The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 20, 1949, Page 6, Image 6

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Sweet Home
Mill Operator
'Returns Home
SWEET HOME Stewart WeUs.
Io a! millman. spent lat week
-iiting lumbering industries in
Open Evenings
Only t More Daj te Be?
Thee Musical Introm-nt
Special. Sle End Sat.
May 21
Pianos .... $100 to $200 off
Acordions $65.00 wp
Portable Radio, $12.95 p
Combinations $99.50 up
Band Instruments
20 to $0 off
Records J for $1 00
Record Albums .... $0c ea.
Harmonicas .... 10c ee.
Music V Price
Comparable Savings
Hundreds of Other Items
Jaquith Music Co.
136 S. High St., Ph. 3-4641
the Sacramento and San Jouquia
While there be attended the
17th annual Lumbermen's Reville
at the Cla retraxit hoteL The Re
villes are sponsored by the Hoo
Hoo club of Oakland. Mr. Weiss
said that the consensus of opinion
in the lumber industry is that
lumber prces I will j be o me what
lower and that I the cheaper
grades of lumber will not find
a ready market because they are
not now in demands
He also stated that most lum
bermen believe that many of the
smaller mills cutting these cheap
er grades will be forced to close
Sweet Home High
Plan Commencement
SWEET HOiiZ The 27th an
nual commencement of the Sweet
Home union high school will be
held in the high school gymnas
ium Friday, May 17. at 8 p m.
Fiank B Bennett, supennten-
; dent of the alem schools, will
make the graduating addiess.
Diplomas will be given to 73
graduates. Alice Alexander has
been named! valedictorian and
: Norma Latimer salutatorian.
Baccalaureate services will be
I held in tha gymnasium Sunday
evening. May Zz at eight o clock
DST Quiriniji Breen, professor
of rutcrv. U of O, will preach
the baccalaureate; sermon. His
' subject will be: "What la your
philosophy ot life,
Chiircli Plians
Building at
Sweet Home
SWEET HOME At a meet
ing of the members of the Metn-
ou i u;aimarjjy church Monday
evening it was learned that work
ot construction ot the new $50,000
church building on 6th avenue
will start in a few weeks.
The following officers were
elected: trustees, Floyd Crenshaw,
Ivan Hoy, William Herman and
lli Gardner; stewards, Carol
Drew, M. D. Eisuxunger, Elsie
McCready, Herbert Miller. Ted
Musfcpave, Howard Reed, John
Richgles and Katpft Seivervon; lay
leaders, Olive Taylor, Elmer
Williams; lay member annual con
ference, Harold C Duhaw; treas
urer, current expenses, Barbara
Musgrave; treasurer, benevolence,
Sam Emery; superintendent, Guy
Oliver; recording secretary, Mrs.
Lynn Rice.
Confucius was born In China
in 351 B C.
Allied Vans display tht
Good Housekeeping Guaranty Seal
las. ixr in further idem a of Allied Van Lanes
dependability. Aa representatives for Allied ths
world's largest, mott esperienoed movers we offer
you th use of their nation-wide farilitiefl and assure
you of a aafe. worry frea move thai best move you
could pnmibly make.
We offer a cnmplrt moling service, Call us for ea
estimate end full information, i
Liberty A Belmont
Ph. 3-8111
Grande Ronde
To Graduate
21 Stjudents
WILLAMINA Graduating ex
ercises will be held at the Crand
Ronde grade school Wednesday,
May 25, at 8 pm. Valedictorian Is
Sharon MoGrew and salutatorian
is Ruth HenAorn. Lavera H. Hoi
man will present the diplomas.
Those graduating In the class of
1949 will be Sharon McGrew,
Ruth Henthorn, Roger Hanson,
Harvey Weber. Joan Van Horn,
Mable Brown, Larry Csssidy. Ran
dolph Roberts, Barbara Walker.
Delores Jones, Kenneth Saurage.
Billy Gill Carmen Kepford. Shir
ley McGaha, Gary Brandon, Mar
vin Kimsey, Jeanette Singleton,
Stella Lock wood, Arthur Lock
wood, Arthur I3ckon, Joan
Bovi. ers.
