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saieyuu vuiierry iresuveau u uuruuu
Preparing for a gala three-day Salem civic celebration which is
expected to draw Memvy crowds from throughout the Willamette val
ley. Salem Cherry festival leaders this week have a full program in
finishing-touches stage.
The festival neat Thursday, Friday and Saturday--July 17-18-19
- - represents a revival of the old cherry fairs that were an annual
Salem event until aut 20 years
ego. Although this year's festival
Is out-ef-seasoh for cherries, the
cherry theme has been maintained
as typical cf the 1era area.
Official opening of the festival
program will see Mayor R. L.
Elfstrom cut a tape to open to
the public Industrial exhibits in
the Salem armory at t:S0 p. m.
. Thursday. The dtsplay of manu
factured products of Salem and
vicinity will remain epen until 11
p. m. daily, with Friday and Sat
urday openings at 10 a.'m. Band
snuic will be played by high
school or Salem city band organ
izations at the armory daily.
Admittance te the armory ex
hibit, as to every other cherry
festival event, will be by a single
festival lapel button. The buttons
already are on sale (for SO cents
for children and tl for adults) on
Downtown Salem streets.
Another big event of Thursday
will be coronation of Martha Du
Berte of Cervaia as queen of the
cherry festival during a gala night
show at the state fairground;. She
will be attended by 10 princesses
from as many other mid -valley
communities. (Picture of queen's
court on page 1).
Eases Gleemea
AUo featured in the Thursday
night feMJval show will be a con
cert by the popular male chorus,
the Eugene Gleemen, and dancing
by students of the Paul Armstrong
school of dance here.
A street parade featuring nine
bands, numerous floats and sev
eral potties and other riding groups
will begin at 10 a. m. Friday as
first of the several festival events
en the second day.
Festival events of Friday after
noon will include the Salem-Ore
gon City baseball game at Waters
field in Junior Legion competition
drill team competitions, bsnd con
certs in downtown areas and the
manufacturing exhibits.
The Friday night ahow at the
fairgrounds will Include riding
exhibitions and specialty horse
show everts as well as musical
AIL Day Air Khm
Special feature of the Saturday
festival program will be an, all
day air show at Salem airport,
with contents and exhibition flying
beginning at 10 a. m. and again
after lunch at 2 p. m. -Crop dust
. tng demonstrations, aerobatic fly
ing. sail-plane flying and events
for sportsmen pilots are included
Now York Stock Quotations
NEW YORK. July lO-P)-
AlChem&Dyt 1S
Gen Foods
Gen MerS
American Can 9Z
Am Power St Lt
Am Tel & Tel 15l4
Bend ix Avia
nBSft Tiit-PaDer.
ilW Manvl I te
Beth Steel 88
Boeing Air '174
Calif Pack 2Stt
Canadian Pac 12
Case J I
Chrysler 114
Comwlth Sou XV
Cons Edison 2CV
Cons Vultee ; IS
Long Bell
Looayear we 3
OfWorth tffd7t 3U
Msyug ".10:.
Miami Copper 15,
Mont Ward ' 61 Vs
Nash Kelvin 16
Nat Dairy . '12V4
W Y-Central 15
North Am Co 254
Northern Pac 104
Pac Am Fish 13
Pac Gas Elec 40
PTAT. , - 10m
Pan American 11
Cont Ins S1H
Crown Zel Iff
Curtis Wr 4
Douglas Air 56 14
Dupont de Ne 19S
Gen Electric 17
Panny J C
Telephone Business Ofiice
To Close Saturdays
Tho Padfic
743 Stato Sire!
frtdor. fuly II. 114T
On all three festival nights
dances will be held at Crystal
Gardens in downtown, Salem, with
two bands playing each night
Dances are regular festival events
with admittance by festival but
ton. A special visitor and official
guest during the cherry festival
will be the "Queen for a Day" to
be selected on a network radio
broadcast Tuesday and sent to
Salem by plane on Wednesday.
Her arrival on the 4:42 p. m.
United Air Lines flight here will
be greeted by the Cherry Festival
queen and court' in ceremonies
open to the public and broadcast
over public address at Salem air
In Salem during the festival, al
though not on the official pro
gram, will be a Browning carnival
in Marion square.
