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    t Th Statesman. Salom. Otjim. Tn day.- iterr 17. IU
Cascade Highway Groiiri Told
Salem Not Opposed to New Road
SILVTRTON. Msy IS Salem Is not opposed to tfce building of the
Cara-ie higrway and Oregon City will not be by packed, speakers told
the Cascade Highway association at a dinner meeting here tonight at
Totiey's cafe. Fifty members and guests were in! attendance with A. C.
Schaffer of Scio presiding. I
C A. Sprague, publisher of the Oregon Statesman and former
g jvet Jior of Oregon, guest speaker.
Sill inai w r.j ne l--ii .j
the association feared Salem op
jed the highway he felt sure
t.'iit was not so.
I have never heard ar.y opposi
tion to the Cascade highway ea
pte.rd by anyone at SIem an1 1
periTially be. L eve we reed all the
t" i we cn get. he raid
Mr Sprague poir.led out that
th--te were tnree tests X'J every
r.! Tr'irit. is it practicable from
'i r,4'rleer' stailp ir.t : sin.l,
. e. onomcal. and tr.,H. is the
fit-mey available. In the as of the
pi ,p"-d highway he hei.e-.-ed trie
t first let had air-.; iv been
jii,,. 1 r,d he hoped :e rhir i me
w i!1 be surmounted
The change in the onini!!y
pr -.-ed Cf -a ;:e iiifc'h ' a trim
B.i ir. afield to )rejsi,ri C'.y. was
d .ried hy Dr F A I'ir, Sil
ci !..::. Th.s fiange would tike
th- highway directly f orth from
Silv--ton tc the Whi'e school
h-f Y would give the travelers
thr i n.'.i-e ' going nortn on Hih
wjv 'i'-iY or into Portland n the
en the way
I. . f -said.
oad. This wo'.iM short j
cm SiKerton to Port- ; much first crops hay in the WiUa
7 miles to 36'. Dr. ' rn-rte va"ey L of poor quality
: because of rains which first post-
the Oro-
g ,H
C.ty Chamber of Comnwvo. (
a-iicei ii ttie intention was us ny-
, oron and wan assured !
Ly . H Khwv' sso ,i,tioR mem . -
... . l t
b-i , that mere was no such in- '
t-ti-i in br.a 'hat 9V Ha: through
Oi n City would be the logical
r ii- t a I
Ii Mie F'f
rorthbourd motorists
t Sound fountry or
delesat.on from Mt. Anel
B iiiiess Wen's i luo v. wel-m-
el s tlie ifvrt membership In-'
1 1 the a :.;. at.on '
1. K Sii&ker. Staytois se retry I
f !fir osh, dilved the'
ii'.v dtiiv. n up map of the pro- '
p.ied route, arid Pre Merit Soh.sf-f-
aono..:iei the state histhrayl
bi .rig i.! Purtiantl 1 jedy at!
It - : 1 1 w i h AOLilil It rttteiid1
b J Jcfn'.iii from ;r.e Cr'le
a . latu ri
'I'l c ntx . t-gular meeting f the
.'-. f i k.p will tje h-ld t
t' t . ' 'I: .! !. 20.
Texas Tornado
Damase List
At $3Million
'P. t. -e rn pae one) 1
AMAK!!,L!' Tex.. My 16 - iV) I
rria't-s edfcVd p,st $3.
0 "oo ;-.;.. in tr,r wake f
t x. id.ii. v. ; h w hiplhed this
pschatidle : ar:a'. kiX.i.g four, and
ih-i, sk.i;cj 80 mile? noith t
fi "f!. m v.e of 1r' richest
h'.htv-f if per-ons w-re in
J u t-d .inn .'."(" '!tme 1em-li.h1
ir 1eti( -ved by U.c -Ktppiii.
il r:; ::: which manni-l 35
tl - K in 'e -uth-f n e,liuii of
t! ' - ?.'w ii ' Jo? oH) ia-t mght
I)rn.. alone wa e
tuMH'ed t Mi,ke Ma; pTes-
. ' ve Tfxa.-i Panhjndle '
1' .m f !".. 'er. a.-tH iti.n. at
ii' 'i tr ; : SI' 5G UUU Manager ,
f ;n H; !- (f !'r I ; ade win I-.
' t 40 plant. w-ie de
s iv-.! : ! ft .lan.rij-tn1 -appraised
.hm-ar te:e at $35.tiH
i ,t
: .ii!r.!.l
e-i'i-pirifd h'lc Lttii.t'es. and
t i- ;.:;--! i ri- Implement
I .'He v.ii -e.ivy M a -. - Hjii i
e ' ti. t:-- - tu J ! c i ijtii)
2-Day Amafeur
Hay 21 and 22
Shew Starts 1:30
Mlie W. of Turner
Adult I i Inch Tax)
hildren Sc duel. Tax)
woonnrRx. ore.
