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CeppMcain) Woods
OLYMPIA, Wb., June 7 Rull V Macl Wpubiican
newspaper publisher "who supported President Truman's foreign pol
cj, was elected to Washington state's vacant third congressional
district seat tonight In a bitterly contested race with progressive
democrat" Charles Savage. ; - " r ;v7:
Savage, who declined to take a. direct stand on the foreign poli
Ttx olsca f 1017 llM flll)! fh
. a4ge, receive their diploma. MKlLSf.WAflSf.!?!
then step down to mingle witn tre
multitude in the business of life .
VffWn v-ar. men their nrederf-1
Z"V L'S i4 . 1
uncertainty and distress. Five
stress. Five
years ago the classes
Into a world at war.
class arrive at a time neither of
depression nor of war, but still
not at a time of confidence or
Members of the class of 1947 are
fully aware of the world into
which they emerge. ' The head
lines proclaim its crises. Currer
literature and talk elaborate on its
fears. Graduates know about One MASSILLON, O, June 7.-;P-Worid,
"the United Nations, Rus-1 A killer who left no clues enter-
sia. communism, democracy,
atomic energy, universal military 1
training. They realize mat tney
win nave 10 wee conaiuons i
which human beings never be-I jng heavy thunderstorm, Po
t ore have confronted. While lice Chief Stanley W. Switter said
youin always nas a iuu meas-nat
ere tr eeir-confidence tms time
graduates do not have the sang-
iraa.cpiacraays .m peace either were discovered braarw:
inere u Ganger, nowever, 1
that our young people may be
absorbed in the clouds of the far
nornon. inrj limy wtsume iv
: m- ; - I
f?ofe ;ldThat bcome
unaware of the needs right at
- -
borne. This global orientation b
excellent, but, not to the . degree
Immediate and intimate
problems cf living are lost tight
These young people will quick
ly be plunged into the business of
' (Continued on - Editorial Page)
VA Director
Appointment of William F.
(Bill) Gaarenstrom , to
.i f - C 1 j A
urui r x oanu turret-
, or of the department of veterans
affairs m announced bt Gov.l
emor Earl Snell here Saturday. WEST STAYTON, June 7
Gaaremrtrom, now assistant di- Laura Roselle, 43, died of gun
rector of the derjartment and in shot wounds at her home here to-
charge of the . Portland branch
emce. was anorovMf for th nosi.
v . r r r
win assume his new dutiea Mon-
TK nur twUrana affair A-
RaHmnt rfirrtor a?- h n-
v 9 .b.a m mw ttoi m
tered the arrov in 1942 and serv-
ed in the Infantry until an injury
caused him to be transferred to I
the- finance division. He is a
member of the American Legion
and the Disabled American Vet-
The state highway department
-ws the only state division op -
crating here Saturday forenoon
wiih a full crew, following estab -
tJon by the veterans advisory l 7 compjeiea uf ir mvesu
rA mm nravid h law u. fgation late tonight and there was
uiuimeni oi a u-nour wore week I ana Monaay u- xne weauier ai
for slate employe by te state lows. McNary f kid weather sta
civil service . commission.
Animal Crackers
"No soap -.can't get in ...
UVt tlart a Human Club."
1 TiSSc
Tnn Oregon
cy differences between the presi-
dent and Henry Wallace, conceded
the election In a statement which
said the close vote "indicated.
definite trend away from the
backward republican program.'
I Wallace campaigned personally
ror avage.
The vote in 573 of the district's
607 precincts stood at 32,384 for
Mack and 30,958 for Savage, a
lead of 1,428 for the republican.
Most ox the 34 unreported pre
cincts - were - small, and . Mack's
supporters claimed that he would
get better than an even break in
the 1,768 absentee ballots yet to
oe counted in the nine-county dis
V"r I7L . TV , ,7,1 "
dtiie ? :
. . " "v wunucs,
AiacK in lour.
2 Babies Slain
In Hospital by
Stealthy ICaier
ed the fourth-floor pediatrics nor
eery of city hospital and killed
the two baby girls he found there,
making his escape unnoticed dur
r The two babies died of kuli
fractures last night shortly 'after
vj hav. nnthinif whit.A.wr
M work .ald th. rh,.f No
weapons were found. He theor-
j , urn- vj u.j
laVu n a-arss S-wa; ' -9 IICRVI USIU
gainst . wall or Uie
J, t . M . r?.
