The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 14, 1949, Page 9, Image 9

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Oraaytxy, fataTurdcrfa MoT 1 94a
Now York Stock Quotations
iW TORX, May
American Can 104
Am Power Lt lb.
Am Tel & TeL141H
Bendix Avia
Beth Steel
Boeing Air
' i . T
23 H
Int Harvest
Int Paper
Calif Pack
Canadian Pac
Libby McN
Lone Bell A
Caee J I
Conwlth Sou
Cons Vultee
Continental Can
Crown Zel
Curtis Wr
Mont Ward
Nash K el rin
Nat Dairy'-
H Y Central ...
Northern Pac .
Pac Am Fish ...
Pac Gas Elee
P T & T
Penney J C
a I
60 i
Dolas Air
Dupont de Ne 190
Portland Produce
PORTLAND. Mir 13--' APt Butter -(at
Tentative, subject to immediate
chance) : Premium quality maximum to
.35 to 1 per cent acidity delivered In
Portia od. Sl-04e lb.; first quality 50
62c lb.; eecond quality 8T-0c. VaUey
Joutea and country points 2c lees than
Butter Wholesale f o b Bulk cubes
t- wholeaiere Grade A A. S3 score. 81
82c lb.; A. 92 score. IMlUc lb.; B. 90
'Tore. ic lb.; C 83 acore. 5?c lb. Abort
price are strictly nomijal
i neese laemog prarv rinnuiu (
wholealerst : Oregon single. 38'y- i
4'ie. Oregon S-lb. loaf. 41a-$0'c
Eggs To wholesaler i : A gr ado i
Ierge. JS-SI'tC. A trade, n eduim. SI- j
lfie. B grade, large. 47-SO'e. I
Ive chickens iNo. 1 quauty fob.
Dlantii: Broilers, under !' lba.. 27-
inc. fryers. 2'-S lba.. 2-30c; 2-4 lba
31c: roaster. 4 lba. and over. -
io w-i iMhorni. 4 lb, ana una or.
.- iMhwK over 4 lba.. 2-27e:
colored fowl, all weights. 31c; eld roos
ters, all wetghie. la-zue id.
Rabbits Average to trevtrit Live
white. 4-8 lba. 27-28: $-4 lbs. 25-27 C.
eotoretl. 2 rent lower- old or heavy
doe. 13-JSc lb . dressed frvers to but
(hm. S7-OOC lb : old and .eavy ones.
S5-Jc lb.
Fresn dressed meata (wholesalers to
retailers per hundred lba. 1:
Beef Steers, good. SOO-SOe lba.. $-8-42.
commercial. $38-41: utUity. $34-39.
Cows: C-msnerctal, $-7-39. utility.
34-33. canner -cutter, $36-38
Beef cuts lUood steers) : Hind quar
ters. 48-33: rounds. S51-52: full fotna.
trimmed SS-59: trvanirtes. $37-30:
aquere chucks, $39-41; ribs I43-4S: fore
q jarUri $-7-38
Veal and calf Oood-ehoice, 47 -SI;
commercial. $47-48. utility $35-43 Good-choice, under SO lba..
51-53, commercial. $47-48
Mullen: Good. 7 lbs. down. 128-29
For cuts Loins. No 1 $-12 lbs..
49-93. ahouldera. IS lbs.. doT. $38
3f j.arenbs, $43-49. carcasses. $30
k)90. Wncl Coarae. valley and medium
grni- 45c lb
Mohair: Nominally 2Sc lb. aai 12
month growth
I. cui.t. v-killed meats
Veal Top rriallty. 42-44r lb : fancy
to 4"- other grades according to
Weinht and quality.
Hors Light blockers. 28-30c lb ; sows.
l-n. r Top quality. 46-Soc lb : mut
ton iH-2(c
Bf Good cowm. 30-34c it : canners
eottcK 29-.TOC
Onl,ni: lbs western Ore yellows.
No 1 rr.ed . from cold storage $2 00
2 4A !ift. $2 75-3 00 bolleri. 1',-1'b
In . $ i ia-lt bollsrs Kk Texas
j i w . f.p y-lirvw Bermudas. $3 40-50.
T-a- v hitc $4 E.
l'o'' HuecU, Deact'U'es. No 1A.
$4 2-4. 23-lb No 1A. $1 lU-2r 13-lb
No iA 70-71r. No. 2. SO lbs . $1 S0-S5
Wob Rj-wtv No 1A. $4 W-25 Idaho
No .A. S4 SO 75 New potatuss: Caitf.
li.rK v t sire A. $4 35-75.
ITi- Frill. iwmg m'holea.e price are
stfu-tiv nominall : U S No 1 green
alfalfa ' t better, baled truck l-
hf.l- . Portland . $3-37 V S No I
rmxn, limo'liy. S3S Oats and vetch
niincil v. iim-ertlf ted cioier hay. no
piiimHI" $20 dm, Italed. on Willamette
valley ft nt
Portland Livestock
tttable rattle today 25 calves 10; rep
rwnt'ive grades absent: market, nominall-
steady, tew canner-cutter cows
!M i V -nil heai med'u-r. sausage
b-jlfci 11 Ni r r five davs Salable J 015
ralvas i0 Cloud fed tteers steady- j
S 'oosr Medium low good 25-56 cents
i.lffber Heifers and medium-good cowm
st-ai- lower grades ! trifle weak
er Bmis ami veaiers stea1 . few ;
stcxkti steers steady Four loads topi
gootl K-l.llt lb fed rteeu 25.50-73.
a'xiui 13 loa Is Kw and aveiage giod
k .urt-. 50-2S. nmliuni g.aries 22 50
24 i orr.m-m WHO-22 0T. pla n dairv-tvt-.
Vl-IIOIt Good frrf t.rifers 23 )- '
lf" oad 7S lbs 13 M. ntedtum
rtrs 2i 50-22 ilt. con mo, 150-2100 '
"I i-2100: n. erf u ml 7 30- '
:v 90 i j'ter -c-ommon 13 nr.-17 nr: can-!
r-ts ;s t-l4 'in. shells down 10 00 nr .
lowr r.oi heavy bef bulls 22 SO-
23 0 f pod auae bullx Jl SO-22 SO I
isse-si W. cutler-common
7n),grw ("hojie llgt-.t tears S3 M
bulk giMd-chotce 28 00-32 t0 medium1
Finance Co.
FHA Loans
Faras Loaae
License H-211 sod M-22?
reraonal avad A ate Leans
Wo Want Your
Always a Dependable
Cnah Market.
If yosj don't brine then to
Cerly'a we beta lose.
Curly 's Dairy
rUrlrrwnnda Koad at Bood
PR. J-7tj
Why Suffer Any Longer
TOeo aihara taa. ase aar Chhseee
reaoesnesv Aawewtog soereae far oaoo
year ia Chaaa. No snaney wtth
hat allaaenta yea are afflicted
Sraordera. oia vital, bear, laatt. it
er. feidaey. gas. raastipatiwa ewer
oiaaieie. rai malum gall an Stag
Oer feeee. aaitav feaaako loaweialaia
h4 t amorrrfcil
r-hoae t-IS0
iMTtro Boor 9 te 8,
rtjea. and Sag. eaxly.
Pr T T I aas. 9) Ov O CaasJ
DKS. CK.VN . . . LAM
141 North Liberty
Sataroay eaUy to
to I Ms- C
x? ehargo.
CaiOali i PaitiaaO
Co Offtee apso
ll-VTo day's dosing quotations:
iGen Hectric JTHjlUdio Corp 12
Gen Foods 43ifiayonSer 24
Mntnn 5TV4 IR-V-ClieY Cfd 304
Tire 414 Reynolds Met 21
.,.. - ; xa
24 H! Richfield
23 S
30 14
12 i4
47! Safeway
44 Sears Boeb
So Pacific
7! Stan Oil Cal
.. 'Studebaker
S3 Sun Minirtf -1
2 ' Transamerica
J14 Union Oil ...
