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    Site Graduates Alone
& X0O. - .
! Cherry Fete
Program Near
Sidney L. Stevens, president of
the Cherryland Festival as.-ocia-tion.
said Friday the 1949 i-cai-venir
festi.ol program 'was just
about to te printer, and that any
one interested ;r; being repre
sented m it should or)Tat him
The C : : v'.irvd t ion re
c'i: ed Salem Chamber of Com-mcrt-e
s.rrort this t k when
a fu'l
Raugust to Head '
Insurance Group
George Raugust, Salem repre
sentative for Continental Assur
ance company, will bead Salem
Life Underwriter association for
the coming year, following elect
ions Friday. He succeeds OrviSle
Other officers who will be in
stated at the June meefng ire
Oscar Specht. vice president: L.
J Maikti. secret ry-treasurer:
Burton C Selbert ard Edward
Bu: v,:c.. on 'he beard of direVt
t 1 s.
I t
( a
j director- : d o pi
j pace ad ei t.- ment :n
f..r iUrO
AHA. Kant?.. Mar 2o Mncr she started In the first grade in the puV
lir school at Ada. Kan.. Eva Mae Brad bar? hasn't had a single
classmate. he was graduated from Ada High school, the only
member f the senior las. Full honor urrr rrroidrd her as A.
M (iardnrr (right), principal of the school, presented her diploma
(May 18). The ceremonies were attended b some 150 pervon
practically the entire population of Ada. Mist. Bradbur. the daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Bradburv. wear the medal of class
validlctorlan. AP Wirepholo to the Statesman.)
Contributing to
Charges Filed
it 1 It-'
. r t ;
Luncheon for
Mis (':.): X F?lm etitei tatnett
m miters ! i ei r. n '.' am ten at
lum-hei r n r ! !n..v a' her -im-it!, iHTh -':'- Mr VlUti
to - - i t -r i '.v. 'ft 'he ii. lc.'-n
Kliiiie A!" '-i tii.i Hi.i;t.i- 'A . t.rr..,!
N.n v K-i.---i-. I :' K. ,: . .
r- if Vict.k. V I J I :
Uri. T(k l At :. . K.
J.l.tltiK !,! Kic S '... i, !
IM)KI'KMtt.N( V wedding
Uii U-n". t " I'
ll! .me of Mi ..'. Mr Af?
Wairi 'n A( i JS" . r. i, ! -'etr
Boa lei . s.1- f Mis 'A.iii. R'V Mi I'hfiMR n e uin!(-d
in mnirirti:-
Trie ht:;e wnic ;. -kilt '
a while -.t ii ttii,iv i.iii. riiii:
a inldfii..! !,: st-:iv f'f -.; ii: u ;.i .. -us
Sr.e is tho li.nijintt i c,r Mr
and Mr J J Hnwler of S..lrn-.
iiri (f. en a a ay by her f.itt n
Mr I ' i ti s home is in 1.-
'" ' SI (' Ikii: Huh. 1 hey Aeie iri-
i'n---. ii !i ti-;t! b t:f Ma.ii n
Tl f ifiemnny was peifi.rmi lonrity gini.ti- jur I ' -day :
tv h H A SHilatter .f S.iitm wt-re aireMei on cnuit tomt
J-rredir.g the ceremony a f..miiy bench UHirants
dinrifi was held in hmr of the -f :
brtde's parents who w ere cele- ; rw, . .
LratmK their 49th w eddmg "anr.1- 7ll 1 lirKeV I OllltS
versary The niiple will make
the.r hone at u -me aken from rjirui
Final Program
For Aumsville
School Slated
i AUMSVII.LE Barra'aurea'e
I ser ices for the Aum". i!ie high
, school senicT t la-ss will be Sun
day r enirg. May 22 in the sch:
aurtitc rn.m. Sermon ".iH be ae
: hered by the Rev Frnet Lee,
father i f oi.e of the graduates
! Cla-. night will be Tuesday,
May 24. -Ai'h a prgiam by the
class and n ' arns presented by
' prir.cip.-.l ar.'i coach.
("ommeru -ment is scheduled for
Ti.esriay. May 26. at 8 p rn . stand
frd time Dr R. M Hcx.ker of Pa-t-if;f
'ir.iversity will present the
;diiits. "Good Neghi'T Prhcy
Ma: care t Spcer is a ledictcnan
and Betty tv.mbs saiutatotian
ither meml'-ers of 'he class are
Merie Beach. Lela ("ooins. Ek ri
Frukso!.. Fry. Elena Gjes
cial. Darrel Hayes. Delma Herr-
Farmers to Set
heat .ereaie
Quotas in Future
If acreage allotments and mar
keti.g cticias m- ome recessry
r.ext ver for w heat, .he indivi
dual f-.rm allotments -a ill be set
hv '.he lca! farmer com r.ittees.