" i,m t
jHff JrbJ
tr"V -lJ": T7
nine weeks, one of three children
of Mr. smd; Mrs. Harry E. Mor
ton;; . '-vr.. . .;."r . "
Switter said the killer made his
way into the fourth floor pedia
trics ward of the hospital by an
unknown route, He set the time
a shortly after .7:35 p. m, dur
ing a heavy thunderstorm.
Woman Dies from
r -.'li'l. V TU A
I TVf '' "'
day at about 630 p. m. State
I ponce unu wie siieriii a univc hu
i a. a. i . i j. j t i x
"cause of death" Judgment
i I1C6,
I . - ,
survivmg are me nusDana,
Hugh and a daughter, Ruth, who
I f m mm .11 J V. I .1 S- .
' na auenas mgn scnooi wr.
Knihs 1 nntinnp
HT. Cu... llnMmn
XU Oiun 11U1VC91
Thourh rains continued far
above normal Saturday when .67
I inch of rainfall discouraged most
1 potential pickers of strawberries
and cherries, most growers indi-
lcated they intend to pick today
tion forecast that today's Inter
mittent showers would - not se
riously! hamper harvest woik.
The weather station said that
1 2.09 inches of rain bad been re
corded for the first seven days of
the month and that .24 inch is
the expected normal for that pe
riod of June
Enrique 'Guerrero
Hurt in Altercation
DALLAS, Ore- June 7-Enrique
Guerrero was in a serious condi
tion at the Dallas hospital today
from injuries which the'Sheriffs
! office was informed "were incur
red during an altercation Thurs
day night at the Western Log
ging company camp at which Gu
errero was 'employed, near Val-
Mtn' PreHp
mm mm
I Portland ...
9 mi
M . Al
SO 3
Kan Francisco
Chtcaco a. 75
H 5
wuiameue river -1.1 ft;
TOKtCAST ifrom VS. weather bu
; tmu, McNary licld, fclm: Partly
cloudy today with occaitotval llcht rain
Miewers Ilirhett temperature today 75
Lwen lonicnt bs. unowers today win
an Mrwusly Haiiir sarvest work.
pound no 1651
Statesman, Salem. Ornaon, Sunday Jan 8. 1947
Reds Stir
In Austria
VIENNA, June 7flpv-A high
government official declared to
day that a leading Austrian com
munist' bad .demanded a -new
communist-controlled' regime in
this country, jith the threat that
the soviet union would never
sign a peace treaty with the pres
ent moderate cabinet.
The official said that Ernst
Fischer, one of the four commun
ists In the Austrian parliament.
had offered complete, support of
his party and "generous assist
ance from Russia" for a new gov
ernment empowered to rule four
years without parliamentary re
strictions. '
.The official, who could not be
quoted by name, said that Fischer
warned also of "serious repercus
sions" if "western orientation"
continued unchanged in Austria.
Western diplomats expressed con
siderable concern, in view of the
pattern of soviet pressure as dis
closed In recent developments in
Hungary and Bulgaria.
Reds May Get Colder
Despite the warning the pro
posal, made by two members of
the Austrian cabinet, was turned
down, the official said. High gov
ernment officials said they ex
pect a colder and more.unyleld
ing attitude on the part of Rus
sia toward the Austrian republic
as an immediate result.
, (American government officials
in Washington said the United
L States government was prepared
to abandon Austrian peace-mak
ing efforts and keep American
troops in Austria Indefinitely if
necessary to prevent a commun
ist coup.): . . . . .'
.Move to Add to U. N.
Early admission of former axis
states to the United Nations was
considered today as a possible
step toward preventing a repeti
tion of the Hungarian coup in
other ex-enemy countries.
Many U. N. delegates here ex
pected a drive to admit July,
Hungary; Bulgary and other de
feated countries just as soon as
the four major powers ratify
reaties with the former'axis
states so, their governments will
be in a position to deal directly
with all other members on an
equal- basis.
Truman's Surplus
Estimate Too High
WASHTNflTON. June . 7 -tJPi
Government fiscal analysts ' said
today President Truman s esti
mate of a $150,000,000 surplus
for this fiscal year ending June
30 now seems too high.
