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23 Tha Statesman Saltnu Orxjon. Friday, Jun 27, 1947
Mid-Willamette Valley r.Nmr
Fram Tr 5fcrtrimmTs Community CitrrnpoHtlrnts
o cxny o do
Crowd Hears
Highlights of
Church Meet
Many Guests
Visit Pibneer
the Nile Hilborn farm,. It was
standing near the barn and
nual session of the Pacific Dis-
jeemed quite tame. Mrs. Lauder- h!" k "h "f viT aI'
Koot- ,. i; i u ... ite church of North America,
her life, said it was the first deer lrJ J"ne
frank Smith o
Mr. and Mrs.
Portland were
she ever saw in this area
Amity Clifford Dobbins, chair
guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Cal
avan from Saturday until Mon
day. Other guestj? at the Calavan
rme Sunday were Mr. and Mrs.
Marvin ChumLeiis and Gary, Mr.
and Mrs. Frankj Mitts and Er
man, all of Portland; Mr. and
Mrs. V. L. Calaian of Corvallis,
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Creitox of Al
bany, Mr. and Mrs. William Ellis
of Oswego, Mr. and Mrs. Dean
Ellis. Penny and; John of Salem,
Mr. and Mrs. Mac Calavan, Dar
eld and Virgil of Toledo.
L R. Keller of Walla Walla
and a niece, Mfs. Carol Saling
ff Portland, weiie guests at the
John Keller homje recently. Mrs.
Saling, L. R.. 'aid John Keller,
Raymond Drake and Leonard
Anderson drove to Silverton
uhere. they visitejd Mr. and Mrs.
Adolph Schsfer aind son Richard.
Mr?. Schafer is a granddaughter
cf John Keller, fr. .
Bob DornhecMr attended the
covered dish luncheon at the Roy
Black home Sunday. A group of
the young people (of the Christian
church of Dallas were guests.
Those visiting at the Frank
Dornhecker nomfl recently were
Mr. and Mrs. Setn, Dodge, Jr., and
Fonnje of Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs
Eldon Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Cur
tis Dornhecker pnd Neil, Miss
Frances Kean, M$ry Dornhecker,
C. Adrian Sias; Bob Stevetvon,
Milton Baker and i Tommle Hook-
Guests at the Harry Wells home
ever the weekend! were Mr. and
Mrs. Wefley Hariitt and daugh
ters of Grand Pionde, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Roatjwright of Alsea
and Mr. and Mrsl William Webb
ct Portland.
man of the Amity grade school at'onsbjP to young people Both
board, was reelected for a term 1?re8A1were P9u audltonum
of three years at the recent school ofn.e Albany high school.
election. Mrs. Edna Strout was ap- . '"Y Yul. J
pointed school clerk. The school lakn P lth eI1tlo,n ?i P"1"
vers, a lie nev. n. u. ourKooiaer,
Los Angeles, was named district
election. Mrs. Edna Strout was ap
budget was accepted as presented.
Swegle-Covered dish dinner S?nf.erf n5 P"sident; the Rev
Dallas Budget
Meet July 14
DALLAS Monday, July 14, at
t p. m. at the city hall is the
time set for the 'public hearing
n the city of Da Has budget.
, The total tax Hevy estimated
tinder the budget Is $28,427.79
hch is slightly over the 6 per
cert limitation, but $610 less
than the previous j year. Revenue
from sources othef than taxes is
estimated at $15,100.
Outstanding indebtedness of
Dallas includes cty hall bonds
$11,400; fire apparatus bonds,
$3,000; improvement bonds, $24,.
250; sewer disposal bonds, $42,
000. !
Earle Richardson Is chairman
and James Leitch lis secretary of
the budget committee.
Bethel J.
ITDiVV A . fnn -
A 1 if i : :
largjl"a?n?gthe highlights of the 48th an-
26. The same evening the Rev
Howard Nyce discussed the for
eign mission program and its re-
will be held at the Swegle school
house tonight (Friday) at 6 p. m.
followed by a demonstration pro
gram at 7:3A hv ntinils nf riailv
vacation Bible school. Everyone .Ode58.
is welcome to attend
Paul Roth, Canby, vice president;
M. D. Linscheid, Aberdeen, Idaho,
secretary; John C. Jantz, Odessa,
Wash., treasurer; P, C Jantz, also
program committee
chairman; L. J. Horsch, Upland,
Calif., and C. H. Dirks, Portland,
SUyton The annual meeting of in charge of peace committee
the descendants of Thomas -M. work; H. B. Dirks, Los Angeles,
Humphrey and their families educational committee chairman;
will be held June 29 at the Stay- J- chert, Ls Angeles, trus-
ton Masonic park. If the weather tee: and w- Harley King, Paso
is stormy, the Women's clubhouse Rubles, Calif., evangelical commit-
will be used. tee chairman.
