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Accent Was on Effort in Annual State Track Meet at Corvallis
s tose (Bap on YamiEs
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8 Th StcriMman. Salm. Oregon, Monday. May 23. 1949
T! rn photo. Uken hj Don Din. of th KUUsnuin. show that tb sreent wu on effort f Jenon traiUnc. Klxr this on by a whisker. Ijb No. 4. Brock is shown noslnc
Saturday at Corvallis in the tZr4 SUte Prep Trark nseet. In photo No. 1. Salem's ! RUs for the win in the 1 yard dash, with Salem's Jenaon (far left) finKhinc sixth.
. "Brilliant Botz" Covalt h shown bein nipped at the Upe by Peterson of Lincoln But In No. 5. Rices is arain nipptnr Brack In the ZZt. In No. . Jefferson high's Jim
and McCirew of Medford in the 446. In No. t. Albany's Georfe (Janior) Simon Grimes is pirtnrrd winning the Una B S89 ran. Jim and his brother Jack were big
leaps to hi new Mate record of 22-19 in the broad lamp. Ln No. X. Med fords Riggs stars for Jefferson's third placers in the B division, largely threngh the efforts of
and Washington's Brock fight to bit the tape first in the relay, with Salem's Jim ! Riggs. Medford won the 1ai. A title. In ion high was B champ.
Senators Split WdWd Wennatelhiee, Hit Koad;
Bevos Syirprise Oaks7 Girab tDoyiblelheadleir
Olson Wins 5th in Opener;
Chiefs Nab Nightcap, 15-2
By A I IJghtner
The run Senator? bi ke even in their pair with the Wenatchee
Chief-, tit Waters field it.t nifht. c-jping Sfhe opener ln seven
iiirnr.ds 6-4. on Big Jim 01n fifth straight irneund victory of the
trn-u. hut losing the mghtpa in one of those -;Wirs tern International
league "tilings" that pop up every now and then, 15 to 2. Rained out
of ore of their four rabies with Charley Petersen crew, the Salems
finished on the nhort end of the M-rief count, 2U, thus dropping their
firt ene of the season.
Man.iKer Bill Beard and his second placer took off for Spokano
imir.ediiiH ly following the bill, and open a stand w ith the Spokes
tonight Hay Mr.'ult uili ke on the mound for Salem.
OIm.ii nad a U i U. and hard pull before landing hit win in last
night s j prner. There uer six ei rors behind hitn .for the worst Solon
defen; i,- vtjnt of the iampa:gn. But there were.'two double plays also
numljeis 29 and 30 and they came right when needed mostly to
snuff out Wenatchee thiet.ts.
Ol'i.n allowed cirht hits .walked three and Whiffed three He also
to..ed if t i e of the mx. mistutf. When the Chiefs finally did get to
him foi a iun. they v.eie 2-0 behind in the third inning
Salem had stoi ed twice in the first off slim righthander Bob
Bitae on Hud I'etei son's loiig double to rightcenter, an infield hit
bv Kay Oiteig. a wa!k. B b Cherry's and an error on a bad
throw by the left fielder Wenstchee s run in ithe third came w hen
Ci.wie Ha.-kel! singled. Bmi Peterson erred and Big Nick Pesut's
bliKlgeon rn.iced out a sin.'' '.
1 he Solon bourxeii iiht back r"--;5 -
In ireir ruiJt ot tne lor u run
on Hud I Ytei son's hard s.rifcie to
left arid consecutive solos by Or-'
t :g ai.d Vadey. S.iU-m made it
t-1 nt,ti k t rid of Hi uce in the
I rixc'f m the fouith on four
walks, a s.n'i rfice and an error
Wetiali hi e had time bobbles
triem-i to make i! a" wholly in-r-rtistic
i ;.s.-ie brir'.gir.g in lefty
1-eioy Stevens. Ray Orteig's long
ti.ple t" e: er and V'isit s single
I ;he sixth Salem run In
Juniors to Romp Tuesday
The annual City Junior high track and field meet, involving Par
rish. Leslie and West Salem athletes will be held Tuesday afternoon.
storting at fonr o'clock on Oiinger field. The meet was originally plan
ned for Thursday, but has been moved up. Competition in ?th. 8th and
9th grades will be held separately.
By virtue of their win orer ParrWh In the dual meet last week.
