The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 17, 1949, Page 5, Image 5

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    (Cfiiy News IBmlffs
Eugene Savage, 2M N 23rd r
suffered a badly crushed 1t
Monday afternoon when an iron
mold for preparing rtrtrfe
r pires fell on it at the Salerr.
1i.'poal plant n North Biver
road. He was given treatment fcy
Falem. firs-t airimen and tkeri Jc
Sal-m Memorial hof itl
Federally Insured Savings Cur
rent divider.t S''i See Firt
Fdral Savings Firt 142 S Lib
erty Phone 3-4944.
Orndr Carl Ccer and Mai
JUrlan Judd cf the Marion county
Reere Officers a lation were
rtarr-f! to standing t c n-rriittee atr
the annual meeting of the OreRorf
ciei ; r tmen in Portland Sunday
Cover will sere .on the military
affair committee ar.i; J jcid t r. the
Awmrts eommittte
Dr L. B Warnuker Denti&t, Is
r.ow associated with the Dr. Pain
Parker office. 204 Gray BIdg .
State and Liberty St., Salem. Ph
LEAVE WITH BABIES Salem General hfpl
lal Monday to take -broe newborn were Mr Rorert Gwynn,
Salem route 1, and Mr. Daid
I. tighten. H70 Howard t . both
vnth daughters, and Mr Kei'h
Jakon, 1720 Oxford it , with a
Ro;.d oiling. Call Tweedle 1-4131
r 3-5769.
Mr Ethel Skinner, 3695 Scenic
View dr., was treated by Salem
first airimen Monday- for a badly
bruised no?e suffered when he
1 ripped and fell at her home. She
wa advised to contact a j-hyM-
Insured saving earn mora than
two -per. cent at Salem Federal
Eavfrfs Association, 560 State ft
Mr and Mr?. Nick Maur.o ..f
New York City arrived in Salem
Monday to le on the Maff f the
Sidem Supper !ur M;.im. !!.
Len a night rh 'i ii :,,'n j.t..'
hef in New York nr! is ti r
chef ; the .Supper tint. Mi
Marino is to urig at the club
Attend -A -Real
i ii
Tues. Hay 17lh
8 P. H. Sharp
4 Ml. S. en Pacific Hiwav
$99 yards S. ef ( hrnuna 4
Several large cottMcnmenU of
very good ued furnilure and
appliancrv b people lejinf
the sUte.
As Follows
fa Lot Model elec. rang
fa 2 lot m o d 1 electric
washers, including auto
taatic Bendix
fa Mr. & Mrs. Bleached oak
bed suite complete with
Simmons deep sleep box
and mattress
fa 5-Pc. Eairly American da
enof group Like new
fa 7-Pc. WaL Dining suite
fa Dorveno Like new
fa 2 slightly used dinne ties
fa 4 used rugs
fa Radio-Phono
fa Walnut Chests
fa Walnut Beds
fa Springs
fa Spring-filled mattress
fa 4-Pc WaL bed set
fa Occasional chairs
fa Floor lamps
fa Writing desk
fa 3 vacuum cleaners
fa Breakiast set
fa Lawn chairs
jfc L & H Dec. range
fa Leather Rocker
fa Hundreds of good used &
items. No Junk, No reserve
. U all sells.
I sell oa commission or pay
"XT cash.
Glenn Woo dry
Phone 3-S110
3jrw i .TTi:r AjT-i)
Townsend Vkrtorj club 17 will
meet tonight at 8 p lock at the
home ef Mr. Oiiie Reddawav
1421 N. Churtih dj. The ladie
ii x i ! ia ry ill tr.eet at the same
place Thursday; at V a rr.
Karakul Karpet It new, it's re-
ersible, it's 1CQ virgin wool and
Aoven through anf through, only
14 95 sq. yd. Plv 3-7048 or 3 3364.