. Iat Times Tuesday
"Tho Tfcresj Musketeers"
Wcdceaday OnJyl
"No Minor Vices''
HHfi Dana Andrews
A. 1111 Palaoer Amd
-Hawrtront At Midai t
Baseball Tonight
Sal en Senators
Spokane Indians
Box Seat BosorratSona
Phcno 3-CS47
150 Witness
Farm Machine
By Li I lie T Madsen
rar-r. Editor. Tti S'?emj
Havmaking the easy way wn
demonstrated hy fie different
fjrm machine equipment comnin
is to 150 farmer at the H. A.
Barries & Sons jVValdo Hills ranch
?.fonday. The rinetin started at
10 a m. and the Waldo Hills Grange
Home club fcerved the
noon luncheon.
Harry L.,.Ricrfes. Marion county
extension agent jwas in charge and
spoke briefly explaining that the
ne of gras iilage method in
storing forage crop has gained fa
vor rapidly throrhout western
Oregon in recent years. Normally
pone cuttin au ine oest stage or
maiuruy. ana. j second, oner irw
rav i i i : r nrF r it rrnm dc-
? . T
properly ured Frequently
much early hay U spoiled almost
"-yyu ......
Harcld Ewaltj orofes.tor in ani
mal husbandry t the ttate college,
said that tests ihave proved con
rluiely tiiat grass silage Is sec
ond bet to aitua! pa-ture from
the standpoint Sof feed value, if
I comparison Is mjade with field ( Ur
iel hav He aded that the grass
' is r.o better In the silo than in
, tie field, and when the cows like
lit best in the ; field, that is ihe
, tme to ut it for the silo also."
! Huber. aUo fiom the state
.college, sajd tlfat orie nice thing
about making gia silage is that
it can he done tn almost any kind
of weatheri. t
A- cutting, hauling and silo
filling was defponstra'ed by the
fi.e machine jjomparue In the
fl-.rr-' fields JMonday.
Barnes has 80 ton of grass put
in. i hi si. fnd :s the first
time re has u-ied grass silage he
ided The 81) tors were taken
fsoni 15 acres f alta fescuo and
t'ie stintet aneait clover fields. This
will be fed out during the sum-,
hut arid the silos will be refilled.
!h com in aiftumn.
Leonard Hudson and his Future '
Farrrier clashes fiom SiUerton high
s ! o 1 audi a v!eteiatu faim class!
f; im (ervais vi-eie i'.io pieent at
the demofctialion.
To Angling
End in! Fines
Because thfy fished in the
wrong place jt "the results were
t w MTia II , : f : v eEpersons were fined
Mors. lay tn Mai) ion county district
couit I
William Fraijk Kammerer. Port
land. Kobe it Edwaid Kammerer,
Vary.hviiat. atfii Leo David Main,
jr. Oietfoti City, were fined $25
and co s each-. or chaises of pos
sesiri t ri i t es than the legal
i U,i:i lsnth Their ecjuip
ment was al--0 confiscated The
th.ree had a tbt-l ;" f1. of
whuh siif were '. suffuient
I-ngtf:. They w ere attested on
I.wer cieek "
Lecna and fM ilia id Pay ton of
P.irt'and. Weref fined $25 and costs
fir fishing mg a proh:?..ited area.
S.ivei creek. bit the tine was us
1 1 odes? w t.en ; d t;?t 'hat thev
k- ew i.f the pihibiTior; was voiced
n cunit -
v-rz. i) v
Wd. May 18
9 P.MJtill 1 A.M.
Joyride icith
I VT. '
L. a-- n r fj i;
I , m mi '" I i - -- -Jfc. . aI.I t n iniiiwinir-
1 1fciaiiii''V MtfTT ii v " '
MON'MOI TH. May II Joan Seavey. dean of women at Oregon College of Education, seated behind the
wheel of her convertible, is pictured as she prepared to pay off an obligation to six OCE students.
The students were hit h bidders for a Portland trip offered by Miss Seavey at a World Student serv
ice benefit fond auction at the school. Seated in the forecround. left and riht. are Willi Love and
Gil Christian. In the back are. left to right. Bob Graham. Ruth Schults. Bob Haglund and John Her
bert, the auctioneer (OCE news bureau photo).
