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    Cnty Mews DBirfieffs
A power saw, drill motor and
fcolt cutter valued at $125 were
taken Saturday night from a home
under construction at 1660 S. Cap
itol St., city police said Sunday.
The thieves cut off a door ha-p
to gain entry. The toris were the
property of Bates and Nes .Siem
Dr. L. B. Wamiker Dentist, is
now associated with the Dr. Pain
less Parker office. 2ii4 Gray B!dg..
State and Liberty St., Salem. Ph.
Buy good used clothing cheap
Men'?:, ladies' & children's cloth
ing. Garments Bazaar. 2020 John
St. Fh. 3-5497. '
City police Sunday imported that
an attempt wa made Saturday
nitht to break into the Marion
Feed company, 228 Kerry -t. De
tectnes said a plywood patch had
been pried from an ailey window
in the attempt Nothing was report
ed rnjssing. '" '
Federally Insured Savings Cur
rent divident 2'i See First
Federal Savings First. 142 S Lib
erty. Phone 3-4944.
Road oiling. Call Tweedie 2-4151
or 3-5769.
Taking home new sons from Sa
lem Genera hospital Sunday were
Mrs. George "N'ourse, 175 Holly
wood ave , Mrs.- Newman H. Fes,
221 N. 25th st, and Mrs. Kenneth
E. Barber, Turner. Mrs. Arnold I.
Finseph, 225 E. Superior st., left
with her infant daughter.
Insured savings earn more than
two per cent at Salem Federal
Savings Association. SCO Stats st
Clair li Margie Tucker would like
to meet all their friends out at the
Colonial House. Open every nigM
except Tues. Come out and join
the fun.
Karakul Karpet It's new. It's re
versible, it's lOOo virgin wool and
woven through and tbtough. rnU
$4.95 sq yd Ph. 3-7648 or 3 33C4.
Sal Mii
At the midrntr. 1155 Elm ft V. t
Kalvm Mav !2 Ii Ttlr !-...
at 1h aire of tot vrar Si.iii.k! t v
wife IIU June Ml wll of
Wet Salem: a daughter. Mr Violet
Wilaon of Bifir'tion. VV"ah fv" son
lkrrv lrtv l.oirin e Wallet t- tjf
Ontiri. Kalln Ore nd Rob
ert Brine Wallace of WeM Sa!fn.. two
brother Rhjxlrs of Poi'i-.r-d
em) Fm pO H'ile of Hrfxjk. and two
rislri Oiwl M.ium cif I ja Angel"; and
Inile M.lls of Canbv Sfrit-fi will be
held Moncl.i-. Mjv l 3 m t the
W T Ration t-n.ipel C'oni-1 mt-
h e at Belie f'Jusi cemetery at Wood
burn. t4.MHI.Ni.
Mrs -Maxine .finrh ("u-.rMr. In thi
eitv Mv 1 iirird by nuthand
Stearn Cubing, jr , father and moth
er. Mr arid Mr- Jr.nn F t'lrich; t hll
dren, C'liarlene Ann and S-i,r.n Cuh
Ins. frandmother. Mm G A Ne. all
of Salem. Active member cf First
Methodiat church. Funeral ervice
will be Friday. May 20. at 3 pm. at
W T. K rioii chapel, the Rev Brwki
H Mooie officiating. Interment at Bel-
ere-t Memorial park.
Ikitd W Hill, at the residence. 4S9
K Front . Sunday. Mav 13 Sur
lved bv hi widow. Mrs Mamie Hill.
daughter. Mrs Ixiuise Ostrin: a son.
HartiUI Hill, all uf Salpm. ste(children.
Mr. Meile (unneen Kinw fit v. Mo,
and Fran it I. famphell Puel'Ui f ok .
nd a brother Frank Hill Mnnn,i.nlh
Announcer' ent of -er ires later hv
fiough-Bar' :ck company.
Mrs Minnie D Craft at the fan-.ilv
residence 425 S 25'h t . Satunlav. Mav
14. at the are uf 79 ear. Suivnfd by
her hufhnncl. Jj'iie A Craft. Salem,
a daughter Mis Evelvn i. Stark. Sa
lem. t sisters Mrs Jitsie Richard
son AlhanN ar-rl Mr H is
iT-ttUnd. a t.r..-er. W f Mile. M..r
vaniVa. Ore . no fivir gr.indi 'klrrn
Announrni er.t of erue l..' i Iv
Ilowell-F.dw arijs itinipany.
