The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 12, 1947, Page 3, Image 3

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    Guests Are
Bidden to
Mr. and Mm. M. E. Walter will
I hosts for n card party at'their
Fairrpount Hill home tonight in
compliment to a roup of their
Several card games will be In
play during the evening and at a
late hour supper will be served by
the hostess. Arrangements of cum
mer flowers will provide the dec
orative note.
Guests of Mr. and Mr. Walter
will be Mr. and Mr. Erwin E
Batterman, Mr. and Mm. Arno'd
Johnson. Dr. and . Mrs. M. E,
Gadwa, Mr. and Mr?. Chester
Chase, Dr. and Mm. John Griffith
Mr. and Mm. Edgar A. Linden and
Mr. and Mr. Leo Johnson.
Auxiliary Names
The West Salem VFW auxiliary
to post 4248 met Thursday with
Mm. Edward Van Santen presid
ing. A report on the department en
campment at Grants Pass the lat
ter part of June was given by Mm.
Marvin Miller who was a dele
gate. She had the honor of being
chosen as a department flag
bearer. Mrs. Elizabeth Hoffmun
was elected a delegate to the na
tional encampment and Mrs. Mar
vin Miller as alternate.
The picnic which was originally
set for July 13 has been postponed
to August 17.
Refreshments were served to
the post and auxiliary by Mrs.
Ruby Franklin and Mrs. Floyd
- White. The next meeting will be
August 14. .
Mis Julia Johnson arrived In
the capital Friday from Chicago
to spend the ensuing month with
. her mother. Mrs. Leona Johnson,
vho recently underwent a major
Society ....Clubs
Mutic The Home
YnmircM. no-host Dlcntc dinner with
husbands as guests at p.m., Silver
Creek Falls.
Marion auxiliary. VFW. meet at VFW
hall. p.m.
Falore club meet at YWCA, S p.m..
picture of Oregon scenery, to take vo
cational aptitude tests.
Deaconess hospital auxiliary meet
with Mrs. F. F. Wedel, 12:30 no-host
5alem Central WCTU annual picnic
with Mn. Eugene Prescott, 104 Oak
st.. 12:30 p.m.
Young Matrons club meet at YWCA.
7:5 p.m.. W. C. Dyer speaks on Cher
ry Festival.
I Revealed
n tho
U a i enaction aL
Elegant simplicity of
case design ...10k rolled
Superbly styled dial with
gold cubing.
Handsome strap of sup
ple padded leather. -
Famous, accurate U. S.
Time precision more
fti! Tm miy )
Jt stwttf tt ostoamsitn
Salem's Leading Credit '
Jewelers Opticians
Engagements continue to high
light the social news.
Adding her named to the list of
brides-elect is Miss Betty Paul
son, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry F. Paulson, whose betrothal
to Robert Woodburn. son of Mr
and Mrs. H. R. Woodburn of We-
coma Beach, formerly of Salem,
has been revealed.
No date has been set for the
wedding. The news was first told
at a dinner party Monday night
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eu
pene Bauer in Oregon City.
Ruth Penny Tells Troth
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Penny are
announcing the engagement of
their daughter, Miss Ruth Penny,
to Ronald L. Boyd, son of Mrs
Jennie L. Boyd of Eugene.
No plans have been made for
the wedding, which will be in the
late summer.
Former Salem
Girl Marries
Announcements have been re
ceived in the capital telling of the
marriage of Miss Margaret Claire
Griffith, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Wallace Clayton Griffith of
Shreveport, . Louisiana, formerly
of Salem, to Alan Gordon James
on June 22.
The ceremony took place at the
naval post chapel at Port of Spain
Trinidad, British West Indies. The
bride met her husband while at
tending college.
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey
F. Davis and daughter, Carolyn,
this week are Mrs. Mildred Gwin
and son, William Gwin, of Pen
Visitors from many state have
flocked to the park in recent days
crowding picnic tables, filling the
coffee shop and the lodge.
