The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 29, 1949, Page 14, Image 14

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    ji Thm Stat man. Salm. Oron. Sunday. May 3
rtnvi alk c tviKii rox cm-
Notice hereby ts fitra that the com
mon council of the city t Salem. O-e-gon.
deems it icrT nd eie!ieTit
nd hereby declares u. purpose and in
tention to imprmr Alice avenias frevt.
the west tin of Commrrul street to
the east line of MouilUiin View Drive.
In the nti of Salem Mar-rn roon'v
Ort(Mi at the fipn' of the abutting
and ifiucnt prrvxerty t brirnr,i
said Hilton of sanei street ' 'he e'h
I'thed rrade ronlrft'm recent con
crete crhs and pav a aid nort on .
said street with a a"a inch asphaltic
roncrf'f pavement 3n feet wide m ac
cirdanre sii'h the fclars and pnfic
tmt therefor h-rh were adno'ed bv
trve mrt n on ci .nrtl Mjv 23 IM
wun are no on f:le in 'he office of
the f itv rrf-rdrr and h:rh he 'his
reference 'hereto are rrade a past
The tomrrnn courir.l herebv declare
Its pi.rtaie nd m'fn'ion 'o -r We the
shove improvement rv nd
tr iiii.e1' the street iri- tit.i e.ment de
r a, rt ri en!
B Oreie' of the Coo r-.on Council
l-i 1'-'
Al.f R FT Mt'NDT.
Citv R'l!fr
Date r,f ffst p-ihiir-tHi r.e'eof if
Mav 7r 1M-
f 'a'eni an F' bl.shir.g Co
Mav 2 ? -0 ?.! June 1 2 3 4 S
l.i-tK-k anil I'onllrv
hf i fttr.n? Ti i i p
J-CI FoH SALE a' P if ii
Hat.".- ' "33 N.r - S.-i.
p ,.r,.
"FRYER- 4 't. -,. 'V in an P
1 - - i u l . ! . : - ' -
HAHV ( HK KS Ma J. H..nt
It , r .fg',T. a r W . . . 1, r r f-'
!- ! . H --
OtA- A'D Al, " -'- R' "
411' !t ' f i. t r,..v; M ;-!
Gi' e '-.( '.n - - "r!''
" Ih'i r?y D- ve .t ! '
f r t t- at 3 ' ' .d.. - a' r.
3? It :"
S ri rf- f I w' ' f ' I
1 . .. f .
j km I'.r.ltKVHJRF. r. .. - '
I.. . W- M- . '.-i - .
K .I.F V - " f--' "
t ... : r . X '''.
" Wlf M. N ' "A .!.-.- J . - . .
i.r - f : 1 . " I" : - 4 ?
"l'FAV f f "i F H - - : V.. f
; .. J . ' ' - - f
):e rir : --! R' B. .
4 i t ' t r i H
I. II 'N'!J . t..i-. e- M ::
f -,!. r r , i .
NKVk H A v l""HlfF fa- .!.
Red i . k ilax e a' 'tt
l t .r' ( . k
rn.r Ma' P" 3 v ivttlf
AT- Tt fj hrit Pa ciia-'er"
i' M I !i ff t' R ?
"f-.tiNDFlJ riVFsff'M'K t... e- F C
M ''!'-. im S I'... P!
t'tJl.l1- 1 - a 1 iil't Aiar-an
.fedu r S-. red b J1-' n Rt "
4'TK ' 'x ' K1
" NOW AVAM API F W . are
ir atrf.rat f r. f f r- - -r-f .p n
Mi't.- -Ji;r1a a" i F;.;ai t-f
e t v- k at rM i - t.r a a r ' " ; -
A ted ! t r F f o r c .-,! F : f '
f.d M . . s s.e Mr I
H rrlt l ' ' . t P r (- r
F'r, iW F A- . S- ..!!..
1 On I Ve- t frr IN A
et.i tr r ' ti'Me-. - 'er i.e-
f. i ir r.. , ;f .
"ftN.rFI) i tr-xat f-ne- r'auce Fd
H Rn avv t'-i 1144
V4AN7FD T'rn i. ario -iler r.r
f-c-Jr t-u'. 'f w f;e' r- v r 11
ft wi1! ri t tn f(-'-'nB Fa-" tl r'r-tn
J4S N em J" one 1 !
H'hM'il HI A ... t , . ,
Glenv i.: ' o.
fir I ' or pJ nil.' 1
I till ir ' lie-" '1 W 0.1
! -- . 1 o -
THI 4 -- i. .A 1.. 1
r, .... 1
We ' :
' - e - f-. 1
A , . 1 e. -
tiilo .f"e
ail t v 1
I . .
Help W antel
S1N4WI'4K(V .r d (.I.
Ir r Wtd J, i,r !' H I K, r on.
N Hi ir ft. Kn-e
STRAW ItSNitY ,,1,,.. sr.r ...,
J. .re 11 K- ' I- ,-. . . rc
Ha.llin Mil. Sr- H , .'e S r ' .11
HFHHN I'll KFHi . N . ' A ...
t " 1 ..- I hr- i . . 1 tin t'-ar
The Sc.ith Ar- e-o : t.r.a. lotne.
tirtie t..Mt.i .it, it
I 1 im.i r i ! v f: m the ...' . I, -!
thtt-e i'! 'i.-v ,,,. t
instfxi of tut' iiaiir! !.a-
i Ar
f& J Finance Co.
Iang -Tltne Farm I -nana
I.k-ene S-JU and M-S3
Prr4nal anal Aate lafana
Why Suffer Anv l.4injzer
ke etttera fait mui 4 klnese
eatieaiea Amaiiac isrrrn far aataa
ear la a tttaa Ss matter sHb
aJ . ailanenla mm are smarted
ilw'4"t slfiMsltts Heart limes ly.
kidneis lai ronau pat iia alrers
tUketes rheyanatitm tall anal la
er lever sfclti female roaaplalaits
"4 sa, t ern airrr lai.
