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Visitors in
A number of interesting visit
or are in the capital this week.
Mr and Mrs. Edwin C. Crow
and sons. Curtis and Stewart, have
been in Salem the past week as
guests of his mother. Mrs. Curtis
B. Cross, and his brother and sis-ter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Cross. The Cross family has been
In Miami the past year and are
leaving today for Walnut Creek,
Calif, to make their home, where
he will be engaged in the roofing
business in Oakland. Joining the
family here during the week was
a sister. Mrs. Richard Peters (Vir
ginia Cross) and children. Judy,
Marjorie and Richard, of Leba
non. Mrs George Kingston (Marian
MacLachlan), who has been liv
ing in Lincoln. Nebraska, has been
pending the week in Salem at
the home of her brother-in-law
and sister. Mr. and Mrs. James
Armpriest. The visitor plans to
leave Sunday for Ontario to visit
with her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Lynn MacLachlen. formerly of Sa
lem, before joining her navy lieu
tenant husband in Rhode Island.
Here from Fvt
Mr Charles L Dunlop of
Cleveland Heights, Ohio arrived in
the capita! Friday for a ten day
visit with hfr brother and sister-in-law.
Dr and Mrs. Charles W.
Mills Also visiting at the Mills
home is his mother, Mrs. Charles
Mills of C'hillfK-othe Ohio, who
arrived several weeks ago.
Sgt and Mrs. Roger Quacken
bush and children. Joan and Rich
ard, of Astoria have been visiting
In Salem the past week at the
Dine . . . Dance
Relax to the
Melodies- of
Evangeline Shelton
On the Piano and
t Miles rem Salem
the Dallas Hiwar
Tickets On Solo
11:00 A. II.
6:30 P. II.
Old Time and Meters
Masie ray
Pop Edwards Oreh.
Adam. c tax lactases)
Wayne Sirachan's
Hood and Church Sts.
Enjoy the Best Dance
Floor In Salem
home of her parents, Mx. and Mrs.
Phil AspintwaJL'
Thursday night Mrs. Douglas
Chambers entertained informally
at her Court street home for her
sister and fa few of her friends. A
late supper was served by the
hostess. Honoring Mrs. Quacken
bush were Mrs. Thomas Roen.
Mrs. James Henery, Mrs. Burl
Cox, Mrs, Clarence Frey, Mrs.
James Gardner, Mrs. John Nich
olls and Mrs. Chambers.
Seventh? Birthday
Party: Today
Joan Griffith, dghter of Dr.
and Mrs. -John Griffith, will cele
brate her seventh birthday at a
party this afternoon at the Fair
mount HiU home of her parents.
Hours will be from 1 to 9 o'clock
with games and refreshments on
the agenda.
John has invited a group of
her girl friends to the party in
cluding Barbara KeudelL Judy
Walker. Sally Frese. Suzanne Da
vis, Judy Fortmiller, Laura
deWeese, Janet Griffin. Margaret
Lancefield, Marilyn Luther, Nan
cy Miller, Julia Marshall, Chris
tine and Kathleen Drye, Carol
Ramsdenj, Catheryn and Carolyn
Stadter. Jacqueline and Patsy
Gorman (and Mary Griffith.
! 1
j Attend Meeting
sin Dallas
Several Salem membess of Del
i ta chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma
; motored to Dallas Wednesday for
i the meeting held at the chamber
i of commerce;: Attending were
: Miss Mathilda Gilles. president:
' Miss Vivian Hoenig. Miss Martha
Pinson. JMiss Gretchen Kreamer.
j Mrs. Arthur Weddle. Mrs. Edna
t Mmgus and Mrs. Agnes Booth. A
! program ;of "recreation around the
) world was presented by Mrs. Co
! lena Andenort, Mrs. Theresa Deh-
ler and Mrs. Pearl Heath.
Installation of new officers was
held with Gilles the instal
ling officer. Officers are Susie
Emmons, president; Pearl Heath,
first vice-president; Helire Silver,
j second vice-president; Edna Min-
gue. recording secretary; Bernice
Forbes, corresponding secretary;
and Anttinia Crater, treasurer.
Delegates to the state convent
ion in LaGrande on May 21 will
be Miss; Gilles. Miss Vivian Hoe
nig. Mr. Arthur Weddle and Mrs.
Agnes Booth.
