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(SBomb Back to 3irdl 8p
Viirgil'Tirucksii Fires One-Hitter -Asairist A7s;
Peterson and McNulty Tiirn Loose Mound Sparklers j j
To Down Vancouvers 5-1, 6-1; Fourth Tilt Tonight j
Not at all contented with the
town Senators lashed back with a
harlr (rum Vinrraiiwr S-1 nnH
Salcms back into third place in the Western International standings, ana new pny two games in
rears of the second place Caps. ! ! '
' The fourth game of the six-game set with Mgr Bill Brenner's troupe will fall tonight, at eight o'clock.
,m i ... . ! ,i i - Another twn bill is booked fori
10-Tb. Solem, Oregon. W,fadqY, June 15. 1949 jj J
. ' ! " !" ' FrecW'ks will go potward for
Dick Sinovic Back in Salem: I
But Not on Senators '9' Yet
Dick Sinovic. h.'ird-h
last staon and No. 2 hitter
averse, wiii back in a S;
filrl hut onlv for a workoul before the Salem-Vancouver iidouble-
Whether or not the young Port
land player will be assigned to the
Senators will be known within a
day or two, according to Senator
Business Manager George Emiglh.
In all probability he will be. al
though he had not yet signed a
contract kst night
Sinovic started the season with
Portland, and was sold condition
ally to Pittsburgh, The Pirates
farmed him UKJndianapolis and
then to Netf Orleans. When the
Pirates canceled the deal, Sinovic
was optioned by Portland to Ma
con Of lhe Sftlly league. Macon re
turned him last week.
M'd like to finish out the season j
In Salem," Sinovic said last night.
60-Day Duck
Season Asked
Seattle. June m -pi- The
seven western states -wer in
agreement today on what they
want for the 1949 duck season.
Thg western migratory bird
conference, meeting in conjunc
tion with the annuaT convention
of the Western Association of
Came and Fish Commissioner,
a.sked af BO-day season, a seven
bird bag limit, and that jack snipe
yand mourning dove seasons also
be added.
They asked that: (1) Shooting
hours "be from half-hour before
sunrise to sunet; (2) the posses
sion limit be two days' bag limit;
(3) the goose limit be five per
day, of which not more than
three Would be Canadian honkers
of brant, and (4) goose posses
sion limit be one day's bag
They auproved the $2 duck
stamp provided at least 2 per
cent of the increase be used in
a progrt m of more refugees on
the Pari fir flvway.
Thev opposed draining of Duck
lake in Miiusn ioiuiuui
Warner and Valley lakes in Lake
county. Ore.
12th Streeters
Rawlins nhutout the 12th Street
Marget 7 to 0 on three hits tonight
to keep Mootry's DniRgist close
behind fficemakers In the City
softhill l'aue.
In mother City league encoun
ter deoipe Ttoth pitched two-hit
ball to "ive Camnbell's RKk Wool
a 6-0 victory over the Knights of
ColutWM". Rock Wool's collected
11 hi end capitalized on four
KC frrr-m.
y Cles-r Iike dumped Warner Mo
tors In im Industrial league tilt
7 to 4. and the Paorr Makers
edged Interstate Tractor 7 to 5.
(Mpotrv's .300 120 1-7 6 1
12th St-rrt nnoonoo n s i
Rawi" and Henry; llilflicker
and IJII'ky.
KC nnnofton -n 2
Rock Wool 100 023 x- 11
021 020-5
v7 ""d Butts; Farlow and
Woi-nrr. mv ftn rt i ".
" " ........ - .
Clear L-l-e
Mick'nh-m and
Wright "d CTBair.
in Krnluckv
' HOPc,5 CAVE, K v.. June It
ffl)- C"r'es (Uncle Chailev)
Moran 70. former National league
hsseb"" tmnire. Hied at his home
here lac tday. He had been in
ailin heslth for some time and
was ber'fast the past three weeks.
Morrn a'o wa former football
roach, at Centre college. Danville,
Ky.. a"d eained national 'amc
wjth the "Praying Colonels" in
)t years following the first
world -ar. He coached such play
ers a Po MrMiHin. Red Roberts
and Rrd Weaver and his 1921
team defeated Harvard. 6-0.