DAV Selects
5 Delegates
Local delegates' to the Disabled
American Veterans' national con
vention in Las Vegas, Nev Aug,
17 to 23, elected at Wednesday
nignrs meeting of Salem chapter,
DAV, will be Verne Ostrander,
George Sunland, Frank Vance and
James Callaway. Wayne Purdue
was named alternate.
Report was made of the instal
lation ceremonies held in the Py
thian hall, Portland, Tuesday
night at which James Callaway
was installed as commander of
the local chapter.
Health Officer Talks
In Albany on Polio
Dr. W. J. Stone, Marion county
health officer, Thursday night
spoke on "The Challenge of Po
liomyelitis" at a reorganization of
the Linn county organization for
infantile paralysis in Albany. He
described the work of the Marion
county voluntary health group
for infantile paralysis.
NANKING, July 10 -(&)- New
communist advances in Shantung
province and reports of Russian
movements in southern Manchur
ia marked China's civil war today.
TodayVclosing quotations:
? 424
r - ' ,59J'
Radio Corp 8
Kayonier h ?.. 22
Rayonieri pfd " 1.
Reynolds Met. -22
Saieway, 23.1
nfST ;attf
Sears. Boeb 1 , 40
Sinclair Oil. , 16V4
i 1 ; 4 4 Vt
So Pacific . ,44
Stan Brands " 29
SUcCOU Cal 61
Stew Warner., . 18 Vi
Studebaker ; ':.. 20
Sun Minlngj:." .10
f Tl mt . - I
Un Pacific 117'.?
Un Airlines 22
Un Aircraft 20
U S Steel 72
Warner Bros 16
West Elec 29
Woolworth 49
it COi.
July 19, Our Salom Business
Will Bo Closed Saturdays.
Regular business office hours will
8:30 a. m. to 5:00 p. mM Monday
Depository for telephone payments
hours is conveniently located at the
Office entrance.
. -
Telephone and Telegraph Gornpah;
Sackett Lets
Deadline Pass
outcome of Sheldon Sackett's
$ 1,000,000 purchase of the Metro
politan Printing Co., remained un
certain today.
A once-extended deadline for
the Coos Bay publisher's second
payment on the contract ends at
midnight tonight A spokesman I
for Metropolitan, however, said
that Sackett's attorney advised
him that Sackett plans to com
plete the purchase "when, pos
The spokesman refused to say
whether the deadline would be
extended again. He reported.
however, that Smith Davis, news
paper broker interested in the
transactions, would arrive here
within a week.
Interstate Fish
Pact Delayed
The senate commerce committee
today postponed indefinitely ac
tion of a house bill to authorize
Washington, Oregon and Califor
nia to enter into a compact to
control off-shore fishing.
Senator Magnuson (D-Wash)
said he asked the postponement at
a S . . a h M a?! 1, l s M A a m m m a m 1
me request ui iisumg unci ma wi
the three states who objected to
house amendments which would
require the states to cooperate
with the fish and wildlife service
on Investigations and to give the
service a place on their fishery
compact commission.
The senator said the require
ment was not in the compact
when approved by the legislatures
of the states.
Leonard Walker
Quits School Post
Resignation of Leonard Walker
as clerk of the West stayton
school district board after 47 years
service with the board, was an
nounced Thursday by Mrs. Agnes
Booth, Marion county school su
perintendent. Walker, who moved into the
district when he was 14 years old
and attended school there, resign
ed because of ill health, Mrs.
Booth said. He has not been re
Mrs. Booth said that Walker
had always been "interested In
improvement of the school plant,
in the youth of the community
and in progressive education."
PORTLAND, Ore., July 10 -W)
The Portland area today reported
a surplus of semi-skilled and non
fproiesional labor, many of them
'college, students home for sum
mer vacations. .
Too Late t to Claai
' LOST: Brown Vbiu'rold. ValuaW.a
, Derst -Keeo money but Please return
ipasefC'to lMKsnsen Ave ervesat
iz-atsw.'1 tnartg you. ... ; ,
, LOST: Brown bUUold. Will - finder
'jAease keep 'moaieT and return billfold
,to palice stateien. Faptrs are very.val
uable.: ,- " . " . '
roaSALi' '3S".00a croas" Illy Wulbs.
nooo csh. irh) Broadway; Ph. 4715.
rbRTSALC: Lady's crystal Tu crepe
dress, ale. 30, .like news leW.Uow
chlifoa formal, worn once, aiaav 14, gao.