Two large luncheon groups at
the lodge included that of Thurs
day at which Mrs. C. H. Darley,
Mrs. Kenneth Williams, Mrs. Mer
ton Cox and Mrs. R. D. Paris, the
three former of the Stayton and
the latter of Salem were hostesses
Guests were Mrs. A- H. Beau
champ, Mrs. Louise Beauchamp,
Mrs. Conrad Neibert, Mrs. W. A
Waddell, Mrs. L. E. Spraker, Mrs
George H. Bell, Mrs. Kenneth
Hansen, Mrs. V. R. Tuel, Mrs
William Burrell, Mrs. Maurice
Heater, Mrs. E. Dale Crabtree.
Mrs. J. B. PowelL Mrs. Wendell
Weddell, Mrs. Angus Ware, Mrs.
Gil Schachtsick, Mrs. George Dun
can, Mrs. Gerald Marking, Mrs.
Wilbur Lesley, Mrs. R. P. Ander
son, Mrs. L. A. Smith, Mrs. Mar
ion Cunningham, Mrs. V. D. Bry
ant, Mrs. W. N. Pintler, Mrs. Eu
gene Spaniol, Mrs. Clifford Likes,
Mr?vG. W. DeJardin. Mrs. Julian
DeJardin. Mrs. S. W. Andrews,
Mrs. E. J. Bell, Mrs. W, H. Bell,
Mrs. S. M. Smith, Mrs. J. E. Pow
ell, Mrs. Walter Miller, Mrs. W.
D. Miller, Mrs. Larry Goss and
Mrs. Charles Morgan.
A dinnerparty Wednesday night
included Mr. and Mrs. Maurice
Heater and Dr. and Mrs. W. H.
Burrell of Stayton.
Forty-three members of the
Stayton's Lions club dined at the
lodge Tuesday night.
Announced . .
Mrs. Walter Barsch, the newly
elected president of the Sorop
tomist club, has announced her
committee chairmen and members
for the ensuing year. Officers were
installed at a recent meeting.
They are as follows: Attendance.
Mrs. Grace Taylor, chairman. Mn.
Laura Pangle. Mrs. Lillian C. Ramaee,
miss irene aeusie: Audit. Mrs. Ktch.
rd D. Barton, chairman. Mrs. Lee U
Eyerly and Mrs. Leo Johnson: Bud ret.
Mrs. Ellen P. Gabriel, chairman. Miaa
rene deLiale. MtfS Lena Blum. Mrs.
Ethel Callinser. Mrs. Lillian Ramace
and Miss Grace Taylor: Bulletin. Misa
Lena mum. cnairman. Mum Lois Ha.
mer. Mrs. Arthur Weddle. Mrs. J. B
By water and Mrs. Henry Mil'e. "
Civic obligations: Miss Lenore
Headley. chairman Dr. Gunle NUes,
Mrs. Ellen Gabriel. Mrs. Henry J,
Kayaer. Mrs. Abner K. Kline and Mrs.
Glenn McCormlck; Decorating, Mrs.
nope Jianaau. cnairman. Miss Alice
Cranr Brown. Mrs. Paul Heath and
Mrs. Richard Barton; Historian, Mrs.
Winifred Pettyjohn; Initiation, Mrs.
Henry Kayser. chairman. Mrs. Ethel
Lau. Miss Alice Crary Brown and
Mrs. j. B. By water; Lia inon. Mrs.
Marie Line, chairman, Mrs. Belle Nilea
Brown. Mrs. Winifred Pettyjohn. Mrs,
Paul Heath and Mrs. L. Dave Idleman.
Memoersnin a)d classification: Mrs.
H. G. Maison. chairman. Mlis Dorothy
Tandy, Mix Ethel Lau. Mrs. Abner
Kline and Miss Lenore Headley: Mu
sic. Miss Alice Crary Brown, chair
man, Mrs. Belle Nile Brown and
Mrs. J. B. Bvwater: Notification. Mrs.