11 Un Pacific
14 Un Airlines
32 U S Steel
1! Warner Bros
44 Woolworth ...
25.00-27 SO common 13.60-34.50. c-jls
down to 10 09 or below. Medium-good
stocker steerf 23 0O-50. few good and
chcice up to 24 00. :
Saiabie hogs today 25. butchers 25 .
centa higher ; : small lot good-chotce IS3 I
lb. weiar.ts 2( 00. Foe five days a':able
13S5. Butchers 50 cents higher Monday,
remainder week steady, sows fullv j
neady. feeder pig unchanged. Small .
lot choice 198 lb. butchers 21.00 ev
' reme top Balk good-chotce 18O-S40
ba 20VU2O1T5. few medium JSS0
Weights 250-JS0 lbs 18 75-19 25. t.-.oee
rf-aling ib. IS OS-IS 50. few IsO-
i ,-,
0 lbs. 18 25-19 SO Light, smooth sows
under Jno lbs, 17 50. good -choice 16 00- 1
17 00. heavies 13 00-15 50. stags 14 00
14.50. Good-Choice 83-107 lb. feeder
b!f 2200-22SO
Salable sheep today none: market
quotable nominally steady, for five
days salable "5. generally steady Few
good 7S lb. spring Lambs SS 00. Small
lota good-choice SO-130 lb. wooled 2J 50-24 00 medium-good 21 50
2300. Good -choice 85-110 lb. shorn
lambs 23 00-33 00 Good shorn vear
ltags 21 00-2100 Good tooled slaugh
ter ewea 11.50. Good-choice shorn ewea
'0 0O-1L0C. eommon-medhjm 8 M-9 50.
i May 13
ao is
S3 5
S3 5
S3 8
70 8
' Indus Kails L'tll
Friday . ... 84 8 34 8 40 J
I Previous day .... SS S 34 S
i Wek ago ... . 89 1 34 8
j Month ago ....... 88 9 33 8
; Year ago 1 94 0 45 J
41 8
Stocks and Bonds
Compiled by 'be Associated Press
TO 10 18 14 I
Rails Induct Uttl Forgn
Ml 101 102 1 70 4 I
Ml 101 S 102 0 7d4
. 99 5 101 1019 70 8 !
B0 101 1017 a 9 I
93 3 101 4 100 9 10'
Friday ,:
i Previoua day
I Week ago
I Month ago .
' Vear ago j
Notice U hereby given that the un
dersigned has f!let In the Circuit Court
of Marion County. Oregon, probate
department. her duly verified final
account. s Administratrix of the es
tate of J HARVEY YUNG, deceased,
and satd Court has fixed Monday. June
!3. 149. at the hour of ten o'clock
A M of sahl day. In the Circuit Court
Koom of the County Court House at
Saiem. Marlon County. Oregon, as the
time and place for hearing said final
account, and all objections thereto.
Dated this 13th day of May, 1948.
Administratrix of the Estate of
J HARV'BY YUNG, deceased.
CHARLES A. JENS. Attorney.
Oregon B'df .
Salem. Oregon. " My 1 4-21 -SS-JU 4-11
- Ne, Sl-49
Synopsis of Annual Statement
for tba yar srse. DwaeiBtr 31
r p 1. A i'mioji a 1
Kncland -ifr.l ti th tnura- com -
mHr or ua stai of Onaoo. svr
uaat ia law ;
N STerrfims recalvrvt.81.101.SOS SO
Total inter. divWemt.
arui real eststt tacou T2803 4T
laronw fne at bar
suarres tl.STSSS
TolsJ IBrr-n, t 1S6.2S4 03
Nt srcauni paii for
Icvsms i-. . 8 44SS10g
1am aljusimtat as
HDM . . . 73 SI
X. attars rUinn inrm. 811.548 1 1
I i.:-r: 1.4 ts steek-
!1rw ' Ca th.j: S ;
morn $ '-i Hoea
rvMl-j paM mr rri-
rt4 to ao:irKoi.l--s. . Hoaa
An m spemlliiirs
tnritiiiff tnatmant
axsenate 82 103 24.- 97 478 11
Txal iir-t rrwtents- ft e r2
Valua at real aetata
wM i market valua i Mooa
Iana rmtrtknaea ane
rot lateral. tc. .12 037 371 4S
Value ( boMla- owned
( amerrii l01OO
Vaui i at -k !
lurkrl v,n-t . SIU) 5
Cn in i bonka ar.4 oa
Ka-xl 1MS-W0T4
IT-roiwma in 'e-i-a of
-al'.f--f mrl' m r a
fprlrt-t IO ll 13 754 ft
laterrifl .end renla Sie
a4 oer-il i . ?1411.
inner aaae-a iret Sana
Tata1 a-trnv. e4 aaaola .U 2'4l
li a sit itiv a3d
; oTHff? rt Nr
Tatal "i'd 153 5 i0 00
---,?- -ymm ' a 1 -o(iu
or tin-
yaia 8 0O0 00
To' - itiiirili pea-
wot. . i- . 1.294 J1 f
All ottor llaMWlra S3 194 34
Total aaMhts oaeatM
aaanal ; .i $1 521 32S 41
Oarita1 paid -i S30 0OO c-0
Spotmi aurpiu hita . . 8 00O 00
I ntii9t4 rundt isor-
n . ltf594 0T
Si.n'- a-;aa riiitli
oi.r Fielders j 1 344. 94 OT
Tout ; o rrs
Mat areotii-aa Renvoi 814 3t TS
M- oo t 4 ill IS
Ivtvv4eres pafct. or rftta
to p rvloulra . ooa
PBwtx! t fw-a M Orseao
lias wibrox pirrT-W.'-e
No. Jt-41 ';:
SynopjLs of Annual Sutcrrornt
ffne Ilia, roar aeae tvocamfaor i
148 of tta CkM7K.Ml, IMOLlR
ANCE trOnPAMT ag Men Tare, ha
t? rata of He tors, saaae la tba
Taa! tei . S43IS3i4
' (lasR:taKMgNTS
Hot anisaiat sou 4 for
.man ; - . . H.T1' a ;
Vamm oataaov ost i inn 11 72 11
I J-r.t'.' a . 14i3J Si
Iws-Aiaa fc.t.t . vora.
koUera iraaa S :
ork $. .- t. . Moo
I rl po.8 rroaV
f oolw 4-v . BOO 741 2S
t -or oaaowe-t-Tf-oa
vr;.je;" to 4 or Bf-t
m:; t ii.. at it it
Tta! oSob?ro-f St at 5 SOS IS
lADirTTf:i ASakTTS
Va:oo .-f rogt evfata
eo4V vaioo Nof-o
lt V -o aiocaava
e"v--i v - Piaa
Voito of kianaa ooao J
. a-wciod . i1M III II
Vllll ove. V w
ariet vshar) Woo a
r- ia aarks saat an
so4 t - - I S30 053 41
frofT3o fsrm oa
j-vii-pn'tnoo "eta 'I awo
Son'i aiow l t4 lIXaxi
W nol :: . va wzi w
asaxe lam leooosir
Tetaj .fm4 avvaxa . TV? "! ST
iiLr"v ot rn i-g
r tyroiim rt
T-eal SnawM etalasi SX-OOl r SS
r.-aie kaa
aaal lluot . S3 SIS 33
Total it araai at aad ...
xsatt a ey
AS arttwe a tort Ma)
Te.' ttaaastlos.
roorral -..
r rmt ti
iaa awns ae
aasg-aS rata n
a tacarsa I
e L a ri
bc srxrs re oxraoa
vt rut ti
H UCannMaaxv. PtnffsPnvatflat a ojasrV
; iKCOWa
?ot a. K vw saaotvavi .SS.OSS 441 .01
Toai aairaiL asvaasaale
.ojv4 rami oaaate taaiiia. 00.190 00
r-w . frvaa .-oefcor
aawcaO . 1.S34.STT ST
pyvat rut tim
Kat ail in i i i ma Hi. 8 ISO SOe St
Mot Waawos awaa $-3. XT
Tv4oa( oovi oe eroaV
Mag ia aaekain . tssxas
Fm iljal ocnao ka tkoa- m
Portland. Grain
Or. Btar IS
ass, on
Cash wheat (Hd)
white 'excludbke;
est ; white
red t3
Ortawr 125: 19
- cent fJrt; 12 per
Ordinary 2 21
clob .