E liar-.ty Miller, chairman of the
Orecon tate prriucir.g and rnar
ke'.ir.g administration crn.mi'tee.
said Frii".vv He atdi that this a
'. ita! point in the nation's agricul
tural pruiam
No ere is tetter able to set up
the individual allotments for a
faim tnur, the elected committee.
Miiier pointed out
"Thev are farmers They know
the proLlems confrr r.tmg their
neighbors They are jetted ech
vear and the farmers m tre area
affected by the allotments are the
ones to elect these comir.itteei-en."
he expiaimd.
Cecil Giuri to
Head Banking
Institute Unit
Cecil Gum f the Salem branch
of First National bank cf Portland
has been elected president of ,the
Marion county chapter of Ameri
can Institute of Banking for !49
50. it was announced Fridav.
Also elected were the following:
Vice president. C Wallace Et kett
cf Lacid and Bush. Salem branch.
U. S National bank of Portland:
secretary. Harlan H arson cf Land
and Bush: treasurer. Edward Da
vee. First National
Wiilard Glae c f Ladd and Bush
df.d Charles Ros of First National
w ere elected to the bord cf gov
ernors for three-year terms
Delegates to the institute's na
tional convention in Portland
starting Mav 30 will be Gum.
Bttkctt and Hillary J. Etzel. The
r .s -nth Ladd and Bush. Al
ternate delegates are Hanson. Da
ee a'.d June Haugen Miss Hau
gen is with First National.
The annual spring banquet of
the Marion county chapter was
held Friday night at the Salem
Legion club with about 120 attending.
Tbf Statesman. dm. OrconI 'atorday May 11. 1949
f American Father of 1949' Chosen
w ' .8. ii mi. (P yi nm 'jyfj'! JJ.'" 'ill'""-' -T'.'. U'
I -v - lu. t.vy
nr. r r
mar. ii. Man Johnson
Wilbur K;ng Ahin
Sol ultz. Paul Vettrus
Da id King.
Lte. Frank
Groups Active
At Falls Citv
son and Mrs. Ethel Guthnrige.
delegates from Magnolia Rebekah
lodge, uttended this weeks 0:e
gon Rebekah assembly at North
Mrs. John Gilbert was hostess
to the I,ark club at her home
LOCK HAVEN". Pa- May 20 "American Father of 1 St William Casper Peter. (seated, front),
farmer of Lock Haven. Pa., is shown with his 16 daughters and eight sons after being named by '
tional Father's Day Committee. Front row (from left). Florence. Pauline. Ieona. Peter. Helen a4
Margaret. Middle row (from left). Ralph. Mary. Alice. Bett. Cora and OH e. Bark row (from left),
Frank. Jesse. Harvey. Harry. Lester. Fiery and Charles. (AP Uirephoto to the Statesman.)
A no-host dinner was
ser ed.
Mrs Dick Murphy was hostess
to the Merry Mmgieis at her
home Tuesday, uuhifinu a lu-uh-eon.
Next meeting "ill be June
21 with Mrs. Ray Fa k.
Mrs Fieri Hughes was luncheon
hostess to the Tuesday Art
at her country home.
Reward for
Missing Fliers
ward cf Jl 8P0 for information
loading tt the location of their
The men are Cot A. Y. Smith,
Col Walter W. Hodge and M. Sgt.
S F Slnca Felievins that thi
The wives of three army men. nuj.tilIujS n,ay have parachuted t
missing since April 21 on a flight landed ir. some remote rea. tl.4
in a H-2ti bomber between Hamil- wives seek to spur rescue efforU
hiO u.ri an f. n e base and Pol tland. The rt w art! offer expires June
have luii wid an ffer of a re- 1949
i 4 .
a : ,
f . i
, t i .
II. r
voting Salem iiien were
id V d; y ,n charge- -f
. i . . t the rie-1 j , ji . r
M t n-j'ge g:: S;! n
, . - d Hob : ( M o: i
. i ' ;! . .',
- . . 4' 4 N (" . , h vt
i. t A 'to i r.ey bi'Aaii! Start -r
' t : two are h a i g ed w 1 1 1
.1'jijor to two gti is. ag -i
i. : r itur.'lv
i .dM i i ami k tiial ri
i, i . i .t distint court i'
te i f aiding in the est apt
nma'e from the H;ll'-u-
for gills la-t o emi i
i p.ted $500 bail on Thai
M- and eiliorn iie slated to
,ij i .ii in rii.Mritt ctiuit today ci
tr.e new charges. 'They are he'd it
Mai ion county Jail in lieu !