No. 1 on U. S. Highwoyi No. 1 Is Service No. 1 at yew Cosinvttity
She Didn't Know What to Do
... But You Dol
IWt't let crowded home conditions rob you of your comfort
and convenience' Make the most of your seldom -used atue
by converting it into a handy den or extra bedroom . . .
insUU those needed elosets! Our top-notch remodeling expert
have many practical ideas and the reliable materials you'll
need for a grand Job' Call 1-8313 this week! '
Ea w w mat i i r e i i w -say eai eaB a w m eas m
" " " " a aa w a f - - xJKmmmm m mF
38 IS Stale Su Four
('oiiununity Cluh
Plans Meeting at
Unionvale Friday
ity club will meet at the school
house Friday night for their last
meeting of the school year. The
program will be in charge of the
4-H clubs and will be their
achievement day. William Perry,
4-H club leader for Yamhill coun
ty, will be present. Ice cream will
be furnished by the club and each
family is asked to bring two doren,
cookies for rcf rehments.
! Mr? Adah Launer celebrated
' her 81st birthday Monday. Her
i Rister. Mrs. Lou Howe of Albany,
1 is spending several weeks at her
i home here, and another sister,
j Mrs. Eunice Hibbs lives here in
i the community. Vany friends
wished her a happy birthday and
several called at her home.
Lightning Starts
Forest Fire In
Linn County
SWEET HOME The first
electric storm of the season struck
the south side of Ltnn county on
May 11, according to Fire War
den Mel Crawford, and a fire was
started In the upper Wiley creek
Phyl Knight, assistant warden
for the Linn fire patrol, made
a patrol "of the south portion of
the county by airplane te abeck
for lightning fires. Archie H ess
man piloted the plane. No fires
were observed on the flight
Family Returns
To Unionvale
UNIONVALE Mrs. Leah Braat
returned home Saturday from a
trip with her daughter, Mrs. Ver
non Eatelle of Mrytle Point.
Among many points of interest
visited were Lake Tahoe, Death
Valley, Boulder Dam and the
Grand Canyon. San Francisco, Se
quoia and Yosemite National
Parka were al.o visited. They
came home via the coast route
and report a most enjoyable trip.
IB t
171 S.
Phone 347S7
Inapectad Viexxta
It Ilever Rains-Bnl Whal II Poors. itS."
11 a. For th doflcgf, j9 frrre; yoy caa pour rtaht back V? your pocket.
Pork HonsS
Youna Lean DeBdoua
43 c
The Bt Trimmed Park (toast In Salem
Jure Pork H
Sausage . . . ,
Ground J71 tl
Beef H)
lolled Prime Bib
No Bone No GrUflo
No Waste
. - .4
Breakfast Bacon
Tbia la McDowell' iamoua auoar curod bgcoo
Wlkolo or Half
Picnic (00
Shoulder ....
When Good Meats
old far lees McDowelTs Market will be first.
S ilT! ' f?T
"i ; "i - - '. ; v&i ' f
N !. i lf. ' Pi! lV
i A !cl r -?i ?! .
pi hjs&-- -v tAV.
in L' ! t?C ' " v-l-:C r-'" O c
eaaas, ' f -e "Rlbsl -r f
7 V i r ii ' r
till l - I
WASHINGTON. May 19-lresldent Eorice . Caspar Datra (at res tram) address Joint sesslen of eengreaa
Is kense chamber aa President Harry S. Tramaa alts nearby (left ef rostrum) today. At toe are (1
is r) Senate President Pre Tern Ktsatth McKclls, (D-Teaa) (left) and Haass Speaker Sam Ray bare
(D-Tex). (AP wdrepbeto te the Statesmen.)
Mil n .1 . IP .mi'Ul ' m- 'f" 11 i.i p.M iii.ii imummmm
r .. . . . v- :-t ' ' id a ( r . ,'; v , f ;f ;;.
1 v
; -" i--' ..-.c- l
-.'J L. . - -i'? -4"f ;r! .
-a -o.3 v . , , hi . - . . - ... ,
Z V .k. 'X ' .A . . '. V' '.
f rf1 w yie- xv J
-i : i ....
. - V - A. -
'.; ,
A DIVER DEMONSTRATES Zoe Ann Olen. of Oakland. Calif, shows ene ef the
firares that won the diving championship in the annual AAU women's title meet at Dajleoa Beach. Fla
Matt warren Is seriously HI at
the home of his daughtecnd son-in-law.
Mr. and Mrs. CheJter Car
penter at Willamette.
Merlyn Wilder was a weekend
visitor in Portland at the home of
his pa rests, Mr. and Mrs L. S.
