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In Grain Mart
grain market had to take a lot of
profit-Uklnc today after its bull
ish exertions of the past several
days. It took it without any great
distress, and at the close prices
were well mixed with about as
many gains as losses.
All wheat ended higher except
the July contract. Best gains, ex
tending to more than a cent, was
recorded by the December month.
' Thu was also the strongest deli
very In yesterday's market. It
advanced around 5 cents this
weesc and was within a cent of the
$2 level.
At the close wheat was low
er t IS higher, corn was 1
lower to tV higher, oats were un
changed to 7 a lower, rye was un
changed to 1 cent lower, soybeans
were unchanged to 1 ' higher and
lar.i was 20 to 25 cents a hundred
pounds higher.
May wheat showed quite a bit
of easiness at times, but it closed
on a strong rally. The final price.
$2 24, was the day's best. It also
ws the point around which other
rallies this week had been halted.
Some grain men believe there Is
a fairly large amount of May
wheat for sale at $2.25.
Loan Company
Conclave Held
More than 200 members and
fjests of the Oregon Association
of Small Loan companies met for
the group's semi-annual semsion
at the Senator hotel Saturday
ni;4ht. The board of directors held
a business session in the after
noon. Principal speaker at the ban
quet was Ben Hazen of Portland,
who talked on "Ralph Emerson
was Mistaken" in paraphrasing
Finance Co.
FHA Loans
Farm I.oaiia
License S-21i and M-222
Personal and A a to Loans
We Want Your
Always a Dependable
Cash MarkrL
If yoa don't brine them to
Curly ' we both lose.
Curly s Dairy
Fairgrounds Road at Hood
Ph. 3-8783
Why Suffer Any Longer
others fall, sjse eur Ckiaoae
remedies. Aasazlag secrets far sea
eears us China. No (natter with
what ailments yea are afflicted
disorders, sinusitis, heart, laags, Uv
er. kidneys, (as. roost! pat Is a, alrers.
SUfcetes. rbeamattsm. gall aad a tast
ier fever, skin, feaaaie ceaaplaiaU
fS4 N CemaserrlaL
Phone t-UM
office Honrs to t,
faea. nasi Sat only.
modern advert-inf. Also- present
ed was mlxtu Erert Seventh
Family," showing the place which
small loan Organizations play in
everyday lif.
Presiding was P. A. We, of
Portland, association president.
Vice president is Henry Nelson
of HillsboroJ secretary treasurer.
C A. Ben f eld t. Portland: direct
ors, Roy Vester and Frank Spen
cer. Portland,, and Frank Cal
kins, Eugene.
aalemf Market
(As ef V late yesterday)
Premium 1
No. 1 . h
n a .
Whc.esale i
Retail ... ...i
. S3
,.i s
71.- 72
EGOS iBayingl
(Wholesale erica ranges from I
cents over btv price I
Extra laree AA
Large AA . .. -
Large A i
Medium A A - . ...
Medium A . . j, ...
Pvllets .. . . ......
Cracks i -
A Leghorn heiris - 4
B Leg horn Hens .
C Leghorn Hens . ;
A colored hen . . .
B colored he as ...
C colored hefts
A colored frygrs. 3 ll. and up .
B colored fryer ij. .. .
C colored fryers
A old roosters ;
B old roosters
C old roosters .
LIVESTOCK t Valley Park
Soring Iambi. 63 to tS Ibc. 22 00 to
Spring lambs. tS to 100 lb 2 00 to
Sheared lambs, under 110
lbs. . i.i ji. 18 00 to
Yearling-, under 120 lbs. . 1 00 to
Yearlings, over 120 lbs 14 00 to
Kwes . ..j - 2 00 to
Tat dairy cows .4. 14 50 to
Cutter cows 4; -10 .00 to
Dairy heifers . . . u 1 5 00 to
Bulls I ... IS OS to
Good calves. 3O0-450 lbs 20 OO to
Good veal. ISO to 300 lbs 34 00 to
to 1
24 00
24 00
20 50
IS 00
15 50
21 00
23 00
Portland Grain
PORTLAND. Ore. May 14 (API
Wheat futures not ; quoted.
No cash (rain quoted
Cash wheat bid Soft white 2 23'4.
soft white (eScludire iexi 2 25',: white
Use Organic
O The riKht way to re
Fret? of seeds
6 sacks $5.00
Bulk - 1 ton $10.00
2 tons . ! 17.50
Free delivery anywhere
in Saletn area.
Phone 3-8127
Df.I.Ila..N t. Dr GXhai N D
DRS.; CHAN . . . LAM
Zf North Liberty
Upetatrs Perttaad General Electric
Co Office sat Saturday only IS to I p.ns.. I u I a. an. Consal
tatlesv. Bleod oressnre and arlar
testa are Ires' of charge. Practiced
ilsrt IIIT
"V . 74.. " -
-' It
ir$ th plc tKo4,$8nc.t of doller-wis psropl took for tftoir
wintt . . . lrg-y know ttit thoy can find outstanding: borgains
in almost anytfting thoy nood.
If tho pUc odditional fho4iMnd$ of pooplo Cat thoir turpivt
. . . tHoy know that if 8 an oconomkal, qukk way for thom to
contact bwyors.
Oot into to Want Ad Kab.'t . . . load tfom daily . . . Savo
dotlan, hosars, nd onorgy . . . Wi tho $ma rt, oasy way to sKopI
Now' York JSjocIri 'Quotations
American Cac.
Am Power St Li 10 Hi Gen
Am Tel At Tel.141VGen
Anaconda .
Bendix Aria
Beth Steel
Boeing Air
Calif Pack
Canadian Pac
Case J I
Comwlth Sou
Cons Vultee
Continental Can
Crown Zel ..
Curtis Wr
29 V4 Goodyear
31 ht Int Harvest
29 lint Paper
33 (
12bby McN & L
33 T Long Bell A
Mont Ward
52VNash Kelvin
3T Nat Dairy
10VN Y Central
33 .Northern Pac -
. 23 V Pac Am
. 9V'Pac Gas
IP T &
.190V Penney J
Douglas Air ...
Oupont de Ne
club 2 254a: western red l1
H -rrI ,1ntcr Ordinary 1 25 ' j 10
sz&tii,Tl r "nt 2 27 li
! r crot X3S . , ,.,
i Hard hite baart Ordinary 2i5'.