Anglers Eye
As 2nd 'Opener Ready
The second section of Oregon's
1949 angling season opens today
In tidewater streams and certain
lakes, and for the most part, fish
ermen are looking to4he opening
f Crane Prairie reservoir for
lie first time la many years. The
tSUte Game commission has for
the past few. weeks received
many Inquiries concerning the
prospects for suceev in the res
ervoir. y Latest reports fr-ra the rem
m'sslon raid that the reservoir
and the Denrbate river above
tho reservoir contain many large
ralrow tr- t. Many of the fish
have parasites known as ep-
.500 percentage mark thy were
vengeance at Wuers fie'd
last mgnt
- 1 Couril! wi'h SDokane!
s 'o-s to
,ttl1n.sutJr,rf,d?r TVl lhVl',,',3ftn? I
-r in the WIL for 1848 with hi- 35 batting
;.lem .SenaU.r uniform last night at; Water
Back, but
i I .
. .1 ,L -A '
Dirk Sinovic. the "Rapping Rich-
mft Mat : .... ' i
"V;. J ' rrT
ors In the league Is ijback In
town again, but his Immediate
status Is not known, according
to Business Manager I George
F.migh. Sinovic recently re
rned to Portland from the i
Macon club of the Sallf league
tors. An announcement will be
made within the next day or
Tacoma Stoi)s
Spokane, 9-5
SPOKANE, June 14 -JV Ta
coma knocked down a ninth inn
ing rally tonight to beat the Spo
kane Indians 9 to 5 in th(p opener
of a three-game Western. Inter-
Mn:Mnf 1 . i il 3
Pitcher Ray Fortier was coast-
ing along on a five run lead when
the first three Indians up In the
ninth touched ; him fori singles.
With o'ne run in and nonje out, a
pop fly and two ground balls
ended the Inning and th,e game.
The Tigers Went to own in
the fourth fori four run manu
factured by a triple, a double and
three singles. 3
Catcher Jack Warren!) slapped
out a two-run homer fori Tacoma
in the fourth, Third as-man
Ken Richardson homered jjfor Spo
kane with the; bases clea:r in the
second. ji
Bill Werbowfkl was the first
nf Inrliati nit. ln.ri. Than
n-iiini i.i mi- i. iic .jiit- ai
getting 10 off Foi tier
Tacoma .... 4. HI 40t nW-S 15 0
Srxt',ne til (S0il-5 to 3
fortier and W iffn. Vferbo" 'o.
nannm ii. rueeiy (St. KJInDau ivi
j nrt RnMi
4 TcamsArriye
24 For NCAA Go
! LOS ANC.FLES June? 14-(4't-
j AthIetes from .Various sUon, of
thg- pation. headed by rejiresenta -
! lives from the Western or! Big Ten
i i .
muiticmt, IBM" niniiui Hill 11
track and field championships Fii-
dav and Saturday.
Minnesota, the defending NCAA
champion, sent a small ti-am atl
is f .gured to Ilmsh far cjown -he
line in team points. Mler Don
iGehrmann of Wisconsin headed his
team, ."nd teams from Rice insti-
tute. Georgia Tech. Oregpn State,
and others augmented thef arrivals.
In l hp Mawr$
Ab R H 6 A r Rh
2 1111 10
Dor it. Red Sox
Peky, Red So
Cordn. Indian
3 10 110 0
5 1 1 ) 2 0 4.
Gordon homored with baacy loaiedi
Pitchers: Jsnsen. Giants, Swon, Tj
raitt. Red, ofti I
. it ' "I - '
s. -'
; . &
t" 111 .3
Ju w- . as. w
pods in their gills and near the j IXOVai ilSeOl 1UI1
fins. These parasites do net af- j Aer-r r u n '
feet the eating o.alUl of the 1 AstCSnSgit949 rS?odiv
Kumn eanj re.nlt front eating jnew pnging necklines which
-J: ill. J4 , j i caught the eyes of fashion critics.