Wright. Me accompanied them on
e clam digging expedition.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Holt were
Sunday visitors at the John Ross's
t weir home in West Linn, neer
Oregon City.
Dinner Slated
For Hoffman
Ray O. Hoffman, employe of the
$a?em branch of the California
Packing corporation, who this
week will retire, will be feted Fri
day night at a dinner given by
fellow workmen.
Hoffman has worked at the plant
since 1922. He intends to travel 3
bit and work at his hobby of wno5
carving after retiring. He has spent
most of his time with the corpora
tion as manager of the field operations.
Two Charged
With Fighting
ALBANY, May 19 -(ipecial)-Twe
men were lodged In Linn
county Jail here today charged
partieipatlng in a fist fight at
Narlsburg last Saturday night la
which Stanley Lutz of Harris burg
was injured.
The two are Edward Brady
Cortrell. 10, and Robert Reed, 17.
They both live about 10 miles
southeast of Harris burg. They
were arrested by Ralph Cox chief
of police at Harrisburg and Linn
County Deputy Sheriffs George
Miller and Loyd Johnson.
The two are being held in the
Linn county jail here in lieu of
$100 bail each on charges of dis
turbing the peace. They are slat
ed to appear in justice court here
today. Lutz Is in a Eugene where
he is being treated for a serious
eye injury.
Alpha Tau Omega
Calls Social Meeting
A social meeting open to alumni
Unionvale Girl Feted
At Birthday Party
UNION VALE Celebrating
their daughter's birthday Sunday
were Mr. and Mrs. E J. Wilder.
, - ".s o -umni , Th.hooor rue., and her familr.
, of any chapter of the Alpha Tau ( Mr, Amos Hagner from
Omeara fraternirv has been railed ; T-ramt- Mr anst Mr. HimlH
for 0 JO tonight In the Cold Arrow
After dinner the Salem area
aluamnl will go to the Chester Zum
walt residence at 845 Hood st.
Wilder, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dwi-
neil and Donna Lee Edwards, all
of Corvallis, were present. Mrs.
Mable Johnston and Mr. and Mrs.
Victor Johnston, of Newberg call
ed In the afternoon.
Hundreds of Shns Deduced From
1 20 b 33
We will close our downtown alesyard far the)
about 10 days. Rather than replant so many shrubs we are
reducing our stock by cutting price heavily.
375 South Liberty. 3 Blocks South of State
OPEN 9 TIL 5:30 SUNDAY. 12 TIL 4
The shells of peanuts, which
may be burned as fuel, produce a
fertilizer, a cork substitute.
substance valuable in fire
tinguishing mixture.
. ex-
Eye la the name
town In England.
of an ancient
Sri '" w' ef e e 't '
Four ftlissing
0CE Students
Return Home
i -
MONMOUTH, May It (Special)
Four married Oregon College of
Education students, whose myster
ious disappearance Wednesday
night set off a state-wide search
by police, returned to their wives
this afternoon uninjured.
Object of a 13-hour search were
Wayne A. Hubbard. 23. a fresh
man from Powers: Bert McCon
nell, 26. a freshman from Marcola;
Sam Ramey. 26. a senior from
Ashland, and Bob McKeever. 29.
a junior from Long Beach, Calif.
All are veterans.
The search started this morning
when the men failed to return
from an announced trip to Salem
Wednesday night to see the base
ball game. They were in Hub
bards automobile.
Police of the Willamette valley
searched streams and ponds along
the Monmouth-Salem route and
checked auto accident reports.
Tonight, college authorities
made the following statement con
cerning the men's disappearance:
"Earlier today, four students
were reported missing from their
homes In Monmouth. Fearing that
the four might have been involved
In an accident, school authorities
contacted the proper officials and
a eeerck was Set underway, .Let ,
this aftetAoon. (he four ' returned '
to the campus uninjured. College
authorities are Investigating the
None of the men could be reach
ed for a statement. ,
American women spend an es
timated $1,000,000,000 a year on
cosmetics and perfumes. I
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I aes-M
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I -'''i'lvw 4
V.VS " ,
I I Sos Hrta sasssa
Ada!! aaaleaS
' raaailf aaiaaala
say tee preaapt
tAMt-TMSaJN COt lift SeaMsre Are.
SaJre 1e. N. T. f T
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w iiiiii kit, at SJ 90
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af , . am yI tJ fP- -aw" . w sfl