The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 01, 1949, Page 15, Image 15

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Clock TForfc Keeps Salem Man Ticking
Tno gtcrlosiuun. Salom, Oroym, Trldary. July I. 194S 1$
Plcajo Scpplles Btadf-to-Eat fezii - Btveragts - Helens. Everything la Fccdi for an
Easier, Ilort Pleasant nollday Ueelr-End. Prlcei EHeclIve Friday, Salnrday ti Sunday
- -:-hv (?V:)V (tV'n
' "' , v 1 l -y- , " - v - . - - w - '
j v ': t f " rV; ' - - ' ' , - 1
Lm tfjJLZ i Stty atlffinml i n i li i i i ' r in ri i nn I TfW n 1 i - w
Hii hobby f repalrln ld. discarded clocks keep hint tick Inf. declares 1 Henry Klender, wh will h
ihia September. Klender lives with his daughter, Mrs. Cecil Rice. 30 Grant at, and In the feur
year since hU wife died hat repaired handred of old clocks. He mes the tools nsed by his father
more than 69 years mo. He waa a Janitor at the sUtehouse for! 22 years alter eosnlnc to Orefon
from Chicaco In 1991 because of 111 health. At present he has 45 clocks running;. (Statesman photo
Cherry Picking
Underway In
Amity District
AMITY Strawharry growers
In thi community have completed j
ommerrisl .yiickinss and are al- !
pickers to harvest .berries i
for their ov.Q use. Cine berry
picking -start on the Comoton f
4 ranch north of Amity lait week.'!
The black cap rspjerrte havo !
b-un to ripen a rut cherry pick
In? U' wcil itnrJerwiy.
A reception honoi in Mary B.
Miller, musician of the Newberg
R-bekah-flsi-embly wa ijiven Tues
dv by "Industry Reikjh fodae.
Artendnif! M.'sii imes J. A.
Cibbs, Cora Newman, Vernishia
" Newby. and Lsina Stot kton. Mem
bers of Canton Yamhill as-cniblv
6 attended iii mui im. Thfie
weie viMtor, frorn P)ithiid. Sa
lem. Eugene. ShviHin. Davton.
McMinnviilc-; Yamhtll, OVjm Ls'xe
mni Amity.
M"r. "and llrt.' Gio'os and
th-?ir fiuet. Mis. Jliu-i-?'. Gthh.
Richmond. Calif., and HJn G''hh.
-le a trip fMt tti? wnyv'f Col
imi'bi.pi i isp'- hiph'vay. jn 1 the MC
H id Irx'O "1 1 f-sd iv.
Silverton Women
Travel To Salem
SILVERTON ' Twenty - one
members of Tryphena Rebekah
lodge drove to Salem Tuesday to
attend the annual meetintf hon
oring the state president, Mrs.
Lela May Ramsey of Madras.
. Going - were Mrs. Steven Enloe,
Mrs. Martin Hannan, Mr. and Mrs.
Clay Allen, Mrs. Mary Kleemaijif
Mrs. Orto Thompson, Mrs. Lloyd
Moser, Mrs. C. E. Davis, Mrs. Will
H. Egan, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Gay,
Mrs. Jasper King, Mrs. I. L. Ste
twart. Mis. F. J. Roubal. Mrs. Eli
zabeth Rutherford, Mrs. Frank
Ciiroux. ifMrs. W. C. Larson, Mr?.
John NCpnson, Mrs. Jack Tuggle,
Nellie Ca vender and Mrs. The0
dore Grace.
Jit. Angel Legion
Elects 1950 Officers
A in it v
W ins Scl
AMITY Delores F-ye Jones,
, daughter o? Mr. and M's. Russell
i W. Jones, Amity mute 1, lias been
granted an activity scholarship at
Pacific oniversity.
..The announcement was mad'e by
Dr. M. O. Skarsten, university reg
1,m a r. The $320 scholarship will be
applied to Miss JoneV tuition over
a' four-year period. ;
Ai a fcludent at Amity hUh!, she
WiM prefcident of the school band
fid the girls athletic a-4-.ocia'tioit
ni a repoi ter " n the chol pa
pi. She plans to mixx m home
eoonornicf. r
' rv: ' : r
Toilav Pattern
M T. ANGEL (Special)
Harry Rorkeuhaen was elected
commander of the Mt. Angel
America Legion post in the an
nul election Tuesday night. He
wiil succeed Harold Boubonnais
af'er installations in SeptemberJ
Other new officers are Ray
Riischeri adjutant; Mike Weltori,
.fittance .officer; Joseph Fauhabeit,
hnauce officer; Ira Henifoi'd, serf
vice olffl-er; Charles Hafner, er
gt ant-atfarms; Lawrence Schwaln
ha plain and-executive committee
mtmbei'l Jake Eberle, Frel Lucht
and Gerie Hoffer.