Pheeae t-lgta
-afrVe Nar
" ' aeW
a( J
fsea. aaat at aaasly
nrf TlaaAO Dr r. mis D
X41 Nasrtb Liberty
lsialrs Partlaai C.eaersl rieetiic
ttfTlre rpea atar4a aaly It
a as la I a I it I n erasial
'! 4lod srenart aaat ps.
ieta are rree af chart. Prsrctree
aaaee lU
" Jt,
lat CLAD WE I fv 7ksT PAi-KCXL V - I M CLAO A
ws. BrA a.-.aCN'A I "AaVEC? 1 '.ai 5Ar siCS PLAN" L ' I SrCJEEZlX TAUCEJ? 1
JwOr.!. ) I rVwfcN 4VE f0, J 'A ft FACES': J" I kH s2TO T. J
Help Wanted
fill our a ei atatf Mtwt have car
fcnd illminm to toi Ea pe r nr
eJeful. r)u' net r.ecrv. Contact
Mr MlHr Rcem 23 at 14t N Cottn
rrcia betn and 12 am No
r--" f j ' r-leae
? V.;RAPt:tR-TYPIf for ien
eral office xntt. T r f porta t: on po
!fcie Acct nee LuiT.ber ai
fn nderer!rtercec ,Ore
rif j-si'i or ;-sim
fcXr'fcP.lfcNCKD iti Caui'al Var
,et 12oi Stat St
Help Wantel Male
VOCNC MAN to learn furniture .
apphanre,M ExrelJent ooportiin.
it ti herort connected itn Willa
ntie Valievj icdnr furniture &
appt.artce store Per;iinent position
r..1 M,ile learn. nf Applr
Ht-ff Pro-.' 2fM saie St
MAKfc Kis a tii Sell" S'a ri iff
rar p:at tor li; rt Of)'
Writ Hi.b!i'r p. o-r-J Ci.ngre B -
r. Vf-
V:AS 'A ITU ta' wanted lo- rout
rk t2C! tr. f"s ip a dav No i;r
;,! it F r tnft "i fcfwi . vrv.frt
-..ite M. I"ur 2423 Mai..!ia t
rvtr rd T r!.'.,-tv
HH'Mi MARK! F.D nan u, learn
. . rie S'r' ai,yfr.t!it arre M I
Ujr" o:We! aid i;tn-1- .rter
FXPFRTF.NCF.D laviitr f.- itrctiUf
Till Ai plv Si.- rr Mill a ii In nuth
..f M..n oulh on
r I Jt K v MA N In iSo pa". ' :-i e a -t
Af.iH 5;it e or '.fi.i e ar.n
- rr- tr:e Cal .1 -A
S ! U V r: A.
-rj!' l-vi S' (.. .' a
I F.TTF.R- anted Unje:.t
S'a' 5'
llr-l W anted Female
I ' i,m
p t- F
i e t K-f H. -
W il-i e. F. ": l'i'i
HVAN 4.-R . .. f... i i-tt.e
l i: r- W ..ei- " ' ' Mof-.e-
( -rr. , .- " -
Mint)! F Af.FD .,n .. ct l;r t
wwi.rr. f... eiili:i 1.. i i I r. J
. i ?.-it .nle " r if j.i.r . I-le l-'..r
" N .!-rl S' f'i I - : ;
.AI . i i M M : 1 ! . -, . r i
(iMKK( IAI. I.Al K'F f A'iKNt Y
li S' 3 'e - e t P .
- r FNO-KK1R r .t , f
.i t( ilAT N'T r r-a - .
7 1 F!T . - t .pi..-,
t f IS ' - I. FRK
HFi I Nil i I F.HK PI- T
iF4'FPJTiriNI-T-'f I'It
t";ih! Oh MUM. i.
r . .'! Nn- : sf- r
h tew . . . i ; -. . ' r- S
- m I ;t e i a - f ' . i .- ' e
r 2 - 1 4M
1 41-
- -. ha''
. : . S n a 1
ol I'.'ri-fi
.n fvrni: e a ' ' !. n ' i-ije
i-i;:(l .,.- 1 - - r cai t f :f ...,!
, , -. . ( -I -i Hi
I f ( CMRF.HH iatu rv'., I
A 4 f . V - e - - eew k:
ai - i ar.u f r.v S's' 'ti Rn
WAN! F.i IU ., t'v
Wl . 1 . J, , I I M
'.--- 1 . i':
le a'o F'a- 1 1
at 'J M: II S'
tXI'liat.M Ml .-m ( .. ..,.- . t
vi oik in ,.flif -.f W ll-i-. "e ' ie
le.o nat f .'r ir. r ar-,o ai.w -m e .-.- la .. " jiai t t
tii At.;' !. e Br... 21,
alwin.iit V antl
- . 1 K- MEN '11 - ' 1 1
(. a t; .I.-' a ' :
li... 777 -t...
- 1
MAN IHi I.R - 1. .p.,
, air '
a 2
. . , . . .
!! - i .M. - .M M . . .
M ',T is .... . .. ,. ,, (,
Fl- . i.n S4-K- H- $'-: .4. , . ;.. ,
I ; I v . . , r - . .
' I'aior. . t I 11 . J
I !'!'! 'HI f N I T
4Ar i. 1. vi ill.; v.. ... c an'.
' ' t-.n" . . . - .-I r.!
t' .1. s ' ii .1 ill . e Fx. ...
ve I. . W e Ri . ' r
W.-k. W . Ir 1 a-, r i.e I ie v r
.aai.: 1.1 4'i.
Situation Wanted
WANT PART TIME Jan tor worn
Pi .-.' I
UHL I'ARK FOR invalid women m
v 0-1 e P--' nr 2-7615
4A . N "I f X 'o .easMf nr operate or, per.
c tare basis S'tM-krd A equ ppen
lam with oi. a or all da-i n( F.s -oa
r-is-rited. r.;t.r;e n.arried sit': fan
ilv L.w.g term tenure tn W Oregon
or No Calif uesired Rrffiriu r
sta'esn an B--x 77ft
t'La )VA ING diciig and Ro'aiv t;!i
ri 34f Crrmasa Rd P' 2 '.72
ACi OCNl AN r Gen l.aj, ;'Tinin
rial atriits Pai olK dep ti-.' on I--sui-a-cr.
as-cts trfi able e:c No ob e. -"un
la. teanxiai ri.p-vin.riil A-l re f-eiiru-n
Box 775, -lateo-iar
We WantYuor
Always a Depenatabie
Cash Market
If don't bring them to
Curly we both loxe.
Curly's Dairy
rairgreunds Read at Hood
Ph. 3-S7SJ
1144 Center St
Salens. Oregon
Dr. K. Renolls
Rectal SpecUlist
Phone Office 3-94C4)
Res. 3-5437
Plents- 0 f ree Parklnr Space
Sostth - Across Street Froan
Here's New Saner Market
9t ?
Situation Wanted
WIDDLE-AG ED woman oewres he-
sork ar cookmj Ph. a-J. 51 Ran 1 1(
WA3ST PART TTMat Janitor work.
PlHB 2-28D1
4A.xiLr4JAPLNG. n ia n .
lan- 'ebiis.1 Pt. J-4
l-ALNfLMC. papeVnangTut tl 25 f oul
or contract W J. Box 1S4S. OtX i,r iterator. a.1ir. n.a
Fat Cut ctsir.e. range. a'cr l-eater. Yeater
nousekeeptnir for eiderty people or
oractrca! n jWmf 4U)0 Milt t
rtoIO-TiLI-ING. M. . Tilier. Pn
VI. "I srfH la r exp in ah t pe.
of naintir-e CaP
"rilfLn f AHE 1 180 SMDO.m 3-924
POE'S ar.nneocraonui tpmf wri
see Qu.illtv ork Lower 665 N
!!" Prior 7-343
-SfWtkS ar.d 'epf "Yank. ,r Mailed
ana reoaneo ycrarff Pro. Pn.e 2S.Vt8
Paintins: Decorating
2-5444 DICK OREY 3-4G4B
ilhAVl.- nou;e fun Pri J-9621 rfri
- r'D- ftnne o'l .1-440 i ov .sEW LaTreceNli. 4"quTcl.