OCE Teachers
Pav Off After
Benef it Auction
CATION. Monmouth OCE faculty
member are paying off this week.
The obliging teachers offered
their services to the highest bid
ders at an auction last week when
$90 waJ raised for the World Stu
dent service fund
The high bid of $16 bought a
trip to Portland donated by Ruth
Carter. English instructor, and
Mrs. Lomi Jessup. director of
dormitories Logan Forester. Sa
lem, was the successful bidder.
Coiky" Van Loo. OCE'j star
pitcher bought a series of rhumbs
lessons to be taught by Mrs Faye
Knox, wife of Van Loo's baseball
coach. Bob Knox.
Three two-hour golf leon by
Coach Knox went to Esther And
erson, Don Plummer was high bid
der for a trip to the Oregon coast
sponsored by Ir. H M Gunn.
(H"K president.
A "corporation" of four students
led by Red Haglund bought rights
to an evenings entei tainmcnt at
' the best sho.v m Salem " Joan
Seavey. OCE's dean of women,
paid the chevk.
Bob Gash, an unmarried student
purchased the baby-sitting services
of Gfutxe Harding, speech instruc
tor and father of four children
Gah reported he sold his bid later
for a sizeable profit.
Cancer Fund
Near $1,000
Contributions for the Marion
eountv drive for Ameman Cancer
Soc iety funds have reached $92B -70,
Chairman Hoteit M Fischer,
jr . has announced The campaign
will .conclude May 20 when coin
bjxe will be cellected
A breakdown of contributions
included, women's ciubs. $!). la
bor unions $40 grange and farm
er's Unions $2u veteiaus organi
zations. $59 88 lodaes. $20; busi
ness; firms $25'J 50. individuaU.
$303 25 Mt Anel. $15: WochI
burn, $13 Silver ton. $12 and Tal
bot. $133 07. Stavton and Jeffer
son have not repoi ted and all com
munities with the eeition of
Talbot t a.e made oniy paitiai re
turns. El-i-livi Said.
I -d Life... I
Ways to W
I TIh)k prewiiu hours it Jav'i cnJ ... l 7TJTf7 I I
I your own girJen . . . lhoe carefully Y'lij I I
I nurtured riowers . . . then dusk and a ll ' .Ui r II
I refreshing glass o( light Olympia. l -r ljjJJ V I I
I 1 hes are imunj ctx govi 1 1 1
II tTrfc rt Witter-
j oVrr. jit Ltfh Jkfntimnt Brrtrp tf SiBiwm tf Temfnam fmflt 11
Dean Won at College 'Auction'
Mrs. McMinimee
Burned by Wax
women and a man were in a
hospital here today for treatment
of burns caused when a can of
liquid wax on a kitchen stove
exploded and caught fire.
Mrs. Warren A. McMinimee.
wife of the former Tfllamook
county district attorney, was burn
ed about the face and arms when
she slipped amid the flaming wax
rushing to the aid of her mother.
Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown had
mistakenly turned on tha heating
unit under the wax can.
6 Names Added
To Jury Panel
Six names were added to the
Marion county district court jury
panel Monday, following exhaus
tion of the list during the April
term The jurors are to report to
the court Friday at 9'30 a m .
standard tune
The names drawn and their pre
cincts and occupations were Win
field Needham. jr. Salem 9. stu
dent: Fdith Connell Ailing. Salem
27. housewife; Virgil L. Morgan.
North Howell, farmer; Alfred J
Klug. Auburn, faimei. Bessie M
Edwards. Salem 36, housewife:
Helen Doolittle, Salem 24, house
wife. U.N. Refuses to
Act on Spain
NEW YORK. May T6 -cj The
United Nations assembly tonight
stuck to its three year ban on
Franco Spain But it also beat
down a Slav bloc campaign to s'ap
economic restrictions on the Ma
drid government
In a flurry of roll calls, the as
sembly 1 Vo'ed 26 to 15. with 16 ab
stentions and two absences, on a
l-atin Ameruan resolution which
would have permitted I. N. mem
bers to send ambassadors and
ministers back to Madrid. This
proposal failed to pass because it
did not get the needed two-thirds
major ; ty
2 Voted down a 13-paragraph
resolution b Poland which Would
flaw kept I. N members from
eiid ng arm to Spam and would
put siiciig restrictions - - called
sanctions on trade with Madrid.
Time Change
Confusing at
Salem's first day of ' fast time
in 1949 appeared to be going
smoothly Monday, except at Mar
ion county courthouse, where om
changes were assured for today.
Officially, however, the offices
there will remain on standard time.
