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I Th StatMmqzv Salem. Oregon. Monday. Jun . 20. 1949
Proof From Crane Prairie
... . - 1
r k , hju rr, , . -
V , r " -'7 ;
"'I .QH- I
Ample proof that "they're big and plentiful" In the newly opened
Crane Prairie reservoir was brought baek by: Dick McGntre (left)
of 3C2 Sunny view avenue and Chuck Setkeni (rl(ht) f Sajem
route 9. who eaufht this fine "mesa" thii weekend.
Salem Legion Hammers
Stay ton Juniors 14 to 2
STAYTON, June 19-(Specia!)-Bill
lh'nu?ka's American Legion
Junior team cut loose with a nine
run-sevtn hit barrage in the first
innin"and then went on to pile
Vi five more to smother Stayton
14 to 2 in a afternoon game here
SUiyton could get no closer than
second ory the pitching slants
of Salem's Jim Rock until the
sixth inning when they combined
a hit. two walks and a wild pitch
to tally one. They added another
in the seventh on a pair of walks,
stolfii base and an error.
Stewart started the, big first for
Salem with a single. Jacobson
singled, Sloan doubled and Jones
was ffe on a fielders choice.
Johnson rapped the fjrt of his
two triples in the game and Pitch
er Rock followed with another
three burner. Parsons walked. Nel
son struck out and Haugen singled
, What a Michigan flavor the
stat's athletic picture Is taking
on a Kip Taylor goes to Oregon
State and Chester Stackbouse
lends the Willamette grid coach
ing job. Stackbouse comes to
the local school as virtually a
100 percent surprise to every
one and the big fellow evldent
- I has plenty to qualify bim for
t Bearcat football post After
all. the HI! powers-that-be Just
d'dit't accidentally . reach clear
over into Pennsylvania and pick
hfm cut of a pile . .. . Would we
be .otif in surmWint" that one
of the main imjetue -behind
the $Ufkhoue selection 'miiht
have been a few words from
Kip Taylor, a. former coaching
colleague of. Stack house's, to
CSC Athletic Chief Spec Keene
plus a bit of Keene advice to
VYi'lamctte headquarters. Spec,
thouch no longer w ith the local
school, probably isn't beyond
giving 'em a helpful hint now
and then ...
JWy,;.fy, llunkiet
It's never nice to appIauJ at
another's misfortune but it's
p etty hard to keep from grin
ninand widely at the newt
t''?t Washington's Huskies land
ed the heaviest fine at the recent
FCC meeL The HukiK fine, of
ecu e, was levied for violations
of the Coatt conference athletic
iorfe. Now, remember back to
last December when Harvey
('2sill, I'lV's athletic spokesman,
whined that perm'tting Oregon's
W ebf ret to go to 1 1 e Cotton Bow l
would be setting a dangerous
r -Weijce precedent, smashing
Idvrly traditions and violating
e iU event e principles. In other
word Mistuh CasUI. was bend
ing backward In posing as a de
fender of circuit regulations. His
face must be a little red right
ow- . . J
. . .
Arguing Point
Naw ballplayers really have
an argument when they ask the
b w for a bigger paycheck.
They can point to 'the unpredict
ability of worshipful Jans' who
p?ague 'em with aotograptde
niands or greet "em with a bul
let "meant just for yon, my
hero." ... And considering that
bobby box follower almost did
F "ie W'aitkus in. how come
I tank Sinatra's escaped all these
years? ...
I :
Where do they get that "glor
ious" (wire stories put it that
way) victory for Jake LaIotU
r- he snatched the middleweight ,
t e from Marcel Cerdan. Jake
c.-rned the crown fair and
square, all right. But be
caHed "glorious" TiLe yo lick
a foe whoso artillery la reduced
to keep the rally running. Stew
art, up for tne second; time in the
inning, was: safe on the center
fielders error, Jacobson drew a
pass when he was hit by the pitch
er and then Sloan added out num
ber two. Jones singled before Ja
cobson was caught off third for
the final out, of the Inning.