Hard red wr
per cent 125; 11
cent 2 29.
Bard whito
Today's car race:
tpta: Wheat S3; bar-
ley 3. flour X.
1. oats a. tee
notice, or wnmiow TO tjspsvove
cnion rrKstsrr mom bast ct ms
Notice hereby is given that the com
mon council a the city ag Staaasav. Or
egon, deeraa It necessary asaS aacpedi
ent asd berebr deeasrea la puiimi
and intention ta orr. prove Onaoo street
from the east curb ten e Cipetol
street to a pntnt 440 feet east of saad
curb Uac ua tbe city of vaiem. aunoa
cotmtv. OregoaL at the expense of the
abutting and adjacent property, by re
moving the existing curbs, and on
itructmg new eeroeBt concrete curbs.
warJeeung; the exlsung paeeroeat from
24 feet to 34 feet, 5 feet of such addi
tional width to be oa each aide af the
exming pavement and such additional
width, to be paved with a inch Part
land cement concrete pavement, and
tbe eaattinaT pavement to be re-surfaced
with a l' tneb asphaJtie con
crete pavement, in acenrdance with
the plans and specifleatioTia therefor
which were adopted by tke comrrron
c-oircil May 9. 1949. wbach are now on
file in the office of tae city recorder
and wbich by rh:s reference thereto
are made a part hereof.
The common council hereby de
clares its purpoae aod untentun to
make tba above described Improve
ment by and through fe street im
provement department
By order of the Common Council
May 9. 1948
ALFRED MTJNDT. City Recorder
Date of frret publtcanon hereof is
May IX 1S.
My. 13-14-13-18-17-18-19-30-21-22-23
Notice hereby is given Uiat the
common council of the city of Salem.
Oregon, deems it necessary and ex
pedient and hereby declares its pur
pose and intention to Improve Madi
son street from the east line of Cot
tage street to the west lme mt Winter
Street, in the city of Salem. Marion
county. Oregon, at the expense of the
abutting and adjacent property, except
the alley mtersectlans trie expense of
which will be assumed by the city of
Salem, by bringing aid portion of
said street to the established grade,
constructing cement concrete curbs,
and pivi-g said portion of said street
with a ii inch asprialtlc concrete pave
ment 30 feet wide in accordance with
the plans and srx.-c?f:ratior.s therefor
which were adopted bv the common
council May 9. ISO. which are now on
file in the office of the city recorder
and which by thi reference thereto
are made a part hereof
Trie common cwrcl hereby declares
ita purpose and intention to make the
above described Improvement br arid
through the street improvement de
partment By Order of the Comrron Council
May 9. 1949
ALFRED MCNDT. City Recorier
Date of first publication hereof is
May 13. 1949
My 13-14-15-1S-17-1S 19-2-21 -22-23
THE EAST Salem Auction Center of-
fers a source of dirwal for all t pes .
Merv-i-snifise If vu ran t bring your
iwntgnincnl. call 3-1221 1
Consigtir- .'tit Sale Frt) Saturuay at
Leak's Auction
3810 Si 1 vert on Road SiVn 1
I Joe Burke Sale Barm
Sale Starts at 10 30 a. m.
Consign our rrarMrtery . furniture
cars. Uucks. ooult. y. ptuciuce and
mlscellan.rui vith lu'hing for
buver .iod buvera tnr mvthing
Livestock; and Poultry
BABY CHICKS Mav 10th and lth
Hampahue. Legl.on s. Parrien;crs
Buff Orpington. White Wyandottes.
leghorn C'.M kerols aid heavy assort- .
ed Ph 2-7S61 te Hatchery I
N H? RED Pullet 3 -ro ,.H ! ")
each Delia Jensen. Rt . Bo 340 Ph
FOR' SALE "PaW-n.. "ts:?t..i.. rich '
gold eoi. guarai.te.-d quiet nri gon
lle. Also Pa. oirin.) gelding, rood color. I
Pure white mane At tall Eaat valVer :
Ladles' horse Crvtal Springs Ratw ,
Rt 3 B- 771 A P'ho--- 3-l.'7 :
4 Vil K COWS One 18 mo old heifer '
J D Ctreeter. Rt. 1. Box 43. 1 mi. E.
of Alirravt? le.
famTi Y Jersey ,. milking 1
gal a daj Phone 2 72F8
rTttC.ISTr.REh tribun r.l!i'e. com
ing 2 r old 1 w.iit.-, I palomino.
Ph 3-94od or 3-J4.T7 ;
HTtAVY RfS fivers. 37c lb 3133 t"
EVEKi DA?" Pitmwitft RftJi and
New Hat- ps chick, pullets ckl or .
straight 'un Grh-ing Hatchery Sc
Pouitiv Farm. Silverton. Or. Phone
r.lack 193
N H KOOSTERS. i to 8 u k old.
cheap A!o 5 deck electric brooder
John Dor an. 2 ml. from Ml. Angel on !
Stlvertoii Hw
" NOW AVAILABLE We are recei- ;
mg applications for membership on
Mondjv. Wednesday and Friday of
each week at our new warehouse to- ;
Cited on the N E corner of North Fiont :
and Hood Street. Salem. See Mr. I
H. Fetrow or write Pacific Cooperative ,
Prodiiccrs. 308 S E Ash St . Portland j
14. Oreg Membershto fee $1 SO Avail- !
able to pouHry. turkey or other live
stock coj-rers -'
2 Coi.tS 1 and 2 yrs old' Arabian
breedtrtg Sired by Jedron. Rt. t. box j
40TK. on Silverton Rd
Ne. 5J-U
SlXvOPeta 'J A . Nt'SL
ill a.M AJV i
tor uw rear .iv-i-c nacewuor Si
14. of ta aiiairtn; aitai.
ara. ;a (iw at
cuarti ox nevi
.tea tiwa, aaaae
tae scats ai Oroa
ha inaaaes kanw. I11IHJT1 aj
local i a I e a l evv
444 S5 40
Tatal tncemo IS 4tO Vil li
iiSku;itaa;Hk. i a
Net I ii ta an al l lor
. . a ix n sat
V-n eo ...
i af o n'.oy. oaaooiooa.
lj. ia a.j id avara-
aora icaaa. 8
ay-jex. S
pa . .ovaa iitl oa
4 JO aj; 73
4.aWO.;S 44
a 11 o nor
mi tiimi la-
ea iceat s aoaaa
i.jirxit. Lois sos tt
Tal Otaam aaiaeoia t4 OQ1.Q .13
AiairrTa:i AaaSTTS
'alva oa aool aoca'
ooaoS laitxi
l.Mi S SJS U5J S3
Loo ao oai aawiasos aae
c.:.aef . r' Nome
Mvo t tfka aa o a 1
aaau-Caovl . K MtllOl
Value oC olocAa ae
...a.- 10 lT7,vKn.
Oa. i laanka ava -o
nam . X.I04.1 SI
9m:iimm xa coairaa i
coaWctvaa 1 1 1 1 f a
- aeatesvaey JO.
lcroal aao renla Stae
701 484 IS
47.0S4 S7
no at at
n . a
a:tto4 aa-
sou iu.myii
UiilUTI-, g.'!tPU.S Ah
otkcSfv s:s
Total aii at I aaaiaoa.-S l.Oaa.SOl at
f -03300.T5
4.1M.MI TO
AB eelvar Bakivmoa
Tatal Saaia aa,
ai ai.z-rx.rroa
-ooaa aaaal ' . --.'ioXli.
OasvM aaq asal iwala
ganaaaiaal aooa oetaaa-
oa ooaa
hi I ' "ao
Wanajaiist'""''' "" SA3k-S
Uaaaascaaal laaais tear-
in ilMlniJ ' i544i300
Tot . n rea earr rt
-,,TrT M , Attorn rxtm.
Ureetfoek mad Pvohrj t
AT SILL): Bee Palomino
horse H I Strff. Jr, Bt a. Swat 870.