Leslie's first 9th grade trark win in history over Parrlh. the Southern
i Rockets will be favored to come through for the title in that division
! Tneoday. The Pioneers, however, look like the class for the 7th and
Hal Saltznian,
Liska Victors
Raf f ensberger
Gets 1-Hitter u
Brave Tie Gianti for -V
National League Ieatl :
f - i
NEW YORK. May 22-4Vm-Ken :
Raffenbcrper, veteran lefthander,
of the Cincinnati Reds, knocked j
on-the dcr cf baseball's rnvthical j
hall of fame todav and !for th
third time in two seasons ,ivas de
nied srrvyltance. f
R;s f t t r-er turned back th
BrcH-kHr Plttrj!, 2-0. on one hit.
The hr;'-dv et had a no-hitter eo
ine i-c eichth inning when'
Oil 1:hth hit a lead off singls
to iett Ijist year Rafferjsbergf r !
mtchci two one-hitters jj fig.iinst
the St. 1 ins C.rtiinals. '
T4ie stellar performance r a vpel
a !nn; if 19 straight Brooklyn.
victoii m Cincinnati. The Reds
had ret downed the Dodders on
N rrif lot sini June 22,
Local Softball Season
ueis diariea i onignt
Salem's 1949 City Softball campaign gets under way tonight at
Leslie park with two games, starting at eight o'clock. The Marine Re
serves and Randle Oils, two of the eight teams making up the one City
circuit this season, have the honor of kicking off for the lonn cam-
1 j paign, in the eight o'clock game.
Morris Closer
To Ace Title
Lynn Morris put a tighter
squeeze on his lead in the hole-in-one
derby being held at the
Salem Golf club in conjunction
with the annual Elks Tourney
by dropping a shot 2w Inches
from the cup.
Morris was leading for the
S50 grand priie before his closer
one with a 14'. .-inch try in the
first week of the contest. Ilis
latest effort won him the 55
cash prize in the fourth week
The hole-in-one competition
will close Sunday at 1 p. in.
with another $5 prize offered
for the closest in the final week.
The Paper Mills take on Camp-
j bell Rock Wools in the second
! game, at nine o'clock.
League games will be played
. Monday. Thursday and Kriday
I nights every week until mid-Aus-j
ust. On Tuesday night of this week
; 12th Street Food Market i lavs
: Golden Pheasant and Knights of- their
Columbus olavs Mootrv Pharmacy. 1 194
Announced rcters for the teams
are as follows:
Randle' Oil
L App'fe. c
Enoch Maeri, p
Glrn Rlanton. lb
John D..U. 2b
Fud Crais",
Don Hrrirv. 3b
A Crro. If
B-an C'arrcm cf
lers Maitin. rf
i Bert C
I Glen Jones, p
Jim Jqua. lb
Vcum MtUod Sb
Turn Aker.
Frank Carrutn. b
Jim Wilon It
Go. Wilkencon cf
R. Pearsall. rt
il SXtt II
II i-T,IaT7 II
I. u linger c
ri if Koth. p
D.k Hendrif lb
Pete Valdez. 3b
Tern WarTn. m
Wairen VIde. Sb
Jiv Bl. If
Bob B.iley ml
Frank Ean if
Food Mirkrl
Darieil lew i c
! P. Wirikeiiwerclei p
Buz O Rellly lb
Bill r.ent7ko. 2b
Ken Hot s
Bern Cenljkow 3b
Hud C'litk. If
Stan Tcreiii cf
Jo UiKivky, rl
Paprr Mill
Don Varier m 1 . c
Fib Knight p
tony Pridente lb
John Pane. 2b
IHan Paului, 3b
J Hunt, ss
C.ordon Morris. If
Ralph Madtlv. cf
Merrill B. )e. if
(.cldrn I'hrasant
ii, WehRer (
Wnni Miller p
Jin: VVter? lb
Oiv Mull. 2b
F!i 1 Hilev. ms
.'.. k DeH.. ,1b
W Wfultfit. if
(-ri;ll C.ralH-r. cf
Fi lioatTiin. rf
PORTLAND. Mav 22-ii-
tth grade sections.
Jim White. If
Brupr Wien,r. i f
r. na'r.iiiiit rf
Rank Wfirn u
Larry Wnno. u
J irr Hfnn . c
.T;'t Ratlins p
( A I'ple '.4t, II
h I Hld-ti I''
f N v4 ri .