HARi'EN OL'R lavMi nouer ro -'",r -.-arf poor 2i. Pr, 2-486
Hoe A noveli rarper.ed free Pick 4-URAVSER National ca-n i-gi;e'
i.p de iver Howser Bro Ph 3348 it.". r-cordin tape Has been in tead
r1"a"L ''r - and ! in od rrei hantcal i on -
." . .. . - - fi t on r- --:'--
Jllke 8 C'eptlC ei VH-C ARE VOC interested ir. tne rir
Tark cleaned Roto Rnu'.cr Service a-ion bine' I have a erice ta
rt Seven Pfore S-046ft or 3-.V!27 '..on business for : at intenton
- - price in Oregon Contact VSar-
'Lloyd M. Hill. Inc. ,r.u,',p,ie'35?,7r1 Pe,ro!'jm D"
"at Shovel and truck oori or all ktna
prore 2-4.17
395 State St
Fl'RN ITl'RE repaired & remiKj!.o
la Btw Turn Ref-n;t:r Co ?-.Qfl
v lli CAKfc. t-r e'tteriv iaoie in
on e P'-nne 2-3797
CVVFNT m V Ai! kindi h Y-UW
NEW LAW prepared A. -ceded
Hat r iare trac O': rusher dorer.
o ' Pri'nf 2-R127
HKi'BBrJRY and I rilit- "lrr i.e-n
fra'lec ln rieaner cut. eriBfd
r 'r.-- rrr1 o-r-e ?-Trr
O F s. '.-.e P' :t,.Jif: , r I-J-T
G1.MHA1. .e I i or.' i i 1 1 1 f . K ;
ii n.,. FM A bank in" - S.i'.f ir
-,.-,-.'-o t.-.t F..- t-lfMS
I St."; I ! e. ie ' (!: -ii. t
ri.a'. ai.a (!..i:-n" 1iuj:p! Jl'4l) Fa;:-
, . . -1 p. :-7;-n
A'- a- "a -v Put'. P" t-aif?
I'ARi'FNTFR -rk NV iri
p.- 1 7
t. o- e e paired !1 N Con--
VAP.D V. ORrC ..f inv k'nd and 'odd
)..(. ',- n o- d. tent LBS B. Scut
T f.; i a ' ' -Ki-j7 eve fi- .r.frr ma m
Will l.D LIKE to bid on ot.' ca
pa;'Mt pa-r.t or or M L
Go"er beta: p'i 3-4244.
a 4
Kniplox ment A:enMe
t truer. An i-if.rical positions
Commercial Placement
1M State St
Phone 2-148
-M tM-ellaneoii
IU Ml LTIPLE 4 T..O10 u. S250
I'aed ho- 1 tfl.e Ph 2-0l'
Ne'.i 1 11.i1." e set 148 edrtion. new
Stnrt...-d Fnriili.petl'a with rnuiiin
f.. ID vear bH. 55 Pb H-6777 15.15
N Svir'ilr e'
VMltrni.'iil lec ra'iafe C1 cond
Si' R' 4 B .14 S of Mis:on on 22r.d
RFCON DITlONFn NllBGF refriger
a'.i ..,1' te Otbets f."". S-15
Mor -n-o-i e- W S..!e -
NKF M A 44S M ALL berries v 00 pu
8, in Hvr, on.t W.-lle Rt 2 Sil er
,,f, O e ' : I W of No: ti Ho t II
S, 1
-FF S 4RMS v iv es ("Leap P-
i.ii'i'. 2: M - on St
V. ASH1M . ft. B o n t '-
h. . -.
,.. I
2 v ... .
e 1
M ..
r e - .1 '
a W e -
.n ;
4 -e A- ' o. .
Av o .
' r '
45 (. nd
S'a- In
, , . ' . r '
- 45 ; r
l . '
1VI W ., J
a i p-
.u i - IhAVl PK.RHIF5 C I'll K li
Jor Rt 5 r-ov 4 '-it ' a f
N 'A' ' Ma. S, '
VAi I ClUVFii a l" ' f' ' a r.
l a . tlf'.ilr" !."' r- rv H
' 1 t ill. - I!
r : S N i M K r FiR S A I F. .t a K.r
0 4" -a.-'
!? OLD - t-ks Gixxt i'd 417
F V-.d-.-n.
U 1 u i) FI'RN" w-.t'i a.r . . 1 t'ouW:
'urn 41
e'a! Dr.:
a' eVc w Va'-k Dr .e
wit., tu-.r.r. A I in exit
s-n, Wes.' a..-f
liFCiKL' M'l'aff M, , .tu k
All ice' -.1 f.r-a.r B-a'r iev '
:. P- .-:a5:
lis KV a,N n-ni.-iatil p,.r 4
red A K C C i'o. a ST5 F
At v.,,- Wa- -..ri
;ro -r- - - - r ds
t 1 -1 - de W '
H .-;,. s n a- el
F a: v , i
H-'f Savt
.; so a '
fa ''
S." gal.
A ", ui' i - " v p - r, ."iik
-, rr- V, A C u'th
C! ARlVrf A N't) 0!d cinet. g.--l
CO -111: !'" Ph 2-Ht-l
FiAFV BFD .iid n attress S2tl or best
oflr- " 2-1-21
FIVE MONTH Co. ker P' 2-2S-'ii
ADMIRAL ie.'.od plave- n , -..-arv
nie 1'l.n 'hru radio Fme aelec
tun of rn o tis. Po,- m 1 la -sic Ph
. . . r -'
rit'STIC .e.r.f.'ned n.ri-'ete w .ash
line vs' R. t-i encre'e g..rden fen-i--s
! -S.S Ninl St
FR1C. IDATrtE and Mavt..g washer
Ph 2-0242
a, 1 ., - .1 n . r 1. VTis
1- 1 il l IS .. a'e at P:l i
e: 7?J N n: , St,. W e-t s.
H d
"la NKW ZIA Dsie- -o r if. ii'-
!r- 'o; K u -a H..E -
St I I' fl Fi w f-ei-nm
con ya't'-iiri t S-X' 1 ini-rai'ii vsa-r-e:
tvit" :' v 1 e r,e vi $IS Gat'en.
t.a.s f - -..l-l-i r : ".awn noae:.
'-."T t-e--' i?T N
IC)RV ll" F. " Ba"-x. 5t iri cap Good
cnd ! Oas : s..m
"U c RAITVAN" lat-.7 .!! atlic'er--rrents
2bil or trade Rt I Bi x 121.
Turne' '. tu N of Craa.foro Schoo
BALDWIN Oon.gaiow -tie p. am.