BONOCS irreaaeek koycr. Oaude Id
wards R X Boot F3BE. PTv 3-114.
ZtotitXSi UkHliyJL buyer t C
McCandlish, 1127 5. 25th. Ph. 3-8HT.
itXNTED Tom cows and etaers for
feeders also nwtchee carttla Get amy bid
It artll coat vou nothing Earl Dm Chlsa
245 H Sth
Help Wavnted
si red. Apply ta ;
Reed"a Drive In.
sag) s. mt
STSA WBXRRT pickers tar
tistrh, Resnster Sat. or Sun. ag
hotase on UarwiQa, Dnve which ks
first road nest UayaavtOe school. R. F.
Carathers St Son.
WANT TRLCK to haul short log.
Short haul. Ricbardsons. 170 Taaaetz
Rd . Tall City. Ore. Prmre 319.
WHITE FIR cutteri wanted. H.
Kampntra. Rt. 4. Box ?38. Ph. 2-2950
after 5 p.m.
eral office work. Transportation pos
tsbie. Apply Ind pe ndence Lumber A
Mtg. w. inqepenoeace. or.
ndp Wanted Male
YOUNG MEN. We have several op
enings in oar sales' force. We tram
you on tlie job. Good earnings while
learning Opportunity tor promotion.
For personal interview write box 742.
WANTED: Experienced truck me
chanacs. Apply Truck Sales and Ser
yxre Co 555 N Front SC
EJCPtKXENCKD service stanoo man
Must understand lnbricatiari thorough
ly. Walter H. Zoael Ce Chemeketa St
Hteh Sta.
REUlABJ E real eatale broker to
manage well esxabiaahed real estate of
fice. Call after p.m 433 N. High St.
WANTED: Exp. man for perraa -WSJ
farm work. Some dairy work. Apt.eor
3 or 4. furn. or ur.furn. No app after
12 coon Slay 18. 2', ml. north Monroe.
Ore 1 mi Went 99W Clyde E. Stau.
' attentiSn VETERANS
We want four. neat, ambitious young
men to call on resorts on west coast.
Year-round yob. transportation furn.
Drawing acct. and comm. See Mr.
McBride. Senator Hotel. 8 to p. m.
Sat. ony.
Help Wanted Female
PART-TIME secretary for insurance
agency. Must have some experience
in general insurance and be capably
trained in ahorthand and typing. Tele
phone 3-7171 during office hours.
EXc'ElJLEMT opportunity for an -nertenced
bookkeeper Permanent po
sition. Automotive experience desir
able Apply in person. See Mix. Pick
ett .loa N Li'iertv
V liJDLEAGED !adv to work in sum
mer home. Light cooking All inodern
At convenient faci'it.e. Good salary.
E.pen?ie v3d Inquire at Hogjf Bros.
Fy r Apolisncc. Jtn State
shop as out,, on W, bti Write or
call J. F Smalley. Ph 741. Sisters.
f --n r - Hotel Sisters
-llOL"F.kEF.PER.two aulTi. Give
acc .alirv P O Box 93. Amity, Ore
WAITRESS wanted Apnly in per
son Y Cafe. Salem-Dallas h
UCCELLENT oppituiu?y for ex- '
perier.ced saleswoman to take charge :
of Mens ani Bvs Wear rieoartment .
" .1 ' ' 2-lfrr fo- ai)roiTitrrnt. j
WOMAN FOR housewoik and cook-r
ing -3 adu!r No laundiv - a age and .
meals. 215 E. Lincoln. j
Salesman Wanted j
EXCEPTIO?.AL opportunity for high j
earning and advancement to man- i
agement oositionji Applications confi
dential. Write Sta'exman box 750.
Situations Wanted
LAWNS. Start to finish. A tight ;
U actor on rubber and doz""r Ph. 2-S127 ;
HOUSEWORK by hour. Experienced.
Call 2-0591
KINDS yard work Eotimates
1-w lavtns free After S p rri 2-3943
"KXl'KRIri.-.t Ki da car" for lt-.'ant
o- c"?'-: !V.orhlr Pjore 5-3S33
WrO-7IU.ER 'rk Phone 2-4454"
SHRUBB1.HY and hedge trimmed :
St spaded, iawna cleaned. Cut. edged
ari.1 tri M-.-d Phone 2-723
MAN WITH chain saw Fall trees and
saw in anv lentiis. Timber fa'.l'.ng al
so John Kremer 1299 S Hign
HOUSE Painting exp. brush woik
Pivme 2-21 ?) after 6 p m
R Ef" R IG FR A T IO.N man elprie'n ed
m Domesiir. t ommercial and Reverse
C' . Heating and Cm'ing Wag"
oo'ior.a! ( onsrder any'firg Write
715 N Ru-'-lt st Portland. Ore :
PLOWING, ai.ictng 'cultivating. Small
i-or Ca I 7--as7
"Aniorit Ha-iev Purn Pii 3-"92
Plowing & Discing i
Quick sivice P'-ione 2-4C24 '
2 Kirfo-tiile-i" work 1145 H'Kad " 2-U94 i
MUjF.-; PLOWING" and "tractor1
w .ra; of anv kuii Eofd Feiguson trie - j and cqu pn ent. Nolan Bathurt.
: ii'--i P-i 2-507
" "" ARPFNTER work NVw rep.2-5f!93 1
PLOWING AND discing. Al Mo-i.
Ph '-2l.'".7 i
Mevi'a ciotlieA repaired 1410 N. ComX
' " MTTe en NlKtHOri Pl 3-44 .TO
"" i AED WORK of anf kind and odd .
Job too bv competent L B S. Boy Scout
T i hob Call 3-Si7 eye, for information. ;
WOULD T.tKt to WO "on vnur sprav .
namttng. Your ptml or our. M L. i
Got tenberf. ph. 3-428
"a an ring. "taperhangii( General re
patr Pon Loceep Ph 3-552T
"j-'a-ntine -n-rfl ttt out C Bill." "?-279
tTflLBfARE I ISO Shipping 3-9924
POFTS irumeograpomg lipinf vrv
are Quality work Lower prices 809 N
lti Pore 3-:i43
3E vVERS and septic tank inttied
and reoaired Scharff Bern Phone2SaA
DOZER AND enrvel and track work
P.a-!WeothersPa 2-2034.
Painting Decorating.
2-5444 DICX OREY 3-TfB
OH. A Vv IN (. bouae rl a n Ph 3-9fe31
SHARPEN YOUR lawn mouer nov."
Hoe A hoels tnarpened free Pick
Lio A delivery Hower B-o Ph 334
: E5iewater Si.. W Salem
Mike's Septic Service
Tanks cleaned Roto Rooter Service
oa Sewer. Phone 3-0448 or 3-5337.
j Lloyd M. Hill. Inc.
Cat Svove"; snd truck wr-r of aT! ktncJy
, Phone 2-43H7 95 State St
"Tt?RrrTURre paired Sr" remodeled'
le Rti- Fu-n Ref;rttrg Co 2-7001
DRESSMAK'lNO. alterations 2-r7g"
WILL CARE for eideriy ladies in
Krtrvso. Pt-ofe 2-3797
! CZSCif W"or k? All Tu rxtr"p7ii36"
i Employment Agencies
4?rmmerrial Placement ;
340 State St
Phone B-I4SS
For Sale 31teeIlaireons
Attention Filerman
Must sell, 12 ft. cedar poaL 1 year
old New patnL Rt. 8. Box 431. Ph.
3-154S Sa
14 CM. FT. chea tyno
New. S330. p 3--4304.
a-kby aUGGT. Tkayar,
tUee new. $15. Ph. B-I574
"GAS WAl-tTb-aiaw. So
fervce. Ph S-dlnt.
MaAoS Tesnater new. 50 goawe berry
nickers wanted May 25. L. J. Faaaier.