Licr H w i ..I)
Al WirkuY, If
Ji-hn Hi.f ft t. if
Vince Ge'nn.t : f
Cilhe Wllllan,. i,
h t .kr, u
Waltons Book
Meet Tonight
A i. mean Chicago at Wash
ington miifht Gurhpert " 2 -3 v
Hanes it-0. C'l ei-riri at Philadelphii.
' night i Wynn P-f'i v McCanan
(1011. St Iu: at New Ycrk m:Ehl
Carver il-l) v Ipat 14-01
,! jj-' : r3Smmmssi
J The regular meeting of the Isaak
I Walton Lagu of America. Salem
! rhantrr will kald tonieht atart-
; . u .k. t 1..-. I at Bntton
lOK Bl e-iatllt V W n til hit e j (2jj
; Den. Chapter Secretary Lynne Aaiionai learue
i n.mi.ll miMli Al! rnemher Bickfnrd S-2
i j v. . I Or 'x Ban e herfu,ed
lit uiirru iv jv t i ti, iz j . . .
amendment Is to be made to the I
constitution in there will be an interesting
After the regular business meet- i program, according to Darnielle.
Giar 1 3-1 ) v Kinder
Botton at Cn.iiiK'
vs. Dubiel 1 1-3
: -
l r:iK v
the six;
W en,
fifth i o
kell ar.ii
I'erut s
the dish
a a i k
l.ce tallietl t'itc ir. the
r ;:eld hits b Clde Has
Ma! Rhytie. an ei rr-r and
n.gie. The i i .efs i nteti
.i;a.ii in the on
aiK'tlier of the always
tiesent tiiii: and t"i:nt t'amer
t ii's dr-tibie to center.
The less raid sbout the second
game the belter. The Ch efs lit
Into Si.i ter Johnny Hi.riti with
a rage and banged :(. oiu runs
in the first frame on s, f its, a
lilt tiil'tnan and thiee v;ks Bi
aiito wit ptilled w ;th i r e i i.t and
five runs ,i Ciene Fete i s n fe
lieAed. but tfore iie tou i couse
the die tie seen ;.ti! -Aere
at ross
Ti t Chiefs kept rut t t n pasting
F'etervon ar.d pickei runs
in the mu ml, thiee ti Tie fifth,
trie ii, tiie xth anti two ir; the
H'Vtnt'i 1 f. . uist two i: ririv
eruii'K .-s b r. mrn r:. !r. former
Seiiati i atui V. ;i5amette C -athlete,
w ith a tei i if c ,.ne-d: sn e f . me run
far o t i th' ifcht-t er:: f
Alt Str-,ei the Chiels li.roi ut
lh hits, nrui seeii -(U doolies
S-i n, in ti.e moaiitin.e i i..i tit
little with lefty Cn Gteeiilaw the
WIL t'.. who biveett aiof g
nieely and looked like he p tent
Cyrus of I'liwa' ria ,
Tht tiowd tf -"'"it
Tie of t'.e Urtest of tf.t seasoo.
Mai shall. Giar.ltt
Zernial. Whll ii
Kiner P. rate
Kn .,1 CardiDa!
DiMiii-iii. Rtril Sox
Kl. Tiirera -
O AB R H Pet
30 89 3S XI 371
30 123 20 4? 6
32 115 19 41 356
IS 101 12 3.V.
2S 10 JJ :tT 349
32 134 24 4 343
W L Pet W L Pet
Yaknv.a 24 5 2f Victor 1a 13 17 .4311
Salem 17 11 R0 WenaTehee 12 18 0t : AJ Alle
Varu tu.vr 13 13 Stm Spokane 10 17 370 : stn Partt.n. p
Port- Bremer tn 14 lfi 467 Tacoma 12 )9 37 Clirk Kletker. 2b
l-.r, nmiri Oakland in the fir-t . i.dn rtfui'o i ssifm ei we.iai- Mav. ID
lunt. nipped UaKland in tr.e Iir-t 4.,5 A, Spokane 12 aki.r.a 14 Sammv Cowiii.
