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Wott SOT Ffliraess
$5500 Clipped
Off Washington
Oregon Gets $1390,
Oregon State S120
Br Bum Newland
PORTLAND, June 16 -(P)-Top-ped
by a $5,500 assessment against
the University of Washington, the
stiffest fines in the history of the
Pacific Coast conference were
levied today against member
schools for athletic code violations.
Faculty' representatives threw
the book at some offenders in an
effort to put the athletic morals of
the conference on the highest
plane possible. All ten member in
stitutions were fined varying
amounts for the third successive
year. . ,
The University of Idaho re
ceived the second largest fine
14,010. Washington State college
drew a penalty of $3,720 and Stan
ford university $2,890. The Univ
ersity of Southern California was
charged $2,370 and the University
of Oregon $1,390. Lesser fines
were set as follows: University of
California at Los Angeles, $555;
University of California, $350;
University of Montana, $200; Ore
gon State college $120.
It was the second straight year
that Washington headed the list,
being fined $3,550 in 1948.
Individual cases and reasons for
penalties against each school were
not made public. The Infractions
covered 26 categories, from sal
ary to an athlete for working on a
mythical Job to Illegal recruiting
by alumni. Some violations were
technical, such as irregularities in
bookkeeping, but the faculty men
"went along almost unanimously
with the findings -of Commissioner
Victor O. Schmidt.
Assessment of the fines, which
go Into the conference treasury,
was the final" action of the three
day convention. Earlier today the
convention awarded the 1050
track and field meet to the Uni
versity of California, for May 28
17; and moved up the football
practice season to a full 18 calen
dar days before the first game
when the season starts before
Sept. 18. Until now practice be
gan Sept 1.
The conference voted to pro
hibit televising of official motion
pictures of conference-sponsored
athletic events. Individual schools,
however, may contract for direct
The annual winter meeting was
set for La Playa hotel, Carmel,
Calif., Dec. 11-14.
The code violation fines totalled
821.105 well above last year's
$8,150. Commissioner Schmidt ex
plained that penalties were upped
considerably in cases of repeat
violations. "Our code la stricter
that the National Collegiate Ath
letic, association sanity code," he
said. "Many of the violations for
which Pacific Coast conference
- members were fined would not be
regarded as such by the NCAA."
Aggressive alumni and support
er who pursued athletic talent for
old alma mater were singled out
as unidentified pests to the con
ference's peace of mind.
DETROIT, June 15-;P)-Dr. Cary
Middlecoff, winner of the national
open golf championship In Chicago
last week, was cast In the role of
favorite in the four-day, 113,000
Motor City open tournament that
opens tomorrow.
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The opening of Crane Prairie Reservoir to angling Wednesday lured Ixaak VTaltoners by the hundreds,
according te a report from Don Ilarger, Statesman sports outdoor writer who flew ever the reser
voir and mad this picture. Ilarger counted as many as 208 boats in one corner of the big lake and
estimated between 806 and 1006 on the lake In all. Tweety can be seen in the picture. John Hughes
of Salem Air service, Emory Lebold and Preston Doughton made the flight with Ilarger.
Loe to Fight Sullivan
King Henry Lee, the dusky Seattle gent who took only 62 sec
onds to kayo Bobby Volk.ln hie only appearance in the Salem fis
tie rlnggwlll be John L. Sullivan's opponent la Matchmaker Tex
Salkeld armory 10-ronndor next Wednesday night. Salkeld was
dickering with Lee, Jack Snapp and Volk for the mix with the
vastly-Improved Salllian, and has signed the hard-clouting King
Henry.! Usually a llghtheavy at around 171 pounds, Sulllvaa will
make a- 168-pouad level for the scrap. During his current Portland
workouU. John L. has been weighing la the neighborhood ef 176,
ae should make the weight easily enough.
Lee's kayo of Volk a hard left emaah te the eye was one ef
the quickest oa record here. Because of it, fane didn't have much
of a look at the muscular and capable appearing negro.