Luncheon for
Troop Today
Girl Scouts of troop 4 will be
entertained at luncheon this af
ternoon at the South Liberty
street home of Mrs. Mark Astrup,
leader. :, Completing the require
ments for the Good Grooming
badge, the girls will present an
ensemble fashion revue with cor
rect atUre for every function or
activity a Girl Scout might be tak
ing pari
Attending the luncheon will be
Joan Bale, Jane Barlow, Peggy
Barker, Marion Baum. Ann Ber
ger, Charlotte Graber, Sandra
Larson, Lianne Leonard. Darlene
Loose, Loanne Mundinger, Pat
Morton. Carol Randall, Cathy
Robbins and Julie Astrup.
Ws)d., May 18
j with
O Roy Eldridgs
Bill Black
O Lovely Dlort
9 Km. till i a.m:
A Picnic
The home of Mr. and Mrs.
Leonard G. Hicks on Norway
street was the scene of an informal
party Friday night when a group
of their friends gathered for no
host supper In the garden.
In the group were Mr. and Mrs.
Peter H. Geiser, Mr. and Mrs.
Clayboume Dyer, Mr. and Mrs.
John Schwabe. Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Guerin, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam C. Dyer, Jr. and Mr. and
Mrs. Hicks.
Scout Leaders at
Training Camp
Girl Scout leaders of the Sant
iam area are attending the train
ing camp at Smith Creek, this
week end. There w 1 be courses
offered on outdoor program unit,
day camp unit, and Troop camp
unit. Special courses on fire
building, trail making, lathing,
nature, and hiking technique will
be given.
These courses will be directed
by Mrs. Lucy MacAfee. Her aa
slstanta are Miss Dorothy Wilson,
Miss DonnasGtIl, Mrs. Hubert
Davis, Mrs. O. R. Boatright, Mrs.
Donald Dill, and Mrs. Ivan Mar
ble. The leaders attending from Sa
lem are Mrs. Ray Str-ngham, Mrs.
Sherman Burris. Mrs. Edgar Mor
ris, Mrs. Victor Waldele. Mrs. El
mo r Amundson, Mrs. Jerry Wing.
Mrs. Lewis Mosier, Mrs. Robert
Burris. Mrs. Edwin Keech. Mrs.
Charles Rybloom. Mrs. Francis
Miller. Mrs. Gilbert Steen, and
Mrs. Gwen Fox.
Fun Night for
BPW Delegates
Guests of the local Business and
Professional Women's clubs gath
ering for a state convention Fri
day night were entertained at
-fun nighf at the armory. The
program Included square danc
ing, fortune telling and the fol
lowine "floor show:" Tanao Tap.
j by the Neal Twins, Gary and
' Jerry, from the Paul Armstrong
! School of Dancmg. Accompanist.
I Mrs. James Teed; The Bugle Call
Rag. by Tracy Ann lmlah and
Judith Ann lmlah; Dutch clog.
by the Neal Twins, Tracy Ann
lmlah and Judith Ann Bales; Bill
Bishop and his little German band,
including Bob Whittlesy, Bob
Carlson. Loren Bartlett and Dick
Isaak; International Folk Dance
demonstration presented by a
group from the Folk Dance Fede
ration of Oregon, directed by John
H. Black; the Accordion Melo
dettes from the Wiltsey Music
Now Members
Are Welcomed
Two new members. Miss Con
stance Weinman and Mrs. George
Self, were Inducted into Salem
Toastmlstrei club by the mem
bership chairman, Mrs. Roy
Lockenour, at the regular meet
ing Thursday night. An Informal
panel discussion on "Prescribed
reading vs self-selected reading"
was the main program topic. Miss
B rend a Glass was moderator and
panel members were Miss Max
ine Heringer. Miss Juana Holmes,
Mrs. Mae Wilder. Mrs. Mary
Roley and Mias Marie Bosch.
Miss Lor sine Meusey, winner
of the recent council No. S speech
contest, was general evaluator for
the evening. Miss Meusey will
participate in the regional Toast
mistress contest at the Multno
mah hotel in Portland on May 21.
Those wishing to attend should
make reservations by May 14.
Guests were Mrs. Melbert Cle
mens and Miss Myrtle J. Weath
erholt. DAIICE
Tosiglilg Hay 14
Moot HcuX 284 IC Cool
(Ore Poorooo'a Market)
Boaafil Loyal Order
el Mc
Masie by Larson's Orck.