Sailor suit, tailor made. 33 insesm, 34
walat. M chest, sergt. US. Ph. t-4S3.
be from
- at other
Telephon Hvabu 24101
Paul Wallace
Reveals New
Y Committees
Paul B. Wallace, president of
the Salem YMCA board of direc
tors, Thursday noon announced
YM committee appointments for
the new year at the monthly
board meeting InMhe YMCA.
Wallace indicated the board
members . would form the nu
cleus of various committees, with
other members to be added later.
Committees are:
Educational Carl Abrams.
Frank Bennett
Religious C A. Sprague. Dr.
Herbert Smith, Tinkham Gilbert,
Dr. M. C. Findley, R. L. Elfstrom.
Boys Frank Bennett Judge E.
M. Page, Loyal WIrner, Carl As-
chenbrenner. Dr. Lawrence Riggs.
Young Men Norman Winslow.
House Fred Anunsen. Carle
Abrams, J. H. Farrar.
Promotion Robert O. Smith,
Loyal Warner, Walter Minier.
Endowment Fred Lamport Dr.
M. C. Findley, Tinkham Gilbert,
C. A. Sprague, D. W. Eyre, Paul
Acton, Paul B. Walalce.
Finance Tinkham Gilbert
Donald A. Young, Frederick Lam
World Service Dr. F. E. Brown.
Carle Abrams, Tinkham Gilbert,
B. E. Siaaon.
Insurance B. E. Sisson. Paul
Acton, Donald A. Young. Carle
ADrunu, aavisor.
Community Chest Loyal War
ner and Fred Anunsen.
Personnel Douglas McKay,
Frank Bennett, Dr. Frank Brown.
G. Herbert Smith. Chirm. Physical
Building Expansion Robert
Elfstrom, Carle Abrams, Fred
Anunsen, Dr. Frank Brown, Frank
a" 1 1 a) ajY - a I
Bennett, G. F. Chambers. C. A.
Sprague, Loyal Warner.
Labor Relations Paul B. Wal
lace, Fred Anunsen, Robert Elf
strom, G. F. Chambers.
Continued high meat prices and
some reduction in livestock pro
duction next year was indicated
today by an agriculture depart
ment report forecasting a sharp
drop in t- irs corn crop from
wartime levels. 'efftJI I
Portland Livestock
ItSUAl sa labia and total ratll. Z90:
calea 100; market active, strong; ateera
In very limited aupply; few medium
SSO-811 lb. ateera SO 00-t3 00; few SOO-
1.017 lb. atorker m feeders IS 00-30 00;
common -medium heifer 13 AO-20 50;
cutters down to 14.00; canner -cutter
cows 10 SO-12 00; shells downward to
10.00 and below; fat dairy type cows
12 50-13 50. medium-good beet cows
is.90-170. including on. sorted load
at 17.00; good beef bulls up to 17 7$;
common-medium sausage bulls 14 00-
je-uw. inuonoKT veaicrs bj-iu;
common aown to 00.
. oiie nogs au. uui iao; marKet
siow. steady to weak; some pressure
neavy weignis; gooa-cnoic. around
!M:J.4?.'b.. " O-r70 lbs. down
Sl.uw, iw IDI. J1r KOOQ 230-9MI ID.
sows zo.90-zi.oo: lighter weighu to 33;
odd rough sows down to 30.00: good
ZZ. - a ao w sood-cnotc feeder
pigs nominally M 5O-2S.0O,
liable sheep 900 toUl 1 100- marks
Cttve. strong. Instances B0 cents hiehar
on spring lambs; good-choice around
7S-S3 lb. springers 30 0O-50- Good
around 70 Tb. feeders largely 1730; one
large lot 71 lbs. IS 00; common lambs
down to IS 00; good shorn old crop
tamos ana yearlings IS 00-17 00. com
mon down to 13.00; good ewes S:90:
Common-medium 3 00-4 50.
Salem Market
Pre mj una '
Ne. 1 1
Ho. s
Wholes la
KGGS Barlsa Vrlee
KKtra large ,.
Medium .and Standard
Pullets, cracks
FGGS. SalUae Prlca
Wholesale, Large
Mediums .
Colored bans. Na. t
NO). S
LIVESTOCK (By valley Pack)
Choice EDriaa lamba
17 SO
no to 13 08
Jo soa
Pat dairy cows
to 11.00
Cutter cows
08 to 10 .00
OS to 14.08
up to is oo
Dairy heifers
Calves (308 to 4M lba.)