Clo E. Johnson, chairman. Mrs. Marie Mr. Harold Roxebrauch. Mrs
Henry Mime. Mrs. Ethel Gallingei
and Mrs. Laura Panele: Parliaments
lan. miss lois Hamer: Prorram. Mrs,
Ethel Lau. chairman. Dr. Ruth Jens.
Mrs. w. r. ioaiza. Miss Joy Hill
ana Mrs. Marie L.inf.
Property custodian. Mrs. Hone Ran,
dall and Mrs. Lillian Ramage: Public
ny. miss Lenore Headley. chairman
Mr. Henry J Kayser. Miss Lucille
Bushnell and Mrs. William E. Scand
line: Regional conference, Mrs. Glenn
McCormlck, chairman. Miss Irene
oeLifie. Mrs. Harold Rosebraush. Mrs,
oeiie Kites Brown. Miss Lena Blum
Mrs. Mai ie Ling and Mrs. Abner K.
-ime; service objectives. Mrs. Wlnl
fred Pettylohn. chairman. Dr. Ruth
Jens. Miss Joy Hills. Miss Lenore
nranity. mm suun rahnlv. Mn
Arthur Wtddle and Dr. Gusrle Nilea,
social. Mrs. John S. Beakev. chair
man. Miss Suan Fahertv. Mrs. Clo
e. Johnson. Mrs. William E. Scand
line. Mrs. Hope Randall and Mrs. H.
o. Maison: ways and means, Mrs.
Abner K. Kline, chairman, Mrs. Glenn
McCormick. Mrs. Henry J. Kayser,
Mrs. H. G. Ma if on. Mrs. Lee Fverlv
ana Mrs. Marie
1 ' - -t .. II
. 0 " 7
A Barbecue I
TV SsartaamasL
Rush Party
One of the first rush functions
to take place in the capital this
summer will be the University
of Oregon Panhellenic party Tues
day night at the North Winter
street home of Mr. and Mrs.
Hollis Huntington. Prospective
Oregon coeds have been invited
to the "coffee" at 8 o'clock. The
purpose of the affair is to acquaint
the future coeds with the sorority
girls and rushing.
Miss Jean Claire Swift, Salem
panhellenic representative from
Oregon, is chairman of the affair
and will be assisted by two active
girls from each house. Any pros
pective coeds, who have not been
invited are asked to phone Miss
swirt at 5164.
Swan to Sing
A program for the 10th an
nual Bach Festival at Carmel,
Calif- being held July 21 through
27 and sent to Salem friends of
the Mackey Swans reveals that he
will be one of the two basses sing
ing in the festival. Mackey Swan
appeared in programs and concerts
in Salem many times while sta
tioned here with the army during
tne early days of the war.
One of the highlights of the
festival will be the presentation
oi tne Bach B minor mass on
Sunday. An orchestra made up
of amateurs of the peninsula, aug
mented by professionals and di
rected by Gastone Usigli will
From Portland romes news of
the birth of a ten pound son,
Steven John, to Mr. and Mrs. Earl
John Gustafson on July 10 at the
Emanuel hospital. Mrs. Gustafson
will be remembered as Audreann
Reynolds, formerly of Salem.
Mrs. Taylor Hawkins and her
daughter, Harriet, are spending a
few days in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Lockard (Dorothy Brewer) pic
tured leaving the Court Street Christian church alter their
marriage on June 28. The bride is the daughter of John H.
Brewer and her husband is the son of Mrs. Marie Hyde ol
Los Angeles. (Jesten MUler).
Guests Present
For Meeting
Hanna Rosa Court met Mon
day night with Mrs. F. W. Far
rar, royal matron, and James
Folston, royal patron, presiding.
Initiation ceremonies were held
for Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W.