Salem added twe-more in the
second and two morerfn the third.
Gertsbacher," who cahie on to re
place Ed Highberger on the mound
for Stayton," checked the Salem
sluggers untjj they clicked with
one run in the seventh.
The West Salem Lumberjacks,
junior baseball team, will hold a
practice session Tuesday night at
Leslie field at 5:30 p.m. The Salem
Board of Realty team, coached by
Herb Booths will practice tonight
at 6:13 p.mat dinger.
th opening
Sammy Hidet High
A gent:; the local bowling
sharpies would Jt love to best
In Simmt Steinbork, the one
time Pde Softball ihurler. who
now rides the crest as a match
play specialist in Portland. "Sam
my challenges one and all to
take im on in 20-game sets but
the pot comes high from $250
up to a trsnd. Steinbock is one
of those tttys who doesn't carry
an exceptionally high averace in
league play. But. oh boy! Get
him In a two-man whinzdinx
with plenty of dough on the line
and he's dynamite. Another guy
along the; same lines in lum.
Wroten who did tome throwing 3
here two years ago, lie's prob
ably Sammy's chief rival in Fort
land . . . Some of Frankie (300)
Evans' friends are trying to get
him to do battle with Slammln
Sammy. It would be an Inter
esting match . . .
Did you know New York City
bas a game warden? Yep. And
know what keeps , him busy?
Well suh, since there are ne
pheasants running down Broad
way, no ' deer running wild
through Central Park and ne elk
meandering through the subway
system, hia chores consist most
ly of Inspecting grades of feath
ers for milady's hits , . (Hey,
that should have been on the
suy page) . . .
Strange there Isn't mere de
mand to split the 1 campaign
p Into halves,, Since the sus
pense has all but evaporated as
concerns the identity of the
eventual pennant winner. A
nine-game margin fa) net toe easy
to overcome and that's . what
Yakima's f Bears enjoy at this
wriUng. ttoursct If the season
was split chances are the Yaks
weald ferge to the top afaln
but then yeuae never eaa tell . . .
- - i i
one fist after
Di Biasi, Helser
Credited Wins
Seals Split, Drop I
Into Seventh Spot
By the AssocUted Press
Th Portland Beavers," "who
started the week in, the cellar,
swept two more games from, the
Lcs Angeles Angels today to move
into pixth place in the Coast lea
gue. J . :
The scores were 7-1 arid 7-2,
giving the Beavers the series, six
games to 'one.
Viike Di Biasi, Portland's ace
chucker last year, finally regained
his 1948 form and held the Angels
to three hits in the first game.
Los Angeles got to him for a
run In the first inning, but was
helpless thereafter. The run came
on Wayne Terwilliger's double and
two infield outs.
Leo Thomas and John Bucker
clouted ' nme runs for Portland,
Thomas' coming with two men on
base n the fourth inning.
In I the seven-inning nightcap
) Joe Brovia and Vince Shupe
1 smashed homers for the Beavers,
while lefty Roy Helser was scat
tering seven hits to keep the An
gels scoreless except in the third
The Angels tallied twice in that,
frame through a Helser balk. Ter-.
williger came home on the balk
and Cece Garriott moved up to
third from where he scored on
Clarence Maddern's long fly.
The double win made it five
consecutive victories for the Beav
ers, currently the hottest team in
the league. They have won 12 of ;
their last 14 games.
Sar Francisco's Con Dempsey
shut put Seattle, 3-0, in the first
game of their Pacific Coast league
twin bill today but the Rainiers
came back to win the seven inn
ing nightcap, 9-2. The split gave
Seattle a five to two edge in the
seven, game series.
Two great center field catches
by Jack Tobin helped Dempsey
hold the Rainiers scoreless for his
seventh win of the season.
Seattle had a man on first base
with one away when Tobin raced
back to the wall to Snag Frank
Colman's wind-driven liner back
handed. On the next play the fleet
outfielder made a diving, somer
sault shoestring catch of Al Ly
ons' low drive.