13 00 to 18 .38
Veal (130 to 300 lbs
ip to 31 08
Stocks and Bonds
fComtXled by th. Associated Pre)
July IS
Indus Sails tTtil SrWa
Thursday 84 7" 34 8 431 88 8
Previous day S4 1 343 43 S 881
Week ago 84.8 34 3 43 8 88 1
Month ag. SS 4 301 43 1 m ago 1031 48 4 13 4 TSt
J047 high 84 7 S3 ( 47 t 88 8
1MT low .. S3 J 37.7 40 I SS S
New 1847 high.
30 IS 18 18
Balls Indus lltil rr-
Thursday S3 8 103 3 loss Til
rerious asy TIM 103 S los s 731
Week ago 81 J Km M 4 - .
Month ag. 80s 101 1 1093 73 3
Vear ago lat a 103S 107 S 77 4
1847 high 87.1 184 J 103 7 78
1847 low - 88 S 103 J 104 M 73.1
New IS47 low.
TrTatch aasl
J Sava money and!
uui oj Miunn
us do your watch I
and clock
T11 Uka 8r
avadcrata rlees
Qsick RcTTteal
EUiniiiaU Uva
Watck KapaJr
SsutIbs; galea and
TLdnitr Slaea 1ITI
1 rc j 7"
Contractors' Completion Dates
On Buildings Filed with County
People having buildings constructed fur them in Salem and the
rest of the state, may now (since Monday) have a termination date
fixed within which contractor liens must be filed.
Marion County Clerk Harlan Judd, at whose office liens are filed.
is required by the new law passed by the 1947 legislature to keep a
record of notices of termination dates, he reported Thursday.
Under the old law, according to
Judd, a mechanic s or contractor s
lien could be filed and a termin
ation date fixed and later if more
work was done on the building in
question the termination date
would automatically be extended.
An owner", contract purchaser
or mortgagee, according to the
new law. can now compel con
tractors, mechanics, artisans, ma-
chinista. building and lumber rne-
chanics or laborers to file a lien
within a specified time or be fore
closed of his right ot file such a
Reason for the new law includes
that of a shortage of building ma
terials which made it difficult for
a building owner to get a comple
tion date fixed for refinancing
purposes or for selling purposes.
It is expected, Judd said, that
the new law will facilitate buying
of partially constructed buildings,
by almost eliminating hidden liens
which have become a serious
stumblins block to such sales
Notice of termination date and
liens are to be filed with the
county clerk, as usual. Judd said
The remaining regular process of
matin and filing Droced ures for
such notices still remains in ef
fect he said
A alrikA Kv BaVwviif &fi srrrw
nry cierks threatens Oregon City
tomorrow. The Ar L. union advis
4. employers it would strike then
unless an agreement or an arbi
tration plan is made. The union
seeks ISO 48 for a 40-hour week.
Portland Produce
Butterf at Tenia tlva laublrt to lm
mrdlaU chanf.l. premium quality
maximum o( Ji of i pr rent acidity
deliver ad In Portland. 7S-7SC. firat
quality. 7S-77c; aeond quality. 7S-TJc;
valley routa and country potnta. t cents
leea than first or 7J-7ic
Butter Wholesale fob bulk, rubs:
Crad. AA, SS arot.. SS-llc; irad. A.
S3 acore. SS-TIc; B. SO acore. Sl-4c; C.
SS acore S5c.
CheM Selling price to Portland
wholesaler: Oregon inle. SS'i-SOc;
Oreson S-lb loaf. 40,-JJc.
Ecc To wholes, lera : A grade, large.
SO'.-il'ke: medium. 54'.-7',c: A grad.
amall. 47,,c, B grade, large. M'a-VZ'tC.
Egg Purchased from tarmeia:
Current receipts. S0-S4c. bu rrs pay
3-3c below wholesale quotations on
graded basia for best hennery egg.
Live chicken Paying price to
producers: No. I broilers under 3k lbs.
SS-SSc lb: fryers. 3. to S lbs. 30-33c:
fryers. S to 4 lbs, i3-34c; roasters. 4
pounds and over. 33-S4c; fowl. Leg
horn, under 4 lb. IS-Jlc: 4 lbs and
I over. 32-33c: colored fowl, all weights.
I Xg-3c: stag, all weights. 13-lc.
