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4 Tho fltatoaman, ScHonu. Oroqoa, Wodnoodgr Tun 8, 1948 , .
MWM MM' ' : i
v' Ko Tacor Sways U$, tfo Fear Shall Aut"
Fraa First SUImmi. aCarch I1
r I
' CHARr.m a STOACUE. Editor and Publisher j
Entered at th posUffke t( Salem. Orttoa, as tecend claso matter ander act of fengreta March 1, 1171,
Pabiishea every morning. Business office 1S t. CemnerrUl. Salem. Oregon, Telephone l-Uil.
Communication in Society
How shapeless and motley are the problems
of humaViity! And how. pale the knowledge that
In hi review for 11648 Chefter I. Barnard,
president of the. Rockefeller Foundation notes
the need of a clear-cut reclassification of the
problem of modern socety under three head
ings: population, communication and coopera
tion. Iat yir the' Foundation appropriated
ovfr $14,000,000 to studies which have some
hearing on those thr-e.
y Sinc; jvorld-widi; ovt r-population underlies
nwnv critical national. -class andjacial conflicts,
th Foundation is sponkoring df-mographical re
search: When science reduces death rates and
hinh b-rth rates sre nrf longer necessary, do sex
ual drives thus b'come one of the major mal
sd just menM of nrK-irty? What about the relation
of human populations to their environment?
Hw 1-drv.more efficient ue of natural resources
ond more effective roofration in production be
brought about? Is "tocial engineering" any
ioVlirnrale attempt to bring population into sat
Kfactorv relation to resources and vice versa
feasible? '
Peonle 'who misunderstand each other don't
get alont; very well. Hence, the Foundation's in
terest in the' fault and limitations of communi
cation that' are fundamental to the ills of society.
Projects in language, political science, history
and the arts are. underway.
The importance of Cooperation is obvious but
liMlf is known abiut men's capacity for colla
boration. Some questions: What is the bearing
ot Endocrinology or pa'hclogy on the moral as
amiufMnt humar behavior? What is the re
levancy or, the application of ancient codes of
.individual behavior-to modern corporate action?
with the control of the speed of rotation of the
ejrth, of its revolution about the sun? Shall we
also learn to control the, rfiain reaction in the
sun whence comes all our life and power? Pride
gieth hjefore fall. All ourj efforts will promote
only disaster if they are ndt done In the humil
ity appropriate to our ignorance, never forget
ting that we have not mjde the earth or the
heaven above it." . I
A New Detroit
Resid.-jnts of Detroit in the North Santiam
country. jwant a replacement for their commun
ity whiclfi will be flooded ofjt when the reservoir
back of. petroitjdam fills. t"hey will be compen
sated of bourse for their property losses, but they
want the assurance of a new Detroit, above the
waterlinjp. j
And why not? There a rj good sites available
in the vicinity and a settlement is needed near
the forki of. the North Santiam and the Breiten
bush. Highway traffic will be heavy when the
road is Completed; the Xorests will provide oc
cupation indefinitely, so a; town is needled.
Local people have petitioned the army engi
neers to lay out a new tovn. Whether the corps
win undertake this assignment is uncertain: hut
community leaders can dy- the job if the engi
neers wjll not, selecting a desirable area, acquir
ing land and platting it ijor town purposes. A
new Detroit can be designed to be a lovely spot
in the valley, with the griat pool of the dam in
front and the green-clad fnountaini all around.
4 -- !J - - : i
Portland drew the long? straw on weather for
Rose Festival week, this year assuming that
the perfect weather of th last few days con
tinues. Home-rown rosc are in full Dro fusion,
so the fjoral shows -will be excellent. The grand
parade jFriday morning ii sure to attract many
thousands of people. The Rose Festival is one of
What should guide ihe conduct of Hhose who , the great attractions of t
represent others, surh representation being a
dominant characteristic of western civilization?
How often are supposedly fundamental conflicts
of interest considr mi to be problems of justice
nd ethocs when the root of the difficulty is
actually ignorance .of facts? ?"