The Deschutes rlvert directly ; King George arrived before the
'J"" 5wjrst r-tt with a royal party in
Camp bridge to DeschHtes brldre nnen ladrieaux. iut a. hi. rrWi
onens today $ls, but this section
of water is restricted U flv fi-H-ing
only. T-e bag limit for the
whole area Is five fish! per day.
Hundreds of anglers1 are ex
pected to take to the state tide
water stream today also, and for
the balance af the week. The
season closes September SI.
pushed onto Monday night, the
to u-xe CKn enas 01 uie wuuie-.
Trcoma.l tKe wirs elevated the
j the So'ons tonight, against Lefty
'jim Hedgexock.
I The r her small crowd of 1.276
patrons l;ft night was treated to
'. something the customers haven't
seen too much of this semester in
i the arer ... A couple of well pitch-!
ed garros. Rifchthanr'er Gene Pe-,
'erson. an in-and-ouur
IocaIi , hi relicf roI
tuffed 8 snappy
with the
so far. up
ppy four-hitter i
at the enemy in the first game and
in so doing plucked his third win
of the season. 1
Then in the. No. 2 contest, Ray!
McNulty bnd his assortment of j
sliders and curves came in with
victory No. 6 for rawboned Ray.
He yielded 11 hits along the way,
but had what it took, plus three
double plays, when in the tight
Peterson had his stuff working
almost to perfection in the opener
Were it n4 for an error, followed !
by Charle Mead's double and Ray;
Tran's single in the fourth inning, !
unneia tene wouian t nave Deen
scored upon at all. The run was of
course unearned.
.Three uf the same kind of runs,
off former Senator lefty Carl Gun-
narson in; the first inning, turned !
out to be enough for trfe win, Carl !" SAN FRANCISCO. June 15-f
had the misfortune of having two Slinr righthander Jerse Flores of
errors sotieeze in with a couple of San Diecjo leads Pacific Coast
hits in th opening frame, all good League pitchers with an .833 av
for three funs. erage 10 won and 2 lost.
Salem ot another, this one on ' PCL records today showed Guy
four hiis.siin the third, and added Fletcher of Seattle right behind
another. Si two hits in the fifth, him with .813 on 13 wins and 3
Gunnai iop went out in place of losses.
Hunk Anderson, still another ex- Charley Schanz of Seattle is
Salem in the fifth, and Hunk
blanked the locals the rest of the
Salem had 11 hits off the two
hurlers, three by Bob Hedington
and a pair! by both Mgr. Bill Beard
and Mel ! Wasley. Shortstop Ray
Tarh.??cf "gular with San Die-
go, biffedi three of the four Van
wITthe ordy'o'the.
couver blpws off Peterson. Mead's
opponent ;n the nightcap. Bob had
only two j bad innines, the second
and seventh. All seven hits off
his slants; for the evening came in
those twj- frames, three in the
second arjd four in the seventh.
Marty King's two doubles in this
game what an improved lad he
really is over his 1947 season here
figured; in both innings.
McNulty had at least one run
ner on base every innine, and
sometime! two and three. But in
all but thr eighth, when he walked
Ray Tranj and vielded singles to
Brenner land Bob McLean, he
managed to escape being scored
l""' Vli fj P' p u
""Sf viuivn iiiiiging nauiea
Kay out f his messes.
Catcher Roy Carlson started the
second game but was replaced by
Beard in (he second inning when a
foul tip split one of Roy's fingers
. . . Krug's three hits for the night
elevated ;his batting average to
over the ,400 mark . . . Bob Hed
ington had his hitting clothes on
also, and added a potful of points
with four hits . . . Mgr. Beard
climbed back above the .300 marls
with four bingles in five trips, and
piloted three runs.
Flrt Cne:
Vancouver (It
(S) Salem
' f H O A
I 2 0
rrnnoMn 3 0 4 I H Pet
run m A
0 t 1
2 4 I
3 0 1
i ranvn 2 0 3 0 Ortpir rf 3
Mead rf .110 0 W.ilev If 4
H 3 3 2 4 Cherrv m 4
Sheelvc El 0 0 0 Mdnetn.lh 4
SnvdT If i o 1 2 Krur lb ?