Rt. 2. Box 27Sl Woodnuxn. P7i- Mon
itor 271i.
nvoiiaavaa xva. awai aasn ok nun. SiO I SAIJl
F-'TL4r ISO -iar-aa. ' nfra. I. Dofi!af aa!aa-L West TaSaxs'e
a, Waarsi 43SO C-osry srre. fi i ah as xar rn. vord. Also Vr aar- at
VjrCmmi Lmmimr W - x'sg
For eWrr-MiwIl-ui4u
SPRINGS for dbte. bed. Flae cood.
VtRT KlC psano. Ul BX 9, beat
319 Ph. 3-4335 after 8 p. ax.
TODLTTS. dose cownaid. are
Gi3d.-S Jr. ass aicvee. fes. S3 ii.
1 DC
ttarns. barery taxed at audi te kagh
bidder. Tnesday. May ITth. p.m.
Camwood Ballroom. 4 miles N. on
i-F Pont miss KM
TKtJL Len oast, all n Kirbv Home
Renovation srstem. Phone 3-S074
W ItL tLL reas M.Kiel A coupe,
one wnee! trailer, bassinette, hot plate,
tab.c radio. 2 pair oificer's ratling
breeche. new wool blarcr jacket, ra
dio course. Metal toolbox with hand
tools, blue pnt stripe scut, size 38. (40
S. CawTol. Art. 4
FT NORGE rLrigeratox. good
478 N Conaee.
I cortd
GAS .iOT WATER rieater. no! auto
matic. Iron bedstead, good steaaner
tunk 4 tift N. Win'er
Ht V. COD-WakeneTd b-by buggy.
exceil cond Phone .l-SaiO
COLLAPSIBLE type baby buggv in
gyof1 cond. 375 S. 25th.
FRYfcKs for sa!e. Ph. 3-3481. 21C1
N Front
FT PHII.CO refrieerator. used 3
mos Rt 5. Box 115. Ph 2-1119
SAVE $50
I Lovely modern 5 piece Mr. and Mrs ,
I bdrm suite, in beauuful walnut or
bleached wahxut plus very fine nation -
aBy adv. guaranteed innerspring mat- i
tress and anatchiryg box aprinc. Bednn j
auite has the potmlarl1, in. plank too
aad recessed drawer pulls and consists j
of 2 Mr. and Mrs. chests. 30x44 ia. plate i
mirror, full an bed aad night stand.
Finest of const and fully guaranteed. !
This is a sensational value at only i
$169 50 $17 down. 810 .S3 per mo. Free!
delivery. !
H. & H. Furniture Co. !
ISnO Fairground Rd Ph. 3-377
USED WASHERS a low a $14 5 "
353 Center St Ph 3-3139
AJCC REG. Springer panil pups.
3225 Argvte Drive Phone 3-0547.
DROP LEAF treadle sewing ma-,
chine. Good cond. $20. Siiger Sewing !
Marh-ne Co 130 N Coml. '
ELECTRIC water heaters. 40 gal
rouble element, guaranteed. $71 aO. In--tallaUoo
if desired. W. A. Skew i Co.!
Pli. 3-4W-0 or 3-4223 after 8. 1390 Mad
i9on. Hilivw-ood Dis.
USED jiEVrjXClnai ineTjPb3 -3T39 .
FERTILIZER. $4 per yd. 3 yd load
tin P.- 935. Turne-
V, ailing Sand & Gravel Co.
Crushed Ro k
For roadt A driveway Cement
Ready-mix Concrete Garden sand
Bulldozing, drainage and witcnlne
vn ovel A drag hne PhcneS-949
RED CEDAR shine'es No. I. S9 50
No. 2. $5 50 No 3. $.1.5" We del. Phi
lips B-os Rt. 8. Box 111 Salem. Ore
p;1 (fRTT?
GRANGE Strain tanan. Ph
for pat .o rix k w alls, walks, gardens
A all rock cotist. We del and sell Kcre
or at o" Se- or ca ! for pnrw Pt"l-i
lip Bro. Rt. 8. Box 118. Salem. Psi. .
iftj ;
CEDAR POSTS. Y.-w wood pots. !
riinglev teie A electric oo'e. Pnilltoa ',
Bro . Rt. 4. Box 118. Ssleni. Ore. Pn. I
QUARRY ROCK for rond base '
Crushed rock, fill dirt We clel.ver
Croisan Quarries
15a S Corel. SL Ph 2-M17
Plant Ph 3-1231 R-i 2-3073
You can get the bet in spray paint
ing accessories at Ward! Sturdy and j
efficient ouray guns compressor, pre- i
ure tanks, etc Spray guns (or as little
as $3 H5
G E CAN Coole' Src-il Um week
Al Ijtie RefriReraMon. 2350 S'a'e St.
Ph 3S443
NEW 1947 TWIN 1 hp. ou! board
motor err. 719S lllh t
1 J.B I-"E box" S9.0fi'"li54 N" Front.
6 YR OiJ crib A play pen Like
now Pio'ir 3-87aa.
FOR" SALE oi "tra.ieT 148 garden
Rototitlet Phone .1-8745
" MANS NEW dk. blue ' suit, sie 38.
Ph 2-143S -fter 4 p.m
"BLOOMING Rno-'udend-. $3 JO to
10 M) A'rf ra Mollis 2 CM Fa Pink
Azalea. 3 for $1 00 Geraniums all col
or. 42.50 Di. Fuchsias 2jc Uio 75c.
Ttiberots Begonia. 35c i Mu.-n plants.
10c ea. Bedding planla 36c !. Evenuig
customers invited, wr arc alMSva open .
VWrlll GrMn.iiiw. Biooki. Ph 2-4351.
SMALL BALLOON Ure tricycle $10
large chain-drive trc!e $20. 8o
Wiidwind Drive CaU 2-.'.aa
BUFT cOCKER pup. Male, f male.
Very eood penigrr. ree. Ph. 3-3940
1 "flVE-DRAWER cheats. Also Btrds
eve rnatl comode. Plww 3-1151
ICC FT. refrieerj'or witl. ' ho
comoresAor Reasnnat) Phone 7-SI 1 1
NEW PRECAST Hemforced lun
crete Seottc Tank aoon.vyd by State
Sanitarv Authorilv. Ione-1'fe
1405 N Front St Ptvone 3-3417
At tour War Sorphis Store
IS oi Waterproof. Cnwrfi
5x7 3. IS
i8 437
7x4 S47
10 8 10
All Other Sire In Stock
C omerFair ground Rd A Church St
USED ElJECTRfC ranges as low a
355 Center St PH3-ni3f
C-OSING OTJT all plumbing pipea.
and f.tting at reduced price. 12th St.
Hardw arc 10 S 12th
USED Burroughs adding machine.
$75 See at office. Saierr. BatebaU Park.
S 5Th St. and Turner R.. between
9 A 4
" NEW MAN'S wool soort Jacket $9
ady'i all wool suits R-d. black. 1 and
2 pc. silk dreswea tr- 12 and 14 Some
nrw Crr avrjv nrtrei Ph 7 -VS11
COSrNG OUT baiaryre of phimbtng
stock at wholesale. Caah sales only No
deliveries. No pipe only. No re
turns. Buv here now and nave. W A.
Skewi Co 1390 Madison Ph. 3-4600
STEivesrYPE In" new condition w ith
user botar myr. and carrvmg
RasonablAA?stdent or operator. Call
VallevlSand 4 (iravel Co.
SITt sand 8c fill dirt. Exravating
10B S"oyel and ca .a 7rac'or too
and truck for dirt anoein . Ph. efface
2-4002. res. 3-7144.
Commercial Sand & (travel
y wax All kinds
ot land and gravel
R ver silt and fill
Ph. 21966
Salem Screen Shop
1430 S. 13th St
9y)aaw acreena Oz acrwvi do ui a made
to order. Glass replace me rrt
3 ft. Width in tho folio wing teagfhs:
r $i to
lO - 2 90
It 3 48
Ask a boot instailatir-i aervica.
MCrtTTcoirT ward a co.
avx on ksesnsz
Lot Ward give you etomr rte Cf
STAXXJDD price on your ronf-iat na aria
Wide ranga ad colors, Call our out
side sni4Ta for tree osttirte.