game. J lo i, ann men won me ,s.,,.nf jarr. cn pa rtit1 At Brem- Frank Albrieh. 3h
nightcap. 4 to 1, today for a sin- rti,n 2-.V Tacoma 1-3. (Only game
prise doubleheader victory that scheduled )
cleaned up their Pacific coast base- COAgT leagi e
ball league series. Portland won; w i. Pet w l Pet
the feries three games to two. HolKwod 34 22 .ur Seattle 27 482
The home team got onlv fix San Die:o:i0 24 5Smi-ramnto 25 27 4V
hits off the Oakland hurlers in 0ahUn() z8 27 Portland 20 32 35 1
the first contest, but all were Otia Sunda- results: At Lo Angeles 3-4 I
base blows. First Baseman Vince Sacramento 4-3 At Seattle 6-2. Hoily- I
Shune trot three of the five doubles wood 5-6 At San Francisco 11-7. San
VP? ?? inree 01 me me cioiiDie. Portland 3-4. Oakland ,
and Eddie Basinski poled out his 2 , F ;
third homer of the season.
Portland s Hal Saltzman scatter- national IEAC.i e j
ed the se en Oakland hits in post- vv I. Pet w l;Ptt
,.,ir v. f,.K , .t tK. r u New York 18 12 613 PJ,ilade!pb I. t '"1 TTlPTI AMI
ing his fifth win of the year. He oi,,.i.,.h n m I OK I l-A.NU
fanned four and walked thiee HiookUn 17 15 531 st lxii 12 17 414 cellar club of the Pacific cna.-t
batsmen. Cincinnati 16 15 516 Chicago lo ir 3S7 baseball league hae acquired tw
The cellar dwelling Beavers amv results y '
. , St. l.ouis 3-4. At B!"r, 1. C ' eiifi. i
broke ti e scoring ice in the tnst j At Brook in 3-c C:m-i-int, -2 A
with one run on doubles by Shupe Philadelphia 6. Pititureu 5 i-nuid
and Johnny Pucker. The wrapup am rained out 1
of the game came in the Portland ) AMERICAN i.faoiE
fifth when Basmski homered and wi.Pct -j Fit
Shupe. after getting his third New York 19 in 6.'5 Wahintn r. 11, ." i.'
double of the game, scored on Les Philadelp 18 14 576 Boston 14 14 St1
Scarse-lli, V fumhlini? t f Rut ker' ' Detroit 16 1 5 3 16 Cleveland 1115 413
carseiias ti nut her a Chicago 16 15 S'.f st i.uis a 22 29f
grounder. 1 Sundnv reult Al Ott-oit 2 Bo-t,n
Veteran Ad Liska scattered eight , 3 At t. Iuiv New V.. k
Oakland hrts but was lifted in the Jv'la"d. t3. '. .P,;'.la:,'i"h'a 5"7' A'
II1CK" ' . niiiria. itii
Beavers Add
Two Players
Brooklyn won the opener. 3-0,
behind Don Neweombe St ho mado
Ms fust maior league statt.
Mc,-!iwhi!f the Bostot, Praxes
tied th New Yoik Oiants; for first
place ;" t'-e National leacue. beat
ing the Chnaeo Cubs-. 72. while
the Oii.r ts div il-tl a doi.ib'eheader
with the Cards .The C.dt wort
the firt v;,mt ?-2. on S'ip Mu
ialV thrrt-rtin homer fenti th
Giant the finole. '3-4
The Fhi'iadt lt'hia Phillies eelgetl
the Pitt'burpH Pirates. 6-? in Iho
first rarr.f f n sche,lihfi dnuble
hrr.iler Thf second game u
rained out
The Phil; :.delrhi; A h 1 e t I e
moved tr witv-iri two ?,imps of ths
Amet ic-an if apue's jT'-e - settmu;
New ik Yankees n ' -v swept
a doiblt ' . i.dt r from the Clex ir-l-i
nd I-"i;.n. 5.4 and V Tie
V .-i!'-' iil It header v i't the Jt.
Lot ii l n -.- ns was wathT1 out.
The "'. wu.ppetl up t night
cap , i'- a f ur-ron r-t'V in t
f i ' imrrc against !ik Garcia.
l.e'tv Mel Parnell reftime the
f:rt Arrinii-n leacncr t, t rn six'H ;,v he plteotl thf Boston
T?cd St x tr n 3-2 tw eb'e-mnin
triumi h (tr the IVtroit TiBers.
Tfe C'ni.-iri White Srx came?
from Vthind nntl wh.trinetf the
Washir rti r- Sen.-,foi. rl-4 Tl.
Sox i four times in the ninth
to w in.
Dellt It
An, 1 in jn I raeii '
i i 1 10 ceo (!