Come t Ralph J hnson Appli
ance Store, 355 Cef.ter St.. to see
the finest in modern appliances
Hotpoint, Behdjx, Keivinator,;
Sjeedqueen and a complete line
of horn freezers, i
Mrs. L. E Miikty, Salem, will
speak on the. Opegon Farmer'
Union radio prcgrcm Wednesday
oer station KOAC at 7 pm. Hei
topic will be Education i Every
oody's Busme-sf .' ;
Rummage Sale continuing new
and used Mrs; Tyrell s merchan
dise, w c-od range, radio. 193 N
I Oscar H. Specju, Mutual Lif-
Insurance com.arjy re-presentativ e
itn Salem, has eartied membership
j In the compafly'i National Field
j club. It was announced Monday, i
. Membership qualfficatns are cer
tain prtrfiuttion ' ttaridards an:
I client erue. $
HI Schc-1 Trl-V girls rummage
ale. Tue . May .17. 8 am. ae
Court St Radio St Appl., 357 Court
Notice of retirement from the
assumed r usines name of E and
F Truck irig co&pany was fiU-fi
Monday witn Manor; n.rty ciei k
by Hugh P Fvafi
F'uinitijre Auction tomte 8 p.m.
C l n -a -d Riillrfic m
A-si. n.t c1 I uiniess name of Jung
.vMth S.i'id iiri'f Gravel companv
I.'.-rv ..-a- tiled M.T.f!..y with
M.u i n ui tjf -leik by Clan nrv
B Ft. i- .1 ji.d John F.
wnlh i 1 I .it rs.
M by
rum v elter?
.! ui!' n's.
Buy an air cooler
S; k i.ii Voting Fen turkeys, whole,
half or ju;rtr. 35c lb C S
-Oruig Co . "4333 SiHerton Road
Ph 2-612K.
;r;-n K Marks filei notice of
: t .n mer.t frjrt the assumed busi
;ies name of.M & B Service at
V'Kihurn with Marion county
tlfrk MondaVii
Air - Steamship tickets anywhere
Kugel. 3-TfiJ4vT35 N ("..pitc i Si
I Teimit to rujul logs oer pe-;-
flft roadj. in Marion county
granted Monday by the countv
court to Mike Schwindt, Lycns
Landscaping and designing. No job
too large or to snuil! F. A. Der
flei and Sons Nursery, 150 N Lan
caster Dr. at 4-(Corners P. 2-1322
, Certificate tit assumed busini
: name as Rhoten and Speersti.i. -,
the busings of farmirig. was filfi
with Marion cOunlv ileik M,
by George A,; Jihoten and S.. n f
j Speerstra. Picariter Tiut i iiiiomsj
Hi nl
COI.KMAN-lTo Mr am! Mrs
John t ' )emat. C2l Cross t r.
n !ort.1yj' May lfi at Salem
Mi nn r lal h"jp tal
IRIKIS 1 To Mr end Mrs
Rot rt Fr-r-fl Stiiy ton. d.iutrh
Ur Mi.ti.j,y,i'Vi,y If nt St!em
Mmi r:a hovpijt;.!
Ti Sjr and Mrs Patrick
HM Howard st i, daughter.
Monday. Mav 16 at Salem M-mor-ia!
1)1 NIG AV -- To Mr and Mr
rviM Duncan. 750 S. F'-a ; e
a son. M t day May 16 ht S-it-m
Memonal hosit.,1.
JIIFRFY -I To Mr and Mrs
James Jeffrey Win-i?. a daueh
ler. Moniiav , i M.v 16 t Salem
Memorial hosf lal
(HI S T Mr and Mrs Ed-
in Clauv I I2n Lit v e . a son,
Monday. M.,y 16 Rt Salem Me
morial hospitaS.
KAMSI.m . To Dr and Mrs
Milton Kamsler. 540 N Mth st . a
daughter. Mori iay. May 16 at S
lem General Jbospital.
GRtf N Tt Mr and Mrs Hcl
lis Green. Sa-m route 5. a son.
Monday. May -1 6 at Salem General
71 1 ihaiCdJ
ILansiiig Home
Extension Unit
I Holds Meetinir
EAST SALEM Nineteen mem
bers and six children present for
the Thursday meeting of Lansing
Neighbors home extension unit
meeting in the home of Mrs I G.
Lermn n Sunnysice ave
After e demon trritton. with
a sample of broiled dinners pre
pared, a dinner was served on
the lawn, Mis W E Severn and
Mrs Lerrnon were project lead
ers. The fhiiirman conducted the
bu.-rne? meeting in the afternoon
with ?.!rt James Ha-kelL chair
man frr the Azalea House fund,
reporting $20 could now be sent in
for this project. Met of the
money was raided by white ele
phant salt:
Mrs V E Fitsgera'rf. ACWV
chairman had on display several
gifts she had received from pen
pal In England Several gifts with
magazines published in London
had been exchanged for those
from I'njted States. Several mem
bers were exchanging these good
neighbor letters Mrs H C. Otte.
chairman of the club's 4-H proj
ect gave her report and had arti
cles made by the members, on
New officer installed by Mrs
Zina Sharpn k were: Chairman.