In the nightcap, Herb Karpel
racked up his seventh victory
against two losses as Seattle
pounded Hal Gregg for 12 hits. The
Seals got their only runs in the
fourth, when Rocco homered with
the bases empty, then Reno Cheso
doubled and came in on Dario Lo
diginia's single.
San Fxancisco 000 200 01 S 1
Scattl - - 002 340 1J 0
Gregg. Gables (6) and Part; Kar
pel and Whit.
San Francisco 000 100 020 S 0
Seattl . 000 000 0000 S I
Demptey and Jarvii; Besse, McCall
(I) and G
; ratio.
San Diego
001 000 01
101 000 1
s s
4 1
Oakland L
Adams and Rltchey;
Krr. :
San Diego 000 101 0404 4
Oakland : -120 111 0l 7 11 1
LindeMooty (7), Thompson (8) and
Moore: Candlnl, Kipp (6), Tost (9)
and Padgett.
020 000 000 J 1 0
Hollywood 000 300 01 4 11 3
Holeombe. Johnson (8) and Raimon
dt: Moulder. Salveon (7j and Unser,
Sand lock i voir
Sacramento 010 100 4- 9 1
Hollywood L.. . ... 000 Oil 02 7 1
Salvo. Conger (?) and Plum bo;.
Hughes, woodi 7) and Sandlock
jqn Box ScSrfcJ!08 RaPs '
. J .... ... TWaIiington Ope
Stavtan (2)
(14) Salem
Ah R H
Lulav, 2 2
Gray,;3 3
T.Hitfhbrgr.c 3
Russell. 4 2
Spreri m 2
Cox. e 2
E.Hietbrnr.p 1
Rici.t. r 1
Unci 1
n'ka.l 0
J.Wipper. 1 1
W.Wipprr.i 0
Gettcher,r 2
KaHins m 1
Morgan, i 0
0 Stewart, m
1 Jacobson. 2
1 Sloan. 3.p
1 Jones, c
0 Johnson, r
0 Rock, p 3
O Parson?, a
0 NeKon, 1
0 Maueen. t
0 "euske, 1
3 j
21 2 3,
Total 39 14 18
912 000 1 14. 18 2
Staytn 000 001 1 2 3 6
VVirtm? pitcher: Jim Rock; losing
pitcher. Ed Highberger.
Pitcher IP AB 11 R ER SO BB
Rock I-- 5 16 2 0 0 10 0
Slor.n. 2 9 1 2 0 1 4
HigabVrgi r .... 3 27 15 13 T 1 1
G i-t5bac ;ic r 4 15 3 1 16 1
HiU bv pitcher: Ward Johnson bv
Hightk-rger. Left on bases: Salem 11.
St.ivtPn 3. Tnree-base pits: Johnson 2,
Jim Rock 1. Two-base hits: Bill John
son k Vern Zeuskr. Runs batted in :
.Sloans 3. Jones.- Zeuske. Joiinon 3.
Rockj Elmer Haugen, Gray. Umpire:
Howe! I.
Can It Be True?
First Game:
Lot Aaceles (1) (7) Portland
TrwiiiBr.2 4 1 S 2Mirqiu.l 3 12 0
Garntt. m 2 0 S 0 Shupe. X 4 2 12 0
Mauro. r 3 0 0 0 Thomas. S 4 SIS
Mdrrn. 1 4 2 2 O Rucker, m 4 1
Malone. c 4 3 1 Brovia. r 3 1
Ostrwski.3 3 0 0 0 Mullen. 2 4 l i t
Moran. 1 3 0 4)rrn'des.c 1 4 1
Alfano. a J t 3'Auatm. 4 S
McLiah. p 3 0 DiBtasL p 4 1 1
Total a"i24til Total 3iima
Los Angeles 100 000 0001
Portland . 140 100 10" 7
Pitcher IP AB R H ER SO BB
DtBiasi 29 1 3 1 4 3
Wud pitch: McLiah 1. Errors: None.
