The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 05, 1949, Page 7, Image 7

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    Activity Increases at Salem Auction Houses
Mr.r-t ' 'Area
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Old time auctions sre nee asain becomin popular over the country M people bewme m we an snore
price conscious. Salew has more than a half "sen auction houses roins mw, nwjt ' them springing
in the past six months. One of the newer mes is the East Salem Auction Center at 31t Lancaster
' f U owned ay Treston Howe, shown above with its crowd of bargain hunters durine; the weekly aue
tieau Here all types of foods front sacks -,f potatoes to farm implements may be seen np for sale.
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Furniture Is the main Item of sale at the Glen Wood ry auction held each Tuesday night at the Glenwood
ballroom just north of Cbemawa corner on 99E. Woodry's father started in business in Salem with an
auction bense and Woodry learned much from him. Above Woodry works to ret bids while his helpers
bold np the merchandise and spot the bidders.
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Legion Starts
Drive to Add to
WASHINGTON. July 4 - (P)
The American Legion Sunday
launched a nationwide "grass
roots" drive for new jobs with
the accent on community self-
Legion Commander - Perry
Brown said it is to be a home
town i effort "to bring back to
modern America the old pioneer
spirit i oi self-reliance through
self-help in solving local economic
problems. i
"Individuals, communities and 1
states must learn again to stand
on their own feet if this coun
try is to be saved from going so
cialistic," Brown said.
'Government Must Act'
Meanwhile, Senator Murray
(D-Mont) said in a radio inter
view that the federal government
must ! act now to prevent any
"serious recession" developing in
the nation's economy. He pointed
to general industrial slowdowns
"in many sections" and snots of!
"serious ui employment." He said
it is a national problem.
"Only the government can take
appropriate steps to aid business
in a situation of this kind," Mur
ray said.
He said it was failure to take
appropriate steps in time that per
mitted "the last depression." to be
come a "catastrophe."
Legion Commander Brown said
"we know we have a workable
blueprint for community action"
because it has already been test
ed successfully at Burnet, Tex.,
starting in 1947. Brown is from
Beaumont, Tex.
The plan is to be sparked by
the 17,300 legion posts, seeking
full community cooperation.
Surveys Planned
The plan operates this way:
1. Committees are organizrd: 2. A
community consumer survey is
made, to find out from every fam
ily "the goods and service the
people want"; and (3) oe bv
one, little projects "that are '-ound
to succeed' are tackled to pro
vide jobs by supplying "the de
sired services.
Brown said th3t information
from the consumer surveys will
be used to create jobs, build and
improve farm markets and supply
services, develop new business
and improve all community facili
ties. Brown said that within 20
months after the, test program
was started at Burnet, a town of
4,500, the number of business es
tablishments increased from 469
to 528 and the number of people
working in them increased from
1,641 to 1,966. The Burnet pro
grim is still going.
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Attlee Claims
t Tho Statoamom. Salom, Orogon Tuoaday. July 5t I94S 7
M iii ' ':, I ' t
Reds Try
Marie Windsor, featured In the
new John Garfield pWure,
"Force of Evti: bow at the
One of Salem's oldest auction houses is that of Lane Sudtell's. located on Silverton road. Auctions have
been going on in the sales barns since before the war. At left is Lane Sudtell working to sell a steer.
vsing his hands as well as his auctioneer s chant At right is Harlow Baker, Sheridan, holding a cither
np for sale. at Sudtell's. proving that yon can find almost anything at an auction. Avery Baker, Har
low's father, was one of the first auctioneers 'to ply his trade in the Salem area. Other auction houses
Include the Woodburn auction and Leek's en Silverton road, besides the many suctions held for a few
days by regular business firms in Salem to rid themselves of snrplus utocks. (Statesman photos.)
Courtship Called
Personal Matter
ITHACA, July 4-NS)-Court-ship
is a personal responsibility
that the youn&sr feneration must
realize and aixspt. Dr. Everlyn
Millis Duvall. exwume secretary
of the Nation Council .on Family
Relations, sain in sper king at Cor
nell University on "Courtship of
the Campus."