The fiscal experts, declining to
be quoted by name, agreed that
the government will end the year
with some surplus. But they not
ed in an interview that it would
have to take in more than $725,'
000,000 above its expenditures in
the three weeks remaining of this
month if the figure of a $1,250,
000,000 surplus is to be realized.
Albany Entrant
By Llllle L. Madsea
Garden Zdttor, The Statesman
Byron Bradshaw of Albany
won grand sweepstakes on his
Paul's -Lemon Pillar rose at the
second annual Salem Rose and
Flower Arrangement show which
opened yesterday at the YMCA
and will hold through today from
10 ajn. until 8 pjn. .
Other sweepstakes winners
were Ollie Schendel on Charlotte
Armstrong, in advanced amateur
division;--Charles A. Cole on
Peace, in amateur division; Paul
Ward on " Crimson Glory in jun
ior division; Friendly Neighbors
Garden club in garden clubs di
vision, and Mrs. Homer McWaln
in decorative arrangements. '
The show is the largest rose
and flower exhibit tha.t Salem
garden clubs have held and com
mittee members as well as show
goers expressed great surprise
at the number and quality of en
tries. Early in the day members
of the sponsoring group, the Sa
lem Rose society of which R. G.
Warren is - president, expressed
fear that . rainy weather would
keep the entries down, but by
noon found the fear entirely un
warranted.. Entries came from
Portland and Milwaukie, as. well
as from, nearer communities, and
visitors last night were from all
up and down the valley,,-'"'
Judges in the horticultural di
vision were Arthiu' 6. Bouquet
and Henry Huffman of Corvai
li, with MirST W. Inglis and Mrs.
WendelWeddle of Stayton Judg
ing -the decorative division.
Mr. Warren's committees In
YTTTw , I ft in
Winner oi brand a
1 1
Salem Royalty
the choice of Salem high school
for ' BiineeM - f the . Salem
Cherry festival la Jaly. A for
mer Civics elab Carnival qaeea.
she ts the daaghter t Mr. and
Mrs. L, A. Pelndexter. (Kea
nell-EUis Phole.)
SHS Graduate
Latest Cherry
Fete Princess
Final princess added to the roy
al court of the Salem Cherry fes
tival is Loraine Poindexter, 17-
vear-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
L. A. Poindexter, 1232 Center si.
She graduated Thursday from Sa
lem high school and plans to at
tend Oregon State college.
A former queen of the fclgn
school Civics club Carnival and
a Hi-Y- club princess, Loraine
was also secretary of her soph
omore class and was a member
of Trl-Y. Snikpoh Dramatics so
ciety and Girls' Letter club. She
has dark brown nair. green eyes
and olive complexion. Weighing
122 pounds, she is 5 fee 0 inoes ;
uu. . .
Born at Omaha. Neb' Loraine
has resided in Salem for the past
10 years. She has an older bro
ther, Robert I Poindexter, and
an older sister, Mrs. C W. Lur
vey. Dr.-Gunri New'
OCE President
. EUGENE, June 7 -iffV Dr. Hen
ry AL Gunn, University of South
ern California education profes
sor, today was named president of
Oregon College of Education at
- The appointment, announced
here by Dr. Paul C Packer, chan
cel! ir of the state system of high
er education, is subject to approv
al of the state board of higher
. Dr. Gunn formerly held posl
tions it i number of Oregon
schools, including Eugene, Uma
tilla and Portland. .
He attended Oregon College of
Education and holds degrees from
Uhe University of Oregon and Stan
ford university.
- He succeeds . Dr. Charles A.
Howard, who will retire Ju4y 1.
at Rose Show
cluded co-chairmen, Mrs. Lee
Canfield and Mrs. Robert M. Fits
maurice; staging, Lewis Judson,
Ollie Schendel and George Can
deaux; publicity, A. L. Li nd beck
and C. A. 'Kells; trophies, Ray
Warren; finance. Ray Smith; en
tries, Mrs. Ben Maxwell and Mrs.
William Neimeyer; placing, Mrs.
