kavanaugh
and Jack Kavanaugh were ushers.
A reception was held at Holy Ro-
i , t mm xf n
jiiiv no ii w n ere vjrs. iMorman rve-
ifsnider and Mrs. Harold Llpton
Mr. and Mrs. Kavanaugh ate
now at home at 815 S E. Washing
ton street Portland.
Initiation Held
Is Summer Food
Summer Hnra is tf right
tim for light nourishing
food. Rich in bodybuild
ing qualities low in
fats, fish is truly summer
food. Sorvo fish often.
Wholesale - - Retail
216 No. ComX Ph. 3-4424
Hostesses to
Fete Visitor
At Parties
Mrs. James Humphrey and Mrs.
Charles Clarke are arranging two
bridge luncheons this week at the
former's Fairmcunt Hill home for
the pleasure cf their sister. Mrs.
Myron H. Soupene of Gales-burg.
111., who is visiting here for sev
eral weeks. Mr Soupene accom
panied his wife west, but return
ed to Illinois over the w e-keud.
The Sourents many friends
here as they have visited in Salem
several times at the Humphrey
Guets have been bidden to
luncheons on Thursday and Sat
urday afterm-ons vith covers to
be place! fir twenty-four e.ach
day. Bridge will ke in play fol
lowing the luncheon hours snd the
hostesses will ue summer garden
flowers in decorating.
Mrs. Htimphiey and Mrs. Clarke
are planning an informal tea for
Saturday, July 23 at the Humph
rey home with guests invittd to
call after 3 o'clock to meet their
155 N. Liborty
BRAS . . .
Royal Neighbor Swin club aneet
for eo-vercd dish luncheon with Mr.
Charles South. W Ncrth Winter ft .
ui J II
JMn Le WSCS meet at churrh.
business ecKn. 11 a m., nocn lunrh
Women Society of World Service
Enclewood I'nitMJ Bret;irri rhuiih
I with Mrs. Flovd Qiierv IflS Nebraha
j 1 15 p in.
Neighbor! ot Wocit-raft Thimble club
J no-hort picnic dinner. wtHh Mr O L
.Scott. 13W S jhert t . II IS cm.
I Benon rtuntr. Noiln Dakcia annual
' ciiic. Olineer Park 12 pm
Family Gathers
At Stolk Home
i .
i Mrs Minnie Stolk entertained
members of her family and friend
' on Sunday at a reunion and open
houe. Six of ber eight children
were present. Henry Stolk of Yak
, ima and Mrs. Margaret Jones ol
; Salem not being able to attend
i Familv members who attended
' were: Mr and Mrs. Htnry Priem,
'. Mrs! Marv Maurer. Corvallis. Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Stolk. Daniel Theo
'. dore. Mr snd Mrs. George Benson.
and Marilvn. Mr. and Mrs. Will
Stolk, Carol and Gloria. Mrs. Anna
Miles. Bruce and Pat of Lebanon.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Pemberton,
Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson, and
Mr. and Mrs. K. King.
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Ur stiHhed. A--C cups, 32-W
Rating Points
Mrs. Arthur Binegaf. Mrjt. FUit
H. Jones and Mrs Ci F. Foulger
were high in the weekly duplicate
contract bridge tournament a. th
Salem Elks rlub Monday evening.
Thee receiving rating poit? in
cluded; Mrs. Lucetta-McCoskt ie
and Mrs. Kay Jenkins Of Cqr allrs.
Mrs. George D. Henderson and
Mrs Ellen Gabriel, Mrs. tdwaid
E. Roth and Mrs. Walter M Cline,
Mrs. C B Eentson and Mrjs John
Bone. Mrs Ward Graham ajid.Mrs.
J. M. Bishop, Leonard Bremen
and Olixer Huston.
High aevrage in the:Jul1 master
point play went to Mrsj Mabel
Jones. Cflnnon and Ellis 1 Jones,
marking their third sufiessie
master point high ifi Ti rtlaod,
Corvallis and Salem. Mis. Lf note
Park and Leonard Kremin also
won a master point, whije ther
awards went to Mrs. Grrhin. fal
ter M. Cline. W. E. Rimsy Mrs.
Dewey Howell. Mrs. Fcul:er. anl
Mrs R D. Harris and Mts. Jibn
M Pugh of Shedd. !
Two Portland teams f.iled to
place among the eighteen! couples
entered. Weekly tournaments will
; continue through the sumrj'.er with
the next master point f robably
August 2 or 3. j
Phono 3 3191
broacklonSclrxu-- M Q