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City Mews HBnlieffs
'Permits were granted Tuesday
by Marion county court to Pacific
Telephone and Telegraph com
pany to erect pole lines in two
areas one for 998 feet along th
- ves side of Salem-St. Paul road
continuing '1,380 feet along west
, another for 558 ,feet alne the
eastern side t,l the old North
river roadV about onemile north
"r tt Keizer.y ..
A. A. Larsen, for more than 12
years with Hawkins & Roberts in
' the Real Eftate business, has mov
ed to Center & High with McKillop
Real Estate. Ph. 3-8620. .
Joe Maddison. 517 Richmond
St., is reported progressing ativ
factorilv at Salem Memorial hos
pital nfttr a .serious operation, but
. Is Stril unable to have, visitor.
Injured svinc 'urn more than
two per, cent il Salrm Federal
Savircf Association 5fi0 Sate 1
The National Quality award
fiom 4he Life 'insurance Agency
Man;.t;mont as'rniation and the
Nat ion nl Association of Life Un
rferwi ii;cr has tx'fn awarded for
the filth conie-utive time to Stu
art Johnson. 1110 N Winter st..
Sun Life of Canada aKent.
Cornel "'to Summer school at the
C.'ip'tal IJusiness College.; Classes
Jjirting June 13. You can get
shortTiand, typewriting, Brrount
ini' filing, mathematics, calcula
tor, voelhng in the morning. Phone
3.-.MH7. . " .
Another sketching trip will be
taken by members of the Salem
Art association's creative art group
Thursday, with those interested
called to meet at the Saiem pu
blic library at 7 p.m.
Federally Insured Savings Cur
rent dividend 2y2r't. See First
Federal Savings First. 142 S Lib
erty. Phone 3-4944-
Attendants at the Cottage honx,
252 N. Cottage st.. repot ted h,
'week that resident there b.r.i
been pleased b the flowers, whr h
were received from th S;ilm Ro-r
how after last week-end.
Road oiling, call Tweedie, 2-4151
or 3-576a.
The Oregon Farmers union an
nounced that its weekly radio'
Drogram at 7 n m . today will ,
feature a talk' on farm program
plaining by Lyle Thomas of Dallas
tale secretary.
Fpecial. We have a good supply
of young hen Turkeys. 35c lb. C. '
K Orwig Co., 4375 Stlverton Rd.
Fh. 2-6128.
V. L. T. Epping was issued a per
mit by the city building inspector
Tuesday to erect a $10,600 house
' and garage at 23K5 l.auielfst.
Peonies. Funeral sprays. 3-7124 . :
A $250 fine was meted out in
Ealem municipal court Tuesday
to Willard Wesley Thome, listed.
Dy pouce as a transient w;nen
they arrested him last; week on
charge of driving - while in
InnicjitpH Thortip's drivrr'n lic
ense wan revoked for one year and
SO-day jail sentence .was sus
pended. "
For a wonderful vacation. Liston
Lodge offers the fVst facilities on
'coast. Ocean view cottages. Bring
'your family, children will love i.
write for rates. Oceanlake, Oreg.
Fh. 471. Orville St Ada Cox.-m w
' Articles of incorporation for Im-
mi'nuel Evangelical Lutheran
ihurch , at Woodburn were filed
Tuesday w ith Marion, county clerk
by La fe 'Peterson, Chris Owre and
Oscar Ostrom.
Karakul Karpet It's new, it's re
versible, it's lOO'V" . irsim wool nj
woven tbrough and thioiih. only
$4.95 sq. yd. Ph 37648 or 3-3364
J rilllll ,1" iinui i i-
fiel roads Was -granted Tuesday:
by Marion county court to J. M j
Ebrero Silverton ioute 1, box i
155. . ,
Ann the Re-weaver. Reweaving
and, all kinds of mending. 1J80 N. j
U'itilr fliion Ph n.QiH ;
Laying of a two-inch pipe across
, Croisan Creek road by Chct Kcl
, aon, Salem route 3. box 614, was
approved Tuesday by Marion
county court.
' , " " mmmrnn mm, mm mm mm w
1 Moro of f ho rich vJS
: j "tiger clocks" for & l
I " finer performance j ViryVvO I
' V r- ! In all cars BljIjlAnJD
f .