10 pv?r cent 2 25,
Todav j car receipts Wheat 17
ley 3. fljur 3. corn i. oats 2. mlllfe3
Porltanl Produce
PORTLAND. May 14 t AP t Butter- .
fax Tentative. Tsubject to Immediate
cnansei : Prerr, :un quality maximum to
j5 lu I per cent acidity delivered tn
PortUr.d, 61-64C '.bi first ouahty 59
2c lb second quality 57-oc. Vallev
routes and country points 2c less tnan
Butter Wholesale f o b. Bulk cubes I
to wholesalers Grade A A. 83 :rr 61
(2c lb A. 92 score. 60-Sl'jC lb : B. 90
score. 5ftc lb .; C. 89 score. 5 lb. Above
prices are strictly nominal.
Cheese 'Sellma price to Portland;
wholea Eers 1 : Oregon singles. 38't
4c Oregon 5-ib. loaf. 41'j-50'iiC
Es 'To wholesalers!: A grade
laree 51-53', c; A grade, medium. 51
51,c B eraAe. large 47'2-50',c.
Live chickens No. 1 quality f ob.
plants): Broilers, under 2 lbs, 27
ic fryers. 2',-3 lb . 29-30c: 3-4 lbs
ya-3le: roasteis. 4 lbs and over. 30
31c. fowl, leghorns. 4 lbs. and under.
14-iSc lennorns. over 4 lbs.. 36-I7C
colored fowl, all weights. 31c. old roos
ters. :i v.eihts. 13-20C lb.
Rabbits 1 Average to growers) Live
white. 4-5 lbs. 27-2&C. 5-6 lbs.. 25-27c.
colored 2 cer.ts lovrer. old or heavy
d es. 13-lfW- in . dreted fryers to but
cnei 57-6Jc lb; old and heavy ones.
3S-38C ib ,
Fresh dressed meats 1 wholesalers to
retailers Pt hundred ;bs 1 '
Beef Strers. good. 500-800 lbs. f39
42 $04-4.1: utilitv. S34-35.
Cow,:: Commercial. $37 - 39. utility.
S34-i -cut'er. S:i6-id
Beef i als-tGoxl stecri i : Hind quar
ters, $4'-i3. round. $")l-32: full ioin.
trimmed $5-59 tnanijie-s. $37-3a.
square --chucks $39-41; ribs. $15-48. fore
quarters. $37-38
Vm! and ra'f Oood-choice $47-53:
eon.rr.'ircial. $47-49 util.ty. $35-43
Uiiljv G'Md-cr.oice under K) lbs .
$51-53 ion n.ercia! $47-48
Multpn Good. 70 lbs. down. $2-29
Pirk ruts Iiris No 1 8-12 lbs..
$49-33 .. .. -der i6 lb down. $.V
3. -liarr: it. $-3-4o. cat causes. $3" -3U
W ol Coirse. valley and n ed um
grades 45c (
Molnair N'oimnaliy 23c lb. on 12
mon'h ti ii -n.
Couiilr -Killed n.eats
Wal Top quali'v. 42-44C lb:
to 4Tc; o:.(. r C ades according o
weight ar.d q;ia!it.
Hn. Lizht b!o.kri. 28-ic Ib : sows.
23 ::.-
Ijmb T.ip q'.:a'.'v. 48-5nc lb; rr.u.
ton. 1H-3-V-
B-1 c:xi co a i-G4c lb; canne:-
CUltefS. 2-J-.ini-
Ontjon'i 5o lbs western Ore yellows
No 1 rnr-1. Imiii i-nid storage. $2 (
2 40 Ire 52 75-3 0U boilers. 1',-p,'
in . $1 ) lo-ibs. boilers 2iV Texas
new crop t-How- Bermudas. $3 40-5o.
T-x"aji !,! H.2j
PnW- H is-ets, Deschutes No 1A.
4 2.'-4o. -i-.b. No 1A. $1 10-20 15-!b.
No. A 7i -7.Sc; No. 2 5 'I lbs $1 6-5.
Wa-.11 Russets. No. 1A $1 00-25. Idaho
ll4 Center St..
Salem. Oregon
Dr. R. Reynolds
Rectal Specialist
Phone Office 3-9460
Rett. 3-543?
Plenty of Free Parkins Space
South - Across Street From
Bert's New Super Market
- 5e- """!
f " - le
1 I
MHBHMaMaW 4MMHJHM(4aMWVMa1aa1a------M
-aP- af',"sv
?iHir,f'',J I
1 s s
14 HX)- Today's closing quotations:
Gen Electric 37 H! Radio Corp
43- Rayanier
57 Ray flier pfd
41 V Reynolds Met
43 Va Sears Roeb
5o Pad c
.Stan Oil Cal
I8I4 Studebaker
54 ISun Mining
31 H Union Oil
UWUn Pacific
15VUn Airlines
32 U. S Steel
1 S Warner Bros
464 Wool worth
64 14
12 j
72 !
I No. 1A. S4 50-75. New potatoes: Calif. I
long whites, sue A. S4 35-75. 1
lone whites, sue A. n -.
' altaMa or better, baled trt
wnoieaie. Portland. $36-37: C.
prices are -.
1 freer i
truck lots
S. No. 1
mixed Timothy. SS3. OaU and vetch,
mixed hav. uncerulied clover hay. no- i
minaiiy $o umk baled, on Willamette
' valley farms,.
Stocks and Bonds
Complied o
Associated Press
Mar 14
30 15 15 60
Indus Rails Ut;l Stk
Saturday o 8 4j 3 4u 4 63 8
Previuus dav 88 S 34 8 40 3 eJ 3
Week ago - 89 0 34 40 3 63 5
Monfb ao .. 89 1 35 6 40 7 64 0
Year ago ... Ml 45 2 42 0 112
2U 10 10 10
Rails Indust Util Forgn
Saturday j - .01 .0 i iO 4
Previous day .. 90 1 101 9 1U1 70 4
Week ago - 90 4 102 0 101 9 70.7,
Month ago 91 lOi 8 1019 69 9'
Year ao . 92 3 101 4 100 3 81 9
Notice hereby is g.ven that the
common council of the city erf salem.
Ort gon. deems It necesary and ex- ;
pedient and hereby declares its pur
pose and intention to improve Madi- (
son street from the east line of Cot
tate street to U-.e west line of Winter ;
street, in tne city of Salem. Marion .
county. Oregon, at the expense at the ,
abutting ana aujasent property, except
tne alley intersections the expense of '
wt:i-ii will be a-iu.'iied by the citv of
salens. l brinm said portion ot
vaid street to tne established Kiade.
Loi.t i uctiiii( cement concrete iiirba.
anu paving said postion ui said street
wilr. a 2'i inch asphalUc concrete pave
ment 30 icet wide in accordance with 1
tne plans and spertf icat ions therelor
whicn were jdnp'.fd o- ti:e fon.mon
council Ma 9. li-t!. w.ach are now on
Hie :n the otfice if the city recorder
and which by tins reference thereto
are made a pat hereof
The toir.uion coluic-.I hereby declares
It purpose and mtenuon To make the
above described irr.provement t? and
tniouri U,e street imp: over-.. ent de
pa 1 1 merit.