' Other questions in which the public will be
. gr.Mtlv interested are those involving individual
loyalty in a democracy., Can the United States
safeguard national f rurity (with loyalty tsts)
without restricting individual rights and free
r dorm? And those involving normalcy. What ,
make sonif- people sttikinply happy, healthy;
mi successful'' Lon'tf concerned chiefly with dis-!
ee andits cause, electors now want to find
th factory essential to effective and happy liv-
. k .
Such clnllen'inc and vital "questions as these
Indicate the exUnt and importance of RockeleW
Vr Foiindation-snonsoifd researcK But Presi
dent Milliard aM final remark that might
wfl iK'cnniH guide to other seekers after
' Inlipiert in our vh4emsttir efforts to promote
th wrlfaie nf nwinhirid there may an as
iimiiIiim . A Unit hy reaon and science we
mav itdveni the future of tinhorn generations ih
wy vie know are right. Can we hope to
'arirnil the biolorirKl factor of inheritance by
"nMiiimil tting the e nvironment; Some such hope i
U irnili it, if nt explicit. In socialist doctrine,
lMjfil 1 4 Implied aUo in the dominant attituds
of A met n an society. "Planning" and f control"
ai the common coin of American politics, .,,
AmeiicHii. business., American education and
Amei icun srience.- ter'e the.eurrent emphasis "i
on lilMTty, individualism and democracy.
The bombastic rhrase "control of nature" U
a byword of the literature of the day. Do we ,
v m-in that beeaufe we have" learned to navigate
th tides we shall also control them? Because
w have learned to clothe ourselves and to pro- t
vl l- shelter we shall also rontrol the winds? We
have already begun the attempts to regulate lo
ral weather. Where do we think we shall stop -
who live nearby should appreciate it more than
we do.
Kv Q )VcF v Mf.u
nsS' f ' . . ,' V'fi OdL ' I-1-? !
le whole country. We
Dr. Charles Durden isjnot only an effective
ministe but an all-rourid good citizen. Salem
will mfeis him as he retires from the pastorate
.of Calvary Baptist churcjh to undertake state
wide wjork for the Northern BaDtist convention.
Fortunately he will reripove no farther than
Waldpoxt, so his friends may expect occasional
calls as he goes about the state.
! ' 1 .
Visual evidence of violating game laws was
offered' in Monday's Stajesman with a picture
of a 'dead doe and dvinj; fawn that had been
shot bjf night-riding "spotlighters " These game
hogs cruise the road in 'ISe mountain areas (this
one was up the Elkhorn foad), throw spotlights
along the road to pick up; the reflection of deer's
eyes. They shoot without? knowing whether it i
buck, doe. dawn or cow Tightening of enforce
ment ia clearly in orderf
i ' - V
A missing vial with ome uranium 235 has
been found with waste njatetial at the Argonne
laboratory. Chicago. It Wasn't pulled out of a
pumpkan shell either. I
i i .
Twenty billion pound of potatoes went Into
potato chips last year and still there was a
spud surplus to the government's financial em
barrassment. 1
t- i-
Senator Morse says hej is for "scientific econ
omy." jSomt of the rest df US' will take economy
plain. 1 ?
i " ' "T "
"Licjuor by the Drin I,aw Is Now Legal'
runs a newspaper headline. When was a law "il-
Vioral Warfare Gaining Supporters
!tr J. M. Raker ia. Jr.
Al Ferelga AffaJra Aaalytt
I went to Caux, Switzerland,
last .yea to see what a committee
f congressmen is seeing today at
th world assembly of the moral
rearniament movement.
I had heard criticism of Dr.
Fnk Buchman and. bis move
'tneajt from the time he first cam
to the United States nearly 30
years ago. Selfish promotion, op
p.Mition to established churches,
and Fascism "were some of th
Brit the movement was emerg
ing as a concentrated effort to
establish better understanding
between people and peoples In
the cause of peace and I wanted
t ee what it was all about.
. I have at my desk a large file
Jaiied "moral warfare." It
rovers the activities ofmany sect
arian and non-sectarian group
throughout the world which He
Uve that utimately peace muit
din'nft upon morals, rather than
merely upon economic, political
ariti geographical bases.