Winder Paul ; Acton, . son of Mi
and Mrs. Paul, i Acton. 280 Hansen
ave., was one of the graduates who j
received degree; .Monday at Pt?nnJ
H.vlvania State 'college Avion.;
i who was granted a master if !
science degree? with a major u
chemistry, is a graduate of Si-- ;
I lem high school and Willamette
; university. j,
i Revival at the iWesleyn Methodist
i churcH, 15th and Mill, continues ;
ion with the Rev. Warren Pam-iTo-Pee
speaking each night at
'8:00. '
! Two radio programs each week
I of June in behalf f Oregon's'
Opportunity bond drive will be
(sponsored by ,3a lem Junior Cham-1
ber of Commerce. Maurice L. Cohn. 1
committee' chairman, announced
.Tuesday,. Beginning this week
the skit program will be at 7:30
p.m., Thursday on station KOCO
i and at 6 p m , Saturdays on sta
tion KSLM. "
1 Bank of Manhattan Stockholders.
;Right,are now being traded. For
j assistance wri-Uir call Conrad.
! Bruce t Co. Oregon Bldg... Ph.'
Petition for changing the name
of We t Hollywood road 'r-oun'v
road 710) to Ward road v.i,s pre
sented to Marion county couit
Tuesday over: the srgnaturfs of!
19 residents along the road Pubh
hearing on the request was"set for
June 24 at 9 ajn. (standard time)
Bill Powers Battery and Gen-,
erator Shop is now lo ;ted at 370
S. Lancaster Dr. Open evenine
until 7:00. '
former rtsufa nts of South Dak
ota will- meet at noon for a picnic
dinner in the Dallas City park
Sunday. -June - 12. , it wa an
nounced Tuesday by Mai tin Van
Jfee and Hai ry Steimcr. c lorn to over W't-Urn Auto
fjk Ji.lni'r.f'i Orchetra.
Reports of Relegates and alter
nates to the state Lions club con
vention will be heard at Holly
wood v Lions club luncheon today '
noon.'in the Lion's den.
launderette 1255 Ferry ' STr-
Change of assumed business
name from Noitfi Salem Trailer
park to Trailer Park village and
trailer diner, at Salem route 7,
box 130-C. was made in filint-;
Tuesday at rMai ion county clerkfc
office by J. A. and Pauline Bern
ard. Rummage. 141 S- Winter, Fridays
'.Leaving Salem General hospital
Tuesday with infant daughter
were Mrs. Robert Gardner. 4749
Thorman st., and Mrs. Wilforl
Muncrief. Independence route !.
Mrs. Eric Gordon. 1110 Thud st .
west halem, went home wit.i
ber babv son.
Air conditioners for home - offu-c -store.
Judson g. 279 N Corn I
Mrs. Oscar Vastarct. 642 Edg.
water st. West Salem, a'iri baby
son. and Mrs. Mai ion ' So v a. De
troit, with her infant daugMte.
went home from Salem Memorial,
i hospital Tuesday.
The annual learn-to-sw im camo
iiign at Salem YMCA gained 10
boys and five guls Tucslav. its
'second day, to reach a total of
I 116, boys and 85 girls In the firct
I night, of women's instruction. Mrr
! will resume instruction tonight and
I Thursday night.
rjoiv in
VeeMt-M Mew
1 1 . U '7 -" ' III
i mm mm C mm im. So Nofm. 1 m Aw mim I I
: - zj. - -. : i t
County Land
Sale; Money
Apporjonment of Marlon
"county fiends from sales of county
and tax-foreclosed lands during
the past three ve;rs was announc
ed Tuesday by trie, county court.
Actual djstributionNif the funds
"is not expected until about July,
however. ! " I,
The account totals $89,185, of
which $65,723 will be transferred
to the cognty general fund as its
pro-rata jhare and for-receipts
from sale of county-owned pro
perty sold through the account
Another 411.437 is reserved for
contracts receivable. Period cov
ered is April . 1946 to .April" 21,
1949, when a new tnethod- dis
tribution iwas effective.