Bv order of tr.e C'o:i: i.on Council
Mai. 9 19-ia
ALKKED ML" NOT. City Recorder
Date o; first pubiica'ic.'i hereof Is
Mai 13 Wj
My. 13-1 1-15-11-17 -13- 19-20-21 -22-23 '
1 N ION MRrU f-KOM h. S f t I RM
(1KB I, IN E
Not ue herfhy is g: vt-r. that t.e con
n in counril of t:.t- l S.ile ::. O: -
fgin. dwirs if i.rif jrv a i 1 exnedi-
nt and t.riet ii i 1j. s pum'-sf
-4 rid iiitvtition to i!",privc VL'i.:tii street
s':;-et to a pmnt 4v) fe t t f said
line, in the citv of SaUsr. .. Marion
rtunt v. Oregon, at tre expt-n.i ot
atiuttirg and adjarent proprttv. by re
niovtnsC tht exiatmi; t ur b. and con
structing new cement concrete curbs,
uidenn; the exist in? pavircnt from
24 f-t f-i 34 feet. 5 feet tf such addt
tional widtn tt te on eacn side of the
exiting pa von. ent and such additional
wul'h t Ih paved vttn a 6 men Port
land cement concrete pavement, and
the exi-;ir'at pjvement l be resur
tat ed vwith a I'j :r.i: a-.p"allic tri
crete niift' it.1,. :i d.-oudarue wt!:i
trie plates a:'d specification tti refo;
A;.ir:i were ; j'i-cd t the cninn an
c-i.inril VT.i. if whicn aie n. :i
file in the o;!ce 'f tie cjt recorder
and vkbich bv rf-.erence tnereto
a e made a part n-:eot
Ti"-.e common i :unc;l herebv de
rlre it, p..jrtTe and :nnt:fn to
make- the an- described i-nyrovr-ir.e-nT
bv and tiroi2h the street im
provement drpa: Vrent
Bv order ! tre Con. m on Council
M.t- 9 1
Al.rnF.D MI'N'DT ( rv Recorder
DiV k( f i . p-iblica -tfti beretd u
Ma It 1MS
m v : j-1 4-: s- 7-1 n 19-20-21 -22 -2r.
Furniture auction eery Tues Clen
d BaJlr.xm R P. M
lilt. f.AS I a.e;n Auction Onin e.--feis
a ii(t of 1. for alt t . pri
of MTCha!iiir If ou ran I bring our
roriuntrf ri' i'l 3-1221.
Livelork anil Poultry
EVERY DAY Parn.en'er Red and
New Harrps rf.:ck-. pollrts. ckls. or
traiht rd A!o sta'-tid ' in ks. Civhi
Int Hstfherv JL Poul'.n Faitn. Silver
'on Of P'v.n HIa.k '9- ;
CAT Tl F.' Ttaciur d;-. Wa SCail eve
Sal St Sun 2 n-tles north of Brooks
itn 99F H-ix "F ,
BABY lillCKS; May -16' ft " and 19tM 1
Himpttiirrv l-ghori.s. PaimerUer.
Buff Orpingtmi. White -1A andotte.
L.e.torp Co kereL and heavv a-sort-ed
P'' l.'-r !atchery 1
Nil' RED Pullet. 3 mo old $1 SO
eai.l Delia Jensen. Ht. 8. Box 340. Ph.
FOR SALE. Palomino stallion, rich '
gold color, guaranteed quiet and gen
tle Afo Paloi:::no getdir.g. good color.
Pure wmte mane & tail Fast walker
l adies' horse C rvstal Springs Ranch.
R' 3 Bo 721 A Ptmnj- 3-JM1
FAMILY Ji-RiES' cow. 3
cai a day Prior!e272l!a
2 REGISTERED ArabVan" filhes. coir
ing 2 yrs. old 1 . wmte. 1 palomino.
P 3-940 or 3-54.T7
EVERY OA. Parmenter Reds and j
New Harrips chicks, pullets, ckls. or -straight
irurf. Gehrlng Hatchery 81
Poultry Farm. Silverton. Ore. Phone
Elack 1$3.
N H. ROOSTFRSr 5 to 8 wks old.
cheap Also S deck electric brooder
John Doran. 2 ml. from Mt. Angel on
Silverton Hwv
NOW AVAILABLE We are receiv
ing applications for membership on
Monday. Wednesday and Friday of ,
each week at our new warehouse lo- ,
cated on tne NX corner of North Front '
and Hood Streets. Salem. See Mr I
H. Fetrow or write Pacific Cooperative
Producers. 308 SL Ash St. Portland'
14. Oreg Membership fee $1 00 Avail-
able to poultry, turkey or other live- '
stock prod-icers. .
3 COLTS. 1 and 2 yrs old Arabian j
breeding. Sired by Jedron. Rt. 7. bos
. 407K. oei Silverton Rd. j
A T STL !: Reg Palomino quarter -
"QJjf H L. Stiff. Jr. Rt i box 870 j
t BONDED livestock buyer. Claude Ed- ;
, wards Rt 3. Box 899 Ph. 3-1144. t
bONDFD LnTSTO!TC" buyer arC"
McCasndlart. 1117 S. 25th. Ph. 3-8147.
WAJff tli. litua cows and tvellers tot
' loadirs. also butcher esttio. Get any bid
t It win coat you oothlng. Carl Ou Chien
' tM N. Sth. SsUsta. Pfoono 3-18ML
Help Wanted
STRAWBERRY Pickers. Peter Reft
! grtstetn. Rt 7. Bog 34J. Prtone 3-378.
ssred. Apply ta person. Reed's Drive-La,
! sijtri.
PLXAC register bow. M gooa
psekers wanted May 23. L. J
Ht. X. Bos X78. Woodborm. Ph.
ttor STU.
WANT TRUCK o haul short loo.
Short haul. Richardsons. 1700 Valsetx
Rd . Falls Crty. Ore. Phone 31S.
WHITE rm cutters wanted. H.
Kampstra. Rt. 4. Box -S Ph. 2-2950
after S pm.
Help Wanted Slide
struction obs starting Alaska, over
seas. United States. For details write
A-T31 Box 1749. Knorvlllg. Term
vPXNCD service station at
tendant, mvt know lubrication at
sales, mamed or single. Stat age and
eo. uiesmn dpi ia
liXi MANAGER for Oregoo and
Washinfton wanted. To hire salesmen
to call on garages and gas stations
with $24.56 quality wheel balancer.