Homer McWain and Mrs. Louis
Anderson; clerks, Mrs. Charles
Cole and Ray Warren. (Awards
on page 11.) '
West Salem Hill with View New Academy Site
WEST SALEM Overlooking West Salem, the Willamette river and West Salens, Use aaeve-slrtared
site Is new. the scene af basy eeastmctlea activity for Saleas A ra demy's new adsalsutrsUoa aalidiag
.which will face the river ta the eealhwesU Tbc22t by bnlldiag af aae aad a Mali Steele, de
signed by Portland architect Walter Kelly, will laclade elassxaaats. ta aceasncacdste 2 stadeala the
. enrollment expected far September. The eaatraelor Is Them Dalke af West Salem, Parnate Moras
. are being used far the aalldtag. 8oaa-te-be-aeltt aarmi terse aad trsnaaaleaa will adjoin Use ad
ministration building. The Oregon district eanatracUea review re aa ml Ure fUtsrday satbartsed a Sl4v
000 high school and Junior college for the academy. The Associated Press said. tSUtessaaa photo
by Don D11L staff photographer.)
No. 63
By Hlaatoa IL TayUr
Staff Writer, The Statesman
First chance to view the Cherry
festival princewes together and
to speculate on who will win,
will be accorded Salem cm Mon
day, when 11 Marion and Polk
county high schools' candidates
for queen are to appear at the
Chamber of Commerce luncheon.
That is but one of the surface
Indications of widespread efforts
to make the fair's revival a sue-
Three cherry-red days are be
ing marked on calendar over the
state, and farther, an invitation
are issued to come, to Salem on
July 17-18-19. The Cherrian.
busied with the city's entries in
the roe festival, are employing
their repreentatlm at numer
ous celebrations to bet-kon more
At present the next scheduled
program in connection with the
festival will be June 20. That
night the queen will be aelected
at Salem high school. Not only
will that girl wear a royal mantle
and carry a scepter, but all 11 are
to wear sports and formal cloth
ing provided by the festival asso
ciation. Festival Battens
The queen selection will pro
vide the first official use for
Cherry festival button?, sale of
which is the principal source of
revenue to offset the high cot
of celebration. Buttons have al
ready been ordered, to sell for $1
for' adults and 50 cents for chil
dren. They will admit to all fes
tival events and will be the only
means of admission.
All parade efforts will be di
rected into one event, a Friday
morning procession through Sa
lem streets. The Cherrians are
putting their wide parade ex
perience into arrangement.
" Exhibits cf agricultural and in-
sV.UU products of the"Saiem
area' mf to be featured every day
at the armory, ft charge of the
Junior Chamber of Commerce.
Already included In the list of
displays are army aod navy en
tries. As to use of cherries, fes
tival association Pres. Sidney L.
Stevens remarked, that Marion
and' Polk counties have 276.780
cherry trees on 2,300 acres, but
ha would not put himself out ea
a limb for a count of cracked or
uncracked fruit.
Shews at Falrgreaads
Three night shows at the state
fairgrounds stadium are planned.
Thursday's will be coronation of
the queen; presentation of Mr.
B. O. Schucking of Eola. queen
of the first festival In 103; mu
sic by the Eugene Gleemen; mod
eling of the latest in fall styles;
dance numbers.
Plans call for horse shows.
with added attractions such as
fireworks and magic, on Friday
and Saturday evenings at the sta
dium, in charge of the Salem
Saddle club. In these, and other
events, a great deal of local tal
ent is to be employed, capable of
high quality entertainment, offi
cials believe.
An air show, with definite
events as yet un revealed, will be
Saturday afternoon at McNary
field. Friday afternoons main
event is to be a baseball game at
Waters park, with the state peni
tentiary Grays meeting a team
as yet unnamed.
The queens ball, final festival
event, is to be at the Marion ho
tel and armory, with the grand
march at 10 p. m. Saturday.
Plans for other dances are in
complete. Other events include a
carnival, one of the Browning
rhows, at Marion square during
the three days.
PEIPINO, June 7-r)-Chi-nese
communist occupation of
Pulantien, near Dairen. was re
ported today by both fighting
Prlc Sc
Floods Hit
By U AaMrtatod hiw
Midwestern floods an9
a tor-
nado that slashed over a 73-miie
swath through Pennsylvania and
Ohio killed at least 17 persons
Saturday, left thousands homeless
and caused millions of dollars of
property damage.
While swollen rivers spilled ov
er in Iowa, Missouri. Illinois.
Ohio, Indiana. Nebraska and Kan
sas, a major Mississippi met
flood from Keokuk, la, to Qu tn
ey. UU and Hannibal Mo, was
predicted by federal forecasters.
