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    t Ths) gVrtaasnrm, Salem. Of? on, Saturday. July 19, 1947
Eaton Claims
'Shooting War'
Near in Greece
WASHINGTON. July 18 -iJPf-
A worlowide study of United
States foreign policy was ap
proved today by tha house rules
committee after It beard Rep.
Eaton (R-NJ) declare, "we are in
jght of a shooting war at this
tninte n Greece."
The committee cleared for
house debate two- resolutions
asksd by Eaton, chairman of the
houae foreign affairs committee,
to send " members of congress
abroad during the summer recess
to get their own information on
the nation s policies in action.
The white-haired Eaton, a for
aner clergyman, flushed and rose
half out ef his chair to pound on
the table as he Wd the rules com
mittee in measured tones:
The Russians, as result of the
Mar Kail plan, have taken off
their masks. There are alien
armed forces now in Greece.
"Either America will stand and
hold the fort, or Russia will take
over. If Russia takes over, the
dettiBy ef mankind is once more
at stake."
One resolution would authorize
foreign affairs subcommittees to
Investigate areas of the world un-
er their Jurisdiction. They could
tske with them sufficient staff to
latmbif information on United
States operations in those areas.
There would be oo limit on their
Doot Forgot to
2 asi. K. Albany. Boat Foods
rfd oQ or. "Lawrenco'i
Orch." S piece.
Imy -Sot Wight
Greeks Sever
Guerrilla Lines
ATHENS, Greece, July 18 -JP)-
Communist-led guerrillas have
been cut up into small bands, scat
tered over a wide area and are
suffering severe losses at the hands
of the national air force while
racing to escape pursuing ground
forces following the abortive thrust
at Ionanina in Epirus, a Greek
communique said today.
In the first news conferences
since the beginning of the fight
ing in northern Greece, a spokes
man for the Greek general staff
said, today there were no elements
of an international brigade in the
attack by guerrillas and no evi
dence of attempted creation of a
communist free state aa reported
ly planned by the "invaders."
Truman Signs
Succession Bill;
Martin Next
Anthrax Case
Found in State
TIGARD, July lHA case
of anthrax, deadly cattle disease.
wss . reported today In a dairy
herd near Sherwood, but State
Veterinarian Charles L. Haynes
said precautions had been taken
to prevent spread.
Dr. R. G. Vernon, local veterin
arian, said on cow in tha herd
died of the disease. The farm was
quarantined and other animals in
oculated, and the state veterin
arian aaid the disease was .under
Anthrax, which can be con
tracted by humans, was a danger
ous plaguo in Europe until Louis
Pasteur discovered vaccine
against It Isolated anthrax cases
have occurred in Oregon. The
most recent case was In Baker
county In 1941. and the last hu
man fatality in Malheur county
in 1922. .
R. R. DtArmond, 1280 Hoyt ft..
reported to city police Friday night
that spare tire, wheel and rim were
removed from his car while it was
parked at the Oregon State fair
Sloper Hall
Willi Jos Lane
tx Ilis Oregon
Play-Boys -
The Valley $ Top
Western Band
Spooaorod by
American Legion
Festival Sidelights
President Truman today signed a
bill changing the 60-year-old law
of succession for the presidency
and in effect designating House I
Speaker Joseph W. Martin, Jr.
(R-Miss) as the No. 1 replace
ment for the White House.
Under the new law. Martin
End Around Plays
Cherry festival parade watchers
Friday agreed that the flashy
Washougal, Wash., drum and bu
gle corps walked about twice as
far as any other marching unit on
the same route because of their
tricky' reverses and other forma
tions on the march. Director Le
roy McClain said the youngsters
enjoy their marching for all the
i j t - : j . i . w
wouw oecome Frm u u .dded that his, ranks
Z1 2?' 7&S were down" from the usualS to
L,, " ' '139 because of vacation sea
lie nopes win iiui uappciu I
A memoer oi congress since I a- n -m
1924. Martin is 62--aix months Mammoth PoOPll
younger than Mr. Truman --ana
resin - string - in-ltn-csn method,
not by lungpower of Lion Floyd
Seamster who played the beast.