Competing models $300 to S2GO0. rive
mmute demonstration means sales- $10
casn commission for salesman plus
fieid manager over -ride Twenty sale (
pr man per day possible usin our
method. Write A. B. CarUen for de- ,
tails. B. St B. Manufacturing Compa-
rv Hnv sjfi s;iOUx iitv. lowa i
YOUNG MEN1 We have several op- j in our sales force. W tra.n
you on the job Good earmnes h:le
learning. Opportunity for promotion.
For personal interview write box 742.
Statesman '
WANTED: Experienced truck me- .
chjnio Aoply Truck S"ies and Ser
vice Co., 555 N. Front St.
EX 1 tlK I EN C Ei5 service station man. ,
Must understand lubrication thorough- '
lv Walter H. Zosel Co.. Chemeketa &
H-.qh -U ;
RELIABLE real estate broker to
manage well established real estate of-
fice. Call afte 3 pm 433 N Hlgb St j
WANTED Exp mac for permanent i
farm work. S jme dairy work. Apt. for ;
3 or 4. turn or unfurn. No apps after j
12 noon Mav 18. 2'i mi. north Monroe. I
Ore 1 mi. West 99W. Clyde E. Stau. i
Help Wanted Female
MIDDLEAGED housekeeper and care
of 2 children. Rm . board and wages.
Mrs J. B. Fox. 143 S. Lancaster. Ph.
KXiJERIXNCD hotel matd. Grand
V OMAN able to drive car as com
panion and housekeeper in mod. beach
home for elderly lady. Ph. 3-7140.
PART-TIME secretary for insurance
agency. Must have some experience
in general insurance and be capably
trained in shorthand and typing. Tele-f)hone3-7j71
during office hourv
EXCELLENT opportunity for an ex
perienced bookkeeper Permanent po
sition. Automotive experience desir
able. Apply in person. See Mrs. Pick
ett. 255 N Liberty.
MIDDLEAGED lady to work in sum
mer hon e. Lieht cooking A" modern
& convenient facilities. Good salary. paid. Inquire at Hoeg Bros.
Furn & Appliance. 260 St.i'e
" BEAL'TV OPER ATOR to" "manane
shop as or,. on 60', basis. Write or
call J. F S naliey Ph 741. Sisters.
Oregon co Mote! Sisters
HOUSEKEEPER." ' two adults Cive
a- - al.irv P O Box 93. Amity. Or-.
WAITRESS wanted'"" Apply ill" ber
son Y Cafe. Salem-Dallas hw . I
Salesman v an'.ri
EXCEPTIONAL opportunity for high
earning and adv.inrerj-.ent o m:i
agement p"siions. Applications confi
dential. Wrile Saesnian box 750.
Situations Wanted
SEWING ar. J .ilTratmt i. Ph. 2-4854.
74 Cr t- r : A . t
DING. KAi)!iK DONE' W K H f.
V'.OlLiJ Ilk E ti"r..r;- h..hi ot
ch'.ld m f f.o:vi- t tr.e dav PI-a-sn!
ui :o.iiidiiii4. Pli.-2-.j3. -.r0 Mjs-
LANDSCAPE g:ird-niivc. New la.n
Frt-e etmi! JF'ti :t-jt9
LEAVING I -jj--'. a'l.'e in !adl '-'alts,
coats and children's apparel. 2240 Fai;-etoiit.d-
r I Ph 2-77W
I-AWN'S. Start to fmiah. A light
tractor on pjhbf r and doer. Ph 2-8127
ALL KINDS at-rl uoik Etiinatc
pew iiv.iw tree Afto' 5 r -n 2-::43
" EXPERIENCED r?a" ar.- "lor ""-nfanl
tr i-tld Rfi.oraM' P-int" 2-.?-f,...)
KOI O-I U.t ER w.ork Pnon.- ;'-4454"
"SuRt'BBEKY ard ! rtkjes tr'.n-Pied
& spaded, lawns cieariea. cat. edited
and tri-m.-J P-.n 2-7t2.1
MAN WITH chain siw. Fall tree and
saw in any lengths. Timber falling a!
o John KreT't-r, 1299 S Hih
MOVK Pai. -it -i ep brusli o.k
Phone 2-2129 aitr 6 p m
PLOWING, d!. m cultivating. S nail
tractor Call J-3K8C
io: avs Ma-I- Pogh Ph 3-4592
tL -,"; -, work" 114., !i..d ;-ij4
GAHIir. PLOWING and W actor
ik of anv kind Ford Ferfuon trac
tor and eqijiprrent. N'r.lari Ea;liur!t.
4?-Vi IJae'-r si P.- 22907
CARPENTER"" oe k Ni-, r.-n 2-2rQ3
PLX3WINCT AND discing. Al Moss.
Ph 2-2957
Men s clothe repmcd 1410 js; .m'I.
Chin'ne we-n .o-tnne-s or 1-44.MI
?AR'D UORk of am kind" "and" odd
Uts too by competent LBS Bov Scout
Troop. Call 3-SO&7 eves, for information.
" WOULD LIKE to bid on our prav
painting Your Dam! or ours M L
Gottenherg ph 3-4248.
Painting. paperhanin (General re
Dair.DonLucero Ph. 3-i522
Vaulting inwl. i nut C Bill 2-2979
child Care nao shippi-.g 3-9924
P(3e min-.eographing typing serv
ice. Qualitr work Lower prices 669 N
lflth Pnone 3-343.
"SEWERS and septic tanks installed
and repaired Sctiarff Brua Phone
DZER AND shovel and truck work
atIWepthers Ph 2-2f04
Painting & Decorating
2-5444 DICK OREY 3-23
DMA WING house mans Ph
SHARPEN YOUR lawn mower now
Hoes St shovels sharpened free Pick
up Sl delivery Howser Bros Ph- 33646
0 Fdnewater St.. W Sa Ira
Mike's Peptic Service
Tanks cleaned Roto Rooter Service
njsewers Phone 3-9ttS8 or 3-53J7.
Liovd M. Hill, Inc.
"at Shove) and truck work of al) kinds
Phone 2-4.V57 399S State St.
FL'RNITL'RE repaired St remodeled
laee Bros Furn Refinishmg Co 2-7001
DRESSMAKING, alterations 2-M76
WILL CARE for elderly GdTes in
TV home Phone 2-3797
CEMENT Work. Ail kinds. Ph. 2-4SV30
Employment Agencie!