Mov r '. r-e- saie H Ra'.lf Dr
M MMIK WEIGHT man n:t Mir
' ' Gre ' s tn pe- JP r J - ?1 5 1
MAN S L SED btcvcle Pf. 2-14S5 be-
fote noon or a'te- 5 p tt
Special S3 33 a gal. Hou.e and Farm
Qua'itx Nor rts-Wa.ker Paint Co. 250
Court St
f For Sale- Mi4fllaneoUri
t STRAW BERRIES. cu pick, food
; ber-rie- no vmrri. ph w S-.ljf.
' tXHAl Sf lai. Cio out pnm.
!' Aooliance Co
' r ABMtKS attention Fence coctiol-
ler. ir:lk paftninur, at eloe-out
prce Yealer Appliance Co
kXjCCTKlc ein rfa Fr--
Wwinflointi Yeater Appliance Co
NO WAXINO tt-auired hn oj ue
P$ti-Kote. te re.lODiare - like f-n-
if for our floor or linoleum. Yeater
i A iDl'ancr Cr
JtliBLtZE Home Freer-. f 1 Si
arf nn Yaatc A poliant-e Co
HAVc Br-T outiel iO' furniture, ap
phances. housenotd effect" Pav top
pot can oricu tor . -n rnrr-
. ;S'p".0;!e! " - Auction-
VAPIEIt treii nit rr-r :or M
mfina' rta t mil 2513 Ha.-f I ae Ph
r.rii mir. nhinn Ph t-ttto
. . -, r i,,Vrri w.i:n.h,,."wtrii.
rane 42 lucre loi b;e tuwr deluxe
Me COIT-c'ete!v a .tomat-.c Four burn-
f.rf overie oven, even-s'-te varmer
Evcel'ent londiricn. both in 4ook and
'Deration. Best o!'er. 2eay Nebraska St .
A "t 2
' 1 4 CV FT "cheat "trp home freerer
Neta.S3.-W Ph 3-S4
rV allin San. & ravel Co.
"- Crushetl Rock
For roads & driven av Cement
Reaav-r: x Concrete Careen and
B-iiH "? n? dra r.aee and witching
vi '-(,.r' A draT line Phone 3-D249
RED ("F.DAR -unrie "No. 1 f
No 2 " No " S.l 5 We del. Pnii
'ic, B Rt. 6. Box t!8 Salem. Ore
p- r.fn-r2
for DaVn riM-kv- . ua kt. graer.
. a'! rink ruri-t We del and rt-1! "fe
r at pit, -ee or call for D' ice Pi 1
I n Bros Rt 6 Box 118. Salem P -,
CEiJAR POSTS Yew wood p-t
nc1e tee A e ectrc po'et P.'uilits
B'n . Rt 6 Box 118 Salem. Ore. Pr.
(JlTARRY ROCK Ic road base
C:u-r.-d rock fill dirt We deliver.
('rf)isan Quarries
1S S Coml St
ptmt p- 3-1221
p-t "-M!
Pr. J-MI7
Re ?-3(i75
60c per 00
KOI LFUR (allj' S10 00 P! 2-S2
IRF.F. IV no i-t. alien Kirbv Home
Rr"iiaimn svstr n Phore ".-fvn74
allev Saml & (ravel Co.
Silt sand A fill dirt Exravatirg
1CB S: tive! and cat Tiactor scop
and truck for dirt moving Ph. office
2-O02res 2-7IJ8
Commercial Sand & Cravel
Crnsred rock Read mix All kinds
of sand and gravel R ver s it and fill
Ph. 21 966
S 1 ,A( T PE ir. nrw c-tnd:f ion v.
ni;4-r ficlCf? I-Tr. prj :irf t ase
hr.i-"nfie to ytde-rtt or ooeitir C'a'l
Salem Si-reen Shop
1430 S 12tn St
Window screens A scia-en doors made
o o.der f7!a 1 r pi .it-en :rL t
r.l l-X I Kit vij'i ' 1 ta'tl... an ta
-our eir" ent. a? .--ra- trrd 7'. .cl In--a
i.i'lo-' if tle-f d W A Slt v is Co
P 3-4ISI O or :'-4 '2H after 6 1: W) Ma--
-on 44. ,!! v ., D -t
F a- Ft l it lf'.R i-..w hi,'-e ci 1 nit ken ' S.) r n Well tted or
-' .-s. fs n. : - -. n - d A o r.v -ai k at
' .. t r 1 - - 11 I ! dr ! ? s -1 k o tia r Ph 1 1 -I
i;.s Bos Rr s Box li8 Salem. Ore
SF V INfi V.u -1 me. N'l-.l rio-l r oin
as low a 111 :i dn. f4 Sfl no ."-:(i.'ii
flo.Kl onions Sue for 541 lbs AI Prd
R' 7 Nn !4F 2'. mi N a.f I'ndet -p..s.
ph. 3-1 alio
S i'HAVA 13F.HK1F-S. V p.ik il'c" Bin ar
101 tainerc Out Stive-ton Rd. I'.- r .
Micd'e G ovr sen. hi;, t ig-.t .
n . R -c'.-
- I HAW HF.H 4i 1 E-- vo.i p-lk Itsi It, n
rr 1 E ol H . e on Ho.dv.ew Rd. D
E Ja-.-rn Ri 7. B.-x '.Wi
Hu i LI i 11 r Materials
Hundreds of w.c'.ow -.--I 1. 2 4 A
l.g: . ah Pi' .i 1 d fo nll.
' 00 nt- . lahre's Ctriar '- ikf-. a
he.;n. ' atlo'k. : f i' -
u'at-on f;-'e n a.on te A plumb;-.
-' o k ui pr .ir- l" C. lr c P.
2- aTil 1 n e N o Keier
I LOSE 1)11 Spec a Hardw.a.d
Fiix :l: g rec'i ar d gun- -n ai vanrt .
of s-. ai t or.'v $125 M B-ow'i
Front A c.-.. it St.t.Sa:eti
"skll.-T tHi". Rr ta. -e vice Valiev
r-,-., .,,.r 4"i4" -I'vefon Rd
id JORS Lire: or 2 pane' doors at
Krit'l brii'a t, ! K-fal Sprciai punl-i-r
E.'iii- ;, - .or h ta r. of on.iv lfi n
fit K. ;f : B i.-.ins. Front A Cour
Til I.AVUOK 1 .-da' snira:!e. de' No
1 . o No 2 - S5 Cedar nail. 18 :n
pa r"ed krs $ 1 2 80 tier so, 111 (if:-roui-e.
fr.e Trd Mjiier fn ri eriv
Ko:a Yd Sale'r.-l-.deps naence Rd P:,
e ' ' '
" Cl-OSF.-iil'T Piv-wx-d C'.it-r.ifs." 4I"
x 1! x for ce' panel. a i
panel, siding a d n am ot'er use
rir'v 5 ,1 frr fr Ke:tu Brown.