Run; batted In: Mauro, Rucker 2.
Shupe. Thomas 4. Two-baa hit: Ter
wllliftrr. Aiome ruru: Thomas. Rucker.
Stolea base: Marque. Thorn. Double
plays: McUsh to Malone to Moran:
Thorr(a to Mullen to Shupe. Left on
bases: Los Anaelea 4. Portland S. Um
pires; Deever. Runs and , Somers.
Timet 1:41. ; ' ,
- i ,
TACOMA, June 19-dTVJack
Walters, outstanding northwest
southpaw Lnksman, shot a four-under-par
63 at the Meadow Park
course here today for a 72-hole
total of 281 to capture the Taeoma
amateur toll cbWpionahip,
ut .
Trooomice Aotgels Twoce, Ctanilb to
Rain Cancels
Unexpected rain washed out
the Senators-Victoria double
header at Waters field last
night, bringing to an end the
series and the SolonV stay at
home. The Salem now take
to the road, to play Taeoma
starting Tuesday night, Dur
ing their home stand the Solons
broke even in two games with
Victoria and dropped a 4-2
series nod to Vancouver. Ray
McNuItr will be on the pitch
ing mound for Salem In the
Tuesday opener at Taeoma.
Business Manager George
Emigh announced last- night
that the Senators were hew
"standing pat," after the Satur
day sale of Dick Sinovic to
Vancouver. No other immed
iate changes are, planned for
the club. The ; condition of
Marty Krug. Injured before
Saturday night's game, was re
ported okeh last n ftht. Krag
will return to the lineup Tues
day. Chiefs Dump
Taeoma. 8 to 4
,- Bt the Associated Prejs -TheJWenatchee
Chiefs threaten
ed apain today to knock Salem
out of the first division in the
Western International league by
taking the opening -gome of a
double header here with Taeoma
by a score of 8 to 4.
The win moved the fifth place
Chiefs withm ,half a game of the
fourth spot Senators who were
idled by rain today.
At Spokane, the Indians and
Bremerton divided a twin , bill.
Bremerton took the opener -3 to
2, but dropped the night cap 5
to 8. Marshall went the . distrnce
for the Blue Jackets in the opener,
urhiltt imnn un taffcH f nr f i -
runs in a big eighth inning to j
drop the second.
Taeoma 000 040 04 8 2
Wenatchee . 004 10 -8 12 1
Lazor and SheeU. Warren 5j Orrell
and Pesut.
Bremerton 002 001 000--3 S 1
Spokane 000 000 0112 7 0
Marshall and Ronning; Bnllheart,
Kimball ( and Parks.
Simon and
(7) and Rorst.
000 000i302 S 12 1
110 001 05 8 9 0
Neale; Teagan, Babitt
Sil-Sox Down
Bend in Tenth
BEND, June 19 -(Special)-Catcher
Ted Kerr drove in two
runs with a single in the ICth
inning today to give the Silverton
Red Sox a 4-2 victory over the
Bend Elks, sweeping the two
game State league series. Silver
ton' won last night, 12-6. Kerr
was the batting star of the game.
In the second inning he hit a two
run homer off Bailey Brem.
The only runs off Charley Sau
vain of Silverton came on a home
run by Joe Farrell with one on in
the third. The two wins by Sil
verton here pushed the Bill Mc-Ginnis-Pop
DeLay club toward
the league lead.
Silverton 020 000 000 2 4 11 0
Bend 002 000 000 02 6 1
Sauvain and Kerr; Brem and
WENATCHEE, June 19 -JP)-Don
Bowles, Salem Golf club pro,
stuck close to the leaders in the
opening round of the Washington
state open golf tournament here
Bowles was grouped with four
other northwest golfers in the 73
bracket at the end of 18 holes. Ed
Oliver, Seattle and Stan Leonard,
Vancouver, B. C-, battled a strong
wind to post pars on the after
noon round and knot for the lead
with Erv Parent, Seattle amateur.