Rabbits Average to retailer. 4-
sic lb dressed: prtce to Droducers. Jc
fryers, live. whit. Z0-Z5e lb.; colored.
I 17.31c lb
Onions - Green, local. mid-Colum
I kl. SAaA Mm kiiiw4i.
I Onions SO lb. sacks. Wash, Walla
I Walla 10-3.10;
I---. I BS.S IWI
I Stocktons red 1 S4-1 7J: yellow, med
2.10-3 33; Whit. Globes 1 73-3 S3; oth
er prices unchanged.
Potatoes Ore. Boardmen dial
While Rose, 10S lb.. 3 S.-3 7J; CaL
long white N.. I -A. 4 40-4 50; Wash,
White Rose 3 74-3 80. track aale; CaL
long white 4 30.
Dressed meat Veal Light, top
quality, 33-c; heavy, top quality.
zs-joc. b. ss-sac: c. 33-34c; cuiu is-aac
Hog Block, butcher, porker style.
123-10 lb. 34 -Jsc; over 111 lbs. Z3-33C
lb: bo we, all wts. 3S-30c lb. Lambs
Beat grsd. 33-37c; others according to
quality. Mutton l-13c tb. according
to quality. Beef Beat quality. U 3Sc
lb; B. tS-SOc; C. 33-I4c; ca niter and
cutter. IS-30c; bologna bulla. 37-tSc lb.
Caacara bark Green, a lb; ry
ISe lb.
Wool Vailer. coarse ana medium
grades. 4i-43' lb.
Mohair 40c lb oa 13-month growth
Hay Nominal. Ne. 3 green alfalfa.
S7IW-S13QB a ton H rprtland
Portland Grain
Wheat : rash wheat Ibid: east whit.
3 IS; sort whit, t.srluding res) SIS
while (excluding Real I IS. white
Club I IS; western red 2 IS
Hard red winter: ordinary III; 18
percent S IS; 18 percent 3 17; 13
stent 3 30.
Hard whit. Baart: IS percent I IS
I'1 Percent SIS; 13 percent 3 33
1 Today s car receipts: wheat II: oor
I sey 1: flour s: earn 14: mill f4 t.
Italian Dinners,
Spaghetti, Raviolas,
Pan Fried Chicken,
Choice Steaks
2 Miles Out on
Dallas Highway
for RSBrrafiof
oos) 2-3190
Boiler ninlr
90 Lana Are.
Sal. High!
8:15 p. m. Waters Field
AssMticaa Vtgimm Teaaaa
Adas. t AdaJU
tS ChUdrca
War Contract
Frauds' Bared
WASHINGTON. July 10 - (P, -
Comptroller General Lindsay
Warren accused "at least 19 war
contractors today of frauds run
ning "well in excess of 92.000.000
in contract settlements with the
government. He named no names.
In a report filed with congress.
he also criticized the office of con
tract settlement for "profligate
spending." and declared "some
officers and employes" of the gov
ernment have been guilty of "fea
thering their nests" in negotiat
ing settlements with war con
tractors. "Evidence has been found
which, after careful analysis, has
convinced me that at least ?
termination settlements. Involving
107 contracts of It war contract
ors, were Induced by fraud, he
MOTtra or AVAn.Aaa tTV roe,
raioaiTT Hot-osjis
The War Assets Admlnlatratioa here
by gives notice that It now has avail
able for disposal, under the Surplus
Property Act ml 14. and War Asset
Administration ftesnilattoa S. the Is4
lowing real property which kaa be
declared surplus by the Government,
at the Salem Army Air Bass, lakes.
uregon -
123 SJ7 acre f land, upon which
are located 24 name building. In
cluding electr vest, water and sewag.
Term and condition of sale and all
necessary Information concerning the
property and the method ( tierrMiai
prtorittes and submitting offer will he
available on and after July II. IM7. at
the Office of Real Property Disposal
located In tl War Asset Administra
tion building
PRIORITIES Thia property la subject
to the following prtontte: Federal
Government Agencies. 1 2 1 Reconstruc
Uon Finance Corporation for resale to
qualify small business, til State and
Local Governments. l Non-profit lav
PRIORITY PERIOD. The period for
errtaing priori tie shall be front July
ii, )i. ending July II. IS 7
Office of Real Prooerty DtsoosaL
pa n war Asset Adminssteaisasi
swaa island Phone W Looter 77SI.
P O. Bov; 40S3, Portland S. Oregos.