Rockefellow, Mr. and Mrs. Mait
land E. Welch and Mr. and Mrs.
Percy E. Byers.
Out-of-town guests present : cou er Island
were Mr. and Mrs. Franz Ferch
land, royal patron and royal ma
tron of Clackamas Court, Mil
waukee, and 26 of their mem
bers. At the close of the meeting re
freshments were served by the
committee in charge: Mr. and Mrs.
Horton Hughlett, Mr. and Mrs.
William Ellis. Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Stirniman. Mr. and Mrs. Fred
rick Birch and Mr. and Mrs.
Claude Lester.
Piciucklng Frwlay night w as a
group of Unlerity il trsHi
students who barberurd steaks at
the North Summer street home of
Joan Lorhead. and later rn trve
evening joined a larger group of
young peoole at the all-Oregon
picnic held at the Walter Kirk's
cabin In Momlngsid.
Guests of Ms Lorhead were i
Gloria and Barbara MrClintock.
Miriam Shellenbergcr. Barbara
Sundet. Mary FJlen Davey. Joan
FitrmaurK-e. Bcfc Zrller. Jormny
Mathews. Jim Gilbertan. Tom
Anderson of Silverton. and Hubert
Williamson, ntion itocan ana uuj
Kelley, of California. j
Bridal Gown of
Pink Satin j
STAYTON-Mis Arnes Poole
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Poole of 'near Stayton. and Clay
Perkin of Sck. mere united In
marriage Sunday. July at 2 ,
o'clock In the afterruon in the t
Methodist church with the Rev. !
Willard Buckner of Stayton Bap- i
tit church officiating. ;
Given in marriage br her father
the bride was gowned in pink
bridal satin. Her pjnk net finfer
tip veil was rautrit in a satin
braided crown. Her only orna
ment was a string of pearl Her
flowers were white cmlin,
sweet peas, and blue batrbelor 1
She was attended bv her sifter.
Mr- Edwin Holm of Mitchell Mill
Calif., and Mrs. Ijevnurd Schu- ;
machor. The gown were of pink
and thev curried nocg of nitik
carnation. daiMrs and blue ,
hatrhelor button.
Fldon Jordan wa tiest man.
and ushers were Or ille Poole,
brother of the bride, and Stanley
Brown and Leter Poole, couins
of the bride. j
Wedding music w played bv
Mrs Roy Toid hn -- mpnie!
Visiting In Salem a few days are her sister. Mrs Oreille Toole, who,
Mrs. Margaret Valentine and son. !J5 . . . . ,
The bride s mother was dressed ;
Alexander, who are guests of Miss in ji(lht biue ,nf hrr rrage was j
Loretta Ford, and Mrs. Ru1h King of gardenias The groom's mother ;
and Mrs. Cl;.ire Smith, guests of wore pink and her corage wa
the Mrs. King s uncle and aunt. . "'f of ...... 4.
' ... A rceptiofi xsas helil following
I Mr. and Mr. Roy Huffman. The ,he ceremony at the Women's
four travelers are from Honolulu rlubhoue in Stayton. Mrs. Giles
and came over bv cliDDer. shio- Brown, aunt of the bride, rut the
" V -
Mass laaaH start la
wr.erad frm the l'rj rrw'T T
Oip . m tmtm la attevxiaeig tSs
sumnrr rnt hhe has fmr
guett at th Kome t t-r 11-
M. tbe VsHer Kirks. Mis Ki
ttyanm 4 Catttar Cr. iDi'U
DttU DriU rtet.
Jrvftfar JUmtck lute born ia.ur.g
1st rtarUaartd ttvas rk
l-N J V. 1
Mrs. Dmr L Dackxxaon . j
(Betty Jar Crick tonJ. j
daughter oi Mr. and Mr.