F'on- A Cou'f si; Sa.e-n
NEW Pi. WOOD ai1 tricki-iesscri
Spr-t isl flees on :nultir.n. lin x
32 n t ;e e'ect w ,1'rr ' rate's
a'd -aai'Su.ii tr hal::ri"i-'- kte'en
or i.ttlirv ro..rr (' G Long. Ph. 2-5F21
' ' N'o-t- of Keirer
SHFrrRl CK ne w ship, rem 1. A
re i.s --.- r.e-.c low cash, p; ice.
Kf:'l. Brown. and Front Sts
Sa iru . .
Wanted Furniture
I'sED FCKNITl'RE Pnone 3-5110
X anted Miscellaneoui
WANTED To rent or h,n a Dr Wai
" - -. l a' aim .aw P' 3-R224!
iGl'R FL KNITCRE to veil at auc'ion
or will pav cash. Pnone Ginn Wmairi .
T-ia AucTorer- 3-5110
E-TArFS bouarnt outrig.-.t. Glenn
Wi.arv T-e Auctioneer. Pn 3-51JH
Wills Music Store Salens
. Capital Bed Co. Ph. 3 -
A'A pee. A
sJfs,Sj-isNy C-A .
1 a'
AUTO pair. tinar lust a (had better
3 ia m FR Call Shrorfc Motor Co
tiAVE OCK Stner sewmc macninf b a aualafied Siner repre
aentatite Ptr 3-351al tcr free pickup V
delivery erce on ail make of ira Free eMiinatcs civen before
work is .arted Sinarer Seir. Ma-
"o J. N CoTTimercia!
KEJROOF NOW "One-to- or trtre
ear to pat For free e:tmate pnone
3-7177 Western Auto Supply Co.
AN. to bui L -e la-ietaa aa
er-.e. Vrfx r Pn"reSb..pV state
Dental i'late Repair
Brinar or Mail Your Plate for Repair
-Arfjjjoh Bine State A l'o:r Pr. 3-XJ11
alerIl anil & (iravel Co.
Contract Work
Roads - Clear. r. - D trtiinl
Sewer & BaeVient
Eoiprrer.l Rental
15 B-'a u S12IX) per hr
IO B , cis . Still per h'
D-7 Cat A Dcrer ID 50 o: h:
D- Cat A Diner 8 40 pe: I;-
D-4 Cat A Dcrer . 7 00 per hr
P ore dais 3-&4C8 3-828 or 2-444
SiVm O'eaon
WATER W LL"dnifing Domestic of
trricaiion. Dulf;c!d Bios. Rt S box
58 Phone 2-1313 or 2-2795.
For Rent Room
CIXSE IN' hur, t leeping rm. S2i
per mo 5 Center St
NICELY FURS, rm." in mod hon e
r'i.r-A-ANT : io ' . otnecT to s:ia e
tome w.t'i r'-'-t pe--..'. ReasonaCe
"1R,'f l'8Ca-cad Dt
WE LI. F I ' R N sieepme nn "Close in
H A C wa'er. Men onlv 7 . Center
lij., FOR KENT vi .tli iu.iKii'.i o: i
.ST.S V I'o'-e
pj.hASAN I' sieepi.iK :m to- arentle
o an I'.'n Snrvni Pnone 2-4547
Ml'KI ; j-i in. . k ti ,rn. p: ii
!r . - r p laiti Pr 2-3414
i LEAN v eli-lurn locn- Pri. :mi-r
i'-'il ... P-. 2-149
i l.AN K i :'n..i Mi-t'u; ' Ph .1-kJ.aJ
VUD -.o tin ien Trl A. u-
en- ' N c. u ' ' I"' :.- :-:"
""ROOMS "rd R EN T t the ii e-k o:
n .out :i.
re' 3-MM
;LP RM .T N Mtn Pi, one .t-ikKg
Room ant! Board
WILL TAKE 3 or 4 ride i ly l.d.e fji
room and tioa-d Pti 2-H.W7. Mis AI ie
Pr-.---i' S)..'l TllliM-l.
rluARL) A 't'orn at.'u E St Ph. J-87Uh
For Rent Apartments
NEWLY DEC 2 tin. furn. apt Pi;
ent A hath Sheldon Apt LHiO N.
Libeitv Inquiie Apt 6 Rear bldg
3 RM EI'RN Pri. bath 1 ef .
elec heat Ph 2-a44ii
CNF CRN. APT. except gas lange.
4 tins, pin bath, clean, main floo: .
across at fio.-l Bufh Ss-bool. In. a
XjO Mission St
3 RM FIRS, cottage, adults. 1955
N Ca.pttol
Fl Ri. APT. av.11 1.. Me June !-t lti8
2 Hi.i'M luin..''ifii apt 825 22iu
ijji nt-1 a ve.
F l "k" . r 1 apt . p:i rn' !2'i8
CN EC RN. apt S2ti
LOVELY 2 11 luitlv turn apt Pri
b.itn .ill ein'i c N r Capitol t!C
ViS Ad ,n P'- t-Si'tii'
APARTMENT for lent. Adults. !2
Br o..d .v ,. v
NEW I's 4 :u apt Knottv p'ne
kitctier. e' e ..nd laiur furn. $V
11 o 1 : f 5 S Pfl a-51H.
.Hi v.' . 1.. . k'-i t" E!'
T- " : N. - i P .. e l'-74tsi
-M.Vl.L APT I't.'if .! kit N i r v
r V i ' 1 1 ' - ! I IK O. k S:
iJl'PLEX AIM o , f r lai-'. n t. ,
. or I . J ir "v c ul 't f o : i ' . -d
.- P . O' r ' .... O r
. ,, h CRN"" All. .5 G. : ' W
-a'.- I ' , r l-4'M
F I. I.!.'." F F(. niu A i 'i a-: -.oi .'
apt l';o-r- 'o i r -. '..i-lip.l H icl.'.ri. I .ri
l". r'r
.. KM API. .vitn view, puitu !uin-:s-.ed.
p' ",ovit, and loilrt r c -I
' .c ai.r :rl:ir . -H..J1. t t 1,.:.
vrn,ru, ..- tins i,i:e. i.e. it Lrs.r
i I.:: a''d pa K. !nr sinKir vvo'ku.t; lad'
01 teat-e. ie at 1915 S. Cuttaife si
r-r 1 ) u. tl
r' ACIOl'S .t i-ii apt in mod i- t
I'rf :-i- rvu 11! for irf ii A 1 ange.
An'o 'jii-,.r Call at Mi S 13n
4 KM A PT tta.k nt diMaiicc Kri
, O r... Mi N I- i'r 1 t v
" I I HNishKiJ 3 laa'ge Usui - a: .
ha'-, ai d 1;': il' F'r 1 ent. 2nd f!-.,.
Aril's p-or e eve. 3-42541.
