The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 31, 1949, Page 7, Image 7

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    Paraders, Singers, Speakers Observe Holiday
Spending Rise
Seen Despite
hoe Island. $0 miles from Mackay.
North Queensland.
In the bottle was a letter, writ
ten in eight languages. The oear
English version aaid the bottle
waa thrown into the sea between
the New South Wales coast and
Lord Howe Island, March 2, 1917.
The bottle letter said it came
Oracjosu fo day. Mar 31. 1M7
from the Japanese training ship
Taisei Maru. It asked the finder
to send the story of the recovery
to Tokyo.
' Uncle Sam has nearly 29 mil
lion youngsters between the agea
of 5 and 17.
th volume of the collected works
of Prime Minister Stalin stress
-he importance of the USSR aa a
base for the world revolutionary
movement," Moscow radio said
Sacred Heart
Academy to
Graduate 49
Economy Drive
By Charles Meleay
Forty -nine graduating seniors of
Sacred Heart Academy will par
ticipate In commencement exer
cises tonight at 8:15 o'clock In St
Joseph's hall.
The Rev. John H. Taylor of the
Jesuit novitiate at Sheridan will
deliver the main address. Con
ferring honors on graduate will
V the Rev. Theodore Bernards.
pastor of St. Joseph' church, and
the Rev. George O'Keefe. pastor
at St Vincent de Paul's. The
program also will include songs
by the treble triad
Graduating will be Patricia Ann
Ackerman, Jean Marie Artsi,
Ruby A?nes Bairey. Lorene Eliia
b e t h Boedigheimer. Georgeann Ardis Ann Christensen,
Shirley Julia Cooney, Francis An
thony Davey. Dolores June Dorti
busch, Douglas Frederu k Dough
erty. Ravmond Peter Dvorak, Au
dr Rhae Garbarlr.o, John FJvln
Albert Jcjseph HaIebatrher. Ed
ward Raymond Hemar.n, Harold
"Mirhael Hilla, Riymnnd Francia
Hills, f'.eorgs Joseph Hutmacher,
Dorothy Ann Keel, Robert
C harles Kiikpatrick. Alyee Joy
Koth. Dolores Koutny, Ron
aid Wiiliam Kreb. David Lu
Kropp. Joan Marie Langford,
Thomas Paul Lovclk, Joyce Louise
I.u'ay, Bryoe Henry MeCialn. Ro
brta N'oreen McN'amee, fcUiia
be'h Menke.
Mildred Genevieve Mullen, Wtl
ftid Joseph Nelkp. Clarence Wil
liam Nelson, Patricia Ann O'Con
nor. Donald Thomas Ringwald,
Jerry Duane Rittenhouse. Mary
Iou Rodewald. Clara Jeanne
Sohults,-"- Lois Ei'anor Schwab,
Kathleen Mary Smalley. Kleanor
Rosa 9taudint;t Mary Julia
Steinkamp. Robert Chester Sund
borg, Ronald Tanf r.Mary Ann
Whelan. Mary K;itr"r'vn White.
Clement Casper WiemaLs. Jacque
line Ann 7,ian and John Philip
Father ( liming
Beats Son, 10
VKRRIDAY. I-a . Mv 50 A
7S-vear -old fafhor u charged with i
fl i nmg and beating hts l0-year-4
old son to keep hfm from running!
t iiief Deputy James Mart said
m mi , . -i a
"ft ,sr-i. -' ' - ." x 1
r t ' j 1 3s . I
:3 r . . ..... as ip-
' ' 'ffe in, ct
' ' -i
ret-- f '3NeSM
Shews aaarchina La Saleaa's Menaerial day ra4e befere a laire erewd aieeic Nertai JJberty sree la
eaipar B. ItZnd Infaatry rejriaaeat ef the Qregea Mtfeaal nrt la bck ef the eeeaaaay ea tae
right, is the Salem sign school band. (Stery aad phU ea page I.)
ft? " ?
t .- , 4 - ,i
f aTjU - l.uin. 'J'JIIJ. 4 t: h 1
WASHINGTON. May 30 -0PV-Administration
sources have pre
fiicted that despite mounting econ
omy talk, government spending
will be higher in the next fiscal
year than this one. and larger in
the year ending June 30. 1951.
