The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 22, 1947, Page 3, Image 3

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    ftllverton Mr. Grunt" Dmig
ls, who unrierwtnt major op
eration in a Portland ho pi Is I a
week ago, in reported in a serious
condition. She is under tin oxygen
Detroit Idnha Veneer Co.
plant, which employs several De
troit men, was closed down eev
ertil days last week to give an op
portunity to clean the mill pond
and do repair woik.
Winner of 10 World's I
Fair Grand Prists"
28 Gold Medals!
Z Stride and Sroom p)lgZI
1 Budget Payments iT""
-cV Irule or prccm
184 N. Liberty
420 Court St
for Replacing
Broken Lenses.
1 to 3 DAY
. . in mom eases
Mid-Willametle Valley News '.
ffm Tfce 3ftftMMtf t'mmmnmity Wrr mm. r4i
GervaK-Mr. and Mr Sunuwr
'Slevtnn aie mim1mik vn-h-tnd
at the Fiank Guiii. in Poit-
, Lyens The Father Son banquet
sponsored by the Women's Society
of Christian Service was held at
the community club house June
17. Welcome to Fathers was
given by Charles Power, response
by Paul Johnston. Others on the
program were Dale Kirsch, Anita
Forrest, Mr. and Mrs. Muzechen-ko.
Anmsville Mr. and Mrs. Dan
Tarpley and family of Yamhill
county visited Mrs. Clara Gise
at Luta Fusons Monday. Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Gisse and Mrs.' George
Nelson, Portland, were Sunday
Lyons Seda Corns toe k. Baker,
president of the Rebekah assem
bly, visited Faith Rebekah lodge
at a special meeting June 19.
Four Corners Robert Perlick
of Rickey was elected president
of his living group at the 4-11 club
summer school in Corvallis. With
1800 boys and girls registered
this year, Marion county has a
major share of the house presi
dents plus the president of the
girls executive council.
Lyons Mrs. Robert Fetherston
entertained the Women's Society
of Christian Service at the com
munity club house Wednesday.
Mrs. Alex Bodeker conducted the
meeting and Mrs. George Clipfell
led devotions .An ice cream social
will be held at the community
club house Friday night, July 18
Gervais Clara Jones Miion-
Tt4 Th fttlnwtttig 4-11
i lub Mimmrr Mtl ir J t
lilmikentuikrr. MhUihip from
IT A; Alma m hoUrhp
The StqU acm. tdm. Orym. ZmmAwy. fste tX. .1U73
tWUoJl Mis. fU VUimI1ui
mrd duttr. ColWn. Wfl for
F.vaiM VallF- Te Aillmi Wm
m ittr itrltiiiit in Mn
newly purchMd hum.-. Ok- fctrrwr
ary society met Wednesday in the! " w in lh .,.,,,
Presbyterian church parlois. , .,. wher, lhfV K.Bhi .mi.ii.-r i
1 1 wn Kumrti llnn, rtd Lortui I PuflUrtd m ThufAy be fonr
jt.t Vn IWti lmti. for rwttl !).
IUs1 DeUSlr. Ut
ald Dot kd TOUonobk t
g-urtU It m4
Mr r4 Mr. W Da .1.
Fourteen members were present. nia
Devotions were led by Mrs.
George T. Wads worth and a book ... ... ,,
review presented by Mrs. Robert tL,KB!rMr ,N,,'M,m
M. Harper and Mrs. Otis Van Richard are the parens f a,
BlaricorTHostesses were Mrs. Er- "T1 fc, . SfUm 9r"ronr.'!
TVr. nwuiwi nrunr- nj, juiir it,
; weight three and one-half pund
nest Tremblay and Mrs.
Lyons Rocrr lloltrof is in the GerraK Mr. and Mm Klmri '
Deaconess lupital suffering with Jorgensen. who rsf,llv mnH;
infection of his leg, caused by in- ,n, ,h,,r ncw h'mr n.tjth t.f Uw
juries from a car accident when;"1 limits, were leasntly Kur- j
he and his father and mother ! P"sen nwnway cfnmg dv
were coming from the strawberry ; arH,ul 35 "lends and
;ro presenien in'-m nun iriy
Here's The fio v Coleman Oil Hcafer That
HFATQ Vniin 1!01I5F 1 1IIF fl Z'vW
, w.. (..w w ,
i ' 1 1 1 1 " ' '
Waldo Hills George Hall has
been chosen preident of the Wal- i
do Hills community club for the j
coming year. Mrs. Miles Ottaway :
was elected vice president and !
Winifred Riohes will serve as secretary-treasurer.
Lyons Juanita Downing is
spending this week in Idaho as a
guest of Elaine Evans. They were
students together at Oregon State
Seotls MIIU Mr. and Mrs.
Manilla Dunacan h;ie as their
house guests this week Mis. Dun
agen's sister and her huhand
from Tamma.
Lyons Mr. and Mrs Arthur
Olmstrad and ons, Donald and
Walter, spent the weekend M
Ilwaco. Wash., on the coat, and
will dig clams while there.
Bethany Ruby Fieund and
Lyons Mr. and Mrs. John Mc- ' Ruby Mattson. both of Weslby.
Clurg are spending the weekend
with relatives in Portland.
Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Felix
Johnston and sons, Russell and
Ronnie, are in Naselle, Wash.,
where they were called by the se
rious illness of his mother.
Mont., are guesti
Bjorke home.
at the C. M. !
Lyon Mr. and Mrs. John Cal
dow of Sweet Hme ited here
Thursday and attended the special
meeting of the Faith Rebekah
sV n-wi
The OtJt OH Hester W?J th
New Mrummct-Tyye- Vtl
Thst Gmiltle VTsna Air
Thro IIoum like a f'mrmaa!
ySrm Low Drs.fl Terf otsisac
-St Fuel!
Dimtioo - Coclrolied Wsna
Air With Power Blower
Rsdio DIsJ Hest Control I
VI MaX Rejector Doors!
Listed By Underwriters' Li
crstoriesl Off Cifiaei Hitiirs An
rrW m low m 55.10
IK on 8L
1J ' I
iViEISSNER-fhe finest in modern radio ! Come in and hear if-
1 T
...Moei Evory Vision Domnnd
It's Just like owning one er two extra
pair of glosses when you wear Bi
focals er Tri-Focels. No squinting, no
straining or craning your neck( . . .
you will enjoy clear, correct vision at
every distance. We will be gled to
explain to you the many advantages
of Bi-Focals or Tri-Focals, particularly
if ordinary single-vision glosses do not
meet your visual requirements.
A?o Cash oi '
On epprovel of your credit. Wear your glosses 30 Days
Before Faying One Fenny. No Extra Charge for Credit
... Fey in Smell Weekly
or Monthly Amounts . .
Moke your own reasona
ble terms.
Let one of eur
Registered Optom
etrists give yeu a
Complete Optical
Examination at NO
Glasses prescribed
only if absolutely
. Com in nytim t
your cenvninc ...
All Work Folly
.ce Ul .... tecct
The Meissner
' 0
Pictured and on Display
It is veneered in finely. figured rwirl ma
hogany. The . .4op sections are bordered
with a -carved moulding typical of the
Chippendale period.
Cabinets Also Available in
18th Century
English Regency
"I :
11 1 -5 . I
it i
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16" Coaxial
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cords. Frequency res
ponse flat Irom S3 to
15,000 cycles.
Artur Rcxizinski
"NVvor have I hcaid its equal. The We:Mner Is music
mcx Cy STAH t C0W.HRCIAI r"
: k- .. W r W CAUt. O.w.o. J I
153 South Liberty Street