Mclen lb S3 0 7 2 Itenrd c 3
f.nnrun p 2 0 0 I G lMrsnp 2
Andrn p 0 0 0
3 0 t
t O i
2 5 0
l o 3
Total M 4 is 17 Total 27 il 21 s
Vancouver ooo loo o-i 4 2
" ' ji a": i H rn fso ph
Cunnarsoni 4', 23 los 2 o l
r"tT""L .1 ! ! ? 2 ?
..w,'d o'M'bes Anderson Left on base
. ,. Z.T I II I
in mil
Tu-r.: SeS.""i
, 'on. Mead Run. batted m n Tran.
Hcdngton Krug Be.trd. Sacrifice wl
re'erwm. vrue. i; Pe'ersnn: no b le
nl.iv W n-... -r ... .,
S cord flame;
Vancouver 1 1
Salem (81
a"' h po
2ob,"r'n 5 J 1 3 w P't'm'n 2b 3 o 3 a
'T" -
Mead rf J 4 o s o Waiev. if , 4 o l i
R Trn n III 0 Cherry cf 3 0 10
Rrenner c r 4 2 3 D llrdinet n ah-s i
i McLean , it iill rit,iDe nil 11
: f - I,., . . .l. . . - -
! b Snvder p 2 i o O McNuity p 3 l I s
Sheely x I I 0 0' Beard c 2 2 8 0
Gunnart'n i 0 0 0 0
Total f 32 1 1 24 4 Total 30 7 17 13
x Batted for B Synder In 9th
t Ran ftr ?heely In th
Vancouver 000 000 0101 11 2
Salem 5 ... ol 000 3C 7 0
Pitcher IP AB R H ER SO BB
Snvder ji .... S 30 7 5 1 :
McNulty .. 9 32 1 11 1 7 8
Left on banes Vancouver 10, Salem 4.
Error: Bnenner. O. Snvder. Three-bate
'lt B. Peterson. Two-bae hita Krug 2.
Runs batted in McLean, Kru(, Beard 2.
Orteig, MNultv. B. Petertson. Sacrifice
f ernande Hedineton. Stolen bases R.
Tran. w petervon Double play Hed
j tnxton to- W. Peterson to Krus, W.
Peterson 1m B. Peteron to Krue, Mc
i Nulty to W. Peterson. Time: 1:50. Urn
i plres Yotig & Bigham. Attendance:
I 12'. J
KindGcorge Victvs
1 1 i . V
cessors iave done since Queen
Anne started Ascot in 1711
Lone iiEagle, a three-year-old
owned fry William Woodward,
chairman of the U. S. jockey club,
captured the gold vase and its
1,785 pounds ($7,140) first prize
beating U rivals in th two-mile
ract by four lengths.
Sullivan Foe
Due Thursday
1 Bobby Volk. 2 Jack
(Ginger) Snapp. 3 King
Henry Lee.
One of those three mill be
named Wednesday hr Match
maker Tex Salkeld as the op
ponent for John L. Sullivan in
next Wednesday night's 10
round main event at the arm
ory. Salkeld announced last
night he had near acceptance
from two of the gladiator, bat
would not name them.
At any rate, whoever gets 4
the date will also have a battle
on his hands from the Portland
HghOeary who the past six
months has Improved to the ex
tent that be has been called
Into Washington and California
for top' bouts. Sullivan must
make 168 pounds for any one of
the foes, which he Informs Sal
keld "will be ear.M
Salkeld will release the bal
ance of his 28 -round card later
this week also.
I rtOCO?