The $12,023.87 available for dis
tribution to other funds and tax
ing districts includes the follow
ing: " i
Union high school districts 1.
$17 08: 3, $58.46; 4. $44 26; 5,
$397 95: 6. $113.25.
. School ; district J24C of Salem,
$2.577.8.5. j
. City of Salem, $1,401 65.
Broken Chains
Spills Logs in
Salem Street
A load iof heavy logs was dump
ed Tuesday afternoon at the cor-',
per of ( jolumbia and Broadway '
streets when a chain snapped on a
log truck; negotiating the turn.
Ira Dean Todd, Silverton route
1, driver of the truck told city po
lice a chain on the rear bunker
broke as he was making a right
turn onto Columbia street. Thfc
load fell on the right side of Jthe
truck. ;
.A walnut tree on tbgnorthwest
corner ,,of the intersection was
damaged when the logs piled up
against it. .Traffic was partially
blocked for over an hour while a
wrecker and hyster loaded the
Jog back onto the truck. The acci
dent occurred at about 2:35 p. rn.
BI REnI To Mr. and Mjs. Lor
ain L- BlureVi, 340 Evergreen st . :
a son. Tuesday. June 7, at Salem
General hospital.
Mrs: Harold keppinger. Salem
route 2. bo 248. a daughtef. Tues
day. June 7, -at-Salm General'
hospital. ;
.MASON To Mr. andxMrs. Al
bert L. Ma,son, jr., 3835Libcr'v
rd., a sn, Tuesday, JuneN 7, at
Salem General hospital. 1 .
JONES To Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Jones, I'rtdefiendence, a daughter
Tuesday,; June 7, at Satem Gen
eral hospital. '
ANDERSON To Mr. and Mrs
Robert Anderson. 1130 Nebraska
st.. a sop. Tue flay. June 7, atf
Salem Memorial hospital. ;
ARMER To Mr and Mr.?.
James Afmer. 2'.!77 . Liberty ht..
a son, lorn Tuesday. June 7 tt
Salem Memorial hospital.
KELLOGG To Mr and Mr.
Kelloeg. Salem ro iit 'J. I on a
oh. Tiifx'ay. June 7. at Salem
Mcmoi ial hospital. '
LAI' -r To Mi. and Mrs Orville
L-au. Detroit, a daughter. Tuesday.
June 7, at Salem Memorial ho-p'-tal
SADDLER To Mr and 'Mrs.
Edwin Saddler. i)45 Kiwnler st . ;
yon. Sunday, June 5. at Wilcox hospital in Portland.
; Notice! Chevrolet Owners
This is th opportunity you've been waiting for, so take
adrantage of it while you can.
Don't put oil those needed repairs any longer. We have
mad it possible for you to take care of this necessary
work by paying a small amount each month.
We are running a special on Chevrolet Motor Repairs
Piston Rings Installed
Grind Valves
Clean' and Align oil
Burn out Breather
All Gaskets
5 Quarts Oil
i All For $49.95
Don't forget to ask about our Budget Plan. Make arrange
ments to pay a small amount each month.
The Douglas.HcKay Chevrolet Co.
$49 -95 S10 North Commwctol SL $49.95
IPiniMi Mecoirdls
Orren Lovell Goff, 440 Mill st.,
charged with driving waile intoxi
cated, trial set for June 9; posted
$250 bail.
j Willard Weley Thome, charped
with driving while intoxicated, fin
ed $250, 30-dav jail sentence sus
perded and driver's license revok
ed for one year.
Andrew C. Burk vs. George Put
nam, doing business as Capital
Journal: Order bv Jiidge David R.
Vandenberg cf Klamath F.dls over
rules defendant's demurred to com
plaint and grant defendants 10
days to plead further.
Jean Murphy vs. John E. Mur
ohy: Complaint for divorce alleg
ing cruel and inhuman treatment
seeks custody of minor child and
$30 per month suonort money.
Married Jan. 10. 1948, at Dallas,
State Finance Co. vs. Frank He
id and others: Plaintiff files an
swer to defendants L. M. and W.
T. Grier.
Oreeon 'Electric Railway Co. vs.