Rfow itaxj-oorr wAJto a co
-eats. Afra higi sarvtnea sa naTpaxowb
inc asad flxturaa. Casxtsnl Barnwsn
Heuax. 145 Center St.
1 TOASTER, l pair UatyB See akntsn,
1 cefee ranker, t) afaxHam XL rtfaa.
Cafl 1-ITIt
SPANTCXUXtt aManaaan. Black k
wtuae. SS. Rta. S 3a. t f sa i rd. as
nght post Ridley ncnaxis.
LrU moaCX Resign star. S en. ft.
' For &de MiaMtJWoos
GARDEN Tractor. Pep-P-PaL I hp.
Ikailding Materials
RED CfcDAR Shanglea. No. L SS: No.
.so. 2 S3J0 Ted MwUer,
Soleow 1-11J6
CLOsE-OUT: Plywood Ceiling TVie
frora 4c per sq ft. In sixes from 8" x
18" to T" x 32 . Bevel edge, cut to
Eive panel effect Kerrh Brown. Front '
Fraot A: Court Sty., Salem. '
CLOSE -OUT Special. Hardwood j
Flocrang. pecan and gum in a variety :
of sri.-es at only $125 M Keith Brown.
Front & Court Stst, Salem
i PLYWOOD, all t.kjaesses.
Special prices on insulation. 16in x
33 m cethns: tile, elect, water heaters
anal xraJlboord for bathroom, fc.itcr.en
or utility room. C. G. Long. Ph. 2-421.
I nu. North of Kencr
HARDWOOD Flooring, now orTlv.
$9S00 M. Mixed pecan St oak. ',- x 2"
at Kerth Bttvwti Front .V Court . Salem. '
PHONE SALEM 2-1198. Ted Mullef. '
formerly Eola Lumber Yd . for the
best to builmne supplies, red cedar :
srtmete from Tillamook. Also cedar '
side wall shake. 1st quality at lowest
i ash nriee.
ALU MA LOCK Aluminum Lock
Slungle. The mod. permanent roofing. ;
See our dealer or ph distrib 3-H401 j
BARGAIN in Latch Sets, 8o up.
Keith Brown. Front 4c Court Streets,
Wanted Miseellaneous
WANTED old style country tele
phone with befl Box 738, Statesman.
Wilis Masic Store Salem
Wanted Furniture
USED FURNITURE. Phone 3 $110
U..ED rURNIIURE Pnon 3-913
IV! iscellaneous
Store fixture Including cash regis-
191 S. High STATE
Telephone 3-4 UL
alem Sani & Gravel Co.
Contract Work
Roads - CVraring - Drtching
Sewor At Basement
Equi;vment Rental
15 B-iy yds $12 00 per hr.
10 B-H yd 9 n per hr
U-7 t at & Dozer 10 30 per hr
D-8 Cat St Dorer 8 40 o-r hr. '
D-4 Cat Sr Dorer ... 7 00 per hr
Phone dav 3-918
Evenings 3-3248 or 2-441)0
5va ! -r . Oregon
A4alieaoe Cspim BeO t o Pn 3 on(l
WATER WTLL driTTing. Domestic oi
liri'Mtion Duffield Bro Rt 9. box
r Phone 2-1313 or 2-2795
AUTO painting lust a shade oettei
ov Ray ETTER Call Snrock Motor Co
Dental Plate Repair
Bring or Mall Plates for Repair
Adoioii Bidg Stat- A Com. Ph 3-3311
HAVE YOUR Sinijer sewing maciiine I
repaired by a qualified Smger repre
Teutative. Ph 3-3512 for free pickup At
delivery aervu-e on all make of ma -renins
Free -stimatrs given before '
furk I startel Singer Sewing Mi-c--rt.-.
Co 130 N Commercial
" REROOf1 NO. One-two- or "three
lean to pay. For free estimates phone
3-7177 Vestern Auto Supply Co.
IS TO iO FT 'BOOM work, safe tree
removal Rt 8 Box 883 Ph 2-27i
"WANT TO Bu Usea Cameras A
McEwan Photo Shop 435 State
For Rent Rooms
NICE CHEAP rm. for ladv. Ckxe
in Cooking priv. 740 Chemeketa.
WELL FURN. iuuh Cl e in H A
C water. Men only . 37 Cer.'er
CLEAN FURN sleeo. room for tin
ploved firl. 755 Leshe Ph 2-aOfig.
PI.-1AANT sirping rm . ( lean bed
Pnpr 3-5539
NICK RM for elderly gentleman
Ho-ne ony Phone 2-S747
ROOMS. J565 N Cott are
SLEXPjtNGr.ii." for lad 571 Union
Fl'IiN. "ROO'iS n en unit. 633 N
l)r-IRABI.K h rm n a very de
sirable I oca f too Pn -iart
NirK SLEEPING rooms. 444 N Wio
ter Ph 2-743
HtyOM for voiing emp. biiiinesa gift
Ptrn 3-.l00
" RtKiMS TO RENT bv the week or
mont h.
T - I 3-21M
T rUvT." fo- jentleman Ph 268g7
Cl.EA?. ROOMS for clean men. Ph
' Room and Board
BOARD an.-i room. vacan v for ore
man. Single ruo n. Home cooV i meal
C'ean and quiet. 1C95 N. 3th.
For Rent Apartment
3 RM furn apt. Pri. bath AB
trie Ph 3-74134.
WDiir apt. Use waahing
Bus by door. 3 bUca. S. of
capita. Pn. bath and eoLranca. $40
mo 901 Mill
CHEAPEST close m apis in town.
KWt-a O K 140 Union P-i 9S35 .
2 ROOM mod. furn apt. Main floor.
S40 mo 1173 N 4th
2 RM. TURN apt utair Refrie
Clooe tae H'xr-e Re as Pjhone 1-1 Tea
UTpsTAIR-S 2 rm. apt. Modern coon -
try home. 3 CaH TjSFTS eve-a
NEW Court "aotT" T7of urn. "Range, ref
Daltas Bd. near W Salem Boat S30.
4 M. APT., near Capitol Unlam,
dean. For sus.S wife. No children,
drtnkera. or jpets Ph. 2-7-4
3 RM APT fall at 522 N Church
Close in. 2 rm. Bv-eiy ur aoari
Adults Ne drinkers. Also I bdrm. witn
kit oerv PTv 3-K30
ktt. Nicely
Women on rv
1118 Oak St
FURN rm apt. Phi. batn A rn
ranee Ph 3-1878
NICK. CXEaN. 3 room A bath,
ground floor. Ad at it. 094 N Commer
i lal
MOD. J RM Ige. apt. Pn bath A
ertt rnce 1 Rush St. Ph. 3-3l
NURSE Wn.L share her foarne with
refined bassioo- woman or eld erlv
La-tr Rgferev ace. Ph g-5SS0 T30 Mill
VACANCY for iChritian gwis All
ronviencies of home. 845 N. Winter
St Ph e 3-43T2
FURJ or tmfum. Reaaonabic to quiet
D. A. Piah. 14S S. ComX Ph.
For Rent llnusea
rURV COTTAGE. XZ1S Portland Rd.
clean, in choace location; rasa $70 saar
Al Isaak & Co Realtors
tdi-er of Movtipoa LMtnaj karoau
Pox and SUL c 3-rs3e,
Eves 2-AVT73 - S
Pxargiayunds Rd '
Jvn " tn RH. I JL
child. Raaa Hwy. 90S 1. aaS. N. Box
1 ft lL mHii. sub. Kosne. Ige. gar
ar panes, ciul, amaxia urea, Sana. n.
-cr4. Rt T. Beat I8U
MYRTLXWOOO cured ham bar. Ar
noid Sexxs. 3373 TaTPurland Ave, Nastk
fjaafca,". TtLnarns'rowKt
Pea Rt Crt Saa taksaa
"NEW otiS naaaaidoaes, 34. as
mml ssxanxTrinSila?EaCt
pry aned doers, totketa end 8 ante i.
Cheek over setrna. C. C I eng. Pb-
S-sari. tmT W. eaT Keener.
den spot. Will see- Ptkai
' f7J llSlga n 1 aVOaten.