Delegates to the state convents
ion in SSfem will be Boijrbonnais;
Lucht, Harry Barkenhagen and
; Mike Welton. The . post voted to
hold onliy one meeting each month
during the summer. ' . . !'
Pleasant Grove
Church Holds
AUMSVILLE Tho Ploasant
Grove Presbyterian church held a
homecoming and basket lunch
Sunday with the Rev. Harold Ro
berts, Medford, as featured spea
ker for the. occasion. j
Tha church builriinff imith at
Aumsville and West of West SUy-
ton. was the second rhnrrh hnitt
in the northwest, in 1858, and tin
the oldest church standing.
.The church and rfttiftcrv Iter
ated on four acres donated hv CI. Cj
Condit, was constructed of rough
lumber hauled by ox' team from
OregonCity and planed by hand
on tne site by the weal brothers
Old-time sauare nails wra nsml
and the original hand-hewn pews
i . . 4;ii ; n . . . i ,
oic awn ui use MiUiiK Willi Ul
bible purchased in 1856.
The building has been painted
and new windows installed re
cently, linking the old with the
new ar me landmark, following
the death of the Rev. J. Steward nf
I Albany 10 years agb, services were
I run neia, unm las xan.
Olil-Xime ilverton
Resident To Move
SILVkRTQN Mrs. Lars Ope-;
dahl." Silverton resident for more
than 40? years, has sold her home
at 231 South Church .st to Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Sears. She will
moe iff Portland to make her
home with her son, Tom, and his
family. rs. Opedahl is1 past 80
and hfffi been living alone since
her husband's death a few years
agb,. ' . J
Mr. and Mrs. Sears have been
liv ing a 628 West Main' street for
the past several months. Mr.
Sears niaiiages Sears Shell service
--it 203 f'rjS.j'. Wa'er St.. and Mrs.
Sears is employed t Aim's Mar
kft. ;;!.
R4ekah Lodge Holds
IMeeting At Ifubbard
HUBBARD i Thalia Rkah
Lodge met Tuesday evening with
11 members present 1
Mrs. Ella Becker, noble grand,.
Mrs. Amos Brusven, vice-grand,
and Irs. Merl Banyar, conductor,
were absent because of an acci
dent. Mrs. A. L.. Murphy acted
as noble grand and Mrs. George
Zeek as vice grand protem. The
resignation of Mrs. Grace Cramer
financial secretary, was accepted.
She is m6ving to Portland. A
new secretary yill b elected later.
Keizer Mothers Sponsor
Seoul-Family Picnic'
KEIZER The Kelzer Mothers
; club scout picnic was held in
Champoeg state park Sunday with
,a good crowd on hand, for the ac-'
j tivities.
i uames ana contests were in
charge of Bruce Smith and Her
man Rehfuss. Winning prixes
were Tommy Fngaard, Shirley
Nebrija, Mrs Mickey Hickmari,
Smith, Freddie Rose, Bobbie
Greenwood and Mrs, Conrad Fri- ;
gaard. In a -ball game..tbe dads
trounced the boys 5 to 3.
tend -TwrxTt-rivs cwi in coins
-for h tMiirfn u Tn Oregon Suie
rv Anne Adanij Pattern Dpt.. t
N i IxiUmi t i OhlrsKO W HI. Print
pi ff NMr, IUK4. ZONE.
Jut ut' Our Ulest Pattern Book
f-r .Soiinx by Anne Adjms! Do uu
knovn the bt line Ijr VOtf yuur
pj'iivuUi ivm and figure? Find the
anaw'eis brr a fanv futd tot rv
n axe. lor tall and h;'t slim and
n-. t-hi and there's a l"REE ut
Ikuk. Send fifteen ctrou moi for
irout cp today! .
, SomeMiing to sing about! Prin
ce pinafore with a slim little
trim waistline, a aweeb 'n' low
sunback. You ond the machine
-will hum about the ey sewing
Pattern 4515 comes in Jr. Miss
si. es 11, 13, 15, 17. Size 13 takes
SK yds,-35-in.; yd. contrast.
This pattern, stif to use, sim
ple to sew, is teste! tci fiV. Hs
otrul i illustrated t'.itructiorvs.
L3 Fin's Market '1
'iff If
IljS - fresh f,sh p
or Finr roods Vr
l ! LgM This Weekend W;
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W? of frosh soa food depond it I
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flotton. 'Visit our stor. for Fri- 1 -
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Ilorrelis Snacks It os. can .
Spiced Lunchooa Moot
I Hormels Ham -Di m
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TO- !. Alo Wtal Valloy
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iic ruiaiucNo. r. .
u.. 3540
10 Ibi.
Local, firm, groon ' i M i
hoad. .......... Lb. .
California, swoot and full f Q
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t1J s Hold grown, firmrod C" v
lomatoos hp 2 oc
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uo BoU
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Chopped Hashrooms sTk
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iiSpaiay US Gordon grown: No! 303
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I " - .... . . , - . . U -j .. r. .,-