Top PCL Race
leading in strikeouts with 85
Averages of the top 10, includ
ing games of June 12, follow:
Melton. SF 2
Emmerich. LA 1
Floret, SD 10
Fletcher, Sea 13
Freltas, Sacto 4
Rarmdell. Holly . .7
Oppllnger. Sra .. 3
Woods. Hollv 10
Schran. Sa 12
Shallwk. Holly 7
Maltsbereer. Hollv 7
.1 65
3 25
Records of other Portland pitcheri
Portland-Helser (7-5) .583: Saltman
(6-5l .545; Fleming (2-2 ) 500. Mc
Irvin 12-21 .500: Bridgen i5-6i .455:
Dibiasi (4-7) .363: Lika (2-7 ,222;
Swigerd (0-31 .000.
Phils' Waitkus
Shot by Girl
CHICAGO. June lS-W-Eddie Moran.ib 4 o 14 o Gladd.c 3 2 8 0
Waitkus. 29-year-oid Phiiadel-! Sehustr 2 o 2 3 Austins 3 o 0 l
phia Phillies first ba,eman. wa!?,nr 0 , MeUer p 4013
shot and wounded In his room ! Anthny.p o o o l
at the Edgewster Beach hotel ! Gtossop l 0 o o
early today. Police said they are!
Holding an unidentified 19 - tear -
old girl In connection with the
Pnlire al1 he wu aht under
.k. !.-,. .HI. . 1 .,UKr. -in-
The girl, officers said, gave her
name as Miss Ruth Burns of
Combine Wins
The Al Sza7-Buck Weaver
! combine nut a fittinff climax tn n
rip-roaring tag team scrap with
Frank Stoja k and Lefty Pat er
last niht at the armorv bv down
ing the latter team, two falls to
: on- H was one of the better tag
teamers, as expected.
I Stojack spilled Szasz with a
i giant swing hold in 14 minutes
for the first fall, but Weaver
fame DUCK in is minutes to 'iown
I m fan Stojak had Weaver in
ITLr ku ifn hi? fJhitl
?ne of. h' amfd fPn. but while
ne was ai h weaver laggeu
1 o.i-i- I lir
alright, but Szasz jumped in with
a whip wrist lock and was given
the fall officially. The fans were
divided as to whether the tag
was legal, and Stojack and Pacer
demanded a rematch at once.
In the prelims Jack (Tiger)
Kiser won the only fall over Bill
(Bull) Weidner with a body lam
and press, after wriggling out of
a spin. Dale Kiser, younger
brother of Jack's, made an ex
ceptional showing for an 18-year-old
in his pro debut, although he
lost the only fall to Tony Faletti.
Baseball Anti-Trust
Inquiry Completed
The justice department has com
pleted a preliminary inquiry into
po?sible anti-trust law violations
in organized professional baseball.
Department officials declined to
comment on what the investiga
tion thus far has shown, or to
say if any further action is in
The study was aimed at deter
mining if there were restrictive
features which transgressed the
anti-trust statues relating to re
straint of trade and commerce
among the states.
Ed Whitney, 17, recently named
the outstanding player in the
state high school all-star baseball
game, signed a contract today
with the Cleveland Indiana. Whit
ney, a left-handed first baseman,
will go to Bakersfield of the Class
C California state league.
Would Gladly Do Repeat Performance Tonight
1riVt h v
is ' ' - k
Marcel Cerden, shown bopping Tony Zale on the whiskers as he lifted the world middleweight cham
pionship from Zale, would gladly do a similar chore tonight in Detroit when he defends his title against
Jake LaMotta. The fight will be neither broadcast or televised.
Bevos Evacuate Coast Cellar;
Cerdan Favored Over La Motta
Angels Beaten
In Extra Frame
PORTLAND, Ore . June 14 -(JP) ;
I Portland scored a tenth-inning !
4 to 3. nosted their sixth straicht
victory and finally moved out
of the Pacific Coast league cellar.
Joe Brovia poled Ollt a lon
double against the right center
fielrt fence anrl lohnnv Rucker
neia icnte ann jonnny nutKer
went all the way from first to
score the winning run.
The loss dropped the Angels
into the league cellar, a half game
behind the Beavers.
Southpaw Roy Helser went the
route for his eighth win of the
. , . , -
season against five looses. Leo
Anthony was tjje Angel losing
pitcher, after relieving Don Carl-
sen in the eighth.