Because the offices there missed
their early morning mail, usually
delivered the first thing, due to
the time switch, the
the county court
ordered the elevator to run on
fdayhght caving time. This will
enable the postman to reach up
per floors for delivery. However,
the elevator will halt an hour be
fore offices close.
County Judge Grant Murphy
said that how eaily the offices
opened was up to the officials,
but that all must stay open until
5 p m. standard time. Only one
had decided definitely Monday to
open on daylight time tor public
convenience. Houis will be stag
gered in the clerk's office to keep
it open from 7:30 am. to 5 p m.
standard tune.
The county clerk had an opinion
from District Attorney L O. Stad
ter, jr . that daylight saving time
"has no application wheie the leg
islature lias fixed standard time
j witn respect to legal duties. '
De Cicco Gains,
Loses Backing
THE DALLES. May 16- t& -Wasco
county democratic leader
Celia L. Gavin today questioned
the right of the party executive
committee to oust Mike DeCiccb as
state democratic treasurer.
The former state vice chairman
wrote Volney Martin, state party
secretary, that she was astonished
by the attempt to declare the of
fice vacant by a mail ballot.
She said the executive party
committee lacked the authority to
carry out the ouster move. She
added she hoped DeCicco had a
successful term in office.
GRANTS PASS. May 16 -fi-Jusephme
county democrats join
ed last week end in the demand
for Mike DeCicco to leave offico
as demi'Ciatic state cential com
mittee treasurer.
Justices Split
On Freedom of
Speech Verdict
By Deo Sanders
sharply divided supreme court
held today that freedom of speech
cannot be curbed merely because
the speaker stirs people to anger,
invites public dispute and creates
Justice Jackson, one of a four
man minority, called the decision
a "dogma of absolute freedom for
irresponsible and provocative ut
terance" which almost complete
ly ties the hands of local officers
trying to maintain peace.
"There is danger that, if the
court does not temper its doctrin
aire logic with a little practical
wisdom, it will convert the con
stitutional Bill of Rights into a
suicide pact." he said.
Ousted Conrietion
The court struck down the con
viction and $100 fine meted out by
the city of Chicago to Arthur Ter
nunieUo. a Catholic priest from
Birmingham. Ala., who was at the
time of his speech under suspen
sion from his duties as a clergy
man. He spoke at the West End
Women's club auditorium on the
night of February 7. 1946. under
auspices of the Christian Veterans
of America.
Gerald L. K Smith called the
meeting, describing Terminiello
as "the Father Coughlin of the
south "
Justice Douglas read the five
man majority's opinion. It called
unconstitutional a Chicago ordi-
nance which the Illinois courts had
I construed as permitting disorderly
j conduct conviction for any speech
' which "stirs the public to anger,
invites dispute, brings about un
rest or creates a disturbance."
May Not Stand
"A conviction resting on any of
1 those grounds may not stand,"
Douglas declared.
"A function of free speech under
our system of government is to in
vite dispute. It may indeed best
serve its high purpose when it
: induces a condition of unrest, cre
. ates dissatisfaction with condi
tions as they are or even atirs peo
i pie to anger."
! Justice Burton Joined in Jack
son's 7,500-word dissent. Justice
Frankfurter and Chief Justice
Vinson also wrote dissents.
Kirhnioiid ITA
Installs Rirrell
As New President
George Birrell was Installed ,
president of Richmond Parent-
Teacher association at a Monday
night meeting in the school.
Mrs. James Bunnell, a past pre
sident, conducted the installation
of Birrell and of Fred Humphrey,
vice president; Mrs. Donald Se
bum, secretary; Mrs. Alfred Laue,
j treasurer.
i In the last meeting before au
tumn, the association- also heard
PTA convention reports by Mrs.
i Elbert Neal and Mrs. Leslie Mor- i
r is and talks on summer camping '
! plans by Gus Moore of the YMCA,
! Mrs. Esther Little, YWCA, and
Mrs. George Bagnall, Camp Fire
Girls. ! i
Sixth graders performed folk
dnncng under leadership of John !
H. Black. Fourth graders of Mrs.
Mary Swegart had the best par-,
ents' attendance record. j
A rC5U
Mat. Daily From 1 a. bl
IMl'Hto fife
Lads Today! Opeaa d:iS
Ed O. Bobtnooa
NigM Has 1,000 lyos
Barry Fltacerald
Jo ha ay W e las na oiler
Tsma A Moramaida
Fibber McGe A Molly
r - Start At Dunk I hi '
I Brian Donlovy fl ,
1 Brod Crawford II ;
I "South of Tahiti" I
J I Franrhot Tune Y-
111 "Trail of tho II
111 Vigilantes" I I
III Color Cartoon J I !
i m i rli foi
At Salem
Schools . . .