At Caux I found people from
The immediate practical effect
was demonstrated by three for
merly bitter enemies talking a
bout what they could do for
long-range relations j between
their nations. One was a for
mer British member of Moscow's
comintem. One the finance min
ister of a German state In- the
western zone. The third was
french woman socialist leader
whose two children had been
killed by the Germans.
It.' is j impossible to tell how
far thei Eddies caused by such
contracts may go. Congressional
Junkets: have long attracted sus
picion, i This controversial trip
could turn out to be no more than
that. S
Republican House Leader Joe
Martin tasks, "If you can get a
little better understanding among
the people of the world and do
a iittlef toward bringing them
closer together, for only $5,000,
what's fwrong with that?"
Bv Lichtv
all : ove-rs the world
a iijniralt, highly placed politi.'
tans and diplomat, millionaires,
oil operators, coal miners and
j ivt plain people dedicated to
this idea'.
jThey were promoting the yja
anjiong selected groups of isi
tM. uch as the congressional
committee, that map mut
clijnge; that the end of individual
sl(ikhness and other causes (
in hv idiial conflict will bring in.
mrl to the evils of nationalism
and the cause of international
conflict. ' '
There are grayer s(rtd testl
motjtal sessions at Caux which
cany some overtones of an old
(ahioned revival meeting. But
there is very practical work f
ing forward, too. Theactive wor
kers, are, frank to say that the
ti"e for. peace is short, and that
t y are working at top levels
wane initiative begins, rather
than attempting a mass move
ment at thi. time. x
j - i !
Hank Needs
Gamble Cure
By the Barrel
Br Henry MeLemore
It was Curing the running of
the fifth at Belmont that I read
of the Los Angeles grandmother
who is taking shots in the arm
to cure her of gambling fever.
(I can always read during the
running of a race because a sec
ond after the ponies have broken
from the gate
Jt becomes ob-1
vious that my
selection could
n't out-run a
setting hen. and
so I am able to
It seems that L-,
the California 'f
grand mother
started to care
more for the
ooktr t a ble
than the dinner MeLemors
table, and was losing so much ;
trying to fill straights that her ;
husband had to ask the court
to prescribe the drug treatment.
I am very anxious to find out
the name of the drug that Gran
ny is taking, and whether or not
. it is available on the market. If
it is, I want to place an order
for five or six barrels of the
stuff, and a hypodermic needle
the size of a fire hose nozzle.
Then I wn start giving myself
a ualbn or two a day, with or
; without a doctor's order. As a
matter of fact, f will drink the
mixture, with or without a
chaser, before meals and Just be
fore retiring.
Not that I am a chronic gam
bler, mind you, but I happen 'o
be a man who can't "win at any
garrie of rhance. The marb'es I
lost shooting for "keeps" as a kid
should have taught me to Uy
: off, but it didn't, and through the
years I have had my pride and
pocketbook beaten to a pulp.
The most classic example of
my being unable to win came
years ago when I was a sports
writer and was in a celebrated
far-western town to make an ad
dress. The sheriff of this wide-;
open city took a liking to me and
said that if 1 cared to risk a lit-;
tie money he could almost guar
antee that I would win.
This teemed a smart and
porting proposition, so I Jumped
at the chance like a weasel for a
pullet. We made the rounds, and
the more rounds we made the ;
worse luck I enjoyed, even
though the sheriff gave me a
nice introduction in each place
and always v. hispered something
in, the proprietor's ear. '
I tried blackjack, roulette,;
birdcage, poker, and the crap
table, and always came up
empty. .
Finally, the sheriff told me
that, by gum and by gollv. he
knew a game I could win at and
would see to it that I did. I said
something like, "Lead me to itj
Better Eniilisli
By D. C Williams
brother." and we wound up in
an establishment that featured
a game where you bet on which
hole a mouse would run into
when released.
r The sheriff had a talk with the
manager, and then told me that
for my benefit the game was
going to be fixed when I played.
. I told the sheriff that I- could
n't go for such a thing that it
was unfair. He said no, it wasn't
unfair, because no one else would
b? playing the game but myx
I asked how the game would
be fixed.