Lot Aneeles (3) (4) Portland
P. H O A B H O A
ow e s i a mc..n..nM i k at n
Mauro.m 4 0 2 0 Shuno .1 .1 0 10 0
OstrMUb 5 2 1 4Thorns.3 5 116
Maddrn If 5 3 4 0 RucUer.m 5 2 10
Malone.c 4 2 2 0 Brovia.r .') .12 0
Ahrcn rf s i l o Hnimki 2 4 0 11!
Totals 38 9 28 17
Totals 3S8'30 11
l ciosop grounded out for Carisen
n stn.
One out when winning run scored
Anirelea Oio ooo 020 03
I Portland 0K) 002 010 14
Pitch-r IP AR H FR SO PB
Carlsen .7 25 2 5
ntir,;iv "'j 1" I 3
Helser .. 10 38 3
2 1 5
1 1 0
3 S 2
Error- Moran. schustcr
2. Bun-
Mauro. Ostrowuki. Maddern, Shupe.
Thoma. Rucker 2. Run batted In
Maddern. Rucker. Otstrownkl 2, Cladd.
Brovia Two bake hit - Brov ia. Home
run Maddern. Ostrowxki. Sacrifice
Brovia. Anthony. Double playa Carl
en to Schunter to Moran: Damato to
Schuater to Moran. Left on bane 1
Anele 9; Portland S Hit by pitcher.
by-Heler (TerwiUlerl. Wild pitch
Carlsen Balk-Carlsen 2 Lownr pitch-er-Anthonv
Umpires- Runte Somern
and Deever. Time 2 20. Attendance
San rrancico . 220 000 0004 11 2
Seattle .ooo 120 30x- 10 0
Dempey and Parlee; Fletcher.
Rente (5i and Grasoo. White IS.
San Diego . 100 010 1208 12 2
Oakland 000 001 1114 IS 2
C. Adam and Moore: Candlni.
Thompson (91 and Padgett. (Storey,
West homered for Padres,
Sacramento 400 011 0107 11 1
Hollywood 410 010 000 S 10 1
Ereltaa. Salvo ,41. Conirer (Si and
Ralmondl; Olsen, Salveson 4i and
Senator Swat
B H Pet. B H Pet
Sciarra 2 2 lOOOISporer I J20
Kruf 42 17 .405 Beard 140 44 .314
rr d rickf S 2 .400Carlwn 38 IS JOS
Cherry 195 08 .XlSOlaen 44 14 .304
O P1ron ''7 ."W3 Foater 22 8 J73
Hedtgtn 8S 29 .330 W Ptra'n 736 SO .254
B. Ptmn 223. 73 .:25 McNulty 23 8 .217
OrteiK 192 82 .323 Osborn 13 0 .000
Wasley 200 84 J20I
McNulty 8 2 SSSporer 4 4 35
Olaen 7 3 23: Pete rf on 3 4 33
router 3 2 18 Fredericks 0 2 9
Osborn 1 1 23! Eclair a 0 0 0
(( nrf?
I Western International
, SiSS.w.natch. mmj
Vi.n,nil. r :W24 SM Rr.m,rtn 2532 .431
Salem 28 26 .513 Victoria 23 34.404
Spokane 28 27 m Tacoma 24 34 .414
Tuesday results: At Salem 5-6 Van-
couver j.j. At Yakima -. Victoria ;
At Wenatchee -. Bremerton -; At Spo-
kane 5, Tacoma V. tother score on
j Pae i
Coast League
W L Pet
w i pc w L Pet
Hoiivwod si 29 R38 Oakland
Seattle 38 .556 Sn j Frncw 3 43.
San Dies 41 3. .526 Portland 32 44 .4zl
gacramnt 38 38.500 Lo. AngeU 33 46 418
Tuesday rt-sults: At Portland 4. Los
Angeles 3: At Seattle , San, Franmoo
4 At Oakl.ind 4. San Uiego &, Ai
Holly wood 8. Sacramento 7. ;
W. L. Pet W L. Pet
N"w York 33 18 .647,Boston 25 25 W
Dclro.t 31 22 .585 Wahingt 26 26 ,50
PHiladel 28 25 .528 Chicago 22 .0 AU
Clevel'nd 25 24 510 St Louis 16 J ..(8
Tuesday results: At wa.n'.ncton
St. Louu 7: at Phila1-lp-,'.a 0. I) t-oit
4: at New York 15. Chicago J, at Bof
ton 5, Cleveland 10.