Riding the side-by-side bicycle
(made several years ago from a
quarter - century old model by
Harry Scott) preceding the Linns
float were R. W. (Joe) Land and
Stanley Smith.
Better Late
a Dacneior. tie is puonsner oi
the North Attjeboro, Mass., Even
ing Chronicle.
In signing the measure, xr
Truman achieved
Attracting Incidental attraction
at the Sarlem armory exhibit of
manufactured products Thursday
and Friday was the hugs white
fry 1 ne nuiu'al rTicucn uw ui mi b. iun
unnsiensen, wiie oi a rumiuie
Concrete Block Co. employe. The
pup" la only 15 months old.
The lively interest of crowds
which beat a stead r Dath throueh
IjSalem armory's exhibits Friday
tea ai least one aiera inoustnai
ist to admit to Junior Chamber
of Commerce leaders who arran
ged the industrial display that he
wished now he hsd responded to
their earlier request for an ex
hibit from his firm.
sought almost since he succeeded
to the presidency upon the death
of Franklin D. Roosevelt, April 12,
Two months after entering the Qtulililn TVrsiiKlss
White House, Mr. Truman asked vv.
congress to break the old tradi- Whiskers, whiskers everywhere,
tion of succession, declaring that from the Eugene high school
"so far as possible, the office of band's drum major and Linn
the president should be filled by I county's mounted posse and dis
an elective officer." mounted "Whiskarinoa" to the
Under the old law of succession, I more formally attired chin-whis-
Secretarr of State Marshall would
have taken over the White House
in case Mr. Truman did not finish
his term.
Bradley to
Visit Europe ;
kered "old timers" from Dallas
Both groups gave preview to next
weekend's Polk county centennial
at Dallas and Oregon Trails page
ant at Eugene.
JuniorTSize Float
Real community spirit in
Hollywood neighborhood put into
Friday's parade the unique entry
WASHINGTON. Julr 18 -OPr-lof nine-year-old Joan Scott pull
A white house announcement bol- Ing a cart-float bearing doll mod
nn iiation todav that Gen. I els of the cherry festival court
Omar N. Bradley, war-time com- and a boatful (driven by Joan's
mother,. Mrs. Clive Scott) of Fron
ts Bromley's -gang- or ramsn
Junior high classmates including
Sally Becker. Norma Stewart. Vir
ginia Scott, Phyllis Aha It. Fran
ces McDonald and Amy uirod.
Silverlon Armory
9 to 12
Admission lie
PIbs Fed. Tax lie
C Total gss
mander of American forces in
Europe, may succeed Gen. Dwight
D. Eisenhower as army chief of
The announcement said Brad
ley, now serving as chief of the
. .laalnlitntlHI will 1BV
next month on a six-week tour to IHailUSOIlie Horse
inspect U. S. army troops and in-1 .
..n.tiftn. in Em-no and the The handsome Palsmino near
MHttrranan area, the head of the parade was "Pal
th. rin w umi"m nouibla I o-Mine" ridden by Mrs. Maxlne
rfrhr rmirce" for Bradler to Mannion or saiem
TSA rSrt'FhMl Ingredients
nounced last June 24 that he will "Designer" William DePew and
leave the too army lob to accept a crew of his colleagues from
the Dresidencv of Columbia unl- Breitnaupt s liorist stair worsen
versity, New York, effective next all day Thursday and through the
Old Tine Dance
Waltzes, Quadrilles, Pan!
Jones, 2 and 3 Steps
Join the Crowd and
nave s Good Time
259 Cowl Street
Every Saturday Night
.. ortr Western Auto
Music by
Public Welcome
Pastor Attending Meet
In Southern Oregon
ROSEDALE-Rev. Oscar Brown
is spending the week in southern
night preparing the spectacular
Cherry queen's float for the Frl
day parade. On a foundation of
white-sprayed cedar boughs and
huckleberry greens, they prepared
two bands of peach-and-cherry
colored gladioluses blossoms, pla
ced a floral throne of blue lark
spur and added clusters of vari
Oregon, at Evans creek young nr. ... anH ... mart.
iunn.. Mnfounn Mm Urnum vv""v" m "
kwc -"'- i . rather Read daisies and marl
and Mrs. Floyd Bates are at Twin . U1r Keaa aal81e" man
Rocks, Ore., assisting with
Camp BCUVlUeS. I mwrr T
In absence of the pastor, Sun- U ClWA'll
day, services will be in charge
of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cammack,
who plan to go to Bolivia this fall
as missionaries of the Friends
church. Mr. Csmmack is to sup
ervise the operation of a recently
purchased farm near Lake Tlti-
At latest count by the whistle
brigade, the Tigard high school
band topped the parade list for
majorettes, with seven of them
leading their sprightly green
clad band.
