The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 11, 1949, Page 14, Image 14

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    4 Tbm Stat man. Salem. Oitgea, Wdn day. My 11. 1S-43
Stayton Legion
Elects Kiersey
Plane Crash
frWlS&rJ fViTTi m 51 ti o r
Fictims Reach Logging Camp
I ' df? kr tinT"
4 rrS f mmrE' -"V
STAYTON Elected ccfeman-
.'if si.
i T71
r. flA Xrl
A f jl f i J
Wr'liarrr Frir.
I rrander: F G
4 Ke" I'unson.
der of the Stayton post Amera-.
Legion at it meeting in the Le
gion hal' Wedne-day night wa
(e.ter A. Kmr-v. sr. o West
As5t.tinK him of'iciaily during
the torring ear will be Ralp1-
Rychard, fenior ice cornrpaid'
junsor vice com
Kreif7er. aniutar.
Ijnance pffne.'. ai
of Su-yto- : Harry Rishe Wp-
Staytov chaplain: Bob L;irr.-serge;-."
!ms ; George Cole,
histnria-. tot: Stavtor. ;
Sen-- Scio otite, 'larry Humph
rey tjiyion, r...gene uuier
irr.iT; Fred Dickman. We:
ion, anc r,eT. miin .".ier,ma
executne comrrv.'ej.
Lrc-' .lo.df'ii ieicrteri on the
Jumo l.Cii baseball pros'-am.
and Keiiey reprToa on t-.e pro
grw rrit.rie i'.'iig tT
Iegion hall.
Delegate- eiei ted to tr.e 5ti
ronvention were Keirsry, Fai- tnd
."Iiirrtphreyf ; alternate. Ryi.h;.:d
irn F.t.ei ;.nd Jop Pieer.
J Str,- to
C-. Mar S Bill Cirant lrsnd from lertl; and neila lure, wnt wanorrto tiay in
Knrj.r u ilrl. rtr Dlinr rr&h talked : Hith Hnidentified reeuers elerday wnile rii-
. ai U
nanizn--i . r. uwi uti - - - .
. lrrlnr ramo. (See itory Ar wirepbto frem C oast Guard to the Statesman.)
Valley 0 Dip 5 Una juries
Darrel Shelton
STAYTON - Furieri verie
for Direl Shelton. 35. who rii-d
Fririav at a Kf;n-r.e hospital,
were 1 eld fi.m the Weddie f ;; e
ral home Mondav a?terron He
was rx.rn at Si No. 12. 19H
vtth the familv movir.t ree
hort!v ef1-r-ard "H- rratrn-'!
Alma Tonkin Brow nr. r.'e. Ar-r
12. 10:'. ard I.-.ed a! Kupcr.e the
lwt five vearv Bc!''e The w id -rw
he i tif ned tv two da-jgh-
Kh-!tor. "!; irer.t
Vi , Flovrl Shel'nn
1n; hrotheiv Vir!
Hfi and Rona'd h.t
drove ar; a
Ratley. S'avtor;
Mr ;r,d
rf Stav- i?w :
t.f Sr-tem
Maurii-e. Cottage
i ter. Mr? Betty
U4t. re w a rnar ned to;jMr. Ia-b-l!e
Gi ut?ej wlui uA iv him
Besides The widow.j h$? Iea e a
daughter. Ieo;a Mi 1'erj of'IPort land :
a siter. Mrg. Eli7.aoe': Rarrot' of
PrMland ai d one gra:ddhdd.
Fureia: ;er i-1" fwfie held
Tisi.. at; the Msfu'fl Furieral
h ni. A.'ii'iti ". ti ntffr:Tierit n
R.ittrviile i-enietcr j .i
f.lo d E. Jewell j 1
ALBANY; Fu,:ei stri f
r l.'id F; Jewell ."lO. fre he'd
(rum the FoEtmiMer - p- rederu ksen
thapel Tuesiia. w itfj Rev. Glwin
YVelborri if ficiat:ng furjal was In
Riveride Mr .! el!" died May 7.
a ei
Mf Marie Trantl
GFRYAIS Funeral erire
for Mr Rose Mane Prantl xvere
ltld from Sacred Heart church
G'vai. Saturdav morrur.g '
clock, with the Re Father
Mrtin Doherty offiriating Bur
ial via In Sa. red Heart ieme
ev Bearera were cousin? C!e-
B:tler of Mt Angel. Lvman
Kder. Car! Prantt and Frank
Adelman. ail of Gerva;. Joseph
Aher and Clarence Schmdier (.f
WKlburn Roe Marie Bittler
a horn In Germany on Iec
11. 1911. and came with her
parent to the United State at
g one and a half yearv Sur
titirjg are her hu-hand. Albeit
PrttnU: four children. Iouann.