; of! s v. f et 'ai o-!; '.t
May 22 (F TI
colored playcs ftir the Portl,-,
rooster, the first in the tcan
histoiy. Genmal Manager Bill Mullita thev wcit- shortstop I
Austin and out'n liter I.i is M.u
i)iu7 l oth with tht- N'ewaik p. ,.1
yiio not w
. "e .1 2'H 11 ill'
. i t ' Fufi 1 7 1 .-,n l n- 1 ,
K iti anil (im ira. Koi
r s 1
i 1 I
d Teh-
X o
1 rievi.-,rd noo tw . -x 9! a
r 'i.4t !i .i;, 410 m ? ; ; i
Hill .. Ii.inliri Mi 7.t .3 C.i:o
-. ek 't. F.,p;l .61 and Ti.-.--. Ilrikn
7. P .it urn' Giieiia.
of tl e I'lt. t iiat'
, :ii;ue
in a ire. IKK! ceo tl t - 6 f 0
Wa-Mi tir mil riii ') - It 0
Pit ! s !,, h, , , i 7 t Sl-i. . X
Tipti 1 Mii'ti ii rt, CahrtC Si
s,eenth Oakland got two
men aboard on singles with no
outs. Helief Hurler Roy Hels-er
retired the side on two pitches.
Mi 1 D'-'t-zabciu fii'! out and then
Metkoxuh giounckd out to Bas
inski. who (cupht the n nner com- ;
ing dow n fif,m fir:-t auM then thre.v
to first to get Metko h h.
Senator Swat
was itiukht ou'iitr t f oni tie "'
York Yanktes ;i,i' l..iti-ie .
optioned ty tht C!il; iiil Indi.u.
In the !(!(: 1 'li.iiff, Hea-.r
shortstop Fr;.fk 7.V was sold out-
St I . -
H.-.-i... f
re. Si; , v
Ntlt nal I rsiir !
it (ti : !
? u a
Ul.l Out. , ( X f 0
K--lc (4i :iril l ).!': Sra
' 1 unil C;aran!j.
I'p to date)
B H Pit
B H Pet
right to ti e Sar. Ihego tt am if
the Pacific t c-t lt.,:ue tor an n.
disclosed ciish sum 7.ak I-
ininrii di.-.tely t , .u the Part. s
M.irciuez. Putit Hican native,
does not speak Fr.glish. Thev " ere
Runs halted &i National Intue j
Nob-.i.son Dwdtfiets, 26. Uxzr
27 Kte Dotljtert. 2i. Can H'iflla
I)1ri 24 i Aiji erirar, league Wi;-
fte-d SBx , .C. VXertr. Tijerf. 31 .
Mtpi.tnv Ret: S.. 3t
Hit-e r.irvs JS'at.01 ! league Sti.-e 9. Ktoef, Pirates. I. Can pan
eii ! J. Ci nien. Ciar.U. 7 ,
AioeiHar. ,ra.. S'eprmi, Red ;
H XX illiamn.k Hed ?.., t. JtK-st. Arh
iern 1 1
At this mritinc It waxn't
known how the Dick Yost-Walt
C line. Jr.. nemis duel In the Flk
links tourney title flinht came
out hot Imagine the hos were
a hit on the sleep? side toward
the end of the second 1. Yo-t
pent all of Saturday nijtht en
a train coming into Po'tland
from MoM-tw and the Northern
suit of the Gotham club's big Oakland c;i
.r. Tli lilett riu ia f'hartev P H OA
, " . . .. . . w Wi'scn 1 4 0 4 2 Bas nki 2
Keller, the KinK-Kong h ud fan: 3 3 f 1 t shu(-e 1
a number of year w as a belting Mtkvcn m 4 6 1 aThorr-
terror to American league hurl- jVsi.Rb r 3 1 1 ORuekn m
,. -t-t 1 j - ik. Pfcdttc 4 1 4 OBroviar
ers. Keller l finished at the Sca , 4 j t ower.nerl
xerv peak of -hi career because (hrstphr ! 4 1 1 6Mullen3
.,( , Dinal ailment, but then j o aourener c
niabe Charley in lock at that. jft"tt,p10.