"One of the holes has been
bait-d with Liedeikranz cheese."
he told me. "Any mouse is
bound to run for thatjLiie in
stead of the cheeseless holes. So
play all you have on hole No. 0,
The Safety
To the Editor:
I read in your paper the man
ager of the city busses is trying
for another increase in has farx
be now wants 35 cents for two
rides. Just how long does he think
the public is going to be "gypped"
by him. Why doesn't he charge 50
cents and be through with raising
fares that's what he will
charge before he is through.
When he got Mr. Wyatt's hases
pushed out "everyone knew the
city buses would raise their
prices, but I and lots of others
think they are going too far. It
just shows what the big shots
ran do to the little fellow that
is trying to get ahead, 90 per
tent of the bus riders where
quite content with Mr. Wyatt'S
buses. Jneres one thing, you
could always depend on him
coming on schedule, but the city
buses change their schedules so
much no one knows when they
are coming, and while I am on
the subject of buses why don't
"they get some courteous drivejrs
for a change? I was riding on tha
bus one day last week and a
young woman with a baby in
her arms was hurrying to catch
the bus but do you think the
driver would wait for her? No sir,
and she wasn't 100 feet away,
and that often happens. They
won't "wait a second for anyone
unless of course it. was the
manager of the buses. Hasn't
he noticed since he raised the
fare. 15 cents one way he hasn't
had near the riders he used to
have; what does he expect when
he raises the fare again? I sin
cerely hope no one rides unless
they just have to, until they drop
the fares instead of raising them.
I sincerely advise anyone living
near the Silverton road to ride
the Silverton-Salem bus into
town which is much cheaper and
you get there lots quicker.
Yours for giving the little gul?
a break.
4150 Silverton road
which is the Liederkranz one."
I went for all I had. Out came
the mouse full of mouseful en
ergy. He Circled the cage, snif
fing. He came to No. 6, and if I
have ever seen a look of disgust
on a mouse's face, it was on
that mouse's as he got a whiff of
the Liederkranz. His whiskers
dropped, his ears sagged, his tail
straightened, and he reared up
on his hind legs. Then he dart
ed or hole No. Lon the opposite'
side of the cage and disappeared.
"Sheriff," I said, "I don't want
to hurt your feelings, but that
most have been a house mouse.
Either that, or I am so unlucky
I drew the one mouse in the
world who doesn't like cheese."
If the drug doesn't work on the
Los Angeles granny. I have a
sure cute for her. Let her bet
along with me for a while, and
she'll have to give It up she
won't have anything left to bet
(Distributed by
McNauKnt .syndicate. Inc.
Branks or scolding bridles were
contrivances once used in the
British Isles to punish "scolding
women". It was a headpiece with
a piece of iron that fitted the
mouth and depressed the tongue.
$20,000 Accident Damage Suit
Dismissed by Supreme Court
A $20,000 autp' accident damage suit by Merton C. Dunning of
Vancouver. WaahV against the Northwestern Electric company was
dismissed Tuesday when the state supreme court reversed an earlier
decision on the rami.
The court orieinally upheld a Multnomah county circuit court
verdict by Judge Martin W. Hawkins which awarded damages to Dutv
ninuc. i
Dunning said he was iniured i n
Dec. 21, 1145, on the Mill Plain Trench KfttllTlS
road near Vancouver when the ear .
be was drtvine struck a fslW-n J fOIll WaSllI IlHtOIl
rvnvr not nwnH nw th mmruinv
power pole owred by the eoraoany
Northwestern Electric claimed
Dunning knocked the pole down
with his car.
The supreme court u one Id a S.V
S81 damige suit by Pefy L. Doty
again't the Southern Pnd'ic rail
road in another decision Tuesday.
Miss Dots automobile was
struck by a Southern Pad fie trsin
in Grants Pass Nov. 28, 1815. She
said she filled to see the train be
cause, although it was dark, the
company had no warnine sienat
and because another engine was
smoking and making noise.
Although Justice James T. Brand
dis-'ente-". saving Miss Dotv alsr
was negligent. Justice J. O. Bailev
wrote the matoritv obinlon uohold
ing Circuit Judse H. K. Harna of
Josephine county who ruled in her
favor. ,
A new trial was ordered in the
$21,000 Lincoln count damage suit
a?3inst Dan llaicht by Frederick
M. N'eal. Neal, struck bv a truck
owned by Halght. lost his caie In
the circuit court of Judfre Carl 1
Wimbefty but was granted a new
trial by the judge. HaJght appeal
ed, but the supreme court upheld
the decision for the new trial.
