The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 29, 1947, Page 11, Image 11

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    f W7FRT Calling CQ - C?'
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. At
Twt of Salem's man? asnateor radio operators' are shewn Above at
their fatertte bobby. At left Is Glenn Walker. 240 N. 14th U
talking IbU the mike while Onral Nana. 11SS Leslie st, tenes the
set. Beth derive maeh enjoyment frem making new air wave
friends and tinkering .with their radios, and the set above was
made by Sunn. Both Walker and Nana are blind. (Photo by Don
Dill. Statesman staff nheterrapber.)
Salem9 Sightless RadiorHamsy
Build, Adjust Own Amateur Sets
By Don DiU
SUM Writer. The Statesman
Strange voices talking of strange things in an almost foreign
language fill the radio air of Salem, but there need be no alarm, be
cause the voices belong to Salem's amateur radio "haras".
Favorite hobby of business men, truck drivers or doctors, "ham
radios are operated by 35 to 40 persons in Salem alone. Unique among
the local "hams" are Orval Nunn, 1185 Leslie st, and Glenn Walker,
240 N. 14th it, for both are blind
Orchard Heights Betty Jo
Sexton, 10. has both arms in casts
s the mult of breaking both
wrists two weeks ago in a fall
from a hammock. She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Evens Valley Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Loe are visiting in North Dakota
and Illinois this week. Loe made
the trip to Chicago as a- business
affair while Mrs. Loe will visit
with relatives' in her former
North Dakota community.
During the month of June
Tea, we have decided to carry over another month.
Our Special . Free $1.50 L"06
Beeaase we want every Salem auto owner to eomo In and
get aeooainted and see the type of work we do.
Kaiser Fraser
SS5 N. Liberty
Phono 7M1
For a Bang-up
A perky bob with tang! Let us cut
your hair and style it. Call for an
appointment today. Four expert
enced, friendly operators.
Dorothy Price - Edith Konnds
Violet Hlmmetl
1172 State SL Phono 3838
1.4 M.
f ,-
V - -,
Loss of eyesight deprives them of
none of the enjoyment of tinker
ing with their sets, however, or
handicaps them in passing the
federal communications commis
sions test for different class
Licensed In 1938
Nunn, whose call letters are
W7FRT, became interested in
radio 18 years ago ar received
his license in 1936. He does all
his own work on his transmitter
and receiver, using his sense of
touch and hearing to otfsct the
loss of sight His wife aids him
by giving him meter readings and
reading technical articles to him.
Friends bring their defective
radio sets to him for repairing,
and though it takes him a little
more time, he can locate, the
source of trouble and make the
necessary repairs. At present
Nunn is unemployed, but wants
to put his mechanical ability to
work supporting his wife and in
fant son.
Walker is a more recent radio
fan, and received his license last
September with the call letters of
W7KDU. With less experience.
Walker left the building of his
radio equipment to his cousin, but
he does make minor repairs and
adjustments. Up to the present
Walker has been using Morse
code, but is now having his set
changed for voice broadcasting.
Tnnes by Tonal Change
He tunes his set by tonal
changes in frequency. Walkers
magazine stand in the postoffice
lobby is a frequent stopping place
of "hams" where they exchange
information on their hobby and
other "hams."
Amateur radio is strictly con
trolled by rules of the federal
communications commission, as is
commercial - radio.. Definite wave
lengths are assigned the amateurs
on their own wave. band. While
most amateur sets are small and
not too impressive, their opera
tors have made contacts all over
the globe. Walker has contacted
hams in New Zealand .and
Nunn has reached Australia and
Santiago, Chile.
In times of emergency, such as
fires, floods, or earthquakes the
amateurs have set up their port
able rigs and restored communi
cations from afflicted areas to
surrounding districts.- Others
have helped relatives in distant
states or countries to communi
cate with relatives here.
Thus the amateurs provide 1
valuable civic service while pur
suing their favorite hobby.
Music lovers of Salem will bo carried to the -depth of the southland
tomorrow evening at S p. m. when the Viftory Quintette appears at
Waller Hall under sponsorship of the 'Keystone Class of The First
Christian Church. Their natural singing has been schooled . and
trained to the exacting phrases of ortario and, opera which they
sing with music ianly understanding. The program will be so varied
and universal It will include something from almost everyone'
album. Admlmlon 3M lacladiar tax.
Tor Sale by Owner
Leomr Heights Addition
1 Block Went of Commercial. Just Soath of Hoyt
! 35 Large Choice Lels
Very desirable loeatioa. close to two schools.
Salem't Sooth Side Higher Elevation.