That forecast was made by two
members of President Truman's
fiscal family. Stipulating that they
not bit identified, they gave what
they galled a "realistic appraisal"
of th outlook:
1. Spending, scheduled in the
budget to hit about $42,000,000.
000 in fiscal V50 (which beams
next July 1 after a $1,700,000.
000 rise over this year, wfll be "a
little higher, but not much' in fis
cal 1951.
Gradual Downtrend
2. That will make the postwar
crest, and be followed by a grad
ual downtrend provided that
prospects are borne out for some
easing of international tension,
plus a reasonably high level of
business and employment.
3. Meanwhile, the government
will necessarily be operating at a
deficit of increasing size though
the two coming fiscal years un
less congress increases taxes on a
scale few if any now expect.
Revenues Decline '
4. The 1950 and 1951 deficits
appear likely to be magnified by a
decline in government revenues.
The range of estimates on the rev
enue drop ranges from about 12.
000.000,000 to $4,000,000,000, de
pending on the state of the nation's
Whil no specific forecasts were
made pn the size of the 1950 and
1951 deficits, they would come out
at $3,000,000,000 to $5,000,000,000
on revenue drops of the size men
tioned, since deficits of around $1,
000.000.000 would be likely even
if revenue receipts vtere sustained.
The Willamette university Beta Theta M snea's rberae. in while shirt, ts shewn sinclng daring the
Memorial day program Monday In front ef the M arte a eeanty eeartbeaae. DHUagafehed goeU.1eft
to right la the right background, are Weet Salem Mayer Waiter Maegrave: ftalem Mayer Rebert L.
F. if strom: Vlee-Admlral Thomas F. Gated, featared speaker, and Col. Carl Ahram. master of cere
monies. On their Irft la tha rolor gaard. In front on either aide ef the chorus aro member ef
Salem's snartoe aad navy roserva unite. Stotesm mm photee.) .
Bottle, PiVketl Up
On Hevenls
Letter Dated 1917
SYDNEY. May 29-.4.-A small
Japanese sak bottle was ps-ked
up recently on the beach at Pnmd-
R Kmnklinton told him ha f oared
he would loo monthly jtate wel-
fn payments of 140 If thi boy
The father's only .other Income
to a $50 monthly pension. Hart!
HH i
Mit said he found the boy, John "
C Kianklinton, with hi !es tight
ly 'sained to hi. bed - yesterday
and that ha apparently 'had been
beaten with a rope
The bov nevor has attended '
ai-hnol Ivi an hi pr;t t''d
Hart, ho might hav a been run q er
bv tiu"k i i arc Franklmtoii
allied whippir.ic his son.
their best to stiaiahtoa w the re
sulting situations
With tho tnorease m aaie In
Moscow thwi are aaota and moee
amateur drivers
. Ono mutt have a drivor' !ieanae
of a type depending on one's div
ing To acquite an amateur's U
omm one mist oudy r1 pa aa aa
RYGBY. laigiaad. May id-JP-One
of Britain's two awparUiawaat
tailleaa jet monoplane crashed In
a field t.dav Tho pi lit para
chuted to aafrty. Oeuoe of tie
crash was not dieeloaed. The
pianos eoat $00.000 eaeh
U.S. Advisor in
Far East Calls
Rice' Wasteful'
SINrtAPORE, May $9 i-Art-.
bur Evoleiiih, advisor to tho U S.
i China Reiie Mission, told tho
1 Singapore Rotary club that mal
nutrition can be oombatted by
, more nutritive rice and wheat
He said the present wasteful
diet of polished white rice must, be
changed to stop undernourishment
; and this must be done at onve if
, the people of Asia are to survive
The eure for tuberculosis, he
continued. Is not to be found in
oltnios but in nourishing the'
people. 'People abroad will read;
about T B? In the Colony and will
bo wondering how stich deplor- j
able oonditiona ean possibly exist.
They will ap' lnow it is entirely j
due to voluntary or self-inflicted ;
malnutrition." he aaid. !
A recent survey showed Singa
pore's tuber-ulosia rate the high
oat in world.