In the Majorat
Ab R H O
2 V" 1
0 0 0
Pesky. Red Sox 4 1 1 0
Hoerr. Rert Sox .. .. 4 0 0 2
Gordon. Indians 4 0 0 2
2 0 0
Jansen. Giants, lost Sunday. Record
now (6-7).
Second Game:
I-o Axeles 2 (7) Portland
Trwilger.2 3 0 3 3 Marquz, 13 13 0
Garnot.m 4
0 Shupe. 1 4 11
l'Thorau.l 2 0 0
Moran. 1 3
Madern. 1 S
OstrwskiJ 2
Aberson.r 3
Burbrnk.c 3
Alfano. 2
Carlsen. p 1
Malone. a 1
Ihde.p 0
Emench.p 0
Glosaop, b 1
DaMato j 0
O Rucker, m 2 1
4 Brona. r 2 1
1 Mullen. 2
1 Austin, a
1 Helser. p
3 1
2 1
2 6
3 0
Total 27 71112' ToUl 24 6 21
- a Malone hit Into' double vPlay for
Alfano in 6th
b Glossop sHruck out for CarUen in
I -o Angeles 002 000 02
Portland 010 213 7
Pitcher IP AB R H ER SO BB
v-arisen '. la. . 4 4 4 0 3
jnee ..
I 1,1 0 0 2
Emmerich 1 j
io at
Helser i. 1 17 2 7 2 S 3
Error: Terwilliacr. Runs batted In:
Mullen, Maddern, Brovia 2, Shupe.
Helser. Marque i. Two-base hits: Mul
len, Garriott. Marquez. Home runs:
Brqia. Sbune. Double play: Helser to
Muen to Shupe. Left on bases: Los
Ansxles T. Portland 4. Hit by pitcher,
by Carlsen (Thonvaai. Balk: Helser.
Passed baU: Gladd. Umpires: Runse,
Somers and Deever. Time: 1:32. At
tendance; 8423.
Sunday! P
. Cornell Runner Cops 440
rlvTn!j! ! : i, . M !?i Y-v
.' .. Sit ,'"
-P '
ji miii iiiiii i win in r an 1 1 i i im. "t i ' r-t i i nn iiifilr I ' irmm r n i i i i mai n aaii niUi 1 m"M
LOS ANGELES, June If Charles Moore (right) of Cornell beats Reggie Pearman (left) of New
Vork I' by two yards to win the 4 in 47 seconds In the '"NCAA meet here today. Other (1-r) are
Frank Fox of Seton HalL third; Bill Parker, OccldenUI, sixth; Tom Cox, Eke; Larry Iloff, Staeidford,
fifth. (AP Wirephoto)
EVuiddlecdff, KVilangrunt Divide
Motor City Open Golf Honors
Dentist Reaches
Top in Earnings
By Charles C. Cain
DETROIT, June 19-;p-Nation-al
Open champion Cary Middlecoff
and Lloyd Mangrura who rank
among the nation's top money
winning pros of 1949 divided hon
ors in the Motor City Open Golf
tournament today as "they played
to a tie in an eleven-hole "suddeJn
deth" P10"
Karh went into the final round
today with a 54 hole total of 204
and they came up with a 69 apiece
two under par in their regula
tion rounds.
After a brief rest, they set out
on their "sudden death" playoff
and ' at the end of the first nine
each had a 35 even par. Playing
steady and conservative golf each
had a birdie and eight pars on the
outgoing nine.
After consulting with tourna
ment sponsors and PGA officials
Middlecoff and Mangrum decided
to play two more ho'e in the hopes
of breaking the deadlock but they
paried each hole?" "
Toiay"s winnings boosted Mid
dlecoff into the number one spot
among the nation's top golf money
earners as his 1949 earnings are
now $14,249.59.