Kl 1 JOT
Stephen C Fllmt at the r--!f' n.-e
Solent i.m'e Ni 74 S)!,.n1..' M.-v
1. at te age of 2 e..! ,i .f '
hi" p.-irnVi t- ,,nd M;v V I K ! :
Malvern '. - Ai-.n.. .iicr ''" ''
vice l.i'f r ! the ll ...!!-Ko -a . i vi
Stella Mav H--nlru kiMin. .it 'he resi
dence S72 K er !e rd Wr'! S.,!e-v:
5aturd.iv M.iv 14 at ti e ige ! fH
ve.irs Mf! her of S.tle" Aerie 2ti I
Fraternal Order tf Kjgltj. S irir rd
t-v her children 7eke and' "Wrl'.n
HriHtnckwn and Fave MiFjrUintl
Seattle. Zenda A Sander Medft-rd.
Vera l,uca. BerKelev. Calif hrot,r
Holla Hoolt. and tster. H.rl Ale.iri
fier Iugarv. Iowa Anntuiirnrfnl of
aeivices later by the W T. Rigdon rn.-
We wish to express our sincrre
thanks and appreciation to ft tends
for beautiful floral offerings, sym
pathy and kindness extended us
during our neloved mother's lll-r.-ss
and death.
Mr. & Mrs Fred Hale & family
Mr. & Mrs. Gale Herbst tt family
To day ! , -I
day " " a
121 North High Stxt
A busload: of SEem high school
j sophomore jolory students had
l a field trip to Borjneville dam Sat
I urday with teachers Vivian Chand
; ler and June Phjlpott. Since the
i 30 students ire waking on a con
servation unit in; their class. he
fish hatchery and fih ladder were
, emphasized, but they also saw the
power genera tors at the dam. as ,
well as scenery along the route.
! Rjr-storation of f mail service to
Berlin, Gernliany upon removal of
the Russian blockade was an
nounced Sunday i by Salem Post- ,
master Albert C, Gragg. The basis i
for surface transported parcels is
the same a. before the blockade,
six cents pef pound to the Ameri
can, French and British zones and
14 cer.ts per; pound to the Soviet
Come to Ralph' Johnson Appli-j
ance Store. 255 Center St., to see
the finest in modern appliances
J Hotpoint, Bordix. Kelvinator.
! Speedqueen and a complete line
of home freezers.
The experiences of two dozen
enthusiasts wh flew their small i
aircraft from Portland to Fair- '
I banks, Alaska, will be depicted for
Salem Rotary eljib at the VAednes- ,
day luncheon in" the Marion hotel ;
by L. S. White.ipresident of Aero
Credit corporation of Portland
Program chairman is Fori est Don
kin. .
Republicans: Hear Sen Allan
Carson on 'the: 1949 legislature.
Wednesday,'5 7 30 pm, courthouse
A farmer's ie:s concerning the
proposed (Vjilumbia .il!ey author
ity .for the northwest will be oic
ed by Ronald Jones, Brooks, state
pre-ident rif thip Farmers' union,
in a talk Wdnsdiiy noon at Sa
lem Exchange club luncheon. The
meetinu is wi tre Senator hotel.
C.ii. Mi ' re. Salem YMCA gen-
!'. in. will be the speaker
Tiifii , i:i.n ;d the Siilem Kiwa- i
r,i t I'm :i.iit-hen in the Marion
hni! Hi talk and a film will
loncetn surrimef camping for boys
,nl K'r K
Ruiiiina.e Sal' continuing new
an: t-t-d Mrs.; Tyrefl s merclian- :
rfi-e .(! . rarjge, radio. 193 N
t'.m 1 !
New mernbers tf Salem Cham- j
ljr t f Cf rnfrierce to be intrKiucel j
today's ffrurri luncheon include :
Hobert. Betnard and Con?t;.nre !
Sthreiner ot SChreiner's Iris gar- i
rien, Saleni loole 2. box 327, and
Percy llimjn. jnsui.irne, 210 ()ie
gon building.
Mrs David Morev. 3fl0 S. 23rd
j St., left Salem Memorial hospital
Sunday with her new born daugh
ter. !
, Hi School .TriY girls rummage
sale. Tues . :May 17, 9 am., above
; Court St Radio & Appl , 357 Couit
; . . -
i rvla
HELLER- To Mr :.nd Mrs
Wendell W; Heller. Mil! Citv. a
j daughter. Siindsiv, Miy 15. h Sa
lem General hospital.
Mis Richard E Grabenhot -t.
N Winter t . a rinahter.