Adm. tOc InHnrtlng tax
dahge I
1 1 wooddy's i
! I ADM. il
I (SD j
'' ' - ,' - ' :. sr4
ft ' v: "t ,;-rjLs rr
-- - . ,. ' - x V : 1
- . i. r- .. .. " .. - ,- , ,
lalenslfy the eeUr ef year eyes, whiten the whites, accent year face
all tmmt by the right eyeshadow!
By now, if you read this col
umn regularly, you probably un
derstand why I eau the use of
cosmetics "make-down instead
of make-up." If you apply cos
metics to your face and look
made-up, you've misused those
cosmetics and misused your face!
Cosmetics are like perfume: Ef
fective If used properly. Offen
sive If overdone.
But at the same time there are
few faces that are not improved
by the use of cosmetics. One cos
metic of which too few women
realise the value is eye-shadow.
Many think that it looks artifi
cial, ven theatericaL This is true
when It is used incorrectly. But
when it is used properly it will
add an allure that is enchanting.
Don't Match Contrast!
Eye-shadow should never be
obvious. It should be what its
name implies a mere suggestion,
Just a whisper of a shadow. In
a later column I shall tell you
exactly how to apply it. Today I
want to make sure that you know
how to choose the color of eye
shadow that will best highlight
your eyes. )
In the use of eye-shadow, per
haps the most frequent error
made is in the color. It is an er
ror no Powers nwdil ever makes.
The Powers Girls use this spe
cial rule: They never match the
shadow to the color of their eyes.
They use a contrasting color. The
purpose of this is manifold. The
correct contrasting eye - shadow
intensifies the color of your eyes,
whitens the cornea and gives an
Monday: Choosing your pedes UL
Old Friend
Women's Magazine of 1907 Yields
Wealth of Ideas, Unlike Modern
By Maxlne Bnren
. B ta teaman Woman's Editor
The Ladies Home Journal may be the favorite monthly magazine
of thousands of women In 1949, but the modern version of this old
time publication would have to work hard to approach the Issues of
40 years ago.
I have before me a copy of Jour
nal for May 1907, which contains
a wealth of valuable material and
many advertisements amusing to
the present day reader.
If a woman read such a publica
tion from cover to cover monthly
she'd find a good substitute for the
study groups women attend now-a-days.
In this Issue I find a story about
Maude Adams on the desert, by
Lucy Leffinwell Cable; an article
on the career of Madame Marchesi,
the women who taught such fa
mous opera singers at Melba,
Eames and others. There's a story
about how Luther Burbank creates
new flowers, a story of Julia Mar
lowe behind the scenes, and an
other about The Most Moderst
Author In America," Joel Chand
ler Harris.
We find a page of pictures and
type on the life of "The Woman
with the Voice of Gold," Nellie
Mitchell, whom we know as Ma
dame Melba; another on Lucy
Kemp-Welch, the young English
painter whom the author thought
could paint animals as well as
Rosa Bonheur.
Women who read that maga
zine could learn what to do in the
garden in May; how to make gar
dens for children, what they were
to celebrate at the Jamestown fair
and a proposed national song for
Canada. A story about Booker T.
Washington's wife attracts the
They would know some uncom
mon ways to decorate graves, how
to build a mountain cabin for
$1S0J; zood taste in sideboards and
the best bedtime stories to tell the
children. There were lessons In
satin-stitch embroidery, hints for
a woman who does her own work,
and foods that affect the complex
ion, the latter by Mrs. T. S. Rorer.
All this in 48 pages, and the
magazine includes 42 more!
There's a great deal of material
for the woman who sews, several
success stories and soma questions
and answers.
There are two distinctly In
teresting features to this old maga
zine that impress me. First, the
number of articles that are Just as
Old Time
Every Sahtrday
Over Western Auto
259 Court St.
Jeia Use Crsrwsl aael Have
Best's Orchestra
Pablie Daac
Aasa. Mc lac Tx
added interesting color accent to
your entire face. Even though it
Is applied si delicately that the
beholder is not aware of its pres
ence! Tear Personal Shade
If your eyes are brown, use
green shadow. The effect on both
your eyes and skin is brilliant.