Drey Dck son ci SiVetr.
whes rnarrog w-at Q"-'-ly
scmrursd on Jun 28 ai
th Tix Christian church !
partonogo. Th groora is
the son ol Mr. and Mrs,
Walter Dickason. Tr.e coj
p! will hv in Lrr..
wh.le h Is aMcnd:rrj t) ,
University ol Oi3on. (
Keeeat ges4 af Mha OkarUtle
Alexander was Miss Barbara Al
es antler of Sarramerito. former
Salem high twl student. She
will be a )unor in the fall at '.he
Univet uty of Clifoua This
week Xliaa Aleaander M in lor1
land as the guest of Mts Jan
'...iftdh'i krrt&t KOVYl
; ism itaWTO .aanrti
I . Ssaf ) . M
IWs fsJI MM us aa St
Fas-aa-1 -t
k Cssr1 M.
rtu tin
f II Jodnii's tuinrl ijcircar sinks
aannvconncixm iinnn...
Enjoying the weekend at the
Edwin Viesko beach home at Nor
crest as guests of Miss Patricia
Viesko are the Misses Joan
Beakey. Barbara Crawford, Mary
ana Bollinger, Nancy Montgomery,
Kathleen Hug and Sharon Cudhay
of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Clasde M. Johns
have had as their house guests,
Mrs. Eric Chambers of London,
formerly of Portland. She came
west to visit with friends and is
returning to England the latter
part of the month.
Flying home this week from a
ten day vacation in the east were
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde S. Everett
The travelers left June 28 via
United Air Lines for Chicago and
Knoxville, Tenn.. where they vis
ited relatives of Mr. Everett.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Frederick Cham
bers will be in Tacoma this week
end as guests of his sister. Mrs.
Ed McWilliarra at her home at
Dash Point.
ping their car. They are louring
on the coast and are now enioute
to Canada and to Duncan on Van-
Mr. and Mrs, Gerge T. White-
marsh and children. Duane and
wedding cake. Miss Velma Raph
was in charge of the guest book.
Serving were Misses Rose Sheffer,
Mabel Hougardy. Velma Raph,
Dori Van Handel, and Lots Blum.
Both the bride and groom at
tended Stay ton high school. They
are making their home temtior
Patricia, of Crcston, Iowa hae anly near FJkhorn. where the
been visiting at the home of Mr
and Mrs. Max R. Flohrer. Mrs.
Flohrer, a sister of Mr. White
marjh. accompanied them to Eu
gene to visit with friends. The
travelers left Friday to return to
their home by way of Seattle. Spo
kane and Yellowstone park.
groom i employed with the Gris
wold Lumber company.
TURNER Officers installed In
Ideal Rebekah lodge were noble
grand. Edith Waldrtip; vice grand.
Rum Kapelli: rectirding secre
tary. Mrs. John Campbell: finan- '
rial secretary, Hester Crume; ,
Mr. and Mrs. William McAfee treasurer. Mr Ray Hatfield:
of Sacramento, who have been vis- chaplain. Mr. Bert Waller; ward-!
iting in the capital with Dr. and en. Mrs. Robert Mitchell; cooduc- j
Mrs." Charles Wood, left Friday tor. Mrs. Wallace Riches; irtsirie i
for Tacoma and Seattle to spend guardian. Mrs. Art RoberUoci; out- !
the weekend with friends. They side guardian. Art Rbertori. Sup- !
will spend a few days in Salem porters are Mrs. Bert Feeble. Mrs. 1 1
I m . r m a m e a"". . r
oeiore returning xo ineir home 'rry rxrnni, mis. uuj ,np-
next week.
U af est r N ' '' ' ' " '
Ussro 1111
114 H. UWHy 41 DMrl l
SecreUry af fsUU and Mr.
Robert S. Farrell. jr. are in Port
land this weekend attending the
national Elks convention. They
are guests at the senior Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver B. Gates
of Hillsboro were in Salem
Thursday visiting their son-in-law
and daughter, the Francis Wades.
man and Nellie Hamilton.
Outstanding portraits for every
member of the family.
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