A six rounder and a trie of fours will fill out the card. Davey
Ball, the rugged little Bakersfleld battler who downed Dean, Abney
In Ms last a ting here, will appear In the alxer, says Salkeld.
Condition of
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girl's room in response to a note
she sent him that she had some
thing 'important" 'to tell him. She
also had pleaded with him on the
telephone to come" to her room.
Ruth packed a; suitcase, a .22
rifle and i paring knife with a
three and a half inch blade and
checked 'into the' hotel Monday
afternoon. She gave a ben boy $5
to deliver the note to Waitkus'
room. . !
Waitkus, returning to his room
late last night, found the note and
telephoned Miss Steinhagen, but
Waitkus Listed as
she said she Insisted that he see
her in person.
She later re-enacted the shoot
ing for police and gave this ver
sion: IWaitkus knocked on her door.
She put the paring knife in the
pocket of her skirt and opened the
door, intending to stab Waitkus as
he entered. But he hurried past
her, sat in a chair and asked- her
what she wanted. She said, 'I
have a surprise for you," reached
into the closet and grabbed the
I'Tor heaven's sake, what's go
ing on here?" Waitkus asked as
he jumped from the chair. "For
two yean you've bothered me.
Now you're going to die," she an
swered. She shot him at close
odd Dp
By Hundreds
In the Major $
PORTLAND, June 15 -(JP)- Roy
Strand of Corvallis defeated med
alist Bill Kriegec of Redmond to
day to become the favorite to
win the Oregon junior golf tour
pamcnL Krieger was 4-up on
Strand after nine holes, but the
Corvallis boy picked up holes
later and then canned a 10-foot
putt on the 18th for a birdie four
and a 1-op victory.
'Fair to Poor'
range. She said she started to
reload the rifle to shoot herself,
but then she "blacked out"
She notified hotel authorities
that "I just shot a man." She sur
rendered to hotel detective d
ward Purdy.
Bevens Defeated
By Tulsa Outfit
HOUSTON. Tex.. June lS-CSpe
clal)- The Tulsa Oilers tonight
scored two runs In the eighth
inning to down Houston, 5-8, and
hand , former New York Yankee
pitcher Bill Bevens a loss. Bevens
waa replaced in the eighth inn
ing up rising. He had settled
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crack, craze, or fade. Many beautiful color!
Custom dtfigns. Quick Installation.' Stop if
and see) this unusual porcelain-oo-teel tW
Estimates furnUhed frte,i without, dbgothj
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t58S Portland Hood
Entertainment5 Cost Bulk of
By Jack Hewtae
eolerUiiunent ef SeatUe Atk
letea ebraft which it hd me
knewledge ot the University
ef Waahlngiea $2J0t today at
the Pacific Ceest cenfereBce
meeting la Pertlaad. Harrey
Casein reported. Another $U0l
f the $5408 fine handed the mn
lverslty, making ft the hardest
hit of all conference schools, wac
assessed because twe members ef
the nlverglty staff met an air
plane with twe athletes aboard.
Cassill. nniTersity athleUe di
rector, told the Associated Press
la a telephone rearers ties front
'Buddies' Wait
Friday Night
The "Bleacher Buddies", num
bering weU ever 766 after their
initial meeting at Waters field
week before last, are standing
by until Friday night ef this
week, another of their "ln-for-free"
excursions at the baseball
. park. The meeting of the "Bud
dies" boys and girls from 16 to
15 years old will take place
ahortly after aeven o'clock Fri
day, just before the Salem Senators-Victoria
Athletics all gams.
The "Buddies' will again ea
ter the park via the third base
bleacher gate.
Limits Bagged
At Reservoir
BEND. June IS -JJP- Hundreds
of anglers caught the limit of 15
to 20-lnch-lonr rainbow trout to
day at Crane Prairie reservoir's
first open season In 24 years.