Women with blue of green eyes
can greatly deepen their eye color
and subtly add contrast to their
complexions by using brown
Blue shadow heightens the col
or of gray eyes while it fragile
ly mists the lids. Hazel eyes are
always extremely interesting be
cause they are a composite of
green, gray and brown and take
on the color of whatever their
owner wears. It is for this reason
that the hazel-eyed girl needs an
eye-shadow wardrobe. Her shad
ow must match the dress she is
wearing gray shadow for a gray
dress, green for green.
Apply your shadow with the
utmost delicacy. It will add flat
tering fascination and sparkle to
the windows of your face.
P 8. from J. H P
ZY -
That' what tha Powars Girls call it
when you fail to do your nat!. your
ha:r, your clothing care, on the right
days. Then you are frenzied at the
last minute. They avoid It. and you
ran too. by following a definite pro
gram during the week. There are
certain days best for each grooming
activity. I ll send you my "Calendar
for the Fastidious free of charge If
you'll write to ma In care of this
newspaper and enclose a stamped,
eif -addressed return envelope. Send
for your Calendar today and follow
the schedule of the Powers Girls.
valuable today as 40 years ago,
and second, the number of prod
ucts advertised in that issue which
we still find being used extensive
ly. Flour, silverware, cereals, sew
ing machines, hats, furniture, sew
ing silk and baby food all show
familiar trade - marks. Indicative
that the better make products en
dure through the years.
On Etiquette
By Roberta Lee
Q. When one is visiting a friend
and it Is necessary to make a
long distance call, who should
pay for it?
A. The guest should Immed
iately upon conclusion of his call
ask the operator the charges, and
then refund this amount to his
Q. May a wife ever open her
husband's letters without his per
mission? A. No; neither should a hus
band open his wife's letters.
Q. Is it all right for a hostess
to serve her guests with the same
dish she has served them on a
former occasion?
A. Yes. and particularly if she
knows they enjoyed it
Ward comes from Sherman Oaks.
California of the birth of a son,
James Montgomery, to Mr. and
Mrs. Virgil Harrison. The baby's
grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
Homer Harrison of Salem and Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Dahlberg of Port
land, formerly of Salem.
Sloper Hall
Willamette Valley's Top
"Western Band
DANCING t te 1 a. nm.
- Sponsored by
Wedding at
Fort Ord
From the south comes news of
the marriage of a Salem couple.
Miss' Dolorese Jackman, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Ca.i A. Jackman.
and Private Harold La r kins, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Larkins. all of
Salem. The ceremony was per
formed on May 9 at a candlelight
service at the 22nd Infantry
chapel at Fort Ord. Calif. Chaplain
Clarence H. Luni officiated at the
7 o'clock double ring nuptials.
For her wedding the bride wore
a white taffeta dress with Kelly
green accessories and a lavender
Mrs. Sam-Saunders, sister of the
groom, was the matron of honor.
She wore a black dressmaker suit
with pink accessories and a gar
denia corsage. Sgt. 1c Marvin E.
Larkins of Fort Ord w-as best man
for his brother.
The groom's parents, accompan
ied by Miss Clara Larkins, Mrs.
Saunders and daughter, Judith, all
of Salem, went south for the wed
ding. Mrs. Larkins wore an aqua
suit with brown accessories and
an orchid corsage for her son's
A reception followed at the
home of Sgt. and Mrs. Larkins.
The newlyweds are graduates of
Salem high school and she is em
ployed at Montgomery Ward and
SILVF.RTON Miipah Circle ef
Immanuel church will meet Mon
day night at the home of Mrs. E.
V. Swayze with assisting hostess
to be Mrs. Herman Lynch. The
Women's Mission Federation of
Immanuel will meet Thursday at
2 o'clock at the church social
rooms with Mrs. George Walker,
Mrs. Leonard Hatteberg. Mrs.
George C. Anderson and Mrs. Nels
Nelson as hostesses. ,
Miss Cynthia Griffin ef San
Francisco and a student at the
University of Oregon is spending
the weekend in Salem as the house
guest of her Kappa Kappa Gamma
sorority sister, Miss Suzanne
by smart
fur coats
It'a Wise! It's Thrifty!
Fretect Fan With
VTaraa Complete
Far Serrtee
Safe Storage
Expert Cleaning
Expert Repairs
anel up
r and up
Sferage .
flat ft replact
Dirty Fvroacf Filters
Oat year
asw DUST
STOPS tors
A 1
SI J I i
' Mttla anontioa, but that as aasa Jso
Shot abould to aVtes now. Thee
oioat air aissra that karre stsaaaal
ksaa yonr Sams ciaass a& sriataar
are mtm acosjably Stlad srwfc Ouat
anal ia. lalaufctn air oircsilatisai.