BOSTON. May $0 -P- Movie
Aetreea Judy Garland has entered
Peter Bent Brig ham hospital for
a S 'medioaJ oheckup." Her mam
gor. Carlton Alsop. said she waa
-terribly tired and run down."
FRESH . . .
COOL ...
fjff't- UA4BtfH -MA THO
" - r -1 - r it j . . j.
. " .- ' - - . . ..... - ,
f. 'H$v lvml BEAUTI?fj
p.'-fy from tht
J$ awy CS M?
Pn 'M h A iinFXFL
t- :'A T " t "
(erf certainly, is the soiatrcst ue of rta'kf
s;a.e tint vou'H anviicre this year. It's;
funnriirc srvlfJ csjv ullv for my . . .
comfort jMe rlurm. I . It p;cm u tnulfi jvirjvx-.
I'll drop leaf tal.Itr . . . the HanJi-Tray Server
and the hatKUonie hutch china all serve
double duty. And all are smart .
sunJly totiNtructc1 xnA hcautiriil.
'Patent Psadins
iA-Uttt Momm aw m iv M'
271 N. liberty
Russia Face
New Problems
Traffic Jam
.MOSCOW. May lH-i-There
Sie nw so many . automobiles in
Mmu'iw that many traffic pioh
lirw aie arising There irt even
iiaffic jinu of brief rturation" "j
Wtulo they la thoy are like the 'j
lrim familiar to American driver :
Horns honk in'rmimh!v Im
patMMit drixeis try to tut . to an
oibt !mo with roulting argu
ment Tired tiaffic poliremen do.
Compare Si! Com par beaiurl Compare Economy I Compare StyUl
I w
W- . aav aw
WAS. 1
i i i
kO. tr9 t ms4m 4.
cation of a lifetime
Glorious lake lovfW
oatsf eiitff
Play and relax on the top of
the woi4d! tery day of your
vacation spent in the fabo
Iohis splendor of Banff, in
the alpine beauty of Lake
Louise ishoJulay to trtamrt.'
En olf. riding, biking,
swimming, tennis, fishing
pi us world-famous cuisine,
serticc, hospitality. Make,
rrrratins wear with your
local ageat or see ...
Advanced fnginooring Design
liar th oaiv Car orionHm-atly deatgnaat
with glr(tT-buiil unitized twdT-ind-fraiiM
" oto. woVSeo In al g mmtt jkt
patatds tetnior raana . . . aaftaW porcostt
(rmior rigUiry . . . eHmliwlta ttaeieaa esceae
oighi . . . v een sdy aaueekaand rattloa
, aorior. oaior car.
Kv evcrv sewcir coropertson. onefeer stands
out. That ear is the Smth AirfliU.
Only .i new ear i completely streamlined,
even to enclosed wheels. It' tkt XirflyU.
Quli mm car has seals that eaa make Twia
beds has more room inside is lower but
has asarr rood clearance. If $ Airflytt.
Omh eee big ear goes 2 miles on a gallon
t average highway speed, li'i tkt Aesa
Omlr oate car is iiirdr-built. frame and body
oc LsMtired leture. It' t tkt AirfirU.
Omh ear baa L'niflo-Jet eerbwrerioa
I niscope Cockpit Coatrn-I a owe-pioee
our eo wiadhiMo all eaodels Waataee
Eye Conditioned Air. It's tkt A tr fly It.
Compare the Airiyte with any ear at any
price. Let yorNeaa eJeeier dom a nitrate tha
Nash "600"' orSNesb Ambassador Seaiey
mmiAT cam
Thore's a
Home in
" oa
4 .
4 m w 1
What ever vour Inronif tlierf" a home in your
future! It's the riht ay to rai-e your family . . .
it's the rijiht way to av money. Your home will
provide security, hoth while your children are
young and when it's time to retire. Investigate your
chance of owning a hom now . . . they're good!
a - f
Tha right way to find a
koine la Hnaawjfc ttve Ora-
Ada. Wbcat avear Yaaac
isaoda tbara'e a hoaee lia-
oel todarr tbad setil
is ifishaaaaaaaa.
f at air a
y Xi
S33 Cemiee Strew
rt VV Ww.W.
- 4