The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 26, 1949, Page 9, Image 9

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    rAu Revoir
Party For
Dr. ar.d Mrs. John R. McNich
las were honored at an au revoir
party Wednesday night when Mr.
and Mrs. Sara Speerstra enter
tained at dinner at their Rote
street home. Dr. and Mrs. Mc
Nicholas and daughters. Kathleen
nd Marilyn, are leaving Satur
day for Los Angeles, where he
will be with the Ross-Loos clinic
He has been associated with Dr ;
Carl W. Emmons in Salem. !
Covers were placed for Dr. and ,
Mrs MeN'icholas. and his broth-i
er-in-la-A- and Mstcr. Mr. and Mr 4. '
Milton Secor. who are here from,
Plymouth, Mich , Dr and Mrs. j
Horare an J Mr. and Mrs ,
Club Members
Hear Chorus cluT-, mef-ig at
n"Kn on Wednesday, heard the 6th ,
giade chorus from Garfield st hool j
sing Mrs. CIpmi ?!:"oi rr i k v. as
in charge of the program and Mrs.
Iiene deLi.-le pit-aide al the busi- ;
iif vs portion of the meeting. Mem- ;
Ijecs were invited t i the installa- .
t ion of the ff.ra!!is club Jul, 2.'
aitd Mrs. Marit I.'r.g. Mrs Winrue
JVttvjohn. Mrs. h H Kennedv.
Mis Kthel Lau. Mrs. Glenn Mr
(Vmic k, Mrs Donald Reinke. Mrs.
Walter Barsch and Mrs. deLisle
will be among those attending
Installation for the Salem club
was announced for June 1
Broiled Dinner
At Clear Lake
A broiled dinner demonstration
wss presented to members of the
Clear Lake home extension unit
en Friday by Mrs. Naomi Massee.
Mn Arthur Sorensert and Mrs.
Jack Chapm, at the home of Mrs
Floyd Herrold.
The following newly-elfH ted of
ficer were installer! by Mrs. Jack
Chapm, past chairman: Mr. A. A.
Ficheilerger, chairman. M; . At
thur F.vans. vice iha:rnnn; and
Mi Robert Asbury, s retary
Tiit group will enter t-tiii their
families at p,ii, i i ttu- home
f Mi, L J Oiai.iti .,n Ji.i.- IT.
Piano Recital at
Mott Home
Mis James S. Srr, irt will pre-a'-iit
her puno pupils in ietltl
t nii;ht at the country home ot
Mis James V Mu't at 7.-na. at
t o'clock. Students taking part in
the piogram .will le Patty Iu
Wural, Allan MeLvsner. Kennie
Potii sU.n. Ruth ( aiifsmi ami
We Present a Gay
Collection For a Most
Important Weekend
K boating, polling, b-erry-pcking or jwst lolling is yovr forfo
this holiday weekend you will want to see owr alV-Hvcivstvo
collection of casuals created by designers with a flair for
making yow look prettiest, comfortably. Budget-priced ree
dy for your selection mwI
' TTDne flalleirnne
305-315 Court Salemr Oregon
Phon 3-3808
Beverly Mott. M. P. Smart wfH
sing a group of numbers during
the evening.
An informal reception wQl fol
low the program. Mrs. Kenneth
Carlson will pour and Mrs. Julius
Meissner will serve the cake. The
rooms will be decorated with bou
quets of spring garden flowers.
Mrs. Walker
Is Elected
Mrs. Bert A. Walker was elected
presiaent of American Legion
auxi!iary, 136. at the meeting held
Tuesday night at the Salem Wo
man's clubhouse. Officers elected
to serve with Mrs. Walker for the
convng year are Mrs. Samuel Har
bison, first vice-president; Mrs.
Carroll Robinson, second vice
president; Mrs. E. Jack Simkins,
recording secretary: Mrs. Ira L.
Cm oft. corresponding secretary;
Mrs. Ed w srd Klippert. treasurer;
Mrs Abraham Friesen, chaplain:
Mrs. Joseph diFihppi. historian;
Mrs Wayne Perdue, sergeant-at-arm:
Mrs Marian Judd, Mrs.
Krertf-rick Rowe and Mrs Elvin
E Thwma. executive committee.
D-i'at!--, elected to the tafe
convention to be held Silem in
August wt-ie Mrs. Judd. retiring
president, Mrs. Bert Walker and
Mrs. Cairo!! Robmsnn. Alternates
Little Strangers
Time to Study Habits of Moths and
Help Decrease Insect Population
By Maxine Buren
Sttnian WofTian EJ "r
It's getting along very close to moth time.
Lucy Lane, specialist on such matter over at Oregon State offers
the fo!lovvuig suggestions on the subject of moths, their habits, and
their tare.