Haplars tkoas Sitara aow sritk aarar
DUST-STOPS and turn yonr sjsl ssa
sac, And yaB to
V s-shiafcls fcsal
S7 COMmimCMU. ssaj
Tli StaWamaa. Scdam, Orsxyon. Saturday. May It 184 -3
Salem Woman's chib meeting, ehib
ttoua. I .m . board meeting. 1 p.m.
Salem chapter. OES. meet at Mason
ie temple, a. D nrv. Initiation.
Willamette Shrine No. S. White Shrine
of Jerusalem meet at Masonic Templet
Job's Daughters election. T JO - at
Beaver ball.
Alpha Xt Delta, a p nv with Mrs.
William O. Galloway Jr, BOS Leslie
Cbadwtck chapter. Order of the last
era Star. S p. m business session and
social hour.
Literature and poetry group ' of Sa
lem Woman's club meet at clubhouse,
coffee at 1:30, program at 1 p m.
Etokta dub with Mrs. P. X. Graber,
QJ N. Church sC 1:13 dessert lunch
eon, election ,
Alpha Gamma Delta alumnae. S p m.
with Mrs. Keith riory. lose WJbur
Salem Central Union WCTT7 silver
tea at home of Mrs. Herman Lafky,
(10 N. 15th St.. 1 to S p.m.
McKinley Mothers meet at school.
p m.
WSCS of First Methodist church meet
in Carrier Room. 10:45 a m., luncheon
at noon, program at 1:13 p m.
Salem Writers guild, 7:30 with Mrs.
Blanche Jones. SOS South Church
Hayesvtlle Woman's club meet with
Mrs. George Strozut. Portland High
way. 12:30 luncheon.
Salem Council of women's organiza
tions, chamber of commerce. 1 p.m.
Mrs. Melrta GelsL Mrs. Don
ald Campbell and Mrs. Howard
Maple were In Portland Friday
to attend the Antique Fair at the
Masonic Temple. They were
joined In the evening for dinner
by their husbands. Mrs. Hollis
Huntington and Mrs. James B.
Young attended the fair on Thurs
day afternoon.
The Phi Delta Theta mothers f
the Willamette university chapter
are entertaining with a tea this
afternoon at 4 o'clock at the chap
ter house on the campus.
William C. Dyer. Jr. and son.
Connell. motored to Portland Fri
day night to attend the father-son
dinner at the University club.
Fhone S-SM9
Slses 12-52
Also Va alias
Lovely dressy blouses, sises 12
Regalarly $7.5 A $g.5
River cool stripes, glea rlald
Slses le-te. Waist Il-lt.
Regularly 95.95-M.tS
Burs we hare Jean's 8-oc denim, sixes 7 te 20 ... $2.00
Also pedal pusher Jeans S208
Ship & Shore Blouses, plaid, stripes la Dan River Ging
hams, gay colors, slses 32 to 40 . $2.00
Straw Hats, ladles and children SOc and 7 Da
1TaW I
H i I
9 V The Merry Master Bakers 2
t f la their bakery have a Sate j I
Z Te bake a leaf of gee freak 17 I
1 i bee- I
t I A sit at year borne plate,
i "'-i-: r.V - ' '
iThrjTii kr;
v;w-j upj; uinjiiD
Fre-aa Albany cease news ef tt
birth of son, Charles Rober4., to
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Swensort on
Friday afternoon at the Alb my
General hospital. The Jittle boy
has two brothers. Jimmy and
Johnny, and his grandparent ai
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Nien
of Albany and Mr. and Mrs E.
Swenson of FJma. Wash. The
Swensons are Willamette univer
sity graduates. if
Yes, indeed, a very spec's?
treat for you . . . trst
very fresh and cruothy
Peanut Toffee!
Made with butter and fil ed
with No. 1 freth peanc'i!
Try this and you'll
want mort-I
Salem-m-m Candies"
330 Court
Oreo lt-1
PnrcKaxe of
ri" lE;.rrt" "
(Tl "TO eoch or
U 2 k $3.00
Greatly Redurel
te 4
to $399
la eettoti and rayons. I'laln gaSe.
Reduced to
' At your Grocer' t
. . . . ,