Mrs. Harley King of Paso Robles
Brush College Mr. and Mrs. was named president of the con-
O. J. Watts, Ruth, George and ference women's missionary
Barbara just returned from a group; Mrs. P. C. Jantz of Odessa,
week's trip to Redwood City, vice president; Mrs. Elmer Wid-
Calif., and southern Oregon. Their mer, Albany, secretary-treasurer;
daughter, Ruth Watts, is at camp and Mrs. P. K. Regier of Reedly,
at Silver creek. She is a Junior Calif., junior intermediate super-
Amiisville Map
Hurt at Detroit
AUMSVILLE Albert Nixon re
ceived a serious cut from an ax
while working on the Detroit dam
project June 19. Five stitches were
taken in his right leg just below
the knee. He now is visiting in
Ed Becktold and Fred Ricken
burger of Minot, N.D have built
a skating rink west of Aumsville
on the former Snyder property.
They are open Wednesday, Friday
and Sunday evenings and have 100
pairs of skates. They are also
erecting a group of tourist cab
ins. The fire alarm was set off by
boys about 11 p.m. Sunday. Mar
shal Charlie Wisenhaus has lo
cated the culprits, he reports.
Study Director
To Supervise
Two Schools
MT. ANGEL Although Ihe
day Vchool and seminary oh the
hilltop will be separated into Uo
distinct schools the coming ear
(Mt. Angel Prep to be housed in
the buildings from Camp Adair
and Mt. Angel seminary occupy
ing the regular school building
formerly ued for both depart
o o o obo oddo oc
ward Sprar will continue as dl
tertor of athletics and Brother
David Drysdale will b registrar.
The Rev. Jutin Rellly wa re
appointed rector of the seminary
and prefects will be the Rev. Ber
nard Sander and the Rev. Duminic
Broxmeyer. All appointments
Program Given
At Union Hill
Grange Meet
wrif made by the KL rlev.
bot Thomas Meier.
llra. idtm Dortf.ef !3 be
LurUW Jqw4 rw4
sUerxj.r C 4-11 ijnmrr wi.
P.etrta 4 w
riven t-y Vrrry Sr, Wrm Carw
UNION HILL Mr. O. VT. Hum- Twiwmd, Mrv HrJ T Mr.
rortlanilcn VUit
At Grand Ilaml
Mrs. Roy Wenzer and family and
Doric Muncf f Portland were
ments. the Rev. Clement Frank Sunday guet of the Worth
will continue as director cf rtudies j Wileyi. Mr. Werner's iter. Irene
for both school. j Wener of Reading. Ta, ato was
The Rev. Gabriel Morii. vk ho a cucfL
was prefect f diciplinc for the j Myrtle Aorkhitl, tudent at Cm
pat two years, will lie principal ! rwie collr
of the day school, the Rev. Fxl- mmmer
phreys prrtded as Mter of U
W. M Tsle. Mrs. Vrrwy rtM A
giange Friday night due ta the- " k. ,
abnre of the Matter W. T. Ktwi i OrlLrr .U be Mr. aevl Un.
State deputy Wicklander cliled yu OmrTirr and Mr. mrd Urt,
Mr. and Mrs. Manon Miller. Dale, rv-td Tea
Miller of this grange and orej Wrtlry Daty a artrg r
member frtn the Waldo lh:ii lurrr vnd te prxTrnm
of triir,cs It Mrv Manan TtT
me, is hn for
W. M. Tate, agriculture chair- rd Mra. Myra FiaK-her:
man reported on fertiUrer and the ' I y Ains Mf and Jryr
praytnT of goat weed. , Martm
M4. Vemy Smtt gave a ret"t T Jwvrrule gta-e .3 -T
of- the June hene rrcifnr a irnc m& er,f na M
tJvej meeting at the haene ef Mrs, Al-jhoene cf Mr ar4 Urs. T1t4 Iwm
1 brrt Savage. Mrs. J. C. Krent and Nundy rvming, Jjr J
councillor of the YWCA.
Bethel A. C. Spranger and!
Roy Marchand have bought a new
haybaling outfit and are running
it long hours. A large amount of
hay and clover is being made in
trie district this year.
Kelzer IGBT class of Commu
nity church will have a social fol
lowed by a wiener roast Friday
World Service
Society Elects
Wager's' home was the meeting
place of the Women' Society of
nlghTathe Orie'sYlJrTomThe jltlJj7'
Rev. Lee Wiens, Mrs. William ,Vmi. c,h,Pi ftf caia
are the committee making
mer Brown of Salem were guests
Officers and delegates to the an-
Monmouth E. K. Gentile, who nual convention of the organiia-
has been teaching at Humboldt. on at Jennings Lodge August
Calif., has been elected on a 4 to 9 are: president, Mrs. Leona
three-year contract as principal Keppengcr; vice president, Mrs.
at Monmouth high school. He had Lydia Scharf; secretary, Mrs. Mln
been principal here in 1945-46. nie Goode; treasurer, Mrs. Gene-
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. va scolieid: iirst ana second oei-
Thomas H. Gentle. Monmouth. T. egates, Mrs. Anna Hammer anci
R. Westfall was. elected a school Mrs. Geneva Scofield; first and
director to succeed E. N. Steb- second alternates, Mrs. Esther Van
bins who did not seek reelection.