Sarah Lucy Forest Marsh and oth
ers: Defendants D. P. McCarthy
ani H. E. Robinson file answer to
Alvena Smith vs. Stanley Smith:
Comolaint for divorce alleging
cruel and inhuman treatment seeks
custody of two minor children.
Married Dec. 20. 1944. at Portland.
Chauncey Ouvmon vs. George
Alexander: Defendant -rsbondent
files demurrer to plaintiff's reply
to writ of habeas cornus.
J. A. and Eunice M. Barnes vs.
Louis R. German and Ezra C.
Brewer: Complaint eeks $1,000
judgment for aflesed damage to
plaintiff's automobile as result of
collision' May 21 in 200 block of
South Commercial street.
Howard E. Roos vs. Adele V.
Roos: Complaint for divorce rd
leees desertion since Oct. 1. 1939.
Married Dec. 8. 1934. at Green
wich. Onp.
F.velvn Father Whitmaker vs.
Rohp't Fred Whitmaker: Decree of
r'ivorce awards plaintiff custody of
mipor child and $25 per month
suonort, money.
Clifford Orson Lane vs. Phyllis
Lane; Decree' of divorce awards
I. . a At m
(oeienaani custody or minor cniin
and approves property settlement.
Peter M. Koch vs. Lars and Rey
, nr.Id C. Hc Plaintiff files
renly to defendants' answer.
State vs. Robert Earl Lee: De
fendant files police of intention to
show that he wa mentally defec
tive at time of alleged escape from
state penitenti uy.
Joseph and Bertha Hendricks vs.
Gardner Bennett and Willamette
Valley Water company: Plaintiffs
file motion to set aside judgment
; nd for new trial on ground of al
leged errors in trial. (Similar mo
tions filpd by other plaintiffs.
Charlie M. and Ca'herine Fery,
Herbert and Grace Toland. Fred
J. and Luella M. Fery,, invoking i
same defendants.) j
npa Bell elate: Report of -a1e '
06 re.?l property.
. Maude G. Nley guardian-hin-Ordc
appoints Law. -op C vie .
quardian iitui lr tta Mi'-1'-, v, io
R. S'tonl. li . : 'id ."i.'ot in. n K. ni
si: av i s pp"i ai-er.
C';'ro! Lyn and William Allco
Read gu;r iiaj.shir)-: Seri i;pnv:i.!
account of guardian.
Carl Harlan estate: Order ap
point Warren Eellei- a a'iic; ov
trafor and S. J. Smith. R m ui
Smith and Albeit Beinarr's ,.p
pri'isers. Kniest J. llemoel estate' An
raisalof estate at $475; hearing on
-final, account set for July 11.
Lillie A. Williams estate: Hear
ing : on final account set for July
Duard Carlos Lytle, Eugene, in
toxicated on a public highway,
pleaded guilty, fined $50 and cosis.
Leland Reimann, 245 Division
St., charged with larceny, pleaded
innocent, preliminary examination
set for June 9. held in lieu of $750
Richard Carter, 1275 S. 12th st.,
charged with- unlawful manage
ment of a water craft, pleaded in
nocent, preliminary examination
ser.for June 9.
James Gregory. Craw fordsville.
charged with reckless driving, trial
continued to June 29.
.Robert A. Humphreys, 25, stu
I dent. Kimberley, Ore., and Virginia
L. Cannon, 23, teacher, 1153 Hall
l st., Salem.
Benjamin F. Bryant, 21, railroad
worker and Mary Reust. 17, both
"j of Salem, route 8, box 361.
A. B. Laudie, 53, baker, route 6.
, box 711, and Georgia H. Harris.
. 40, ; bakery employe, 815 Electric
ave., both of Salem.
Lester D. Green. 23, student. Eu-
gene, and Maeylou McKay, 22, stu
dent. 395 Jerris St., Salem.
! John Doyle Schurr, 24, service
station attendant, and Mary Mag
I dalene Traeger, 20, bookkeeper,
I both otMt. Angel.
Farmers Union
Head Talks at
Canada Meet
President Ronald E. Jones of the
Oregon Farmers union was a fea
tured speaker recently at the third
annual meeting of the Internation
al Federation of Agricultural Pro
ducers in Guelph, Canada.