County School
Officials Hear
Test Reports
Consideration of two committee
reports by the high school tenting
group and school standards com
mittee topped the closing session
of the annual conference of the
Oregon Asfociation of County
School Superintendents here Sat
urday. Mrs. Kathryn Smith, Hood
River, was chairman of the for
mer committee and Cecil Sly.
Crook county, chairman of the
Utter. x
A paper on "How to secure cus
todial training for your school"
was presented by W. C. Loo mi 1,
state division of educational edu
cation. "What custodial training has to
offer" was discussed by Dean S.
Morrow, superintendence of main
tenance. Eugene public school
Mrs. Lulu C. Gorell presided at
the business session.
W. E. King. Umatilla county,
elected at a spring meeting, took
over his new duties at the final
Chosen as national convention
delegate were Cecil Sly. Crook
county, for the National Education
association and Roy Cannon.
Multnomah county, for the county
school superintendent meeting.
Jersey Club
Protests Milk
Payment Rule
MARQUIAM. June 2s A unan
imous protest against the Oregon
state department of agriculture's
recent order whicbaffects the pay
ment of milk to the producer, was
voted by the Clackamas County
Jersey Cattle club meeting Thurs
day at the Jersey ranch of Mrs.
Antoinette Vanderbeck.
The Jersey club members said
they felt that the statement thst
the consuming public wanted a
lower test milk was not a true pic
ture, and that a poll of the con
suming public would show it fav- X
ored a four per cent or better milk. I lUVCStl '"tOI
1 ummuire win De appoiniea 10
work with the state Jersey club to
carry the protest into definite ac
tion. I
Scholarships voted, in addition SANTA ANA. Clif . June 28-
4a (hAc. ,1m,lv rt r 1 r 1 V w IKa . . ...
-.,-. ...v. v.-. srrie oj wrrait 10 a aey in-
club to the 4-H summer school at vextifator jn the Overell yacht
Corvallis. were two to the Camp : death wan ren,rti ViH.
The trial itself was in weekend
fcLearn lo Swim'
Drive Set Julv 14
The annual "learn to iwim"
campaign for Salem city pools
will start July 14. for two weeks.
Playground 'Director Vernon Gil
more announced Saturday. Regis
tration i to be taken during the
week of July 7.
A kindergarten instructors' staff
meeting is slated for Monday at
830 a m. in the school adminis
tration building to schedule ape
cial programs. Playground will
not be open until about 10:30 a m.
that day. said Gilmore.
Overell Case
The Slamoman. SaUm. Proton. Sday. fmno It. ltH-U
several telephone calls to himself j phono company on oil csUio w
and his wife. The latest, he said, coming to bis home, but ttnmU
came last night when o mate voir I ed th threats to -anm
told Mrs. Hodgkinson: , tv thinks bea interested Sa
Tell your husband we're out i rase."
to get rum and well do 11." j
The chtef said a permanent tra- Amoratona normally vend
rer had been Installed by the tele 1 CS9JD9Q telegrams day.
or AH Size Homra
r mi
la adiilio to efficiency, rleaoiloeoa and
eraUoo, rartfie fsrsiiw offer ymm on oasy mimlii f ro
tor IT nreoassry. la la event of foot ononty difflisnilis.
raeuW rormaeo smay bo onlcklr enasured
Uon of wkalewr fart ts avaUaMo. nnvloor tl
aawdaat or cool. Modem snrtnods of atooica
version feat ore wttnont tne aarrtTVo of osnrstlag efTarSenry.
rartn raraaeea are amade ta
17. Ua Bosebrangh Go.
Metal Product That Last" 5nrr 1912
M t. 171 fttreet. ftairsa rWn IMt
Colton 4-H summer school and
two for 4-H outstanding Jersey
projects in 1948. one of these lor
the Corvallis and one for the Col
ton ramps.
Two new member were added
to the membership list including
Merlin Malar of Sandy and Mr.
and Mrs.. John Hearns of Canby.
The club wtll meet in July at the
J Cribble farms, owned by Mr. and
Mrs. A. W. Gnbble near Molalla.
recess aa Police Chief R. R. Hodg
kinson of Newport Beach disclosed
Pastor Jailed for .
Burning Qiurclr
Dr. John Lewis, scholarly 73
year-old minister, today was
placed under sentence of one. to
five years at hard labor in Wau
pun state prison as the penalty
for setting fire to his own church.
A Jury convicted Dr. Lewis on
a charge, of arson in connection
with a $150,000 blaze last Janu
ary 25 at Calvary Presbyterian
church, a 77-year-old red-brick
edifice where he preached for 12
years. The state claimed he was
motivated by a desire for a big
ger and better house of worship,
District Buys
4 School Buses
Purchase of four of the six re
cently authorized new school
buses for Salem district wa an
nounced Saturday by Supt. Frank
B. Bennett Confirmation is still
awaited on the remaining two
Ranging from 47 to 34-passen-
ger capacity, the buses are of three
different makes. They are set for
immediate delivery, allowing di
posal by the district of an equal
number of older buses.