Jly II
Now I'Uvia.!
- s . .
yjF Of TtlCKf FOt
ui u
Etctj 8lsr7 Nltht
SUverica Amory '
Musis by
Glena Weodry'a
L-rVa Qrt-aatra
Ofwsss 1:41 rx as.
C4me47 Tlaaj Tsrrwr al
.vJI 4
rCVlii CCS ,xt
Senators Add to
U.S. Agriculture
Department Fund
Farm-minded senators today re
versed the house economy drte
by agreeing to restore more than I
1:23.000.000 to the annual agrt-
cultural appropriation.
The agreement was reached at
a closed -Joor session of a senate I
appropriations subcommittee pre-
sided over by Senator Brooks
(R-IiL) I
Senators who attended said for- I
mal public announcement ot the
many increases over amounts
voted by the house will be made I
at a meeting of the full appt oprta- I
lions committee Friday. 1
They reported these major In-
1. A full 1300.000 -000 tor beat.
fit nirmmli la (nnn artwi ram. I
t l 1 . Z..w .J. 1T-Z
1iK-u iiui ;m win uar auiuuut i
tr at ion's "conservation and use" I
nroeram and a nledea to continue I
4i . . i ,h. 1 maii iwwi I
r j rm 1 wiui iv,wv i
in purptmes. I
T. A full 175 000 000 la ran.
tinu the federal aw4 foe -kJ
lunch programa la 4 the next 12
S. A tmOOO.OOO fund for the
ruial electrification dmlfustre
Uon'a loan program.
4. A 120,000,000 loaa fund lei
Kortrs or rtNAA, ag-rruaaia-T
NeUst la airiy giesst She
Wtssgwed kae ftlod aa she
Cawrt o the Slate ml Oregssa (ar tae I
County o alarksav. fiafce. Deport. I
arteat. her ratal Awwal aa oaasrwtrta
ml Use eaftato ml Artmmt Csil 1
asl that mmtm Cassrt aa Bst Massaey. I
the ath day ml I n. I Ml. at to
mmw m iea- irwt Air mj sMttr
sw int u e. a si laar s.arr lsn
8assx aa
t aatd all aasieel
Doted at Sal. am. Oteessx. Bhts S, Aa
c 4 awe. uni.
DA as. CrirOD
EseCMtrta ml IW tatat Wil
7wmM mm4 Eta mi Arthssr 1
Csrasl. Dsreaasd.
Ronald C Ctersf.
A Harney fee Eaerusrta.
Sag Ore oai Buidama.
Jregaav. t MT 4-11 -II
-lurry! 0nlr2
More Dart!
Mat, IaU tt
a p. m.
ion wsm ,
I ay lOutt Usat VC
1 k aoatai aAOUB s
TVrtXl CsvlDt!
m j 1
rtass! CW CaitkasM
Bavd Fas Alrs-aa Km!
tl sx as.
Html linal BI4T Wsk!
(FesX ait T:1S-.U aw am.)
DarM X
t :u r. X.
It owl Roxri-7 rnaJ
yimtBT WakaJy
ftrrlnDu Orssr
fv Eocldasi
aasBBsSy Be,-asBB"s wr ssf
Jc-aft Wi-ar
"Tocgas ta fba Fog"
rW Claaptssr el -TDcrogJiaac
ot Dos Q"
nm d 2W facial
"Son cl Zcrro
AH New aasara
ajad Oslliif ravavl
sld veterans aa4 tenants te b-
Succession Bill
tvsUlll lU X A 11111 till
Congresa sent a bill te Pmidrr.t
Truman today which would snake
a republican his successor tf the
president fails te Lnish tupre
sent term.
But both democrats and rrpvtb
Iticans aatd they hope Mr. Trumasi
continues in good health.
The legislation, pea d today by
la 3!1 1 house rote, pviU tbe
i speaker of the house. sw a re-
publican, oert la line for the
sdenry if the offices of president
and vice-president bota
vacant The ertvale passed U ram
June 22.
notice is umar civm aat a
psaasa,, a-saseta . ) t so )
r icwi as otm .4
m rnH Sn c
Wn. 0 f aav. aa seVs. n8 W
lit CSaawassr ml C
Ml N
a. MImi:
Prsa-. Asfssi S S7 8 a
TkJH: Cessecal fcaa ! e4
fcns-rteslg 84 wa rira
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