Mrs. James Haskell: vice-chairman,
Mrs W L Hamilton: e re-tarv-treasurer.
Mrs Marcie Aplet.
Corsages and gifts were given the
retiring officers' chairman. Mrs
W. A Marsh: vice-chairman. Mrs
Haskell. secretarv-treaurer, Mrs
A N. Mcen.
House, Store
Burglaries at the Scott Peed
residence. 365 N 2f'th st .. and at
Hamilton's Furniture vti re. 2."f
Chemeketa St. ve;e ; n tig.,ten
Mcmiay by ity rien-ct ; -;
Reed told police rhv had lec-n
away from home for week'
and returned Sunday to find "h..:
somfirie had cut n metal r
and tak-n .ome small harige ar:
a four-tain (-4-n fn in :he ho. -r
Dtxiis: wif found looxtd on t r i e : r
return. Rt-tr: said.
Hampton's 'lore was nnsMr.g $5
in cash af.u 4 in stamps from a
cash rF!r i af't-r a i ngiai v s rii-
time Suriiiay night, urlct ti es
ported The trie! .:! thii
a wiili!' -.v ar.d !-f! i.i a !.;r
i -
Nothing le was iep . t-i p..---ing.
Maritime I)av to
Fett Shipping Inliistry
( i)s r an e f Ma o 'ne day :
"t eg -r i May 19 was .,?td oy (In,
Douglas Mt Kay Mor-day . The r t
son . ciser arn wii: ie imi;rr
sp.nsorship it the IJoi!l..nd chap
ter of the Piopeller club.
"As a coastal state the people of
Oregon are particularly interested
in honoring the men and women
who hae contributed ' bunging
ihis nation t, the position of the
w lff' leading maritime power,''
( -. : i . i Mi K .i v
H.ik) . f h. i
Be'tijne He. '
as ST.1) K. r
i.e. i; it g hh
i,t- . Zlt
S. i. ii. 2 . 4 ;
r t
Sic -f.c
. r
'i It" i ;
Ml in 'i -ru. : ..r ' a i. li rv
hi nil f , i 'V. !ri: ' ., : r- ; -tai
M. ' ':, tt ' - 1 i k
H. i k:' s. i . , 7 .,ni Mr
Jam v (;. i',:.. ioir u,n
Aliiu f um. R..iv . ic(ir gu:t is.
i'i w lis pouts J ;i!m.i,s, 279 N. Ctni!
Ph. 3-4141.
Ev anj;elit ,c s erHe are leir.K
cone.Licted by Clarence ! I a., land.
Minneapolis. Minn . at fi o'clock
raih evening exi pt Satuid.iy at
Ceriral Lutheran chuuh.
$25 ('0 leward for information
lcaiiir.g to the con i ti n cf f : -son.-
depositing gaik' en the
higlivv., By criier Mnon Coun
ty ouit. '
Outside While Paint
No. 3688
Especially Formulated for
Whiteness and Brightness!
Extra Tough Film
Resists Dirt and Fumes
Equal to many other leading
brands of paint selling for
$6.32 per gallon
Per Gallon
This is a National Load Company Product
i tea nice ti pt c::a mm
IPimMie IHlecoirdls
1 June Duncan vs Gene Duncan:
Defendant files answer to amend
ed complaint.
' Frank Cluck s Leo McMana
' man: Defendant files arvswer to
amended ccmplaint.
Adrien Pemberton vs Louie and
Helen Pemberton Defendants file
demurrer to complaint.
Iva Mae Fawver vs Earl i-eRoy
Faw.r: Complaint for divorce
alleging cruel and inhuman treat
ment seeks restoration of plain
tiff's maiden name of Iva Mae
Air.jwcrth Married Jan 16. 1943
at Vancouver. Wash.
Chauncey Guymon vs George
Alexander: Amended petition for
writ of habeas corpus.
Dolores G. Myers vs Alva O
Myers: Decree of divorce grants
plaintiff sole ownership of certain
real and personal property and
restores her former name of Dol
ores G. Braun.
