The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 05, 1949, Page 15, Image 15

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    Faces in the News . . .
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Kearesefltatire Ma wl Wesae
Whe rifftsred la the Heaaili
Of Activities the PmI Wee
. - . t .....
v; -,f-J ? m-- ist r- Lv
-J L I
Edwin Jkbreder, grecr. wht will
b prMident f Slm Lias
elub durlaf th jrr b4.
Mrs. Evtlyn e8lnbrr. rently
f Montana, ia Hr rarmera
union Junior leiier for Oregon.
Stewart Johnson, who has bccomo
Salem representative for Pena
Matual Life Imaranct company.
rS' .'-...
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' (
Jt n
C. William Hall, publishing firm
partner, who plans to serk elee-
' tlon to a. Kalrra school board
Lewis Judaoir. Salem dairyman,
who was named president of
the new Salem Pioneer Ceme-
' terr assoeiatioau
IeRor J. Stewart, auto company
official, who has filed his candi
dacy for Salem school board.
Bolivia Rail
Work Resumes
-LA PA 7, BOLIVIA. Juu 4
'Btlivtun lailwiivit resumed oiwra
tj'i. Friday. Thousands of strik
ing tin minecK wre duei t
bt k in wuik' A w-rious thn-at to
tin K'vunwnt from the tin miitp
fl tf, l)t wi-rkciMl appriiti rV-
Railway nii Mruck in jymH
Ui with the tin miners, v. ho
H'j'litlhe rfluin of "26 Ulr lead
er and polituiiT figures recently
eifM-lled bv the vetfirnent to
CiOillfrmo Kstrsila, U P per-,
fee t (adtninistiatur), aiinouuced
the rail workers agreed to return
to 'tlieir jobs after ths siivern-
ment promitod tiiat troops would
be withdrawn ffom the mines.
The government also agreed ho
pity indmniti to the families of
miners killed by ?roopa during the
Among earlient examples of
j Anlerjcan folk art are glassware
object; blown after hour, by glass
workers for themnelves and their
fi lends, from the fag end of the
; (lasspot.
Silvrrloii Woman
KoifiiiH Position
SILVKRTON-Mi. Pei44y Suott,
pof)ular in .h ul and t lub circle
ai Siherton, hj iresigned her po
sition in th office of Drt. R. J.
V'anCleav and if. L. Dodd. sf
fei tive June 15 . ,
Mr. 'Scott will go to California
to attend th wedding of a niece
on June 28 and return hers for a
brief rest before ojng to Portland
wticre she will be employed after
August 1. She will make her home
with her sister, Mrs. Helen Ham
mond, aUo a registered nurse.
Cold Storage
A Few Lockers
New Available ;
il per cubic foot
Marvin Lewis
Cold Storage
275 Wallace Road
' Wosf Salem
Columbia River
Waters May Be
Diverted South
By Charles D. Walking
senate committee was told this
week it is physically possible to
divert water1 from the Columbia
river to California but that it has
not yet been determined whether it
is economically feasible.
ine question came up aunng a
senate public works committee
hearing on the administration's
bill to create a Columbia Valley
administration in the Pacific north
west. Senator Cain (R-Wash) ask
ed Michael W. Straus, commission
er of reclamation, if the bureau is
making a study of diverting Col
umbia river water to the south.
"When! water in the south."
Straus told the committee, "is
worth ai much as the diversion
costs then the proposal will be
economically possible."
Straus Outlines Plan
The committee spent nearly five
hours today listening to Strauirout
)ine reclamation bureau plans for
developing the Columbia basin and
his views on the $3,000,000 com
prehensive program of the army
engineer! and reclamation bureau.
In answer to a Question by Cain,
Straus saidif the comprehensive
plan is Included in the CVA bill
as an amendment to the adminis
tration proposal It will Insure the
plan being carried out.
He said there is no reason why
the proposed CVA can -not carry
out the plan.
Conflict i Denied
"The comprehensive plan is," he
testified, "the mor advance plan
hingj of river basin development
anywhere in the world."
Straus denied there is any con
flict between army-engineers and
the reclamation bureau over de
velopment of the basin and said the
CVA could be the administrative
agency for carrying out the pro
gram. Straus denied charges by a Hoo
ver commission task force that con
flict between the engineers and
bureau exists in the Columbia ba
sin. 'e Carpet Baggers
Senator Magnuson (D-Wah)
drew from Straus a statement that
the comprehensive program is not
a substitute for CVA. Straus said
the program could be carried on
pwith or without the CVA"
; Magnuson told the committee the
administration bill provides for lo
cal participation in its work by lo
cal people and requires that two
residents of the- section be named
Cain asked how long a person
would have to reside in the region
to be named a director.
"I don't think," Magnuson said,
"carpet baggers will be appointed
to such positions."
Keizer Sewing Club
Holds Latt Meeting
KEIZERThe Keizer Woman's
Sewing club oonaluded its year's
activities Thursday in a meeting
with Alta and Ethel Mall. Twen
ty-one members were present for
a quilting party and a covered-
dish luncheon.
The olub voted to purchaxe ad
ditionak chairs for the Sunday
school room at the Community
church. Regular meetings will be
resumed in October.
Civil Service
To Keep Five
Exams Qpen
Examinations for five civil serv
ice positions wilt be given con
tinuously throughout the summer,
a report from tjhe Oregon state
civil service commission said Sat
urday. ; -
Clerks, rating l, and clerk-typists
and clerk-stenographers, rat
ing l and 2, are wanted. Applicants
must be high school graduates, and
candidates for 1 ratings must haye
one year's office experience.
Application forms may be ob
tained from the Commission office
at 444 Center sU where appoint
ments to take examinations may
be made.
The fiateemcnv, Salem. Qfqfon. Sunday, Jun f, H4S-II
Germany Bound,
honored at Party
SUBLIMITY A large erowd
was on hand In the parish hall
Wednesday for a surprise fare
well party for tljie Rev. Carl Mai
of St. Boniface parish, who is leav
ing Monday fori Frankfurt, Ger
many. After a no-host supper a purse
was presented to Father Mai. He
plans to spend several weeks vis
iting his parents who he has not
seen for many years.
The seventh and eighth grades
of St. Boniface sehool held a pionlc
Tuesday at Silver Falls state park.
Father Mat accompanied the
group. 'j
, .
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