She says:
Actually, clothes moths never .
stop working in well heated i
houses, but the warm weather I
months are normally the season
for extensive moth damage in neg
lected woolen garments. Infre
quently worn and soiled clothing i
are most likely to be damaged. j
For th it closet, trunk or drawer
space where woolen clothing Is 1
hung or stored, the clothing spec- j
ialist recommends a thorough '
spray job using a 5 per cent DDT
residual solution. If the solution
i a non-staining oil. it may be
sprayc rtueitly on clothing A:'.h
Oiit h;i i m
Clot' i; ss well as clo-e t
! unk v ; IU. h isc' a' ds it.t I jdmg
w.v k and ere vices must be cov
ered for complete protection
M-ss Lane (oints out th it moth ,
eg-; hatfh in five days af'er 'nev
are laid by the adult temale. Thus i
tine is .hort bete-n exposure
and time in which damage may be!
'i.r- i, ii 1.-4 protective measures l
j (
are Mrs. Leslie Beard, Mrs. Csrle
ton Roth, and Mrs. . Jack Sim
kins. Mrs. Caroll Robinson. Ameri
canism chairman, and Mrs. Theo
dore Ullakko. presented a flag to
the Camp fire girls group, which
the auxiLu.-y sponwrr Plana were
made for the Memorial day parade
and wreath. Mrs. Samuel Harbi
son, chairman of the poppy com
mittee, announced her captains
and their stations for the week
end. She also was in charge of the
program and introduced Miss
Hat tie BratreL who gave a talk
and showed colored slides on her
two years stay in Germany. At the
social hour. Mrs. Theodore Ullak
ko and Mrs. Clifton Mudd poured.
Miss Nancy Brown of Sacred
Heart Academy will be sponsored
by the auxiliary to attend Girls
Cosmis Dance
On Saturday
On Saturday, May 2 the Cos-1
mis club will hold its monthly
dance in the Mayflower hall. The
music will be furnished by Claude
Bird's orchestra
Chairmen of the committee are
Mr and Mrs. Alfred Domogalla.
Assisting are Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Dumles. Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Monismith and Mr. and Mrs.
Claude San?.
are taken. Larvae, the moth
"worms," eat the woolen fibers;
not the adult moths
Likely places for moth to de
posit eggs are in pants cuffs, col
lars, pocket flaps and gument
With a residual type DDT spray,
larvae hatched after the actual
spray operation will be destroyed
by coming in contact with dried
spray left on walls or clothing.
Although a white film may form
on clothing, it will brush away
readily when the clothing is to be
wm. Miss Lane states. Protec
tion from residual type DDT
spiays will last for months de
pending upon expsure to air and
how often the wood a oik is clean
ed Ket .ene base DDT is inflamm
able. Fumes are dangerous when
breathed or allowed to come in
contact with the skin. Miss Lane
Pleasant Point Pupils Note in
Pleasant Paint school U bow a part of the Salem school district as a result af the recent school eon
solidaUon election. .XocaUd on a byroad back of the state prise annex, the one-room school has
IS pupils, shown studying above. They are Oerry Halaeth. Dennis Chastaln. Nancy Barnes. Tiaaothy
Halve th, Raymond' Chaalaln. Sharon Windland and Chad Cos. all in primary gradea. In upper grades
are Janvea Castes. Waoda Boatwtight. Wayne Wind I and, Yvonne Bra oner. Darlene Wlndland. William
Mayes. Vernon Cosies, Phyllis Boat w right, and Evelyn ZlsteL Instrnetor is Mrs. Doris Mix. (States
man photo )
jSilverton Society
Installs Officer
In Su nday Service
SILVERTON Installation of
newly-elected officers of the
Women's Society for Christian
Service was featured at the Sun
day morning service at the Meth
odist chureh Retiring president is
Mrs. Harry Jit-hes.
Taking office were Mrs. Albert
Orinde, president; Mrs T. ft. Ko
bart. vice president; Mrs. Burton
Pair ott Uaoea doilies with
beet dishea whea company somas!
Be sure k make enough to daeo
rate buffet, small tables toot
Large doily U IS inches im No
y) cotton; small is IS lushes. Pas
tern 711; sroohet directions.
Laura Wkeeter's improved pat
tern makes neodlework so aiaaple
with ita aharts, photos snd eonatee
Send TWaWTT CENTS t eoins Sse
thu Pttrm to the OrMon SuImhim,
Ndl-iaft Di. S4S W. Randolph ft.
(hii-aa 80. Ol Print ptataly PATTER ft
with ZONK.
Find a faartnating hobby In our
t aura Whftln Nredtccraft Catalof
.SVnd fiflrn ornta for IOC ttluatratiooa
of nwt Sicn ttiat bcinnara find
raay. ftpt pcrTar . . . crochet, kntf
l:n(. iiroiilet. tovt. Soil. hMM
h'vtd and wnmil acceaaorira Free
w-rao qu'lt pinrin printed in book.
Hosn9ruS4d Milk
10 Milk 6 Milk
Cottago Ckooo
Chsxidax Ch4
Croaam 1
D- ; : - - - - -,. v , . . -.