SEATTLE, July 18 -(- Sur
veys have been made in the Ton-
gass national forest near Ketchi
kan, Alaska, by a Bellingham
company and a $15,000,000 pulp
mill will be built there if con
gress passes legislation permit
ting the sale of Tongass. timber,
Pres. E. L. Skeel of the Seattle
Chamber of Commerce said today.
Mechanical Roar
Fierce roaring from the caged
"beast" of the Lions clubs' parade
float was accomplished by the old
URoyal Relatives
The cherry parade was replete
with queens and princesses. Be
sides Cherry Queen Martha and
her court there were bevies of
princesses and queens or prospec
tive queens from the Portland
Rose festival. Polk county centen
nial. ML Angel Flax festival. New-
berg Farmeroo. Albany Timber
carnival, Santiam Bean festival
and Eugene's Oregon Trails page
Happy Birthday
Birthday felicitations to Sidney
Stevens, hard-working president
of the Salem Cherry festival asso
ciation, on behalf of the crowd at
last night s horse show, were ten
dered over the microphone by
Master of Ceremonies Charles
Palmer Hoyt on
Truman's Air
Policy Board
President Truman selected a five
man air policy board today and
gave it the Job of finding what
course of action will bring "the
greatest possible benefits from
The aviation industry has dwin
dled since the war and Mr. Tru
man wrote the five appointees
that "there exists a grave danger
that our national security may
be jeopardired and our economic
welfare diminished throueh a low
ered aircraft production."
The five members are , inde
pendent of military, manufactur
ing or transport aviation inter
ests. They are:
Thomas K. Ftnletter, New York
attorney, chairman.
George P. Raker. Harvard uni
versity transportation professo
who will be vice chairman.
Henry Ford II. president of
rord Motor company.
Palmer Hoyt, publisher of the
Denver Post.
Arthur Dare Whiteside of New
York, president of Dun It Brad-
Now We Know
Most frequent comment heard
by both attendant in the armory
industrial products display was
Well. I never knew they made
THAT around here." Even the
old - timers' were occsaionally
taken by surprise. One firm's rep
resentative estimated that nearly
every second visitor indicated he
hadn't realized such a product was
made in Marion county.
Float Riders
Among those conspicuously
present on parade floats (and not
otherwise mentioned) were Ball
Players John Taylor, Richard Ma
guern. Robert Jones and Harlos
Shrork on the Shrock Motor Co
float. Darlene Moran on the Hogg
Brothers float and Jerry Razmus
and Eleanor Leffler on the Wil
lamette Amusement Co. entry.
Sheriff Present
Among the posse and other rid
ers on hand for last night's horse
show was a genuine hard-riding
sheriff, Mike Southern of Linn
Guard Freed in
Slaying of Negroes
A superior court grand Jury to
day exonerated Wsrden It G.
Worthy and five guards In the
slaying of eight negro convicts in
a mass escape attempt at a high
way prison camp here a week
The 21-member grand Jury re
turned a special presentment
which said evidence "showed the
warden and guards were Justified
in their action under the circumstances."
The warden and guards opened
Wheat Slumps 1
On Grain Mart 1
the government rrouufMng out of
the rash market, wheat s!umpe4
again today on the board f trade.
Lowes In the bread cereal extend
ed lo J emu at the close, but
com and oats ended with a steady
undertone In en only snoorrsw-!y
active trade.
At the close wheat ras IK te
1 rents lower than yesterday's
finish. July ram w
lower to 1H' rughrr. J1y
j.iz-'. ana oats were S tow
fire wrth shotguns when XI ne
groes, who had balked at roadter to V, higher, Ju!y frfS-ij.
worm, atiexnprea to ee me prison
Baby Boy Born in
Fillinp-Sution Rrttroom
DENVER. July U-tfV Tea go
ing to have a baby,' shouted Jona
A. d Clsnne as he drove Into
s filling stsUon.