Mitv 15. t Saleni Genet 1 ho(-.rfl
Neil I. Hajjedotn.
a daughter, Sijt-d.
S..!-m Genet at hr.-
Mr and Mis
$2 i Cioss st .
. Mav 15. at
BROU'NBERGER - - To Mr a: i
Mi W J Bto fik-ei fer. 620 H v -mi
nt st , Wvst; Salem, a dutht - .
Sund. v. May J5. at S.tiern Gt'nei
a! hospitalj"
WARRELL To Mr. and Mrs.
G-ice Watrlf. l .lt.iv fi S.,t
urday. M.iy i 4, at S.i'ern Cit" era!
hc-iitsi. i;
MrFAIiiil N To Mr and Mrs
P.itruK M F..'-cl Cf'O M.iple .i
a daught-i ; Sjt-in:..v. M.iy 14. at
Salem Gen-: tu-i it.,1.
Roy L. Wnit. Newport, charged
with reckless driving, posted $50
Francis B. Si hlageter. 510 N
24th St.. charged with tampei ing
with a parking meter, posted $25
VioIuM to S7J0
Th of two of th
Try bost makarm.
Cattlemen Told
To Coordinate
By IJJlie L. Madsea
Fa rm Editor. The Statesman
"Just as you can't settle all your
state problems in Washington. D.
C. just iw you can't settle all your j
Jeiey cattle problems at your I
Jersey Cattle headquarters in Col- S
umbus. Ohio, Carl W. Miller, head j
of the m:!k department of the j
American Jerse Cattle club, told ?
Mat iorv count y club members Sun- !
riav when they met at the NRA j
hr. IT n Oi lirijhr
Sti many problems both in gov
ernment and in cattle work are
local. Miller stated, and to take
care of thee properly "you must
have a strong local government or
a strong local cattle club." He urg
ed the producers to work together
with the distributor as a "much
better plan thanthe producer do
ing the distributing." The nation
al club speaker also urged club
members each to do more promot
ing for the Jersey milk.
"I am not worried about the !
Jersey cow. She can maintain her j
own popularity," he said, "but !
sometimes I am worried about the
lack of a coordinated advertising
campaign. Producers of good prod-els
must learn to advertise their
own production or they may be
beaten out by an inferior product.
If we don't promote our product,
we rnn't expect others to do so,"
he added.
The meeting was preceeded by
a no-hot dinner at noon.
Neal Miller of Woodburn. pres-idt-nt.
opened the discussion on
prize moneys at the forthcoming
spring Jersey show, set for the
state fairground for June 9. The
club members voted not to allow
more than two cash prizes to any
one breeder in ar.y one class, al
though the breeder may receive
more than two nbbons in a clnss
Miller appointed Mrs Robert
CInrk of Aurora as ,-h.urman of
the show luncheon committee, w ith
Mrs Rex Ros of Mv Angel. Mrs.
William Voct of S.,lem. snd Mrv
Stanley Rubes of Tauitr as hn
assistant. The June Jeisey c.-ittle lub
meeting will be held at the War
ren Giay home in Mai ion.
Criticized for
Eisler Escape
iSti-i.v also on pane fre
WASHINGTON. May 15 -4'
S tiiftfir Mot'arran 'D-'e ) t;!..
i-nt:ied the j.iMnc department
for the e- ape of o-mmunist leaner
Gerhart Eisier from this coi:ntry
and annoumed that hi immigra
tion sutx'cmmittee will imestigate
the case.
McCarran told a reporter:
"It seems to me that the depart
ment of justice, u :th all its vas
machinery for gathering informa
tion about Mib'er-ne aliens
should ha e known the where
aboot ol man like K:-ler every
hour of tbf day and nr f't"
MeCaria is inrriki r. t nn -'.b-comlnitte-
i in tie ir:fi.i ()f i.t.-.r-mg
on Ki bill to inn out and
keep out ubv r , m e ahen
MK'jiun said as son
tho-e heat mjts end. t'" -ui-o.itr-rnittee
"m. d! t. irito thi K;lei
matter ti.oiin l U
The N'aa(;..n r-o al--o heads
t e 'senate iai v e
in hf c.-c riot know at this
tune r-'t-r U e group will r;.ll
Attorn-y ,Gent lal Tom Clark and
KM! DiiKtor J. Edgar Hoover to
Rep Nixon fR-Caiifi also com
metited that Clatks owes congress
an eplanation of what Nixon call
ed justice depaitment "laxity" in
the rommunis-t leader's gct-au ;.