B H Fi t wpetun 120 30 25 ! due Ul , heck ir; with the Bea .er j
t 3 :s4 Fosrer
77 29 377 Wert
i f i Tuesday at H 'lw rrt.d
J) Portland CPttin K2 3S ETA Miller
B H OA B Petr-n 1I2 39 ,s48 XflcNulty
In the Majors
Wrat itwy ;dit Swnrim
At R H O A r Rhi
G.,idin Indbkn ; 3 112 1
Srn rid irarne J 1 I 2 t
w ,t.i r ive 4 r p 4 c
IV'iiv R.d r c 2 3
t 1 Red S. x - . C J 8 2
.'.1 er; Ciia'it. rKla 4-
st far i. , ' The Chiefs, other
tn; r- r, the .Hchn.g depar'n-.ei'.t.
ltt-k line a-' pretty solid b-l. ciui:
Ttv re httstluhg tr he i'l-rmer
St r ..ttr . -tfti tirst ker Rhyi.e kept alive his con-st-cutixe
game.; h.ttmg stick by
gettir g firsts in tt !h tilts, jialit ( -irg
the kui ;to 20 g, His
t It w ir. the opifner t'. OIm n '..s
t f tr e ches ir fie d variety. tur
w hat the heck i . .
' :"
lie isn't plagued with lateral
sclerotic which struck down and
killed one of the greatest of the i ou.bu
Yanks. Iu Gehrig .... And
then we have Joe DiMagtfo.
1 O Saltzn.r p
10 0 0
e o
1 4
1 8
0 3
1 2
1 1
e 4
o 1
0 4
, Wittier J2 35 34 : Spatter
Orteig e TP 3'HOsborn
Biareo If 3 ''no Cai lson
O'.st n 22 6 273
102 20 1P
1 143
11 1 001
1M 18 173
7 0 Or'
0 0 0i
Ralrnrdl.c 1 0
' 1 1 t O
Total S3 7 34 t TtU! M 27 10
- - - a-oETv waa s4-xj vu l jui il
whose talents have never been, -xn
nermitted to bloom fully because ! ran for Padgett In th.
. .l. . -ii. i Dueiar,u singled for SeaU in tth
meats and w hose career likely !
I 0 14 Bianco
3 1 21 Osbtjrn
3 1 17 Peter-nn
3 1 11 Miller
2 2
0 3 11
0 0 8
will be cut short by that stub
horn heel .... And remember
that critical three days Babe
Ruth himself endured with the
celebrated "bellyache"? ....
.ir Jnb fttr Rocqti
Nap Rocque. the local lad who
worked himself Into a top-Mir ht
reputation in northwest ski rir-
01 000 100-2
100 C 20 00 3
t Dtieabou filed tut for Padgett in 7th
Oakland Ml W 0 I
Portland 0l 4. -4
j Piteher IP AB R I EH SO BB
I Gavavsav . IS 4 3 4 4 3
! Liska r. 1 1 0 1
Helser 1 2 0 C 0 0
I Error - Lia Run hatted in
i Motkovich I. aor Wenner, Giadd 2
Imir.f nrleher Jnr.M i Tn fcat hit -- Brovia Metfcovich
Pitcher IP AB R K U IO BB Wenner. Gl:,dd Stolen bates Met- S 24 3 ( 2 2 3 ' kcvieh Martin. Sacrifice Hucker
ats 2 B 0 0 1 1 ' 2 Double p!av - Bainki to S-iipe
54ait7man W S3 2 7 1 4 I t-eft or bases Oakland . Portland
Errors Sears 11a. Ranr.ondi. Ba- 3 Hit b pitiher Basinki hv Ga-
ir.'ki. Th mas Rans batted in sawav. Vrnpi: es Dei ver Rnge ant!
Rjeker. Ma'tm. Baunski Two base Powell. Time 1 M Attendance -4577
hits S.'.upe 3. Rucker. ChnstODher
Brovia Hr.T-, run Ba!nski Stolen San Diego
rsfe Huiner Sacrifice Wilson
Double piat' to Basinskt to
Dor: Ie;.l leti Fuper.e golfers to a
44'j to ir over the SaU-rn
f!i olrner. at tht Salem Golf course
Sunday The meda'ed a
71. Netl Ingram waf f-i-Salem
w ith a 72.
Additional Sport on
004 030 DC II M
oio t'.n l V4 4 a
,'jim m i.titl Cottier; Reil Wllks
3-. F';.ie (Ii Meam I? i Joht,n
9i. YttMrn (V, and (7ari(iil
212 Oil i-
licst-o 001 0h
aalri ,r.f! Matl, Sehniitr Mcl.:
and N' tr.t .