Th BaHaaaa. d
For Rent Houavea
3 RM. UNTTTtN . all electric house.
Inquire at 1173 S3xth St, W. SaWsn.
Ph J-09A8
CROL'SD ITOOR of duplex with 1
For Rest
10 H P. avOTOTILLZR 3Sr Mads. Ph.
V- AaTxteott.
TRAXLXat Space Pri. hetno. SS awe
ino. 8S3 Farrview Ave.
NEW tasnforcod eoocrete wTeoouee.
42 x 59. concrete floor. Ph. I4M eves.
for inf . latwu.
BAJolAao bade, 103S &. Coal St.
for axtface. shop. Plontv floor and
parking apace. Ph. -r78.
New aned. buai. b)d. with kv. qtrav.
Hollywood Shop pang Ceoter. Imaaed.
Psa. S3SU. Lone ai in hi see avaalaba.
Fwrsv orfaco apace. Iracss. tesephone.
close to Lodd St Bwan Bonk. $30. Aiao
uafurn office $35.
Busi. loc 3c apt. Tront st. $100.
Lar?en Home & Loan Co.
1S4 So Com l St. E13??
rn r r - as fcTve wevifc t'tim.. - '
MalCAL-As professimal offices for
rent Cor Liberty & Court. Ina. Sal-
!V Phone 3-3711
' TRAtLti. SPACE lor rent in modern
trailer park. CaB 2-lfiT3.
t; UitlVt TRUCKS F HtM
Hianket turn 197 S Lioerty Ph 2-9062
i. Du i.eo Piano H L . Stilt. ,
t.i,' -I.Nivv- Houra H L Stlft
1 HOCKS and cars tot rent SiaokeU
turni..hert Smfttty's Cllppet Service
Cenie'sndhurehPhone 3-pwiQ
Ground Floor Rooms
Suitaote for office or stores. State
finance Co. teL 3-4121.
Wanted to Rent
quiet employed couple June 4. No
more than SSO. Must be near city li
brary and largo enough for small aS-
ano Stateman box 740.
"LOCAL BUSINESS man want 2 or
3 BR unfu rm. houae in good drtrtct.
COUPLE with small child would like
2 or 3 bedrm house Reaoavabe rent.
Will traae Ph. 2-4T39
WANIEU l West Salem. 3 room
comfortable house for elderly lady, not
over $30 mo .wjllreaj. Ph. 1-3738
CoX'P LJE "W ITH " 2 Chi Id ren d e i re 2
BR unfurn. hose with ra rent Ph
3-1190 . '
children or pets. Need 3 or 8 rtn. he.
bjyJ tine 1st Ph. 3-3514 . .
EVER Br. EN homele' Vet. wife and
3 kid ureenttv need a 3 bedroom
bouse. Budget doesn't pemut over $j0
per mo rent Prefer near grade school.
Can you help us 7 Phone 3-4512
For Sale Real Estate
$,."0. A Real Buy
2 bedrm. plastered home. Insulated
A wdU'.Tstripped rull nasemem. i
piped furnace Wall t.) wall carpels. I
fireplace, coiner lot. bu by door.
$7.30 I
7 rm. 12 yr. old home an 3 acree. !
Cieek property. 9 mile out Chicken I
house. 4 stanchion barn, berries A '
wme fruit C.arden In
A verv neat place. Good fishing
Terina Call Brower.
Art Mad.sen Realtv Co.
1328 State Ph. 3-5580 Res 3-52
"UNr'iN 4 RAI hou-e A tth Imm
vtuphkv t-'ajl aL2r;o N Com "I .
5 KM HOUSE. 10o sq ft Auto,
furnace wllh air cond. 12S N. 23th
Piiorte 3-44
Ill O0 North. Ranch type 3 bedrm.
plua knotty pine den with fireplace.
Nice kitchen, nook, dining rtn.. large
L R. dhle garage, patio.
S85O0. never been lived in. 9 bdrm.
home with stairway to attic Nice L.
R . dining space, kitchen, art. garage,
less than 10OO down.
460 N13th Ph "-!
hoiXywooo dist.
$105 mo income
Plus liv rm. din. rm. 2 BR It pri
vate bath for owner 2 apts. fur One
for $. 1 for $40. Full bm oil lit 2 F
Pic 20 yr old lnl home rea..pi3ced
at I2 500O Ph 2-WI
440 N Mth Pt
lim i vivinn niST
$9750 for ilii new, well conat. home.
a ,, rtR liv. rm with F. p!r.
Duiette. Oh yes! A dandy uiilit rrn.
with lit AM ea and just wait iintil you
ace the t;it.hen Pl-.une 2-WW
440 N Mil St
J RV HSE. unflii. I-ow term. Write
IVx 73J co Statesman
Bv Owner '
New -nodern home. 2 BR. hwd.
fifvor firep'ace. knotty pine in LB,
sutotu-'tc- elee hea. Beautiful kitchen
and B nook. F-Ily Intrulated and wea-ller1rtrp-rd
tmm. rxi $18,754 $2150
down Pal 4"V FHA loan. See at 1218
N th Pii 2j-S ...'
North Lileiy St. Home
Mosllv f irnished. " 3 bedrm one
down. 2 up-olth bath. Eat fiont. lot
to alley ckye to school and bu. $4000.
fVnod term is desired. Ready to move
n o. -
2 Acre Home at Keizer
Little old home on two of the best
acte of ground tn the vallev. flood
water ,iste-n. large Royal Ann cherry
ireev garage and chicken house. Close
to sc-ol and store. $5500.
Nice 2 B.R. Home
and 1 Acre
North off 90 E About 2 mile out
of Salem. Nearly new house, chicken
noue and be tries Nace eated for
laavn. with shrubs and fish pou Imm
S3 'no.
New 5 rm. Home. S. 20th
S60 Elect, for rooking, blk. from
bus. 4 bios from arhooi. Good term
to reatvonmale party.
Art Madsen Realty Co.
IS State St. P"i--
$100 nio income Full price only
S95O0 00 Partially fro:bed. Close In
lurauon Vary good lerna. Owner
leaving State Buy Lei it pay for
itself. Call 3ill Stewart for appoint
ment to ee tt.
$0700 00 A 2 bedroom home wilri
laree L R . OK . full basement. S D
furnaca. Very deep lot wilb room for
two rental- Ca'l Ralph Maddy.
Verv neat S B Room home with
Xtra living quarters adjoining garage.
Suj'able for anyone wishing two set
of living o a Iters STSWQ aa and a bar
gain at that. Call O H sraHler
1345 State SI Ph 1-7982
rvo call i34ai. -7n4 !-Ta
Beautiful View Home
for thoae who can afford the finer
things, we offer this super) ex ole
of tve popular ranch type borne B-u-ttruUy
Ima-id on exlxa ige. view lot.
framed by a giant oak. 3 fall aenca
B. R . Ige. bath plaja ahowor room. Us
ksxg St a-naog ma are aparinns and
attr-rtiee. Lat. fireptare. beMUfol
hwd. iasaars. -! curty graaa doars.
A aaiwli ia kitcrven to coaxsahoiBnt ywaar
tarts lrro o-hty roora. Dbie. far
age Modern radiant heating. Pri cad
Walter Mn-trrave Realtors
1211 dgewUe Ph. aSiee.JFetjjeBB
B7 6rXl: S BJL
Open Hoasf Today
2 p. m. to 5 p. m.
3870 Center St.
Al Uaak Co, Realtors
onrmau nn axai a ayaov. rwrrag. wotat.
Slav of town, a bUba. of Cawo! Shoo-
For Sale Real Estate
Open House
Today 25 P. M.
This lovelv 1 1 8a 1 1 a boaava located
at 1338 Franklin, ta aotltakf Sadav t the
aessaai satA pprsnis value eg go tajo.
John U. Hansen, Realtor
Phonea 3-7SH or 3-45X3
laa Pairgroasuds Rd
Itid ocrkletit an) erTWtre sad
ssxnrsre call the Saleas Rvartv Co, HOW.