Rex O. Crites vs Annie H. Crites:
Decree of divorce confirms pro
perty settlement and restores de
fendant's former name of Annie
H. Chapman.
Ruth Johnson vs Morris John
son: Complaint for divorce alleg
ing crueUand inhuman treatment
asks that plaintiff be granted cus
tody of minor child and $25 month
ly fur port money. Married Sept.
26. 1946. at Vancouver, Wash.
Sydney P. and Sylvia Levenne
vs city of Salem: Plaintiffs grant
ed judgment of $100.
Dorothy L. Orr vs Jack W. Orr:
Decree of divorce to plaintiff
Leonard C. and Ruth A Orton
vs Victor and Elizabeth Knuth:
Defendant's demurrer to plain
tiffs' second amended complaint
Caroline King vs Clifford Beryl
King: Order continues cause to
July 18
W L. Jones estate: Order ap
proe final account of executrix
and dire t ristr ibution.
S'":rley Ann and Donald M
Crotheis Kuarriian-hip: Oi der
,r ris
I" I
Moriis K. Crothers as
M. fi.v Benedict and Maxine
lA - r Schwab guardianship:
ner aj proves final account
disi hi g- guardian.
Ji r,n T Jones estate- Order
pro . fuiifl account cf
e xc i liter
arv rtirett distribution.
Ntrie Siicg etste: Orric-r p-pio-e
fiii.i! ,-(((.!,r,t aiici dis-
t a p.t-S I'Xli MtllX
Nellie Ashland e.thte: Appraised
at $1 M0
A':r'.-i H Mil -:,. tc Orritr ap
toir.t I. T B;,ir,t-. J W. Bohn
a'.n I Dunnipan as ap
r r ; i m -
M. i E I'mT uaidiMn hip
Aw . I :poit (I ic iar diii cor,
U n !
l.Joyri M.,ttir.EJv 23 fim l;boi-
r. J I.oi.ivt. Mj,t?ir.tly . 20. t otn !
of Si c,n
Wi''i.,m D.oe Hi . ell. 22. bar- I
rcr. rd K.irr.i;, D I ;,nf.'h. 20. j
i:' rro:i( if ii. . r.oih. rf Silver-!
, , . -
P. :-...!i F M , i ill. 19. floi it !
P. l. Ger.-ilfine 1. Chi itv j
H , ' ! k -1 t . TL'5 N li-'th -i
C U V M h.. ,. 25 t k -.iir. -!
. Si . it Mil,v ai-o h.itt- Biin k
Jl. c:( '! olM . H,f!l til I)
A'- ! i; H iiifle-ti n. 71. n-nioi
Clarence Haaland
1 mm Minneapolis. Minn.
Will speak at scecial
Evangelistic Services
Lutheran Church
Corner of Gaines and N. Capitol
Services every evening; becin
ninr, Tursdir except Saturday
at 8:00 p. m. Come and hear
this man of God.
and Isabell PowelL SC. housewife,
both cf West Stay-ton.
Clarence Fetrow, legal, IBM op
erator, route 9, box 272, and Man
lou Muggle, legal, clerk, both of
Herman F. Breitenstein. 21.
truck driver. Sublimity, and Mary
Louise Hasten. 20, Corvallis.
Thomas L. Snethen, 18. U. S.
navy. 1550 Lancaster dr., and Elva
Crabb. 1", tray girl, route 3. box
296. both of Salem.
Gregory J. Frost. 21, carpenter.
Stay ton. and Donna Lou Gries.
18, domestic. Sublimity.
Walter Edward Counts. Silver
ton, charged as fugitive from jus
tice in California on charge of
nm-support, ordered held until
May 27 for California authorities,
released on own recognizance.
Thomas Sherwood Reese, Salem
route 8. charged as fugitive from
justice in California on charge of
non-support, ordered held until
May 27 for California authorities,
released on $230 bail.
William Frank Kammerer. Port
land; Robert Edward Ivfcmmerer,
Marylhurst. and Leo David Main,
jr., Oregon City, possession cf trout
less than six inches long, each
fined $25 and costs and equipment
Leona and Millard Peyton. Port
land, angling in prohibited area.
$25 fine suspended on payment of
court costs.
James Carl Gregory. Crawfords
ville, charged with reckless driv
ing, pleaded innocent, trial et for
June 7.
Steve W. Zurlinden. 1213 N. 4th
t., charged with reckless driving,
posted $50 ball.