For Kent House
RM MOD iiuir oil F.. . u.
H,i d. '- P; .-3hs
j ti h f.i )l must bu fu-n.' .-r
P -'-K744 2h Irs. Avr
4 Rnoil :it)l-E vsiru for raur
F rc ' " v ate- . gaiaas- J- C. He: r
R- Box iB4
N -iW 2 BEDP.V ; 1 use IIK4U Dotn a
A v. Ir.u ::. ItiNi Donna Air
NEW C A B IN - p - o pa . ,t rtj..-ppeJ S9
per aar. t t.i. - t.d . A!--o I a ' i-.
;cr ( i'd :! ve'to'i-r llehbs "Iral -r
Co- ' i' l . :' a Ave Ph 1 -!:'
2 .1 . r.fd r.on,i a'i J l.'lti
7, , w. Sr.i. : In : puss Fo: . .-for-
a'...,-., caii Geo. Gii-ot. iVJ Mi--
M ;
rv, Box 2IV4
i H -a i' r H- 'S mi I7itu N Wj-r.
El R.N COTTAGE 3215" Poi t land Rh
For Kent
FOR SALE or ret t Mod tta e:
' o a. 2-. 10.': rtf
TRAILFiR SPACE for rent in modern
ra r p.:k Call 2-107J
L Urtivi. I KUCh- FOR HEM
f.lanke'i furn 1S7 S l.ttwrts Pit 2-9;2
..tMi , i -ri Piano H L Stiff
hi -l M.M,r,, n i. nfi
" TKl'L'Kb ana cars for tent B a- aeti
tiatnish.ed Smitlv I Clipper Service
'f'f and Church Pnone 3 atrk
(iround Floor Room
Sni'atie for office or stoles. S'ate
Fo an r n te! 3-4121
Front"?" Business Bldg. A Living
quarters. $104 per n.o.
Hollvwood Business Bldg. with apt
.Mod Off.ce t3f.
Mod Office S44).
Share office including phone tM
Larsen Home & Loan Ci. '
164 S. Cot. I St. Ph. 3-838 Eve. 3-7444 ;
Wanted to Kent
YOCNG M D and family desire 2 or
3 bdrrr tin furn nous Pn. 3-45452
WANTED 4 mom house wned :or
raifi f" 3-32'"
i.EiSEwrrh Option to bui Furr.
2 B P 1 fioo" hoaM- Phone 3 - 7344B
2 OR 3 BDRM. unluin noo-r. close
o "-ad schoo' Prone 3-76.' to
lUl'N G"COL'P LE baby need 2
helrnirriiir.furniJieJhoyc Ph 2-"5j7
A XJTTI TE two-bedrtjorn unSui4inti
ed house with a ard for occupaAfv
in Julv by workir.g couple with small
babv We will redecorate interior in
return for reasonable rent and take ,
aiMid care of sour Diooertt. Call 2-7479 ,
1 afte- r.oa-.-r. i
EVER BEE.N rlomeieut Vet. wife and
3 k.ds urgently need a 2 bedroom !
house Budget doesn t permit over luO
per mo rent. Prefer near grade school
Can vou help us' Phoaie 3-4532.
' For Sale Real Estate
Sun. 2-5 P.M. i
New 2 bdrm.. r .och style on lovely i
i sisKi-d lot Dr y fcaer.t. wrth firepiavc.
I Oil turn large room, bus by door. 4i j
! Ratcliff Dr S1I.W.
See R V UrenrPtl 2-424
i FOR iUC O RENT; Haattvwond dtst.
i t rm. hue, full fcaanl.. awd -t
1 terscrd us basck jard. lasts, at 194 I.
! Fr Sal- Real Estate
BY OWNER 3 yr. old home. 3 bed-n-i
. bath. L.R . kit., nook, uuiity. alt.
(arage inulaid. weatfieratnppeo., me
tal acreena. hd flr. Cocnpkeielv furn.
New auto, waiaber. radto-phono. coi i . b
Eiec ranee, refrte. a nd ai-uum. V.
blinds auto oil fir funvace. cor lot.
Bus by door. Close to Buah sch S2N:
oown. bal 44 5U per mo ToUl Si "SO
I'nfi rn. auto waaher A V blinds onlv
SI790 down Total M140 454 Lee Si.
NEAR LESLIE JR. HIGH SCHOOL Good 5 im. home with extra
bedrm in bml on S. H-tT't St . lo.elv
bait ard with venue Large chetrv
tree Owner leai-.rig town mu-t tell
at ka
On South Ltnc-iter D-ie leal ilose
lo penn 4 Cornem L-irge home and one
fwil atrt. Lv rn. 15n- i .u
14x14 n:ce kiti rien. hie.iklast ms'k.
i.t.hiy pr.h tt-.ree bed room ano
u he; bi.ildinars Onlv tHH' nu
Ola I Thi.nm.ii ReI Eaiate
Ph. 37SH1J tl N Capr.oi St
r UViNlK to.s tHiu ar. 65 , o
X bdrm. l.on.e LR DR. k.i.' nn. r.
. rs tud. 4klx240 lot 18 b,-a i!i!..l full
oi-mi oune Koal A . Salen
.ie.g its jit Nut ii'To. u i . Located
at -UjiO Biimr.n.f ate No. aca. t li
iir..-i-ed ic pos-s-s-ion . Contact owner
r'ika S u -tiS?
Bt OWN Eh BR i;i-ii. in. i r -doced
I72Mi wit'i S25H) d-. See a-.i -'?'!'
S 1Mb
s65o BL V t.i.s nice a bur c rn
Good loi N Friit.' R . d. . u R . A
K lt!B!r lot Flc.t and Oe: . ri. HaaMr
C .! lACKMJN Broke- P :- at"
s BR areiae. i.,-hr. aii - .-i.-v.
ood t'-! . oil foiiia. 8ZMI !('
duuii. $e? pel n.o 1175 A',.bi..i. :u
'-- -.71114
lo m 1 - Ai HE wit"; vou-e. (a aiti
and a-i.all tarn p..-: 0. pi 11. g
'0t) 7 n .le .lultta-l We-.rl Blown
R' ' n til.
STMOO - State Street
Oi-e: : v 3 bK r ir. 3
fui.e Stare St KxteHt;.; bti. r,ru
.'at .Of
SSD EnjilevxiuMl
2 Bh line l.wc! tio..; - f. rpiaie
Nice lot 5olix Tein.s i"a;. M N. on-
. r-lf
H. E. Corey Real Estate
'.Mb Hloadwav P: 2-l.i'-2 di
- 2-uin.t -..'