Commercial Placement
360 State St. " Phone 2-1488
For Sale Miscellaneous
REAS. 1 NEW pr. ladVv oxfords, size
3j AA. was $11. now" $2 50. Misc
child's good clothing, size 5-7 yrs. 1
Echo Cooker. $3. Phone 2-1128
VERY FINE cello. Complete w.tti
ag and 3 cood bows Phore 2 -S5g
$1$. TS lb. Coolers tor $12. Two 30 ft.
heavy chains $5. 1 new dress form $8.
Ptv z-3496 lj ! 23 tn
ALASKA HUSKY dog harness for
bov with big dog. Ph. 3-3711.
SUMMER WEIGHT man's suit, size
3 yirt Crrr striae. Ph 3-3751.
ASSORTED silk dreoses. sizes HTH
14. Somo almost new. $9 each. 454
Un iversitv
3 PIECE bteacbed mahogany bed-
room set. almost new, 8150. 458 V ru
RED COCkFJc puppia. Co to end
of S. High, left to end of McGUchrist.
ZSle S. Sutnt ee
CROQUET SET. 3 oseco bedrm. suite.
3 bwrner a d ovesi portable eioc. stove.
f-STl or t4Wo.
aver Sale JIlscelljuieorM
FOR SAXX: Ootsld toilet. s Be-
rer D; Ive
LXAV1NO ion. Soil my S h. 9.
outboard motor. reaj liable. Pn. 23 ISO.
At your War Surplus Store. Save JC
on point marts
Outstdo white , S3 M gal.
Hl-Gloaa enamel S4 50 f aL
Flat wail SXSO gal.
All other types ta stock.
Corner FatrTrounds Rd. St Church St.
COW FEKTILIZXH, wall rotted. $1
per sack. Leo Elser. Phono 2-14Q5.
Attention Fisherman
Must sell. 1$ ft. cedar boat "l year
oM. New paint. Rt. . Box 431. Pn.
3-1548. Salem.
14 CV. FT. chest type home treexer.
New $330. Ph. 3-4284
GAS WATER heater. M' nm picket
fence Ph 2-8103.
PCREERES- red cocker puppies.
Aval a.- e Sat. af emooi it Sun. $1C
and$15. Ph. 3-X33 9M Nor.nan ave
FrsCHL.S180 varieties. MriT-'.
E. Ward. 43O0 Chery aye
LX-rX. K1C water heaters. 40 gal
rouble element, guaranteed. $71 50. In
stillation if desired. W. A Skewts Co.
Ph. 3-4oT or 3-4223 after . 1390 Mad
n. HollvwtKKf Dtst.
U?ED SEWING machines Ph 3-3139
FERTILIZER. S4 her yd. 3 yd. load
StO Pn. 93o. Turner.
Walling Sand & Gravel Co.
Crushed Rock
For roads, St driveway Cerrent
Ready -mix Concrete Garden sand
Bulldozing drainage and witching
vd shovel St drag line Phone 3-9249
RED C EDAR shtn?les No 1. 4i 30
No. 2. to 50 No 3. S3 50. W e del. Phil
lips Bros Rt C. Box 118. Salem. Ore
Ph 6gFr "
GRANGE Strain RuUer canaries. Ph.
for patios, rockwalls. walks, gardens
Ac all rock const. We del. and sell here
or at pit. See or call for prices. Phil
lips Bros. Rt. . Box 118, Salem. Pn.
CEDAR POSTS. Yew . wood posts,
shingles, tele St eleetrte poies. Phillip
Bros . Rt. C. JBoat 1U. Saiem, Ore. Phi
rtr- j
QUARRY ROCK tor road base
Crushed rock. UU dirt We leliver j
Croisan . Quarries j
1565 S. Com!. St Ph
Plant Ph. 3-1231 Res V.TCiS
A U T O. ALMOST new ens w ater 1
heater. Iron fence posts. Radio. Ph. i
r-!.v7 - '
PRINGS'or dale. "bed. Fine cood j
95o Belmont. ,
VERY NICT piano. S125. Rt. 9. box
319 Ph. 2-4333 after 6 p. m .
TOILETS, close-coupled, new $37.50 I
complete with lifetime guaranteed
eaU. A r-.u?e savings in all plumb- .
ing and fixtures. Capital Bargain
House. 145 Center St.
' I TOASTEn. 1 pa.'r lady' ice ka?e. '
1 coftee maker. 1 Mai lm .22 rule, j
Jal' JN1718.
""si'AN Ik.L-COLl.IE puppie-. Hlack A
1 white. $3. Rt 5 Box 324 Second rd. to
rttfht nat R:rkev school
" "'"iMl" NORGK R.-frigera'or 6 i u it
N.-v t:nt F..ce!l-nt i-orxl Ph 2-4i
ll'lKu'S Jt. size biccle. $1 i. 520 N
14th . 1
BENDIX automatic vvashct M.H3elil
elect nc rar.g.-. pc. hle.i. n Mine.
5 ;k . 1'vinc igon: group-;. Manv oti.ei
' itci.'s. hare's used at auction to high
bidder. Tu. da . Mav 17th. 8 p m
GN-nw. ood iialiroorr.. 4 miles N. on
j FP,L iliis . -
FREE Demorwt'ratto:. K ' b. iloti.e
R.-'ioy jtion -v-l. -n i't . -. 1 7 4
V". II I. SELL r.-as "Model .V fDui.
! one wheel tra;!. r. t-jmetv. hot plate,
table radio. 2 pa.i oific-i - ritlirm
b'ceclits. lie1-", wool blaer a ket. t a -.
! dio coure toolbox w-'h hand
! tools blue pin stripe suit, sie 3H. b-10
s 'i:ijtiil. Ai'' J
h FT NOKGF. i -f r"i -:ei atoi . (Jo.mJ
i i i: 478 N Colt. 'Be
"GAS LOT WATER heatei i.- au'o
matlc. Iron hedste id. kok! steanu i
irjnk 4iii N W nter
"HKVHCOD-WakflitKl" liibi buggt .
I evrell ronrt . Pnone 3rft9'.!J
' USED WASHERS ai "low as $24 30
! 3a Center St Pn 3-3 130
) DHOP LEAF treadle sewing ma
; chine. Good fond. $20 Singer Sewing
i MaMnef'o IV N Corr'l
You can trl the best in sp a paint -ipp
an-essm ir at Wards' StnrrH ar
! effic ent sp' a runs, conipre-xors. prcs
i ure tanks, etc Sptay cutis fo; as little
' as $n.F-.
fi F. CAN (oiler Soei I ! tiM week
AI l-aue Refi iceratlon. 233) Sta'e St
Phi4 43. . -
NEW ia47 TWIN 4 hp outboaid
h'l.'m $75 719 S 12h 1
'".VI l it ICF. ' t8 00 ll4 S Front
: 6 ""H "OLD rib & pla (-n. Liki
new Phone ,1-"73r
TbR SALE r,i t;j 'e 1'MH gaiden
Rototillei P ".i :'-74a
I MAN'S "NEW !!-. h'-uf u.t, size 33.