In considering the problem of
"going steady," Mrs. Duvall noted
that it is in many a matter
of social security. In other cases
it is because of fintr . &1 conven
ience. All these-mus-'i be added to
the idea that t'.vo j tisons simply
prefer to be wi:h one another and
no i me else. -
' Mrs. Duvall stated that going
steady often leads to the severing
o valuable contacts with others,
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Dawwtairs Oregon Buitdiag
State and High S-SS31
narrows one's personality, and in
many cases causes premature in
of the two parties.
Some primitive mammals neith
er shiver hor perspire and lack
adequate internal temperature
California Man Named
Horse Show Manager
PORTLAND, July 4-(Special)-Selection
of Harrison Cutler, Na
pa, Calif., thoroughbred breeder,
as manager of the National horse
show at the Pacific International
Livestock exposition here October
7-15 was announced by General
Manager Walter A. Holt. Cutler
succeeds Tevis Paine resigned.
Can Teachers
Dare5 to Talk
Of Ideologies?
By Fred Brady
BOSTON, July 4-UP)-Teaehers
say Americans must no-.v face
squarely the question of what
school teachers can "dare" to talk
The teachers say that in a reoort
given S"ndav to 3J)00 H!?sates
of the 825,000-member National
Education association, opening its
week-long 87th annual conven
tion. Top on the discussion list is the
matter of teachers oaths of loyal
ty and recent moves in some Ame
rican cities against alleged "sub
versive" activities of school em
ployes. To prepare for general discus
sion of the issue later this week
the NEA's committee on tenure
and academic freedom prepared a
research report under the direc
tion of Martin W. Essex, superin
tendent of schools in Lakewood, O.
Essex said that it is now gener
ally recognized teachers
should be allowed to present "the
relative merits of various social
And he adds:
"But does any teacher daro to
discuss these current controversial
issues when he may be branded
as disloyal and dismissed from his
position? This question must be
faced by the public as well as by
l the teaching profession."
MANCHESTER, Eng., July t-
CSVPrime Ministei Attlee de
clared Sunday communists' are
trying 10 disrupt oriiam a icvuv- j
He warned British socialists and
trade union members that com
munists "are merely instruments
xl an ajien dictatorship."
The prime minister spoke in
crowded Kir.e's hall. An overflow
crowd listened over loudspeakers
outside. The mmber inside and
outs'de th hall was estimated
at 12.000. i
Attlee struck out against un- j
official strikes. jl
"The only peoole to gam from
them are those oeoole -who would
like to. see' our gret social derno-e-atic
experiment fail," said Att
lee. "They care nothing for this
country. They do not mind how
the' rjeonle i suffer." i
"-iruallv." continued Att-
le- -Hev do not belong here, j
Twr hearts are e'sewere.
"Ttnnrturatlv that country
which the co'mu',i,!ts supoort is
-om te point of vieew of res' i
freedom and democra and cf
true soHalj?m. one of the most
baVward coutr! in h n-orM."
unofficial str'Vs is a walkout of
jN3ut 8 000 dvk workers, tie'
un bout f0 hips. ome ca-Tvin
food, in London. The strike crew J
out of the dock ywps' refna
to ' hardle epro from Canadian
ships now in dispute with rrew
members who beWi to the Cna
di!i jcawn'n nnion.
P. J. Me11i:h. lrbor leader of
narliament. charged yeWday !
mfpmimWts vvfre erin on the"
dork strikerf. He ?V-d to m"i-
tiry countrsoy units to look into J I
the situation.
Onlv birds and mammals are ;
i provided with an internal heating j
j system. j
Bif:M Varety
In Meals
Edison electric cap lamp gives 23
per cent more illumination than
any other underground lamp pre
viously used by miners. A steel
sheathed four-ceil battery gives
greater wattage than the former
three cells.
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