For ir V..irt and f.t aioo all
new U,ik lee o ta.nable New
nesa ounui t u iu t ics
:t issi
( )pen Hoij-e Sunday
:-7 p M
Cndal-na Flat's i BH. Lee LR
D R Fireplace o;l f. 1. . tris .i.aied
diile lai Immediate .Ki.p.iii.v 22n
( jiidala .a Bled Bv on net f 14 ikki
Ph 3-1241
Priate Lake
Setlusion. pttvai v timber 2 B H in
inoUein all 1 oiiv leiu e t.:epl.tce 10
Ac:e 15 11 in..te S .ie . Old ae
si-i--nc.s rau'r aciifu-e Onlv saiNxi
with 20Ot dow n
E. M. Hunter Real E-tate
77l S Com Pli 24i-f-254!-7
Open For Inspection
2-8 PM S.indav Just off Kinpiuul
H'ts Di Watch for s.gnf New le
3 BR ranch sivle 2 f..ll I) R kit ar.d breakfast no. is
Lee poicli A 2 car j 1341x137' lot
witr. a l.r., view of t'e citv Tie
in .if is 1 ,ant See it tooai
Waller Miisrrae Realtors
1211 Edajewater Ph 3-5!lritKvr 3-tas..,s.
En:levMMl Special
Fine new home at v r v reasonable
p.-tee Kxitlirn! ifi-n Pn 2-IJ..17
til OWNER 3 i n -- .c ut; -di
l,si Ctn.rnt f loo: s ' ir $2Hnn
u ' u s .'-alt 11
No- an An
st of
Three il.t-n I. I hettioo laiaie lu
ll, a loo I, VI 1 1 tl flir"i.. f lil !: i'f -I
r n' f :i p . , 1 1 r lr. l r 1 I 1 i'.ri 11
t!..o. s A ro. d'...''i h o r
v. .1 o s(- ,.n So.-tll ..- .0 ..-it own
r: an .,' St it and ..If o..i olrn
Hcl'.oi a
ls' St fi 3T6u
Eve pi. 24.S-.1 - -avhOS
Don't Mi-s
This 5 mi. n.od 'o-e F.tidwd new it iKlrin .olo .il pi,.' .t. nf
Run., n fi u k tm-fl.oe ... .1 flower 'h.x
I ot t,tl s jitti In K::lf ai.d Add
Onlv auvfio F HA lei - 1 lh5 E i -g
en I in ne 2-3.1B8 bi iMer
( ) ner I ea intr
Th.s 4 BK (...n e has ;. t been te-
'a.-tl. 1. 1 SH,-' I! r
a good f. ii ilv hon e in a drlmhtfi.l
sr'tine t .,,re to s.e to s A lost
of trees st.r..ti flo.vr:. Iro't ..nd
t cr es la.t 2 il " !'" nfi of
l'.i s.v..,v Diive A Glen 1 eek Kd
.ch Kiiia04Ml iew
Si., it nw 3 BH lam", hone
w.irdritul view lot liai s l't7 O,. of
tne '. o t !'i.,i live ho:: es vs e v aeen
I'Mfd at S18 5H4'
City Lot $HiT.
A fine toinei lot 5o x !') Paved on
tw..lh st-icet Cl'v pal k a, loss stieet
Close to eieivlfong
Waller Muirrae Realtor
12il Fdffw.lrr 1'ti 3-! Via. Fv es 3-fsi!V
$uali ii trl r:us Ii s i I'r h., n
A ihn kii house on 1 a .r A-l on-
d . t ion
$8 lAH 2 Id in. lav r n d n i i
n.M.s rnt auto o I f ' Clo to wiyO si h Call H.!f.
Iluff Real E-tate ( ...
Kf.!'i i 3-41 I ' err ekr'a St
ph :;271 Eves 3'.ea4;
We are rr.,ov to move get an offer
on our ho-, r 'Il'eie :s a jrr...n living rooi w .tti f re
plat e d'n ng roi - . Uii in wi;h tne
d'air.s nii-.K buih. orve hedruoi on
" a.r fl.a.: two ex'ia ro. . s upstairs
Verv r.,c vid with t-sn pond arid
o: tUoor Iirt pla, r v r . 'one is a
galaice Vt... van n.ake a ..d deal on
th,s o:;e afk abot it
Realtoi s
14 N High. St Phone 376eai
Five phones 2451 - 2ofOf,
M IS 1 - EI I w .lr :n r - ' 1'J a ' -o:
t bau'.ati.l I r- e at BVl Ra.t
cl.lle Dr gi rs o'f tr e n.a- kef Sacri
fice Pi ue as owner is ieavirat lnai
l" . ne 3-314
By owner Mod 2 BR h.. i.tibtv rm . l,,i 5 a
Roor rts Av Ph 2-.iU7i5
e dble
li loo
3 R. Houwe
On '. acre' Near Wa See Road'
mile Nvrth of Bridge 82750
W-llace Rd 'j nil N of Bridge
Don't Mi? Thi
3 bdrm double lot lawn in fire
place, hdwd Ills, thruoji. Large util
ttv. elec. hat FHA built and fin
anced at S244JO down So) mo irul. 4 ,
tax A ins Shown eves, and Sun. by
aPP't Ph 3-7628
BY OWNER: 10 acres in Daiias etti
tlniita. 4 rnt. mod. hon e dol aa'aate.
barn, chicken bouse, cow . S A. of
or iinasr P" 254". Da "ai
COUNTRY laving in town. 1 BR in
suLated home Fireplace. Ige lot. Gai
den Fruit and nut trees. 1 do. Lena,
sraajlj 170 W. Bush St. Ph. 2-4924
ra OwN(.R Genuine California .tile
ranch cedar paneling, llaestof.e
fireplace, breakfaal bar. 3 bedrooms,
fei t terrstce. view lot Pt 3.75.t4
aw A -X14.E r'aaature. 20 A. witn
good crop and prune drver. See to at
orecaate. tauw. Dencer. Rt. 3. Box 7ue
I ti. St. ef Liberty on SkvitneRd
Bl Oat. NER Special Price. CSocaJ
home LR. D Ige. atrtchess. Irvut
rm- utalits. bath. . fireplace, 1 II
dawn at rrna up Wired for elec. range,
elee. tx. htr. Kire shrubs ak shade
New aahcol dee bus by don
Garage II x It Xaot 44 m 1(1. a
Lauisioal Ave.
f For Sale Real Folate
- - .vi-. i-.- yytas -xumttmym
New 2 B R . home acnt Select oak Hocus thru-out Fl r-r Unoleum c-Q
kati lien floci. double s.nk wit'i ipui kits vt built-in . ' : v t At yiaie.
jto in rilird gui-e disn aino o'l be.-l elec hot w a s rsl, launsti r
t-.. wide cement drive lot Sox 12 He. dv li r garden a; J la era tia ;e planiaiL (45 hi pvnent. F H A 2 blocks Mutt, on HuKe. liiaiii ttsnlilt IH ,
1 block eal to 2 .5l Peek Ave
Open House
Sunday & Monday
By ouner- '2 Ijte. U.K.. den. L.R.. D.R.. 162l Lr.