, PI- 2-1435 nf-r h p Tl
BLOOMING HiioJcoi:li on, $3 Mi to
; 10 On Azalea Mollis $2 ifl F i. Pink
' Azalea 3 for tl 00 Geraniums all col
ors. $2.50 Dz. Fuchsia. 2 c tno 73
: Tuberous B?on!aii. 33c Fa Mum plant"
l'jc ea. Bedding plants 3ic Or Evening
custofners mv.ted. we are always oien.
; Vemlli Greenhouse. Brooks Pn 2-4.T51
SMALL BALLfKJN tire truvcle tin
Large chain-dtive trictle t20. 63
Wi'dwmd Drive Call 2-5058
HI KF COCKER pup, Male f-n ale
V'j-v good pedifree. r3 P.- 3-.".'0
2 FIVE-t)RA'VF.R chest. Also Bnds-
e-.e maple romode Phone 3-l!531
I 4 CU. FT. refrlferator with 't hn
romnrnair Reasonable. Phone 2-5-4' I
I " NEW PRECAST Reinforced Con
crete Sept c TaTk approved by Stale
, Sar.itarv Authority. lon?-lif
1 105 N FrontSt Photie 3-3417
U S ED ELECT RlcT ranges as low as
1 $29 30
335jCenter St Ph3-3!3j
I " CLOSING OUT all plumbing, pipes.
and f.ttings at reduced price. 12tn St.
Hardware. M3Q S J2ih
NEW MAN S wool sport jai ket ti 1
Lady s all wool su.ts Red. black. I and
2 pc. silk dresses sizes 12 and 14 Some
new Give awav prices Ph.. 3-ja81
i STENOTY PE in new condition with
paper holder, fmer. and ca, r log ray
I Reaonable to student or operator. Cal!
V alley Sand & (travel Co.
Silt, sand St fill dirt. Rxravafrg
10B Shove! and cats Trac'or scoop
and truck for dirt moving Ph. office
2-4002. res 3-7146.
i Commercial Sand & Gravel
Crushed rock. Ready mix All km-it
of sand and gravel River silt and fill
Ph. 21966
Salem Screen Shop
1430 S 12th St
Window screens St screen doors made
: toorder Glass replacement
2 ft. width tn the following lengths-
r . ti 74
r 23?
' Iff" 2.9"
i IT 3 48
I Ask about intaI1ation service.
Let Wards give you complete IN
STALLXD price on your roofing needs.
Wide range of colors. Call our out
side salesman far tree estimate. Phone
FERTILIZER. cowT horse or chicken.
Delivered tn Salem. Well rotted or
fresh. $3 per en. yard. Also by sock at
place, or will del. sack order. Phil
bp Bros. Rt. 8. Box 118. Saiem. Ore
Ph. 88T22.
"TJaR35n f ractor. Pep-P-PaJ. ikp,
r plow, cult, 50Oxl8 tires. $300. Ph.
2-4374 t. ?. Bag 20J.
MYRTI-CWOOD cured Rtanber. Ar
notd Sens. 357$ Sutherland Ave, Mortis
Bond, Oregon.
WantefJ F arziit-tre
v9td rtntwri'mta
Tli SleAmMxaani Mm.' Oregon.' Bxxadtrf, Kccr : ' H3 1 S
GOOD KATCKO poUtoes. $1 per 1M
Iba. Al Ped. RL T. box 14F. 2', miles
north of underpass. Phono 3-154W,
Building: Materials
DOORS: Interior t panel doors at
Keith Brown s great special purchase
bottom price bargain of only $ SO
each. Keith Brown s. Front at Court
Sts . Salem
TLLLAMOOK cedar shingles, del No.
I - $. No. 1 - $S. Cedar wall. 18 la.
painted shakes. SIS 80 per sq ufsder
eosirse. free' Ted afuller. formerly
tola Yd. Salecn-Independence Rd. Ph.
a!e-r 2-118.
jtf.000' lxS hi-grade roo
sheathing: mostly 1 a 1 Com. $48. de
livered; Abt. 90O0' lon 1x4 mostly I
St 2. 2300" long 2S St lttXT 2x8 $53
del : $50r 2x4-8 $23 del : 10.00C" RU
Zxi to 2x12 mostly 1 a 1 Com $43 del.
All 5" dim. S4S. Roof sheathing sur
faced 2 edges one side Phooe Monday
thru Sat BEacon 737 Portland, or
write Jones 202 Heary B!dg . Port-
-nd 4
C-OSE-OUT : Plywood Cut-otfs. 48'"
x 11" X ' ". for ceiling pancL wall
panel, siding and many other uses
Only 5'c per sq ft. Keith Brown.
Front St Court St.. Salem
.sEW ONE panel doors. 24". 26" 28".
30". 32". and 38 Birch, glas.
and panel entrance dors. Cood sup
ply us?d doors, toilets and basins.
Check our prices. C. G. Lang. Ph.
"-5821 1 rri X fKeir
CLOE-OCl : Ply w.nd C.-.lin Tl V -from
4c per sq ft. In sizes from X
18" to 7" x 32". Bevel ede. cut to
!.ve pane! effect Keith Brown. Front
Frr nt A.- Court Sts . Sa'em.
CLOSE - OCT Special. Hardwood
Flooring, pecan and gum in a varict
rf sizes at only $125 M Keith Brown.
Front A Court Stst . Salem
PLYWOOD. all thicknesses
Special prices on insulation, ltiin x
32 tn celling tile, elect water heaters
and wallboard for bathroom, kitchen
or utility room. C. G Long. Ph. 2-5821.
1 M'. North of Keiter.
ALU MA LOCK Aluminum Lock
Shingle. The mod permanent toofing.
See vnur dealer or rh. distiib 1-d4fll
BARGAIN Tn 'Latch' Sets 01k- "up.
Keith BrVwn. Front 8c Couit Streets.
Wanted Miwellaneou i
APtM . I a N C KS" "Phone $-8 lift
WE wYlL PAX siiot cas.i lor all
household effects like -washing mach .
refri? . L R. suites V bedtm. suites.
-t- r-a'l fjlenn. .t-M 10
W A N T F. !'- o I d stvSe countn rV
nriiine wlth bell Box 7H. SlitesnMn
piano "Tuning
Wills Music Store Salem
S'o'e fixtures including cash regis
ler 11 S High "STATE FINANCE
CO TrH-nhonc 3 -4 1 1 .