BV OWNlT-New-. til. neoTlai
elee. Fxreptoee. laruwtry. gar. Task.
bbndx. paeon tVoor laSLlB Migtit ill ipj
50O own Pl 9-ST94. Werhvt s pv
wood district. Pre-war built, has bata,
kvtnaT room, dining room, kitchesk,
nook, fireplace, oak floors. rumpuO
room ia baaeraeat. automatie oil heat,
garage. Imm. Poea. $12,700.
SSI Chemeketa St
plL 1: 543, 3-4896 Eves. 3-7583. 1-888
$1,000 .down"
Balance, at $50
(50 per, mo.
I ge I R. DR. kitchen, nook. bath.
bedrm . and utility ran. on 1 floor, f
Ire. beda-ane. rp AB larsjo and
very clean. Dbl. garage, good Insula
led fruit rnv, fenced Tssd. goad law)
and garden space. Tom anus hurry.
Contact Bergland.
Art Madsen Realtv Co.
".iL. 7 sm-. - 3f
THIS wTLL ApPAL to your potket
book! Late styled t BUL laonvav, xge.
I. Rm . roomy kit. A Dining Rm. Ige.
uttl. rm, oaronde flr-a. Mg rooaoy
lot plan tro badf. aite. InflnnI
Sckjool dial, paved at. Eaxy terana.
Priced too Low' $4300.
moans, see this well located, well cont .
2 BR. ptaat. home. Soaturing I D.
Rms with wall to wall rnar. lea., at
tractive kit., laundry room, full baam't.
furnace heat. Yooll like" the cor lot.
close to stores it bass at door. Easy
terms. ONLY $7050 THIS WEAK.
You 11 WANT this prewar built mod.
home Offers L. A D. Rms.. kit. tt bath
A uttl Rm., Hdw-d. lrronch doors, to
netto, Ven. Bid. A lovely cor. lot full
of food ahrahs At flawer. Garde,
See It today $4508
mod. home, with full basmt gt fur
nace offers hv. qtra. and 1 er B rent
als Each apt baa aoparate .entrance
VERY DESIRAUUC cor. lor. extra
bids site A barram tndav at $7500.
2 BR honx Ige Lie. Rm, kit. tt bath,
extra good loc. Will trade (or ftaarra
-vonerty. A bargain at S45O0.
Larsen Home & Loan Co.
Exclusive LJsrtuurs - Personal Service -1M
fml St ph. J-aet. Fve. 3-744J
NICE PLACE for children Cool,
iriady lawn Tree of all kind. Quiet
ecluded location yet onlv a few feet
off highway 5 ear old houe Base
ment, oil furnace, fireplace. 3 bed
minii. Total price $10 W Good terms,
Tioiie 2-5 3?TI S. CotnrrfrrUl SL
Private I-ake
S-cIulon. Privacy. Shade: I
Mim modern houae. all comvlenrte.
fireplace. IS Acres good aotL 15 min
utes Salem, Old are and sickness .
.-aiie aTtfice only txsas.
E. M. Hunter Real folate
T7ii S Com Ptv 1 K - 2-547
BY OWNER 1 acre, family home,
flowers, shrubberv. frull. niita. barn.
Priced for quick sale. 1540 lnraater
""BY OWSy.R : New mod view hone.
Din. Hv. rm. comb. Large bedrn
kit . lota of bullt-tna. uUlny. dbie. Ka
ra re. family iiult. bernea. S blka.
scbl.. store, church tt bus. Only $.
25 TVS0 Wtnola "
" FtiR-iAiJE "Bi-6'WHtt Wsloart
Park home 2' years old. completely
refinished inaade. over 1008 ft, fuB
base n vent. S ftreplacea. one In base
ment. Lot SI ft. front, very deep. A
verv good home A very nice yard
Priced right. 549 N. 22nd St.. Ph. 3-3134
r 2-538 1
$10,400 Coud Term for thia ntrs)
now name, exceu. aoraaan. u v.
. Uv. reaii
B bd. rml
. home oa
18 x IE Fireplace, din. rm.
- nook, hwd firs.
5I3.5UO buvs this 3 bd. rm.
Fairmount Hill, large Hv. i rm.. Fire
place din nn . nook. hwd. firs. ElecC
heat Call Harvey Huff
Huff Real Estate Co.
Ph S-93TI
341 Chemeketa SV.
Eve 3-9441
"4" tOTS OT
SPARE TIME will put you In this
mu-l styled 2 BR bouse .i It la at
tractive, extra well builw on
crete fan., best cwdar aiding. I
mite out. Dave- rd- aaar
Ixrvely 3 acree of mixed fruit St wal
nut trees New welL Owner will com
plete inside i according to your plane
for $4150. As Is. a steal at l-S.
Larsen Home & Loan Co.
Exclusive Llettngs Persona! ei aioa
l4 So Coml .St. Ph 3-S-IW Eve: S-7i
Included in this beeuttful B BJL .
home, with large LR and DR. usmy
kitchen and brkfst nook, adaquaio
bath, hdw firs tt plaaierad. earner asO
on macadam road, close lo srhooai At
on bua tine. FHA at least $. lawn
A shrubbery, priced to eeO, al tU.SOO.
Call Kenny HilL '
Huff Real Eatate Co.
Realtors 341 Crwmeheta SL
Ph 3-92Tt Evea. 3-1778
BY OWNER Older type famdy hsino
in good conditio, 4 bdrnaa.. UviaaaJ
room, dining room, kltciven. naavk.
sleepmg porch, full baaiiuiaiit. alas
vard and fiowrrs. corner tot. Ideal k
ra'ton. SSO So. 14th. ;
Sell It 1
Says tho owner of this eery aaaO
houve at 433 South -ted street, 1st
floor: Hving roorn wtth fireplace, din
ing room, kite ben. tUO drain: nook!
bedroom; bath: then there ore two bed.
rooms up Irs. the ha sonant has otvo
built-in room; furnace, trash burner,
laundry trays, the fenced yard a var
nare and haa fish pond and e-idowr
Uretaaaw- Priced at $-50, j
Salem Realty Co.
149 N High St. Phone 3-7800
Eve phonee 2 -POPS ti--8l
IF YOU ARE looking for a nice place
to Uve plus aa toeaane ad 8 ISO Bros
income per mo. Cocne St see my homo i
at 340 E. Washington SL 8 apt. an hwa. 1
Sawdtaxt beat. Taxes 8101 AO. Pnoe 13,- !
AMaver ease of theoa 1 B nfTkearO j
that is a real buy. H.W. floors. Ure
ptare auto neot. large lot. plenty of
atvruba and an ado trees, price isducad .
$iaao. for bvo nroiaW sale.-
Goodwin and MrMillin
Ph. 3-4707 SSS C
Ev. 2-Tl - 3-4113
HMywood d.trV-t" h-ana o
room large Mvaog roan peo
toe room, fell tiaain iat. , H 9
veneUM bknds. avtrao oat neat. Tbao
Hazel st. home has been red-red ti us
$u0 to $10,500 for quick sale.
Goodwin and McMillin
Ph. 3-4707 ; 484 Court
Ceo S-73S3 - $-4T$
a, 3-81 ST lreee . poaa.
In MinOty
Cry. W. M. Bond
i l ia tlwa res. e.U ae
town. Yaar 'round creek. UnfVn. I
bdrm. ha was Tor anh sate 9300). 13
Wni lartia 4 Pallac
HB To vrTiTr-r
ssasno sko a auoa Bvtne roonv. dsxasxag
I . k-athaam. aaxd aaaOt. ta hiaareal
and baa aal hai Saaad flnil aaxaxaxasxat.
furxvaee, daub la axarags, nSao axarobo
axad trees. CaA
hf" GWntMTfUmmM -. V I.
fH-s, oai yat, at. . mrmm. Lgo. irA
achant 33e aalhiase anv
at SIS N. 17th or pn. x-esis.
T&jrnSm3rttn. aa ad s an.
afs Taka 1. wmr
rm. plaaAoraf
oelL Vm T3r at. Vest lon.
i -