120 0H0 .-MWl-S 7 t
WW 0 I
Neve Vi
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Chi i
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Broeikh n
ono fW VH
t oi tf and t miiiui'f , a. arraulL
New i ri be and Campare'.'a, aXr
Cunlol i and II HontS:
Brot ltivn OO0 f) W- t t
, Cir.eir.Qfcti 100 1) W- 2 4 6
Hs'-t T and Edwards C'ampant lis
: 'Ii; R,f frisberr and Mueller.
' Phlladt i hu . 001 220 !-U 1
PittshwiKh 100 021 0I - ! 13 t
Roheita KOnrtantv i aii tip.ta;
. Sowell.. Muncrelf i5l. Lotrbirdl i.
Riddle 'bl a no rityerald. i j
j Second gan.e postponed. rf
0 101 CiO
Sfrvipe Martin to Wi!( n to
The Box Scores:
A rnalt tire (I
Mm- -
Uaske:' 2
Ki t i
t su :
Bri 1 3
Cari'e r.-r-.
Sarrie rr,
hiuet i
Steven .c
Taril' fier
A P.
i eCjlir
2 C .
t? I Air
i 1 I 'l-i
V.m i -lit! ti
Ik) Salem Wruitlirr till
P H C1 A
; i i . lor . i
. ? 2 1 3 M.o!'2
i ' I i K v . .
ill lm
B I1 A B H ( A
4 ..J l A TetrT. 3 i 2 2 i
'2 4 1 H fet.-sn 3 C I 2
4':2 7 f ilrtt r 4 1 P C
2 C 4 0
I t ,: t , : t .V t ! s
P: ui ! 3 2 2 t rt'! '.n 4
'."an: t. I Sj 3 2 f Htaicil 4
VVjrr.-n 4,1 3 rw'l2 4
f,-ht ! 5jJ i trtl 4
; s p i i i v ..-ho c (
Vi irrte r
1 S (1 ?:rr. p 4
2 j
1 :
0 t
2 C
it 27
TVlals 31
Kan foi . a
I j:r.a-
.ht: IP
T e 5,
fc. .era 2 ,
O W5 7
Hit by pitches
Ct 1 li.C
. 1 .1
sr-j,t : .
s i v i n-
rjt so fp
IS S 1 7
i i i a
jl 4 3 3 3
We1 e Mn
on baen Wehauhee . sirTr! 1C
Ymif Spaeter. We t 2. B rtt 2.
Taher. Me;. Warier. Cif-n Twee
t-e hit t'r'n t o e Mts. B
Tt ta 43 5 27 Total K
'riuM 4 736 631 Tt 1 2
s.4itf .' tat. iiv : ; it c
litther ' IP !AS K R HI SO FB
Crt.rU 4. 3: , 1 I i 3
Bians-o j. , ' " 7 7 ( 1
t: Pte r, , j 12 4 7
H:t tl ( :. e r vri.r PaMi ta:
Ri Lft; tn by-r. Sam M. ..
rLtt 10 fjrftrs Wers, Rr.sne
Hon e run JCan yt n T fca hits
Ca; mm Wjimerj -Faier. Mcltit. Ha
keil. Pt-ut. Be a or. Gieenla. Runa SY;ae.ei Cametsm. hvtt fcar - Uiitd in Ith y m J Peut 2. Cameren 4.
ted in 0?r 2 PeMt 2. W'v 2 Met s Gieenaw. Hjk.ell 2. fatr J.
Orte g. Hind. Cnivn S t it ZfmeXer. B:ant. Waaey. Stoien bases:
cn. Dwinit piaya: Oltut to B Pet- j Mettry. HanlteU. tabW plays: Greren
nn tt. Wert, Haskell to h.-in B. I law t Peat 19 Rhyn, Spaeter to B
nitw tr Spaeter to Wert. Tim: 1 M Peterson to Wert. Tin IM. Umfre
Vistt: Young Jt Bighara. Bitiam aatt Yattskg. AnnMtaac: S7.
f IB,
J'.rx Catthts l"p
fiitUiwn meet. line w as an
daty in his coffee shop until 5
a m. Snndas morning. Rough! . . .