School Teaching
C. F. French, retired Salem
school teacher, returned home
Tuesday from Tahjoh, an Indian
village "at the month of the Quin
ault river in Washington, whore
he taught grade school during the
past year.
Mr. and Mrs. French live at
1745 S. Church st. He was an in
structor in Salem Junior, high
schools for 19 years, and was prin
cipal at Wood burn junior high for
two years.
French, who retired because of
state requirement laws, said he
would prooably return to teach in
(-Washington next term.
Descendants of 2
Red Heroes Attend
School Together
MOSCOW, June 7 -fV Des
cendants of two famous Russian
military heroes are to be found
in one Soviet aviation school.
They are: doris Prokofiev?, a
great great grandson of Fieldmar
shall Kutuzov. the Russian gen
eral who defeated Napoleon and
drove him out of Russia, and Val
entine Chapaev, a grandson of V.
I. Chapjev, one of the greatest
military leaders and heroes of tne
Russian civil war.
The picture-magazine "Ogonek"
recerltly carried a photo of these
two heirs of Russian military tra
dition at their studies in aviation
school on its cover.
Brighten PORCHES
and STEPS nlr.
MnaswasM -mm
tfheit yew paint vs
the heavy-traffic laeft
yew need mf My
(d paint xtr teufh
to kike hard weather
$ wear. Fuller makes H i
C---H c4
1.63 ql
Red Duck Hunter
Shoots Own Decoy
MOSCOW, June 7. -fl)- If
better to be an otter than a detoy
duck. "Evening Moscow" related
the facts of the case.
A hunter was sitting in his duck
blind the other dawn. His live
decoy was in the water nearby
quacking its Judas call to the
morning sky. Suddenly the
quacking ceased. The decoy dis
appeared under the water only to
Come up struggling. An otter had
sunk its teeth into the decoy.
The hunter fired Into the water
near the commotion. He didn't
touch the otter ( for it's against tht
law to snoot them) but he banged
up the decoy so badly she died.
I p7atW j
We will gladlr recommend reliable
painting and decorating cbntract-
171 S. Liberty
Just South of Stat
"Here, properly filled eat. Is fine example f perfect file record . . .
la Capitalistic small Usa apUcatia blank ..."
I. what is wrong with this
sentence? "You may blame jt ori
me tr you wish.
2. What is the correct pron-.
unciation of "cohere"?
J. Which one of these words
is misspelled? Malefactor, mal-t
em, malleable.
4. What does the word "con-i
summation' mean? f
V What is a word beginning
with op that me?ns "timely"?
1. Say, "You may blame me
fof it if you wih." 2. Pronunc
ko-her. a as in obey, e as in he
(not as in her), accent second
syllable. 3. Malaria. 4. Comple
tion. The consummation rfj
peace between the two nations;
was the result. i. Opportune!.
ic On 5.00 Order or Mora
" 126 milt hmtintu trmvl I
ptm(td 27.4 miltt per fllem," M. B,
Marc fill, Oliver II. las linn 9 Ca-
- Ml Jiitll Mi I ii !
Here's why Nash offers you the most
In size in style in features -ia per
formance in economy!
It is built with a Unitized Bodvand
Frame one solid welded unit.
That's why a Nasb only 62 inches high
has more road clearance yet provides
snore interior room . . . with seats so
wide they can turn into Twin Beds.
That's why a Nash can be cushioned on
coil spring at all four wheels.
That's why a Nash has amazing secu
rity on curves... and wby a Nash "600"
delivers more than 25 miles to the gal
on at average highway speed.
That's why Nash alone has a curved,
one-piece windshield on all models . . .
pint IJni scope safety, and convenience
of Cockpit Control.
See your Nash dealer get tbe thrill of
t Nasb "600" or a Nash Ambassador.
The neit hast car to a brilliant new
Nash Alrflyta is a Select uasd Nash.
You'll b sura of getting tha features
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many that arc available on y in a Nash.
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