A. C. Stanbrough was nominated
a candidate from this district
to serve on the five-man zone
Keiser Eighteen Boy Scouts
with Scoutmaster Mickey Hick-
Laanen and Mrs. Lydia Scharf.
Orchard Heights
Folk at Wedding
Willard Boehmer and son, Tom-
man left Wednesday morn in for my. and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley
the mountains above Silverton on Boehmer spent the weekend at
Coos Bay, where they attended
the wedding of Mrs. Boehmer
a three-day camping trip. Wer
ner Wulf, Lauren Stettler and
Paul Geil took the boys to their cousin, Joy Thomas, daughter of
SUyton Shirley
Ann Kintz
Mr. and Mrs'. Verne Thomas.
Ramona Triplett is spending
this week with her cousin, Viv-
RICKEY Mr. ind Mrs. Arch
ie Partch of California were re
cent guest at the Claude Ashby
and M. M. Magee Shomes. Partch
lived on what is now the Tony
Koch farm when he was a boy.
Valley Obituaries
D. Mathews,
idied at her
LU I. Mathews
4, j of Amity.
hrme Sunday, June- 22. Memorial
services were held Tuesday in
Mary's chapel at McMinnville.
Burial was at Evergreen cemetery.
The Rev. Bruce R. Caldwell of
ficiated. Mr. Mathews is sur
vived by her husband, John
Mathews, five sons. Richard D.,
Hubert F-, Ormand B., Victor A.,
Willis, and one daughter, Mrs.
Ruth C. Taylor of Astoria. She
was a member of the Amity
Church of Chrit
was elected president of Troop ian Triplett, at the Charles Trlp-
o-ncu cari, junior u, ai me lett nome in Sheridan
meeting ai ner nome luesaay rorothv Bouffleur who under-
evening. Other officers elected at h Knlom r.eneral
were Ruth Bishop, vice pre$ U.uai i. ,,)) tinif inn
V I- T 1 Li " 1 K"'--
uirnv, iionua iMiiiuictriii, seer- I nicpv
aw. T .ir.i. TA.IAM . . . I
Darlene Dorlpr nrnc Knth1x.n
. . . ' . . n-
Et2e . nianist. The tnnior. SttTWD-iwr. ana wrs. u. r..
planning a trip to the coast Sun- Taylor have received word tneir
dav. son. Jay E. Taylor, received his
doctor or pnuosopny degree June
lianas Mm Patricia Smith of 15 from Purdue -university at
Portland Is spending a few days Lafayette. Ind. A graduate of
at the home of her aunt, Mrs.. A. Oregon State college, he received)
&. Mill, before coin a to Zena to his master's decree from the Unl-
visit her mother, Mrs. Lloyd versity of Wisconsin where he is
Allen. Miss Smith recently was teaching summer school. He was
graduated from University of Ore- graduated from Stayton high
gon. school.
L A maid Brawn
ALBANY Funeral services for
L. Arnold Brown, 61. who died
In a local hospital following a
brief illnews June 22, were held
frcen the " Fortmiller chapel
Wednesday with Bishop J. Salis
bury and Bishop D. Wall, both
cf Salem, conducting the serv
Ires. Concluding services were
held at Bel lores t in Salern.
Born on October 3. 1895, In
Hyrum, Utah, Mr. Brown had
lived in Eureka, Calif., before
coming to Oregon 13 "years ago.
He was employed at the Birch
field Appliance store in Albany
and was a member of the Latter
Day Saints church.
In Salem on May 1. 1937, he
wa married to Ethyl Estey, who
survives, as does a son, Vincent
Brown. A brother, Lowell Brown,
lives at Turner, and two other
brothers. Golden of Huntington
Park, Calif, and Wesley of Boise,
IfWvo, and three sisters, Mrs.
William Poppleton, Mrs. Herschel
Bradhaw and Mrs. Archie
Maughn. all of Wellsville, Utah,
.also survive.
4war4 LoUpelch
ALBANY Funeral arrange
ments are being made for the
services of Edward Lotspeich, 77,
who death occurred June 20 at
the Veal Chair factory.
Mr. Lotspeich was employed as
r if ht watchman at the factory and
while on duty tripped, fell and
truck his head against a cement
wall, according to official report.
Edward LoUpeich was born In
Iowa December 20, 1869. In early
life he moved to Nebraska and
then to Missouri, coming to Al
bany a year ago. At Woodlake,
Neb., on June 8. 1918, he mar
ried Alice E. Wang, who sur
vives, as do two sons, Edward E.,
f Mt. Vernon, Mo., and Lyman
N, of Albany; two daughters;
Mrs. Ruth Wheeler of Sierra
Madre. Calif., and Lois Marie
V - A - . M i a.
xopeirn or Aioany, and one
granddaughter. Two sisters living
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