Nvon. a mon.ber i f the hi.iic
committee on .in-A me an a.'r.
ties, suggested that Mt (.'. 1 1 ai.'s
suK-f-mn-ittee laur ih. at; mq-iii v.
ir. a.- much as if a!r n-y is at a -i k
on legislation to r;.ib subieA n
School Papers
To Receive On
EUGENE t Special Ei e Ore
gon high school newspapers will
receive for improvement in
presentn g the news during the
is-ih-'S school year accordine to
Dean Clifford
University of
F. Weiidie cf ti,
Oregon school of
Awards will be made at the an
nual conference of the Oregon
Scholastic Pres in Eugene. Octo
ber 22. to Lowell. Moro. Pendle
ton. Lincoln high of Portland and
Beaver ton schools.
When You
S Year Warranty
(oa sealed-in-transmission)
Trade-in allowance for jour old
washer j. For Only
Ztt N. Liberty Street
'Bear9 Heralds
i r
- iv mivSlP
"Bear" play U herald Willamette university's frtheoml-g htunr magssine, doe Wednesday, was in
dulged in Saturday afternoon in downtowa Salem. la the bear salt is Bill BisoelL Ashland. Others in
the picture are John Weisser, Bend, driving; Don Carpenter, Portland, and John Lester, Rood River
'Where's the
i '..i.v --'
7. .," ?-
WASHINGTON. D. C May 15 That i what Atlanta. Ga.. polireman
Ted Eduards (in air) could 1,-e saying t hi 6-year-old son. Teddy,
as he zip under Urn legs on hi special junior motoreyele. The
father-s-on act was part ol the big parade of some 23.000 members
or school afetr patrols in Washington. D. V. Father built the
machine for junior. (AP Wirephoto U The StateamanK
Noted Educators to Teach at
University's Summer Session
El.'GENE-Speci;.n-Trie staff of tha University of Oregon gummer
ses-i.n for 91J vmu tc .unihened by an outstanding group of
visaing eoi; ...n Kin t; t.. Director Paul B. Jacobson, dean of
the sc"h ol 1 ed-H-."itn n.
This is the 45-n. .,:ii-ual summer session of the university. It is
oig;.i.i"d this year a a single eipht-weeks session instead of the cus-
l. n...ry - tv, .-session
tr.stion is June 21
it i m. iu j.i
with classes
si.,! ting Jure 22.
The session ends
August 12
With emphasis placed on op
portune. es ior tethers to im
prove professional training nine
visiting faculty members have
Wn abided to the university edu
cation schcx 1 staff.
Oregon educators added to the
summer session staff in the school
of education include Frank L.
Bennett, superintendent of schools
at Salem: and Amo DeBernardis,
director of mstructn nal materials,
Portland public schools.
Out-of-state educators will in
clude John L. Bracken, superin
tendent f schools at Clayton, Mo ;
Dr Frank E Conner, superintend
ent of schools at Kenosha. Wis.:
Dr. John E Gates, principal of
East high school. Aurora. 111.; Dr.
Paul Grim, associate professor of
education at University of Min
nesota; Dr. James D. Logsdon.
principal of Shorewood high
school. WU.; Dr Eleroy Strom
berg, professor of psychology. Un
Can Have
Water Saver
No Bolting Down
deans Itself
Willamette Humor Magazine
Fire, Bud?'
iversity of Minnesota: and Wallace
Wood, principal of Monioe school,
Davenport. Iowa.
Other guests will include Dr.
Henry Land Smith, executive head
of the schol of journalism at Un
iversity of Wisconsin; Dr. Sydney
Ross, associate professor of chem
istry at Renssalaer Poly technic;
Wallace Butts, head football coach
of University of Georgia; Frank
Haar, assciate professor of phy-
us9 cuxatss
Liquid Cleaner
Polishing Wax
Polish and Cleaner
Chrome Cleaner
Body Pclish
Foam Upholstery Cleaner
Ford Liquid Glaze Cleaner
Ford Liauid Glaze Sealer
1 V
Valley -Icier Co.
Spring Lamb
Crop Shows
The condition of the V S early
princ lamb crop on May 1 showed
tom improvement over that of a
month earlier However, condi
tions were not favorable in all
the important producing areas.
Southern and southeastern states
report very favorable lamb situ
ations, while California and the
Pacific northwest are not so fa
vorable. The California situation is quite
ferious for e..r!y lambs, the United
States department of agriculture
said in a weekend release. A very
dry April has forcer! the move
ment of lambs before they were
fat. A considerable higher per
centage than normal has been
moved to irrigate pastures for fin
ishing, or moved eastward as
In the northwest, cool dry
weather during April has not been
favorable for early lambs. Range
conditions are below normal for
this time of year. Marketings are
expected to be somewhat later
than usual Also prospect are
that a higher percentage than us
ual will be sold as feeders.