11 years. Richard. 8. I.eroy. 5:
rod Lawrence. ! mor.?h; and
parent. 'Sir and Mrs Otto Bitt
tr. alt of Gerai The Vnger
furieral home. Mt. Ange!. wa in
rrwuge of an angement
William Walter !)
DALI-AS - Funeral erice
for William Walter Dawson 68
f Monmouth route 2 t Pedee )
mho died at the Bartell hospital
6turdar nigM. will be held
from the Henkle and Bellman
funeral home at 2 o'clock Weo
Itday with burial tn the IOOF
retnetery bete He v. a a re
tired logger and w a- born at
Nashv ille. Term . Feb 3 1880
He married Man Mtner-. a Bed
well at Monmouth Dec 24. 1900.
who died in 1!H6 tie l.vei m
Menmoufh fi.-m 1897 to IO0
hen he n ett to D.tll.i--
In 1918 he novel IVi'ce where
he made his home Sun v in
are two dam;h?e-. Mi- Ruth
Cleo Tliiex a-ii Mt Mt-iba
Krmices Htinett ivithi of Ixin-
lew . Wa- ' . and a M-4tei Mi
H. J Amei i-'.g i;?.n;re City. Ill
Cat B. Robert
WII.1.AM1NA Funeia! serv-
t9 be r-eld W e.i .'irs.!., May
11 at the C i ! hun'i in
f.hei:c..n i C 1 Bteil.t Rotvert..
5. of Sher;la!!. a ho p; hwav.
Faturri... May 7 Ir.tet n-.ert will
b in Cheyenc-e. W. m r.j-
HUliam Run
. AI RORA W-luam Rr. 72
d nd at hi home at We:lake. Oie.
ftaUiinay ;-t!cr a long I'.nerfs Ry
an w.;.s b -rn near Doz jif! Sept
Jl. IZ',6 and had lived there and
in But'rv i lie where he va a fat
tnrrr and merfhnt te mot i f hi
lilelune He moved to
bout 10 month ago In March,
ti inflicted
Ark . Aug-
pent many
that state Dur-
He er ed in
feiTfiving an
as the re-.iiS of
g u n s hot w aund .
Born at Greer.wuy.l
ut 23. 1898. Jewell
year of hi .life in
ing World ;War I.
the maruieC corps.
noiiorame aiscr.arge riisfri the ser"
vice on April 28. 1924- Since com
ing to Albany he wa .employed
a. a brakerfLaii on tjie :J Albany -Mill
City ruh by the fioqthem Pa
cific railway compasj', .
On Feb i29. 92H tit. Pickett.
Ark . he maf ried Aliie Wade. Sh.e
survives as ;do five nitdren. Sgt
Lloyd Jewell with tbje t?. S. armv
at Fairfield;, Calif.. jL. jC. Jewe;l
of St IxxiiS. Mo ,. Mii. Philip Jas
per. Rheba and Oarler-e Jewel',
all of Albany A brifther. Eveiett
Jewell of Greenwaj. Ark.. atd
three frandchiidren iid survite.
("row Paint
Huhharcl Fire
Ha II Curbs
HI'BBARD Curbs in front of
the fi eua!I have been painted arid
a yeilow (enter line around the
coiner by ?he"pot offne.
AI! the tire. tube. wheels and
tooi thnt were taken from f.e
't-. : Midler. John Strawn and Ben
Ber !,"er car during the meet
ing te I - I A a' tne cr oi gym
on t"e evening of April 18 have
bee1'. ip urned to the owner bv the
pa: : e that took them. Partial
, cedi! is given to the article print
ed about the -tolen thing that
apparen'lv bothered the thie e
ano led to their identity.
Mr. and Mr.. C L. Welch enter
ta.r.ed t'e fol'ovving gi:et. at their
home f r d.nner Sun.dav. Dr. and
' Mr F E. Cable of Portland. Mr.
and Mr? R.dph Shepard of Sa-
i lem. Mr. and Mr C. E. Welch of
Conalhs. Mr. Huth Mulkey and
m, Bobby, of Hi ! Nboro.. Mr. J. A
iF.van. of Woodburn and Mr. and
Mr Rober Evan of Hubbard.
Miss Carmen Cochran was hon
or guet for a birthday party at
-'r home on the w-Crtsion of her
-ixth birthday. Present were Toni
Painter. Marilyn Dormnick, S i-an
Stauffer. Judy Ann Stewart and
Niincv Johnson
Kfixjfr Seeing j( Hub
lloltU Qiiiltingfet
i ; s :-
KEIZER I Wotrini Sewing
club met with Mrs. j J. ! E White
head for qailting. Thufrsday. Mrs.
A. E. . dimming wa;; co-hostess
and no-ho l;incheo4i via served.
Mr. Nick LRud prlesided at the
business meeting. Sftfwas voted to
the Cancel? fund fCerft
will b. Ma 19 witlf Mr Walter
Landing. ; S
YiM.ton at flie LaltiarrtGilkey
home this ,w eek wre;Mr. Fred
Summer ahd Neil j Scio and Mr.
and Mrs Erl Idd if anta Anna.