He hustled hi wife. Peggy, out
of the car and Into a rest room
as an attendant telephoned foe
a doctor. But the phone was bare
ly beck on the hook when a wail
rasne frowst behind the door.
Mrs. de Ctsnae had given birth
to seven pound John Lawrence
de Clanne,
two cscArc ota
Peart Webb. U. and Mary Rew
X. were reported by Oregon tuts
hospital orfirials to have earapH
the hospital Friday afternoon, city
police report.
Frosh Queen
Queen Martha DuKette of Cher
ryland soon will be Freshman
Martha DuRette at Willamette
university here. She has been
awarded a Willamette honor
scholarship for sttsining perfect
grades through high school at Ger
vais and her student leadership,
the university reports.
Salem Riders
Win at Show
(Story also on page I)
Riders of Salem and vicinity
went through their paces at tSe
fairgrounds horse show last night
as a feature of the Salem Cherry
festival. Three competitive events
for individual riders were pleas
ure herse class, the obstacle and
"rags and bags" races.
In the one show event, the bay
ridden by Mrs. Van Wieder of
Salem won the blue ribbon in
pleeure horse class Judging by
Elmer Sawtell. Other ribbon win
ners: 2. Bert Blue's palsmino. Sa
lem: a. Elmer Lawrence's pals
mi no, Silverton; 4. Rsy Windfry's
bay. Linn county.
In the obstacle race which In
eluded a hurdle, eastern Oregon
gate, canvass square for horse to
cross, straw corral and planking.
Buss Youngqutst, arena director
for the show and a Salem Saddle
club member, captured the blue
ribbon in 105.5 time. Following
were: 2. Ray Garlic. Salem: J.
Grant Ferns. Salem: . Dsn Yu-
ksn. Linn county.
Ed Tanner of Linn county won
the uproarious "ra and bass'
race in which riders dismounted
frequently to don snorted Items
of women's clothing. Ralph
Strar.geby of Salem was second
and Ld Pi 1 loud of Linn county
Radio Cowboy Dave Wet sang
M' numlicri during tle shiw.
Mel Lambert was announced.
Planning of the show w super
vised by Graham Sharkey, a
member of the festival assocts
tion's board.
Eric Johnston Urgrd
As Dewey Running Mate
(rW(ineteen republican lenders
from Washington state win pro
pose Erie Johnston, movie "rasr."
of Spokane as Gov. Thomas E.
Dewey's runnmg snate In the I tie
peeaidenual rare. It was tsarned
here last nighL
Dewey has Invited the republi
can delegation to meet with him
Saturday at Boseman, MonL. In
one of a series mt conferences the
New York governor has rraagnd
for bis tiuss touutij tour.
Senate to Hold
Night Sessions
Day and night sessions of the
senate next week were agreed up
on by republican leaders today ss
they clung to plans for adjourn
ment of congress on July 28 a
week from Saturday.
RitrffMt phann in nr'inti cn-
mor!ar!.uthth'y el?p ate plans, made at a strstegy. ses-
CALGARY, Alta., July 18 1
(CP) Jack Oakie will Uke a new
wife. This was announced in Cal
gary tonight with the arrival by
plane of Oakie's fiance, Victoria
Home, a Hollywood starlet. Ru-
Banff within the next week.
Ilcdern and Wcslern Husic
Wonder Valley Boys, of Salem
la new 4500 foot floor at
One and noe-half miles esst ef Kick real! en the
Saiess-Dallas Highway. WATCH FOR THE LANTERN.
Dinner at Five
Let "Butch prepare your favorite steaks and
dinners, they're delicious, plentiful, satisfying
and appetizing.
"Butch will make Leonard's "The Best Place
to Eat in Town.
Dining Room Is la Charge ef "Batch" Welssbeck,
Fsrmerly with Chock's Tavern.
Manager "BUI" Giese
S P. M. to 2 A. M.
No Cover Charge
One High! Only
July 22
sion of the senate republican pel
icy committee, was addition of a
number of veterans bills to the
"must list" of legislstion.