Ginul llt-lpr! Anyhtnc
An ankle imary blasted young
Darrell f'.lrnd's hopes of being
member of the Salem high ball
club this aprtng bat Darrell nev
ertheless helped the? team out
michtily ttth hist stick and by
stick yte mean pencil. In the
role of score -Weeper the lad gat
around to all the games on
crutches. He eouldn t he out
there on the diamond but be did
yroman work on the bench. No
spirit lacking there and ft w as
iiMieed a nice gesture that the
Yik testers named Darrell team
captain even though be ney er
slipped en a glove . , .
Jinx FtAlottt Ymk
If you're a dismond star of the
first mag allude and you waat
to enjoy a Vang rareer dont be
come a member of the New Turk
Taaikees. fur mm lustdUuu Jlsuc
staatly to kt Ii
el4. hn mirned hi nnsl it heatT Metkovich to W ljscn Basinaki
slat Instructor at Tlmherhne
Ledge and has taken over a
slat, golf ad tennis mentor at
Portland I' . . . .
Den Harger. the Statesman's
wildlife expert, has a very per
sonal interest tn the fish still
life on the rover of the current
Holiday mag
Oakland t Portland S Pasred ball
H t'irpires Runfe. PoeKi
and Deever Tirr.e 1 51.
: Sieond grr.e:
Oakland (ll
Wilaon 4 1 2 lBa?ir.s'Ki2
Ijodagni 3 3 0
Mtkvch ir. 4 2
Vr.Rb r 3 0
Varselia 1 2 0
e.r. . k. i t i
The painting's by j
John Atherton. an uncle of Don s. j Raimndi c 3 0
Athertan. a nationally known ay?cp.
artist and enthusiastic angler Snnne o
Padgett' 0 e
w ho calls Vermont borne, comes
out her yearly to go fishing with
llarger and also to get Ideas. :
Flh canvases are his delight and
seeiafty. You've seen "em lots !
of times on Satevepost covers
.... And very I'-kelv more than '
one catch from the flarger fam
ily haa inspired the Atherton
c"eativenes ....
Eotrr lzmre Knee
When Luke Easter, the tong-
ma eking San Diego first-sacker.
first began making the headlines
hack In April his bitting qual
ifies and bis leaning to the color- '
ful were surg and re-sung. Yeah,
he makes a habit of home runs ,
and be likes otar cars aud loud i
riethes but another Item oa Mis- !
tub Easter has onl reeenUy be- i
come apparent. Namely that '
Larrupin Lake also saiifitti in- j
testinal fortitude and plenty of
H. Ever try playing with a brok
en katee-cap orer a mouth or so? '
Oueubu! 1
1 5r upe 1
0 Rucker . n:
1 Brei ia r
1 Wenn r If
2 M:;er. 3
2 GUdd c
3 tiska p
0 La. er r
O Heiaer p
3 13 4
Pan FrnriM-n 430 2TO 02- 11 S 0
Hafev. Mootv i2'. Kipp '3'. Haiiett
1 7 ). Thompson ar.d Ritchey. Derop
sev and Partee
an Defo 3U2 1M 0--10 17 C
San Francivco 0 003 4 - 7 1 2
Jur.neh Savite 7 and Moore Pe-
!,rz. Brevier i3'. Gable ir and Par
tee. (l Portland ,
n u rt A Hnllvunod 001 211 00f S 11 2
1 ti 4 l' Seattle 010 0O5 00 12
1 Moulder, Wiodi 'Ci and L nser stna
1 lock 8); Sfhani. Hoffman '7i and
0 White, x
010 000 104 12 1
91 tesi$
itWUt 8II0ZS
i '
2 0
3 2 0
1 0 3
1 I 1
2 1 2
2 ( 3
2 1 1
2 0 I
2 0 1
0 0 0
Totals 29 i IS 11 Totals 19 J 21 9
Lasacettu tingied for G3ssaa in
. 7th.
Shone ran for Lavareuo in 7th. j
t Padgett batted for Iooiiani in "th. I
Seattle t OtMi 2O0 2 3 3
Ramsdell and I'naer: Galehoiae. Kar
pel (7) and Grasso
Sacramento 20 000 020 4 7 2
Loj Angeles Oio 002 0OO 3 7 1
Gil!e-pie and Carlsen and
Sacramento , fi0 W 13 3 0
Vrm Angeles 200 2 -4 0
Grfove. liind Kerr; Plum
bo. Kelly and Brut-rink'.'
llTT-ll II li Bl " -a ' ' "r -
He thrifty
see the friendly little Scotchman for a
aoormc ao PND SONS
255 N. ComnerciaJ Flu