Sam Snead. who did not play in
the Motor City tournament, has
$13,868. Mangrum ranks third with
Each got $2,250 today as they
divided the $2,600 first prize and
the $1,900 dollar second money. s
Reese, Gordon
Lead in Polls
CHICAGO, June lg-)-51101-stop
Peewee Reese of the Brook
lyn Dodgers, and third baseman
Sid Gordon of the New York
Giants have completed a double
play in the all-star baseball poll.
They took over first place at
their positions, regaining the lead
which they gave up to Marty Mar
ion and Ed Kazak of the St. Louis
Cardinals last week.
Reese now tops Marion by 4,424
votes while Gordon has an edge
of 4,112 over Ka2ak.
In the first nine days of the
20-day balloting throughout the
country to seiect starting lineups
for the all-star game in Brooklyn
July 12, a total of 416,733 votes
has been cast.
The only northwest player listed
among the leaders is Joe Gordon
of the Cleveland Indians. The seccJ
ond baseman neid second place
for his position behind Michaels
of Chicago's White Sox. Michaels
had 92,953 votes to 87,163 for Gor
don. Waitkus' Condition
Improves Rapidly
CHICAGO, June lM-Eddie
Waitkus may leave the hospital
in three weeks, one of his doctors
said today.
Siphoning off blood from the
bullet-pierced chest of the Phila
delphia Phillies first baseman
helped give him a quiet rest last
night, hospital attendants added, -4'
His condition was reported as
good with "everything moving a
long on schedule. One of his doc
tors reported he may leave the
hospAal in three weeks, barring
'- " .--ft1':
Fffi VTflB&lflOS
W L Pet. W L lct.
Yakima 42 17 .712 Wenatche 30 32.484
Vancouvr 33 2 .559 Bremertn 28 3 .438
Spokana 32 29 .523 Taeoma 25 36 .410
Salem 29 30 .492 Victoria 24 38 .387
Sunday results: At Salem-Victoria
frain); at Yakima-Vancouver: At Spo
kane 2-8. Bremerton 3-5; At Wen
atrce 8, Taeoma 4. (Other score on
Pe 2 )
W L Pet W L. Pet
Hollvw'd 55 31 .640 Scramnto 40 41 .4M
Seattle 49 38 .563 Portland 37 45 .451
Oakland 43 42 .506 San Fran. 38 47 .447
San Diego 42 42 .500 Los Angle 34 51 .400
Sunday results: At Portland 7-7. Los
Angeles 1-2. at Seattle 0-9. San Fran
cisco 3-2- at Holly wood 4-2. Sacramento
2-6; at Oakland 2-7. San Diego 1-6.
Heavyweight Title Bout
Tops Week's Ring; Slate
NEW YORK, June lMVSome of the biggest names In boxing
swing into action this week with the Ezzard Charles-Jersey Joe "Wal
cott bout for the NBA heavyweight championship topping a sterling
national card.
G AB R HPct.
Robinson. Dodgers 58 232 44 S3 .385
Kell. Tigers 57 227 44 SO .353
Schoendienst Cards . 52 219 32 76 .347
Kazak. Cardinals 55 203 29 66 J35
Di Maggie, Red Sox 52 211 44 68 .322
Williams. Red Sox . 57 210 52 6 .314
Home runs: American League Joost.
AthleUcs. 16: Stephens. Red Sox. 16;
Williams. Red Sox. 16. National League
Klner. Pirates. 14; Musial, Cardinals,
13: Seminick. Phillies. 12.
Runs batted in: American League
Williams. Red Sox, 66; Stephens, Red
Sox. 59; Wertz. Tigers. 54. National
League Robinson. Dodgers. 55; Hod
ges, Dodgers. 46; Funis. Phillies. 46.
AngePs Pair
Contest Sale
LOS ANGELES, June 19-(P)-The
sale of Los Angeles pitchers
Red Lynn and Walt Lanfranconi
to Dallas of the Texas league has
been referred to Ctmmissioner A.