Among these is the house - sp-
proved plan to permit immediate
payment of some 81,800,000.000
of terminal pay bonds now held
by veterans of world wsr II.
I see no reason why we should
not finish next week. Senator
Taft (R-Ohio). told reporters
who waited nearly two hours out
side the policy committee closed
door session. Taft heads the committee.
Ilomemaking Teachers
To Hold Conference
The annual state conference" of
homemaking teacher will be held
on the Oregon State college camp
us July 28 through August 1. Ber
tha Kohlhagen. state supervisor of
home economics education, an
nounced Friday. Dr. Louise J.
Pert, professor of household
equipment and head of the de
partment at Iowa State college,
will be one of the speakers.
12.000 Die, Hurt
On Oregon Koatlg
I)u riii" Pant Year
Nearly 12.000 met death or In
jury on Oregon streets snd high
ways last year to top the pre-war
accident casualty peak by 43 per
cent. Secretary of State Robert 8.
Farrell. jr.. announced Friday.
Complete summaries listed
11.314 Injuries snd 482 deaths or
a total of 11.96. The previous
high was in 1941 with 1.404 deaths
and injuries.
Driving law violations figured
in nearly 90 per cent of Oregon's
1946 car accident total. Farrell
said. Only 6.110 of the 61.103
smash up reports for last year
showed the drivers legally in the
clear. Others were Involved In
some trsffic violstion.
Cannon Beach Vote
Fire Prevention Fund
CANNON BEACH. July 18 -iA,
Cannon Beach, which lost 133.000
in fires last year, today was plan
ning to spend $9300 in fire pre
That is the sum which voters
will be ssked to suthorize July li
for the new fire protection dis
trict's 1947-48 operation.
POkTLA.vo nor not carr
George Poeeuner. PerUand. h
sought by tUs parents U PorUn4
crording te city pnltre reports
He Is thought to be a Salem Arte,
sng a 113 roup, tkwne TJ
S pw am.
Endt Toftite!
sssans BBBBs
"Cum My Heart"
K sUariaT
k. I
. . . Mllll M n
1 f ,' 11,41
I c:ia; hi
ft V.-x
dC i A . . - TT
Kai. DsJLf
t r.
(Csns4ee Owl IW
After Is it r. ICI
te ess reclog
weeWssseet I
V tea
ttixi uxyj . nan man
kttUil LmLLK
CHICAGO, July IS -P- The
Reynolds Bombshell, piloted by
Bill Adam, will Uke off from Chi
cago on Sunday, August S in an
attempt to break the solo round
the world flight record, it was an
nounced today.
Too Late to Classify
SLEEPING Km. For Bus. man. 743 N.
Capitol. Phone S-4ST7.
AN EXTRA fine Jersey cow. lust
rresn. 2nd calf. Pnpne 9MZ.
WANTED: Second cook at Silver
Creek lodge. All around exp. necesary.
6-day k. rm. St bed provided. Apply
Nonigren-s, MO state st.
Ftatcri: Els Fic:as S Pec:!es
Italian Dinners,
Spaghetti, Raviolas,
Pan Fried Chicken,
; Choice Steaks
2 Miles Out on
Dallas Highway
For Reservations
oiis) 2-5190
Gas was turned off at the Hut
restaurant, 215 Chemeketa st., late
Eriday night by city firemen to
stop a blaze In the kitchen there.
firemen report.
1:1$ P. M. Waters Held
Salen Senalors
Box Scat K enervations
Phon 4617
How! pDtlUUlIj Haw!
Contlnoous Sat. an4 Sim. froas 1:00 P. II.
mi us
AT :
t j exoti::g
Ends Todsr - Opens 1:41
Tlic Crark UpM
Pat O 'Brie a- Claire Trevsr
Herbert Marshall
'Trail of Vengeance'
Klrby Grsnt - Fusty Knight
Ponl Adams
- ft.-.
Directed br stseml VTaish
Prod ced by Eebert "bstcksier
Extra Added! Bagga Banny -V
if Newsreel
1 ff. BS-
L&st Times Today!
Ad alia Uc tac'tax
Calldrra ICc lac tax
Aflfss co-lot: sr
AUs Itsie. Jr.
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