By Jaaaes Cook
By James Cooke.
Pat Deeney and Elizabeth Spore,
winners of a primary nomination
election assembly at Leslie Mon
day, will campaign this week for
the office of student body presi
dent next semester. AU candi
dates nominated in the Monday
election will make campaign
speeches Friday morning to be
followed by a final election.
Patsy Snider is unopposed for
the office of vice president. Other
j candidates nominated were: Sec
! retary. Glenna Allmer, Judy
j Ixucks: treasurer. Evelyn Andrus,
Janice Wilson: sergeant at arms,
! John Perry. Ray Puhlman: song
queen. Julie Miller. Carol DaMet;
; yell king. Deau Quamme and John
: Humphrey.
Mrs. Pearl Cleaver's third grade
class recently presented an Enle
vvood assembly program with a
historical skit about Oregon nam
ed "Johnny's Dream " The cast
included John Sills. Jim Reimann.
Gregory Bergman. Dianne Aus
burn. John Hoskms and D'Anii
Richard Carlson was master of
ceremonies for a recent KnglewooJ
public address broadcast "Date
Quiz" Dale Drake was narrator
and Janie Drakely played the
musical interlude.
Bush school's annual spring pro
gram by the three sixth grade
classes will be given Thursday,
May 19. at 1:30 pm with m pag
eant called "Fiesta Time." Par
ents are invited.
Scenes will be in the Andes
mountains and a Mexican village
street on "market day." "Indians
Argentine cowboys" and tourists
from the United States will Join
in singing a final song
The town of Medora. ND, was
founded by a Frenchman, tho Mar
quis de Mores, who named the site
after his wife. !
Now Showlnr Open :45
Ml llal
oniTficii CMiti
Second Feature
Tomorrow! Htie)...cnnV Of
Returned to thrill You
"Tho Academy LtZf-
Award Hits"
-t t v)koI t'lwf m t.Mh(.Lr
. IMY ajaio
fiin um acaw t
UMM3T iWuiMl (IM
oussa mmk nmm imit
"Whispering Smith" and "Homicide"
For Both
Advance Seats
Now on Sale
At The Grand
Many Grand Vaudeville Acts
Tiny Tot Fashion Revue ( j -
FRIDAY, MAY 20,8 P. M.
AT 1
Salem High School Auditorium
(On Night Only)
Sponsored kyi Dor
West So Lorn Boy Scoufs
HighUnd Mothors kCkb f
Cmm EaHy Hm tosrvatins 7:30 P. M.
Teachers to ;
Investigate! 1
Three area teachers are on tho
committee named to Investigate
charges against Louis Armstrong,
Pendleton school superintendent,
made by a group of teachers there.
The charges have not been pub
licly detailed. )
D. A. Emerson. Salem, assistant
state superintendent of public in
struction; George Birrell, Salem
high school chemistry instructor;
and Henry M. Gunn, president of
Oregon College of Education at
Monmouth, are on the irommittee
which completed investigation of
the charges last week-end and
will report soon. i
Firefighters to
Meet in Salem
Salem will bo the site pf the
1950 convention of Oregon Fire
Fighters association and Oregon
Association of Fire Chiefs it was
confirmed in the Closing session of
the state held in Nortri Bend.
W. P Roble, Salem, was elected
first vice president of the firo
chiefs. Wilbur Dillon, i Hilb-boro.
2nd vice president, and ivan IVar
son. McMinnvtlle. treasurer.
Fire fighters named t'larry Ray),
Bethel rural fire district, vlco
president, and Clyde Buckholti,
Salem, secretary.'
WASHINGTON. D cj. May 14
fPi-The supreme court; hxiay re
fused to review the conviction of
Mrs. Gladys Broadhurst for tho
Malheur county slaying of her
husband. ;
In the first attempt at coloniza
tion of Arcadia. 1598. the French
landed 60 convicts on: Sable Is
land. 5
, J.
Always the Best
In Entertainment
at Tear
Warner Brothers
Salem Theatres!
and J
Koddy McDewall
fa "Kidnapped
rreo .tiar.tiurray
I mw i
feElrlr: op.T.h'--
Social BriVliT
Urlnq With Uons
Warrior Now'
One Performance Daily
At 8:30 P. M.
COlOt If
Winner Of I
Academy Awards.
Adm. 129 - M . Z.4
(loeludlor Tax)
Special SbowiWed.
4 r. M. For Students
Students l.0 (lac. Tai)