ZfTi r- 1 j - r
V': i 1 ' - z- :
Jack, corresponding secretary;
Mrs. r. X. Sylvester, recording sec
retary; Mrs. Jt. A. Montgomery
and Mrs. M. J. Hahn, church re
lations and activities, secretary;
Mrs. Roseoe Lanslcy. missionary
education; Mrs. B. r. Browning,
superlntcavdeat of ahlldroa'c divi
sion; Mrs. Karri son, superintend
ent of Youth division; Mrs. Harry
Riches, secretary of literature and
publications; Mrs. Id Porter, sec
retary of spiritual 111, and Mrs.
Z. A. Unlay, seoretar? of sup
ALBANY John Dwane Olenn
wood Smith, tl, and Margaret Lee
Crockett, 10, both of Brownsville,
have obtained a marriage license
from the Linn county clerk. John
Darwin Bros tow. 11, and Antoi
nette teaise Ncyes, 18, both of
Detroit, have also been granted a
marriage lleenee.
oso stop
And Four Bulck did whan It was now and brske linings
uawora and ovarythra4 (aotory-tigbt and fresh.
Bwt Wako UaUga w oar IIiiU frow dim with tlms
siros oan loss thoir bit and traotloo.
And with a whole sunssnor's driving ahead, what
bottor tiaa tbaa this to brinf your Buiok book to new-oar peak
in all thoso d tails that moaa so much to safety?
m3 mi i ,
Check your car
i ay mmrd tmtwty mrwi
tuHam mm canwlr f era aJaSiiB
lar-eman aaryif Stia atoaali ee
TWy Bat mm eS
yea Se Sank
trmkt bgJtftf Sef WWW
aVftanafMSaf OonfWsEAranV aaManf saansV-fJnaaVSF
&tTWf9 AnaVflasnT f VaTaVaSaWsjaVcf WH0OTt9
S aare ym laily HSet h aefaty
Salem District
I I a ami, n ),..- w- ,
Rickreall Grange
Program Friday
RICKREALL National Music
week will be observed by the
Rickreall grange with a varied
musical program at S p.m. Friday,
May 17, with all grange mem
bers snd their friends invited to
attend. Refreshments will be
FAIRFIELD, III , May 15-(-Eaet
Shelton, third of five broth
ers involved la southern Illinois
mob warfare during the prohibit
ion era, was shot and seriously
wounded Tuesday night.
Salem Elks lodge will oonduct
Initiation of new officers Thurs
day nlghtA turkey banquet will
follow the eeremonles.
on a dims.
sy"! f i s ."-. i a mm w-m m.m s z- h ;jm y a aT" m esaa -w -m-. m vm. , - m
" tho salesman promised f ' , , I
and leave nine oentt change! S' ' t ( I
The Stnlsininn, Solom. Orsxjoa. Thurdrff May ii. t(f j
Official Says
ML Angel Tax
Problem Acute
MT. ANGEL Budget Commit
tee Chairman John T. Bauman In
vited members of the Mt. An eel
Business Men's club to offer ways
and moans to keep the city tax
levy under the 30 -mill level in a
meeting Monday.
Bauman said his committee, af
ter weeks of work, had been un
able to keep the budget within SO
mills. He said new vapor lights
to be installed along Main street
woutd cost $109 a month for five
years. He also cited the proposed
sewage system improvements as
another additional but necesssry
Club President George Schmidt
reported on the Cascade High as
sociation meeting in Silverton and
a later meeting tn Portland with
the highway commission
Barney Klrsch was welcomed as
new member of the Farmers Un
ion warehouse, and rcslgntng Man
ager S. C. Sohmltt received vote
of thanka for his olub work.
Louis Shaw extended thanka to
business houses for prises offered
for UesnW nose Odyf
For fetor, Smsorirtr SVki
S ar Sf CO)
orf- I iffiXth iiiTTTi I
Our men, trained In Rulok ways, will tfjre you brskoo
that stop you as Buicka should, with now brako
linings that are rifht in size and brako drums turned
to perfect round.
They can replace sealed-heem hcadlffhta to f ve
you new-bulb brillianoo and while they're at it
check battery, voltage, wiring and headlamp
aim to boot.
They'll check tires, switch them as needed, look Into
wheel alignment for easy steering. j'
In a word, they'll renew your Buick wilb the same csro
and interest they would lavish on their own
and do it at no greater cost than for just
ordinary service.
So drop in. Cet set for some summer fun that's up
to lively Buick standard.
to players in the opeoinf cam
of the Willamette valla? league)
in Mt. AngL
Roll Roofing
Top Quality
Bottom Prises
41 lb.
medium .
SS Us.
hocrey -
koavr ..
0 Hv
urksood roll la
ohidoo svosls cmd scmsot
lor appUoartlocu All wolgbis
Phono 3-9205