Many anglers were disappoint
ed, however. They had thought
the fish would be still longer two
feet or more.
Deschutes forest officials esti
mated more than a thousand boats
were on the reservoir today. The
roads around were congested
with ears of some 4,000 fishermen.
One camp was practically atop
the next
Good catches were reported In
other lakes where the season
opened today, particularly north
and south Twin, East, and Paul
ina lakes.
Sauvain Leading
Sil-Sox Hitters
SILVERTON, June 15-(Special)
-Charley Sauvtn, the hlttlni pitch
er from Oreeon State, leads the
Silvorton Red Sox batsmen In
stat loam esmes d la rod to date
four of them with i soaring
mark of .667. Sauvaia has had
six hits la nine tripe. Averages
to date:
B M Pet
Johnson .
9 4 .667
14 6 .429
11 4 .838
17 5 .294
14 4 .286
11 2 .182
McKee 15 2 .183
Hanauska 6 1 .187
Moe 1 6 .000
Hatteberg 11 0 .000
Kerr 11 0 .000
dnurn waII In 'the mid-innines af
ter a shaky start. The losing Buffs
made three errors behind him.
Tuiss - aio ooo 0208 e i
Houston 102 000 000-6 I i
Boresh. Smith and Williams; Bevens,
mcwwiin i a t utu ouuuci.v.i .
Portland: "Twe thoaaand dollare
ef the fine waa aas eased for en
tertainment ef several leeal area
peetive atadeats beynd the eea
ferenee regvlationa. The nJrer
sity had no knewledxe of ner did
ft participate la payment for this
"Sixteen handred dollars waa
levied against the university fee
the actione ef a member ef the
alamnl department and the head
basketball reach In meeting twe
pro peetive stadenta ea their ar
rival by plane, incident te a visit
to the university campus.
"Except for twe technical vio
lations, no fine were levied
Cliff (Chief) McLean, former U of
Oregon athlete, was Wednesday
appointed Medford junior high
school athletic coach, succeed
ing Mel Johnson who Is moving
to Ashland high school. McLean
graduated this month from Sou
thern College of Education.
Greys Rolling,
Seek Ball Tilts
Now operating under a new ath
letle director, Frank Cooper who
onee played for the St. Louis
Cardinals, the Prison Greys have
notched two straight victories and
are seeking more baseball games
with "outsiders". Any team wish
ing to schedule the Greys should
have contact' with Cooper by tele
phone or mail at the penitentiary.
Cooper switched "Tanglefoot"
Bernstein from first base to the
pitching mound, and Tanglefoot
has responded well with two wins.
The wins wsrs over Jefferson Mer
chants and Shrock Motors. The
Greys boast a team batting aver
age of near.350 and are led by
their flashy second sacker Darry
War Surplus
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O Finest Quality
O Compounded wife Surplus Materials
O Greater Coverage gal
Pcrdi Ct bidx
O For rbora. PorcaM
O Long Wearing
O Abrasloa Resistani
Uliliiy Pais!
For barns, garages, etc. ted,
er green (la I's)
LTZ Pasii
Pmre lead, tttanlnsa, sins.
(In 5 s)
Ready seized, fee weed
er metal.
Husky Fine
against the University ef Wash
ington coaching staff . er any
ether staff member for illegal
reeralting er subsidization ef any
"The balance ef the fines were
for technical cede violations."
Although he would set eesa
ment. It waa Indicated In Cas
sia's repert that none of the
fines was la connection wtth the
enrollment of junior college
transfers at the university this
spring. Several athletea moved
north from California junior col
leges with the opening ef the
spring term.
Phillies Sign
Cougar Player
; SPOKANT, Wash., June 15 -(If)
Tom Marier, Washington State
college baseball star, has signed
a contract with the Philadelphia
Phillies. A. B. (Buck) Bailey, his
college coach said today.