The weather bureau Issued flood
warnings also for the Missouri
river from SL Joseph, Mo, to
Kansas City and below.
The tornado, its width varying
from four city blocks to five miles,
spun aimlessly over a wide area
from northern Summit county
(Akron). Ohio, to the vicinity of
Mercer. Pa. Follow ed in places by
"ice-cube hail, it da ma red ar
eas in Ravenna. Warren. Youngs
town, and Nile. Ohio, and Shar
on. Farrell. Merrer and Grove
City, Pa. At least five persons
were killed and scores were In
jured. Hardest of the flood beleague
red cities was Ottumwa, la, with
one third of It 32.000 residents
driven from their home. Hund
red were stranded on rooftops
and high ground. At least seven
drowned. Water from the Des
Moines liver flowed through the
second stories of some homes In
the southern part of the city.
Admiral Gatch
Retires, Eyes
Salem as Home
Vice-A dm, Thomas L. Catch, a
native of Salem and commander'
of service force, US. Atlantic
fleet will go into retirement this
month because of physical disa
bility resulting from wounds suf
fered In the war. the navy an
nounced Saturday.
Veteran of nearly SO years In
the navy. Gatrh said la a tele
gram to The Statesman Saturday
night that he would arrive In Sa
lem about the middle of July to
look the situation over regarding
locating here. . -
He will begin terminal leave
June 20. driving across the coun
try to Oregon.
Admiral Catch was setiowly
wounded In the Santa Crus Is
lands battle. An enemy bomb ex
ploded on his ship, the South Da
kota, Oct. 28V 1142. The ship dis
tinguished Itself la the engage
ment, and on the right of Nov.
If-IS. 1842. sank at least one Ja
panese cruiser and assisted la de
stroying or damaging many other
He waa awarded two Narr
Crosses for leadership and heroism
in tnose engagements.
Slate Civil Service
Director Resigns
Resignation of William G. Col
man as director of the state civil
sen-ice commission was announ
ced here Saturday? He will enter
federal employment .The commis
sion announced It would conduct
a promotional examination to fill
the vacancy.
Last Year's Champion Retains
Title at Annual
TURNER. June 7 Ronald
Hogg's Lady, defending champion,
held her title today In the State
Dog Trials held in connection with
the 10th annual Marion County
Fat Lamb and Wool show. Lady
took her band of sheep over the
proper route and through the
gates, penning them in t minutes
and 41 seconds.
Cath Brothers Birdie made the
trip in 8 minutes and SS seconds.
Fuzxy, owHed by Karl VTipper,
and Lassie, an Ahreng Brothers
dog. tied for third with Furry
winning on point of time. Russell
Ultimate Hit
In Price War
R1CTVILLE. la, June 7-tJIVAn !
ice rresm prk war ended her
last night when errye ran out
of are rrram alter t battle had
rswehed a point where ease oesier
was giving it,eay ty the past
and another ' paid customers a
penny to take a pint bom.
The war started when Ire
Cream Maker Walter McCoy cf
leted a three-day special tf 2
cents a pint here I Introduce a
new prodort and a rtsi firm loVJ
its RirevtHe retailers to kerp
their prices even kmrr too mat
ter what
McCoy rose to the rs Merge and
soon Ice cream drrcpd to IS
rents a pint, then to 8. end final
ly reached a climes wen Mrs.
Martha Timmerman preted this
Placard: One rent pad to those
a 'king for a pint of Ire rresm
and taking It out of the store
Salem to Vote
October 7 on
SaWm win hold elections for
annessUoa of severs! new areas
to the city on October 7. wen
the state plans Its special election.
City Manager J. L Frarue-n said
Three areas north and south of
the city have alrendy presented
complete petitions la the council
and petitions are now being cir
culated for two other sections.
Petitions are In rtrruiauoa la
an area bounded oa the north by
lloyt street, east by the Souther
Pacific railroad, west by 12th
street and extends InU pert of
Rose Garden addition oa the
south and for another area north
of Silvertoa road and east of Ab
rams avenue. Including sQ cf
Scott's acres. Grxadhareei and
Falrhaven additions.