B. Chandler, it was disclosed to
day. Lynn has filed a formal protest
with the commissioner's office and
Lanfranconi plans to do the same.
The players said they want to stay
in AAA baseball and three Coast
league teams Sacramento, Port
land and Hollywood are known
to have put In waiver claims for
the pair.
They .were sold to the parent
Chicago -Cubs last week and the
Cubs in turn sold them ta Dallas.
Both, however, planned to fly
to Dallas today to join the Texas
league club pending a ruling by
the commissioner. The pitchers
said they are getting raises, with
the Cubs and Dallas splitting the
bill, but they want to remain in
Triple A balL
PCL Line Scores:
220 101 12413 10
010 000 101 3 13 1
and Warren; Stevens,
Weaver (4) and Pesut.
it&tUt V 6II0EB
1 1.
W L Pet. W L Pet
Brooklyn 35 23 .603 New York 29 27 .518
St. Louis 33 23 ..Wi Cincinnati 24 33 .421
notion jo fiisuurgn ufl.w
Philadel. 33 27 .5.o Chicago 20 37 .351
Sunday results: At Pittsburgh 9. New
Yoik 4: at St Louis 6. Philadelphia 5;
at Chicago 8. Brooklyn 2; at Cincinnati
2-2. Boston 5-3.
W Li Pet W L Pt't
New York 3S 21 .632 Boston 29 27 .518
Detroit 33 24 .579 Washngtn 28 28 .500
Philadel. 32 26 .552 Chicago 23 36 .3ft)
Cleveland 20 25 537 St. Louis 17 40 2Wi
Sunday results: At New Yotk 2.
Cleveland 4: at Boston 9. Chicago 2:
at Philadelphia 8-3. St. Louis 2-7; at
Detroit 9-7.MVashini?ton 0-0.
In other tilts around the nation,
three champions and three ex
titleholders as wrll as a couple of
contenders will show their wares.
They include Lightweight
Champion Ike Williams, Welter
weight Champion Kay Robinson,
Featherweight Champion Willie
Pep, Ex-lightweight King Lew
Jenkins, former Middleweight
Titleholder Rocky Graziano and
the one-time feather boss Sandy
The three champions, all prep
ping for title defenses next month,
will engage in overweight bouts.
On Monday, Robinson opposes
Cecil Hudson at Providence, R.I.,
and Pep faces Johnny La Russo
at West Springfield, Mass. Will
iams warms up against Irving
Steen at Los Angeles Tuesday.
Graziano, making his first start
since he lost his crown to Tony
Zale last June, mixes with Bobby
Claus at Wilmington, Del., Tues
day. Jenkins tangles with Jimmy
Collins at Allentown, Pa., Mon
day. Saddler, back from a London
victory, tilts with Luis Ramos at
New York's Queensboro arena
Steve Belloise, New York mid
dleweight contender. Is matched
against Cleve Bailey at New
York's Jerome arena Wednesday.
The same night in. Worcester,
Mass., Charlie Fusari. welter con
tender from Irvington, N.Y., meets
Al Couture.
In Industrial softball league
standings published Sunday, Lake
Lkbish was inadvertently credited
with two losses. The Labish team
has won two and lost one in the
Leslie field competition.
nnf.'K2 m
hitb PBace
Brooks Lose,
Cardinals Win
! '
Bob Feller Gains
3rd Season Victory
pennant races in the American
and National leagues tightened
today as the leaders in each cir
cuit lost while their pursuers won.
Detroit's rampaging Tigers
clawed to within three games ct
the American's; pace-setting New
York Yankees. sweeDin txith
ends of a twin bill from the Wash.
mgtou Senators. 9-0 and 7-0,
while the Yanks bowed. 4-2. in
eleven innings ; to the Cleveland
Indians. j
The third place Philadelphia
Athletics divided a doubleheader
with the St, Louis Browns, win
ning the opener 8-2. but losing the
nightcap 7-3. The Bostori Red Sox
turned back the Chicago White
Sox, 8-2. and took over fifth place
from Washington.