W. L. Pet W L. P(1
Rr.Uvn M 20 62.1 N-w York 28 25 .5t?H
st iui, 29 22 .589 Clncin ati 22 31 45 ;
Boston 30 23 .566 Pit!:-bTh 2" n -W i
Philadel 29 25 537 Chicago
i 32 373
Tuesday rcMtlts: At Chlcaiio 2. Phlljt-
delphta : at Pltmburgh 4. Boston 3; fit
Ctncmnatt 0. New York 2; at St. Low
2. Brooklyn 7.
Padres Announce j
Bonus for Easter I
SAN DIFXIO, Calif., June 14-)
The San Diego baseball club said
today Luke Easter will get a bo
nus at the end of the Pacific Coast
league season.
The negro first baseman and
batting star will continue on the
playing lineup, the statement add
ed, "until he or the doctors decide
otherwise." He has been troubled
by an old knee injury.
Bill Starr, San Dkgo club presi
dent, issued the statement. Hn said
he wished to put to rest a recent
"story" that Easter was demand
ing "more money or else."
Cubs Kerall Jeffcoat
As Cavarretta Hurt
Outfielder Hal Jeffcoat arrived to
day from the Chicago Cubs to bol
ster the sagging Los Angeles An
gels of the Pacific Coast league.
Then he turned around and went
back to Chicago.
An injury to Phil Cavarretta of
the Cubs caused the switch In
"That's the quickest help we've
ever had," sighed George Goodale,
Angel publicity chief.
Wddds, Cards Lose
Tille Go Tonight
By Jack Hand
DETROIT, June 14 -p- Bronx
Cash and Jake La Motta's fine
condition have cut the odds fav
oring Marcel Cerdan to 5 to K for
the Frenchman's first defense of
his world middleweight title to
morrow night at Briggs stadium.
The 15-round bout for the 160
pound crown which Cerdan won
from Tony Zale last September
probably will attract about 20.000
fans and a gross gale of pome
$225,000. Approximate ring time
for the main eve i 10.00 pm
(8 p.m. PPD) But it may be mov
ed up if the weather threatens.
The pick here is Cerdan He-
pite the assurance that trantic-
the sentimental chojee. .So-called
:; .
experts opinion is about evmlv
divided with surprising support
for La Motta, who was tabbed "all
washed up'; less than two years
It is 11 to 3
scoring a knockout over the er t
while Bronx bull who proudlv
boasts he never has been knocked
off his feet. If Cerdan is to win.
the knockout appears to be the
mo't unlikely weapon.
T - n 9ft , ,.t - oo
rn,.ah 1J , '., , . . , 1
i rough and tumble fi?hts. is pnm-
ed for the battle of his life. He
may come in surprisingly liy,ht
for a man who weighed as much
as 167 fc when he knocked out
O'Neill Bell in this city April 18.
Since beating Zale into a state
of utter helplessness at Jersey
City to win by a 12th round
knockout Sept. 21. carefree Mar
cel has made a movie, fought an
exhibition tour and knocked out
two men Dick Turin and Lucien
Krawczyk in non-title bouts.
Joe Louis, a partner of James
Norris .:nd Art Wirtz in the In
ternational Boxing club which is
promoting the bout as its first
title job. has not been around.
Unless there is a last minute
change, there will be no radio
broadcast, no television and no
movies of the fight.