C.oif The :G;!key fjo.ver garderts
are -ttra tirg '.'itor u -
mg the blooming of; the 25 va:ie
tie of Lilac in thejr garden.
.Montilaiii VicW I'upiU
Tratl lt Dt'Ikir
ORCHARD H y I C. H T S -Moil-
taiti 1.ew Kigrftn; grade i s
f el " s k n 'i . y " Nt..f 5. and ;en:
tl e day at jpel.ake, j hapei or. .1 by
Mrs Krv ij S:np i s. . Mr. On
Southw u kS Mi H l r, Kas ns and
Mrs. A i t ol 1 Cof'ell ;
The Figitli gt j,je 'Iconsi-1 (f
Barbara J (rnef . Jifniee Goer I --e:
. Charjorte G hifi. : .o .
Ake. J.iekie I-arSin. (Janice Cif
fel arid J iro ScniH k I :
King Wu..m H f j B- itai'i.
unj:.- and grast rnf riiier. ir.
ed the vvlalh o: t' ej chui.r
selhi.g chsrch ofi'iit
T'-cri, ul.Dfi ill
t, rtvene f
or keeping
t-oj e ruiiin keep
Mothers llonortI
By (ervais OKS
GERVAIS Gervais chapter
118. Order of the Eastern Star,
met Friday night and honored
A degree representing each day
of the week m honor of mother
was given by seven members and
a corsage was piesented to Mr
C. M. Van Zuven. who was the
oldest mo'her pre.-ent arid who is
leaving soon for a four month
vacation to Holland.
Other mother honored were
Mrs. George T Warisworth. m-'th-er
cf the worthy matron: Mrs.
Donald Ci;mm:rg. the vounee-t
mother: Mrs. Eimer McClaugrir y .
having the mot ch.ldren a::d M'
Ravmond Jefferson havirg the
youngest grandchild.
IlaKev Ilijh Tearhi
Sirn 19 l9-."0 r.onlrart-
ALBANY W.ri the execption
of one. !1 Vacr cr in the Hai-ey
high an.i m hoob w ill re
turn thi'e .", the f..i. M:-. Helen
Dunbeck. who taught the h:gh
o hool ! e jirt-t fai . 'has aicept
ed a vhi!'i.i ..') tt e A'.b,.' v high
school ti. hng staff for t' e com
ing yea. .
Other Tt.ieher are H K
ni. e'. p., i-ipal. Charle Kerr,
athletic co... I, and Mi Fern Ber
gen in the high school. a:'d Mr
Fona MvCol! Mis Mo.r e
Cro-s. Mrs Ana!: Taylor. Mr.
Esther AlberT-or. Mrv Mvtie ,!c-lg-m.
arid Mrs TVArcy F.vns in
the grade school M'-s Dnbeck'n
place has lot ten td'ed.
Swefle The Svegie Parnt
Te?u I er a-soc n will entertain
pre - "i h.Kii nu t.iers and their
children at a tea Wednesday, May
11. at 1 :U) in the school. I
Zena A special meeting will
be held at the Community church
Thursday. May 12. at 8 p. m. Th.e
Rev . D. D. Randall. Klamath Falls1,
will speak and display a collection
of rocks.
Orchard Heights The Moun
tain View community club will
meet Friday at 8 p. m. Students
of the Wiltsev studio will present
the entertainment program. Lunch
will be served following the pro
gram. East Salem The Lansing
Neighbors home extension unit
Will meet Thursday. May 12. at
10:30 a. m. at the home of Mrs. I.
G. Lermon. A iled Dinner"
demonstration wi:. be given by
Mr. Lermon and Mrs. Zina Sharp
r.ack. A coxered dish luncheon
will be served and a white ele
phant sale will be held for the
Azalea house fund.
IJneoln The Lincoln Commu
nity center will sponsor a public
benefit card party at the Walter
Brog home Saturday, May 14. This
will be the fourth in a series to
provide fund for a proposed com
munity hali.
Amity The youth rally will
be field in the grade school gym
nasium Saturday, May 14. at 8 p
m. This will be the groups last
meeting until fall.
Amity Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Sanfoid and their daughter, Kathy.
of Corpus Christi, Texas, are vis
iting at the home of her parent.
Mr. and Mr. Rupert Christensen.
Pratum The Rev. Ennis Wha
ley ano a group of negro singers
from Hughes memorial church in
Portland will sing at the Pratum
Methodist church Sunday morning
and afternoon. A basket lunch will
be served at noon.
GervaU The Gervais Past
Matrons dub will meet Friday.
May 13 at the home of Mr. Ray
mond Je'feison at North Howell.
The Kioup will work on quiits for
the Portland Shrine hospital.
And Every
Wednesday at
Piggly Wiggly
N. Capitol at Market
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new or old,
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better with
this finer
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