Brooklyn's National league lead
over the St. Louis Cardinals was
slashed to a game as the Brooks
bowed, 8-2, to the Chicago Cubs
while the Red Birds eked out a
6-5.. triumph over the Philadephia
The Boston Braves took over
third place from the Phils, sweep
ing a twin bill from the Cincin
nati Keds. 5-2 and 3-2. The Braves
are only two and one half games
behind Brooklyn. Pittsburgh's
seventh place Pirates crushed the
New YorK Giants. 9-4, to move to
within a &ame of Cincinnati.
Virgil Trucks and Fred Hutch
inson held Washington scoreless,
before 21.818 fans at Washington.
Trucks, in pitching .his second
straight shutout and tenth victory
of the season, limited the Nats to
four hits. The big righthander
now has pitched 24 and one-third
consecutive scoreless innings.
Mickey Vernon and Bob Feller
teamed up before 40,031 fans at
Yankee stadium to beat the Yanks,
Vernon blasted . his eighth homer
vL-ilh u mlp nn in th elovonth nff
lUl J1 m"le " tne eleventh on
Joe rhge to ice me game, fewer
pitched brilliantly, allowing only
one hit after Tommy II en rich
cracked his 13th homer in the
fourth inning. It was Bob's third
victory in nine decisions.
National League
New Yurk .i . 010 012 000 -4 T 1
Pitttbuuh : 3O0TW1 50'-9 C
Jjii'tn. Wehb i l7) and MuelUi;
Che.-ncs and Masl.
Philadelphia 020 0O0 0125 1C 1
St Louis i OiW 021 021-6 8 0
Ht in.zt li:...n. Kontaitv (6), Robtils
,91 and Suninick, Brale. Wtika (f
and D. Rice.
Brooklyn 4.. 101 000 COO 2 8
Chicago ... 302 020 10 10
Banta. PalU-a (41. Minner At)
CampaneMa: SchmiU and Walker. No
vctney 3).
Boston I.. 000 113 0005 1
Cincinnati I 001 0t0 100 2 7 I
Spahn Liid Salkeld; Erautt. Pttej
son l6. Cumbtil (ti) and Cooper.
Botton ...101 100 0003 1 1
Cincinnati . 002 000 000 J 8 0
- Antrtielli and ' Livingston. Salkeld
8; VSiKirr Metr; WchmeierTSr Live
ly 16). Blavkwell t8) and C6oper,
Howell iSl.
American League
Cleveland . - 001 000 100 02 -4 10 I
New Yoi k , .... 010 100 000 00- 2 6 1
Feller and Hegan; Reynolds. Page I?)
and Berra.
Chicago ,
Gumpeit and
St. Louts
.. . 110 000 000 t
040 0C0 50 9
f tpton; Stobbs
! I
020 000 QOO-i
200 020 22 4
Lollar; KeUner
Carver and
St. Louis
T- 200 010 400-7
000 030 0003
Ostrowski and
Moss; Schelb.
Cahan (7), Harris (8) and Astroth.
Detroit . 020 000 403 9 11 I
Washington .m..V 000 000 000-4) 4 I
Trucks and Robinson; Calvert. Hittl4
(7). Weik 1 6), Welterorth (9) and Evana
Weiftl ii).
Detroit i.. 104 000 2007 11 1
Washington ... 000 000 0000 8 I
Hutchinson and Swift; Harris, Wl
teiota (5i and Welgel.
Big Field Lifted for
Wimbledon Singles
LONDON, June 19 -(JP)-.te6
Schroeder, 'America's favorite, and
127 other top tennis amateurs
start swatting tonibrrow fof-the
Wimbledon men's singles tennis
championshiprione of the world's
most valuable sports prizes. One
post-war winner. Jack Kramer,
reckoned the title was wortl! hall
of the $115,000 he made in the
first year after turning profes-sionaL