Salem S.inil & (.ravel Co.
Contract Work
Ro.ids - Clear-. - Dit.hing
S --.ver l'..i-:' en!
Ia)UIii cnl Kcntal
15 B-'a 's $12 00 per '.r.
1U B ds 9 "n net t t
I-7 I nt t Dozer M S pet hr
Il-li ('.it V Dier 8 "' lei hi
D-4 Cjt A- Dorrr 7 00 per In
Phone da :!-908
Evenings 3-H24S or 2-4400
Salem. O '-con
1it7esses l".pit-l Kerl C o Ph 3 40fiU
V A TEH WELL drilling. Domestic i
irrm.ition Duff.tld ll;cs.. Kt 9. bos
, Ph,.ne 2-1.113 pt 2-275
AUTO painting lusi a shade tjetiei
Hav ETTEK Call ahrock Motor Cn
Dental Plate Kepair
Bring or M-il Your IMates for Repau
Adolnh P.lde State A Com. Ph 3-3311
HAVE ()L'R Snikr-r ewinii machine
repaired bv a qualified Smaer tepie-
....ttiu lli 11MJ inr fr-e nlr-bttin A
delivery service on all makes of ma
chines Ftee estimates given before
woik is started singer Setting Ma-
rt.M" fo l.'in N Cnn'riierc!,il
RTROOF NOW One-lv.o- ''or thtre
vcars to pav For f ri e estimates phone
3-7177 Weslein-Auto Supply Co
"IS TO 4o FT BOOM tvork. safe tree
reinoval R'8. Box 83 Ph 2-12B7
V. AM IO Uuv Used t anieras A
lenses McEtsan Photo Shop 433 Stat
For Ren! Room)
PLEASANT room for men. with H A
t" w.a'er. Across rum S;e of fit e
hjo- II4- I'wl Phone 3-7.119
NICE CHEAP tin (or ladv 'Close
in Cooking nriv 7-MI Chemeketa
WELL FURN. room Close in H A.
C water Men only 737 Center
CLE N FURN. sleep, room for em
plov ,irl 113a Le-lie Ph 2-VXK1
PLEA.-.ANT slepuig rm. Clean beds
Phone :t-55:w
NICE KM for eider jy gentlenari
'looie nnv Phone 2-747
SLEEPING j-m for lad 571 Union
"FC'RN. ROOMS, "men oril."-3 N.
Httth .
DESIRABLE sip rm. in a very de
sirahleocation. Ph 2-4W3
NICE si.F.EPIN'G rooms. j444 N. Win
'er Ph 2-7436
ROOMS TO TfENT by the week or
Tel 3-31S1
"STJ RM for sentleman Ph 2W87 "
"CLEAN ROOMS for clean men. Ph
Room and Hoard
ROOM St BOARD for pensioner. Ph
t-yno 2j s Cot face
H.V "F" St. Phone 3-87(14
KUA RI) and room, vacancy for one
man Single room. Horn- cooked meals
.Clean and quiet. I&95 N. 5th.
For Rent Houses
PRACTICALLY furn 5 rm house
rlse in. iiea1- bus terminal. g'KKl loca
tion fur restaurant, m business iiifif.
-tte-rfn Hnx 741
Jt RM " CAHIN'.'jCi p-rmo Ph"?-S2
NEW 2 BH hoir.f Gaiae attacned
Wired for elec ranee Has auto oil
furn US mo" Inq Sun 10 a m to 3
p r-i. 2t5J Beacon Ave. off Silverton
1 V. v '
"l RM CABINS" $12 per rr o furn
Also hoive trailer, "ood location No
r Iter, r;race F'dr'de . 54 N. 12th St
J'i'HS f'OTTAOE "35 li Portland Rd
( l.r'AN FURN 1 BR rise accept
rhild. Reas. Hwy. lrjE. l, mi. N. lox
13..C '
2 B R FL'RN sub home. Ie gar
den spot Will lease Phrme S-K-'MW
F C HN1S H Eli" 2 bedrm . borne. 17,1
N Fnpt t .
KSi . CNF V A N . all" elet trie house.
Ineiuir- at 1173 Sixth St W. Salem
Pn 2-0984. ,
For Renl Apartments
PARTLY Furti. apt. Prt. ent. 1505
B roadway ,
" LOSE IN. Clean 1 rm apt. 833 Ter-
rv St
XTH CO.N'P- Newly redecorated 3
rm apt. Prt- ent. and shower. 363 Vis
ta Ave Ptione 3-38
LaR-E. unfurn. apt . prt. boU,...aQ
utiHnes furn. In at 330 M lesion St.
NEW APT. 3 bdrtn. both. Partly
fum ' 1X Madison
NICE FURNT3 rm. I lent haekeepm-
apt. All elect. 173 H. Capital. Ph.
APT. lor (eat. Adults. 112 Brue-
3 RM. (urn. apt. Pn. bath. 1st Dr.
t bfk to bos and n-kt TO S 13th.
FCRNISHiX) apt. Prt bath and ent.
Adults onry 188 N12th
3 ROOM MOD. turn. apt. 4M th St..
Independence. Ore.
1HLCLTrUTLl. J rm. ape is prL
bat. Cloao in. 1434 forTi-.
For Rent -ApaurtmenU
LGIU CT XAN X m. fura. Prt. ka
and ent No drtaklaf. Cioee tn. 13Mi
Marlon ' j
ROOM fura. downs lair apt. $AX I
AU utUitacs tavcluded. No ehiidren.
737 Certter St. 1-417I. ext. TO
IRS. fum. apL Prt. bat.lL All elecU
trie Ph 3-7034 :
CHAPE,T close in sput tn town.
Kids O K 180 Union. Ph. 4U3.
I ROOM mod. fum apt. Mais floor,
$40 mo. lin N 4th. -.
8 RM FtRN. apt. upstairs. heTrTT
Cioee State House. Reas. Phone 2-17fS.
rnTls v. r
uraiwuia a m apt. Modem coun
nome SJ3. wu xerT3 Ts.
.w. ;oj;7 . f
near w. salens. Box $JQ.
4 M APT. near Capitol. X'nrUrn
clean, for mam wife. No children.
drinkers, or pets Ph. 1-74X9
-rRi:tjT32;-f. cfiurcK.
.5? Jf1 1 rm nicely fum. aparC
Adults No tfrlnkees. Also 1 bdrrn. with,
kit Prtv Ph. 3-4HO. ;
I RM APT PuTfrr.l ,1 S!TTS
i furn Women .tiIv. li Oak St.
1 frJ,,1? A- Turn 1488 S Coral Ph.