The aveiage price of lambs fn
Oregon on April 15 was higher
than a year earlier. It was also
over double the 10 year average
price in Oregon. Since the middle
of April lamb prices at Portland
for flood and choice grades have
held ;fairlv steady. The top grades
during the week closing Friday
night! held around $23 50 to $24 40
for wooled fed lambs. A small lot
of ood 76-pound spring Iambs
brought $26. Shorn lambs with No.
1 and No. 2 pelts have topped
at $22 and $23. Medium shorn
lambs with No. 1 pelts ranged
from $19 to $22 50.
j Sheep shearing advanced rapid-
ly during the week. Many are
I still left to be shorn, however.
! Wool activity in the western states
continued slow. Some wools are
being shipped to the east on con
1 sign'ment. The bulk of the wool
clips, however, are being sent to
warehouses in the west.
sical education at University of
Florida; Dr. Raymond H. Fisher, j
associate professor of history in
the University of California at Los
Angeles, Dr. Gordon Haight. as
sociate professor of English in
Lale university; Lucille Hatch,
librarian at Shumway junior high
school, Vancouver, Wash.; Eleanor
Tipton, instructor in music at
Clark Junior college, Vancouver.
Carly Cbm Early ldeei Tjto Poppe. one cf Curly ' veteran em
ployes. Leo, who lives at 1740 N. Church street, started working for
Curly's home owned and friendly dairy 21 years ago and has driven
a milk route since 1932. He; was born in Salem, owns his home, Is
married and has two daughters. Adv.
Th Staiman. Salm, Orxyoa, Mondcry. Mar 18. 194
WU Students to
Vote on Albert,
Willis Awards
Willamette university ttudents
j will vote to determine winners :
of the annual f Albert and Colonel "
Willis prizes at their chapel per-,
iod Tuesday in the campus gym- i
The pi i7es. both $?5 awards, are
given to the student attaining the
greatest progress towards char
acter, -serv ice and v. hclesome in-1
fluence. and to the student who'
has done the most good to fellow-
students by kindness and genuine
helpfulness coupled with high ;
ideals and upright character, re
spectively. Three students, George Hurt ;
Warrentcwi: Robert Say re. Beaver- ,
ton. and William Harris. Seattle.
Wash., are the nominees by the
faculty for the Albert prize. Mary
Lois Cotton. Canby; Arthur Di
mond. Portland, and Betty May
Jackman. McMinnville. are, the
nominees by the student council ',
for the Colonel Willis prize.
Another award, the Paul H ;
Doney prize, will be contested for ;
at the chapel by forensic students.
The award is the income from .
$1,000 w hic h annually is given to '
oration winners judged first and
second in excellence of thought,
composition and delivery.
Fust place winner will receive
two-thiids of the income and sec
ond place winner the remainder.'
Rolx'it Sayre. Frank Lockman,
North Rend": Thomas Bartlett. Sa- '
lem. and Philip; Shaw, Camas.
Wash, are contestants now enter-!
ed. Members cf Capital Toast
masters club. Steams Cushing.
Rich Reimann and Wayne Smith,
w ill be the judges.
Winners cf all pi izes will be
announced s.X Jhe annual awards
day chapel Tuesday. May 24. !
and get thero
4 times
as 4asQ.
s ' ? , j , 1
I and your bmtt dollar
buy H whn you fly
4 hours
hour, U
Airport Terminal U
1 Coll SoUm 2-2455 B
Lei Us
Ycor Healing
Sysiem f
A Clean Furnace
Saves Fuel
Call 3-3603
A dirty heating system de
posits dust and dirt oh drapes
and heme furnishing! winch
ruins them. i
Sot and ashes left lnth fur
nace and smokepipes? gathers
moistuie which rusts and de
stroys ih heating system.
Elixninale dasl in your
home. Preserve yonr
healing equipment.
Don'l forgel! Conlacl
as ioday!
Heme nera par fr having
their heaUnc yalema cleaned
whether they have the work
dons or not. The loo In effl
eieney wld pay for the clean
ing In a short time.
Omr modern efficient cleaning
qnipment enables us te Tcu
m clean and- service year
be ting 7 stem at an attrsctlve
lew cost. t
Is Oar Basiness"
543 Ilocd
PL 3-3303
Xll Ceatcr
r. s-Jin