JEFFERSON Open houif at
tiie home of Mr and Mis A R
Plin.ston at Talbot Suno.n. will
honor Mr arid Mrs fleoige Potts.
r All neighbois arid friends are
Invileri to call between the hours
f 2 arid S in-lmk. Mr and Mrs
tt will leae next week for
Montana to spend the -iimmri In
th fed' !l i v will go to Joirian
Vallev tt 'hen h. n r-.
Mr and Mi (ieorge Pot!-. ,i
Someone m;it It Cfockir.g u,
for ThanksKix mg
( Idierite Daley. WotKii ui n i , '
1. i-ox 71 r I oiled ' the l
ion coui.t ! riff - illsce I i ..:.,
that TO T i .t k - ' -
were tc U I. ! ' n !. t.i ft: !
da f H . ii.e'T e i .i
at In m $(! J.'-'i
.Mr. and Mrs. John S Tler. yr
lid son. Ji.fin. Ill an
today to 'penii f; . e vt - .1 M :
ehigan i- .t.i-g then T.iit-ii.r I:
VH tUilt thev w hi 1 at The '.on;e tt ' . ft
of he- I a-ri 'v the Join; S Tv lei . th AAA .t-
Mr. Jjmri I- Ku-sell ant tlugh
ft 1 Bt ' t J eh ' 1 a 1 1 ' t-d Ui t'te 1 .1 p -:t:
f- .v.. fi. m S..n J..s . C.lif .
i -.e ).. -! : .
. 1 ... t ;ih M 1 M: J..
ii,. - ' h .-if., il. Mi K.,- a
d P. : ' .!..! 'A .
t ,.i.t ! : tht
ki.i: hi (i1
fo!k M-
I K.t pi ! s . ! h t;e 1
Mi J B Hill 1 :,iv
e f.i fhi It
Pi :..
rt .1 r.
1 the In st . iit f.t n
eis in five
Judge and Mr. James T. Brand
w ill spend the wrt kef id it: P .t
l;md rttid S,-..1.. ..ift 1 t
reception j tf t !(e-i leu
campus 11 ".- f 1 1 r. !
I'.lair Sft v.-.t I h '
leax ii-.g " I'o . . t i.J
tc at eel f e 1 . - . 1 . ' .-e. !
Hi ri at (."tin 1 1 e.
1 : r n . ,r I
I rig . . II. n ii
I i'',,;l 11:
Mr and Mrs. Robert White are
ir. il. '.,.!.: d it :'.g ! t .1 1
S..-! Bi tar-. I. 'alif . vr. tie " t v
-.till attend the P..tific States Si o:
II n ( i.ln'i: l' ft 1 e it ti.i 1..111; f . Hi
tr.e f.r' of Jiif-i t' e N - -. ;
i i r; h 1 41- A i.e . ? : '
..:.d w 1 . . - t i 1 1 , sd r. h.Mii .-11
( no 1 fh
From Oakland. ( alif . come
r'WS of the 1 nth 1 f a ttaughtei
Anna M.d .fe. to Mr t,i.,i M: v
Aithui Msl'iei in Mav" ;y The l..
I v 's gi rii.ii t a . t 1 t H'e Mi
Mrs. Ft.ihK Mf'et of S.- t-ni .dut
Mr ar,d M . ('.: 1 P.. rdgen of
F.ugene Mi Mhlei 1.- sfu-.v i'g for din.'. 11 caibj i Ml-' Kit !,
hi mastei's degree at MilU ct-liege a :u:ii r rn, .tt ir. -t tion;
1 M r Rsirv
Kunf bai .d
tt r f M: ; .1 ri.
K Xz in I h 'oj
( t 1 1 1 v ..,;-
(iiifit-i- n '
H 00' ..l v tar "
' . T.I .l.
'.:. H..:t ii n
! 1 : 1 f . w rt s 1 e -i
t : t t ! -t f . ii :
ini if e: !". a.i ;i
llii ti-if t 1
i Have You Ordered Your
Berry Ticket?
If Cnvn Tima av TrntiKI
From The
t cDrcgon statesman
Another all-time record in April !
More people bought new Studebaker cars
and trucks in April 1949 than in any
previous month in any year.
Studebaker sales in January, February,
f Quarter
in Studebaker history.
Twice this year Studebaker has Increased
production in an attempt to meet this
sensational upsurge in demand.
1949 is a Studebaker year !