, or urtrurnrXeasonaXW to quiet
For Rent
t 18 HP. F OTOTILl-ER 38 blade. Ph."
8-"f" Rt 3. Bsssc 870 Alex Asloff.
New mod. bu4Eidg. itK"Xy."qtrs""
I Hollywood Shopptn. Ceatar. Immed.
Pxvs $2tk). tnf term less available.
Furn office space. Inclat telephone.
cWe to Ladd Sc Bush Bank. $30. Also ' ,
unfurn. office $13. v
Busu loc. St apt. Pmnt at $100.
Laren Home & Loan Co.
L. SoCnraTI St. J Ph3-KtM
j .J. .." J-irl wee etuinr i s.i
i u . nil a i . .- . . . 7 r ... : . "
- - . . ftiiwicwiuiMi vukvs iti r
rent t'or. Liberty as Court. Inq. SaU
lv Phone J1-3711 i-
TRAILER "SPACI forrenilr.-mc3eTit ,
trailerjarkCaU-l07i r
Blankets furn " ybertT Ptl t-SOSX. '
Ii'-lJ!iL.i;',wt1"Bs h ijr Sw tf '. '
Hl slNlis fi.Kiu if L ;suif "
rK0CK& and ear rani n i . n b.i.
furnished Smilty's Clipper Servtco.
"'" mnn nurcn fnone 3 -swe
Crountl Floor Rooms
Suitable for office or Stocea.' State
Flrsnce Co.. tel. 3-4131.
Wanted to Rent
CLEAN. PLEASANT furn apt. br
quiet employed couple June 4 Not
! r than f . 0 Must b- near crlv li '
: bi.iiy and luge enough fur small pi- .
ano Statesman box 740 !
I "Ci'il'PLE with small chile? would like
I 2 or 3 bedr m house Reasonable rent,
i Win ph 2-4738
I " COUPLE WITH I chlTdfVn desire -I
II H unfuiii. house w itli less. rent. Pit.
: t-l i'o :
I " PROFESSIONAL "man" wife. Ni
chihlien or ps'ls. Need 1 in ( rm. hse.
b' Jon 1.' .t-.Vil4 '
KV 1 !( II FEN homeless' V. t." w Ife and
i 3 kids urgently need a J bedroom
hou.-e. Budijet doesn't pertiilt over 850
l r mo n ut Prefer near school.
i Can ou help us" Phone ; 3-4532. "
l or Sale -Ifeall Estate
i Today 1 to rIIM.
P.y owner' 21 40 Carltoli Way Off
9ME Norh. 2 bedrm home. L.H . D R..
kit hen. dinette, utility room lUO si.
f fl'iur. ' space. plastered Insulated.
i vse.iiherstripped. all land-caped. att.
I plastered garage liwd fits through
out, electric heal, coved i linoleum lit
baih. kitchen, and utilitj .t-all 3-735
A very nice 3 nH hom t"l)7 III
rel street, full basement, auto nil best.
I hard wood floors. Venetian blinds,
theie is lots of good living In this
! home for only $l0.5oi
I oodwin and McMillin
' Ph 34707- 44 Court 14773"
t.rTVI Snail 1 BR llseC. K H D R
I K Plastered, lot VflxlMI liK-ated lit
1 Clear I-akc. 3 ml North of Keirer.
fwner would consider trade for house
t Ac acreage
tl.lxi Here Is a very' attractive t
IBM. KH. DR. K wired for elec.
rnte elec water sstem.i j A. IxKat-
ed if Cherry Ave. In Keuer ltt.
Ejsv teriris
II-V.OO Nev 3 BR. R i II 1. R. DR.
B N K Fwll bsth. fireplace Ilea. "
: flis. Flee he ,t Util. Rm attached
gar lit KMIK2IM). Located In Orchard .
, Heights Owner would Consider car.
House on lot in trade.
i Keizer Real Estate & In.
Onji S Olson C It Rckard
t3 Chemawa Rd.
mi Wrtitnf Keier S h.
Phone 3-I3HO or I-Z271 m
Three Exceptional Buy
Older tpe 2 BR. home. Ir sted
' wittun waikirig distance of town. Homo
has hsrn t and Is modern throughout.
! Nice lot witn t.'iS rental In tho rear.
Older type 4 BR home' In excellent
repair i iner lot in nice district cli
, lo s'oret and sctioola. A 'Wonderful ln-
ve 'ruent for someone, 810 Will han
i die.
Practically new 8 unit court. T-M-aled
nortu m very desirable district. Eacn
unit rents for 843 V) per rnrith. iin
r.vvni a ere pi nice home as pari pay
' it A-k for Mr, Noilchester.
H. E. Corey, Real Potato
I3U N Broalnar
PJi ?0SIS2 Day or eves 18 or I-Olft
liv Owner
Transferred to California. Must Sell
Kmgwood View Heights home. 3 bed-
rnii 8c den on street level. Full base
ment with party room, guest rm.. util
ity rm . all finished In knotty pine.
Also estra lavatory 8c store rm. Will
- landscape to suit buyer.- Price reduced
foi muck sale Phone 3-7.134
Sun I S P. M.
NEW 4 BDRM Cape Cod. Dble fa
racre. fireplace In bsmt party loom.
DPI bath, oil furn. 9PSII0 lot Bus by
d'.or i93 Hatcllff Dr. 3I4.BCJO.
New 2 bdrm . ranch style on lovely
wooded lot. Dry bsmt. wiln fireplace
fill turn, large rooms. ; bus by door.
64J Ratrliff Dr. S1I.9"). :
s'e"L Iwn?. Ph 3-4284
monmoUTh rfOviF.
Bv owner. Full basement. LR 14311. ,
hd firs, fireplace. 3 bdrms. dbi.
plurrblng. or upstairs roulcK' be In
come apt. Oil furnace 1 acre. Nuts.
fiuits. berries, fine siibs.' garden
tract. Sm. chicken hon outside fue-
place. 3 blks from (XT. campus and
3 blks from Main H. 8I3.650 ln. SHI.
A II Craven. 4ul N. Broad St . Mun-
roiith Ore r
elec plumb, gas stove. 210. gl3ia!
down. C J. JACKSON 341 State St.
Ph 3-3Rt j
HY OWNFR i yr. old hume. 3 becitf
rms . bath. L R . kit . nook, utility, att.!
garage, insulated, weathers! ripped, nie-j
tal screens, hwd. (Irs. Completely furn. 5
New auto, washer, radio-phono, eomb.f
Elec. range, refrig. " and vacuum.
blinds, aruto. crtl fir. fu'naee. cor. lot.
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C. J. JACKSON, 341 State SPi. 1-Vt
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4'.,-.. Phone -73T7.