Bennett said Hiram Smith, dis
trict motor mechanic, has begun
work on motor repair and a com
plete check on the fleet of 17 buses
recently purchased from the Mc
Clean Transportation company.
Winston Buck, formerly with Mc
Clean, has been employed by the
school district in connection with
supervision of transportation
Each bus averages approxi
mately 40 miles of travel per
school day, said Bennett
Valley Briefs
L. T7. Balh
SM Jerrss Street
Telephone (S4f
Marqnam Mrs. Frances Loon
ey of Powers is a guest of her
son -in-law and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Nicholson.
Orchard Heights Mr. and Mrs
J, B. Kellum and Mrs. Lydia
Craig of Selah. Wash, visited
Mrs. Craig's brother, Frank Wil
son, recently. Wilson is now able
to be about following recovery
irom fi stroke.
Brush Creek House guest of
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Mathys dur
Ing the week has been the Rer
Henry Bahr of Kansas.'
, - a
Jefferson Mrs. Lura Manlsby
or seattie ts visiting her son-in
law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs.
Ivan Sutton.
New Rototillers
Delivery Now
Spaded larms oa Twxgua'a easy budget plan.
The) Perfect Cultivation
US M. Liberty M.
Tcngne Holor Co.
Tel. 7M1
Ha lsxmnct Bargains?
The best buy in kuurance today is a low-cost Ferronal Lia
bility IVlicy to prect you from a possible law-suit arising
out tf the ownership of your home.
Oregon s largest Upstate Agency'
Saiora and Coos Bay
129 N. Commercial Sslem - Dial 91 19
Sea Scouts
Win Awards
National scout raUng for excel
lence in its program w rcteivcd
here Saturday by Sea S-out Ship
Willamette, skippered by Ted C
Roake. The 10-year-old unit Im
recrKed the award In 1939 and
ha had regional honor since.
The award signifies attaining 1
3.000 or more poinU in the annual
inspection on tra mint, advance
ment and program. The 34-man
group is sponsored by Marion j
post of Veterans of Foreign War. !
Mates are Dave Putnam and j
Si t ' i
Proudly We Axmscace lHe
- Preseuialion cf -
David O. SrixnifVs
uel in the Sun
Jtoolfrr Josasa Of err Frem
Stirling Wednesday , STATE
gatUs this fall.
Official Claims I J.N.
Stronger Than League
SEATTLE. June 28-fJ-The
infant United Nations is already
an infinitely stronger organiza
tion than the old League of Na
tions at its peak, Adrian Pelt, as
sistant UN secretary general and
a league delegate from his coun
irjr, mi ncinenands, ZO years.
The absence of the United
States and Russia always was i
heavy hindrance to league busi
ness," he explained on a visit
The senate completed legislative
action and sent to the president
rriday a resoultion approving
American participation in the in
ternational refugee organization.
CHICAGO. June 2t -P- Ham
ilton Holt, Macon, Ga., indus
trialist, has been named to fill
out the unexpired term of presi
dent of Kiwanis International
following the death two weeks
ago f Jay N. Emerson of Pull-man,Wash.
-Eaay Crodil T
Only 3 E'lore Bays
at n. unorrr
Shf the Winiewa Coos par Valor
- i ill t;
VuvjiLlri lIUUIfyllUVKV IM lWHv I -J 1 "
y y - . - f StftJ
Local Indrulry
Local Enlerprue
Salem Eleciric
Solam'fl Own BonneriUe
Power Aaoncy
Experienced Saleslady
for a Leading Salem
Jewelry Store
Former jewelry experience
Give full information
. Address
Salem Statesman
Box 299
Salem. Oregon
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--'I'm HJ S
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FORT: 1. Tn cot rooV.
2. Drmr'l wniaiilniii i Mf
ond doopor wMi more Wf room.
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Ssroaow, tawrdiw PVAMES.
lOte&CI WHEfUASft.
-world's atoat ocomowmcoI lor Ifcoir
with licWvt dowoo (or Of aolar
htok linaaf centocf oaWro. OwkV,
of wkp.
gr at tf contribution to drirmr comfort and crfry In truck hlftoryl
See this truck at our showroom! See today's nevrif trucks, with
the cab that 'breathea' that 'Inhalea" fresh air and exhale" ued
air keeps clear and free from foln.. See this line of ad ra net
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bases and a host of other Improvements destined to make Chrrrolet
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even more highly preferred by truck buyer. -
510 N. Commercial St.
Pliowt SIM