'Retl Shoes' to Show
For School Children
By special arrangement a show
ing of "Red Shoe" will be made
for scha'! children at the State
theater Wednesday at 4 p m., with
a special puce of $1. The movie,
an English production, is showing
at the State this week.
Th first tocaJ showing of the White 3000 will bo
held st our inowroom Ttiurtdoy, My 19, 1949, from
8:30 m. m. We want you to be ure to ee fhit en
tirely new kind of truck with all its spectacular fea
tures. You ore cordiolly invited.
Albany 2000 (mHmi
roi 0 TIABf
Fleet Osraree If fee
will mo mo4 to hmvo
Uoro m room im wttich
3000 te yom s4ace o4
Albany 2000 Santiam Highway
Walsh to Talk
At Regional
Police Banquet
Acting Governor William E
Walsh will be the principal speak
er tonight at the Regional Police
banquet marking the close of the
annual police school held in Salem
over the past aix weeks.
Top ranking officers of the FBI,
state police and League cf Oregon
Cities will also speak. at the din
ner at the American Legion club
at 6:30 p m. Mayors from seven
area cities, city managers, couicil
men and police officers will be
included in the 100 persons ex
pected at the banquet.
The evening program will open
with special music by Lanny Dib
bern. Invocation will be given by
Father O'Keefe cf St. Vincent de
Paul's church. Mayor R. L. Elf
ttrom will give the welcoming
Certificates will be awarded to
about 70 police officers from Linn.
Polk. Marion and Clackamas
county who successfully complete
the six-course regional police
school today. Final session on
Traffic Accident Investigation, be
ginning at 9 am. today- will con
clude the school. Agents from the
FBI will conduct the class.
Law Defined
All persons who enter into writ
ten contracts of employment to
serve as an apprentice in any'tiade
or craft requiring not less than
4,000 hours to learn, are required
to comply with the state appren
ticeship law. Attornev General
George Neuner held Monday.
Neuner added that while the act
provides that any person who shall
violate its provisions shall be guil
ty of a misrieamor there is no
penalty. The attorney general said,
however, it is the duty of the ap
prentice and his employer to com
ply with the law.
The opinion was requested by
W. E. Kinsey, state labor commissioner.
The' New K
America is
ate tfuwfo&...
Tel. Albany 1360
mmj reesen yej, yotir
yom come tm o omy fiomo
iwa4ioii pectwre comli ho
kajsiMess. Fleas write or
Tne Statemon. Scilem. Oregon, Tueedorr. May 17, 1949
Opening cf bids on $3,000,000 cf
veterans' home and farm loan
bonds has been set for May 27,
i state veterans department officials
announced here Monday. This will
! make a total cf $18,000,000 cf these
' bonds issued since creation cf the
' jJepartmenL
with th
Dew n
t-ine appearance plus top quality
that's the Crane Neudajr group.
Matched styling. Gleaming wbite,
easy-io-clean surfacea. Huilt-ie con
venience features. Sturdy construc
tion for year of tough erice. New
engineering socb as CrntmU fau
cets with DUl-tu controls for easy,
trouhle-free operation.
The Crane Neuday group is priced
to fit the most closely watched budg-
&ee us for complete information
i w,. tVi a vWfssfMiP
No Other Track lias All Theso
EXTRA Earring Poorer Fcaturts
asnaa awrr fMiwisf " omautt
kaaics or your aVfrers cat be presew tbis bwif4, w
tbis aiaee oe a personal
we weatlat be batfy t beis ttae
vs nd we wiM set 4ee.
& mmim
Tel. Albany 1360
If H
cation of a lifetime
Glorious lake Louise
and Sanfff
Play and relax on the top of
the world! Every day of your
vacation spent in the fabu
lous splendor of Banff, in
the alpine beauty of Lake
Louise is a holiday ftrtawrt!
Enjoy pelf, riding, hiking,
swimming, tennis, fishing
plus world-famous cuisine,
sen ice, hospitality. Make
reservations u- with yout
local agt nt or see . . . y
inf of Truck
Dig Aiouti!
fOWSI tlet CAS provides com- ;
ploae occotaiMUty to nochaaical '
ptru io ! thmm JO acoorfc at lk ;
tura of key. Aetyacint oaechsaiioi .
a ragged version of the Wa-
paodable oVic oparaiiag laadlaf :
(a ml airUaaa
it it XX
imotstrati4t. Or iff yeJ
oUtmrm mmd tbe WMte