Marier was named to the Paci
fic Coast conference, northern di
vision all-star team three con
secutive years for his play at
tnisd base. Tnls yeas ne was also
selected fos tne all-coast college
team. He graduated , Irom WSC
this year.
Marier left tooay to join the
Terre Haute, Ind., club in the
Three-I class "B" league. He hit
.381 with Washington State iol
lege this spring.
National League New York at
Cincinnati-(2)-Hartung (6-5) and
Kennedy (5-4) or Koslo (1-2) vs
Fox (8-4) and Raffensberger (6
6). Boston at Pittsburgh Bick
ford 7-8) vs Poat (0-0). Philadel
phia at Chicago Simmons (2-4)
vs Dublel (3-4). Brooklyn at St.
Louis Newcombe (3-0) vs
Munger (4-2).
. American League Chicago at
New York (2) Pierce (2-4) and
Kuzava (2-0) vs Sanford (1-1)
and Byrne 4-8). Cleveland at Bos-
In Memory and Respect
Of the Late Win. T. roster
The Willamette Grocery Co.
From 1 to I P. M.
Thursday. June 18th
m n
Boyd (War Surplus) Babbitt sayst If you
wanta paint the town red (white, blue or any
other color) you can do it the most economi
cally by using Dutch Paint; . . . it's the big
gest paint value in townl j
Hl-Glen Enanil
O Rich Lustre
O Besistg Stains
O A Thick, Creamy
Full-Bodled Paint
grejr 0 frT
gat 3a95
Finest qaalitr.
boiled ell.
line) of pointing need at lowest
lroianse M3ti
75 School EnirrrJ
In Los Angtlts Romp
Southern California's perennially
powerful Trojans and the Spar
tans of Michigan State appear to
be leading contenders for team
laurels tn the national collegiate
track and field championships
here this weekend.
Such was the way the dopesters
viewed the 2$th annual cinderpath
carnival Friday and Saturday
afternoons as athletes by the score
continued to arrive in Los Angelea
today. i
Seventy-fire universities and
colleges have entered contestants
in a field exceeding 300. Number
ed are nearly a score of lads who
competed"" Tor Uncle Sam in the
1948 Olympic games at London.
Unbeaten n dual meet compet
ition, Michigan State and USC
battled to a 61-61 tie here last
April 16 in one of the best meets
of the season. Loral observers un
hesitatingly pick the Trojans to
bag their 13th national champion
ship, with Michigan State runner
up and the undermanned defend
ing titleholders. Minnesota, to
finish far down the line.
Spearheading the Trojan team,
of course, is sprinter Mel Patton,
who figures to score a double vic
tory for 20 points in the 100 and
220 yard dashes.
Much will depend on pole
vaulter John Montgomery, whose
best mark of 14 feet IS inches
tops the best in the country this
season. A mishap, or an exception
al effort by two-time defending
champion, George Rasmussen of
Oregon, or Tom Bennett of Wis
consin, would throw the Trojan
hopes into a knot.
Table of Coastal Tides
Tides for 1?ft.' Onrc on. Juns. IMS.
(Compiled by U. S. Coast k GeodeUe
Survey. Portland. Oregon). Pacine
Standard Time. .
18 3 1 a.t. 3 4 10 3S a.m. -01
S 45 p.m. i l 11:09 p m. I t
ton Garcia (5-2) vs Parnell
(8-2). St. Louis at Washington
(night) Embree (2-7) vs Hud
son (3-5). Detroit at Philadelphia
Newhouser (7-5) vs Brlssie (I
3). Shingle Stain
O Rod or Green
O OH Base
O Preserves and
Flat Wall Falsi
O Oil Bone
O WoahabU
O Easy to Apply
O Tint Any Shad
f - f
Best grade Pure gwa 4 OQ
spirits. I -gat sa&4
Esanel Underccalcr
Perfect foundation for 1 O BA
ai Wi0V
Unseed Oil '
J ai 3s39
prices) In town,
AH of oar paint has a