Jones, member of a delegation
J from the National Farmers union
of the I'mted States, told the con-
i ference, "prospects for action to
avoid a world break in farm pro
duct prices have been brightened
, considerably as a result of meet
ings here."
He is a memftxT of sub-commit-
i tees on European economic recov-
! erv and international trade.
Change to
w A
You buy
Tires at the regular price we give
you the fourth for 1c. Also liberal
trade in allowance for your old
Level for level, the specifications and production
controls, established by United States Rubber Co.
for Fisk Tires, are keyed to the highest standards
in the tire industry.
, Sam Barry
145 Marion Street
Bicycle Parade
To Emphasize
Traffic Safety
j Bicycles of all colors and sizes
i will participate by the fieore in a
parade to start .'from Marion
Square this Saturday, under the
sponsorship of Montgomery Ward
i & Co.. as part of the firm's nation
wide traffic safety c?mpaign.
, Co-operating will be the traf
fic safety division of the. secretary
of state's office, the Coca Cola
Bottling cc-mnany, the Capitol and
Elsinore theatres and Radio KOCO.
E. E. Peterson, Salem Ward
manager, announced prizes would
be awarded the most originally
j decorated bicycles. The parade is
j to be followed by a free movie. A
! set of colorful wheel discs and a
list of safety rules wilt be given
, all participants. Entry blanks are
; available at the Ward sports de
; partment.
Judges will include District
Judge Joseph Felton. Sheriff Den
ver Young and Lion club Presi
dent Roy Stewart Chief of Police
Clyde Warren has urged partici
pation, in the ititcreMs of safe
' Bees consume about ten pounds
I of honey to make one pound of
On 5.00 Order or More
Heavy Emergence
Of Cherry Fruit
FIv Noted in Area
An unusually heavy cheery fruit
j fly emergence was- recorded from
j two cages in the Lambert or
chard by county extension agent
, D. L. Rasmussen.
Flies have emerged daily un
I der these cages since May 25
I " Since the first flies have now
j been out of the ground more than.
1 10 days., the egg laying period has
begun." says Rasmussen.
"To kill flies before they lay
their eggs, growers; must maintain
their spray or dust cover on cherry
j and interplanted trees Brushy
! fence rows and border rows to the
j cherry trees must also be sprayed
; for perfect control." according to
j Rasmussen, who recommends that
since respraying or dusting was
necessary after heavy rains last
week, the next application should
be made this week.
John Versteeg
Salem, Ore.
Bogus Checks
Flood Salem
Area Markets
Ancther outbreak of fictictioul
check-.writing in Salem has been
reported to local ctty police this
Ten checks which police say bear
the forged name of Robert Fittsv
Brooks route 1 Verry grower, ha
been passed recently at a num
ber of local markets. The check
all range in amounts from $27 to
$36 each and are indorsed by a
Larry Steele, according to police
reports. All are dated June 1.
Three other bad checlfs were re
ported to police Tuesday. Thev in
clude one for $20 at George Cad
well station. -249C State st : a $27
check at the Quality Market. 1701
Center st.. and another for $5l
passed at Henry's Market, 697
S. I2th st.
Poor lighting can be hard on both
the eyes and the pocketbook. And
when you consider the convenience,
safety and satisfaction that go with
good lighting and wiring it' a
today's btst buy!
If your home or place of business
needs better lighting that's our
business, call us today! Well gladly
give you our recommendation and a
fret estimate on your requirements.
FOR Dependability,
Quality and
Service, CALL . . .
You 11 note m big difference the mo
naent yon switch.
Steering Is easier riding more
comfortable rough spots In the
road disappear as if by magic
Ttit Stent Bigger Air Chamber
StMtar Tlrt
rUAir Nth
These great new tires are biggest
They carry 1,200 extra eubie Inches
of air at less pressure. Being softer,
they soak np bumps before they Jsr
your ear.
Asa result, yon enjoy new driving
comfort and new driving safety.
Yon get better mileage, too, da
to the longer, deeper, tougher tread
Come In today and arrange for
demonstration ride. Fisk Air-Bo rues,
though bigger than standard tires,
fit your present rims. There are
wheels to bnyl
I "laT