Kit., hreakfact iuuk. Ule. :ar. All pUtteretl. Full
lsint. plastered vitli fireplace, le. heated with elec.
heat. Built to E.H. . spc-V Price $lt.c0O. Drie up
Kintood Dr. H(K) ft. Turn leflto open h-e. sin.
Sullian & Taylor Htmiehuihler.. I'h. tr 2-
SI Mm 2:00
ir.70 NORTH
JviM t'n pirlrj
t 4.. tli i f M i kr '
1t ilOM.f Mil
CtJ-al'i datr hen .ir.cJ ium
lr?drif v. L . a : 1
v ith .-.r nrr b:
L'f Saut trill M It'
M i fUlt Mi aftJ A IVie I": on -r
I ukv fgstiiilv It
ft your
228( E VIRc;ROI M)S RD.
P .2587
( , R A B E H 0 R
10 ac:e loiattd on paVcJ load 4
: i ! i ii.i w-tn Iirru:a. :.;.:v in.
toe a'alaCl tlalti a'ld v. .re.i 'ln't
'. i. nor' i .ill . lai circK alio 1,'i.bei
f: lie III' '14'.
5 al . dialed on Ma, lial .a. I 7 tn
.1 .-1 r . I ,:. : n a o lr t ' . f.t . 1 " 'i
. - a itt.ria' t. - c ' . a : . B .1 . t ...
F'-iie lt'l-t'
ai luatid at Surge ij.od 4 in.
t.n.e vv .1 ii i : ha . a ..'us
. : I o u s a. I I . ' . ' 1 a . '
-. i a- a-i i tl so. r.4 . pm'-l
,', a r pr i r 8 i ! lH-t-
I all 4. M. I. I alirhiiui t I :
Cli EH R Y
11 ii i
;i.. t .. : i
i . .ii-
vou ail
211 : t
l,a...:. r
l . Ir.l . i
o' , a J i
a .nn
Pi lie it' 'kti
134 S I.l. tv SI F 'Hone i
Eve" 4 Sui iC a. vi tall
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diilonmg Ph 2-8804 415 W .. v lie Il.
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E A Mi' LA ' F 1 I N
EDW . A. DCK Realtor
'Xif, N C'oit.i! erilal S i if I
Phones 2-5211 - 2il-2uJ - 2-mhVi - 231441
foi so I. Hie' 2 tieci-ao" t.i. i- e -Aith
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lain. No 8.4
Multiple Listings
Reimann For Real E-tate
2H! S. otr, St i'h 3-Vaxiil
S . n A Fit 2-3738 2-8.4! .i-5'm5
Absa.lutely the fines' hon e and the
est bus in Salem Hot wa'er heat
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loom and You never regie!
see.rg this fine l-.ou.e. ii'.'jO FHA
250 N High St Phone 2-412S
MOUFhN 2 BDRM ho . o.i latge
turner lot. Hwd. firs fr fain, fur
lotufe if desired W:il take trailer
lose for down lavmrit Mav
-um set loan Call 2--K19
Do You Need Room if
Vie have good 4 BR. hi. se close
m on south side, good transportation
Close to schools Ow ner asks Statau ou
We want our offer.
Goodwin and McMillm
PH J4707 - 444 Court-Eve 27243 - 24773
4 room house, elec. svater stern,
close to as-f.ool A city bus. north. Pint.
pos . easy terms close m on hwy
Quick sake SZ3S4). See this.
Iaooney 3. .MojAei
331, Stale " Kh 3-473
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BY OWN aM : J rms. a nam. uarai
house. Elec heat and wa'er heater, 'a
acre with garden. S25oO ca.ti and 4 2450
tmrvs IJK) Shady I Jane Ph. 2-S74J.
Cany bttle 1 Br. home, firepUee.
modern, year around spring. 2' ascrea
4 male out but really nace. S-4a5aj. Call
K rainy Hill.
Large let. Urge I K . PR.. Kitch .
Frkft. txosrk. 3 BK.. bath. hdw. ftrs 4t
plasiered dble, garage, a. CaU
Kenny HiJl.
Huff Real Estate Co.
4l CAhenarfcexa
PSV. 14x211
For Salr Real Estate.
P.M. 7:(K P.M.
in exil-iMfta FAST MOKILANI) Ii 1 him
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2-4. H
Ph 1-351
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2.-7t' t UI'i S t Ixjintaa. built IMl.
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J Box 3ni B Nalltifci'le Ct en awa
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Puiil tfght Jaa M 2:rid -it Ph. J-S734
... 2-5i44l
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im h.e Pli, mlaing St wiling
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' aire
N 1 1 1.
!esS S
W. Reeve Realtor.
t on l
fn 3 IV44I Eve S lfMat
s Gi wirE
a j in her nusbar.d who
ar yiret toiast sell
la a jtv attiaiitive
t ... lamll'aoms. t.t.llty
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home fust I'
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aseu'ned 7ota
take good lar
H 'al'ma
149 N S' Phone 3 7 a
It p:.ns asii5 - 245sJ
h OW.NF.H '.'. iimnf, Cauda laaria .,
Haft- Nst I itn. Ige LR. I" H
k.tihei. arid n i Dble garage aul.
t,.l tun.aia lar '' 4fa Alice Ave Out
- ( om'i , turn west at D-airy 4M-n.
pi r.r .'-44tifc
sr.W 2 BR all electric. Cla'-e to
diwntowi. Ssju'Ii Lawn in A- shade
tiaas Coristoer irir trade Prat S14I.
iua finer -imlav 'hr it LefrLe
WHY FAY ren" I "nr.: ' V bji Gar
den Road. 12x. $1ZV dn.
like tent
4 B R bouse earner Wat. N. L.k-eitjr
St. SlMKi cash Balance ter.-r.s.
H. C. Shields
Ore (on B4dg Ph 3 MA
W hv Pay Rent
se,e3fi. Nrs Siiniiiau, S rrr.s wills
utility rm. HvlaJ flra. A 'taw. r.r d gar.
Large lot Best of garden soil, frijili
C. V,'. Reeve Realtor
43 S Coml.
Ph 3 454b Eve 2 fr5a$
2 bdr-rr. home. Cl'aaysj In with tstra aa.
lot AHaiif-ed garage Cluse to I ua.
sUare a school. rVell worth teatuO.
NEW $3r00
An estra we J bailt home, with full
baaantnat. Ilec'ri- heat, weather strip
lied and axaa.i'a' 1. Attached gairge.
Iirtuard poaa. f H A. Fusauace. A iiico
Heres a read b iy. Owssr forced to sell
at taiace. Excel muraeg naaaer. New
eauipoerat. Long leaao. ver t re-.,i,e ks
rent Ternas. Ta'ai awtcw ooly $i.a if
yo.a are snteTeat'edl in Uao foual b . reka.
here as a SVeal you baits beon w s.tuvaT
AI Iitaak A Co. Realtor
iMeariber M-r'tifaks Laaslruf Bureast) -25
?arlland ffrt
MM Ceo. JU473. 33554