Cerdan will get 40 per cent of
the gate and La Motta 15 ier
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Indians Gain
First Division
Bob Feller Gjses Ron! e,
Whips Ked Jox, 10-5
By Ralph Roden;
NEW YORK. June li-j-Vir-gil
(Fire) Trucks. aje righthander
of the Dcumt Tigeris. pitcht-l tho
Bengals to a 4-0 onicrhit triumph
over the FhiUdclphijj Athjctics to
night. Hank MaieskS's fifth innin
siogle s;HJiled Trucks' bid for a
no-hittcr. j
New York's first place Yankees
maint-'i") i their three game lead
over the Timers as Vic Raschi, an
other crj'rk righthander. coasted
to a 15-3 triumph oer the Whito
Sox. The victory was jRaschia
tenth against one lojss. 1 -
The Yanks scoredj eight! runs in
the sixth inning to break the gamo
wide open. Tommy iHenrich, who
drove home five runs, featured tho
big flareup with a jthree4run ho
mer, hi 12th of the seaspn.
Bobby Feller pitched the world
cnampion Cleveland Indians, to
10-? decision over tliie Boston Red
Sox before 35.137 fans.l largest
night game crowd m Boston his
The victory boosted thej Indians
into fourth place.
The Senators
dropped a 7-2
Louis Browns.
game to-' the St.
Feller breezed to his secpnd vie
tory as the Indians raked Joo
Dobson and Tex Hikhsort for six
runs in the first inriing. Joe G
don's b.ics loaded Komeriwas the
big blow of the ral
Brooklyn drew f irjst blopd in its
three game series iii St. Loui by
downing the cards.
2. the vic-
tory was Rronklv
n s e t g h t n
The Cards pulled
bff the second
triple play : the 5c
ison after the
Dodgers had .scored
twice in the
Wallv Westljke h
t for the cycle
to give tne fiitsoiirgn I'irales a
thrilline iMiith inniite 4-3 .triumph
over the Braves, Ve.stlake, who
previou.!.'- had homered tripled
and Miie'ed. doub
ed home two
run jp lhe ninth w
ith two out.
i.mts.i blanked
The Ncw,Yo!k Q
the Cmci nati Rel
tend Cincinnati's 1'
seven games. P
The fast ri ing
. 2-0, to f x
ing streak to
Phillies spoiled Frpnkie Frisch's
debut ns minaec
of Chicago
by tinning the Cubs. 9-2 in the
major's lone day gdme.
' "Wlade'pMa
0t5 013 0OO- 9 11 0
lllli) 1O0 001 2 in 2
man Adk.ns , '
Mimcfii'f. Or n.
.ade i9l and A.
BusUin .
OdO 002 010 3 s o
INjO (H)l 012 4 12 1
Hall. Potter (81 and
Salkell: Ch' !ie,
Dickon (7), Casey i8l.
Bonlialn (Hi and
Mew York 000 010 001 - 2 11 0
i Cincinnati OQOOCOOOO-O 4 0
jan-.rn ana wcsmim
Ki put, GuiiiIk 1 1
iSI, Peterson i9) and
) 202 WKV- 7 16 0
St luin
OW 200 OOO 2 10 0
Roe and Edward. I
Johnson ("I and U K
iliet. Wllkt-K 141,
St Ixiuls . .
. .... 400
oro 001 - 7 13 6
1120 000 2 0
Ontrowrki and lill.ird.
Harri ftti and Evana.
TKIm : 000 010 -4
Philadelphia 000 000 000-0 1
Truck and Rnbln0n: SC.helb and
Guerra. ;
C hicago 000 300 000 S 7 I
New York 001 128 30 15 10 S
Wight. Gettel (. Plrrettl . Shoun
(I) and Wheeler; RaSchi and Her r a,
Sllvera ("). I f
Cleveland 830 000 010--10 10 I
Eiocton . 0I2J000 002 5 S I
Feller and Hrgan. rpobnon; Hugbcon
(1) aid Trbbptta.
. 1 S
30 Crewi Arrive for
PoughkeepHiei Regatta
NEW YORK, June l4-h-A) SO
crews which will represent a doz
en colleges in the Annual Pough
keepsie regatta Jun 25 will be on
the scene by Sundjay, the Inter
collegiate Rowing association an
nounced today. Seven crews, rep
resenting Columbia) Pennsylvania
and Rutgers, already are quartered
in their Hudson rivj(r boathouses.
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