The two 'areas oa the north
which have already pre sealed pe
titions are (1) bounded by Locust
street on the south. Fourth street
and the east line of Tryon's ad
dition and Including that add. lion,
on the east, the south line of Sa-
arm Sand It Gravel romps ny
property on the north and tKe
Willamette river on the west; 121
bounded on Locust street on Die
south. Fourth street oa the west.
Cherry avenue on the east and
the Salem Sand at Grael cn
pany property on the tsorth.
The southern Saieta area
has a'resdy petiUoed and wi:
oer.nlU'y be -vMed oa Is bound
on the orcta ly t.e rtty km u.
west by SurrJ?r street, east by
Yew street and south by aa br.
Cloary line 110 feet wrU of
Falrhaven avenue.
Democrats Laud .
Morse Vote on Bill
PORTLAND. June t-iTr-The
Oregon oVsnorratar state centra!
committee's executive body today
lauded Republican Sen, Wayne
Morse of Oregon la a telegram
ta President Trusnau asking a
veta of the labor bUL
Wo believe Sera tor Morse
courageously represented pro
gressive sentiment here when he
voted against this vkious pro
posal of eastern leaders of bis
own party. the tolegrsaa said.
co cd to iixr RontD-rp
PENDLXTON, Ore, June 7 --T-
PatU Folaom, UalverslVy of Ore
gon student and daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Alien Folaom. Pendle
ton, was named today aa eueen af
Pendleton round -vp. Sept- 18-12.
State Doa Trials
Toutfest cf Aurora won fifth place
on his Lady.
Grand champion la&b a the
show, a Southdown crossUeed.
owned by Herbert Booth, was sold
at auction to Frank Doerfier. Sa
lem, for Hi. The 4-11 grand cham
pion. Dorset, owned and Sl
ed by Wanda Bannick of Brooks,
went to Ted Chambers for tI7 J4.
One feature of the show were
the entries by Karleen and Mar
jory Drager, whoa seven ewes
presented them with five pairs af
twins and two sets of triplets, all
of which lived to be shown ta the
4-H division.
Thurston Thomas of SUyton, If
years and six months, won the
priae .for the oldest man In atten
dance and Mrs. R. J. Carruthers of
Salem, won' the priae for the old
est woman present.
IL A. Wlllerke and rune-year-
old Cordon Mertle. tied for f.rst
place in the Ismb-weigr.t guessing
contest, both hitUng the weight,
7 pounds, exactly. j
Henry Ahreos was show rhalr-
tun wth Marraret Ann UWr.
I secretary. Board af directors of
j the newly tnrorpcrsted show
j group are Karly Wipprr. Carl Se-
Iwer. Waller Miller. Arthur Cath.
. Everett Crsbtree, Merle Pearson,
, John Peterson and Loua Henr.i.
j Judges were Floyd Tvx ef fi-1
vertoo. Cart Sleiwer 4 Jrf terson.
IL A. Undgren and O. M. h'clson
of Corvaliis and Rivld ltogg and
Claude Steusicrf of Saiess. Leoa
ard Hudaon, SUvetton and Jim
Bishop. Salens, assisted as the
youin dlviasoeja.
In ipiu of the rmunuous rata,
more than tO0 people nsuhed the
show throughout. Awards on page
4 Injured
y ts
Flash fk3a la the wake ef Ue
ree.UaJ tssa and ha storms rt
bettered tne Parif tkartasre !
Saturday shatter4 Nf crt
workers camps near TW Dalies,
Ore, drowsing ore sroenaa 4
lest teg KG w ithoi- shelter. e4
washed cvt aooa s-res of a-ar
beets rar Wr.a Xt'sUa.
The wtrst hit are was jH
t xm isse were an
eight ! ws3 of weier auAoew
iy burst sVmaa a r.errw racyoa,
sweeping 44 U 11 persons aWesj
with the whirling taaas of tor ta,
trucks. auVcnoU;! aod Uaert,
Four rrsuna were la Ose Ixarta
tal there.
S May be at Was
Arthur bode, rkairmaa of tha
sTasro county Rod Crass 4hw
relief comstytiee. said tanv-r.r4
rrporta ir-dVsted at iet
others may be tniaomg and ttt
survivors tad of rxaomg troro
to sae thevaarlres as Ose wall f
water struck the ramps.
The Red Cross rs eoUU'bhrd
an erne tier y reLef u;m to
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